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1, Report #802438
Nov 28 2011
01:43 PM
Peter Jones Cash Advance USA, EZ Cash USA CASH ADVANCE USA SCAMS!! Unknown, Nationwide
I was called today by a Mr. Peter Jones. He was very rude with me stating that I owed money for a payday loan that I done online. He honestly scared me by saying that I owed this money, that they was taking me to court for the money I got from the loan. He stated that he would settle the account for $300.00. Stupidly I gave him my account information to pay the 300.00. I am a business owner so I could not have anything bad on my credit. After I got off the phone with them,I started doing some thinking. I called my bank to verify that no loans was deposited into my account (which there was none) then I called the Goodyear police Department. They have now opened the case & is looking for the men. They all have heavy accents & are hard to understand. I called my wife at working freaking out. She then called them by blocking her number & they are using or so they can have a new number for each scam... They then told her that they was working for EZ Cash USA & would not send us any contact from the loan company. Things just didnt add up from what they told her & what they told me. So after they talked to her, they called me back & said they worked for Cash Advance USA. She looked up that name & found out about this scam. We have now given all of the information to Goodyear Police Department & they are doing a criminal case against these people. DONT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!! Its sad that there is people out there that would steal money from hard working people. That get up everyday & drive to work to provide for their families.. Information to watch for........ Peter Jones, Civil Financial Service, 312-473-2929...... If you get a call from these people.. Tell them you will call right back that you are on the other line, hit *67 to block your number & try to call them back... If you get the recording stating that the user is using MagicJack or MagicTalk... ITS A SCAM!!!!!
Entity: , Nationwide
2, Report #842898
Feb 22 2012
12:44 PM
U.S. Department of Federal Investigation Peter Jones, Tim Jones Law office Peter Jones got $500 from me by stating warrant for my arrest tim Jones stated supenia tomorrow internet, Internet
I started receiving calls from a Peter Jones Civil Financial Services Law department phone number 315-604-3650. Then came along phone calls also from a Tim Jones U.S. department of Financial  very rude and both foreign I may add, that I had received a cashnet bank deposit in the amount around $300. That I knew for sure that I did not receive. They both stated that I would have a warrant out for my arrest if I did not pay the amount and then some back to them imediatelly, unfortunently I did pay the Peter Jones an amount $500.00 on a green dot money pak card. I was apprehensive but I was very sure I did not wan to get a court supenia out of this, I was also unsure that this was not a possible thing for them to do. I have received phone calls from Tim Jones today stating I have 24 hours to return his calls or the cops would be at my door tommorrow. For a reason or another I decided to look this up on the interente and here I am figuring out that I lost $500.00 to a scam which I did not really have to lose and that I will not be paying Tim Jones law office the $500.00 they expect today. Tim Jones law office phone number 75000005633 Peter Jones 315-604-3650
Entity: internet, Internet
3, Report #759281
Aug 01 2011
01:25 PM
jULY 8, 2011 I was just informed this morning that my 1995 Audi S6 Avant was stolen from in front of S-line Motorsports (3360 South Platt River Dr. Unit 103) between February 15 and March 1, 2011 while the car was in for repair by Davey Jones. It was not reported stolen until June 29, 2011. It is blue with silver/blue tinted windows, TEC front bumper and full RS2 setup. Vin no. is WAULA84A9SN121267. $5000 Reward being offered for information leading to arrest and conviction of person(s) associated with theft of this car. Contact  Thanks, Peter
Entity: ENGLEWOOD, Colorado
4, Report #1151773
Jun 03 2014
09:57 AM
Liberty Alliance Peter Jones, Sandra Anderson Rip-Off Powder Springs Georgia
 Received a letter telling me I had won 50,000 dollars through a department Stores Sweepstake Lottery held on Jan. 1, 2014 and a check for $3810.50 was inclosed and to contract a Peter Jones or Sandra Anderson at 470-809-9046.  The check looked real, but thought I'd better take it to the bank for examination.  It was a fraud and of course not worth the paper it was written on.  Do not respond to this scam.
