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1, Report #854095
Mar 15 2012
12:13 AM
V West photography Valarie West Dishonest, unprofessional, lying, discourteous Dallas / Ft Worth, Texas
I had the absolute WORST experience with a 'cheap' photographer whose also a babycenter mom - valarie west / v west photography.Smooth talker, fb page had decent pics, and for a price of $125 she promised me a 2 hours session, 20 prints, and the rest of the images on a CD to be ready in 2-3 days. We paid her $140 coz we were feeling happy and generous. Well it has been 33 days!! After continuously calling her, leaving her messages, emailing her for updates, requesting her to at least send birth announcements so we could send them out, she finally sends the CD via UPS - broken precisely in half. Several more calls and emails later, she stops by for 5 mins just to hand me the CD. I was just greatful to have it so I didn't question her where'd she had disappeared.Excited, I load the pics only to find 22 images with horrible resolution (532kb!!), repetitive poses (not due to lack of choice!), disgusting editing making baby look sickly yellow brown!And now she won't respond againWhat the hell do I do? It's not just a waste of money, but an irreplaceable loss of newborn memories :( :( I have written angry emails, pleading ones, even offered her extra money..Valarie west is a lying dishonest unprofessional so called photographer, not the least bit worth trusting your precious memories with :(
Entity: Dallas / Ft Worth, Texas
2, Report #1261858
Oct 16 2015
09:53 PM
Spartan Photography Paul Sontag Model Scam, Image Thief, Spartan Photography Scams Nationwide
Paul Sontag Spartan Photography Scams So few days ago, we got this guy Paul Sontag aka Spartan Photography (Buford, Georgia) ban from modelmayhem.  Someone said he was kicked off there 2 years ago but manage snuck back in. He is still active on Facebook recruiting models by using photos that are not his.  There is now a Facebook group dedicated to exposing him.  This is one of many blogs dedicate to exposing the scumtag. Using stolen photos to lure new models - Paul Sontag “Copyright infringement is the use of works protected by copyright law without permission, infringing certain exclusive rights granted to the copyright holder, such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the protected work, or to make derivative works. The copyright holder is typically the work’s creator, or a publisher or other business to whom copyright has been assigned. Copyright holders routinely invoke legal and technological measures to prevent and penalize copyright infringement.” (Wikipedia) Back in Sept of 2014 the now defunct Forever Beautiful magazine wrote an Expose on Atlanta, Georgia area photographer, Paul Sontag. who had been blatantly claiming other photographers work as his own. In some cases he would add his watermark to an image and in others he would first remove to original photographers watermark before replacing it with his. Page 1 of 4 Page 2 of 4 Page 3 of 4 Page 4 of 4 Click on thumbnail above to see fullscreen gallery Unfortunately, Mr. Sontag was not deterred by this article and to this day continues to infringe on the Copyright of other’s work. Celsi Stolen by Paul Sontag Celsi Original Kazarina Stolen by Paul Sontag Kazarina Original Evolve Photography Stolen by Paul Sontag Evolve Photography Original Cassandra Jade Stolen by Paul Sontag Cassandra Jade Original Ashlyn Singh Stolen by Paul Sontag Ashlyn Singh Original Zoltan Vegh Stolen by Paul Sontag Zoltan Vegh Original Tiffany Stolen by Paul Sontag Tiffany Original Sweet Mila Stolen by Paul Sontag Sweet Mila Original Rachel Lynn Stolen by Paul Sontag Rachel Lynn Original Mega Retzlaff Stolen by Paul Sontag Mega Retzlaff Original Maurice Waters Stolen by Paul Sontag Maurice Waters Original lick on thumbnail above to see fullscreen gallery Mel Jordan Paul Sontag of Spartan Photography continues to steal photos from others and represent them as his own. This is the original on Mel Jordan’s Twitter.  Notice the date stamp on both   Abieey Eardley This time Paul Sontag stole image from a model in the UK. Her name is Abieey Eardley. The photographer is Jack Russell also in the UK. His MM#2443119 Notice how Spartan Photography covered Jack Russell’s watermark The photographer is Jack Russell, also living in the UK. His MM#2443119   Morten Eplov A photographer from Denmark, Morten Eplov posted this on Model Mayhem forum He is using 5-6 og my pictures…  and.. he actually have added his own watermark.. on MY pictures. I know that he has stolen photos from several other danish photographers. I have tried to report it to facebook, but no response for more that a month. *hhrrmmff*.. All these are my pictures, where he just added HIS watermark. I’m pretty pissed.. :-( This is the link to the forum and this is his MM profile should some one need to contact him     Wounded Warrior Calendar Ed Selby over at posted this today A model Kassandra Krasnow were scammed by Paul Stontag into shooting for Wounded Warrior Calendar This is the FAKE letter he used to convince her to shoot with him. From: Paul Sonntag Date: September 16, 2014 at 5:40:01 PM PDT To: [redacted] Subject: calendar Hello Mr. Sontag, my name is Danny Nova with the Wounded Warrior Project. We are putting together our 2015 calendar and your name came up for a replacement for one of our photographers that shut down his business. We only use 12 models and 2 photos per model will be printed. If you are interested I would like to talk to you about what we are looking for. We sold over 60,000 calendars last year and was able to pay the models $.50 for each sold. We are looking to do the same for this run. I have seen your work and have been impressed. We can talk about your pay for each of the one printed. We are a nonprofit organization so pay has to remain per unit. Send me your contact info if you are interested in this offer. Danny. After learning about Paul’s lies, Kassandra emailed Wounded Warrior Project to confirm if there was such calendar project, and here is their reply   You can read more at   Caitlyn Christensen This time he stole from photographer  AdPhoto Design and the model is Model Caitlyn Christensen. Share this:       Using VETs to lure girls Over at our friend’s site Wendy Watkins wrote This POS took pics of my daughter for WOUNDED WARRIOR calendar never saw the pics there was no calendar or monies paid as promised LIAR!! THEIF!! Using our VETS to steal pics you are disgusting   Raw Talent Clothing Found out Sontag shoots for Raw Talent Clothing As of today 09/28/2015 his name is still on their site   Sontag is back on Model Mayhem 9/19/2015 Sontag is back on Model Mayhem. Account shows him to be in Atlanta. Account established on 9/19/2015. EDIT: The account terminated on 9/26/2015 thanks to few members who reported.  