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1, Report #1376584
Jun 01 2017
02:14 PM
PDS Mediation Services Melody Moore stated to me that i owed 2000 dollars to a magazine company and has changed payments on me numerous times and stated that if i didnt pay i would be sued. ohio
This company called PDS Mediation Services called, a lady named Melody Moore stated that she was part of a mediation service looking to help resolve debt for a magazine company that i had a subscription for. She stated that I owed $2,000 and that they would resolve it for $656. I agreed to pay so I started to make payments on April 28th, 2017 of $60.52 and she called three days ago stating that I was three months past due and it is now June 1, 2017. She stated that I owe $286.97. The date of the subscription was 2012, I never subscribed to a magazine company until 2014.Amber, Green Cove Springs, Florida
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1286076
Feb 08 2016
02:38 PM
lis evans, pds mediation Editors readers serviceNational readers service called about magazines i tried to cancel n/a Internet
 Called from a bunch of different agencies saying i owed money to some company and that they were goin to take me to court if i didnt pay a small fee. I did it once then they called maybe a month later with the same scam, saying they dont know the other company. When two out of three of the words are the same. Some mediation service called pds the last time but idk who called first.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1371644
May 06 2017
10:35 AM
Debt mediation services Jacksonville Florida
 I haven't paid these folks anything but they have contacted me trying to get me to pay a payday loan. I've never gotten a loan for anything other than a vehicle here and there, so I'm certain it's a scam. I was contacted yesterday by a Samantha Murray telling me they've been contacted by cash now to collect a payday loan from me in a last ditch effort before garnishing my wages. They had a lot of old information on me nothing current so I'm guessing they got it from the military losing its computers with my info on them. I don't intend to pay them anything as I'm sure any reading this can guess, I'm simply writing this so others can be forewarned.
Entity: Jacksonville , Florida
4, Report #1188548
Nov 12 2014
05:44 PM
mediation services group debt collection Nationwide
 Received a call from Matthew Jisniski from mediation services group. Who stated that I had defaulted on a cash store payday loan. He then stated that there were two civil and one criminal case against me and that if i didn't make a payment someone would come out to my house and serve me court papers. I asked for a debt validation letter and they said that they didn't have to give me one
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #78592
Jan 29 2004
07:07 PM
Assured Foreclosure Mediation Services ripoff false claims and services performed Phoenix Arizona
We did everytrhing assured services asked us to do but still the mortgage company still would not work with us or assured services. When it got to be six months into or situation we got the money ourselves to pay the mortgage company, asked assure services for a refund and we were denied. Joe casco, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
6, Report #1317498
Jul 18 2016
10:08 AM
Debt Mediation Services Collected a Non-Existent Payday Loan From Me Jacksonville Florida
The company claimed to be a mediator for an open debt related to a payday loan they said that I had opened back in 2010. I had never opened a payday loan from what I can recall, but had inquired about a payday loan around that time. While I may (although unlikely) have taken out a payday loan and forgotten about it, I am 99.9% sure that I never opened a payday loan (and never have in my life, for that matter).The person I spoke with, Ryan Thompson, said that the company he works for, Debt Mediation Services in Jacksonville, FL, was a last resort for a company trying to pursue action against me for a payday loan I took out but never paid back. He told me I could either accept a settlement of $252 to settle the matter out of court or contest the matter in court to avoid having to pay the full balance in excess of $800. I just wanted to be done with the matter and paid the settlement amount.After the fact, I looked up Debt Mediation Services via Google. They were not affiliated with the Better Business Bureau and had an F rating from numerous complaints. In addition, I looked up my credit report from Free Credit Report's website and saw nothing on there related to a pay day loan. That raised a red flag that I may have just been scammed. I am not positive that I have been, but I have a strong enough feeling to file this report. In addition, I read several complaints about them online of people telling strikingly similar stories.I am filing this report to explore whether or not I possibly was scammed and if so, what action I can pursue. The person I spoke with on the phone left me his name and the phone number to his direct line.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
7, Report #1288388
Feb 18 2016
07:33 AM
Legal Mediation Services Steven Rogers Harrassment/Threatening to throw me in jail? LMAO Wimore Kentucky
