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1, Report #1439298
Apr 19 2018
06:20 AM
Peter Cedeno, Peter L. Cedeno New York City Divorce Lawyer Lies About Client Relationship and Mocks Dissatisfied Client New York New York
My name is Tania H. I have a story to tell that Peter Cedeno would rather you never hear. If he had his way you would never see these words. His desire is for all bad reviews to be written in invisible ink so that nobody ever sees them. Lucky for me I found out about Ripoff Report. It seems to be the only place where Mr Cedeno can't manipulate the narrative. I made the decision to file this complaint for that very reason. On Google and Yelp he succeeded in getting my reviews removed. I paid him a lot of money to represent me and what I wrote in those reviews was 100% the truth, but somehow he was able to suppress my first amendment right to free speech. I was a client who did not receive adequate representation and Mr Cedeno has the gaul to disavow my existence and label me a spammer. On 7/3/2017, I left an honest review for Mr Cedeno on Yelp. He replied to my review in a very inappropriate manner, basically threatening me for speaking out. I have attached a screen capture of my Yelp review to this complaint. You can see what he said, but more importantly, that he acknowledged that I was a paying client. There is no disputing that. But somehow he managed to get my review moved to the Not currently recommended” section of his Yelp listing which means it is not being factored into his rating. The rating you see for Peter Cedeno is neither truthful nor accurate because it excludes any reviews where the client was dissatisfied with the legal services he provides. I also left the same review on his Google listing, but he got it removed and it was never factored into his rating. Fast forward to 4/13/18, I tried to repost my review because it was clear to me that Mr Cedeno is still manipulating the system. This time he responded with a lot of name calling. He referred to me as a spammer, denied that I am an actual client, and made a crazy accusation that I am stalking his children on Facebook. I don’t know anything about Mr. Cedeno’s family, nor do I care to. He then registered a Google account under my name and tried to impersonate me on his own listing. Literally right above my review. This is what shocked me the most. It is bizarre behavior for anyone who calls themselves a professional. I have attached screen captures so you can see it. Peter Cedeno called me a mentally deranged and disturbed psychopath with obsessive compulsive disorder. He also went on to make fun of my weight, to call me a spammer, etc. He then modified his review to make it seem like I was actually happy with his legal representation before realizing his stupidity and deleting it. There is something seriously wrong with Mr Cedeno. This is no way to treat any human being let alone an actual client. I could not believe he responded to me in such an inappropriate and aggressive manner. He has the nerve to berate me but when you read his words he is clearly the one with the problem. I hope you get the help you need Mr Cedeno, I really do.
Entity: New York, New York
2, Report #1417176
Dec 15 2017
12:35 PM
Peter L. Cedeno, My Divorce Lawyer Screwed Me - He Has No Morals, Ethics, or Shame Peter L. Cedeno New York New York
If you are searching for a competent divorce lawyer in New York City, NY, you would be well advised to stay away from Peter L. Cedeno. Not only will he pad the bill like an expensive mattress, he will do his best to get alcohol in your bloodstream in order to destroy your inhibitions. That was my experience with this man. When he sees an attractive woman, and knows that she’s in a delicate state and extremely vulnerable, he will try to take advantage of the situation. There is usually only one thing on Peter’s mind and it’s not something he learned in law school. I walked into his office with high hopes that he could help me with a difficult divorce, but I left feeling cheap and violated. He kept asking me what my favorite alcoholic beverage was. Then he asked me when I usually get off work, and for my cup size. I asked him why do you need that? He said to do some shopping at Victoria’s Secret. I then said “oh, for your wife or girlfriend?” He said no. I have to say, I found his questioning a bit strange. Peter was like a dog with a bone. My mind was on the divorce, but his mind was clearly on something else. Needless to say, I left in a confused state of mind and made the decision not to retain him as my attorney. But that didn’t stop Peter Cedeno from sending me a ridiculous bill for services that were never rendered. This man is extremely unprofessional. How he got through law school and passed the bar is anyones guess.