Here is one of the stolen pictures he had on there. He didn’t even bother to remove the logo. The model is Jessy Erinn and the photographer is David Sutton Photography   Paul Sontag Mug Shot Source: New models should know his face in case he goes by different name   Paul Sontag Twitter He have now block his twitter from casual viewer   Rick on Facebook Not only is this practice morally corrupt and professionally reprehensive, it is also illegal. In the US, Copyright infringement, at best, exposes the perpetrator to civil legal action and at worst may carry the prospect of criminal charges as well. “Copyright infringement disputes are usually resolved through direct negotiation, a notice and take down process, or litigation in civil court. Egregious or large-scale commercial infringement, especially when it involves counterfeiting, is sometimes prosecuted via the criminal justice system. Shifting public expectations, advances in digital technology, and the increasing reach of the Internet have led to such widespread, anonymous infringement that copyright-dependent industries now focus less on pursuing individuals who seek and share copyright-protected content online, and more on expanding copyright law to recognize and penalize—as “indirect” infringers—the service providers and software distributors which are said to facilitate and encourage individual acts of infringement by others.” (Wikipedia) By refusing to take down the infringed images, even after being notified by the original photographers and others Mr. Sontag shows his blatant disregard for even the most basic of professional ethics and personal behavior. I encourage you to call him out publicly when a violations is discovered and report violations to the sites where he post the infringed images. If one of your images has been infringed by Mr. Sontag, then you might consider contacting ImageRights for advice and possible resolution. Their link is here. Paul Sontag3251 Cranberry LaneBuford GA 30519Email: spartanphotographyatl@gmail.comPhone: 770-776-7817 - 770 831-0699 Why am I sharing this?To provide potential models and other potential victims with credible information about Paul Sontag and Spartan Photography so they make an informed decision. Remove Paul Sontag from Facebook The Goal: Alert  models in our area are aware that the photos he professes to be his own are, mostly, not his, and that he uses the typical I shoot for Playboy BS to get new/inexperienced models to shoot with him. Mr. Sontag.  I urge you to to come forward and dispute any or all of these claims. Do what is right, stop stealing from innocent victims you prey upon.Feel FREE to pursue the creator of this report, as I am in full acceptance of anything and everything posted. You'll easily find my identity through subpoena submitted to this website. I have no reason to hide as these claims and your thievery are real. The Communications Decency Act (“CDA,” 47 USC 230), RipOff Report cannot be sued for posting defamatory content written solely by its users. Shame on you Paul Sontag of Buford, Georgia  
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #938599
Sep 08 2012
11:53 PM
Bryan Newfield photography Over promise and under deliver St. Paul, Minnesota
I have a personal preference (along with my friends) that Bryan does have favorite couples and caters to those couples. When posting 'teasers' online it is about what makes him look good and not about what makes the bride and/or engagement couple happy (you shouldn't care about your number of likes but rather delivering to your paying customers- they are excited about seeing some of their special moments). I recently noticed Bryan posted 25 photos of an engagement shoot that took him 2 days to edit (which yes, the photos were great) but Obviously by Bryan's wall he still had brides waiting for their 'teasers'- you should go in order just saying Bryan take care of your couples if they mean that much to you over promise and under deliver? (definitely not a good way to run a business) sincerely, a concerned individual
Entity: St. Paul, Minnesota
4, Report #1402031
Sep 24 2017
11:11 AM
Paul V Photography Broke contract Harrisburgh Pennsylvania
I hired Weddings By Paul / Paul V Photography last year and was extremely excited to work with such a well known and recommended photographer.. However my hopes were quickly crushed at our rehearsal. I had hired a wedding planner to help coordinate the event and as she was teaching my family in what order/how to walk Paul came up to me and said You have to put me in charge of this it's taking forever! I was a bit confused as it hadn't even been a half hour so I just looked at him weird and focused on making sure my family was confident and happy. During the second run through he came up to me again and said that 'This is ridiculous we have to hurry up! This is taking forever!