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1, Report #916486
Jul 24 2012
06:43 AM
Payza AlertPay Payza payza alertpay AlertPay Internet
Allow me to be respectful, but tell it as it is: NOTICE! The launch of my brand new company, $25 Dollar Miracle - Trading Dollars for Dollars Membership Club ( is being PLACED ON HOLD. Why? Payza, our selected and exclusive payment processing system, who appeared to have made some big changes for the better, is not as they claim. July 02, 2012, someone broke through their (supposed) secure site, broke into my account, locked me out, emptied my account, and Payza has nothing to say and are doing nothing about it; NO REPLY NO EXPLANATION! Avoid PAYZA payment processing system like the plague. My sincerest apologies! I will not put members or people in general, at risk, or jeopardize the trust and accountable leadership and opportunity for ALL PEOPLE, that I am attempting to bring to light, for the sake of a dollar; that would categorize me as just one more money-first, unaccountable, get-rich-quick, online company...for which I could vomit, just the thought of it. People and the world deserve better. If this makes any sense at all, to know I am a person to be trusted and counted on, to deliver a viable, life-changing company, for all people, consider getting a copy of my book $25 Dollar Miracle at publishers author website; (book sales funds, go to charity) -
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #926330
Aug 12 2012
11:41 PM
To whom it may concern I deposited $800.00 NZD into a Payza acount on 27 July 2012.  After a week my Payza account still showed a zero balance.  I sent an email to the customer support team and I got back an automatic generated email with a ticket number attached.  They never got back to me after 3 days. I phoned Canada at a cost as I live in New Zealand and managed to get through after 20 minutes waiting.  The person said i would have to get my bank to do a screen shot of the bank transaction and send it to them.  This I did the following day and after 6 plus more emails and six more tickets I have not heard back from Payza once since the 27 July 2012. I have never had such poor service and can not believe they can treat potential customers this way.  I want my money back and don't want to use Payza again.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #908606
Jul 08 2012
07:40 PM
payza alertpay payza hold my money. No response from them. Internet
I wired $5000.00 from Bank of America to Payza(Alertpay) on 05-03-2012. Allertpay reference number: 57BE5-BA237-FD0A2 After tons of email and phone calls, the money finally show on my payza account on 06-14-2012, 40 Days after my wire transfer. But, Payza put my money on Frozen fund status. I can not use or withdraw my money. I called them more than 30 times, each time i had been hold online by Payza's auto answering machine for more than one hour, then the phone dropped. I submitted several Payza service tickets. No response from Payza till now. My account has no problem. I verified everything Payza requested. Please remove my Frozen fund status ASAP.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #943278
Sep 18 2012
11:19 PM
Payza AlertPay Neglect to Process Refund Internet
I requested a return of the balance in my Payza Account on August 6th, 2012. It is now Sept 19th and not only have they not refunded my money,  they withdrew it and redeposited it and charged me processing fees. I have received nothing but excuses as to why they cannot process my refund which as taken over a month.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #948505
Sep 29 2012
02:44 PM
payza withdrawl thru fraud , Internet
he following person  Marilyn Ayers ( withdrew $250.00 from my bank account without my permission or authorization. Payza is supposedly researching this but it has been two weeks and they will not respond to my inquiries. i do not know this person and did not order anything from her or sell anything to her. i cannot afford to lose $250.00. if I had ordered something and did not get it or something like that I could understand but they allowed this person to steal money from my account. I thought everyone that used payza had to be registered with them and verified with them. I did not give anyone my password or access to my account. My payza email id is out there in order for me to make payments and to recieve payments so my payza email id is not a secret. i do not know how they can allow someone to access my account and wonder how many other people have lost money
Entity: Internet, Internet
6, Report #937057
Sep 05 2012
10:29 AM
Payza holding money hostage Internet
Payza is ripping off US customers. my mother in-law was a Zeek affliate, deposted a large amt into payza and it took weeks for the money she wired in 1 day to show up in her payza account. I work in banking and i know how wires work....the fed wires it and boom there it is the same day! the bank that payza uses to get US funds was holding the funds, she called 3=4 days in a row and finally got someone on the phone. She cancelled the wire from her bank, and they still sent the wire to payza instead of back to the originating bank. I am going to contact the OCC, they should not be allowed to mess with peoples funds like this. It's fraud....apparently just like Zeek.....they must be working together
