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1, Report #106254
Aug 31 2004
05:52 AM
Paypal ripoff Internet
I am very unhappy with paypal. I have had a good relationship with them for over 4 years. However, in my last transaction with them I am very angry. I made a purchase for an auction using an e-check. Do to other circumstances both the seller and I cancelled the transaction. The funds were rejected by the seller and thus the transaction should have been cancelled. However, paypal's policy is to still w/drawl funds from an individual's account even if the transaction is cancelled. If you are expecting the transaction to be cancelled, then it should be cancelled. There should be no going into an individual's account and taking the funds once cancellation has taken place. The w/drwal took place 10 days after the cancellation. There is already an expectation that since the transaction is cancelled you can utilize YOUR money the way you see fit. Once a consumer cancels a transaction via paypal e-check it should be just that cancelled. No company should have the right to go into my bank account after the fact and take out money so sit in their bank until I see fit you use them. Elisa brooklyn, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #748504
Jul 02 2011
07:08 PM
PAYPAL paypal steals, paypal fraud, paypal scam every, Internet
Paypal permanently stole my money! They limited my account because the goods we sold were determined to be not part of their acceptable items (which wasn't so when i registered). In the 6 months they kept my money on hold I moved overseas and now they won't send the money to my new address or overseas bank account!
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #229159
Jan 06 2007
10:32 PM
Paypal paypal SUCKS they have my money, ripoff Paypal California
I was a seller on ebay and had my own website till one day I sold a few things to a lady that lived in CA and two weeks later after I already shipped the items which total was over $900.00 was no were to be found after she disputed the charge with her bank. Paypal said there was nothing they can do even through I had her address and a signed deliver conf from the post, she siad she did not order or get anything, She lied because she is the one that signed for it. Paypal was suppose to cover my shipment if it was a conf address but they said because it was a bank disspute they are not going to. Paypal sucks........ hella norwalk, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Paypal, California
4, Report #383944
Oct 22 2008
06:34 PM
Paypal paypal- Intenet Georgia
Paypal took money off my debit account instantly, but took them forever to refund it. Beware!!! Cosby union point, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Intenet, Georgia
5, Report #532269
Dec 02 2009
01:43 PM
Paypal Ripped off again by Paypal, Internet
Paypal as usual trying to rip off internet vendor account holders. A customer buys a product and agrees to the sales agreement during the check out process. The product is shipped and delivered with signature approval.The customer accepts delivery and decides 120 days later they don't want the product, even though the terms of sale say 30 days money back guarantee. The vendor refunds the money by check anyway because it is past the 60 day Paypal refund time limit. The customer cashes the check and then files a claim against the vendor for a credit card refund. The charge back is put against the vendor's account  and the funds are taken out of the account. Now the vendor proves with copies of the cashed check and the sales agreement that the customer has been reimbursed and the charge back is settled and the funds are returned to the vendors account 30 DAYS LATER.The vendor  [my company] now says enough of this and closes the Paypal account with no disputes and a positive Paypal account balance and it was now 4 months since the last active customer purchase on the Paypal account. It is now 6 months later and Paypal starts calling daily at all hours using a computer generated calling program asking for the vendor. Keep in mind the Paypal account has been now closed for 6 months and the last transaction was 10 months ago. The customer who was reimbursed has filed again for a credit card refund. For the same transaction that they were denied before after Paypal took the vendor's funds and the vendor had to prove that the customer had been reimbursed.Now Paypal says either you pay this money or we will send it to a collection agency. As explained to the paypal representative that that transaction had been already resolved and that this was an already settled issue and the customer was trying to collect a second time. Paypal said again well unless you pay this charge back to us we will send it to a collection agency. Personally, I hope that they do, that will give me the opportunity to turn them into the banking and finance dept here in the state of Georgia and file a complaint with the state's internet fraud department for illegal banking and internet business practices.Oh and by the way, I never received the final balance on my account from Paypal by check as stated in their terms of service. NOW THATS BEING RIPPED OFF!!!
