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1, Report #1400470
Sep 16 2017
11:28 AM
Patrice Wilson, Trice Wilson,PMW Live,Richard Brown,Richie MainArk Music FactoryPATO Patrice Wilson/PMW Live Music Artist Scam Los Angeles Nationwide
❌PATRICE WILSON/PMW LIVE❌ I want to warn potential singers and their families who are contemplating working with, or who may be currently working with, Patrice Wilson or his company, PMW Live formerly Ark Music Factory in Los Angeles, CA. Patrice and his associate, Richard Brown/Richie Main, lure in singers and their parents who want to record their own songs and make music videos in order to follow their dreams. He takes thousands of dollars from them, and after many months may or may not create their song/songs, does NOT promote their music, consult hair, consult makeup, do online promotion, do music marketing campaign, do record label or music management submission, nor consultation with Don Grierson as listed on the contract and website. There are many excuses for the lengthy delays and always requests for more money for extra opportunities that arise while waiting and waiting for your music to be completed. This will go on for years! We were contacted by he and his associate in 2015 and after waiting for over a year and realizing that nothing that he promised was ever going to happen, we cut ties with him. He has no intention of ever trying to promote an artist or their music. He wants the money only, and then moves on to the next potential victim! I know personally of many other families, singers, and professionals who also were left without their product or payment for their services by Patrice Wilson and/or PMW Live. He seems really nice, looks good and is a smooth talker, so it is easy to be infatuated by the idea of becoming a published singer/songwriter with a record contract one day. Please be forewarned that he will not deliver and does not have your interests in mind at all. Please do not fall for his gimmicks. He is a scam artist who preys on others to get what he wants. He constantly reinvents himself in order to scam a new group of people, but beware that he and his associate, Richard Brown/Richie Main, do not have your interests in mind when scamming you out of thousands of dollars. He does not deliver what he promises. You will not become a recording star if your name is associated with his in any way. His latest scam involves conning singers/actors into performing in several bad movies/musicals. You will pay him thousands for your opportunity, but it goes nowhere. My best advice to you if you have already been a Patrice Wilson victim, is to file a chargeback via your credit card company if you used that as a method of payment. Save all emails, texts, etc... to prove your claim. Good luck.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #819309
Jan 07 2012
10:45 AM
Patrice Lanz Bushey Patti Bushey Liar and scam artist Carlsbad, California
Patrice Bushey also known as Patti Bushey is a liar and a scam artist.  Her normal mode of operations is telling people that she has a trust from her ex-husband Ira Bushey and that it is in the milolions of dollars.  She tells people that she is waiting for the attorneys to settle the trust so she can get paid.  She also claims that she has a trust fund from her mother.  And speaking of her mother she told me a coupld of years ago that her mother died.  I found out later that was a lie to garner sympathy and additional money.  I have know her for several years and she has done nothing but lied to me and scammed me out of thousands of dollars.  She has been arresed twice that I know of one for forging a doctors signature on a script and once for petty larceny from Stater Brothers grocery store in Carlsbad.  She has written bad checks to quite a few people and owes money to numerous individuals in So. California.  If you meet this woman run away as fast as you can.   
Entity: Carlsbad, California
3, Report #182757
Mar 22 2006
06:33 PM
Robert And Patrice Nurse Ripoff does not pay rent on time says has bank acct. but non-existant charming con guy always making excuses Brampton Ontario
Renting house, gives convincing stories about being great tenant, signs documents stating to pay (including court docs) then comes up with all kinds of excuses, promises new date to pay then defaults or pays partial payment. A master at excuses Do Not Rent to these individuals Carla Thornhill, OntarioCanada
Entity: Brampton, Ontario
4, Report #1104296
Dec 05 2013
05:22 PM
Patrice Basanta-Henry Dr. Basanta Using privilege and access to trap some poor guy into having a baby with her. Decatur Georgia
After an unfortunate pregnancy-related event, I was referred to Atlanta Maternal Fetal Medicine. I'd known one other person who was extremely happy with the care/treatment she received from AMFM but am not sure which doctor she saw. So, I did not hesitate to accept the referral. But, all of that changed when I was advised to request Dr. Patrice Basanta. As if it were a wonderful accomplishment, I was told that Dr. Basanta, herself, had used her privilege and access to trap a guy by successfully getting pregnant with a baby he did not want. I did not find this to be a 'bonus'. And as my friend does not know my entire family history, I'll try not to hold it against her. My own mother had the same grand idea, and as a result, I grew up without my own father. As a result, she selfishly robbed me of a great deal of things. But, if nothing else, I've learned what NOT to do. I contacted AMFM to inquire about their policy on this type of behavior from their physicians. I was asked to hold but ironically the call ended without my ever having received an answer. IMAGINE THAT!! I did not call back. I've just decided to pass on the referral and Dr. Basanta.