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #912572
Jul 16 2012
05:04 AM
PAYZA Money Never arrived Internet
Hello. Im wrtting becouse it's been one month now since I've sent 1000$ from my personal bank account to Payza and the money never arrived!! I tried to contact them over the phone no one answer's, I tried to contact them with E-mails, No one answers. they dont have a customer support system to help you. thats why im forced to believe that payza it's a scam. I advise everyone to dont use payza.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #1261612
Oct 15 2015
05:53 PM
payza witholding my funds for a month Internet
 I have been trying for over a month to withdraw my funds to my credit card. Cant do it to bc its always under maintenance, which seems convenient since bank is free and credit card os $5. But it sits there pending for days than decined.. I turned in all information to verify. And the customer service chat is useless.. They are robots..stay away from this company
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1351843
Jan 24 2017
11:58 PM
Payza Cannot withdraw my money New York Internet
I do now officially believe that this company is a scam. I heard about them two years ago, and decided to open an account. I didn't have any money to put in it. Met someone online who knew about it and they transferred some money from their account to mine. Long story short, here I am two years later, I have money in my account, have added information on 3 different banks as per their request, and cannot get my little money I just put in, out. I'm tired of dealing with these onine payment processors. They are all to me nothing but scams. No matter how hard I try, they still want to just hold on to what doesn't rightfully belong to them. Plus, they want you to continuously pay fees every time you do a transaction. I don't know, and I really don't care...I just want my money out of the account so that I can close it. I'm at my wits end here. Any assistance from anyone woud be greatly appreciated.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1375620
May 26 2017
06:44 PM
11, Report #961901
Oct 30 2012
06:44 AM
Payza Never Loaded MY MONEY onto my Pre-Paid card Internet
Do Not Use This Service.  I was an AlertPay customer and then taken over to Payza.  I was fine with AlertPay (never had a problem).  But, Payza will not give me my money.  It's been over a week already to have funds loaded onto my card.  Then so called customer service is saying check back in a week.  They Suck!  Close your accounts now!
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #1045093
Apr 21 2013
05:32 PM
payza cant withdraw my funds 2348 Chemin Lucerne, Quebec
Entity: 2348 Chemin Lucerne, Quebec
13, Report #910461
Jul 11 2012
04:02 PM
Payza Alert Pay Payza is still a scam, a crooked company to avoid. Internet
 I posted the very first Rip-off report on these scammers, its been since May 5, 2012 since I sent my money in to this International bunch of crooks  Go to Facebook and see how they remove the hundreds of posts there and always give the lame excuse that they are too busy....yes too busy stealing people's money world-wide. Avoid this company and tell others. People cannot reach them, their customer service does not exist. Interpol, and others should be alerted, Homeland Security had been advised. When enough people post here, maybe they will stop their Ponzi Scam. Payza you suck! (New term they deserve.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #928298
Aug 16 2012
03:32 PM
Payza Stay away from Payza , - These people will steal your money! Internet
Stay away form Payza ( These people will steal your money. The money was withdrown from my bank account on JULY 17th and it was never appeared on Payza account as of August 16th. They don't respond to support ticket or emails. Please stay away from; don't let them steal your money.
Entity: Internet, Internet
15, Report #1104853
Dec 06 2013
09:18 AM
Payza MH Pillars Inc/LTD Payza holding funds hostage. New York City New York
Today on December 6th, I hace logged in to my Payza account and was welcomed by this message: Due to circumstances beyond our control, Payza’s account platform is no longer accessible to members in the United States. Therefore, you cannot add, send or receive funds to or from your account.  Unfortunately, the third party relationship that enabled U.S. members to access their stored value account services was terminated. It is with great regret that we have had to withdraw from the U.S. market.  All withdrawal requests will remain pending until further notice. We are working diligently on resolving this matter and will update you immediately with any developments. Payza is holding thousands of dollars of my funds hostage and not allowing me to withdraw them.
