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1, Report #1375670
May 27 2017
09:10 AM
pendrick capital partners II llc they sold my information to Phoenix finacial services llc nationwide
 I was contacted by Pendrick months ago about a book club that I had cancelled . They kept harrassing me. The next thing I know Phoenix is contacting me and sending me bills . I do not understand what is going on but I am sick and tired of this harrasement . I do not feel as though I owe anyone 577.00. But I do want this off my credit report and I do want them to leave me alone . My husband is very ill and has been for over a year and I do not need this kind of rip off pressure.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1349242
Jan 11 2017
05:25 PM
PENDRICK CP II PHOENIX FINANCIAL SERVICES Pendrick Capital Partners II LLC Sold incorrect information on a debt, my name, credit card number and social security number to a debt collection agency INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
Rep contacted me regarding a past due bill for a hospital visit.  Had me cell phone number, last four of my s.s. #.  Wanted to settle debt for 1/2 the amount if I payed immediatly.  Said I would have to look into this, as my wife works in admin at the same health care facility.  Called them back and the rep. Jeff was rude and hung up on me when I said I wanted to  dispute the charges.  He hung up on me so I called back 4 times and they said he was gone for the day.  This has scam written all over it. 
Entity: INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana
3, Report #1208336
Feb 11 2015
11:07 AM
PENDRICK CAPITAL PARTNERS, LLC. False information, liars P.O. Box 26580 Nationwide
PENDRICK CAPITAL PARTNERS, LLC. has sent me a letter in the mail claiming it is my Second notice i never recieved a first notice. They want $35.31 from me. Yet it says no where on the bill what for? I called and first off it was very sketchy because they answer the phone hello..? like what company does that? They say I was in Brookhaven hospital and I have an outstanding debt of this amount. First off all i have only been to that hospital once and i was there for an auto accident almost 5 years ago. i said shouldnt the person who hit me be paying this bill? he says it wasnt for an auto accident it was for a dental issue?? WHAT?! I have never gone to the hospital for a dental issue? And if i were to go to the hospital for that why would i go at 3am to a hospital that is over a half hour away from my home? theres a hospital up the block from my home!! I told the guy I was not paying it and he got very nasty and said okay bye.   DONT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR INFORMATION OR MONEY, ITS A SCAM!!!
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1392102
Aug 11 2017
02:32 PM
Pendrick Capital Partners LLC Pitbull NIghtmare Key West Florida
I have been harassed by this in one way shape or form for the last two years. It began around the middle to end of 2015. It started with one company and then to another in an attempt to collect what they claim is a delinqent bill in the amount of $324.  I called the number on a letter I received and ws told it originated with another company and was given the number. When I called the number that I was given the representative told me that I was not found in their system and to call the previous company. So I called the other company again informing them that I called the number they gave me and was told I was not in the system. Then magically the representative told me that she was not supposed to say this but the bill was from an ER visit to a hospital in Savannah, GA. I have never been to Savannah, GA much less lived there.  She gave me a Georgia address and asked me if that was mine. It was not. I went to the three credit bureaus and submitted a fraud report. The offending spot was removed for all of six months. There was peace. Now here it is again August 2017 I receive a letter in the mail about this same bill. When I called the number on the letter the man on the other end told me that this was a doctor bill and that the call would be recorded. He said that my insurance, Super Medical something paid their part and that $324 was my responsibility. I told this person that I never had that kind of insurance if in fact it was a legitimate company. He stuck out it was mine. My response was I will not pay it and he threatened to put it on my credit.  I then called the hospital who told me I have a 0 (zero) balance for them and that they have had several persons to call them with this same problem which precipitated in them researching this matter online. They found nothing on legitimate on this company and she agreed with me that it is a SCAM.  I am tired of going through this with these crooks. Can't something be done about them? Don't folk have anything better to do than to try to scam people out of their money?  They sell false information to other companies thinking everyone will be scared of their strong arm tactics in collecting a fake debt. 