Entity: Decatur, Georgia
5, Report #1351731
Jan 24 2017
02:33 PM
Anatasha Patrice Hometown America Inc Con Artist Realtor She will steal your money and have her boyfriend threatin you Sugar Land Texas
I found Anatasha Patrice the realtor on zillow after seing two positive reviews i dont know if there real or not. Any whole i contacted her along with four other realtors to see how things work. Ms Patrice offered me a deal in which she will give me a rebate of 1.5% the cost of my home if i use her as a realtor. After hearing that my wife and i decided to hire her. Throughout the process she was very friendly but i did all the work i literally only used an hour of her time during the whole process. She told me she will write me a check as soon as we close on this deal. After i purchased the home is when nightmare begins she started dodging all my calls and when i call her she was threatning me saying she will file lawsuit all i wanted was my rebate but i didnt get a single penny. So i complained to the real estate commission and next thing you know i started getting threat calls from her boyfriend or some guy about five time daily he kept calling me and telling me to drop the complaint before something will happen to my family. Long story short she lies to you and is very snobby at the very end she lure you into a contract but at the end she wont give you what shes promises DO NOT DEAL WITH HER she will put your family at danger. She called me and told me she connected with mafia and dont mess with her. Watch out guys she will rip you off and waste your time dont do business with Anatash Patrice avoid at all cost    
Entity: Sugar Land, Texas
6, Report #558653
Jan 22 2010
04:49 PM
Douglas Wilson ,Wilson diamonds Wilson Wilson's Wilson Diamonds Douglas Wilson SCAMER SALES FAKE DIAMONDS AND GOLD PLATED JUNK WITH NO WARRENTY SCAMER Roseville, California
I went in to A BY APPOINTMENT ONLY  diamond store ( WILSON DIAMONDS )to get me and my future wife some rings and the man that sold us the diamond rings by the name of DOUGLAS WILSON the so called expert of diamonds and gold told us we were getting a smashing deal on these rings there were so many people looking at that very set it cost over $3200 for the set but he was willing to let them go for around $2600 as i thought it was a good deal  after 3 days my so called diamond fell out i called and set up an appointment to have him fix it it took 2 weeks to do so i finely got it back it fit a lil tight so i brought it to a shop in my home town to have it sized and the jeweler told me why do you want to wast money on a gold plated ring so i had him inspect both of the rings as you can visualize the anger that went through me as i was told they are both fakes diamonds were cubic zirconium and the gold was plated  so i called DOUGLAS WILSON the owner of this so called diamond store he told me i was lying about that and i was trying to rip him off it was the other way around he pulled the bad guy turns victim them  all i asked for was the real thing that i payed for he told me im SOL his exact words he never picked up the phone for me again and i cant just walk into his store as he is never there dont go and get ripped off buy this con artist fake scam    
Entity: Roseville, California
7, Report #580466
Mar 13 2010
06:05 AM
Kemberly Wilson Kimberly Wilson Heartbreaking Puppy Scam! Rome, Georgia
My family answered an ad for an english bulldog puppy named toby. We were sent pics and approved for adoption. We emailed back and forth to a Keberly Wilson for days. The price of the puppy was $300 and $200 to have him shipped to us. We decided to go pick the little guy up . She gave us an address 356 Turner Rd. Ne, Rome Ga. 30165. She even sent me references Sina Davids and Tiffany T. Lebouef. They emailed me back she was a good breeder. I asked for a phone number and she stated she was hearing impaired and could not use the phone so we agreed to email on the way to her. So we were set to go , babysitter for my 3 kids, time off work , money in hand, car running , bags packed. Checked email and she wrote at 2:45am not to bother coming she sold toby last night and he is being shipped out this morning.  Well the kids are heartbroken, my husband is mad, and I have been crying for hours. We are very upset with this . Please don't let it happen to you. I guess at least I didn't loose any money so I can be happy about that.
