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1, Report #170527
Jan 05 2006
07:30 AM Franks Pet Supplies ripoff charged yet no merchandise Indianapolis Indiana
Beware of this company! I placed an order in November that was never shipped. Their tracking feature in the email showed that the order was cancelled by them on November 19th yet they still deducted the money from my account on the 21st. Calls to the contact number on their website go to a answering machine that doesn't sound like a business. Despite this, I've left numerous message and never received a call back. Stay away from this company!!! The low prices should have been a red flag. Chalk up one more screwed customer. Cathy Lynn, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
2, Report #40379
Jan 06 2003
09:31 PM
Pet World ripoff Hamburg New York
You should now that any reputable breeder would never sell puppies in a mall or pet store - They already have most of the puppies sold before even breeding ! All those cute puppies are from PUPPYMILLS! check out the sites for yourself, by purchasing a puppy from a pet shop you are only subjecting more puppies to the same torcher over again - It's the same old story of demand and supply - you purchase a sickly dog and because the pet store sold it - they will get another ! and the worst part of it all is they get most of those dogs for only 200.00 at the most - some come from auctions ! most aren't even purebred - just have another dog (who died) akc papers ! a few sites to see are WWW.NOPUPPYMILLS.COM or just type in puppymills and view the pictures of where these dogs are kept - 24/7 until the day they die ! DC Buffalo, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Hamburg, New York
3, Report #186845
Apr 15 2006
09:52 PM
Pet Company ripoff selling sick dogs Douglasville Georgia
Entity: Douglasville, Georgia
4, Report #203646
Jul 30 2006
03:52 PM
Pet Supermarket ripoff, animal abuse Tallahassee Florida
I have a freshwater aquarium and I went to buy a placo for the tank. While I was there, I saw a fiddler crab, but I didn't know how to care for him. The sales associate told me that the crab would be just fine in the freshwater. So I bought them both. Very excited, I took them home and floated their bags so they would get used to the water. This was around 2:00 p.m. About an hour later, I noticed the fiddler crab was moving slowly, and spending lots of time sitting still. I researched them online and found, to my dismay, that they are brackish water animals. Not only that, but many pet stores keep them in freshwater, which greatly weakens them and shortens their lifespan. Sadly, the fiddler crab died about 2 hours later, in spite of my efforts to save him. I called the store and they admitted that they put a little salt in the water, but failed to tell me. Needless to say, I was disappointed and angry. Imagine my surprise when I checked the placo a little while later, and he was dead too!! I don't know what they are doing, but whatever it is, it is terrible for these little animals. So take my advice, and don't buy aquarium pets from Pet Supermarket until they learn how to provide the proper care for their animals. Rhonda tallahassee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tallahassee, Florida
5, Report #51765
Apr 05 2003
11:31 PM
Pet Love ripoff Glendale California
Sold us puppy with medical problems without telling us. I later discovered a surgical scar on her belly which was confirmed by 2 vets. Unfortunately there is no way to know what the surgery was for without cutting her open. The pet store will not tell us her medical history or let us return her. It has been almost 2 months and they keep stringing us along. They are dishonest, don't do business with them. Carlo Pasadena, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Glendale, California
6, Report #1071503
Jul 30 2013
04:58 PM
Pet Shed Poor Customer Support Internet
On July 9th, 2013, I ordered pet supplies from the online company (Pet Shed). Two weeks after I placed the order, I still had not received the products. When I first contacted the company (by email and phone), I was informed that they were “doing maintenance” on their system and they could not help me at this time. In addition, their website was down for maintenance. I was also told that shipment usually takes 10 to 14 business days. What I had not realized at the time I was placing the order is that they are located in China!! There was no indication on their website as to where they are located. I only figured this out because my bank charged me an international transaction fee. A couple of days later, I checked their website again and noticed that “they were up and running” again. I send them another email asking about my order. They told me once again that it had been sent. When I asked for the carrier information and tracking number, I was informed that they did not have that information because they sent the package by “mail.” Instead they told me that they would re-send the order. In the same email, they mentioned that I should contact my local post office to find out where the package was. Furthermore, I was informed that once I receive the “original” order, I was to return it to them in order to avoid being charged again. I have never had to deal with a company that does not track their shipments. Nor have I ever experienced customer service that is so ridiculously inept. I just want to make sure that other people do not fall for this company and get ripped off.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1275474
Dec 21 2015
07:02 AM
Pet dog pz Internet
 I am filing a rebuttal . I used pets of oz to get flea pills for my dogs and cats. I saw that they don't request a vet prescription. I've used these pills in the past and they work on my pets and I don't need the cost of a vet added to the already expensive flea medication. Although pets of oz did have the best prices. They said it would take about fifteen days so I was expecting that. They do let you know when they shipped your item.. I received my items a little over the time they said. And received all my items . I was pleased and would recommend them .