This company has been harassing me for weeks. It's pretty amusing at this point. His name is Steven Rogers and he was threatening to throw me in jail if I didnt pay him. He said my old bank from 6 years ago turned my case over to them. Granted this account was closed in good standing. That's another reason this is hilarious. They said my old bank was ready to press charges if the account went back to them. They were giving Legal Mediation Services time to collect the fee. I started questioning this guy. He had my name, social, dob, address, etc. Doesn't scare me.. this guy has no idea who I am and what I'm capable of. I started questioning him, where he was located and he said due to the nature of our business, we cannot disclose that Of course you cannot. You are commiting fraud and if found, you'll be serving quite a few years in prison. So the more I questionnned him and told him what I read on this site, he got butt hurt and slammed the phone down lol. They called me again and again and again and again. They left me a very angry threatening message lol. So I called back. I said why are you calling me so much, what do you want It was a girl this time, very ghetto lol. I said you guys were rude and hung up on me yesterday so what do you want. She's like he was rude or you were rude? I laughed and she started talking so I decided to keep talking. She kept telling me to shut up and then finally shut the F up. I laughed and told her to shut up and I hung up. Apparently they decided to plug my phone number into a database because I started getting all kinds of weird solicitation calls all day yesterday. Doesn't bother me. The block button works wonders lol. My whole thing is this.. how do people sleep at night scamming poor innocent people day after day. There is seriously a special place in Hell for these people. 859-215-0049 is the number they call me from Whatever you do, DON'T let them scare you! NO ONE can arrest you for not paying a bill. Take you to court, yes. It's a bullying scare tactic to get you to pay. Once you give them your information, EVERYTHING you own, will be gone. They are scam artists, identity theives.    I don't knnow if this information is legit anymore, but I found this on another site that someone posted Mediation Group a/k/a Legal Mediation Practices Inc 1919 Blanding Blvd Suite 4 Jacksonville, FL 32210 904-387-3187 - 800-201-0565 - 866-601-0822 - 9044-493-6980 Owner is Donavin Warran aka Bill Roth 1834 Will Dunes Circle Orange Park, FL 32065 Steven C Pair Vice President aka Richard Steele 9323 Bearsford Court Jacksonville, FL 32244 Managers: Terry Gallivan aka Terry Flynn Tim LaFramboise aka Tim Payne    
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1352191
Jan 26 2017
02:44 PM
Mediation Services Caller says Civil Case No. and pay them today or by tomorrow morning - or else
These people are definitely a con - who knows how much money they have stolen from people.....I did not see anything online about them until the past day, which means they have just started it up.   On Thursday, January 26, 2017, this outfit (Mediation Services) called my mother, 2,800 miles across the country (Atlanta area in Georgia).  She is 86 and in failing health.   A woman calling herself Amy  told her to have me call them at 855-318-5325 about Civil Procedure Case No 2017-XXXXX, they needed to be paid today by 5:30 pm   or 10:30 am tomorrow.  My mother called me, and I immediately suspected fraud / con. I called them.  Sure enough, it turned out to be.  The lady sounded like she had a bit of an accent, sounded like she might be black by the pronunciation of certain words, with a lilt that indicated high-brow England English might be involved, called herself Laurie, and I said, You all called my 86-year old mother across the country and asked me to call.   She stumbled a bit, as I was hearing a lot of voices of other women in the background - and I mean a lot of them, quite noisy - a boiler room.  I then said, It sounds like this is a boiler room.  She said, We don't take kindly to slander. ijn that accent/lilt to her voice, and hung up.  I called back.  Message came on to leave my name and phone number.  I hung up.  I called back, left no name and phone number, and said, I have contacted the FBI.  I really have.   Here's why:  They are doing this across state lines, and are probably out of the country.   What is worse, is there is no link between my mother and myself other than one bank transaction several years ago, nothing in her records, nothing in mine, nothing online linking us.  My mother never kept my Dad's name....at least not since the late 70's, long before computers and online stuff came to be.  She is not even linked to me on the listing of family members on any people search engines.  Which can mean only one thing:  they have hacked my mother's national bank accounts to get this kind of information, or my bank, a differing one, also national  Just great.   I suspect it is another Nigerian scam, from the sound of this woman's voice.  I am contacting three of my siblings who live in the US, and letting them know to check my mother's bank accounts.  I keep nothing in mine, but she does in hers.   It appears from other reports this scam just got set up and started yesterday.  Be careful and do not give them any money!