Entity: Rome, Georgia
8, Report #1248459
Aug 13 2015
10:17 PM
Sam Wilson Attorney General Office Illinois
 I tecieved a phone call at 4:15pm to my cell phone from 911. A message was left that I would be arrested in 30 to 45 minutes as a legal warrant had been issued for my arrest and to call (773) 345-8014. I saw the call at 5pm as I took a break at work. When I called back I was told that his client was an internet cash advance that was prosecuting me for an advance I had received in 2013. I informed him that I have not had a checking account for at least 5 years due to issues with ex's so it couldn't possibly be me. I asked how I could stop this and was informed that as long as I could prove this and was a law abiding citizen I had nothing to worry about and have a nice day. I should say that Sam Wilson sounded to be of Indian (from India) descent.
9, Report #1277518
Jan 02 2016
10:16 AM
Greg Wilson Online Vehicle Scammer Nationwide
Beware of online vehicles at extremely low prices. This is the follow up email from him.  Hello,I'm an 1st Lt. in the USAF, currently stationed in Aviano, Italy for next two years.The reason of selling it, is that i am unable to obtain a European Certificate of Conformity in Italy because this truck meets US standards. Changing the standards to Italy standards will require modifications, paper work and high costs.This is the first time selling my truck online. I want you to see, drive and inspect the truck before you decide to buy it and for that we need a legal business-specialized company to handle the entire process for us. We will use eBay Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection (VPP).You will make the payment to eBay and they will hold the money until you receive the truck. ONLY AFTER you receive the truck and inspect it eBay will release the payment to me; in this way we are both protected.If you will not be satisfied with the truck, you can refuse the truck and ask for a full refund of your deposit, no questions asked. I will find another buyer in your area and there will be no need for you to send the truck back.I am willing to handle the shipping. It will be shipped by plane with US Air Military truckgo and it will not cost me anything.You will receive the truck in about 4-5 days. The truck will arrive at the nearest airport in your area and then it will be trucked forward to your place.The deal WILL BE MADE UNDER THE eBay Motors RULES AND POLICIES. Both of us will be protected. I WILL NOT DEAL OUTSIDE EBAY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!If you want to move forward, I will need your full name, shipping address and phone number. Once I will receive your details, i will open the transaction with eBay Motors, and they will send us the transaction details.If you want to call me, this is my US phone number (((REDACTED)))1st Lt. Greg Wilson
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1227169
May 06 2015
06:17 AM
Wilson Luna Spirit of Wealth London
I remembered the Facebook motivational speaker Wilson Luna, the mover, shaker, millionaire-maker, who promises to make you into a millionaire for £5,000 chargeable upfront, or just under £6,000, if you pay by installments. If you have read my January 2013 blogs, you would know that I am not a big fan of the man.Recently I have met people who have left his course and are now being threatened with legal action, in such an inept way that just does not make sense for someone who has had money... so I decided to look a bit deeper into it.Luna says in his own profile, uploaded by him: However Wilson Luna now knew the secrets to financial freedom and managed to go from here to go on and build three multimillion-dollar companies before the age of 35.Nowadays Wilson Luna is the Author of 4 best sellers as well as launching Australia's largest independent business and money brand Your Family Your Money. He has spent a decade being the 'go to' guy for business advice for top CEOs worldwide.In previous years Wilson Luna was responsible for putting 8 out of the twenty three infant businesses onto the Australian FTSE as well as aiding over 90,000 individuals create real monetary RESULTS in their lives today both in Australia and now in the UK.That's a direct quote from something Wilson Luna uploaded on the Internet about Wilson Luna. I haven't changed the spelling or anything else. So, true or false? Let's do some maths. Wilson Luna was born in November 1971, so simple maths show that he would be 35 in 2006. So all we need to do is find what he did before 2006.The Internet was already part of our every-day lives, but unfortunately I could not find any mention on the Internet of Luna's rags to riches story, except for from Luna himself. The easiest way to check someone's company directorships in Australia is to go on the Dun and Bradstreet website, DNB Express, and see what they have to say. DNB is the world leading business