Entity: New York City, New York
16, Report #972726
Nov 23 2012
06:49 AM
Payza Payza dont want to send me my money. New York, New York
On the 22nd of October i have requested a bank wire from Payza. It did not complete until the 6th of November after sending so many support ticket to find out why its taking too long. On the 6th of November when they completed my transaction i got an email from a Luis from their banking operations telling me that its been complete and that they sent the funds to my bank account and they also provided me with a trace Id. I was asked to wait another 1-3 business days for my funds to appear in my bank so i understood that and wait. 4 -5 days past and nothing. So i contacted my bank to see it they are doing the hold up. I gave my bank the TRACE ID they told me they cannot trace that funds and that only Payza can do that. So i contacted payza again and they keep telling me they will get on it right way and see to it that its being sent. On the 14th of November i received an email from payza informing me that the funds were returned and because bank wire to the USA is unavailable at the moment. That is so can you say the funds have been sent and then return it in a week unless you have not sent it yet. The Luis guy then informed me that the best option for me now is to have it sent as a check. So i did on the 19th of November. Payza states it will be processed within 1-2 business days. Well its the 23rd of November. Still pending. No sign of my money being sent to me. The funny thing is a rep contacted me and informed me that once completed i can have the option to have it expedited to me. Luis also told me this...with a small fee. Wow another fee....bad enough they have taken away over $200 in fee's. They still want more money from me. I have been fighting and struggling to get MY MONEY from payza. I have tried the and still waiting on their response. I have also contacted the local AG's office for help. If anyone knows how else i can do to get my money asap please help. The holidays are here and its been over a month since i have been trying to withdraw my money. This is terrible.
Entity: New York, New York
17, Report #1328471
Sep 16 2016
06:12 AM
Payza/Alertpay Do Not Use Payza for Anything... Do Not Do It Internet
Do Not Use Payza/Alertpay for ANY reason! After I saw what Wells Fargo did, I'm convinced now more than ever to report Payza for their lack of professionalism, knowledge in solving my problem [there was no one at Payza that could fix my problem.] I went through 4 different cust. ser. reps over a span of a month and finally they threatened to cancel my account because I was giving them jazz about being so inept at problem solving. Their payment platform will allow you to send money to an email address. So, I went to withdraw some money, put my PayPal email in, which is my normal email, and got a notice money had been sent to me. OK, it's right there on my screen, how do I convert it to cash now that I have this email? Don't ask Payza, they don't know what to do. But then it boiled down to this. Now, I have to open a business account, of which I didn't have before, in order to get my money back. This is what they came up with after a month of going nowhere with my problem. On top of that, I was critisizing their work and they threw some abuse clause at me threatening to close my account. Nice and easy for them, huh? By the way... they are not located here in the states and probably hate any Americans to begin with. After all the info they needed from me to set up an account and this is how well they perform? Anyone that knows anything about payment buttons has seen Payza buttons. But have you also seen all the sites that are saying Payza is not working at this time? I bet they are setting everyone up for a big rippoff just like Wells Fargo did.  
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1402761
Sep 27 2017
03:26 PM
Payza Alertpay Fraudulent activity not allowing me to withdraw money from my payza account to my bank account London Internet
My complaint with the company is as follows I spent the last two week trying to find a bank statement to maintain the ability to withdraw funds until today when after just calling the company I want to withdraw funds to just to send me a statement via email. It was  approved today when I went to withdraw $12.00 in my account it asked for my social security number which I gave them and when I clicked on the next screen a government photo id and selfie which I gave them. I sent them a response ticket but they didn't respond back My complaint that the internet company is using street sonar watching my footsteps because over meezoid I always get in some type of trouble and keeps on blocking me out.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #916937
Jul 24 2012
07:45 PM
Payza We've been waiting for our check since July 9th with no response to any support tickets , Internet
My husband and I are still waiting to receive a large check that has shown a status of completed since July 19. We have no way to track the funds or estimated time of arrival. Meanwhile, we have two other large checks tied up with Payza that were requested on July 16th and 23rd that still show pending status, despite the fact we received an autoresponder email stating that withdrawals after our initial verification on July 9th would be processed within 1-2 days. Our support tickets go unanswered and their customer service line goes unanswered each day. We are extremely concerned by Payza's lack of accountability, which doesn't bode well for our money. With the high fees they charge, you'd expect superior service. Apparently the fees aren't incentive enough for Payza to deliver our $11,500 as promised. I imagine the interest earned on what seems to be a high volume of delayed payments this month from our organization alone has been quite lucrative.