Entity: Key WEst, Florida
5, Report #1390412
Aug 04 2017
11:51 AM
Pendrick Captial Partners II LLC Fraud, Liars Key West Florida
I recieved a bill for $1,188 dollars from a collection agency called Transworld Systems Inc. They said that the creditor is Pendrick Capital Partners II LLC. I called the hospital the bill states that I recieved the care and was told that my insurance covered it. The bill states that my insurance was terminated and that it was sent to collections because they couldn't get ahold of the payor. I called Transworld Systems and talked with a manager and told her of this and they still insist that I owe that money. I asked for the phone number for Pendrick Capital and she said that I would have to find that on my own. I did find that on my own and called and the guy that answered said hello and I told him my name and what the call was about. He said I would have to call customer service and gave me the number. I called them and no answer at all. I am really upset because they have my insurance information and my social security number but will not take care of said debt that was already paid for by my insurance company.
Entity: Key West, Florida
6, Report #1369962
Apr 27 2017
10:00 AM
Pendrick Capital Partners II LLC Reported a debt to Phoenix Financial for $511.50. It is also on my credit report stating its from a hospital I have never been to. Sent a letter today to offer a discount settlement of $332.48. This is not my debt. I need it fixed so it can get off my credit report. Indianapolis Indiana
 About two months ago, I noticed an unusual charge on my credit report for $511.50. It stated it was from Phoenix Financial. When I clicked on it, it said the original creditor was Alle Kiski. I believe that is a hospital in Pennsylvania that I have never been to. I lived in Pittsburgh, PA up until June 2016 when I moved to SC. Today, I get a letter from Phoenix Financial offering a discounted sertlement for $332.48. In this letter, it states the original creditor as Pendrick Capital Partners. This is not my debt & I need to find out how to remove it from my report & from their records so they can stop harassing me about it.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
7, Report #1393597
Aug 17 2017
06:58 PM
Pendrick capital partners Fraudulent collection notice Nationwide
We received a collection notice today from Phoenix Financial Services saying they were operating on behalf of Pendrick Capital Partners.  The bill was for $1520 and said it was a second notice.  I have no idea what this is about and did not receive a first notice.  I never received any invoices from Pendrick Capital Partners either.  This looks like a complete fraud, either from Pendrick or Phoenix, which is located in Indianapolis.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1223670
Apr 21 2015
01:59 PM
Pendrick Capital Partners II LLC Sold incorrect information on a debt, my name, credit card number and social security number to a debt collection agency Burke Virginia
I discovered an unpaid bill for $65 in collection in my credit report at  I contested the charge with Experian, because I have had no unpaid bills to my knowledge in the last 20 years.  I contacted the debt collection agency, Phoenix Financial Services, in Indianapolis, IN by phone today.   The representative at Phoenix said I owed $65 for an emergency room visit 11/28/2013.  I recognized the event and thought I had simply not been billed correctly by my insurance company for my copay (which was, at the time, $65).  I authorized the payment of the $65 via credit card and asked for a copy of the original charge. When I received the original charge from Phoenix Financial Services, I found that Phoenix had obtained my information from Pendrick Capital Partners II LLC, including my name, credit card number and social security number.   I then checked my records for the 11/28/2013 emergency room visit and found that I had paid the $65 at the time of service.  The charge on my credit report was false! The credit card used for this payment recently has been used fraudulently by someone in New York City; I have cancelled it. I will contest the $65 credit card charge as soon as it posts to my account. It appears that Pendrick Capital Partners II LLC not only sold my personal information and a false debt to Phoenix Financial Services but also sold my name and credit card number to someone who started using it fraudulently.
Entity: Burke, Virginia
9, Report #1261954
Oct 17 2015
03:14 PM
pendrick capital partners 2  St Charles Missouri
 received a letter saying I owe 148.05 with no explanation given. I tried calling the office and they put me to a recording. no given details Saying you will get a great a great savings to the amount you owe .Trying to collect credit card information
Entity: St Charles , Missouri
10, Report #1404071
Oct 04 2017
08:48 AM
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1273816
Dec 12 2015
01:17 PM
Dynamic Recovery Solutions Pendrick Capital Partners, LLC False debt Greenville North Carolina
 Received a bill from them trying to collect a debt. Hospital is in Florida and says service was Dec. 3, 2015. I live in ohio and the last time I was in florida to visit family was the first of's literally impossible for me to be in ohio and and florida on the same day!! They say I owe $835.00, I tried to call them and all I ever get is an answering machine.
