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1, Report #1396446
Aug 29 2017
10:50 AM
Performan Recovery Garnish checks and refusal to send stop-garnish letter when stipulations are met Livermore California
I was garnished by two student loan companies, which was no one's fault but my own. I contacted Department of Education and made my 5 payments in order for the garnish to end. I did not know Performant was also garnishing me until the first companies garnish ended and there was still a garnish on my paycheck and I reached out to my payroll department to get the info due to not receiving any correspondence from Performant. I made my 5 payments, my 5th being on Aug 22nd so my paycheck on Sept 1st would not be garnished. I was instructed by the billing department it takes 2-3 days for the system to register that I made my payment and I can call back 8/28 to verify it had gone through and get the letter sent to my payroll to end garnishment. I made the phone call on 8/28 and was informed everything is cleared and they would fax the letter. Upon emailing my payroll department on 8/29, NO FAX had been sent from Performant. I called Performant who stated there were no notes in the system and it would have to be looked into and I could call back Wednesday or Thursday which is conveniently too late for my paycheck on 9/1 to not be garnished. I did EVERYTHING on my end including dealing with bills through my garnishment AND making an extra mandatory payment for 5 months to end this garnishment and now they are giving me the run around when I am trying to keep my hard earned money. I have called a dozen times since and keep being transferred to extensions and getting voicemails. No one will speak to me to get this handled
Entity: Livermore, California
2, Report #453824
May 20 2009
04:37 PM
Portfolio Recovery Debt Recovery Phone Calls Norfolk Virginia
I attempted to find out who this company was representing. They wanted me to confirm personal information, that I refused to confirm other than my name. I DO NOT owe any monies to this company as I never heard of them. Until they can give more information on who they are and what they are calling for, I WILL not give out any personal information. My credit report is clear as I cleared up any problems noted on it when I purchased my NEW home in January. Mikey Westland, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Norfolk, Virginia
3, Report #472303
Jul 22 2009
01:43 PM
Portfolio Recovery Portfolio recovery Virginia Beach Virginia
I signed up for my 1st cell phone when I was 18yrs old in 2004, like most 18yr old I was irresponsible and fell late on my bill (which was only $58). Today I printed out a credit report and it says I owe this company Portfolio recovery $1000 for a US cellular bill that was opened 3/08. This is not true and I would like to know how they are able to switch the opening date of an account? Further more I am unable to rent an apartment because this past due bill claims that it was less than 2 yrs ago which is completely false. Avasparkle04 Champaign, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
4, Report #852256
Mar 11 2012
07:11 PM
Portfolio Recovery Portfolio Recovery harassment on Sunday afternnon Internet
Port Folio Recovery Associates Continuing their collection phone call on Sunday afternoon. Don't care who they are, but do care they're calling to harass me for an error on there part. . Argumentative, disrespectful and out of touch with sincerity. Reported Port Folio Recovery to the Office of the Attorney General & Federal Trade Commission. Hope they like that phone call!