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #346665
Jul 02 2008
08:26 AM
Paypal paypal rip off of customers Internet
paypal rips off consumers for millions each year, every time you get a refund they fraudulently charge you sellers fees 40 doller refund means you get aprox 33,also there buyer protection program is useless prostitudes are more honest moose Ashland, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #447577
Apr 29 2009
05:55 PM
Paypal PayPal Ripoff Internet
I'm complaining about PayPal handling international disputes. Here's a short background on my issue. i sold the item via eBay to the buyer, located in Germany (the buyer has 0 eBay transaction history). On 3/2/09 the payment via PayPal was received, and on 3/3/09 the item was shipped to Germany via USPS. About in 2 WEEKS the buyer opened the dispute that the item is not received (don't you think it's TOO SOON). I sent message to ebayer, saying that it's too early for worries yet, and asked to update later. The buyer was not responding.After about dozens of unsuccessful contacts, I escalated the dispute. I called many times to PayPal, and asked to help as buyer is not responding, and do not update the case. As item was sent via USPS, overseas (I guess) they use different system, which does not update transaction status on USPS site. I went to the Post Office, and they gave me a copy of the Custom form of that shipment, which I faxed to PayPal as proof of delivery. When I was checking status of the case, it stated that waiting for response from other party (buyer). After more than month of INVESTIGATION? PayPal closed the case with the favor to the buyer. When I called, and asked why the case was closed, and money given back to buyer, did he responded? The answer was negative, he never responded. They said that decision of the favor to the buyer was made because I made mistake, escalating the case. If I wouldn't did it, the case was automatically closed after 20 days to my favor (what's the difference makes escalation?) So, PayPal agents who I talked with were absolutely agreed with me that buyer received the item (otherwise probably at least once checked his case), and just ignored, or forgot about the case. But as he did not update, and did not respond, we give him money back. So, I lost item, money, and time, but PayPal is the winner, making money on both transactions (when buyer paid to me, and when money was taken from me to the buyer). Isn't clear RIPP-OFF? Toly Ballwiin, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #434563
Mar 15 2009
09:56 PM
Paypal Sellers beware, paypal is Unfair! Internet
Hi Rip off report I am writing to you as a seller in distress and frustration. I have been using paypal since 2004. I have a Premier and verified account with them. My frustration with this company began last month. I sold a Dell XPS 410 Case with Motherboard 375 PSU on ebay Feb 8 (ebay item # 180325282005). I shipped the itemon February 12 by USPS fisrtclass mail with insurance. The buyer opened a dispute on February 17 on Paypal - claiming the item has not been received. I stated to both buyer and Paypal that the item is in transit. Paypal claim # PP-637-287-736 the $165 was put on a hold, and then Paypal reversed the funds to the buyer on Feb. 21. I provided proof of mailing to both Paypal and the buyer. At this point the buyer has not answered any of my emails. I provided them with the original postal receipt and insurance number. On March 3, I went to the same post office that I had sent the package from. I received a copy of Proof that Item was Delivered from the USPS manager. It was a USPS direct inquiry of Tracking label 1307 2480 0000 1399 3514 Stating that the item was delivered on February 23 at 11:30 AM. It also included every detail of the delivery, parcel weight, departing postal code, destination postal code, anticipated delivery, actual delivery scan and date. Also the scanner ID. I sent this information to paypal as my Appeal, because at this point the case was closed in favor of the buyer. I awaited nearly 2 weeks for Paypal's decision on my appeal. I had just gotten an email tonight. Paypal has closed my appeal, again in favor of the buyer. This is ridiculous! I have provided them every proof possible to show that I have sent the item and the buyer has received it. I am very upset at this situation. It leaves me the seller with auction fees, paypal fees to pay out of my own pocket, and feeling scammed by both Paypal and the Buyer. I hope RipOff Report can help me with my case. Sincerely, Jade chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #730761
May 18 2011
02:37 PM
PayPal PayPal Lies & Deception San Jose, California
My business had collapsed back in 2010 and I had closed my PayPal account at that time. I am now re-launching my business and wanted to start using PayPal again. I called PayPal to reopen my account and was told that there had been a chargeback after I had closed the account, and that if I paid the amount of the chargeback that my account would be re-opened. I paid them the amount and waited over two weeks and they did not open the account. I called them today, May 18, 2011 and asked them why my account had not been re-opened. They told me that my account was too risky because of 1 chargeback that happened without my knowledge while the account was closed, and that I would never be able to use PayPal again. I told them that the customer service agent I spoke with first had told me that if I paid the amount owed that my account would be re-opened. She didn't care about that. I am now pursuing the matter with this site, the BBB and other routes and I will also be using one of their many competitors instead of doing business with them. I know that their competitors will be glad to have me.