Entity: Greenville, North Carolina
12, Report #1356085
Feb 14 2017
05:44 PM
Phoenix Financial Services LLC Pendrick Capital Partners ll LLC reported to Phoenix Financial Services LLC False Referred debt Indianapolis Indiana
 I received a so called second notice of a debt that Phoenix Financial Services ll LLC had been contacted by Pendrick Capital Partners ll LLC. They said they're willing to offer a discounted settlement of $17.65 as settlement in full. Creditor is Pendrick Capital Partners ll LLC Account # xx3174 Account Balance Due $25.21 I don't owe this money and refuse to pay for it. I want this to be taken care of ASAP!!
Entity: Indianapolis , Indiana
13, Report #1293098
Mar 11 2016
02:27 PM
Nationwide credit corporation NCC I have received a bill for $354 for an acct with Pendrick Capital Partners LLC. I have never heard of pendrick before and there's no mention of what the bill is for or any way, other than NCC's phone #, to contact pendrick to find out what this is for. I believe it to be a fraudelant charge Alexandria Virginia
 I received a bill in the mail from the collection agency Nationwide Credit Corporation in the amount of $354 for an acct with Pendrick Capital Partners LLC who i have never heard of before. There's no mention, as usual, as to what this bill is in regards to. After reading the stories of Pendrick selling false information to credit companies, i believe this to be a fraudelant charge and am disputing it.
Entity: Alexandria, Virginia
14, Report #866199
Apr 09 2012
09:38 PM
Pendrick Capitol Partners Deca Financial Services, Inc Fraudulent claims of debt Linden, Michigan
Contacted me claiming I owe them money with no explanation of how, when, or why such a debt was ever manufactured. I haver had no transactions with this company nor do I have outstanding debt.
Entity: Linden, Michigan
15, Report #1183942
Oct 20 2014
01:58 PM
Commonwealth Financial Systems Inc Pendrick Capital Partners Scam request for payment of medical bill Charlotte Nationwide
Scam letter. called provider listed on letter as bad debt with.provider verified NEVER a bad debt on account. called number on letter.  asked for my social security.  refused to give that to her, (Sarah) and she got NASTY then.  I went round and round with her about the info being a scam, and she said, well THAT MAY BE, but until you give me your information to verify your identity, I cannot take care of this.WOW, talk about admitting a scam is in place, and in order to clear they want private information!!! DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFO!!
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #276379
Sep 28 2007
12:38 PM
Capital Werks LLC, Preferred Lease, Foundation Capital Partners Leasing Companies Sued Santa AnaSanta Ana California
State of Rhode Island Notice of Suit Robert G. Blanchard North Smithfield, Rhode Island v. Capital Werks LLC Foundation Capital Partners Preferred Lease 5 Hutton Centre Drive/Suite 1200 Santa Ana, California Docket 07-7465 6th Division Court Providence, Rhode Island Filed on August 24, 2007 PLAINTIFF Robert G Blanchard, acting as a personal guarantor and President/Owner of the The Providence Telephone Company, a RI Corporation, entered into a lease agreement on 10/17/2005 with DEFENDANT, Preferred Lease, aka Foundation Capital Partners aka Capital Werks LLC, a California entity in the amount of $77,000. Through its agents, officers and others the DEFENDANT lead the PLAINTIFF to believe that if funding could not be obtained, a full refund of PLAINTIFFS $7,500 lease deposit would be made. DEFENDANT did not arrange financing and has refused to fully refund PLAINTIFFS deposit despite numerous demands for payment. PLAINTIFF believes DEFENDANT which has failed to register to conduct business in RI, violated the R.I. and Federal Deceptive Trades Practices Act and the Federal Truth in Lending Law. The California BBB gives the DEFENDANT an UNSATISFACTORY BUSINESS RATING and DEFENDANT has been the subject of at least 60-lawsuits or complaints. Plaintiff seeks $2,500 plus cost of suit for a total of $2,535.62 ______________________________________ (This information was not included in the lawsuit, but is provided for informational purposes only. Names of People Publicly Associated With Capital Werks, or Preferred Lease, or Foundation Capital Partners Ryan McQuitty Shane Jangi Arik Ziya Ziya Arik Jim Reader James Reader Robert North Smithfield, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Santa Ana, California
17, Report #689028
Jan 31 2011
12:01 PM
NCO Financial Systems, Inc. Pendrick Capital Partners trying to say I owe 159.00 with no type of description in which I neverheard of them. Plus harrassing phone calls. Horsham, Pennsylvania
To whom it may concern: I have been receiving harrassing phone calls from NCO Financial for several months and have told them I do not know what this bill is for as there is no explanation just to say that I owe $159.00. I do not know what this is for or how they received my number and/or address. This also shows an address of: P.O. Box 15630 Dept. 02Wilmington, DE 19850. So I am also puzzled as to where they are located. This is the second time I had received a fraudulent notice from a financial institute.  
