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51, Report #1330175
Sep 26 2016
12:01 PM
pep boys big ripoff Columbia South Carolina
 I took my 1994 Lexus ls400 to pep boys on Decker Blvd in Columbia sc because it was idling up and down and at a stop light it would idle very low and cut off and it will crank back up but it is dangerous I be thinking I would get hit in the back so I went to the Lexus dealership they were swamped so I went to pep boys they looked at my car and gave me a list of things it needed like timing belt plugs wires fuel system cleaner and on and on of things that is mateince correct me if I'm wrong but I needed to know exactly what makes it cut off so I left and the next day all the mateince things I had them done and same issue so I call the coperate office did a complaint and the only thing happened was that the manager talked to me and still couldn't tell me the exact issue why my car keep cutting off so I feel like it's a scam to take people money for nothing not having patience with the Lexus dealership got me wasted a hundred dollars and I know for sure the dealership would have pin point the problem and they would have told me yes you need to do mantiece but that's not what making it cut off
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
52, Report #1282512
Jan 26 2016
01:10 PM
Pep Boys Liar York Pennsylvania
I had a slow leak in a tire. Used some Fix a Flat. Several days later I took my car to Pep Boys to have the leak repaired. Pep Boys tells me that they cannot repair the tire because the acid in the Fix a Flat has damaged the inside of the tire. I contacted the owner of Fix a Flat and they sent me the MSDS sheet which  shows there is NOT any acid in their product. I asked Pep Boys to remount the tire and they said no because it would hazardous because the acid has weakened the tire. I had warranty on the tire. Pep Boys ordered a new tire, but I had to pay $72.07. I had the tire mounted. A couple of hours later the service writer at Pep Boys called me and said the reason they would not mount the old tire is because I rode on the bead. The tire never got low enough for that to happen. First Pep Boys tells me one story and then they say something else. What I would like to happen is have a refund of $72.07 and never deal with them again.
Entity: York, Pennsylvania
53, Report #1211405
Feb 24 2015
03:10 PM
Pep Boys Hollywood LAZY Workers hollywood Florida
 This is the second time Ive had issues with this pacticular Pep Boys go in for full brake job Service Manager says oh you only need front brakes rear brake shave about 3 months left LOL 2 wks later and rear brakes are grinding terrible terrible company.
Entity: hollywood, Florida
54, Report #1387361
Jul 22 2017
10:05 AM
Pep Boys Rebate program is a scam Matthews Nationwide
Got two rebate cards. Took six to eight weeks to get them. they won't work anywhere but Pep Boys stores. Tried gas stations, retail stores, etc... Throghing $7.51 worth of rebates in the trash. Pep Boys is never getting anymore business from me. Bunch of cooks.
Entity: Nationwide
55, Report #1391016
Aug 07 2017
02:15 PM
Pep boys Destroyed car, missing title, nightmare Phoenix Arizona
Pep boys had my car in their possession for over 2 months. Reason after reason why it wasn't being fixed(ordering parts, wrong part, etc.) the final day came where he thought he had the right piece and yet again my car still isn't in proper functioning order. They refund me for 'work done' and hand me my keys. I go out to my car and it has been stolen out of. Stolen items include my after-market stereo deck. 2 bottles of brand name cologne and the title to my car was missing. Everything taken from the glove boxes and scattered throughout. Food that wasn't mine in the vehicle.  I then walked back into the pep boys and asked them what had happened to my car. Each of them had a different story to tell about when it happened and it was clear none were the truth. I was not contacted at any time about this incident and I then called corporate to take things to a higher measure. It had been two weeks of promised 24 business hour phone calls and I have yet to hear or receive any help from any person affiliated with pep boys and a police report has been filed.