(while shaking his head) I then explained this is the first wedding that they have ever been in and they need to practice. If he wanted to leave, he could. He decided to stay and project his negative energy.The beginning of our wedding day Paul was scheduled to show up at 9AM.. He finally showed around 10:40AM and at that time my mother talked to him explaining that any more negative words/energy would not be tolerated. He agreed and came up to me and said not to worry he was going to work with everyone and it would be a positive day.Once we were at the ceremony venue he had pulled my planner aside asking if he could have a table set up in the middle of the reception to set up his computer so he could edit during the entire reception. Thankfully she denied him this as the center of my reception was going to be myself and my husband.. Not the photographer. Everything then ran smoothly until the reception. He had instructed me to hold my bouquet of flowers pretending to throw it the first time then to come back up and actually throw it so he could get his shot. I did so and my little sister caught the bouquet!! However, while I was celebrating this he ran up to me and yelled You didn't do what I said?! I didn't get my shot!! I responded with Yes, I did and it's a little too late now to yell at me. Then around 8:30PM we were all on the dance floor having a great time! When Paul came up to me asking if he needed to capture anything else. I responded with I think we're good until the sparkler exit if you'd like to take a break.He responded with I don't ever capture the sparkler exit. I said I sent the timeline to you months in advance.. Why didn't you mention this prior? He then said What the f*?! Are you f*g kidding me...? At which point I pulled my father to have him talk to the man I hired who was screaming f* at me on the dance floor of my wedding reception. The photographer stormed out of the reception causing a scene. My wedding planner and family tried to get him to stay explaining that I/we didn't care about the next day gallery. He could take a month to edit and get us the photos. During this exchange he made the following remarks to my family and staff:I'm a professional I don't work like a dog for my customersI have another wedding I have to prepare forMy camera is too heavy and I'm tired, hold these thingsF* youI never stay this lateMy pictures are always good, there's nothing left to take pictures of. I'll just be taking the same shot (2-3 hours before event ended)Even if I did stay till the end there would only be 7 people left.After this display of pure professionalism, he stormed off and left my reception 2 hours early, even though he was contracted for the entire day. We then had to hire a second photographer for the remainder of the night which left me with another bill! Which is in addition to the LARGE bill I prepaid Paul. The day after the wedding instead of being excited I was worried that I wouldn't receive any photos. Luckily he did contact me asking to speak with me and posted the photos. However, the photos I specifically asked him to capture he didn't. Our fist kiss photo is blurry, he didn't capture AJ's reaction to when he first saw me, and he missed the bouquet toss. After two days of calming down, my husband and I called him as he wanted to smooth things over. We did not receive an apology. He instead said he was dealing with an incompetent wedding planner, along with an assortment of other excuses about how hard he worked, and how heavy his cameras were. Basically saying that because he felt he did some good work that he should be excused for the lack of professionalism he carries. During this conversation we had asked if we could be refunded for the heirloom album that was part of our package as we didn't feel comfortable working with him any longer. He said he would not do that. We then asked him to put the other photographers photo in this album as we wanted it to showcase the whole day. He said he would think about it.2 weeks later he called my husband to tell him he would not put any other photographers photos in his album. At this point I had enough and texted him that I would be suing him for the hours he missed, the amount the album is worth, plus a $200 fee for breaking the professionally clause in the contract. After going back and forth a bit he told me For your sake you better let it go. After the threatening text message I didn't feel safe contacting him again.He ended up putting 2 photos the other photographer took after all of the drama.
Entity: Harrisburgh, Pennsylvania
5, Report #835923
Feb 08 2012
11:55 AM
Bryan Newfield Photography Two Brides. Two Weddings. Two Bad Experiences. Internet
Our experience with Bryan Newfield Photography was very disappointing and we would like to warn others before they shell out their money. The four of us were introduced through mutual friends who attended both of our weddings and noticed that we had the same photographer. We decided it would be best to post a review so that others can make an informed decision.  8/5 Wedding Our problems with Mr. Newfield began at our first meeting, a year before the wedding. He was an hour late and acted incredulous when we needed to leave after 15 minutes because we had somewhere to be. Since his images seemed to be what we were going for and we were only in the country for a week (at the time we lived in Europe) we decided to go for it. A year later, on our wedding day, he was scheduled to arrive at the venue at 10:30 am.  At 11:15 my mom called him, understandably upset: we were paying him for set services and he hadn't arrived on time. At 11:30, instead of Mr. Newfield, another photographer who we were told would be working with him that day showed up. (Mr. Newfield later tried to make us feel guilty for the fact that he brought a second photographer on his own dime though we never requested one.) That was the tone of the whole day. For example, as one of the groomsmen was texting his wife on his cellphone the second photographer said 'Googling Asian a$$ porn, huh? These were the tone of their 'jokes' all day- bizarre, not funny, and generally inappropriate. Mr. Newfield complained in a 4 page email (below) that we or the wedding party never 'welcomed' them into the group--if everyone was acting a bit stand off-ish it was because of this type of behavior and the tone he set by arriving late to our first meeting and on the wedding day.  Then came time for the photo booth portion of the night. All night it consisted of Mr. Newfield demanding people pose in ways they weren't comfortable with. After several different demands my husband tried to politely demur after he was ordered to do things like a jumping air guitar pose and have water poured all over him out of a alcohol bottle. That last incident prompted him to yell at Mr. Newfield (he was not good, as you can see, at taking subtle or overt hints). My husband is an extremely laid back guy, and I don't think I've seen him yell at anybody, let alone a near stranger at our wedding. As we asked for pictures with different groups of our friends and family he continued to try to force people into absurd poses and the only pictures we liked from the Blue Booth were the ones where we somehow convinced him to take without us acting passed out. Literally, he wanted everyone to pretend that they had passed out in front of the camera.  