Entity: Horsham, Pennsylvania
18, Report #1429123
Feb 13 2018
07:49 PM
Phoenix Financial Services Kevin Chen PHX Financial Inc Indiana Resolution Group Phoenix Consumer Services East Fork Emergency physicians Cascade Capital llc Pendrick capital partners llc This company plays musical medical bills with fictitious erroneous medical bills with no records of treatment insurance billing even accurate dates or possible names of drs seen not even an accurate residential address only my pertinant personal information & negative billing of which they keep changing names on & submitting to all 3 credit Bureau's they remove but leave negative remarks where do they get such legal power to destroy my credit so callously this is legal theift and detriment of character among other things Indianapolis Indiana
I began receiving fake bills from Phoenix Financial services after an eye injury which as paid in full after I submitted receipts of payment they changed the name of the billing agent & provider where again I had paid the medical bills already they then just kept changing names of provider's till they came up with a place I've never been to that's been closed for some time additional they couldn't even provide an accurate date Dr reason for treatment insurance claim nothing only bills in dollar amounts that never change only the agency names have even worse the address on file I've never lived at yet the have it placed on my credit reports I've disputed these charges with the credit bureau's yet they keep coming back looking as if I owe multiple times the amounts of each bill though stricken under a different name they still sjow negative remarks this is so corrupt and detrimental to my credit they should be held to the fullest legal accountability for damages
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
19, Report #1003776
Jan 26 2013
09:19 AM
Pendrick Capitol Partners Contacted me stating owed them monies, have no idea who this Company is, have never dealt with anyone from this company, they gave no explanation as why monies owned. Linden, Michigan
Received notice from this Company stating owed them monies. They did not give any explanation as to why, or who monies is owed to. I nor any of my family has ever heard of this company, nor dealt with such company. Letter was very threatening
Entity: Linden, Michigan
20, Report #1183445
Oct 17 2014
11:38 AM
Pendrick Capital Partners Selling false information to 3rd party companies Virginia
 I received a call from Dynamic Recovery Solutions saying that I owe Sprint and some childrens hospital in Madera, Ca. I advised them this is the 2nd time they have contacted me regarding this bogus Sprint account and the 1st time I heard about a childrens hospital. They said that the Sprint account was from 2004 and that it was opened with a Las Vegas address. I laughed and said I have never NEVER had an account with Sprint, I verified that with Sprint the last time when you called in September and that address in Las Vegas I moved to that address in 2009. Why would I open an account with an address I never knew existed. I asked them where they are getting this information and after telling them that I will get legal advice, the rep from Dynamic Recovery Solutions said they bought the accounts from Pendrick Capital Partners. I asked for a date of service for the childrens hospital bill and I was told they do not have one.... INTERESTING!!! I googled Pendrick Capital Partners and got their website and 866 #. No address listed, 1st red flag. I called and spoke to Shelly. I asked her if they were a collection agency and if not what they had to do with a collection agency. Shelly stated they buy old accounts from agencies and farm out the old accounts to other agencies. I said do you valadate the information you are selling or farming out? She said no, and I would need to call the 3rd party agencies if I have any concerns. I advised Shelly that I had already spoken to the 3rd party agency and was advised to contact your company since you are the one selling or giving out false information. I advised I wanted to know where THEY got my information and Shelly said she did not have to give that to me. I said, if you are passing around my name, SSN, address, etc I have every right to know where you are getting it. At that point Shelly got real deffensive and rude. I asked if she had a supervisor or manager that I could speak to and she said n, she will have a supervisor with the collection agency contact me. I said NO!! I would like to speak to someone in your company about selling my information. I asked if there was an address or fax number I can send a letter to, she said no. I asked what are you trying to hide then? I have filed a complaint against both companies with the FTC and BBB. I will also seek legal advice. Beware of these so called companies that buy and sell your personal information. A lot of it may be incorrect!!  