56, Report #80528
Feb 15 2004
03:06 PM
Pep Boys BEWARE of Pep Boys Austin Texas
It has been over three years ago that I was ripped off by Pep Boys at 8917 RESEACH BLVD. AUSTIN TEXAS 78758. The experience was so horrible that I went looking for this site three years later because I am still so helplessly angry. Unfortunately I no longer remember many of the details of the incident but I do remember how rude and indifferent the manager was when the mechanic broke a part while servicing my car. He refused to take my calls so I had to go down to the shop and search him out. He practically laughed in my face. He was extremely arrogant (while I was polite at least at first). He told me that he did not care about complaints or customer service. It just didn't matter to him. I still recall the haughty, indifference. I sent registered letters to their headquarters and of course never got a response from anyone. I got with the BBB (which they were a member). BBB tried to set up a mediation but they refused to attend (not giving a reason) and chose instead to lose their membership in BBB. I do not know if this loss of membership was permanant or temporary. I took my car to another mechanic and he was willing to testify that Pep Boys mechanics had caused the damage. Unfortunately, I got so busy (I was moving) that I let the time lapse and never took them to small claims court. I guess it's people like me that allow PEP BOYS to behave as they do. I have met several other people in the last few years with similar stories. Anyway, I feel a little better if I can add my story and help warn others not to use this company under any circumstances. Please, please, please do not patronize this business. Even if you are on of the lucky ones that receive decent service you will be allowing this dishonest company to survive and victimize other people. Jackie Idaho Falls, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
57, Report #105951
Aug 29 2004
06:06 AM
I purchased an Electa product that ws broken in the box. I was not allowed to return it but was led into a wild goose chase of fake numbers and bad attitudes from employees. I am also filing with the BBB and the State Attorneys Office. I will thrash them every chance I get. I have also contacted NBC 10 to investigate your shit process and store. John Honeybrook, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Exton, Pennsylvania
58, Report #55002
Apr 29 2003
08:01 PM
PEP BOYS ripoff NAPA I will become the worst customer relation representative for Pep Boys California
After numerous trips back to Pep Bobs in Napa, and numerous threats of a law suit, I finally received a refund for the money I spent at PB for their shity work plus the reimbursement for my expenses to have the job done properly. Now after having 4 starters replaced by PB I am facing still another problem with my starter. I have an older 3/4 ton pickup but I have taken it into an GM Dealer and they laughed their ass off about me going into PB in the first place. GM corrected my problems by replacing most of the parts PB installed in the first place. PB was exposed to me as a purpossly poor part rebuilder that looks forward to their parts failing so they can replace them with more shity parts so they can collect the labor that they don't guarantee. They just want to continue to do labor. Never NEVER will I go into a PEP BOYS (LARRY, CURLY AND MOE) even to use their bathroom. I will become the worst customer relation representative for Pep Boys in Napa as I possibly can. Gene Napa, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: NAPA, California
59, Report #405591
Dec 28 2008
06:47 PM
Pep Boys, Pep Boys rip off tactics SANTA CLARITA, California
Before I took my SUV to the Santa Clarita Pep Boys I called for a front brake job estimate. $185. When I showed up, they immediately scour my SUV for the up-sell by measuring the tread of the tires. Coincidentally, they have a buy three get one free promotion. Just the brakes, thank you, just the brakes. A few hours later I get a call from Martin Andrade, the manager. He tells me they didn't realize my SUV was four wheel drive and the new price will be nearly double. Now, my SUV has a 2 lift kit with giant off road tires and six PIAA lights on the front. Didn't know it was four wheel drive? I'm thinking, do I really want these people working on my car? I tell Martin to forget it. The price is too much and besides, I told the person on the telephone and the guy who checked me in it was four wheel drive. I'll swing over and pick the car up. No problem, he tells me. When I show up, eveything is completely torn apart. They had to completely take the brakes apart before they discovered it was four wheel drive? After a long heated argument Martin offered to do the brake job for the original estimated price.I made them put the car back together and took it to a local mechanic. In hindsite, it's easy to spot their tactics. Low-ball the estimate on the telephone. If the upsell doesn't work when you bring the car in they try to find a reason to raise the estimate. If that doesn't work hold the car hostage by taking it apart. Bill Stevenson Ranch, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: SANTA CLARITA, CA, California
60, Report #635930
Aug 31 2010
05:48 AM
Pep boys Pep boys incompetence nearly caused my children to wreck Ocala , Florida
After buying my daughter her first car we took it in to get the brakes adjusted. We received a call that the car had oil all over the ground. When we told the manager that was unlikely as it has just had the motor redone right before we had bought it 2 days earlier by a licensed mechanic and we had receipts they then changed their tune to oh it just needs an oil change it must have been overfilled! We were told they had adjusted the brakes and eventually it might need a part but was fine for now. The next day on the way to school the car began spitting and sputtering and the brakes completely failed on my 16 year old daughter!!!!!It was towed back to Pep Boys where we were told oh we misdiagnosed it its your vacuum hoses. That will be $496.00 Several days of calling to customer service were pointless when I threatened legal action then magically I had a call in minutes. The district manager Frank agreed to repair the car at Pep boys cost. When we called to take it in a very rude customer service rep Brian told me he was to busy to argue with me they were only giving us 10% of the price. 10% off to fix something they tore up on the car. A car that had NONE of these problems until Pep Boys put their hands on it. Needless to say I am going to find an attorney. My daughters are both traumatized by this crazy ordeal. Thank God my daughters were not physically harmed by the damage caused by Pep Boys.