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #347738
Jul 05 2008
01:41 PM
Portfolio Recovery Associates RECOVERY ASSOCIATES NORFOLK Virginia
Entity: NORFOLK, Virginia
6, Report #80581
Feb 16 2004
08:59 AM
Refund Recovery ripoff Roswell Georgia
Bought the Refund Recovery software by personal check. Received product thru email instead of a CD-Rom, as was thought. Download was smooth. It all seems great, until you actually try to use it. It does not give you a report to report. Alot of mention from other persons, who also have been taken, about a third party problem with FedEx and UPS. If you received the manual, this states that the company submits the report or you file for them, but the report must be made by the company, and you are to receive payment thru the company or by you billing them. But once I found the program not working, I found too, that the one's once spoken to, by email, were not there for technical service. But yet too, this is covered in the advertising, not responsible for any of the problems it seems,that we are all wishing they would do. The problem is that, you and I, have been taken for the ride, only because we are so hoping for the ultimate wish to come true, and not as safe as we thought. Belinda lyles, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Roswell, Georgia
7, Report #62001
Jun 26 2003
09:09 PM
Recovery Refund ripoff Nationwide
I just went on line to get the on line training that refund recovery supposedly offered and I noticed several reports from other customers as I and after reading the material I decided that I had better get a refund on the bogus software that I had purchased. Russell Afton, WyomingU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #857287
Mar 21 2012
11:01 AM
Stoneleigh Recovery Deceptive method, Internet
I got a call from Mike Peterson from Stoneleigh Recovery. He called on the 16th (Friday). The debt is for over $600. He said that the account would be settled for $500. I couldn't come up with that but he said that I could make payments. Near the end of the conversation, he said that he would set the account for $500. He also make a huge deal about receiving a money order. He wanted me to get a prepaid visa/greendot card from Walmart. I explained that they cost $20 a month and that I wasn't going to do this. The thing that bugs me is, I recently found an older letter from them saying that they would accept money orders. I don't know why he was making a huge fuss over the money order when a previous letter stated that it was acceptable.  I received a letter today saying that the debt was still for over $600. I called and talked to him today asking why it was still over $600. He said that unless I was able to pay the $500 in full, that it would still be over $600. I stated that it would take me a month or 2 to get a full $500 saved up. I also found it convenient that the account was only going to held or in good standing (I don't remember the exact terms) for 120 days. The account was turned over in Dec. so it would put it roughly around this month. I got pissy, I'll admit.  My main gripe (or a tl;dr) is that they coax you into a lower payment to get you started, then hit you with the full price. A bait and switch. Not to mention the I want it now payment options that trying to be pushed on me with the prepaid visa/greendot card when a money order would suffice. 
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #880053
May 09 2012
08:37 AM
portfolio recovery money Internet, Internet
my husband supose owes money they called the house several time a week sometimes 2 to 3 times a day...when we changed our number...they might have called his cell in which never gave them and now there calling my cell in which they have no right calling me on my cell...or how they got my number...i told them he didnt have a cell so they wouldnt bug him...i told them them to never call my cell again in turn they did...they said i needed to file a report to take off my number bs i never gave them my number....
Entity: Internet, Internet
10, Report #1300845
Apr 20 2016
11:53 AM
These goons repeatedly call all day everyday, although I have shared with them they have the wrong number. Each time I block their number they change their number and call back again. I will continue to file with every entity that will accept my complaint someone has to do something.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1369698
Apr 26 2017
06:44 AM
Outsource data recovery Internet
 Outsource data recovery got my USB drive claim it was going to be$60 ended up paying close to$80 then they never returned it to me. They gave me a tracking number to FedEx that was no help and the guy Chris weed man was no help. Thanks to them I have lost very important files!!!!! big RIP OFF!!!!! 
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1088537
Oct 01 2013
06:07 AM
Email Recovery Pro Email Recovery Pro is email recovery tool company. Califonia Colorado
Tried using this with an Exchange 2007 journal database. The demo worked fine, so I bought it and when I tried to extract the emails, it just hangs at Processing. I tried waiting 3 days - and nothing happens. The temp folder is created, but it never creates any files. I tried to contact support and they wanted me to run an exe file to give them remote access. I explained I can't do that as this database contains confidential information (corporate emails and credit card data).