Entity: Virginia
21, Report #142318
May 11 2005
07:50 AM
Brooksmith Partners II ripoff Calabassas California
In Feb. of 2001 I invested in Brooksmith Partners II. Money was to be invested in oil and gas leases in central Texas, near Brownwood. I have received no letters from the company in over a year and the phone numbers have been disconnected. The main person is Gregory C. Perry. I never received any return on the investment. It seems it was a scam. I would like justice to be done and get my money back. Would like for this person to be stopped from more scams. Presley Mu;eshoe, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Calabassas, California
22, Report #669109
Dec 12 2010
11:00 AM
Andorra Capital Partners, LLC Doug Goldstein Represented that they sold established shelf corporations, very attentive until they received the deposit then disappeared... Glendale, Arizona
This company represented that it sold reputable established shelf corporations that were credit worthy and/or had established credit.  Payment of $4,200.00 to purchase an established Utah C-Corporation with an existing credit line was wired from California to Arizona after due diligence to check out Andorra Capital Partners, LLC and Doug Goldstein. Searching showed no negative responses, so a wire was made to a Bank of America account in Arizona, constituting a transaction across state lines.  Once payment receipt was confirmed by Doug Goldstein, I was told that they were working on completing the transaction.  After that first call, no other calls were either answered, or returned, and they quit responding to emails.  After a couple of months of effort in trying to reach Andorra and Goldstein, I sent an email to the Phoenix FBI inquiring about the company.  They have yet to respond. Additionally, shortly after this transaction was made I received an mysterious email from a John Jones indicating that this firm was possibly the same company that had ripped him off using a different company and personal name... First Tranche Financial Group and the name Brandon Keith Watson.  Representations in that email indicate that these people go around scamming legitimate people using various alias so as not to attract attention and once discovered, simply change names and do it all again...
Entity: Glendale, Arizona
23, Report #944154
Sep 20 2012
11:57 AM
Belltower Capital Partners LLC Joseph Massela, Tshiala Joseph Massela, T. Joseph Massela Scammer, Fraud, Con-man, Con-artist, Deadbeat, Loser Indianapolis, Indiana
Joseph Massela claims to be a hedge fund owner, he claims to be a financial genius, he claims that he can make you money, he claims that he has people that trade for him that are actually employed by him.  He will say whatever it takes to get your money.  This guy is a fraud, a conman and a loser. He is approximately 50 years old.  He actually has no money, he owns no property, he currently lives with his mother.  He will tell you that he chose to live with his mother because he is taking care of her.  Its a lie, he is very deceptive.  His wife kicked him out of the house and divorced him because of his scamming and the fact that he wouldnt get a job.  He has a son that he doesnt care for.  Joseph Massela is a selfish person.  Joseph Massela is an egotistical person who believes he does not have to follow the rules.  He believes the law does not apply to him and that he is better than everyone.  He has scammed many including family and friends.  Joseph Massela will tell you that he is this religious person that goes to church every week.  Joseph Massela is a fraud, do not trust him. Joseph Massela is a loser who steals money from the hardworking.  He has no work ethic.  He will blame everyone else but himself.  He will make excuses, he will make up lies and he will say anything to delay things. Do not trust this guy, he is a fraud, a loser a conman.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
24, Report #542683
Dec 20 2009
01:16 PM
JMG Capital Partners LLC James Hebert Hunter Hebert Strikes Again. Or is it James Hebert? London Finacial Capital LLC and JMG Capital Partners LLC Internet, New York
                Hunter Hebert Strikes Again. Or is it James Hebert?                London  Financial Capital LLC  and JMG Capital Partners LLC                        I have been ripped off by James  A. Hebert, at least that is the name that I know him by.He operates a company called JMG Capital Partners LLC with address at: James A. HebertCEOTel - 212.804.5700Dir - 212-400-7501Fax - 800.409.0291110 Wall St. 11th floorNew York, NY office is a virtual one with one or two building receptionists. They take messages and send it to him via Blackberry. Mr. Herbert  probably comes to the  office in New York once per month and lives out of state. Michigan to be exact, conducting his fraudulent operations. Our company advertised our business online as a eco-friendly investment opportunity in April/May 2009, at the website Caribbean Investment Network. We are a start up company that was looking for capital. We received information on potential investors who were interested