Entity: Powder Springs, Georgia
5, Report #962586
Oct 31 2012
08:54 AM peter jones they took my $300.00 and they are demanding $400.00 more money Richmond, Virginia
we sent a company 300.00 for a bird to be shipped to us, so we paid the $300.00 but now they are demanding $400.00 for a ukda certificate also for the bird. we dont know how to stop them demanding money from us
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
6, Report #695649
Feb 16 2011
09:14 AM
david k. jones david k jones has a long history of incomplete pool and house projects in NH, ME and Mass hollywood, Florida
Mr. David K Jones has a long history in these towns: Gilford,NH-faulty pool construction and other construction, York,ME-house construction failed code inforcement inspection. David K. Jones...Bankruptcy case 93-14465 WCH US Bankruptcy Dist of Massachusetts Judgement against David K. Jones $104,586.37 State of NH Superior Court #89-C-00812-0 re:pool construction and other related items. David K. Jones...Massachusetts family court....non-payment of child support
Entity: hollywood, Florida
7, Report #166873
Dec 05 2005
06:07 AM
Advantage America Ripoff 49.00 bank draft SCAM from asian accented Cindy Jones and Peter Smith Winter Park Florida
I received a phone call on my unlisted cell phone from an asian sounding women named Cindy Jones who claimed to represent The Government Grant Office for the United States government. She explained that I would be receiving a grant from the Federal Government in the amount of $12,500.00 and all I had to do was accept a $49 processing charge. When I told her that I would not give her my checking account number she became irritated and told me the government grant program required a valid checking account. She then explained that her organization did not want to take anything from me but this is what was required. When she finally stopped talking I asked her if I could do a little research and call her back in a few minutes. Instead of responding to my request she repeated herself only louder and quicker making it harder to understand what she was saying. In the end I told her I wasn't interested, that I didn't believe her and she said she would let me think about it and would call me back. I said ok. Call me back. Then she went back into her speach about needing my bank account number verified and they could send me my grant. I hung up at that point. Tell anyone you know because they found me, they found you, and they might find your family too. Steve Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
8, Report #458243
Nov 01 2011
11:35 AM, Austin Lead, Best Leads Ever, Hal Austin, Peter Bachman, Ed Watkins, Matt Davis, Hal Austin, Peter Bachman, Ed Watkins, Tom Jones, Matt Davis Jacksonville Florida
Called the number for telehammer, Matt Davis - Tom Jones - Ed Watkins. With those multiple personalities going don't you get confused? Maybe that's why I can't get paid and other people can't get refunds, and everyone gets ripped off. Austinvictim Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
9, Report #478103
Dec 06 2010
07:55 PM
T.J. Jones of ITS LEAKING AGAIN gave an estimate for work to a tree damaged home. Performed the first half, conned the money for the final $7900.00 and refuses to perform the work. We all know contractors need to be held with a close reign, DO NOT let this con artist rip you off too!!!!! Ed marietta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: LAWRENCEVILLE, Georgia
10, Report #1199050
Jan 02 2015
09:09 PM
Russell Jones, Russell Jones Washington, Washington
Russell Jones  took 200.00 in fees for a loan I never got. He's a thief. Crock heartless. Takes money from people who already are struggling.(((REDACTED personal email)))
11, Report #1135494
Jul 22 2014
03:02 PM
Mike Jones ICREF FUNDING Funding, Fraud, Real Estate Florida Internet
Mike Jones took a $1750 fee to get aloan started, it was supposed to be completely refundable. After a few weeks he took ill and had to pull his funding offer. I was promised a full refund, Mike even had his lawyer draft up a release. Signed the release, still watiing for the payment months later. You want to hope he is actually just sick and hasn't gotten around to it, but the chances are slim to none. Will be giving Mike a few more days to resurface and hopefully follow through - otherwise its off to the courts. Once we successfully pin down Mike's location and get our complaint filed, I will keep this updated and make sure any others who have been wronged get compensation as well.    