Entity: San Jose, California
10, Report #891460
Jun 01 2012
06:44 AM
PayPal another paypal ripoff Internet
Yesterday when I logged into my paypal account to send a friend some money I was presented with the choice of giving them a credit card number,  and in exchange this would guarantee the transaction and they would  deliver it immediately rather than in 5-8 days. No other conditions were stipulated. I do not have a credit card so I used my debit card tied to the same account and they accepted it. I smelled a rat. Today I send the friend a few more bucks and was presented with the option of me paying a fee or the receiver paying a fee!  No explanation. For the first time in years of using paypal now they want to charge a fee. I sent it because I had no idea of what was going on and needed to complete the transaction. Found the answer through Paypals help system. Called them and the person at the other end either had a negative IQ or he was feeding me Orwellian double speak, and obviously did not want me to understand what was going on. I tried to remove the debit card from the account, and they have it locked because there is an ongoing transaction.  Which is bull shit since the same account is guaranteeing the transaction. Anyhow I think the criminal ass clowns at PayPal knew exactly what they were pulling when they instituted this scam. In summary: There was no notification that I would be incurring charges. And they took a card that was not external to guarantee the transaction. This was just a disingenuous scam  to make money and not to guarantee the transaction as evidenced by them taking a card tied to the account to guarantee itself.   Who regulates these clowns anyhow?
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #291533
Dec 14 2007
09:07 AM
Paypal Fraudulent fee charged by Paypal Nationwide
On Dec. 13, I received over $1,600 via Paypal -- payment was late and I had agreed to have it paid via Paypal rather than sent by check. Upon accepting it on the Paypal website, I was informed that I would be charged 4.9% plus $0.30, unless I changed my account to Premier --and then the charge would only be 2.9%, plus $0.30. I naturally changed my account... to find that I was charged $80.34 for that transaction! -- I attempted to reach Paypal (there was no phone number I could see anywhere), I sent them 2 emails which, so far, have remained unanswered. Not only is this fraudulent, since Paypal doesn't hold true to what they present, but $80.34 for ONE TRANSACTION is tantamount to usury! I intend to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and to terminate my account with them. Anoukis west hollywood, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1115757
Jan 15 2014
01:16 PM
Paypal Paypal continues to hold funds! Internet
Paypal continues to hold my funds almost a week after product has been delivered. Everything was done the way Paypal asks in order to have funds available quicker. The tracking number was enterd, mailing label, I have a 100% satisfaction rating, everything. No reason for them to continue to hold my funds. This is an unacceptable practice. The product has been received in good condition, no complaints, my funds should be available to me. Period!
Entity: Internet
13, Report #960846
Oct 27 2012
09:05 AM
Paypal Identity theft paypal bad customer service , Internet
I discovered over a month ago that paypal let my ex-live-in-bf open up an account under my ssn for his business which is long closed, connect it to a bank account not in my name, and get a -$850 balance.  After contacting paypal first they said they would do an investigation and a few days later came back to me saying that since I lived with the guy I must have given him permission to do it.  The police told me basically the same thing, and that I was better taking him to small claims court to get the balance since I can connect it to his business, but cannot prove I did not give him permission to open it.  I got a hold of the ex by e-mail and he said basically tough, I deserve it. I do not have the money to pursue with a lawyer (I'm still getting back on my feet from leaving the abusive ex), but got one to work on my budget if I did most of the work of gathering information.  Here's where paypal failed the most.  I was told that I cannot have any records of the account they are claiming I owe the money on because they will only e-mail then to the e-mail address associated with the account and even request by letter will not work.  Even when pointing out that they let all this happen with out so much process or proof of identity.  Basically their lack in security measures caused this to happen, and now they are actively against helping me fix it.