Over the next few days we realized that what we had paid for were the ridiculous stories about Mr. Newfield and his associate from our friends and family. Guests and our wedding party were telling us about bizarre 'jokes', remarks, and interactions that they had with him and luckily we were all able to laugh about it. We were very happy with all of the other vendors and professionals who contributed to our wedding. At another party after the wedding we were all exchanging stories, and another vendor must have informed Mr. Newfield we were unhappy. To top it all off, we probably would have tried to let the whole thing blow over but on our honeymoon I received the email I've attached at the end of this. I was terrified he would purposefully do a bad job with our pictures if I didn't agree to not write a bad review.  In the end, the pictures were just this side of okay, when we were paying for incredible- (outside of the blue booth shots which we were too embarrassed to show anyone) but I would STRONGLY SUGGEST that if you are going to shell out for photos at your wedding you use another photographer such as One Love Photo from SoCal or Our Labor Of Love from Atlanta. The slightly higher cost of flying them in is worth the peace of mind and professionalism, since I've had friends who have used both and their portfolios speak for themselves, just google it. *** 8/6 Wedding Besides the excellent job he did selling himself, the entire experience with Bryan Newfield Photography was awful.  Here are only a few of the lowlights. In hindsight, we believe thatto Bryan Newfield Photographyour wedding was not about capturing our day or making us happy; rather, it seems that his focus was on capitalizing on our wedding.   They never consulted us the day of about the 64% of the photos on the friends and family checklist they missed (in addition to missing pictures of the BRIDE!) and then had the audacity to blame it on us after they wasted time traipsing our wedding party to three different sites since they hadnt done their research about no parking at a venue and a Farmers Market. Bryan Newfield Photographys attention to detail is poor unflattering expressions and posing, closed eyes, partially hidden faces, pulled jackets, etc.  The only successfully captured the expressions of how uncomfortable people were with them.  The Photo Booth was a deceptive joke they flat out refused to take the shots we verbally and repeatedly requested and instead he staged us to look drunk, passed out, and posed photos in similar scenarios of which well never use. Looking back, we simply felt unheard. Our wishes were not captured on film, from backgrounds to expressions and personality to people, we felt as if our requests fell on deaf ears. Then, while it took 15 weeks to receive our wedding pictures, they immediately posted the Photo Booth pics for $5 each (thats right! You pay $5,300 and they own the rights to your photos! NOT common practice, btw.)  We didnt realize our wedding was a revenue generator for Bryan Newfield Photography on top of the hefty sum we already paid them.  Now, were left with photos that are mostly so bad we havent even been able bring ourselves to print them or even show our friends and family. We were so unhappy with the unprofessional experience and the end product, we demanded most of our money back.  Rather than listening to or even acknowledging our concerns, his responses were nothing more than a collection of excuses for our dissatisfactionincluding, incredulously, our failure to keep him on task to get the shots that we wantedand what appeared to be veiled threats regarding voicing our opinion and immediate legal action if we post ANY photos because he owns the rights to our wedding photos. Again we paid him $5300 and he owns our photos since we signed the model release because he claimed to want to use our photos in contests, etc.   After a series of such responses and continued poor customer service, he offered 10% back with the stipulation of a gag order.  We declined.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #1101721
Nov 23 2013
01:26 PM
Steve Rouch Photography Photographer loses memories I will never get back then disregards my feelings or any way to make it right :( St Paul Minnesota
Steve Rouch Photography completely deceived my husband and I. We paid a great deal of money (Steve is much more expensive than most photographers that we had met with while planning our wedding but we thought we would get what we paid for - were we wrong). The biggest reason we picked Steve was because a video was included. On our wedding day, the wind knocked over his camera and damaged our video. The worst part about it was that they avoided the subject via email for over a month and, after several inquiries from me, finally told me that it was damaged. Then they even tried to come back and blame it on one of our guests for supposedly knocking it over after they had already acknowledged that the wind knocked it over! I understand that wind is natural and misakes happen but he is a professional photographer and they completely disregarded our feelings in this situation because they had their money and were done with us. They never considered how it would affect us losing those memories from our day and refused to try to make it right. I will never forget the way that we were treated by these people and am sad I will have to look back on this as something I truly regret from what was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives. Please do yourself a favor and research work ethic and contracts when booking your photographer.
Entity: St Paul, Minnesota
7, Report #771663
Aug 31 2011
07:48 PM
Paul Ryan NPC No payment after great turnaround for property inspections Huntington, New York
I did work for Paul Ryan. He did his business through another person that posted an ad on Craigslist. I fell for it. I used my money for driving expenses and busted my ass to get the job done in four trips. I never saw a dime. I spoke with him. He lied every time. He never intended to pay. Always citing some financial difficulties. I hope that Paul Ryan gets what he deserves. I empathize with all others ripped off by this slimy turd.