intelligence and business risk assessment website. Their databases are up-to date and it's a go-to place for CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.All you need to do is put in the person's name, pay them 56 dollars, and hey presto, the report is on your desktop.Well... This section has been updated 23 March 2013, in an effort to eliminate inaccuracies that Kerrin Medenyak's email  of March 19 mentioned. It is hard to find exact information but here is another best shot. Apologies for earlier minor inaccuracies Kerrin. I also thought it would be  a good idea to disclose in full my sources of information, since they are useful business tools which are publicly available. In addition to the DNB report on Luna's directorships and shareholdings, the information below is obtained from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission Register (dates of formation, changes of name and dissolution) and ABN Lookup.  ABN Lookup is the public view of the Australian Business Register (ABR). It provides access to the publicly available information supplied by businesses when they register for an Australian Business Number (ABN). I also used Creditorwatch Australia as a second source of information for Luna Group Pty Ltd.Luna has been director of three companies in total. Two of them are now dissolved.The first company on the list was Opulent Creations Pty Ltd It was formed in May 1997, and was originally called Luna Holdings Pty Ltd. This link  on the IBN Lookup website says that the company cancelled its activities in 2005. It was officially dissolved in June 2007. You can jump to ASIC information from the ABN lookup screen. The next one on my list is Sage Cleaning Services Pty Ltd. This is not a very millionaire making name, but I am keeping an open mind. Here is its history:  22/05/2003Formed Quan Consulting Group Pty Ltd12/06/2003Renamed Sage Consulting Group Pty Ltd 16/08/2005Renamed Sage Cleaning Services Pty Ltd22/07/2007Deregistered voluntarily under Section 601AA  The ABN lookup is here, and you can jump to ASIC from the ABN screenPS 25/2/13: just found out, from the horse's mouth, that before becoming a cleaning guru, Luna, the Facebook cheerleader and millionaire-creator, also was an insurance salesman and a tied agent for AXA: Read the text next to his picture. And finally, Luna Group Pty Ltd: this one has survived from 2008, but moved three times... including its main business address which looks like a hotel room. It is now registered to a private apartment. But it was registered when Luna was 37, so well out of the time frame we are looking at.The ABN lookup is here, and you can jump to ASIC from the ABN screenPS 23/3/2013: There is a South African multi-million dollar company of virtually the same name, Luna Group (Pty) Ltd, but it was formed in 1976 when Luna was a toddler, and does not appear to have anything to do with him. I could not find any connections. So thank you for asking me to check it. So if this is what the top multimillionaire adviser's business CV looks like, I dread to think what's at the bottom of the barrel.And the maths seriously don't add up.The drums are off-beat, the cello needs a tuner.... show me the money Wilson Luna!  
11, Report #1344670
Dec 21 2016
12:39 PM
Wilson Morgan Payment Scam Targeting Designers Internet
I was contact by a person via text. They said they were hearing impaired and wanted a website designed. They also asked straight away if I accepted payment by credit card. Searching the person's name/phone/email (email was provided to get details of project) I found a listing on the website   Here's the brief explination: He will push for getting the project started quickly and offer a large downpayment. This is because he has a stolen credit card and needs to use it before it's reported. Then, he asks for a favor: pass on a large payment to a 3rd party (another designer or something). So he pays you 5k by credit card, and asks you to wire 2.3k to the other designer. You get a nice $200 tip for doing him the favor. Then the person who had their credit card stolen reports the theft. You lose the 5k, and are still out the 2.3k you wired to the 3rd party.   Scam explained: Wilson was reported here, but the Show more complaints infinite scroll makes it hard to find:
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1363608
Mar 23 2017
05:15 PM
Dean Wilson QSRH Unprofessional and rude Melbourne Nationwide
We dealt with Dean Wilson while he was working for QSRH. The project was divided into 5 phases. None of the phases was delivered on time and 2 were not delivered at all. This costed us delays and tens of thousands of dollars lost in revenue. The initial meeting and interview were very positive, with plenty of promises and sales pitch. Unfortunately the quality of work and the delivery itself was quite bad and we warn anyone who may be looking to work with him in the future. 