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #1015604
Feb 17 2013
05:25 AM
Paypal Paypal Is Two Faced, Internet
Hello forgive me for my grammar and spelling English is not my first language. I like many used to trust PayPal's buyer protection but it was only after had i realized that they do not care about the customer. It's all about the money when i trusted them to insure me over anything that happens on eBay they let me down. You see i bought a PS vita console at an auction and then the listing was removed by ebay ( yeah i know ) but i paid and it was too late then he was no longer a registered user and he tried sending a fake tracking number to me. Those merits alone should be enough for PayPal to immediately rule the the case in my favor but no they didn't the seller then sent me a message saying Ha good luck getting your money from paypal i've cancelled my bank account and they will rule the case in my favor. I was a fool to doubt those words i contacted paypal warning them beforehand and they didn't even listen. Today they sent me an email saying the case is not in your favor because it does not comply with the buyer protection policy. I was furious really paypal ? really ? of all the excuses you could have picked when the guy cancelled his bank account you picked this one well know you've dug you own grave it does comply when i purchased this form eBay it is covered by the buyer protection program. What their telling me is basically oh yeah hi the guy was clearly trying to rip you off and has had the listing removed we as a company couldn't care less what proof you have the guy cancelled his bank account and we do not feel like having to pay you money from our own pockets case closed good bye. I have taken this up with consumer affairs and hopefully they can get me my money back and possible compensation for this mess. Has anyone else had a similar experience with paypal if so speak up it's our right and they should keep their word we should not have to put up with them. Also on another note the seller also look at his feedback while positive only the small items are positive and real the big things like the ps vita are from the same person here's a link And just because the listing was removed doesn't mean that the buyer protection insurance is void in fact it should be reinforced eBay told me to contact paypal to report the transition and paypal let me down.
Entity:, Internet
15, Report #1259005
Oct 04 2015
06:21 AM
Paypal Buyer beware fishy paypal activity Internet
When making a purchase, you may want to think twice before using paypal. They have this thing where they hold on to your money after snatching it from your bank account for 7 to 10 days before releasing it to the merchant, thus making you have to wait two or more weeks to receive your item and in some cases, the seller ends up canceling your order altogether because the transaction is taking too long. They have begun to do this thing to random buyers. This scam on paypal’s part defeats the purpose of using them to make your buying experience go along smooth and quickly and in my opinion should be considered false advertisement. I have been a customer of paypal for nearly 20 years with absolutely no issues and without warning this happened to me. I have heard of sellers complaining about papal randomly holding on to their funds but now they have found a way to screw the buyer as well. When I contacted the company I was given no feasible reason as to why they're deciding to hold on to my money. This company needs to be investigated. I will never use them in the future again.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1258730
Oct 02 2015
01:20 PM
PayPal Paypal email verification privacy Internet
Paypal want's to act like a financial institution without the security. Here's what happened when I tried to sign up for a Paypal account. I only inputted my address, phone number, and email. Then I clicked on the account and their system sent me to the log in page. I tried to log in, but I couldn't because my email needed to be verified. So, I logged into my email accout and clicked on the verification link. It sent me to a password confirmation page, I inputted my password but it wasn't recognized. It was the correct password but for some reason it wasn't recognized. I tried to reset my password by clicking on the Forgot password, I filled the info and got an automated phone call from Paypal. The automated system on the phone confirmed the code, but when I clicked online to confirm the same code it wasn't recognized. Then, I decided to call Paypal and see what's the problem. The customer service rep told me that it was because I didn't cofirm my email address. She stated that she could do it over the phone by asking me various questions from public records. I told her that this is the first time that I had to confirm an email address by using public records. I told her since when did they start doing this and she stated since Paypal separated from Ebay. That's not true because a friend of mine opened an account after and they didn't ask all these questions to verify an email address. I told her that I would like to close the account. Paypal's own website states that email verification process is very simple and automated online. The process is done by them sending you an email with a link and you just click on it and it's verified. It's highly suspect that they're asking all this. Also, everyone should know that information from public records is highly unreliable and unsecure to verify anything. It's just data mining companies that make money off of this scam.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1162101