Entity: Huntington, New York
8, Report #311109
Feb 22 2008
01:47 PM
YourSavingsClub-V, PrivacyMatters My BA acct. just got hit too, for a $1 Internet
I got hooked up these jerks, because I went to a sight that said it was a way to get a $500 gift card for BestBuy. Before I know it I have signed up for all this crap that at first appeared free. I have spent the last month canceling this crap, only to discover this $1.00 charge. Now supposedly when I went to their web site I was able to cancel my membership, but we will see if that is true or not. If NOT the a friendly talk with the Better Business Bureau as well as the Attorney General will definately be in order. BEWARE - They will get you coming and going. R. j. Saint Paul, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1261421
Oct 16 2015
04:06 PM
10, Report #356240
Jul 30 2008
03:54 PM
Paul Nestor Photography,, Photographed our wedding, took our money, still haven't given us our photos. San Diego California
We've repeatedly tried to obtain the wedding photographs which we've paid for, but over a month has passed and we still have no photographs. Every time we call Paul Nestor, he gives us a new reason as to why he doesn't have them with a new promise date for us to pick them up. Nature of communication regarding said issue: * 6/17/2008 (12:30 PM) Mr. Paul Nestor approached us outside San Diego City Hall to photograph our wedding. Mr. Nestor gave us a sheet of paper telling us to go to on 6/20/2008 to view the photos. * 6/20/2008 (3:50 PM) - I attempted to view the pictures but the link provided did not work. I emailed Mr. Nestor the following: I've tried the link on your site. It states Page Not Found. Please advise. * 6/20/2008 response to email from Mr. Nestor: Dear Friend: I recieved your EMail about your wedding photos. I am having a technical problem in up loading these imges to the site. If the site is not up and going by Sunday, Please call me and I will make a time to meet you personally. Thank You: Paul *6/23/2008 (8:38 PM) Link still didn't work, sent reply email to Mr. Nestor: Hey Paul, I've noticed the link still doesn't work. When are you free this week for me to view the photos? Thanks. *6/23/2008 Reply from Mr. Nestor - I am having a problem with the uploading of these images. Please call me and Ill get the prints to you. They are great. *6/27/2008 Met with Mr. Nestor at his home to view photos. After looking at the photos I selected 9 photos and a CD of the images. I later stopped by the bank and withdrew $143.00, and later dropped off the money with Mr. Nestor at which time he presented me with the invoice stating delivery by 7/8/2008. *7/8/2008 Phoned Mr. Nestor, was told the company in Seattle that was developing the photos would take a bit longer due to there being so many. *7/15/2008 (11:18 AM) Left a voice mail for Mr. Nestor. *7/18/2008 (1:06 PM) Left a voice mail for Mr. Nestor. *7/21/2008 (12:09 PM) Called Paul, stated the photos would be arriving via FedEx today. I asked Paul to contact me as soon as they arrived as I would be in his neighborhood and would pick them up. No return call that day. 7/23/2008 (1:19 PM) Paul stated to me that the company in Seattle had mailed all photos but mine because the coloring wasn't correct. He stated they would arrive later today. I asked Paul again to contact me and I would pick them up. 7/24/2008 - Spoke with Paul who stated the photographs would be available at 9 PM. Since I am leaving town he stated he would email me the photos so that I could at least show my family. Paul promised I would have the photos in my email by 9 PM. 7/27/2008 - Still no photos via email. Andkoz San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
11, Report #444609
Apr 17 2009
09:22 PM
Free Vital-RezV - Paul Credit Cart Rip Off! Vitalrez V & Paul Bundt Internet
Hello, I went to this website,, in search of a product that promises to be full of the antioxidants found in red wine. This product has been touted on 60 Minutes and Oprah. I placed an order for a free sample. They said I only needed to provide my credit card to cover the shipping fee of $5.95. Since then, every few days, I get a new email from this company saying they are charging my credit card $5.95 and sending me a free sample. I have written emails, filed customer complaints on their website, returned the product unopened. I called my credit card company and cancelled my credit card. Now I have received the email below telling me they will be charging me approx. $80 per month. These people are only a rip off. They are scary!! Do not order RezV from the Internet. --------------------------------------- Dear Susan Thank you for participating in our trial offer of 1xVital Rezv FREE We hope you enjoy the items that you have purchased. As you have not emailed us that you would like to return us the unused portion of the pills at the end of 15 days, we thank you for the acceptance of our product and we have now charged your order VI60387 $79.95 for the product received. Statement on your credit card would appear as VITAL-REZV If you have any questions regarding your order, please do not hesitate to reply me with questions, such that we may be able to resolve any issues as swiftly as possible. Thank you and best regards! Customer Support Susan Burlingame, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #770639
Aug 29 2011
04:59 PM
Paul Cirillo Kate Smith, Roger Harvey, Rapunzel Models, Leading Edge Productions, Urban Hair Photography long hair ripoff - does not pay recruiters - be very careful of dealings with them New York, New York
On August 4th, I was contacted by Kate Smith after I posted on FB that I needed a job.  She offered my a position as a recruiter for Rapunzel Models, a long hair advertising agency.  She claimed they wanted to move the company into the NM/CO area. Over the next 3 weeks, we worked closely together.  I put 2 ads on Craigslist and recruited close to 30 models for the company.  There were a few discrepancies right away (like not sending the promised contract) but I continued to work in good faith. I was told my first paycheck was the 19th of August.  After pointing out that they had no way to pay me, I sent Paul Cirillo an e-mail with my banking instructions.  He sent me a copy of my check stub by return mail; what my gross pay, deductions and net pay would be.  I followed up with them Friday afternoon and was told 12-24 hours.   When I went back to them on Monday August 22nd, I was told the transfer was rejected.  I have communication from Kate Smith as late as August 25th.  I am truly sorry that you haven't been paid yet. I feel like I am stuck in the middle of it and I suppose rightfully so... I wish I knew why Paul hasn't made due on anything yet. And I know thats unacceptable. I have put a few calls into him and he hasn't answered. Again I know you dont want to hear that from me.   As of August 28th, I still have not received my compensation.  I have also found 2 other people that this has happened to as well.