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1407243
Oct 19 2017
08:15 AM
Pet Care Choice lied about shipment Internet
Placed order 9/18/2017. Was told it was held up in customs but I would receive dog meds 10/17/2017. It is 10/19/2107  and have not received the dogs meds. Have asked for a refund but have not heard back. I think I have been scamed..meds can take a couple weeks to arrive but not a month.... First time using this company and it will be my last...
Entity: Internet
9, Report #449636
May 07 2009
12:38 PM
Anna's Pet Grooming - Norwalk Pet Grooming - Anna's Pet Grooming And Supplies ANNA GABRIEL & NORWALK PET GROOMING: A CROOK AT HER FINEST!! Norwalk California
Do NOT...I repeat DO NOT purchase dogs from this woman! I purchased a MaltiPoo from Anna in July of last year. Anna assured me that both the mother and father of this dog were hers and that she bred them personally. Since then, I have had nothing but problems and the dog was sick from the get-go. Not long after buying it, it was confirmed by my vet that the dog had an internal parasite, so bad that he had to have had it since birth. Upon learning this, I called Anna to dicuss. The truth then came out that she only had the mother and that the father was someone else's dog. I asked if the mother was the Maltese or the Poodle and what the father was and she completely ignored me and moved on to another topic. At that point, she stood by her vet's diagnosis of the dog at the time of purchase...which was the picture of health (she claims!). I asked her if I could have the name of the vet and his phone # to speak to him personally and she, once again, completely ignored me and moved on to another topic. More recently, I had the dog in the emergency room at the vet last week due to a hip injury and, after a series of x-rays, it was determined that the dog has a hereditary bone disorder in which the knees don't sit properly in the socket. The condition is ranked on a scale between 1-4, with 4 being the most severe. The dog was diagnosed between a 3-4, making him a candidate for orthoscopic surgery. This condition also leads into severe arthritis. Being a hereditary disorder, the mother and/or the father had it and, knowing this, breeders are not to breed those dogs. I called her last week to discuss it and Anna proceeded to call me every name in the book, threatened me with bodily harm, to hook me up to the back end of her Hummer and drag my a** up and down Firestone Boulevard, and threatened to put me in the hospital. I told her I was bringing the dog back to her and I wanted my money back and, if not, I would see her in Court. She told me my b***s weren't big enough and that this was her world and I lived in it. I then called the Sherrif's Department and told them what happened and that she threatened me. I took the dog back that day (with police escort) and, conveniently, she was not there. The Sherrif spoke to her on the phone in which she proceeded to call me every name in the book...again and told him how psycho I and my vets are. I left the dog there, was given a receipt on a scrap of paper by her worker and left. She called my husband that night and told him the dog was ready for pick-up and that he was in perfect health and had been checked out by her vet after we left. My husband asked if he could have the name and # of the vet and was told he could get that info when he picked the dog up the next day (Friday). My daughter called for me the next day and spoke to Anna and asked if Anna could fax the vet paperwork to her so we could speak to the vet personally. Anna, once again, said we could get that info when we picked the dog up on Tuesday after the President's Day holiday (it was supposed to be that day!). At that point, my daughter told her that we were not picking up the dog at all and that we would see her in Court. Anna then showed her true self and proceeded to cuss my daughter out and said she knows how this game is played (obviously, she's been here before with other clients!). Since then, we have found out that there is no vet - she gives all shots and self-diagnoses the animals herself. She also does not breed these dogs herself - she gets them all from puppy mills and passes them off to be affluent breeds. Anna Gabriel needs to be shut down! She not only goes by Anna Gabriel and Norwalk Pet Grooming, but also by...Anna Beradini, Anna Bernadini, Anna M. Berardini, Anna's Pet Grooming, Cockapoo Connection, California Cockapoos, MaltiPoo's and More and she also incorporated in 2004 under the name Anna's Pet Grooming Corporation. In 2003 Anna was convicted of practicing veterinary medicine without a license. She was doing tail docking and dewclaw removal at her shop. They also found several SICK puppies that she was treating without vet supervision or prescription! Anna pleaded not guilty though that was her plea, she was sentenced to 6 months probation. Obviously the state thought differently. In 1999 American Kennel Club yanked her registration privileges for not identifying her dogs properly and not keeping good records and was sentenced to 10 years of no registrations. And just recently on June 16th of 2005 Anna was under the watchful eye again. L. A. County issued a search warrant for her home and both her shop after many many angry people who bought sick puppies demanded that something be done about this cruel money-hungry woman who treats these poor puppies like products. Joanne n. Van Nuys, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Norwalk, California
10, Report #179489
Mar 06 2006
07:17 AM
Pet Land Stores Sick Gerbil Kills My Pet Gerbil ripoff Olathe Kansas