Jul 15 2014
08:16 AM
Paypal Ebay Paypal Buyer Protection Program Internet
In last March I made a purchase on Ebay Spain of a product located there, according to information that was contained in the page itself. What is not my dismay when after sending me the tracking number (RG364829513DE) to check the origin of it is in Hong Kong. I immediately contacted the seller and tell him that this was not correct and not blaming me for the customs fees (from Spain to Portugal, within the EU there are no fees). As it seemed to me that the seller was trying to wrap me I decided to open a case on Ebay / Paypal (within the stipulated period of 45 days). Time passed and the product was retained in the customs for paying the customs fees. In the meantime, and against all my expectations, because I thought that Paypal was fully trusted , the resolution of the case is granted to seller, merely because he made proof of having sent, although the starting location does not match the advertised and I not have received the product, contrary to what is expressly advertised in the Buyer Protection Program, in which, case the Buyer does not receive what they purchased is entitled to refund. The product, unclaimed, was returned by the Portuguese post office, which was then lost (not my fault I think) in the return path. The Deutsche Post sent me a document attesting the loss (meaning that their compensation would be delivered to the shipper, ie the seller). This document was timely mailed to Paypal, and they responded by saying that they had nothing to do because the case was now closed to them, and that I must contact the seller to resolve amicably the case. If I must contact directly the seller to solve the case, the Paypal serves for what?Note, however that the seller stopped responding to my messages.Concluding I lost Euros 90.00.Case: PP-003-040-752-033Transaction ID: 5AH09851C0704431PSeller: Rambook LtdEbay User: 11777abc
Entity: Internet
18, Report #460601
Jun 11 2009
05:19 AM
Paypal Paypal Executed Canceled Subscription on My Paypal Account Internet
Last Month I subscribed to a services by ClickThru but decided to cancel it. Its not my first canceled subscription and Im very clear on how to cancel a subscription. By the end of the month, I began to receive failed charges on my Debit Card (I only load cash if needed) and I emailed paypal 3 times about it. But the reply was late and they didnt really seem to understand what I was telling them. I was trying to tell them, THE SUBSCRIPTION HAS ALREADY BEEN CANCELED, why is it still charging me, luckily I didnt load cash into my card. I received some reply (very late replies). I noted something weird on my cancelation date it was dated back to 1969. I thought it was a bug on paypal side, and I told them thru my email. Yet they didnt seem to care. I loaded cash into the debit card because I need to pay my active subscription services, but without my consent, ClickThru canceled subscription charged me 9.99 USD. I was very mad, and I claimed it as unauthorized transaction. Think about it, i told paypal several times in my email about that condition, I told them they might have bugs in their system, because the cancelation date was in 1969, and there is nooo way i can cancel it, because its already located under CANCELED subscription. How can I cancel a canceled subscription? Lucky enough Click Thru returned back my money. But im really mad, because on 3rd June, the CANCELED Subscription again charged me 14.99 USD but this time Click Thru wont refund my money and paypal only sent me an email to tell me how to cancel an active subscription. But my problem is this subscription is already canceled! How can I canceled a canceled subscription! I am helpless. I contacted paypal many times but the respond was slow and they didnt seem to care. As for Click Thru how dare they refuse my Claim when they didnt even issue receipt of my unauthorized payment! The fact is i didnt purchase anything and its stated in my History Order in Click my last purchase was 4.99 which was a month ago. The 14.99 is not even in the Order History! This is not a purchase but rather a bug in Paypal system. Yet their staff never have the time to listen to what Ive been saying. Brunei TutongBrunei Darussalam Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on PayPal
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
19, Report #863742
Apr 04 2012
10:28 AM
Paypal PayPal Inc. Paypal Chargeback Fraud Sunnyvale, California