Entity: New York, New York
13, Report #535284
Dec 07 2009
02:00 PM
Tim Ziaja, Zinc, Ltd. Timothy Ziaja Has not paid outstanding invoice from March 2009 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Tim Zaija has not paid an overdue invoice from March 2009.He has made numerous promises of payment and has made many excuses.  For the last three months, he has not returned any phone calls or emails.He also has numerous large framed fine art photo prints that were on loan for his office.  He is not responding to any requests for the return of those prints.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
14, Report #1144377
May 06 2014
08:52 AM
Car Advert Jobs- SCAM!!/Paul Jones/csgrant3305@gmail/webbkate3@gmail Paul Jonescsgrant3305@gmailwebbkate3@gmailThomas SchlieveCisco Frac TechCauldron Photography La Playa Title SCAM-Ads claiming to pay 400/week for Car Advert- Send you a $2850.00 check, say keep 400 then send the rest via Western Union Internet
So there are many postings on saying **Earn $20+/hour making on-demand -track/ car/vehicle drive** or **Make $400-$500/ week driving with and advert on your car**and when you open the ad it says make 400-500 dollars per week by driving around with an advert on your car. They ask for your address, send you a text from a gmail number that can't be called and tell you they sent you an overnight check. They tell you to cash it or deposit it in the bank and you'll actually receive it to find a bogus senders name/address, bogus company name on the check, an amount between $1900-$2850 and be told to deduct your first weeks payment then western union the rest to their professional who will wrap your car. Here is an example of an e-mail they will send: How are you doing today. Am writing you to let you know that the payment has been issued out and will be deliver to you Today via FedEx  Service. Inside the package you have a check of $1950.45 (was actually $2850, but they copy and paste the same e-mail) sent by a client of ours. Here is the FedEx tracking #: 786608410******. I want you to take the payment to your bank and deposit it, withdraw the expert fund immediately, you are to deduct $400 for the 1st week ADVERT job the company offered you and you will have $1550.45 left. I want you to send $1400.45 via western union to the Expert that will decorate your car and use the remaining $150 for western union 'money in a min' charges. Your next pay check arrives a week later.(western union stores are located at Foodlions, Krogers and Pubix  stores).Here is the Expert info.===Name: Penny AlbaughAddress: 1102 Truman Ave,City: HondoState: TXZip Code: 78861You are expected to have this done on TODAY and email us back with the following information so the expert can make an arrangement on your car and arrive to you within 48 hours.(Note: A closer representative will be sent to your home)1. Name and Address of Sender:2. Money Transfer Control Number:3. Amount Wired:Thanks and God blessThat's their scam e-mail above and the e-mails they will contact you from are: & and go by the name Paul Jones too.but they are probably changing their e-mail addresses every day.   They sent me two checks using two different company names and the first one Ace Cash express informed me that it was a job that is scamming people so I let them keep the check because I didn't want to get caught up. The second one just came today in the mail randomly and when I opened my e-mail and looked at my phone I saw a text and e-mail from the guy so I demanded him to call me and he wouldn't. I then lied and said Call me, I cashed it and he called minutes later and I let him know that I knew it was a scam and demanded him to stop sending me fraid checks in the mail and that I would report him and he immediately hung up on me.   They will keep sending you bogus checks with different company names and addresses on them to try and get you to cash them and send it to them so DO NOT cash their checks or attempt to- rip them up immediately any time you receive one. Otherwise you will be caught up with fraud with your bank if you try to deposit it or the check cashing institution you go to will call the police as they are aware of these scams. Do not fall for these ads. Any place that requires you to pay to become an employee, sign up for a trial to become an employee, pays commission only or residual income is most likely a scam or an ponzi scam. Keep your information safe!!!!!      
Entity: Internet
15, Report #121013
Dec 03 2004
09:11 AM
La Primitiva Lotera Y Apuestas, Alliance Security Company Agent Dr. Paul Martin I have been tricked Madrid Spain
I recieved a letter that tells me I have won 674349.69 Euro. I got suspcious but rang to the La primitiva Loteria anyway. They told me to contact my agent Dr. Paul Martin. The Agent wanted a faxnumber and I gave him that. He faxed me a name and banknumber to UNICAJA-bank. They wanted 1800.99 euros wich was for the approveal certifikate and after that it would take 3 working days for me to get my winning fond. I payed that because both the Agent and the women who said she worked at the bank made me believe that this is for real. Then after 1 day, the women at the bank called me and told me that they coud not transfer the money because I had to pay the Spanish IVA= 1% of the winning money wich is 6743.5 Euro. I searched for more information about this and found at last this homepage and now Im angry at my self because I believed in this. I dont know if I have a chance to get my many back that I payed the first time. I dont know that to do now. But I thank this homepage because they saved my other money!! Please stop this!! Muani VxjSweden
Entity: Madrid, Spain
16, Report #217116
Oct 22 2006
05:44 PM
Clawson Photography Ripoff California
Danielle (((ROR Redacted last name))) contracted Clawson Photography to take her wedding photos on July 30, 2006. As of October 21 Clawson Photography has not delieverd the pictures. Danielle has contacted the Clawsons several times and each time has been given a different excuse. The company stopped returning phone calls. As of October 21st their numbers are disconnected. Diane rancho cucamonga, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: California
17, Report #1005134
Jan 28 2013
08:37 PM
Soulmates Photography Horrible Photographer Fresno, California
I hired this photographer off of craigslist which was a scam from the start, but I honestly thought he would deliver. Everything was okay at first then on our engagement session he didnt want to work with any of our ideas. Then on our wedding day he was late, he said he was confused on address but why couldnt he have came early to ensure his arrival time was properly. So I didnt want to start the day off mad but then he was at the bar drinking which I was okay with until all he did was flirt with the waitress to get free drinks and never took the photos we needed like what happend to my first dance?? or me and my dad? Im going to take this up with the BBB and I would like my money back. I contacted him about it and he said no comment and hung up on me. This is sad, dont hire this man as he will tell you all you want to hear and his promises are not met. I was conned by a con artist who took my money.