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #659639
Nov 08 2010
02:59 PM
Patricia Wilson Shirley Wilson, Shirley Black I too was scammed by Patricia Wilson Avinger, Texas
I bought a horse from Patricia/Shirley or whatever name she is going by now and I bought the horse with a letter from her stating that I could return the horse within 30 days after I had the horse Vet checked by my vet.  When I took the horse to my vet he asked me where I had purchased the horse and when I told him who it was he stated that she was a crook and that she owed him thousands of dollars as well.  The she had her workers drug the horse before I got there and the horse was great and extremely gentle.  When I took her to the vet's office immediately after I bought her, which was 2 hours away, she was crazy when we took her out of the trailer and you could not hardly lay a hand on her.  I tried calling her to advise her that I was bring the horse back and she did not answer.  I left a message with her mother and she stated that she had an emergency and had to go out of town.  I called every day with no luck.  One weekend, my father and daughter went with me to return the mare.  I did not call before I went trying to catch her there.  When we showed up her mother told me where she was so we all got back in the truck and went to where she was.  Apparently her mother had called her and told her we were on our way over there and she hustled out of there before we got there.  We were sent to a friend of hers house and her friend stated that she had received a phone call and had to go in a hurry.  We therefore went back to her place and, of course, her mother refused to open the door.  Her worker and his wife came out of their house, which was next door, and they advised us that she scams people all the time and they even wrote a letter for me stating the facts.  They stated that the cops had been called on them numerous times and nothing had ever been done about them.  I am glad to see that something is finally happening to her.  I have since sold the horse.  I paid $1500.00 for her and ended up selling her for $200.00 because she was so broke down.  This happened to me back in 2004 and I am still regretting ever dealing with that spineless person.
Entity: Avinger, Texas
14, Report #226206
Dec 19 2006
08:51 AM
Wilson Technologies, Wilson Technologies, wilson-templates - ripoff 12.95. St. Clair Internet
Below is the complaint I filed with this company directly. Fraudulent Charge - $12.95 My name is Kristin L***. This is regarding an fraudulent charge on my credit card for $12.95. The charge appeared 12/18/2006. I have NEVER provided any of my credit card information for the purpose of purchasing any of your products. I expect an immediate refund of this charge. If the refund does not appear within 24 hrs, a dispute will be submitted to my bank. Please, REMOVE/REFUND this fraudulent charge. The Consumer Sentinel has been contacted with details of this fraudulent charge. A formal complaint has also been submitted to the FTC so they may begin a formal investigation of your company and its fraudulent activity. Lastly, your fraudulent activity has not gone undetected. Several companies share the name Wilson Technologies. So, a search, will See will return several results. One company's website, has dedicated an entire page to re-directing angry Customers to the company actually responsible for the fraudulent charge. Kristine Fishers, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1228786
May 13 2015
06:21 AM
Wilson Robert Luna Wilson Luna Wilson Robert Luna - Warning London Nationwide
Wilson Luna(tic) is your typical meglomaniac complete with narcassic characteristics and God complex. He is a wolf in business and now spiritual mentor clothing.You may as well burn your money than sign up with this fraud.A classic example of a snake oil salesman who will tell bare faced lies to get what he wants - your money. His whole life is a fantasy designed to create credibility and trust. This lunatic is addicted to the sound of his own voice and thinks he's infallible. Morally bankrupt on every level. Do your research before you are tempted to part with your money. You will find nothing to recommend this egomaniac.Run a mile! Lies are his strategy, fear is his game and your money is his goal. He is persuasive through his NLP tricks but it's a case of all style and no substance. His arrogance gives people the false impression that he knows what he is taking about - he doesn't. He professes to have advised top CEOs whereas he was an Axa Salesman selling insurance.Allegedly this joker started in Australia and they soon tired of him. Now he's pushing his lies in the UK to no avail. Yes most of us actually have a radar for b******* when we hear it!! I think he may need to move continents and eventually planets. His room is full of desperate broke people who were being brainwashed to part with whatever little money they had. Dispicable and very sad. None of his members in London have made a single penny from his advice but through his manipulation he has made most them idolise him.I was on his programme for two years and then had to leave becasue he drove me to a near nervous breakdown. He loves to make people inadequate as a group but individually he will shower praise on you so that you are always seeking his approval.This fraud claims to be spiritual but spend anytime around him or his disciples and you realise it's a cult and the only God he believes is cold hard cash. Be super warned! This fake in a suit has to change his name to try and escape the fact that there are a lot of unhappy ex-members who had been parted from their money with nothing to show for it. It's Wilson Robert Luna now .. Don't even think Wilson Luna was his real name .. Who does he think he's kidding. Shame on you Mr. Luna(tic).