Paypal reversed charges and sent me a message 37 days after a transaction - Recently we notified you that an unauthorized activity claim had been filed against a transaction you received. You have four more calendar days to respond to our request for additional information. After that, we will continue our investigation without your input. As a reminder, we are currently investigating the following transaction: Senders name: Shelly Mucha Transaction ID: 72V66551VR324240G Transaction date: Jan 20, 2012 Transaction amount: $146.00 USD Your transaction ID: 0JF52783D4410601M Case number: PP-001-668-887-205 I responded to Paypal and provided evidence - Shelley Mucha is committing chargeback fraud.  She borrowed money and asked to repay it with paypal.   Read her note on the transaction below returned to you.   Date:  1/20/2012 10:54:24 AM Reference Number:  529EA-E8B05-14E31 Transaction type:  Transfer Sent To   Name/Email:  smucha4life Current Status:  Completed Amount:  $146.28 USD Purchase Type:  Other Shipping Details:  Not Provided Details (optional):  Let's Do $146.28 ok?  The paypal transaction was from her IP address.  Below is an email received from Shelly Mucha on the 31st that says  You recieved 146.00 dollars from me.     PayPal details        Shelly Mucha sent you $146.00 USD Transaction ID: 0JF52783D4410601M          Just thought you'd like to know Shelly Mucha sent you $146.00 USD. Note from Shelly Mucha:    returned to you. From: Rachelle <smucha Date: Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 12:18 PM You recieved 146.00 dollars from me on 01-20-12 Rachelle L. Mucha 11301 N 700 W Demotte, IN 46310 Phone Number(s): +1 (219)-789-4150  +1 (219) 987-5695 PayPal claim: Case ID #PP-001-668-887-205
Entity: Sunnyvale, California
20, Report #1279950
Jan 18 2016
04:23 PM
Paypal Paypal C Paypal rip off charge back USA Internet
I have been a good standing paypal customer for several years. I would NOT use them again and sugges that you don't either. I had a buyer purchase over $11,000 in machines which were brand new. The machines were drop shipped from the mfg to the buyer. I created a paypal generated invoice with an attached specification sheet from the mfg with photos. The invoice stated, all sales final, no refunds, no returns. At the bottom it also stated that the buyer agrees to pay their credit card provider according to their terms etc. Paypal sent me an ok to ship email and stated seller protection eligible   I shipped the machines 100% as described ( and as lsited on the mfg. specification sheet)  The customer had them more than 2 months then filed a not as described claim with paypal. Paypal never even told me what exactly was not as described? I had to keep asking since the machines are new and factory direct shipped and they were exactly as described on the specification sheet. Paypal took over $700 from my account and then asked me to deposit over $10,000 more to bring my balance to $0 as they are refunding the customer for the order?????   I shipped them 100% what they ordered, they had the machines over 2 months and they just take my money then want me to deposit over $10K so they can take that too?  To this day I have not received the machines back and paypal still has my $700+ they took. They offer no help for the sellers, the buyer states what they want and I am screwed?  I am waiting in hopes that they take me to court so I can sue them.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #159658
Oct 05 2005
05:43 PM
EBay, PayPal eBay & PayPal don't value customer's time Internet
I tried to pay for an item on eBay with PayPal because it was the seller's preferred method of payment. I spent twenty minutes trying to put the payment through. I was told that my perfectly good passwords were not valid. I ended up getting new passwords for two accounts, to no avail. It was a frustrating twenty minutes. The Pay Now button on eBay was blank which added to the confusion. After this I asked the seller to let me out of the transaction. I assumed that this would not be a problem. She told me to try again. She said that this kind of thing happened. Well, that's NOT acceptable. She dunned me for payment. I wasn't happy about that. Then I wrote to the CEO of eBay about all this. I got a response from PayPal, which is owned by eBay, blaming a corrupt cookie for my troubles with PayPal. I was directed to erase the cookies from my system. I did, but that was a big mistake. Now I'm no longer automatically signed into dozens of sites. The inconvenience is considerable and is continuing. I would not do that again. Now I am suddenly getting spam from PayPal which I did not before. I was told by PayPal that those are impersonators sending the spam. Perhaps, but their timing is spooky since that email is not listed anywhere. I was told by PayPal that I can download some special toolbars to help distinguish spoofers but I will no longer follow advice from PayPal about what to do with my computer. I wish I had not cleared my cookies as they told me to. I had been leaning towards just not dealing with PayPal and eBay; too many problems. I wish I had done that, as draconian as it sounds, I get message that my time is not important to them. There are endless snafus and wierdnesses and omissions. They have a great image but they don't have it together. Anne o. Anonymous LocationU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #376374
Sep 26 2008
06:15 PM
Paypal Honest Seller scammed by Paypal and Buyers Remorse Buyer. Internet