On Feb. 26, 2006 My girlfriend and I went to our local pet store and was looking for another gerbil. My Girlfriend saw a little white one and wanted that one, so i asked the store employee if the gerbil was treated for major diseases and where they came from. At that time I was assured that they were quality gerbils and all in good health. I got the gerbil home and put him in a new cage that I had bought him. I work nights so sometimes its hard for me to always notice everything, but three days later before i went to work I was changing their water and food and noticed he would not open his eyes and didnt run from my hand like normal. So I gave him some vitamins and went to work, well while I was at work he passed away. At that time I still had to work the next few nights so I didnt have time to call the store and get the problem resolved. I cleaned the cage with bleach like my vet told me to do, so my other gerbil would not get the disease. Acording to the vet the gerbil had Wet Tail a serious disease that cause dehydration and is more common in Hamsters. It will cause likely death in all small animals, so I wanted to keep my gerbil safe. Well Sunday March 5 I noticed that my gerbil, Spaz, would not move or open his eyes. I knew what was wrong and it upset me. I tried to give him water through an eye dropper but it was too late, he passed away Monday morning at 4 A.M. Later on Monday morning I called the Pet Land store in Olathe, Kansas, where i purchased my little white gerbil. Debbie answered the phone, she is the store manager, and told her my situation. She was very rude and had no remorse for either gerbil that had passed away and lied to me telling me that they treat for Wet and Dry Tail Dissease every morning. She refused to give me a refund for the gerbil because I did not call a week after I had bought him. I missed by 12 Hours. I miss my gerbil and i will never go back to Pet Land because they hire teenagers for minimum wage who know nothing about animls and don't care. All they want is the money, and don't care about anybody else. Patrick Olathe, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Olathe, Kansas
11, Report #262638
Jul 23 2007
12:44 PM
Pet Paradise Pet Liars Marlboro New Jersey
Pet Paradise is a puppy mill pet store. I went in the other day to look at a Wheaten Terrier. The dog was a male & adorable. I asked the girl to see the papers on the dog. I then came hoem & checked the breeder. Guess what? Steve Kruse in Iowa is a puppy mill that has been sued for giving Pet Paradise sick dogs. If you search his name, you will see photos of rusted cages & it states he is a puppy mill, not a pure breeder. I was so upset, because everyone I spoke to said do not buy from Pet Paradise. I was going to buy this cute dog anyway, but when I did my research, I was so sick that they lie to everyone with their false pedigree papers. They also charge a lot more money than a real breeder. DO NOT BUY a DOG FROM THEM ! THEY ARE LIARS !!!! LuAnne Marlboro, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Marlboro, New Jersey
12, Report #340497
Jun 15 2008
07:15 PM
All Pet Headquarters Outrageous treatment at All Pet Headquarters Camarillo California
Hi, my name is Beirit ****... I needed some community service and thought the best way to enjoy that time would be to finish my hours by playing with puppies... My family and I had bought two dogs from Laurie one of which I love to death... his name is Winston and I bought him myself at the age of 16 with the money I saved (he was 1000 dollars) he's a lovable healthy Basset Hound... I started doing some community service with Laurie she was completely rude to me... I felt that I was being talked down to and made to look stupid among the people looking to purchase a puppy... SHE ALMOST REFUSED TO SIGN THE PAPERWORK THAT I HAD DONE 6 HOURS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE... my highschool would not let me graduate without these hours.. she said that she wasnt sure that I had actually been there for hours... WHY WOULD I HAVE LIED ABOUT THAT?! I had zero problem sitting in a pen with about 15 puppies playing... it was heaven.. hahaha... my sister who is 13 and had volunteered there wayyyy more times than I had also needed some hours for community service... She and I went in to APH and SHE REFUSED TO SIGN HER FORM... she knows my sister and my sister started volunteering there over a YEAR AGO... personally... if i ever see Laurie again there is no doubt in my mind that i would scream at her for the treatment of myself and my sister... SHE IS RUDE SHE SELLS SICK PUPPIES (which i noticed while volunteering... there were a lot of puppies coughing and limping) SHE OVERCHARGES COMPLETELY its outrageous... Beirit **** Camarillo, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Camarillo, California
13, Report #1169255
Aug 12 2014
10:59 AM
Sierra Pet Meds Sierra Nevada Pet Meds Scam Artists Internet
I placed an order for Trifexis and my Visa was charged immediatetely, which would be fine, but 2 weeks later the dog's meds still hadn't shown up ! I e-mailed (they don't have a phone #)  them the 1st time and they gave me a tracking # that didn't work, when I contacted them again, they said, it'll work eventually, it just always takes a while. The tracking # didn't work unil the day before it finally showed 2 WEEKS LATER !!! I sent the package back, unopened and asked for a refund, which they DECLINED to do ! I had to open a case with PayPal and fight them. They have horrible customer service and have no idea how to run a business !!! Don't waste your time !