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #809828
Dec 15 2011
11:11 AM
Instantcheckmate Patrice (self-described supervisor) Overcharge -- very shoddy data Las vegas?, Nevada
I signed up for this service,Iinstantcheckmate (or Icm), which advertises that it researches and provides information on criminal behavior and background information, like address and income, of individuals. Online, Icm offered me several legal records for the person I needed to know about. However, on examination those records turned out to be coded and indecipherable, containing numerous abbreviations. In order to verify the trustworthiness of the Icm report, I then entered my own name for research, and was very surprised and alarmed to find that, according to Icm, I had three criminal events in my background. The fact is that I don't have any, not one, have never confronted the police, have never been picked up nor arrested. Nor did Icm produce any details of these incidents, or whatever they were referring to. Also, in the space for a background record, at my home address Icm had listed as current residents the names of a number of people who had lived here as renters and had moved away a minimum of 15 years ago. Also, they did not include the names of several family members who had actually lived at the residence. When I called to ask for clarification of the abbreviations so I could interpret the court records, I was told by Patrice, the phone person, that I could call the court houses (in other states) and ask the meanings, or I could go online and do research (great idea --thanks!). When I asked to speak to a supervisor, Patrice explained that she was the supervisor. I then cancelled my membership and, having been on for roughly 12 hours, asked for the five-day rate which I had initially attempted to sign up for. (Icm doesn't tell you that that rate exists until you try to exit their site.) Patrice then told me I was signed up for a month at the monthly rate, and that I would have access to their site for another month. Thanks again. Of course, the bottom line is that I don't want or trust their unreliable information, I'm disgusted with their con-man attitude and behavior, and I don't want to have any further dealings with them. So, I'm filing this report, hoping that they won't pull any more shenanigans, like bombing my amail or charging my credit card for additional sevices -- according to other write-ups, a trick that Icm has done at times. In fact, I think I'll close that credit account. Good luck to everyone but them.  
Entity: Las vegas, Nevada
17, Report #1357652
Feb 22 2017
12:00 PM
Patrice Gagne, Took my money and only sent me half of my order Canada Internet
I ordered several capacitors and other parts for my Hammond A100. In a timely manner, two of the parts showed up, but the rest never did. I was first unable to contact the company by the website, and had to reach out to a national Hammond Organ musician group to find out who runs the site. I then came across Patrice Gagne, who immediately told me he sent the order in two packages. I patiently waited and waited. Nothing. He gave me a separate phone number to call other than what is listed on the website. The number works but he has never answered. At this point I am giving up which is truly unfortunate, as I spent $180 and have only received $94 worth of the parts. And on top of all this I am not the one suffering, people can't listen to beautiful organ music without arbitrary popping because Patrice Gagne is a scam artist and a shell of a man. 
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1402463
Sep 26 2017
12:01 PM Patrice Gagne They took my money & never sent anything. No response from them after 13 months. Repentigny Quebec
The website looked legit with lots of helpful information, but after placing my order they never sent the product and never responded to multiple emails, rma requests, or attempts to call (they never answered their phone the 30 or so times I tried over the course of over a year). I'm writing this after waiting 13 months for my $177 refund or parts to be sent to me.History below:My order #1615 was placed August 15th  2016 for $177.03 of parts.August 18th my Mastercard was charged.September 21 2016 I emailed asking what was going onOctober 10 2016 I emailed asking what was going onOctober 18th 2016 received email that Your order has shipped but tracking numbers are not assigned to your order yetI've emailed for an update on the following dates and never received a response since then (and obviously never received any parts.. and all my shipping information is correct on the order (I've lived in the same house 25 years).November 8th 2016 - Notified them that I never received product and requested tracking number from themNovember 18 2016-Notified them that I never received product and requested tracking number from themDecember 21st 2016-Notified them that I never received product and requested tracking number from themJanuary 10th 2017 - Requested to return item (even though I never got it) throught their RMA link to see if I could get any responseSeptember 26 2018- Still no word from them. I wish to warn anyone out there that they ripped me off and have repeatedly avoided any response to my attempts to contact them via email, their own website, my own user account on their website, and of course the phone they never answer. If contacted in any way by or Patrice Gagne I will update this history accordingly.   