Entity: Fresno, California
18, Report #1228336
May 11 2015
01:54 PM
MJ Photography Scam Fraud RipOff Newville Pennsylvania
 There was currently a contest for Mothers Day. You were to enter your photo and recieve a free photo session for whichever individual recieved most likes on Facebook. Another young lady and myself recieved over 200 likes . I was at 266 the other young lady at 236! However last minute this particular photographer holding this contest decided last minute she was doing random drawling and chose someone who has previously engaged in business with her. And whom she little over a month ago has a session with . Her winner of her contest was someone she had established a business relationship with for over 2 years. She contacted herself in a very unprofessional manner when questioned and allowed myself and other contestants to share her business and draw attention to herself and creditability as a photographer all in a scam and a fraudulent manner in allowing us to think the more shares and likes was needed in order to receive this session. She is a fraudulent phony scam artist!
Entity: Pennsylvania
19, Report #534933
Dec 06 2009
10:03 PM
Universal Event Photography Unprofessional, low quality photography, Internet
I ordered photos from UCA nationals which is a cheerleading competition in Florida. Universal Event Photography is the company that takes all the photos for the event and you can order photos on site or online. I ordered two pictures at the beginning of August. Two weeks later I still had not received anything, so i decided to email them, my email went unanswered. Week later, I decided to call them the woman I spoke too told me they were going out that day. Two weeks later nothing, called again the woman said she would resend them with a confirmation number via certified mail, and would call me back with this number. Well the idiot didn't take my number so I don't know how she was planning on calling me. I had to call a handful of times after this too, when I finally did get a confirmation number it didn't even work on the USPS website, it was probably a fake number. I finally got my pictures in mid October, only two and a half months later. The pictures sucked, printed on cheap paper, colors were off and I could have done a way better job printing them out at home.
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #208487
Aug 29 2006
01:30 PM
Newlun Photography Ripoff on professional photography Nekoosa Wisconsin
My best friend was married on July 1, 2006. As her wedding gift, I offered to assist with the payment of a photographer for her special day. Her choice of maid of honor owns Newlun Photography and claims to be a professional photographer. She quoted a price of $725.00 for her services for the day of the wedding. She stated that this would include photos at the church, remote pictures, 2 assistants, and pictures at the reception. She also stated that this would INCLUDE the wedding album. Well, firstly, at the church, her assistants are two giggly teen age girls, neither of which has graduated high school yet, and she claims she pays them 12 dollars per hour. She had the girls take the vast majority of the pictures, because she was IN the wedding party, and thus, was one of the subjects. Then, as we were in the church basement prior to the wedding, she told her assistants that she didn't care WHAT the pastor said, she wanted flash pictures taken DURING the ceremony. After all, what was he going to do? Stop the ceremony and tell them to stop? This is the EPITOMY of unprofessional behavior. The pastor specifically stated that because of an eye condition he has, he allows pictures during the ceremony, but NO FLASH, as it literally blinds him, and he loses his place, making it awkward for everyone involved. Her assistants got right up behind the bride and groom, facing the pastor, and took several pictures with flash during the ceremony, causing Pastor to lose his spot a couple of times, and it was just aweful. THEN comes the reception. She took so long with pictures, more than the 90 minutes she said she needed, that the bridal party was actually late for the dinner, which started without the bride and groom in place. She and her assistants DID take numerous pictures of the guests at the reception, and they were there till the end, however, The reception ended abruptly when a fight broke out among a couple of the guests, some of which were the groom's daughters, and the evening was quite ruined. Amanda did not call, talk to, write, or otherwise contact either the bride, or the groom, for a couple of weeks, despite their repeated phone calls, and requests for her to call. Then about a week after their last call, she left their wedding album and some loose pictures in a wal-mart Bag between the screen door and the inside door, on a rainy night. The album was a $2.00 picture book from Walmart, with pictures that were DEVELOPED at the photo kiosk AT Walmart. It contained 104 pictures, none of which were any more special than anything I could have taken myself, with a digital camera. Included were cheesy captions on some of the pages, done with stickers, OVER the pictures, and the worst of which were pictures of the people that had started the fight at the end of the evening, WITH their alcohol in their hands, with the caption: Good friends, Good Times COMPLETELY innappropriate! My friend, for her 725 dollars, recieved 130 4 X 6 regular, glossy paper photo prints, 3 of which were close up pictures of the photographer's daughter, there were NONE of the bride and her father, it was just a mess. This woman is the epitomy of unprofessional business practices, and I just pray that she was only joking when she said she had given us HALF OFF her regular rates, because the bride is a friend of hers. I'd be mortified if I agreed to pay $1500 for photography for my wedding, and recieved this pile of badly done scrap she calls an album. Julie Wisconsin Rapids, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Nekoosa, Wisconsin
21, Report #1202991
Jan 20 2015
03:43 PM
Jess Kam Photography Jess Kam Photography Internet
First time trying this studio.  Amateur and disappointing work.  In future, websites should upload live pictures instead.   Jess Kamm Photography Is A. baby photographer, offering, newborn photography, maternity photography, infant photography, business resources
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1349888
Jan 14 2017
07:10 PM
Tanya Nix photography Picture perfect memories Professional Photography Jackson Georgia
 I paid my photographer $500 to capture my special moments at my wedding. She was pre paid so she could obtain a new camera lense for my wedding. She claimed to have sent the photos before Christmas and when I told her I did not receive them, she said they must have gotten lost in the mail and would resend them. She emailed me about two days later informing me she sent another copy thru mail to me and I should receive them by the following Monday. My wedding was October 22. It is now January 14 and she has deactivated her personal and business Facebook pages. I have called and texted her phone number only to be hung up on and texted back to be told that I had the wrong number. I have all the proof in the world showing she was at my wedding taking pictures.