Entity: Internet
12, Report #354308
Jul 22 2008
01:59 PM
David Morgan And Associates - US National - Bank Charlie Jones -Peter Brown threatening legal action due to loan default and fraud Winter Garden Florida
I received a voicemail at work from a Charlie Jones- very heavy Indian accent- indicating 'the very second you receive this message, I need you or your attorney to return the call. The issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. My name is Charlie Jones and the hotline to my division is 321-221-0018. Don't disregard this msg. Now if you don't return the call and I don't hear from your attorney either, the only thing I can do is wish you good luck, as the situation unfolds, goodbye'. Of course, upon receiving this 'urgent' message, I called the number above. The man answered the phone simply with a 'hello' and I indicated that I had received a message to call. He was unable to locate my 'file' by my name and proceeded to ask what number I received the message on. I gave him my direct work line and he was supposedly able to retrieve my file. He then proceeded to tell me my SSN and home address, at which point I asked what this was regarding. He indicated that I had defaulted on a payday loan in 2005, and that legal action was pending. I asked what company he worked for and he responded with US National Bank. When I told him I had never heard of that company, let alone deal with them, he went on to say that they represent 'many companies' and that he was simply responsible for notifying me of the pending legal action. He then asked if I had an attorney and I said no. He told me I would need to hire an attorney and pay large fees to rectify the situation. I asked for some type of corporate address or email/website to validate that this was a legitimate call and he repeatedly told me that because they had already sent me 17 emails with confirmation of receipt and a letter to my home, that they were no longer able to provide me with any written correspondence. He advised that there was, however an option that 'might' give me the chance to settle the matter out of court. When I asked what that was, he referenced an OOCR- an out of court restitution. At this point, I was stunned to even be having this conversation, not having a clue of where this was all coming from. He put me on a 10 second hold and came back tellling me that he had advised his legal contacts of my situation and that they would authorize the OOCR if that was the route I wanted to choose. 10 seconds for that? Come on. I continued to push him for some sort of validation, and he would simply reply that emails had been sent and he wanted to know the reason why I hadn't paid them back. He referenced that the reason could be fraud and that I would have to suffer the consequences and deal with them through my lawyer. Additionally, he indicated that my employer would be contacted and most people would not want that to happen. He again referenced my two options as being either the OOCR or legal action. When I advised that legal action seemed to be my option and asked what next steps would be involved, he kept telling me that my lawyer would receive the paperwork and go from there. I again told him that I don't have a lawyer so how was that possible. He simply repeated himself and then indicated that we had both exhausted enough time on this issue (I think he was growing tired of my endless questions). I asked for his name and number and that's when he said his name was Peter Brown, head of the department and his number was 321-221-0018- SAME number as Charlie Jones... I asked if there was an extension to reach him and he said that this was his direct line. He then said good day and disconnected. I began researching what little company info I had and landed here- thankfully! I have since called the number back- the same voice/person answers but I get a slew of different names each time. Then after lunch, Charlie Jones called me again and the caller ID this time displayed 786-866-2982. This time he indicated that he had his restitution supervisor, Tom, available to speak to me to try and settle the matter and tried to immediately transfer me. I advised him that I would first need some type of written documentation or address to confirm the legitimacy of the call, because it was my belief that this was indeed a scam as a result of all of my research. He told me that people who default and are trying to get out of paying things back would say that. Then I questioned the contact number I had been given and the different names that answer and he hung up on me. Based on the information and other victims' reports I've viewed today, I will certainly be reaching out to my local attorney general's ofc., and to the various credit reporting agencies to ensure that an alert is placed on my SSN. Hope others find this useful as well! AW Hagerstown, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Garden, Florida
13, Report #1147920
May 19 2014
11:36 AM
USA/EU department Store Sweepstakes lottery Peter Jones or Sandra AndersonLetterhead:Liberty Alliance3151 A Florence RoadPowder Springs, Ga 30127 Fruadulent Check from Sweepstakes Powder Springs Georgia
I received a check in the amount of $3800.00 as a part of a $50,000 sweepstake winnings held on Jan 1. 2014.The check was official looking writtenon Citizens Alliance Bank and paid by Citizens State Insurance but upon calling the bank I was told it was fraudulent and to report it to the police.   I had called the contact name as my claim agent who told me to deposit the check in my bank and call him back, which I did not do.   Imagine an innocent person received this check and paid out against it only to see it was fraud? Horrendous! 