Entity: Internet
9, Report #339679
Jun 12 2008
12:33 PM
Lewis MediationLewis Foreclosure Mediation Services LLC Services Mortgage foreclosure scam lewis mediation services Phoenix Arizona
In a moment of frustration in dealing with the mortgage company trying to rectify an impending foreclosure of my former residence currently occupied by my ex wife I filled out a contact form on this company's website. I received a call from Tim Meester who was very reassuring and put me at ease being the first person who seemed to actually care about my issues and want to help. Well I should have known better, I was foolish enough to let him auto draft 595 out of my checking account as a retainer for them to assist me in settling the foreclosure. This is in the top 5 of the dumbest things I have ever done. I see Tim has a big beautiful house with a pool somewhere in Phoenix so we can't be the only people he has helped. I am going to file a complaint with our Attorney General and report him Bank of America internet fraud as if that will help. The only other thing I can say is I work online all day to post the name Lewis mediation and SCAM !!! All over the internet. Maybe a google bomb is the way to go. Roark Kennebunk, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
10, Report #1428896
Feb 12 2018
07:31 PM
MEDIATION PROCESSING SERVICES JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA Constant call mediation processing Jacksonville Florida
I was called today 2/12/2018 while at work about a payday loan that they said I owe from 2014 which I don't have any loans from that period of time. The man named Bobby stated my last digits of social, workplace and told me they know the Ip address from which the loan was taking on a computer. I went on to ask how can I have a loan from so many years ago. He got kind of snappy when I stated I would not give out card information to any business I wasn't aware of. He then stated he could only give information that is sent to them and told me he would send my response and have a good night. He then had a woman call and she said I was being sued for 1,228 legal fees 650 and 1304 court cost. I told them I would be in touch with a consumer rights lawyer for this matter and she said good luck!! Bunch of crap!!
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
11, Report #1275552
Jul 21 2016
08:24 AM
CRS Mediation Firm Michael Lowery, and 2 both name Chris Johnson Law Firm, Mediation Firm; CRS Nationwide
I have received three phone calls today from the same company. Telling me that I owe a third party company who supposely sent me a letter in the mail that I never received back in 2009 for a bank account that I close out in 2005. Once I told Chris that it must be some kind of mistake he proceeded to ask me for my HR number to file for wage Garnishment. I ask for a address so that I cold verify which I didn't get. They have since called back several times asking for different informaiton. My place of employment is on a military installation and I have stated this numerous time and still they call my coworkers and I are getting pretty aggaited with these people. There number is 205-582-0101
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #254043
Jul 27 2007
11:03 AM
Assured Foreclosure Mediation Services. Lewis Foreclosure Mediation Services, Internet Media Solution Foreclosure mediation services scam -take your money and run Phoenix Arizona
In Sept.03 -my home was about to be foreclosed on. I was desperate to save it. I finally with a sinking feeling, contacted this company for help. They were very sympathetic and Assured me that they would save my home and for me not to worry anymore. To make this a shorter version , I preceded to send them $ 995.00. They Assured me over and over that they would be contacting my mortgage co. and start meditation procedure. I checked with my company after a month and 2 months had past-no call was ever received from this Assured Foreclosure Service. I then faxed them a letter, to get info on how to request my money back. They told me how, I did what was asked and I received a little -very un-professional slip of paper stating that I had not allowed them proper time to do their job. And no monies would be refunded to me. So I gathered the money myself, paid the mortgage and saved my home -no thanks to these people. I let it be, until one day I came accross this rip off report site and seen that others had been scammed also, and decided to join the fight. I now intend to contact the attn. general's office as I read another had done and got her money back. Sincerly,ripped & jipped in NC Katrinka mount airy, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
13, Report #1205447
Jan 29 2015
10:56 PM
Pacific Dental Services Smile Generation, PDS, MySmile Working for this dental company is painful Las Vegas Nevada