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1136850
Apr 07 2014
06:27 AM
Pet Land Pet Plus Do not buy pets from Stores Georgetown Texas
go to (((competitor's name redacted)))After purchasing a Boxer puppy from Petland, the sick puppy taken back to petland's vet. then to my own found puppy had genetic heart problems. They said they were not going tp cover that problem, she had a great 3 years with me and died very young. I now go to breeder classified, breeders belong to clubs and can be dropped from club if they breed dogs with heart problems, or hip problems and they stand behind the dogs they breed, and they cost less in many ways. 
Entity: Georgetown, Texas
15, Report #1304133
May 06 2016
04:03 PM
banfield Pet hospital Rip-Off with Banfield Pet Hospital Portland, Or Nationwide
I joined Banfield Pet hospital 7/28/15 for a wellness plan for my pet. I was told all the great things about the wellness plan. I was convinced, this could save me money.  What they fail to tell people is that if your pet dies, you are still responsible for the contract. It is stated in the contract that you can cancel but there are many contingencies. It never states in the contract that you are still responsible for the contract until the end of your year. I also have heard from others that we are never told when the contract ends when your year is up. They just automatically charge you.  I would propose to Banfield is sharing all of the wonderful things about the plan, you should also be told about the negative things about the plan.  I feel they are ripping off people especially the elders, like me that are on a fixed income! I think when an employee signs someone up for the wellness plan, they get a bonus.    Please help us consumers
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1346656
Dec 30 2016
10:09 AM
Discount pet medications USA Sierra Nevada Pet Company $397. Rip off scam!! Internet
On December 13, 2016 I contacted Discount Meds to place an order for fles protection, the order total was $397.93. The company had stated that it would take 5-10 business day to arrive at my home.After not receiving my order by the 23rd of December I contacted them by e-mail the phone number they provided did not work. I received an e-mail back from john stating that because of the holidays it might be held up, whatever.   The first tracking number they gave me said it was in Singapore for three days, then the tracking said it arrived in Germany. Now the tracking number says there is no information on this number.   I looked this company up on the BBB and the review on this company is anything but good. How can these people keep getting away with stuff like this. My bank is looking into this.   They have not responded to my recent e-mail, so I am assuming they are done with me. I just hope and pray I get my money back, I do not have $397. to give away!!  