Entity: Colorado
13, Report #104229
Aug 18 2004
09:50 AM
Refund Recovery Software & Overnight Recovery Software ripoff Scottsdale, Arizona & Patchogue, New York
I purchased a home based businees from Refund Rec ery Software & Overnight Recovery Software. I recieved the software but youcant use the software i would just like my money back that I paid $39.95 to start my own homebase business...This was all a scam..... Kathy Arlington, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale & Patchogue, Arizona
14, Report #381913
Oct 16 2008
01:06 PM
TopTen Asset Recovery - TTA RecoveryFraud committed by TopTen Asset Recovery to PEPLTD Carrollton Georgia
PEPLTD is a Canadian company We have always believe that honesty and trust are very import in business. We trust most people but this time we got it wrong. We purchased 22 ton of scrap power supplies from Top Ten Recovery (Top Ten Asset Recovery Inc.) and after three months when the shipment arrived in Hong Kong we found out that they had only shipped 1775 Kg, less that 10% of what we had paid for. They now use different names in there advertising which are: TTA Recovery or Recovery TTA Address:362 Gulf Breeze phone: 1-888-363-5552 or 404-734-5138 or 404-348-6492 Fax:727-865-5194 January 22/08 we got an email from Top Ten Recovery advising us that they had scrap power supplies for sale. We phoned Chris, the manager, who advised us that they had 27 ton on hand. January 24/08 we opened a purchase invoice, contract, for 22 ton (one full container) CIF HK We asked if we could give them a deposit on the order but he said they required full payment before they would start loading the order. We wired the full amount to TOP TEN RECOVERY LLC direct to their bank. Feb. 27/08 we got an email from Chris giving us the container number and the name of the Vessel along with the scheduled sailing date of Feb. 13/08. After a week we phoned and asked for the weight certificated which would have been given when the container was delivered to the terminal. He was advised that this was needed to make up accurate documents but we never received confirmation as to the weight. After three weeks we found out that the container was still in Savannah Georgia. March 9/08 we were in contact with ANL the container line through their New Jersey office. They advised us that the container was scheduled to sail but they required Bill of Lading instructions. We told them that we did not have the weight receipts for a actual weights. But we could guess because we knew what we had paid for after B/L was made ANL ask for payment for the shipping charges. We told then that we had prepaid the freight with TOP TEN. Terms were CIF Hong Kong . We phoned Top Ten and asked them to pay the ANL ocean freight charges. March28/08 we received confirmation from ANL that Top Ten had made the payment and ANL forwarded the Original Ocean Bills of Lading to us. Because we did not receive the weight certificate from Top Ten and we have to flew to Hong Kong to witness the receipt and unloading of the container there. April 25/08 we went to an international terminal in Hong Kong where we waited for the delivery of the container. The container arrived and we cut the seal and opened the container. Everything was as per the pictures received from the loading in Georgia. We got three weight ticket from the HK container yard public scale that showed that there was only 1,775 Kg net weight of Power Supplies shipped. we called Chris told he we order 22tons merchandise not 2tons he said he would supply the weight receipts from Georgia but he never supplied. We Emailed him and told him that if it was a mistake just correct but if he tried to cheat us we will not let then get away with cheating. since then he will not pickup our phone or reply to our emails. June 26/08 we contacted the Recycling Business Assistance Centre to report the problem to them and ask them for help. That night he sent an email saying he would try to arrange another shipment after July 4th holiday but would not give us a date or time period when he would ship. We have asked them to correct the problem but he just refuses to answer our questions and cannot give us shipping date. We only received some pictures of power supplies but not proving that he had sufficient to supply over twenty tons to complete the order. We contacted the Attorney Generals of FL and GA and the FTC. gov and the Atlanta police department who gave us two words SUE HE. We e-mail TOP TEN told then what we did and sent them a copy of reply from the Attorney General. Last week they send us a partial refund but they are still owing us . They also advised us that If we post any negative information on there company they will take legal action on our company. We post this story hopping that we can stop this type of fraud being committed to others victims. Also we need smart people give us some advice how can we get our other $8211.75USD back? or best way to stop this crime. Pep port moody, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Carrollton, Georgia
15, Report #455467
May 26 2009
03:25 PM
Portfolio Recovery Associates Aka Portfolio Recovery Affiliates is trying to re-age an old debt Norfolk Virginia