in doing business with us and chose to work with JMG Capital Partners LLC (JMG) after several conversations and email exchanges and as we were told by him that he was already doing business in Trinidad and Tobago..James or Hunter Herbert, stated that he would require a site visit to observe our company's operations. We were also told that we would not have to pay any money up front and that JMG's payment would come in the form of a percentage of the capital they raised for our company. He specifically told me that he was confident that they would be able to raise the funds through  the process of a PPM. Subsequently, we signed a contract with him indicating that they would raise the capital for us. James claims that he was coming to Trinidad and Tobago and was actually doing business with a company in Tobago and would 'squeeze in' a meeting with us. This did not happen. His excuse, his phone was down and he could not access the internet. We are located 15 minutes away from the airport and even offered to pick him up, but to no avail. We were unable to speak with him again until he allegedly returned from Trinidad and Tobago. We were concerned about this since as he was the one who suggested that he wanted to meet with us and have a site visit but did not follow up on his end of the bargain. He gave the above explanation as the reason for not being able to meet with us along with his being tied up in meetings the entire 'visit'.  He apologized for what took place and we started to move ahead (or so we thought). The PPM process involved us giving various confidential documents to JMG: business plan and incorporation documents. We were told that the PPM would be drafted by an outside company and that the payment for this document would have to come directly from our company. The total cost of drafting the PPM was U.S. $8000.00. In fact the drafting of the PPM, is done by JMG Capital Partners which is different from what I was told by James Hebert. However I was under the impression that this was part of the percentage that he would get as I was only asked about this when all the documents were submitted. This was a shocker to myself and associates.and as a result we took a while to decide to continue business with James, after he conveyed to us his enthusiasm and confidence in finding capital for us through investors. We even asked if he could not include this fee in the percentage that he would get, he said no. He told us that he  would bring it up in a board meeting (we later realized that there was no such board).  He claimed that they had an emergency meeting and it was voted that we would have to pay for the PPM drafting as they were not refunded in the past (for making the payment for another company) and would not change the policy for us no matter how attractive our project looked. He reiterated that he was confident that he could raise the capital. He later told us that we could pay half the money for the document to be drafted  we would get the document review it and then pay the rest for it to go to market. The first payment was made in July and the second was made in September, communication during this period was the best he would call and send emails,or an associate  would call asking about the payment. James would say that legal is waiting on the payment so they could draft the document, he would also say that they have investors who are waiting to see this project. Every week I would hear from him. On September 6th 2009 he stated that  they may have to direct investors to other projects since we were taking so long to make the final payment. I told him that he would have it by September 9th .We did not get the PPM until the15th and became concerned as to why we could not have gotten it earlier, since the matter was so urgent and he had claimed that the PPM's edits had already been made. Curiously, the day after payment was made the associates' number ceased to work and we did not have the PPM in hand. Understandably, we became anxious and called James a few times without answer. There was no answer on his direct line, and on the other line the receptionist kept telling us that he was not in as yet. Finally, we got an unprofessional, abusive email from James stating that we were calling too often and that he was thinking  about throwing our project in the bin and not showing our PPM to investors. After trying to placate this conman, we were told that after 21 days we would see some movements forward, at the end of October we requested a formal report on our account with JMG.We were promised on several occasions that we would get it 'next week', we also requested a meeting with James or any of is associates first he agreed only to be told later that we could not see any one until the 14th or the 17th of December 2009 and that this would only be for half an hour. He also said that he would be coming to Trinidad and Tobago the 4th -7th of December and that I could meet with him then. During the first week in December I received report on our project, some 60 days since the PPM had supposedly been on the market. I was also