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1408121
Oct 23 2017
06:47 PM
Discount Pet Medication Sierra Pet Meds Beware - A Major Ripoff Australia Internet
 I ordered a product on October 8, 2017. + 10 days, I still had not received a shipping notification so I sent an email with my order number - no response + 15 days sent second email - received auto reply with a template response we will get back to you + 15 days 11:15 am EST called their support line - recording - outside of business hours + 15 days 9:42 pm EST (AU time zones between 9:42am and 12:42pm) recording - outside of business hours This company is non responsive and appears to be taking funds and not shipping product.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1196929
Dec 21 2014
01:28 PM
Entirely Pets - Online Pet Supplies Charged card after order was canceled. No refund given. Internet
I placed a large order with Entirely Pets on December 11 2014. On December 16 I had heard nothing and my order still stated PENDING on their website. I emailed asking when my order would ship. I received a reply stating my order was processed and would ship December 17. On the evening of December 17, order still showed pending on the website so I called. I was told the order had not shipped. I requested that the order be canceled during that call, and also replied to the email I had received, also asking for the order to be canceled. The website updated within minutes to show that the order had, indeed, been canceled. On December 18 I noticed that my card had been charged for the order several hours AFTER the cancel request went through and the website updated. I called Entirely Pets and was told I would receive a refund in 4 business days, up to 2 weeks.On December 21, I received another email from Entirely Pets stating that my order could not be canceled because it had SHIPPED! I called immediately and was told it had not shipped and that the company had issued store credit instead of refunding my money as I asked. Store credit does not appear anywhere in my account on their website. I re-iterated that I insist on a refund as I will never do business with this company again. I was told my refund will post to my account in 4 to 6 business days.I find this completely unacceptable. They canceled the order BEFORE charging my card. The order has not shipped. I do not want, need, or in any way plan to use any form of credit with this company. I demand am immediate full refund credited to my card.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #197138
Jun 19 2006
02:46 PM
Britt Adelle Douglas ripping off pet supplies pet websites New Milford Connecticut
If you have an online store please beware of Britt Adelle Douglas or AKA A.Pencle.. She purchases through paypal with fradulent charge/debit cards..She bought a couple hundred dollars worth of pet supplies from my on-line Shih Tzu breeder website, using fradulent shipping address and credit card to sign up with paypal, then insisted on a speedy shipment...(before the transaction had cleared paypal, I had already shipped her merchandise) She is either using a Yonkers, NY address or New Milford Conneticut.. Linda Algonac, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: New Milford, Connecticut
20, Report #452107
May 15 2009
07:00 AM
Petes Pet Store, Pete's Pet Store Petes Pet Store Davie --- Hamster RIPOFF Davie Florida
On April 25th, 2009 I bought a teddy bear (Long-Hair) hamster from Pete's Pets in Davie FL. They told me it was healthy, but if I had any problems to return it. A few days later, the animal became sick and I took it to the vet. The hamster was moped around, would not eat, tried to bite me when I picked it up and was pooping and bleeding all over the place. The veternarian said my hamster had wet tail and there would not be much they could do (although they would try). I spent several hundred dollars in vet bills for antibiotics and other special care, but after a few days the hamster died. I complained to the store, but they would not refund my money, saying all sales are final. There is no way I will ever recover my medical bills for my precious pet, let alone the grief caused by the loss of my precious Fur Ball Pete's Pets in Davie Florida is a HAMSTER RIPOFF Z Davie, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Davie, Florida
21, Report #139899
Apr 22 2005
01:40 PM
Pet Street Mall unauthorized and duplicate bank drafts Evergreen Or Cincinnati Colorado or OH
I ordered a dog training collar online. I received the merchandise. My account was charged $89.49 three separate drafts. Attempts to contact the company have met with nonfunctioning phone lines and fax. Seven emails garnered only a generic response saying the company was moving and phone lines were inoperable. My complaint was not addressed. BBB reflects 4 other complaints against the company. company's addresses: 3081 Bergen Peak Drive, Evergreen, CO 125 Crescentville Rd. Cincinnati, OH Mark natchez, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Evergreen, Colorado
22, Report #120615
Dec 01 2004
09:18 AM
Banfield Pet Hospital Ripoff horrible customer service and arrogant manager Portland Oregon
My wife tood our dog into the Banfield hospital here locally in Surprise Arizona at Petsmart for one of their vaccination clinics. She was told that if she got there by 2pm she would be guaranteed to be seen by 4pm, which is the end of the clinic. Needless to say my wife has been to numerous clinics before and gotten there at 2:30 even 3pm and gotten in and there were the same number of people at those clinics as the one she went to yesterday. One time they got behind on a clinic and the receptionist asked if the customers would be willing to forego the exam and just get the shots to speed things up and they were able to get everyone in. This time my wife got there at 2pm and had our dog and our toddler with her and she waited and waited and got no updates on anything until 3:55pm when she was told they would not be able to get her in. I can guarantee that they new well before that time they would not get her in but just failed to inform her. There were three young