I have recently started selling items on Ebay and the only way they would allow me to do so was if I signed up to deal through PAYPAL . With no other choice if I wanted to sell my items I decided to go with it. After selling 15-20 items , a woman who purchased a purse from me that was valued at $398.00 , she got it and decided she didn't want it after all and filed a not as described item dispute with Paypal. Three days later without getting any information from me she was awarded a total refund from my account . Now since I had just paid my Ebay account from this money the full amount was unavailable, so they filed a non payment complaint against me prior to the decision being made ? How in the heck can you award anyone a refund when the auction clearly stated all sales final? But never the less they did it to me and helped this scammer to rip me off. That s it , no more PAYPAL and definetly no more EBAY. !!!!!!!!! All sellers beware of the Paypal Scammers Scheme ! Afghanmama919 easton, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #478134
Aug 10 2009
12:26 PM
PayPal Paypal Is Totally Unfair! And scams themselves Internet
I am reporting paypal because not only have I heard of them ripping people off but they are totally unfair! I am fed up with paypal and I hope to get this issue out across the world so everyone could know EXACTLY how they are! Yeah everyone thinks paypal is secure and safe...well there not ive gone thru alot of issues with paypal and today was the end of it for me! I had listed an auction on ebay for a wholesale consumer lot of electronics The auction was for $5,000.00 buy it now or best offer. I had not made a sale on the auction yet. I listed the auction 3 times had alot of questions but still no sale okay..thats fine. Well today I logged into ebay to realize my account was closed....I was very irratated I had 99 feedback all 100% positive! I didnt know what the problem was.....I contacted paypal and they told me I could NO longer use paypal....WHY? Because they said I was a threat to there business....for the lot of electronics......How am I threat? I havent even sold a lot to anyone yet...And on top of that....I have invoices from where I purchased truckloads of electronics! They wouldnt even accept the fact that I did have invoices and was willing to fax them so they knew I had the merchandise on hand....PAYPAL is a complete RIPOFF!!!!!!! I even have buyers who purchase my merchandise on a weekly/monthly bases. Refrences from these buyers...and paypal still wants to do NOTHING about it. They just want to screw someone over on their business....My only means of income now I have truckloads of electronics and no way to advertise what I got for sale!! I just felt that I needed to get this incident out there in the open so other people dont come across something like this! I wish everybody the best of luck with paypal! But watch your back! They will eventually try to get you in some way or another as they did me! Probably the most honest seller on ebay!!!!!!! I did everything to keep a good selling reputation and now its ruined! THANKS ALOT PAYPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Electronicseller elkhart, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #396495
Dec 01 2008
12:25 PM
Paypal is a compete rip off to buyers Internet paypal
Hello I recently just did a dispute to paypal about a purchase made to a site that ripped me off and gave me useless information and was a complete waste of money. They did not at all help me and they told me to dispute it with the company went through even though i told thm in the report they gave me false email and contact information, I think paypal is worthless and they need to be reported alot for their buyers protection lies. Some 1 went through the same thing and disputed them and got their refund but I wasnt able to do the same thing. They are a hassle and i advise every 1 not to go through paypal. Kyle Trenton, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #369242
Sep 03 2008
06:13 AM
PayPal, PayPal Says Too Bad, So Sad. Internet
I noticed several deductions from my bank account from PayPal. Due to the fact that I had not purchased anything in a while, I went to the PayPal site to investigate. There were three charges for an on line gaming site that I have never played nor heard of until I Googled it. I immediately filed a dispute and received a reply a few days later. To paraphrase, I was informed that upon investigation it was determined that these were indeed my charges and my responsibility. Ummm, what?! I did not authorize such a charge. As a 40 plus year old women, I have the neither time nor inclination to play internet games. To make matters worse, I could not close my account since there were pending charges to be paid to this same site! I had to call my bank and stop any and all payments going out to PayPal. Apparently, the company can just reach into your pockets and take what they want at any time with no proof or authorization. When questioned, they feel they have the right to say sorryyou're liable even if you're not! A $55.00 lesson that I won't be forgetting any time soon. Cbpiz kissimmee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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