Entity: Ocala, Florida
61, Report #544135
Dec 23 2009
07:05 AM
pep boys Something Fishy going on @ Pep Boys Raynham, Massachusetts
Got real cold recently and car would not start after work.Being the weekend, I had trouble finding a repair shop that was opened and was delighted to find out that Pep Boys was opened and could look at my car that same day.Before I brought it in, was told they would hook it up to their diagnostic machine that would pinpoint the problem.First, they told me that it was my starter and my battery that needed to be replaced.I agreed with the starter, but questioned the battery as I had just replaced it myself less than two years ago. Told the service guy I would replace the battery myself at a later date and told them to go a head and replace the starter.Went to pick the car up, was told that I was right, that the battery was good after all, since they charged it and it kept the charge. (red flag # 1) Paid them for the starter replacement and the service guy enrolled me into their rewards program. Was told that repairs also went towards earning rewards (red flag # 2)They drove the car out of the garage and it stalled, the service guy kept starting it, (it obviously started now), but the car would die right away. This was something new. I brought it in because it wouldn't start. Now it wouldn't keep running.I left the car with them as they were going to look at it again. On a follow up call, I was told that they hadn't gotten to it yet, but the mechanic looking at the car earlier thought it might be engine problems. I told the guy there was nothing at all wrong with my engine and that prior to not starting, it was runningperfectly.  He told me, that that din't mean it didn't have engine problems now.(red flag # 3)Called back the next day, was given a list of at least 5 sensors and valves that had to be replaced. I told the mechanic that I was aware that I might need an 02 sensor, but that the car had been running fine regardless. I disagreed that I needed to replace so many sensors and valves and asked what specific part might be causing my car to stall out as soon as you put the car into gear. He said all of them I told him I disagreed with this and asked him to ask the mechanic again.He advised me to call back.Did some research on line and my research indicated that the mass air sensor valve might cause the problems I was experiencing and had this confirmed when I called back and they told me that replacing this part might fix my problem I asked for an estimate, was told that he would have to get one for me and advised me to call back.I waited another day and called back. I was told that the part was very expensive and that they were trying to get me a after market mass airflow sensor. I asked him how expensive was this part, and he told me $500.00 plus labor. (bare in mind that I had just paid them $300.00 to replace the starter. I asked him, If I replace this part, will this solve my problem?, and he said, Probably not, and that I had a lot of things wrong with my car.At this point I called my regular mechanic, who is familiar with the car. I advised him that I didn't take it to him because it was the weekend and he was closed and appologized for it. Gave him a run down of the things they wanted to replace in my car, to which my mechanic said, You better get that car in here, (to his garage).Towed the car out of Pep Boys, to my now opened mechanic's garage.In less than an hour my mechanic called me back with the cause of the problem.Somehow the mass airflow valve had been unplugged and my mechanic reattached the wire leading to it and the car was running fine now..... So, let's break this down, Pep Boys in Raynham, Ma tried to replace a bunch of valves and sensors I didn't need replacing....Somehow with all the diagnostic work they did, they missed the fact that the part they were trying to replace (the very expensive part), was merely unplugged... I wonder how that happened in the first place. Guess it's a mystery....I believe that had I not objected, I would have also paid for a new battery I didn't need too.It's been a week, the temp is exactly 3 degrees outside and my car purrs like a kitten.AVOID PEP BOYS IN RAYNHAM, MA UNLESS YOU WANT TO REPLACE A LOT OF PARTS UNECESSARILY!!!!!But HEY! they have a rewards program!!!!!! After all those repairs, you will qualify for free air fresheners or something........... 
Entity: Raynham, Massachusetts
62, Report #845863
Oct 23 2012
06:41 AM
Pep Boys Dont work for Pep Boys Mesa, Arizona
To anyone who is unemployed and looking for a job, scratch Pep Boys off your list, and do it fast. This is without question the worst company to work for ever... and that is saying a lot. I worked in the service department and was paid minimum wage plus commission. Given the nature of the cost of repair sales, you would think the commission would be great, right? Wrong, because the jerk off higher-ups have formulated a way of screwing their employees with this customer satisfaction survey. Basically, you have a rating attached to your name, and the only way to keep it up is to get a 9 or 10 on the survey that is printed on a customer receipt; anything less than that counts against your rating and lowers it. If your score drops below the threshold that is considered acceptable, the company witholds half your commission until you get it back above it, and you have until the end of the quarter to do it, otherwise the commission they withold is Pep Boys' for good. Anyone who has worked in customer service knows how these surveys work: Getting a customer to do it for you is nearly impossible, and the ones that do participate are one's you somehow managed to piss off and give you low scores out of spite. On top of which, I had a manager who was the biggest asshole on the planet and I hated his guts with a passion. He would constantly get on everybody about everything, but it was perfectly OK for him to walk through the service bays in flip flops and socks (imagine how much fun OSHA would of had with that one). He also consistently booked the schedule in such a way that he would never have to close the store, and not have to work weekends, leaving the rest of us to deal with the dirty work. Anyone who has worked in customer service will also tell you that nights and weekends are a must if you work in their field. My opinion is stay the h*ll away from customer service in general, but if you're left with little choice but to work a retail job, stay far, far, far away from Pep Boys.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