PDS, Pacific Dental Services, My Smile you name it they go by many names for a reason.  I worked for this company 8 months and was recently fired for poor production on a failing office.  I had no dental background at all and promised all this wonderful training which I never got.  Now dont get me wrong there are some nice people that work for the company but so many shady people that bring a dark cloud on this company.I now know why they had so many patient complaints and employee complaints.  I should have taken all the red flags I found and not taken the offer.  I was told all the negative reviews have been resloved that they are properly training people now and want people who DO NOT have dental backgrounds so they can train them in the company cultre.  Yes its like being in a CULT that is for sure, they want you to push getting the almighty dollar no matter what.I was fired even though my Regional Manager did nothing to help guide me or help me even though she knew how much I was struggling and admited she ignored our office.  She screwed up in Nov by allowing one of the new Doctors to take time off even though I had the situation under control.  She forgot the other Doctor was on vacation and let the other Docotor have 3 days off from the office so we lost production and employees lost hours but I was blamed.  Shady workings going on in this place.  My RM best friend is the Specialty RM for the company who yanked a another production day from us and lied to our entire office saying the Dr was on vacation.  LIES LIES LIES and nothing but cover ups.  Come to find out via an email blast fron another office this Dr was scheduled at their office who needed patients when we had a solid full day booked.  I was set up to faill, no training, placed into a failing office, given employees who are related to the RM and not performing their duties but verbally told not to write them up, written up for a failing Nov that was caused by the person doing the write up.  List goes on and on.  If your seeking a job stay far away from them.  Im not irate at all I am totally disappointed on how this company operates and allows these bad apples within the company to keep their jobs and lose good canidates because of it.  Paitent complaints a so long, I do not think there was one day I wasnt dealing with an angry patient and funny thing is it wasnt even anything I did, it was from others prior to me that would never resolve the issue.I hope they open their eyes and get the bad apples out of the basket before it destroys what others who are honset and try hard to do what is right either leave or report them for improper procedurces.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
14, Report #820695
Jan 10 2012
02:44 PM
Consumer Mediation Services CMS CMS/Integrity Debt Relief Group Running Scam On People Trying to Erase Credit Card and Other Debt Carlsbad, California
I ran up some credit card debt because I went to the X-Cell Center in Germany to do stem cell treatment. I  have my complaint about the stem cell treatment in another lisitng. I was looking for a way to resolve my credit issues without going deeper into debt. I searched the internet and I found an ad on Craigslist that said I could legally erase credit card debt without filing bankruptcy. I was convinced it was a legit service when I spoke to Eileen Cook on the phone. She convinced me to sign up with her to begin the program. She then referred me over to CMS and Eileen Cook is at: Integrity Debt Relief Group 381 Santa Rosa Blvd., #C601 Fort Walton Beach Florida 32548 I thought the program was legit where I just send my mail that I receive from creditors and forward them to CMS. They rewrite the contract of my credit terms when they send a check to my creditors and the trick is to zero out the debt. The credit card company cashes the checks and the terms are rewritten and as the months go by, the credit card company owes me money rather then me owing them. The program sounds perfect until you find out years later that collectors are still trying to collect on the debt. Mrs. Cook said this was suppose to fix and clean my credit but it did nothng of the sort. She asked that I pay her $2,900 which and my credit was never fixed which meant they took my money and ran.  I am considering legal action against CMS and Eileen Cook but I want to make others aware of this scam and don't give these crook any of your money. THEY ARE A SCAM!!!!
Entity: Carlsbad, California
15, Report #1188842
Nov 14 2014
09:56 AM
Mediation Services Group John PalermoEric Rivers Pay Day Loan Scam Westgate New York New York
Received a call from Eriic Rivers process server/private investigator who was seeking to serve court papers, directed me to Mediation Services Group 888-242-8686 for info on the claim...John Palermo took call IDs himself as attorney representing WESTGATE Pay Day loans and that I have a 2011 unpaid debt that was originally $300, now $3000 and if I pay $1300.00 today over the phone I can settle the account. Asked fo the loan document,claims the process server has the paperwork and will deliver if I pay...Asked for more proof they emailed a letter wilth fancy letterhead, claim #s,judgement amount, settlement amount ext...Apparently they are working off an old application for credit, they had some detailed info on me and names or relatives...email came from legal@mmprocessing.com....Have given everything to local police.