Entity: Repentigny, Quebec
19, Report #1414762
Dec 02 2017
09:55 PM
Patrice i Collins Trice Collins Patrice Collins Stole over $30,000.00 from me and I want it back
On 1/15/2017 I met up with Patrice Collins , she was so full of life so smart and exciting I just knew that she was the one bit what I didn’t know was that patrice is a con artist, the first Con was when she told em that she had a friend that could give me a loan without all the paperwork , I gave him my account number without filling any paperwork out and then the next day a deposit was in my account for $9800.00 she told me that her friend said give him $4,000.00 and I could keep the rest so I went and drew out 4000$ and gave it to Patrice Collins she then took the money I didn’t see her for. A few days she said that her Aunt was in the hospital on life support , 4 days later my Bank called me that the check I deposited was on a closed account.. I immediately called Patrice she cane over in a so-called bad mood in new clothings she recently purchased and I told her she act surprised, she made a phone call to her guy Melvin Green she went into my restroom and she forgot to close the door, in MUTHAFUCCAS hallway is a Camera to Watch the kids when they walk my kid sleeps walks ...... so she said we totally got this dude I’m going to see if I could get more cash baby .... I want to sure if I heard that or not so I ignored it ,,, 11 days later her aunt is dying and she needs money I went and got a loan to help her for $6500.00, to help her I gave her 5grand she kept the rest she CLAIMED her Aunt died and she had to cremate her and it cost $3800.00 I’ve asked where the funeral is going to be she said just family close friends etc. I said ok ... I’ve never heard from her again !!! I want my money back ..
20, Report #132982
Feb 26 2005
09:26 PM
Wealth Systems Martin Wilson Juanita Wilson Krista Wilson Marvin Wilson And The Rest Of The Owners ripoff work at home ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I worked for Martin Wilson and his ex-go go dancer wife Juanita Wilson she convinced me that Wealth Systems was under investagation and Martin was cheating all over town with any go go or massage therapist that would give him the time of day. We started Web Cash Advantage with Zach Agra now a lawyer martin's brother Marvin is the same way they brought all these go go dancers in to work they had no training other than pole and lap dances nothing got done in the company with a bunch of massage girls running around in fact Martin is dating one of the girls who went by Jenna, as a coach at Wealth systems You guys that want to trash everyone why not get the facts first then vent you know who you are Krista Carmen and you others living in your multi million dollar homes and driving brand new cars while all these people you stole from are hungry homeless and angry you can't take it with you give some back to those you stole from Cathy Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
21, Report #1349536
Jan 12 2017
10:27 PM
Entity: Petersburg, Virginia
22, Report #1390138
Aug 21 2017
02:29 PM
Don E Wilson Don E Wilson , esq Don Wilson Donald E Wilson, Gerneral Counsel Con-Artist who lied Atlanta Nationwide
 If you are approached by this man .... Don E Wilson know that he is not a LAWYER ... He is not a financial advisor .. he is not a general counsel ... But he is a corrupt want 2B politician ...... He has made promises and has yet to deliver ... He is a LIAR .. He has only lied Day after day !!! Promise after promise ... if you see him run as fast as you can before gets you entangled in his web of lies .. At 58 he should be a ashamed of being a scam artists !!! But Don is still driving around Georgia smiling a passing out false hopes !!! Please I ask of you to warn any who mentions his name , or his fake business to run !! Orisis Global Corporation is a fake company just like don wilson !!!