I received a letter from Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA) on May 22, 2009. They claim I owe $2,500 on an old MBNA account that was charged off. The account aged out of the statute of limitations (SOL) by a few months, but PRA applied a fake payment to the account they have listed on my credit report. The payment was posted in May, 2009. I know neither I nor anyone in my household made that payment. Obviously, the company is trying to get around the SOL. The company has made no attempt to call me, not that I would have spoken to them after what I have read here on the Ripoff Report. My letter claims that this account has been selected for arbitration review, but that I should call at my earliest convenience so the account can be resolved without formal arbitration. The company did not inform me of my right to a validation of the debt in the letter. They have not paid a registration fee to collect in the city of my residence, according to the law in Alabama. I have learned my lesson about dealing with collection agencies. I paid off an old credit card, but the listing is still on my credit report and another collection agency has purchased it. I have begun the dispute process with one credit bureau on both the PRA item and the other one. Next, I will write specific letters to each credit bureau regarding my claims. I have also sent a debt validation request, certified with return receipt, and I contacted two consumer advocacy attorneys that are listed on One has contacted me for further information. I will never be taken in by collection agency sharks again. Never ignore a debt collector by pretending they don't exist. They are becoming more and more aggressive. Keep everything they send you and record the phone calls if that is legal in your state. Most importantly, contact an attorney if you think your rights have been violated. If the attorney thinks he can win a suit against your debt collector, the service may not cost you anything out of your own pocket. If you are having debt collection troubles, you can learn a lot by visiting debt collectors' websites to see how they operate, but also read everything you can find here at The Ripoff Report,, and at Anonymous Cuba, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Norfolk, Virginia
16, Report #213737
Oct 02 2006
08:40 AM
Cutter Recovery Services, First Commerical Recovery Services ripoff Edmonton Alberta Canada
Hi I just wanted to let everyone know that Cutter Reocovery Services is now going under a different name. First Commercial Recovery Services. They have been trying to take money out of my account now for about 8 months but I have had my bank doing a stop payment everytime. So they have changed there name. I did have a loan with insta loans but that had been taken care of a long time ago, but they don't communicate with there collection agency too well considering that they still try and take money out of ppls accounts. Cutter says that they have your permission to take money from your account but you have never given them permission. There are alot of ppl that have this happen to them. The best thing I can say to all of you that are having this problem, if your bank won't put a stop payment on the company trying to take money out then change your account so that you don't have the problem anymore, it might sound like a big job but it will save you the headache of trying to get your money back every month. Good luck to all of you. Lennie castlegar, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Edmonton, Alberta
17, Report #52832
Apr 14 2003
02:15 PM
Refund Recovery (Overnight Recovery Software) get your refund from this rip off business! Patchogue New York
Anybody else who purchased this fraudulant software may be able to get a refund (their website states 30 day satisfaction guaranteed). Thank goodness I found out about them before my 30 days was out (barely)! Check out the article on (this is what saved my butt). Also check out for some insight! The kind people who own this domain are trying to help us out . . . Terry Salt Lake City, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Patchogue, New York
18, Report #1390906
Aug 07 2017
09:27 AM
Riverside Recovery of Tampa Tampa Riverside Recovery, Riverside Recovery, Riverside Recovery Tampa CEO CURRENTLY IN TREATMENT FOR CRACK ADDICTION!!! FAKE REVIEWS!!! SCAM BUSINESS!!! Tampa Florida
The CEO at Riverside Recovery of Tampa (Tim S.) is currently in drug treatment because he's been smoking crack cocaine for the past 2 or 3 years & had to step down.  That IS a FACT.  How can an organization that is supposed to specialize in drug treatment not know that the individual they were developing their business & treatment plan with was an active addict???  It defies comprehension.  Funny thing is, he went for treatment elsewhere at not at Riverside Recovery, his own treatment center!   Riverside Recovery of Tampa also had dozens of reviews up on Facebook & Google BEFORE they even opened for business!  How is this even possible??? They had employees & friends of people in the recovery community 'like' & review the business.  So much for honesty. This buisness is already in trouble & it just opened:  Millions of dollars invested in an old, crumbling & abandoned ex-detention facility; A CEO in treatment elsewhere for his own addiction problems; an entire floor of the building cannot be opened for a year due to insurance/flood zone restrictions.  Riverside Recovery employees individuals as 'Therapists' with minimal qualifications.  Many of their 'therapists' have no related education or licensure (mostly only 'certification' in addiction) & it is questionable whether they can legally use the titles 'therapist' or 'counselor' in the State of Florida. Do yourself or your family a favor & just stay away.  There are plenty of established treatment facilities in the area with proven track records for helpig their clients.  Riverside Recovery is just an attempt by local investors to capitalize & make profit on additional health care dollars for addiction treatment.  