Entity: New York, New York
16, Report #1336110
Nov 01 2016
05:22 PM
Debt Mediation Services Sandy Haake Scam and identity theft/ credit card fraud Jacksonville Florida
These people are operating out of a shack in Florida.  They called my boyfriend pretending that they were debt services and that they were going to show up at his work to arrest or serve him with court papers for his unpaid loan of $8,000 that was supposedly from 7 years ago that he NEVER made.  They then used the usual scare tacticts had all of his information including his SSN and said that he could settle this with a payment of $50.00 every other week but that they needed a payment of atleast one dollar tonight to stop the police from showing up at his work the following day. I called them and told them that I was contacting the police and the State Department of Financial Insitutions on them and they proceeded to hang up on me and block my phone number.  I then did a reverse phone number lookup through white pages of their number and it came up as scam but provided me with an adress which I proceeded to lookup on google street view and saw the shack of a house they are operating out of.  Olivia NPrinceton, New Jersey
Entity: Jacksonville , Florida
17, Report #1208060
Feb 10 2015
11:26 AM
18, Report #1413737
Nov 27 2017
05:23 PM
Mediation Processing Services Jacksonville, FL Florida Debt of $994.63 Jacksonville Florida
I have not ever gotten a cash advance in my life because my parents taught me about them early on. The lady was very rude and threatened to take me to court if I did not cancel my debt with them by paying it. I'm not paying what I know I do not owe. She verified the last 4 digits of my social which I believe its easy to get the last four digits of anyones social because of the crazy world we live in. She also verified my cell number which is also easy to look up via I own my own business. They have been calling me nonstop all year and today was the first day that I actually answered. I will be filing a report with the FBI. 
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
19, Report #595867
Apr 23 2010
12:31 PM
Brad Daley Court Mediation Services They Rip me off for over $2800 Columbus Georgia
I paid Brad Daley over $2800 from my credit card for fixing my credit or eliminate my debts. when I started with him my credit scores were 790, 800, 756 from the three credit bureaus nothing was done by  him to help me, now my scores are in the 400's and I can't get a hold of him to get my money back. when i send email, i get no answer  where can i report this so i can get my money back?
Entity: Columbus, Georgia
20, Report #657568
Nov 02 2010
07:49 AM
lewis foreclosure mediation services they charged me 595 for foreclosure help. they did nothing to help us. phoenix, Arizona
I was on the web looking for ways to help me keep my home. I ran across Lewis mediators. So I did the free consultation. Sherry told me that I would be charged after the work was completed, but it wasnt. My account was immediately charged for 595. they did nothing to help me. I sent everything they required. They still did nothing. I call them a few days later and asked for a refund. I was told by sherry bodien that the company don't issue refunds but the website says that they do! So I filed a complaint with the bbb. These people are a bunch of lying ass criminals. On the response they sent back to the bbb I was told that I am eligible for a refund but its been a month and I haven't received it yet. they also gave me a fake number and email address for the owner which is Tim Meester. Now the company wont answer any of my calls. Can someone help me fight these crooks back!