63, Report #886293
May 22 2012
10:38 AM
Pep Boys # 80 Pep Boys A Huge Scam Fayetteville, North Carolina
I am a member of the United States Army. I recently deployed for 6 months and left my 1998 Isuzu Hombre in the garage while I was gone. I understood that after sitting for 6 months that the truck would need some repair when I returned. I didn't expect to find a pool of radiator fluid on the garage floor though. When I saw it I took my truck to the Pep Boys here in Fayetteville, NC. I explained the circumstances and the shop attendant told me that he would call me after they had diagnosed the problem. A day later I get a call and he explains to me that the radiator needs to be replaced at a cost of $700.00, and that he would be sure to conduct a test of the engine compression when he was done. I authorized him to do the work and he called me the following day to give me the verdict. The attendant explains to me that the leak was taken care of and it would be $736.00 for the repairs. According to him that was the good news. He later explained that the head on the truck was warped and would need to be replaced but he wasn't prepared to give me an estimate. But wait more good news. IT'S A REALLY GOOD TRUCK AND ONE OF MY MECHANICS CAN TAKE IT OFF YOUR HANDS. Instantly bells went off and I knew that these guys were up to no good. I called the Pep Boys customer complaint line, and found out that it is nothing more than a forwarding service. The operator took my complaint and then informed me that the same clowns that just tried to rip me off would be calling and that they would have to resolve the issue. No one looked into it, just the same ole thieves. The wolves would have to police themselves up while they are in the hen house. I get a call from the service manager Orlando and he apologizes for the problem. The question that first popped into my mind was What stops me from filing a claim against you guys claiming that there was nothing wrong except maybe a hose, and you guys broke it so that one of your mechanics could buy it dirt cheap. I later learned that I was spot on!! While the truck was being repaired I hosed out and scrubbed my garage floor (I Like a clean garage). The day after Orlando cuts me a deal for the low low price of $499.00 for my troubles I find a pool of fluid on the garage floor. The fact that the mechanic left a jug of fluid on the back of the truck should have been an indicator that they really hadn't fixed the issue. I took the truck to a garage down the street from my house and less than a hour later I recieve a call stating that the real issue was the water pump and that the mechanic had checked the head and found nothing to be wrong. Thank God I payed with a credit card because I am currently in dispute. The moral of this story is Military/Civilian, no matter, if you are stationed at Fort Bragg, NC stay away from these clowns. A friend later told me of a similar situation that had happened to him and considered me foolish for not consulting him before I took it in to Pep Boys. This used to be a reputable company. Its really sad. I'll keep the Ripoff Report posted.
Entity: Fayetteville, North Carolina
64, Report #311262
Feb 22 2008
10:36 PM
Gene Ginter Pep Boys Pep Boys Parts Ripoff Streamwood Illinois
I brought in a brake rotor to be ground/machined. The guy at the parts desk checked it with a micrometer and looked in a book. He stated it was past the limits and could not be ground, so I had to buy a new rotor. I bought the rotor and installed it. A little later I decided to check the limits for the rotor. The parts guy had given me the reading when I was there. It tiurns out the reading was the upper limit, so the rotor could have been ground. A simple error, from an experienced parts guy - I doubt it. George Schaumburg, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Streamwood, Illinois
65, Report #316772
Mar 11 2008
07:36 AM
Pep Boys being ripped of by pep boys garage Hollywood florida
i had my car towed in to pep boys. reading the advertisement, pep boys will beat any one by 25% the mechanic told me the have to power check what causes the leaks in the radiator, i knew there was a leak. i went outside when the checked for the leaks. the had the car up. but did not use any kind of power tools to check for the leaks i watched them. all the used was their eyes, i went inside and saw the leaks, radiator and water pump. i went back to the office and ask how much for both. he looked and looked and then came up with $ 600.00 i thought that was pretty high , but the would take of some money 25% at least , no he did not i had $ 300.00 on me but i have to wait till i get my check on the 3rd of april. the would not carry me over , and said i can take the car when the $ 600.00 are paid in full. someone drove me home and i made calls to diferend places. including the garage near me and ask how much to install a water pump and radiator in to a 1987 mercury sable 4 door v6-182 3.ol ohv. well the knew my car, he told me with everything water pump radiator hoses tax labor. $ 500.00 and so where other places. pep boys scammed me and overcharged me $ 100.00 and never gave to me that 25% less then anyone else, i got $ 400.00 together and ask if the would carry me till the third of april. again he said in a very rude tone of voice, i told him i have no transportation. dident face those people , i dont want to get scammed by pep boys ripped of. i am a woman and the think the can get away with it. i want for them to fulfill that promoss the advertise beating anyone by 25%. the lied and charged more then anyone else, and first of all the overcharged me $ 100.00 the biggest rip of i have ever encountered, and that is pep boys. i trusted and believed the do the right thing. when the advertise. the beat anyone by 25% the are nothing but crooks amd i want that straighten out. Leni hollywood, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
66, Report #233672
Jan 30 2007
11:01 PM
Pep Boys PEP BOYS will screw you over. ripoff Plano Texas