23, Report #548869
Nov 29 2012
03:09 PM
Paul Wonton, Paul M. Woonton THIEF Bristol, Prague, Krakow, Internet
PAUL WOONTON is THIEF.  Born 25.10.1981. Passport number: xx224  This criminal attended Huish Episcopi College, Somerset, UK  / year 1998 Heavy alcohol drinker, beats women. He has at least two siblings, one girl called Holly-Jane. His mother might call Ann-Marie. He doesnt work, travels around Europe, mostly Central Europe and robs people who trust him. Crimes he committed: He had met my sister in Prague, Czech Republic, he later stole her credit card and withdrew equivalent of 700 british pounds. He pretended to be a doctor in Prague s hospital. We called them and found out it was a lie. He escaped with money and the credit card and just left a message that he had to attend a funeral of his grandfather and visit mother in hospital after heart-attack. We were later contacted by other people, after publishing this information on Facebook, that he did the same thing to other girls and one girl said she was beaten by him.  In Bratislava, Slovakia, he stole a bag of a Canadian traveler with money and valuables total estimate 1300 CAN. CCTV Record of this robbery is AVAILABLE!!!! He later escaped from Prague to Krakow, Poland where he spent New Years Eve 2009-2010. International arrest order is currently in preparation. IMPORTANT- PAUL WOONTON spent a year in AUSTRALIA. I found another person called PAUL WOONTON is reported at this server who was ripping off people in Australia and New Zealand. The time coincides with a time when this PAUL WOONTON was there!!!!!!  This guy seems to be very experienced criminal, he is a professional lier.  Anybody can contact me at (((ROR redacted))) Hope justice will get this criminal soon.   CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Bristol, Prague, Krakow, Internet, Internet
24, Report #750628
Jul 08 2011
11:30 AM
Floyd's Photography, LLC Mark Floyd, Soft Focus Photography Photography, scam Jacksonville, Florida
It saddens me to write this report, but it has been a long time coming. I got married in 2008, but I am a very busy student and my husband is always deployed with the military. I hired Mark after he did my sister's wedding because he took great photos. I didn't consult her first, but apparently she had issues because he owed her prints, but apparently she was not too concerned or rushed to get them from him anyways. I brought it up to him a couple times after she asked and he was very nice about it and told me to tell her to let him know which ones she wanted and he would get it done. Like I said, she was in no rush and so that is her fault because she never got back to him about the prints. Anyways, after the wedding I told Mark it would be a while until I could pick out the prints since I was in school and constantly dealing with other things like applying to graduate school. Mark was very nice and said kept telling me to take my time and reassured me it was not a problem. Well, we decided to schedule a family shoot with Mark in July 2010. He took our pictures and we bought the CD from him. Around the same time I asked if I could upgrade my album and paid him $300 for the upgrade. He gave me a CD with a proof of the album so that I could make critiques and I haven't heard anything from him since. I knew he was basing his business out of GA at the time of the family shoot and then when I got the CD, he actually told me he was back in Jacksonville for a while. I emailed him shortly after (maybe about 2 weeks or so) the family shoot with my comments on the album proof, but never got any replies. I tried to call him with no success. I even emailed him to tell him that all I want at this point are the digital proofs to my wedding because the smaller digital images he gave me are useless for ordering anything. I wish it could been a different situation since my family has built such a history with him, but unfortunately I think I will have to seek legal action shortly.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
25, Report #923770
Aug 07 2012
01:33 PM
Harsheet Patel Photography Studio 25 Photography, White Elephant Photography Scammed by Harsheet Patel Nokesville, Virginia
Harsheet Patel Photography has not followed through with their contract. They are impossible to contact and as others have said, they are unprofessional, non-responsive, and a ripoff. Please do not use this company unless you are prepared to lose hundreds of dollars.
Entity: Nokesville, Virginia

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