Entity: Powder Springs, Georgia
14, Report #928961
Aug 17 2012
11:55 PM
McKeon Jones McKeon Jones Tax Service, McKeon Jones Tax, McKeon Jones San Francisco Avoid McKeon Jones McKeon Jones Tax Service, McKeon Jones Tax, McKeon Jones San Francisco unless you want to lose money! San Francisco, California
Avoid McKeon Jones / McKeon Jones Tax Service / McKeon Jones Tax / McKeon Jones San Francisco unless you enjoy losing money!! McKeon Jones / McKeon Jones Tax Service / McKeon Jones Tax / McKeon Jones San Francisco / Stephen Daugherty / Stephen G. Daugherty offers investment and tax planning consulting in addition to income tax preparation service. I originally went to McKeon Jones / McKeon Jones Tax Service / McKeon Jones Tax / McKeon Jones San Francisco, to see owner / manager Stephen Daugherty for income tax preparation services, but he also convinced me to invest in a safe tax shelter scheme. The IRS and Franchise Tax Board charged me huge penalties and interest because McKeon Jones / McKeon Jones Tax Service / McKeon Jones Tax / McKeon Jones San Francisco and owner / manager Stephen Daugherty made blatant errors on my tax return and the safe tax shelter scheme was fraudulent. OUCH!!!!!!! Moreover, McKeon Jones / McKeon Jones Tax Service / McKeon Jones Tax / McKeon Jones San Francisco, and owner / manager Stephen Daugherty refused to give me a refund for the fraudulent tax shelter consulting fee. Note that this report is not about Stephen Daugherty Clarksville TN, Stephen Daugherty Charlotte, Stephen Daugherty Tennessee, Stephen Daugherty MD, Stephen Daugherty MD Charlotte NC, Stephen Daugherty MD Springfield MO, Dr. Stephen Daugherty, or Stephen F. Daugherty because none of these are the owner / manager of McKeon Jones / McKeon Jones Tax Service / McKeon Jones Tax / McKeon Jones San Francisco.
Entity: San Francisco, California
15, Report #799502
Nov 18 2011
11:10 AM
Peter Nguyen Peter Natural Peter Nguyen AKA Peter Natural is a SCAM Photographer Pasadena, California
The Law Office of Felicia Donovan is here by filing suit againt Peter Nguyen who also goes by the name of Peter Natural on Model Mayhem.This photographer contacted my client Vanessa to do a photo-shoot at Wills Rodgers Beach. Never once in any of his emails or texts to Vanessa did he ever tell her anything about meeting after the shoot at his studio in Pasadena for her to pick out the pictures. Peter clearly knew that Vanessa is from Miami Florida and could not do that as she was flying back out of town. It was not until AFTER the shoot that Peter stated he would have to pick out the pictures of Vanessa since she could not make it to his studio. This is not what my client Vanessa English agreed upon. Vanessa, and her wardrobe stylist and her hair person all contacted Peter on several occassions requesting that he send ALL THE IMAGES to them for them to pick out for there portfolios, he ignored all there emails and phone calls. Peter even blocked the wardrobe stylist from his facebook account. Then yesterday November 17th Peter sends over 8 pictures to Vanessas email address, NONE of these pictures is what she wanted and she did not like. She asked Peter once again to send her ALL the images from the shoot via so she can choose her own images. He is refusing to do so. This is very unprofessional on his part and it violoates he agreement with the model and Model Mayhem. I here by request all the images from the shoot be emailed to my client Vanessa English today in High Resolution or we will be reqeusting $2000k from Peter. He will also be banned from Model Mayhem as well if he does not send these pictures.
Entity: Pasadena, California
16, Report #289413
Dec 06 2007
12:15 PM
Peter Ogston - Peter King A Little Peace Illegal subletting Twickenham London
I rented an apartment from Peter Ogston/Peter King which he was, unbenownst to myself, illegally subletting. He told me he is a DJ and his company name is A Little Peace. He also operates under the name Peter King. As per the previous post he was renting it from the housing authority and subletting it to me. When they found out they gave him an eviction notice. I was given 7 days to get out. As he had no legal right to sublet it to me in the first place, I had no tenancy rights and had to vacate the property.. He has sworn blind to me on numerous occasions that he would pay me the 400 remaining balance he owes me but to no avail. Cianan twickenhamUnited Kingdom
Entity: London, United Kingdom
17, Report #572
Nov 22 1999
12:00 AM
loser landlord
My ex landlord owes me over $1000. He said he would give me back my security deposit. He has not! This seems to be his usual M.O.
Entity: Mechanicsville, Virginia
18, Report #723205
Apr 28 2011
12:52 PM
Matt Jones, Matthew Jones Matt Jones, Lucidology,, Matthew Jones BUYER BEWARE, PHONY, DECEPTION , Internet
First of all and this is just for starters, there is no Nicholas Newport like the website claims. The REAL person behind the Lucidology website is Matt Jones. So, right off the bat, Matt Jones starts off with deception. And the whole thing snowballs from there. His information is really just a rehash of things you can easily find on the internet for FREE. Nothing new, nothing special, nothing real. And its especially disappointing because he hypes his website up as being different. Matt Jones has had other websites and its obvious his main concern is just making a quick buck. Matt Jones reinvented himself with the Lucidology but its just more of his old tricks like those found on So, what Im saying is buyer beware! Save your hard earned money. Dont fall for Matt Jones Lucidology hype because thats all it is, just hype. Matt Jones is all about deception starting with his FAKE Nicholas Newport identity. I would not trust him or anything he sells.  Do yourself a favor, save your money and your time and stay away.