Last month my 91 Acura Legend started pulling to the right, the first people i knew that did alignment were Pep boys, never dealt with them before so i was in for a surprise. went in asked for an alignment job waited 4 hours for them to tell me half-way through that i need some parts that are wearing out so the alignment cannot be done to a full 100% they asked if i wanted to still try and fix it i agreed. when i left the car was pulling to the right so bad that i almost had to be turning left to go straight on the way back home. two days gone by and i heard of this mechanic in Dallas so i went to Dallas and talked to him he didn't do alignments at his shop so he sent me to Plano Tire Company, since he knew someone there who did great alignment jobs. Plano tire saves my ass. this guy did it in 45 mins came out and said look i did all i could test drove it and its still pulling a bit but its MUCH better then before. i was satisfied even tho the car wasn't fixed, it was better. and he also discovered i have a bent lower control arm, great guy. pissed off at Pepboys i went to them on a saturday and asked bluntly why to shops can have the same equipment same trained professionals, and one shop can do it and the other just bullshits it throught. the Asst. Mngr just kept pointing out to me on my pepboys receipts that they warned me about the possible consequence, and i said yes i can read that but still why did PTC achive it and you couldnt. well up uhhhhhh all he could say. and also my friend tell me how you guys didnt notice a major problem like a bend lower control arm? well the lower control arm and ball joints (which they recommended me to replace for $700) are the same component. moral of the story. if you are looking for a trustworthy auto shop, PEP BOYS is not who you want to go to. Konstantin wylie, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
67, Report #224272
Dec 07 2006
05:37 PM
To Whom It May Concern: On November 25, 2006, I came into your store located in Lawrenceville, Georgia (Store #0386) with a problem with my truck not starting. I was visiting from out of town and was concerned that my truck would only start by being jumped off. I wanted to get the problem taken care of before I began my trip home to Valdosta Georgia. When I came into your store I mentioned that I had just had the battery tested at Advanced Auto down the street (5 minutes earlier) and they stated that the battery was good and recommended I come to Pep Boys to get the alternator checked out. I was at Pep Boys from 12:00 to 4:00, only for them to tell me that it was my battery that needs to be replaced. Pep Boys replaced the battery and my grandson and I were on our way. After driving for about 2 hours, my battery light came on along with my ABS light, signifying I had a problem. I was still 100 miles from my destination and it was now dark outside. My headlights got very dim and my radio began to cut in and out. My truck was completely shutting down! I ended up having my truck towed 100 miles and had it checked out by a mechanic in Valdosta (see attached paperwork). He checked out my old battery and it tested at 92% after being charged. The new battery checked out at 98% after being charged (the alternator had drained them both). The alternator checked out bad and was subsequently replaced. My complaint is with having to by a battery that I did not need ($78.85) and the problem not being properly diagnosed resulting in a towing charge of $263.47. In addition to that I spent 4 hours at Pep Boys and another 4 hours waiting to be towed. This put me and my 2 year old grandson in danger, stranded off of I-75 at night. Then I ended up replacing my alternator to the tune of $260.00 (which should have been diagnosed by Pep Boys in the first place). This was a very expensive trip ($602.00) that could have been avoided with the correct diagnosis. The service personnel were very courteous (especially Tony) so by complaint is not personal, but I feel I should somehow be compensated for this very costly error. Respectfully, Derald (((ROR REDACTED ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER FOR SECURITY PURPOSES))) Derald Valdosta, GeorgiaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: LAWRENCEVILLE, Georgia
68, Report #271742
Sep 01 2007
12:38 AM
PEP BOYS Automotive Pep Boys Rebate RipOff Mesa Arizona
I purchased 4 oil filters and 5 quarts of oil per the rebate form. These were the only item on my receipt, within the correct time frame. I circled these two items and filled in the form completely. And waited for my rebate for the over-priced items. Denied Rebate, they said items are not applicable to rebait form. ( I am amazed, so silly, I am an engineer and know bs when I see it ) To obtain a rebate from PepBoys you must be prepaired to fight for your rebate. Conclusion: I will never have my car repaired or buy items again at PepBoys. The charge card I used several years ago for PepBoys service will be cut up. And I will write and tell friends my feeling on PepBoys rebates. They say make a copy. I would suggest that you make a video tape of the purchase, get a picture with the store manager and save the items with a copy of the receipt so you can return to store when they reject the rebate. PepBoys I am disappointed Mike Mike mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
69, Report #280238
Oct 22 2007
09:29 AM
Pep Boys Customers beware of this Pep Boys location... Marietta Georgia
I had my car towed to this Pep Boys to have a starter replaced on Friday, September 28. The car is a Chrysler LeBaron GTC, 1994. I called and spoke with Scott, the service manager. I was very specific about the issue. I also requested them to investigate a problem with the car running hot. (It never overheated). I received a call from an Al initially. He informed me that the car needed a battery and new terminal posts. I told him I knew it wasn't the battery, and the posts could be cleaned. He told me there were only 3 volts registering, and this was the problem with the car not starting. I very SPECIFICALLY told him NOT to replace the posts. (My brother was in the room, and he had helped me try to start the car by putting the battery from his Ford pick up truck into the car). He was in the background telling me to tell them it was NOT the battery or the posts; he also heard my end of the conversation, clearly telling them not to replace the terminal ends. Al told me at this time, my bill was 