Entity: Internet, Internet
20, Report #924620
Aug 08 2012
10:52 PM
payza this scam payment processor is trying to cone me out of 350 Internet
I deposited 350 to my AlertPay account 0n 07 May 2012(transaction ref EA-831-8AA09-63DED , note ALPGBX5964X6) and while it was still PENDING I cancelled it the same day.The fund should have been credited back to my bank account immediately or within a reasonable time.  It has over 3 MONTHS !!! since I cancelled the transaction and still showing on my payza accont as CANCELLED but the money is neither in my payza nor in my bank and I am yet to get my money back !!! I have submitted multiple support tickets :   #FPM-659-74606 ; #VBD-918-84101 ; #KDG-734-38418..... without any success. I also attached the screenshot of the fund leaving my account.I have been spendig time&money on the phone trying to get through to their non existent support for 3 months,taking over 1 HOUR each time,without any success. I think I have been SCAMMED by this sham company which is now called PAYZA to scam more people by a disguised new name. I am now absolutely frustrated with chasing them. I would really appreciate it if you could help me get my 350 back as I really need it. Kind regards, (((ROR redacted))) CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #884331
May 17 2012
06:00 PM
Payza Alert Pay I am calling this Company a scam because of no customer service Montreal, Internet
 I am calling this company a scam and a Rip-off because all evidence points to them being a scam. They are similar to having a PayPal account but there isn't a connection. I sent in 2 money orders 3 day priority mail for depositing money (Certified) for 2 different accounts. 1 money was for $55.00USD which they received and receipted; the other Bank Cashier's check for $505.00 UDS sent in the same envelope, they never credited my account. I've e-mailed them 4 times, bo reply, called their Canadian phone number which is a joke, they keep you on hold for 25 to 40 minutes and then simply disconnect the call. The customer service does not exist,  therefore I will call them a scam based on the facts. If and when they clean up their mess, I will certainly reply again.
Entity: Montreal, Internet
22, Report #1321800
Aug 10 2016
01:55 PM
Payza Scammed me of hard earned 38 dollars and havent send prepaid card Nationwide
I withdrew 38$ from my payza account using my credit card. The transaction was completed but the money didnt show up in my bank. After 8-9 month of tickets and talking to customer support, i still havent got my money.I had previously loaded money into payza account and then withdrew that money to  check if it works and it did work. But after I tried to withdraw the money i earned online, it never reached my account. Also, i ordered payza prepaid card. I placed the order, payed the fees, had my order verified, but the card was never shipped. I had to wait 4-8 weeks so i waited and the contacted them but they never gave me a clear answer as to where my prepaid card was. After many tickets and chat, they, out of the blue, said my card was shipped a few weeks back and I will receive it shortly. 8 more weeks passed still it hasnt arrived. Its been 5 months now.   Does any know if and how i cand send them a legal notice? Im from pakistan
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1215933
Mar 15 2015
04:07 PM
payza they call themselves fraud protection but they are the actual frauds Internet
I had recieve money send from services i recieve ... i had my account verified to send money to my bank account.... I sended it and then Payza then declined my account and put a 60 day hold on my account becuase they havent recieve a email from my customer saying that they are satified with services provided from me .. my customer emails them 5 times and they claim they havent recieved it... After they put a hold and i waited out the 60 days .. then 60 days later i transferred my money to my bank account and payza approved it ..and after the transfer pended it completed ... But still the funds wasnt in my bank account ... I knew my bank account is the right bank account because i had to confirm my bank with payza... So the money never hit my bank account and its been 30 days from when it was complete .. payza call themselves fraud protection but they the real frauds i dont understand how my money just disapear when it said my money was transferred to my bank account and put a illegal 60 day hold on my money ... Makes no sense these people need to be put out of business because i dont understand how they get to take advantage of people like this ...
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1371505
May 05 2017
10:28 AM
Good evening PAYZA keeps your funSuds for a week and do not pay   THEY DO NOT PAY MY FUNDS TO MY ACCOUNT   Support threatens me   HOW LONG MUST I WAIR FOR MY OWN MONEY!!!    
Entity: Other
25, Report #1394600
Aug 22 2017
10:45 AM
Payza want me to renew all my information before I can withdraw my funds. London United Kingdom
After using payza for previous withdraws to my bank account.  Payza notifies me that the deposit was returned twice.  Upon looking into it they (payza) want me to delete my bank account and reload it along with a government ID and selfie.  After chatting with thier representive on their chat help line they can not tell me why. So I did delete and readded my bank account.  I was not prompted to reload my ID or a selfie.  Once they approved my bank account again days later I attempted a transfer again.  Got notified it had be kicked back again.  They wanted me to delete and reload my bank account again and send them a bank statement.  After chatting with them again I complied with the request and sent a screen shot of my statement.  Tried again to withdraw funds to my bank account.  Kicked back again.  They want me to delete and reload all that information again plus add a government ID and a selfie.  I up loaded the ID and a selfie.  So now I'm waiting for approval on that.  Payza has deposited into my bank account a couple of times before.  In fact the last deposit was 2 days befoe this request.  It is my opinion that this is some kind of banking fraud delay tactic. 
Entity: Internet

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