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #738293
Jun 08 2011
08:47 AM
Herff Jones Watch Out for Herff Jones... Internet
If you have any other choice when choosing to purchase a class ring, I would take it. The customer service here is terrible and the workmanship was shoddy. After returning my son's class ring which had exposed pins, a loose stone and was the wrong size; we waited more than 3 months to be told the new ring was not even being worked on because they couldn't read the order form. Disgusting. I guess when you already have someone's money, you really don't care when you get around to finishing their product...
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #1341654
Dec 06 2016
08:11 AM
Cuz Jones music Tommy Lee Jones Texas
 August 2016 bandwidth internet magazine contacted me on several occasions saying they would feature my music and myself as an artist. For 90 days. I have contacted them and sent invoices though pay pal But the company will not refund my money or uphold there contract. We released a record at the time of this agreement and intended to use the media source as advertisement. This break in contract has negatively affected sales
Entity: Texas
21, Report #594592
May 10 2010
07:30 AM
Law and Investigative Services Peter Hoffman Mr. Jones Threatening, liars, thiefs Internet
I want everyone to know about these guys.  I received a message on my voicemail last Friday.  Some man with a strong Indian accent stated that I had a complaint filed against me from Meta-Bank for a pay-day loan I never paid back.  I Called the man back and let him know yes, I applied for a pay-day loan, but never received it.  He told me, not my problem.  I was told that if I didn't send a money order for at least $500.00, supposedly half of my debt,  I would have to go to court Monday.  When I asked which courthouse, he told me one in your state, police will come to your house and tell you.  I was also told to fax information signing over money with my ID and signature.  Then I was informed my 65 year old mother, who lives in a different area had to go to court too and this guy called her, left her a message and threatened her.  I called Meta-bank and was told this place was just trying to get my money.  So, fyi, this place NEEDS to be stopped!!
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #1163834
Jul 21 2014
05:01 PM
global payment direct inc Peter jones when I contacted the number on the letter I received from globsl direct he told me congratulations a nrd to use the check of $3821 part of mybwinnings $50,000 and use $1500 via western union and send to joseph victor in dublin ,ireland I sent the money and arranged ups delivery of my certified check I sentbthe transaction onfriday evening atlanta georgia
Received notification with a letter indicating that I was a prize winner 2nd prize winner in the first category of USA /Eu  Department Stores Sweepstakes lottery held on January 1 2014 . You have won $50,000 Global Direct has been designated by the sweepstakes to inform all winners and pay them off their money your payment will be delivered via certified check  which will be delivered by UPS or Fedex. ENCLOSED IS A Check for $3810 30 which is deducted from your winnings and to help you pay for the documentation and taxes fees and payable to you tax agent names . I did ask Mr. Jones why t wad sending this tax requirement to Dublin , Ireland and he explained there is two different drwaings either in North America or Europe and I just happened to win in Europe drawing and will be in North America next year. Do not act on this notice until you contact claims agent I contacted Mr .Peter Jones and he told me to send $1500 to Joseph Victor in Dublin, Ireland . I went to Western Union and sent him the $1500 and contacted Mr . Peter Jones snd told me that I would be receiving a certified check of $46,289.70 on Saturday 19th July at 900am via UPS but waited till 920am and recontacted Mr. Peter Jones . He informed me that Ups would not deliver this amount unless I sent money to insure the certified check. .I went to Western Union and sent another $1000 to Joseph Victor in Dublin , Ireland .I sent the money and contacted Mr Peter Jones and confirmec payment was received and my certified check would arrive om Monday at500pm. The check never arrived and did not contact t him back fue to disappointment .I thought that this was from God .     I currently have $1310.30 left of the 3810.10 from my winnings still no certified check Each transaction from Western Union was verified by transfer number and amount inEuro dollars by Mr.Peter Jones..I feel that I have been scammed by this Mr.Peter Jones .he guaranteed me that it was 100% and I would receive my $1000 for insurance uon arrivel of my certified check .I woul appreciate you to investigate this company Global Direct , Inc my letter was signed by Sandra Owen Promotion Manager .    