250.00. He called back and said, You were right, you do in fact need a starter. At this time the bill was 451.84. A couple of hours later, I received a call from Paul, He told me I needed a thermostat, radiator flush, oil sender and oil change. He told me the fluid in the radiator was cloudy, and was registering 2 hydro-carbons. I told him the cooling system had less than 5000 miles on it, and had he checked, he would have seen the oil had less than 100 miles on it, it was in fact, so clean, you couldn't see it on the dipstick. Red flags were going off everywhere, so I told him not to touch the car further until I had time to process what he was saying. Never during this or any other conversation, did anyone say anything to me about a possible problem with the head gasket. Now, the estimated work is 733.32. It is around 6:00 PM at this time. On Monday morning, I received a call from Wanda. She went over the work already completed, and the work recommended. She said, Your bill is 451.84, and they recommend you have the thermostat replaced, radiator flush due to a possible blown head gasket, oil change, etc... I told her I did not want them touch my car and I would be picking it up. I was shocked to hear the car may have a blown head gasket. I would never have approved ANY work had this ever been mentioned as the car is not worth the cost of replacing the head gasket. When I hung up with Wanda, I called the customer service complaint line, and told them what was going on. The girl I spoke with assured me I would receive a call from the district manager within 24-48 hours. Instead Scott (service manager for store) called and left me a voice mail. I did not want to speak with anyone affiliated with the store, as I felt they were taking advantage of me. I waited 72 hours, and called the complaint line again. This time I spoke with a gentleman named Henry. I told him everything again, and told him I wanted a call from corporate. He again assured me that the DM would call within 24-48 hours. Again, Scott called. I called the complaint line a third time, and got Henry again. For the third time, I received a call from Scott. This time he threatened me with storage fees if I did not return his call. I called him back. He was very condescending and interrupted me, so I asked that he let me speak and tell him my side of the story. He waited until I was done, and snidely asked, is it my turn now? He informed me I would NEVER hear from the regional manager, that these issues are always handled on the store level. He then told me your inconsistencies and lies are coming out. I was outraged that he would call me a liar, and did not respond well. Regretfully, I said, F--- you. and hung up. I immediately called the CS line again and asked to speak with a supervisor. I spoke with a very nice man who told me he would escalate my complaint and assured me a regional manager would return my call. He also apologized on behalf of Pep Boys. (The first and only pleasant experience with Pep Boys). A Jerry Fitzgerald called, identified himself as the Regional Manager, and left two numbers where he could be reached. I missed the call by 15 minutes. I tried both locations all day (this was Friday, October 12). I never got through to him. On Monday, I called again, and he returned my call within 30 minutes. He informed me Scott was also on the line. I apologized for my bad behavior and proceeded to tell him my complaint. When I got to the part of the head gasket never being mentioned, and the idea that I may have what amounts to a ruined engine, he informed me that it was not a possibility, that the head gasket was in fact blown. No doubts about it. Now I'm really upset, and do not understand how this could have not ever been mentioned to me. I struggled with even going to get the car, as it is now, in my eyes, worthless. On Friday, October 19, I went to my old mechanics at Enterprise Service center, and told them what was going on with the car. I spoke with Mark and Steve. Steve volunteered to go with me to pick up the car and drive it back to their shop. After returning to Enterprise, he said the car was running fine, and Mark took a look and from visual inspection, did not see cloudy radiator fluid, or anything obvious pointing to a blown head gasket. He also checked the oil, and was appalled when it was so clear, he could barely see it. I then took the car out and drove it to try to get the engine hot. When I turned on the AC, the gauge went up to 3/4, as soon as I turned it off; it went down to 1/4. I reported this to my mechanic, (Mark) who then told me, he did not want to charge me any more money to run diagnostics on the car. His opinion is that there is nothing wrong with the head gasket, and it may be a fan or electrical issue. He advised me to drive the car while keeping a close eye on the gauges, and see how it does. He further stated that Pep Boys had not only acted unethically, but I should take legal action against them for obviously trying to run up the bill. I am currently driving the car without any problems. Merry marietta, GeorgiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on PepBoys
Entity: Marietta, Georgia
70, Report #279861
Oct 19 2007
04:47 PM
Pep Boys Don't purchase Tires from PEP Boys Annapolis Maryland
I purchased 4 new Futura tires for my 2003 Ford Windstar Van. After about 3 months I brought it back to have the tires rotated. About 2.5 months later I had a flat on the front tire. I literally cut my hand on the steel belt that was exposed removing the 5.5 month old tire. I put a spare tire on brought the bad tire back to Pep Boys expecting the tire to be replaced because of premature wear. The Service advisor told me the tire wore out because the front end was out of alignment and I should of had them align it when I purchased the tires. I told the advisor that I had the front end aligned by a Ford Dealer a month before I purchased the tires. Also that they had just rotated the tires 2.5 months ago and the tire was originally on the rear of the Van. I had only driven about 900 miles since the tire was moved to the front. I also showed Pep Boys that the other 3 tires were worn down considerably considering they are less than 6 months old with less than 5,000 miles. I asked him why would the tires mounted on rear be so worn if it's a front end alignment problem. He had no logical response. Pep Boys charged me for the tire they replaced. I then took the Van to Tires Plus to have the other 3 tires replaced and they checked the front end alignment and it was within spec's. It's been 4 months on the new tires I purchased from Tires Plus and I don't see any wear. Pep Boy's won't be getting any of my business anymore! Doug Bowie, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Annapolis, Maryland