ladies working at the front desk doing nothing and any one of them a lot earlier could have come out and informed my wife and the other customers that they were behind and they would probably not be able to get to them today but they could continue to wait if they wanted to. Nobody did that. I called the manager and she laughed at me on the phone when I asked her why nobody informed my wife earlier so she could have left and come back another day. The manager stated everyone is told when they check in. My wife was not told anything other then get there by 2pm and you will be fine and seen just like she has in the past. The manager laughed at me when I asked why could nobody come out a lot earlier and inform customers that had been waiting for so long that they probably would not get in and she just didn't have any answer other then they are told up front. The manager, according to my wife, laughed at another customer that came in and complained and was rude to many others. I gave the manager the two choices and that was to assure my wife a no wait opportunity at the next clinic this Thursday or to make my wife an appt any other day and waive the office charge, which is why they have these clinics. The manager refused and stated my wife would have to wait again another day. I advised her that I would pursue this further and have since sent e-mails to corporate executives and ceo's of both petsmart and banfield citing this ladies name and what I want. I would highly advise against Banfield. They say they are the best but they showed their true colors during this last clinic. Jeff Surprise, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
23, Report #126473
Jan 08 2005
11:26 AM
Hi Tech Pet ripoff, failure to credit account Ventura California Internet
I ordered a pet door from High Tech. Their website says they don't have anything on the site that's not in stock. When the door didn't arrive 3 weeks later I was told it was on backorder. 5 weeks later it was shipped direct from the manufacturer. In the meantime I purchased another pet door from another company. I contacted High Tech and they (surprisingly) immediately credited my credit card even though the item had already been shipped to me. When the item arrived a week later, it took another week before FedEx would pick it up for a refused shipment. I returned the pet door on Dec. 19th. Because they didn't receive the refused shipment within a week they reversed their credit on my card and took the money back out. When I called them (yes, I got a real person this time after many messages not returned) they said they would credit the account as soon as the door was received. I keep calling them and get either an answering machine or voice mail that is too full to leave a message. After approx. 10 message only one has ever been returned. Their website says they give you immediate credit (which they did do initially) but they turned around and did an unauthorized transaction. 3 weeks and 3 phone message later I still don\'t have a credit on my account. Michele Salem, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #111019
Oct 01 2004
08:53 AM
Pet Paradise SELLING SICK PUPPY MILL PUPPIES!!!!!!! Englishtown New Jersey
Do not purchase any animal from this store!!! Their puppies are coming from puppy mills and this has been confirmed by vets in the area that know this store and investigations that have been done on the breeders that they're coming from! My puppy along with many others that I know are very ill and are not even a year old yet!! And when you call Pet Paradise and talk to the owners, Joe and Dana, to try to get a refund or reimbursement for vet bills (as you are entitled to under state law), beside being extremely unsympathetic, they try to intimidate you and tell you that there's nothing they can do. This is NOT true!!!!!!! You as a consumer have your rights. Each state has a puppy lemon law. Do your research and you will see that you have rights! Don't let them bully you like they've been trying to do to all of us. They're already being investigated by the Dept. of Health because of so many complaints!!! Lisa Freehold, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Englishtown, New Jersey
25, Report #115653
Nov 01 2004
06:38 PM
Bensalem Pet Center Ripoff rude uneducated employes BENSALEM Pennsylvania
I was recently at your store on November 1, 2004 and was astounded by the rudeness and stupidity of one of your employees. From the moment we walked into the door, it seemed like a hassle for her to get off her personal phone call to even help us out. She was arrogant and demeaning the entire time that we were there. I think that it is very unprofessional for you to have someone working for you like that in a store that sells animals. I am a vet student and she knew absolutely no knowledge of any of the animals in the store. The cages were all so soiled and filthy. If something is not done about this, I am going to report this. Also, she also decided that it was her place to give me an animal because she uneducated assumedly that I was not 18 years old. If a person has a question to the age of the person in their store, you ask them; not degrading say, You must be at least 18 years of age to buy a dog. I am a smart, educated 22 year old that lives on my own and I have never been treated with that much disrespect in my life. I called back to get here name. Her name is Laura and she has dark and is heavyset. The type of attitude I received from her will cause me to NEVER enter your store again. If anyone somewhat intelligent works or runs your pet place, you would not have this problem. You need to Fire her. A warning or probation for that type of person would be a waste of time. I know a lot of people in your area and I assure you that none of them will be buying or even stopping in your shop. Her attitude, demeanor and lack of knowledge are totally unacceptable. I suggest that you require your employees to fill out a more thorough application. Paula woodbury,, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: BENSALEM, Pennsylvania

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