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #93625
Jun 04 2004
06:14 AM
Jody Eugene Wilson Neglectful parent McCalla Alabama
Jody Wilson is a neglectful father. On a regular basis he puts his needs and wants ahead of his children. He has 3 ex-wives and is working on a fourth as we speak. He lies to his youngest child and tells the child he has to work the weekend so he can't visit, then runs off on a trip with his sleazy girlfriend Carmen.(who has numerous children by numerous men)He has blown off his youngest child for the last 2 years, makes excuses for why he can't take his court-ordered visitation. On rare occasions when he does actually see one of his children, he expects them to entertain themselves. He was abusive to all three of his former wives. There have been times when his children have not seen him for years. family member adrian, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: McCalla, Alabama
24, Report #381710
Oct 15 2008
10:36 PM
Mike Wilson Chevrolete lied stole Winchester Kentucky
My husband & I were looking to purchase a 2008 Chevy Silveraldo, we found Mike Wilson's by accident on our way to Lexington, Ky. We went in & spoke with a salesman, Gary Bingham...told him exactly what we were looking for & how much we were willing to spend. Since we live a distance away, we decided to keep in touch via phone & internet. About a week later we were contacted by a Gary Hollon via e-mail, saying that he was hard at work looking for us a gently used or a brand new Chevy truck. We recieved the occasional e-mail with pics attached, info on the truck & pricing. We liked none, they were more than gently used! So, this e-mail contact went on for about 3-4 months, he sent a couple of choices per month, on April 4th 2008 salesman Gary Bingham called & said you just gotta come down, bring your down're taking a brand new Silveraldo home, I've already got the payments figured out & everything, I reminded him that we live 4 hrs. away & I didn't really want to make the trip unless he was positive, he assured me that it was an awesome deal & in his own words, I'll take good care of you...promise. So, we drove the 4hrs. the next day, Saturday April 5th 2008, only to find out that he had found us nothing, he tried to sell us horribly used trucks, one that was a 2007 & after about 3hrs. waiting offered us a 2008 that we could not afford, we liked the 2008 Silveraldo...but still could not afford it. Mr. Bingham then said to me....give me your down payment ($3,000 cash) I will show it to my general manager, this will prove that you're serious & I do not think that he will let you walk out of here unsatisified as long as he knows you're serious, he'll come down on the price, I know he will. So, I handed him the envelopes, 3 of them each containing $ 1,000 cash, he went to the back of the office to supposedly show his G.M. when he returned..he informed us that it was a no-deal, so my husband & I proceeded to leave, as we were walking...I was counting the money that I had handed him, only to find out that there was $100.00 missing from each envelope, I stopped & told Mr. Bingham that the money was missing...he said Oh, no! I'm so sorry, I know who took it...I'll personally see to it that you get it back..I'm so sorry. I'll call you first thing Monday morning & get your money back to you, then he ushered us out the door & said they were closing, he shut & locked the door, right to our faces. Mike wilson's lied to us, got us into a total of an 8hr. drive for nothing, then had the nerve to steal $ 300.00 from us because they could not make a sale. My mission is to make sure that this never happens to another family. By the way....we never got that promised phone call, ever! Mrs. angel lady belfry, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Winchester, Kentucky
25, Report #824346
Jan 18 2012
06:22 AM
Wilson International FRAUD! CON ARTIST! THIEF!, Internet
October 3rd and 5th - I sent through paypal $830 total to the above email address. October 18th - A wire transfer of $600. Wire transfers through the website totaling $1255 on Nov. 8th, 9th, 14th, 19th, 20th, 28th. The purposes of giving this individual money was for visual effects for a film I was working on. This individual has continued to ask for more money and when I requested a refund of my money, the individual claims no refunds. I have communicated with this individual through chatting via Facebook, that is how I discovered his business. I requested a copy of his company's terms and conditions but he has refused. He has also threatened with a lawsuit and taking me to court because I signed a contract stating that I will pay a specific amount of money to pay for his services. During these conversations, he enticed me with software, he purchased the software and agreed to ship it to me provided I pay for the shipping. I have ask that he produced this contract but he has been hostile and used hurtful language toward. He has refused to provide evidence I signed a contract even though all our comunications have been through facebook chat room. I just want him to give me my money. But he has refused and threatened to take me to court. I don't know what to do. I never signed a contract at all with this individual nor did the person this was contractual obligation. This person has cornered me to pay him money. I just want my money back from this person. I am college student and I do not want this person to harass me anymore. 
Entity: , Internet

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