71, Report #1160816
Jul 09 2014
03:19 PM
10 months ago, this store replaced the AC compressor and some other AC parts, covered under our extended warranty for our 2007 Ford Freestyle. The experience was chaotic and unpleasant. When the AC broke down again a few weeks ago, we took the car to a quality mechanic, but our warranty company said the parts were covered by Pep Boys and we MUST take the car there.  This second experience was horrific, and today we learned had a life threatening consequence (I will get to that soon).  First of all, the vehicle was ready a full day before anyone called to tell us.  In addition, no one ever called to tell us if the side issue of the washer fluid motor was covered, they just fixed it and tried to charge us for the repair.  Long story - shorter, after some loud complaining, there was no charge.  After a few days, the radiator light came on and when I opened the hood, I found that the mechanic never put the cap on, and he also left the caps off the AC fill nipples.  I have a photo of how they left it.  This issue was not enough to bring me back to the shop to complain, but things are different now.  Shortly after getting the car back, we began experiencing a phantom acceleration when the AC was on, and also a sudden pull to the right upon acceleration.  These two problems steadily grew worse until we felt the car was unsafe to drive.  In fact, in one instance the pull was so sudden and hard it threw the car towards another car in the lane next to us and caused that car's driver to swerve into another car, causing an accident.  Today, we took the car to the shop where Andy, our ASE certified friend works, and here is what he told us by text (full conversation, exact words):  Andy The reason it was pulling was because they left your ball joint loose on the right side. Me, Holy S***!  Andy, I took it around the block and just about s***! They are idiots over there.  Me, yeah.  Andy, Diane's car will be ready in about 10 minutes.  They never did an idle re-learn on it.   Jay, does that explain the reason it would lurch and sometimes die?  Andy, yeah, they clearly have no idea what they are doing.This quality of service is not acceptable and put my family and others at serious risk of loss and injury.  You need to work a lot harder to just achieve acceptable status in both mechanic service and customer service.
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
72, Report #1203988
Jan 24 2015
06:32 AM
Pep Boys Pep Boys clearly tried to rip me off Metairie Louisiana
Attempted Rip Off I went in for a shock mount. I was told I needed an inspection if they were going to install it. While I can do this, since the temp was 35 outside I was willing to pay $100 for them to do it. They took my car and over 30 minutes after the appointment time they started so I timed them on my phone. From then time they got into my car, drove it into the bay, shut the door, got a drink, lifted my car up, shook each tire as they spoke to another employee and shined a light at the shocks for the inspection never actually looking at the shocks because they were talking to another employee 5 minutes 38 seconds passed. They then told me both rear shocks and shock mounts needed to be replaced at a cost of $510 plus tax and shop fees. Shock mounts for my car average $19.99 and they were charging $57 each and on the web site they cost $14.99. Shocks for my car everywhere else were averaging under $40 and they were charging over $80 each and they are listed on their web site for $38.99 . The current shocks are under a year old, I installed them with a certified mechanic friend who works on race cars (BMW's) and at the most the one with the broken shock mount may have needed to be changed but since they never actually looked at it they would have no way to know. I was also told the parts were not in stock and would be almost a week before they would come in. I went and got the part at Auto Zone that night for the shock mount for $21.99.  I went to a tire shop the next day and they charged $49 plus tax to change the shock in under 15 minutes.  I am now warning everyone I know that Pep Boys is a ripoff and am hearing more than just this one store has these business pratices.
Entity: Metairie, Louisiana
73, Report #943990
Oct 22 2012
06:59 AM
Pep Boys Monroeville Pep Boys Monroeville Pep Boys ripped me off a $1000 bucks , then left my O2 sensor plug open intentionally Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
My friend transferred his card title to me this June. I went to Pep Boys to get it inspected. Pep boys gave a huge list of parts with defects and informed us that they need to be fixed , if Iwant my car to pass inspection. I did not have the money, so I had to return. I went to the same store 2 days later, another service person ran up another list of defects which did not match up with the previous list. This time, he informed the otehr set of struts and brakes were gone bad and the previous ones were fine ! I went ahead and got my stuff replaced. I was duely charged $1000. I later got to know that most of the replacements , like struts and brakes were totally unnecessary. I spoke to some of my friends, they informed me that Pep Boys are total rip offs. They ask every body to replace struts and brakes , becuase they make a ton of money on these things. After a couple of weeks, I got my engine light turned on. I took my car back to Pep boys, this time they informed me that my sensors are gone bad and replacing them would cost $500 more. This time , I took my car to another mechanic and he informed me that my O2 sensor plug was unplugged intentionally so that the service engine light turns on. Since my O2 plug was near the exhaust , it has melted. Now I have to spend $200 to fix a problem created by Pep Boys to keep ripping me off. I do not make much money, I have a 2005 Hyundai elantra . I need my money back from Pep boys.