Entity: Tampa, Florida
19, Report #56320
May 09 2003
11:32 AM
Refund Recovery Software ripoffScottsdale Arizona
They sold me useless software which requires on-going, technical support. They only anwser your questions by e-mail. However, they only answered less than half of my questions and the others they completely ignored! I had a potential client and need technical set-up instructions and they never gave me the help I needed, So the customer walked away since I couldn't service him. I made a complaint that I never got any answers nor did I receive the promised newsletters! In return, they blocked my e-mail address and will no longer accept my e-mails, questions. I made the mistake of not checking with the Better Business BEFORE I purchased the software. To no surprise, they have a very bad record. They also have a location in New York. Stay away from them, they are con artist. It's very, very hard to find a cleint thats even worth doing this for. I never got any clients in the end, just wasted my money! Stay away from all companies that offer Fedex/ups recovery software and always check with the Better business before you buy! Richard New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
20, Report #57365
May 17 2003
06:14 PM
Refund Recovery Overnight software ripoff fraud Pattague Nationwide
Refund Recovery Overnight Recovery Software ripoff, Fraud, Never replied to email, Stole Money, Did not provide quality product Pattague Nationwide ..... I have contacted this merchant several times with ?'s regarding the product. I have not received any response and advised my credit card company I was dealing with ONLINE FRAUD. They have given me a temporary credit and should be permanant soon. PLEASE DISPUTE IT WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY, IF ENOUGH PEOPLE DO IT THEY WILL SHUT DOWN THEIR CREDIT CARD ACCEPTING ABILITY AND PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS. THEY ARE A FRAUD AND WE SHOULDNT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. Please post your comments here if you feel the same. Thank you for your attention and I hope you don't get ripped off if you are reading this before you buy. Greg Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Pattague, Nationwide
21, Report #147666
Jun 27 2005
02:13 PM
United Debt Recovery ripoff fraud Internet
This company will promise you that they will negotiate with your creditors and will reduce your debt. They say they will represent you to your credits and all will be fine. They do NOT tell you the fine print means they will debit your checking account over $2,000 first. Then you cannot get a hold of them by fax, by phone or by email, but they continue to debit money out of your account. They have done nothing but encourage us to not pay our credit card bills, which have ruined our credit and nothing has been done by UDC. We are now getting sued by our credit card and UDC is no where to be found. I want to get my $2,000 back (which would have went a LONG way in paying our bills we owed). When I talked to one of our creditors, they said UDC is a joke and just takes your money. They were right. These people need to be sued but I don't know how to do it myself. I want my money back and them out of my life! Jennifer Moran, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #164816
Nov 16 2005
01:06 PM
Cutter Recovery Services ripoff Nationwide
Somehow this company has managed to remove 450 dollars from my account by pre-authorized debit. My account was charged from being overdrawn. The bank is investigating this as they were not authorized, and it should not have gone into overdraft. These guys are good, I was shocked. Jeff Sioux Lookout, OntarioCanada
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #62403
Jun 30 2003
08:49 PM
Refund Recovery Software US Resellers ripoff Internet Worldwide
I am also on disability and looking for some type of home based business for which I could do at home. This program had me so convinced that I even applied for a license because I thought this was going to be the one. Little to know after spending start-up costs for operating and advertising. I wish I could get my $77.00 back if anyone knows how please let me know. B Bellefonte, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
24, Report #66379
Aug 31 2003
02:19 PM
Recovery Software ripoff Internet
This is the E-mail I got. If you're still looking for a real Home Based Business I'm pretty sure you'll like what we've got. GET STARTED NOW! How would you like to make $75 per hour processing FedEX refunds from your home computer. If you're anything like most people I talk to, you'd love to work from home if the business was REAL. Well, this is the REAL DEAL... .. click here to access the FREE REPORT! Thanks for your time, The Overnight Recovery Software Staff P.S. I want to assure you this opportunity has NOTHING to do with MLM, internet marketing, affiliate programs,or any goofy scheme. It's simply an incredible business that's made possible by a closely guarded SECRET of the shipping industry. GET STARTED NOW! ebylng^argpbz(pn *I did not get anything from this e-mail except a bill for 95.00 dollars R mark Milton, OntarioCanada
Entity: Internet
25, Report #65667
Aug 13 2003
07:30 AM
Refund Recovery ripoff Internet
I paid $88.00 and I did it with a check by phone. I have not received anything from the company. I went to check on it last night and that is when I realized something was wrong. I would like my money back. Kathy Clifton, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Patchogue, New York

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