Entity: phoenix, Arizona
21, Report #850780
Mar 08 2012
03:07 PM
Mediation Services of America Using unfair and deceptive practices to scam homeowners Miami Lakes, Florida
Mediation Services of America has recently gone out of business without providing services which they promised their clients.  This company has collected upfront fees from homeowners in exchange for services which were never rendered.  This is illegal pursuant to a Florida law passed in 2008: Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Prevention Act.  Furthermore, this company is not licensed by Florida Office of Financial Regulation, as required by law. If you think you have been scammed by Mediation Services of America, or if you believe this company has violated federal law, YOU MUST ACT IMMEDIATELY!!! No one can help you if you do not notify authorities about it: 1) Report it to the Loan Modification Scam Prevention Network now! Call 1-888-995-HOPE http://www.preventloanscams.org/report_a_scam 2) Contact Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi.  She currently has over 50 active investigations and has filed numerous lawsuits against these types of businesses:  www.myfloridalegal.com/contact  Mortgage Fraud Hotline: 1-866-9-NO-SCAM or 1-866-966-7226  
Entity: Miami Lakes, Florida
22, Report #952867
Oct 09 2012
12:39 PM
Mediation Services of America they charge me $2500.00 in advance to to a modification and they never did anything. Miami , Florida
On August 2011 I paid Mediation Sercices of America $2500.00 for a Loan Modification, Every month they requested all kinds of documents and in February 2012 they closed the doors and they never did anything, here I am October 2012 I am still in foreclosure with the bank. I don't have any money to pay another company to help me with this situation.  These people are Ripoffs
Entity: Miami, Florida
23, Report #846624
Feb 29 2012
02:36 PM
Mediation Services of America This company just disapear take our money and not results Miami Lakes, Florida
Back on 1/26/2011 we sing a contract with MSA and spoke with a lady who start working on our file then after several calls they transfer my file to another person in total in a year were more than 5 persons who I have to deal with, we paid $2395.00 always was an history but never something clear.Finally las Friday Feb 24 i called and phones were desconected, uhm they desapear justa a sign at the door and now start dealing directly with a bank. I hope the owners Niurka Rodriguez, Jacinto Puentes and his wife paid back all the millions of dollars they took from a thousand clients probably they are in some island relaxing and laghing but one day the justice come get them.
Entity: Miami Lakes, Florida
24, Report #1039931
Apr 02 2013
07:48 AM
Mediation Services of America Stoled $1500.00 to modify my loan and when out of business February 2012 miami lakes, Florida
I began my home modification with Mediation Services of America in April 2011.  We paid $1500.00 so that the company would help us modify my loan.  First of all my account went to several loan officers through the time we began.  They never told us about the different programs that Obama had released.  They told us we had to make late payments and/or not pay in order to get the modificiation.  I kept in close contact with my representative via emails, faxes and telephone calls.  And in the beginning of February 2012 I suspected something was wrong when my representative did not respond to my emails and phone calls.  I decided to go in person to the office when I saw the sign that the Company was closed.  I have yet to recover my money.  There is a law firm who took over the cases for free Tauler Law Firm in Doral Fl.  I went there but I was not convinced since it was mainly the same employees that worked at mediation services of america. 
Entity: miami lakes, Florida
25, Report #1422472
Jan 11 2018
04:45 PM
Mediation Processing Services Jacksonville Florida Ms. Jackson and Ms. Williams Attempted to collect for a payday loan Jacksonville Florida
I was contacted 1/09/2018 via voicemail that I needed to call Mediation Processing Services at 1-904-550-1333 to verify my address for a parcel that needed to be delivered. I contacted this number back and they asked for me by my previous married name. The woman who called herself my Case Worker would only identify herself as Ms. Jackson. She stated that I owed Cash Advance over $1000 for a payday loan that I had taken out many years ago. She threatened to take me to court and to come after my belongings if I did not make a payment immediatley. I informed her that I did not owe any amount to Cash Advance and she continued to harrass me demanding a payment. She offered to settle for $300 if I gave her my credit card information today. She stated that this company has sent me multiple certified letters without any response.  She gave me an email address to contact to have an e-signed document sent to me to allow payment arrangements. This email address was to another woman that calls her self Ms. Williams. This email address is twilliams@mediationprocessing.net, if anyone needs this for future reference. I have never recieved any letters and I have never recieved any calls. I asked her to send my balance along with any dates and other information that would clarify what I owe and to who via mail, she told me that this was no longer an option since I have not contacted them before now. She refused to send me any type of documentation. While I was on this phone call I researched their telephone number and was immediatley taken to a scam website with multiple complaints similar to mine. I informed her I would not be making any payments and for her to remove me from the call list, or to send me the documentation as I requested. She continued to harrass me and threaten me along with raising her voice at me. She said I will be sent to the Judge for further action. I ended the call and blocked her number.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida

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