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
74, Report #294000
Dec 23 2007
08:21 AM
Pep Boys Lancaster Pa. Pep Boys Lancaster Pa #23 Pep Boys Starters are Junk Beware Testers are faulty Lancaster PaLancaster Pennsylvania
Beware of Pep Boys Selling junk. I bought a lifetime warranted starter at Pep Boys in August 2006 for $147.33 And have returned 4 times for replacements. What a hassle. I have a 1993 ford 7.5 L. truck the first starter I got worked 40% of the time, it spun and didn,t engage the the flywheel on most tries. The flywheel is perfect. After 2 weeks I pulled it out and took it back. Their tester said it was OK. They had none in stock but another Pep Boys Near by [Fruitville Pike] did. Their tester said it was bad. The next starter was fine but did the same thing 2 Months later. I pulled it out took it back and asked about getting my money back. They refused and told me nothing was wrong with my starter. I explained that they must have a faulty tester. After 30 minutes of hassle they gave me another one. It worked 1 month. return that one. Which lasted 5 Months Til 5/2/07 At which time I returned that one and they hassled me 45 minutes until they gave me a replacement, saying I need to bring my truck in to have it checked for the chargeing system. Which works fine. What a scam. It went out 12/22/07 after the same hassle And they finally gave me my money back. Which they said they cannot do the previous 4 times. But I'm still without my original replacement core Which cost me an extra $50 on my new starter which I bought for $180. I should have never bought the cheapest starter. I had one rebuilt, for a machine, last summer at a local shop And told him about my ordeal with Pep Boys. He said unless you test them under load you cannot test them accurately. Pep Boys dosen't test under load. Beware. They are selling junk and say they never have any problems with them yea right. Bob Lancaster, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
75, Report #1311518
Jun 15 2016
09:35 AM
Pep Boys of Fredericksburg Virginia , Pep Boys Auto Parts & Service, Pep Boys TOTALLY INCOMPETENT AND/OR FISHONEST PEOPLE! Fredericksburg Virginia
Very very poor service. The mechanics are incompetent, and the management dishonest. Managers did not provide any of the written paperwork they promised, or keep their word on anything.My 2005 Ford Escape had a spark plug strip out by its threads. I had it towed to the Plank Road Pep Boys in Fredericksburg, VA  for repair. The repair was a very simple one, and involved installing a helicoil which restores the spark plug threads. I hired them to do the repair after they assured me that they understood what was needed, and could do the work..The report I then got from them after they looked at my car was disturbing and totally inaccurate. Their diagnosis included telling me that 1) The engine could not be repaired. 2) That there was no compression in the bad cylinder. 3) That the piston had internal damage and was hitting the bottom of the spark plug, 4) there was engine block damages and 5) there was internal engine damages.  6) I was told I needed to get another engine.I told them to leave the intake manifold off and I would come get the car. I paid $317.75 with a credit card by phone before I picked up the car. I was told the paperwork for the diagnosis charges would be in the car. There was no paperwork in the car when I picked it up. When I asked the service manager Ben for the work estimate, he said it was gone and could not be provided to me. When I got my car, the manifold was magically re-installed on the car. I told them to leave it off. The manager had no explanation as to why the manifold was put back on my car when I told him not to. This made me think that they had never even taken the manifold off, as they charged me for! What's worse, my new mechanic said that he did not believe the manifold had ever been removed! This made sense given how totally incorrect the diagnosis was. I could not get the manager to provide the original estimate or the diagnosis results. Or any proof that the manifold had ever been removed. He said he had photos to prove it, but due to company policy, could not show them to me!!!!I was forced to dispute the charges.After I got my car back, I had the helicoil put in for less than $400, and the car ran perfectly. NONE of what Pep Boys told me turned out to be true.These people don't know what they are talking about and should not call themselves mechanics. I would have purchased a new engine for $8,000 dollars if I had believed them, when it cost less than $400 to get it completely repaired elsewhere.I would stay far far away from this business. Take your repairs anywhere else. These people are dishonest and shady, and either did not know what they were talking about, or out and out attempted to rip me off with bogus diagnosis charges, and an attempt to sell me a new engine!!! Worst car service experience I ever had.Avoid Pep Boys on Plank Road in Fredericksburg, VA!
Entity: Fredericksburg, Virginia

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