told that the trip to Trinidad was canceled until next year and that there was no movement with the PPM. He also indicated that he was heading to Africa and would be out of office until the 28th of December, and that no one else would be able to talk to me as the associate dealing with my project was fired and no one else would be able to talk to me as there was some legal matters surrounding my PPM and some others. Prior to this, our associates in New York had gone to the office building only to be told that no one was in the office. I called over a two week period and got no one in the office. After the first report and the impending trip to Africa I spoke to James, he told me that he was at the airport checking in luggage, the very next day I call the office only to be told that he was in the country. The next week he again told me that he was heading to Africa. I wrote a email expressing some of the concerns mentioned above and how this was setting back our business in the amount of millions lost in business. We ended that email stating that despite the fact that he had not delivered on the promised made we were still confident that he would still be able to raise the capital. This turned out to be a punching match with him withdrawing his services  and we demanding our monies back, during the waiting period we sent the PPM to a independent consultant as we were concerned that the document was not what James was purporting it to be. We were informed that the document was only 40% complete at best and that it would take weeks for it to be ready for the market. James Asa Hunter Herbert made several attempts to intimidate us into not pursuing this matter. His threats did not sit well with us.  The contract that we signed with JMG is void he has faulted on the contract in various ways, that even he is probably not aware of. He even went so far as to inform us that if we did not stop prsiueing this we would be hit with law suits  annd that i shoud not try to hide in my home land Jamacia because he would persue me , and that we would have to pay the bills,we stated that we wanted  a full refund of our monies . We also started to investigate deeper into this organization , We found  along with what was mention above,  that it is really a one man show  3 employees for the most .  We later found out that he goes by two names, he as a James Herbert profile which as since been removed from linked in and also a Hunter Hebert one , i however have his confirmation of my invitation to join my network. We then stumbled on London Financial Capital and his former dealing and the various similarities to my scenario, there are also several other people from all over the world in  a similar position  calling his officeeveryday.Make no mistake James Asa, Hebert and Hunter Hebert, are one and the same.We want action to be taken against this man, as he set out do defraud us from the start. Let it be noted that we want our money back along with damages and interest on it. We also want to do this quickly because there are a lot of people that he as defrauded and someone will confront him soon, there methods may not be the same as the ones we are using. Others who have been defrauded by this con man ,can contact me, some of the same things that were said to the South African gentleman was said to me. We have several emails to back up what we have said.
Entity: Internet, New York
25, Report #246388
May 01 2007
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Foundation Capital Partners Ziya Arik Rip-off Deposit Fee Scam Santa Ana California
Foundation Capital Partners Inc., is a company affiliated with Capitalwerks, LLC. Mr. Ziya 'Eric' Arik was - in April 2006 - a Commercial Account Manager with Foundation. He authored a term sheet on Foundation letterhead detailing the basis on which Foundation would try to fund a US$2,300,000 mezzanine debt facility for our company and requested a US$25,000 deposit fee. The deal was that Foundation would limit its fees to US$9,500 for trying to fund the deal, and if it was unsuccessful it would refund the difference. It is common for funders to request larger fees to avoid potential clients taking a financing commitment and 'shopping it'. Had Foundation made a commitment and our company not taken it, the deposit difference would have been forfeited and our company understood that very clearly. In August 2006 Foundation said that it would not fund our deal, and since that time we have been trying to recover the deposit difference. We have been stonewalled at every turn, from unreturned phone messages and faxes, to uncooperative employees of Foundation and affiliated companies. It seems that Mr. Arik has been involved in this type of problem before, as has the major principal of Capitalwerks - there are many internet references that can be seen by Googling their names. Obviously this is the 'modus operandi' for this group of companies and they should be avoided at all cost. Michael Surrey, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Santa Ana, California

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