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1167025
Aug 03 2014
08:21 AM
USA /EU Department Store Sweepstake Peter Jones Sandra Anderson Do not fall for this stupid scam!!! They mail you a check saying you won $50,000 in a lottery you never entered and mail you a fraudulent check to cash to mail them your hard earned money to steal before it bounces !!! Please don't fall for this people !!! Nationwide
These people send you a check for well over a thousand dollars saying you won a department store sweepstakes for $50,000! They want you to deposit this fraudulent check and then wire them your hard earned money to claim it supposedly for taxes and fees! It's a SCAM!!! Their check will bounce and they will be off with your money without a trace. I just hope someday they are caught and pay for all the people they have ripped off ! I am not one of them..please don't be one either!!
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #50365
Mar 24 2003
02:32 PM
Donny Jones rip-off Cleveland Ohio
This fake playa is such a **ckin liar it's not even funny. He can ly about stuff he got from how much he wants to be with you. By no mens, do you ever beleive him or you will be left. He can't keep his dick in his pants, has kids evveywhere and will say anything to get you in bed! If you know him, you al ready know how much of a liar he is, everyone in land knows, that's the sad part! Sonja cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
25, Report #603955
May 17 2010
09:01 AM
Freddie Jones Freddie J UNPROFESSIONAL STYLIST Internet
Looking for a stylist, DO NOT go to Freddie J a.k.a. Freddie Vannessa Jones a.k.a. the lady from Dallas, TX that lost the Bronner Brothers Convention in the theatrical documentary Good Hair.  In general I went to her for a trim and left with an actual hair cut.  In detail I wanted change of hairstyle, so I started looking for beauticians to cut my hair.  I ran into a bad one (besides Freddie) that razored my hair instead of cut it correctly.  After asking multiple people I was referred to Freddie with the additional comment from the person of referral stating I heard shes snappy. First warning.  I contacted her and asked if I could come in to see her work before scheduling an appointment and she quickly stated: I teach classes, I was on Good Hair and I have a website you can check out.  Note to all in any situation in life He who speaks the loudest is the quietest in battle, anyone who feels they need to throw their accomplishments or things of the like is covering something up.  I viewed the site and because of being tired of searching for a beautician, scheduled an appointment and went in.  I understand beauticians are not magicians, but if I give you a good palate to work with make it great, not worse.  I asked her to style my hair cute and out of my face.  She instantly began complaining saying my cut was bad and suggested that she do curlswhat she basically did on the two previous clients before me.   She insisted I get a shape up and I agreed, pleased not elated I, left the shop.  A month later, which is present day I scheduled an appointment for a trim.  Additional note, if the stylist starts guessing on what to charge you be mindful (for example you say how much for a,b and c and they say ummm, what did I charge you last time or uhh what was it you said you wanted), take the hint.  I went in and while under the drier viewed another stylist in the shop, liked what I saw and asked Freddie can she do my hair like the other stylists client and she began with her excuses; your hair is cut different, its too thin, her hair is coarse and cut different etc. So I told her I wanted a trim, nothing to serious because I am not ready to go too short.  Again she began with excuses stating I need more than a trim I need to get this cut and that cut. Again, I told her Im comfortable with my length and am not ready to go too short.  I told her Ill do a trim this time and consider the additional cut later.  She started cutting not trimming my hair, after she finished, I specifically asked her was it a trim or a cut, of course she said trim.  Pleased not elated about my hair I left.  After looking at my hair multiple times and asking the opinion of a friend I noticed my hair was shorter than intended.  The following day I contacted Freddie and stated I wanted to discuss my hair and that I respect her as a beautician, however I feel my trim is more of a cut than an actual trim.  She stated no it isnt and after listening to her background she stepped into a quieter area and became disrespectful.  She continued saying she strives to please her customers and what did I want her to do, I went on to say that I was seeing if she had a solution for the situation and she began to get irate.  I expressed that she is coming off that way and that that was not the goal of my call, she laughed and I told her that I was not trying to upset her, however I am disappointed with the fact my hair is shorter than what I intended.  Freddie went on to say that she has the right to refuse me service and that I do not fit the type of customers who she usually deals with.  I ended the conversation and told her that was fine and to enjoy her day.  For her to become disrespectful alone is unprofessional and for her to make that comment was the ultimate disrespect. 
Entity: , Internet

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