Entity: New York, New York
3, Report #1431858
Mar 01 2018
06:20 AM
Peter Cedeno New York City Divorce Lawyer Will Sue YOU for Speaking Out New York New York
You should know upfront that if you hire Peter Cedeno and aren't satisfied for any reason he will not hesitate to sue you for speaking out. It will begin with threats and intimidation if he can positively identify you. That is why ex-clients who may have had a bad experience are reluctant, even frightened to speak out. And if they do decide to take a walk on the wild side it is understandable that they might take steps to conceal their true identities while preserving the truth. Ask yourself this question: If your attorney did a horrible job, would you leave a review or file a complaint if you knew it would result in a lawsuit against you, simply for speaking the truth? If you made the mistake of hiring Peter Cedeno, a divorce attorney in New York City, then you know what I'm talking about. This is what happened to me personally. I was looking for a divorce attorney and settled on him. To this day I don't know why but I did. Long story short he did a horrible job and I was very disappointed. That motivated me to leave a bad review. But shortly after doing that he tried to threaten me because I left the review from an account he could identify. He made it clear that he would tie me up with so much litigation that my grandchildren would need lawyers if I didn't retract the review. I removed it even though the review was 100% truthful and accurate because I did not have the time or money to fight him. I then watched in silence as any negative review submitted was quickly removed. He makes it a priority every day to suppress bad information. But what really got me riled up is that he's paying for fake reviews across Google,,, and other sites that let him build up a bogus reputation to give the impression that he's a great attorney. He is NOT. I repeat he is NOT. Do NOT be fooled by this man. This is what ultimately motivated me to file another Google review under an account he couldn't identify. He got it removed and I re-posted probably 3-4 times. Then to my shock and dismay I receive an email from Google saying they received a subpoena notice from a lawyer representing Peter Cedeno. This has apparently happened to a bunch of other people. He apparently wants to subpoena account information for everyone who left him a bad review over the past few years so that he can positively identify them and proceed with suing them. I have attached a copy of the subpoena notice I received from Google. But it gets worse. Since he likely doesn't have jurisdiction and won't get anywhere with the suit he is now playing dirty. It would seem he paid someone from India to write some obviously fake reviews on his Google listing. Why? For two reasons. 1) It can help to discredit all the legitimate negative reviews he's receiving. 2) He needs some reviews to call out that are clearly fake so that he can run to Google and say see, I told you someone is out to get me. I have attached screen captures of those reviews. Peter Cedeno is extremely unethical. He is a fraud. The positive online reviews he receives are fake and should not be trusted. Please do not hire this man as your attorney. I wish someone had told me that before I hired him.
Entity: New York, New York
4, Report #1429642
Feb 16 2018
03:50 PM
Peter L. Cedeño & Associates, P.C. Peter Cedeno NYC Divorce Lawyer IS A SCAMMER! AVOID HIM! New York New York
This man is the very definition of sleaze. He did a horrible job on my case and over-billed me by thousands of dollars. I tried to bring this to his attention and he threatened me with legal action if I continued to bother him about the bill. I gave up pursuing my money because I didn't have enough to pay his ridiculous bill let alone more legal fees. But I cannot stay quiet. Peter Cedeno also made inappropriate comments toward me during our initial consultation. He told me he could give me a better rate if I would do something for him. I declined his offer and we continued talking but maybe that is why he is billing me so much. Back when I was researching divorce attorneys I saw all the bad press he was getting online. I overlooked it because I like to form my own opinions about people. But after spending time with him and allowing him to handle my case I can say with confidence that it's probably all true. I should also mention that during my initial consult with Peter Cedeno I mentioned that he had a lot of positive ratings on his online profiles. Much more than other lawyers I researched. He said it's because he spends more money than them and gave me a creepy smile. Most of his 5 star ratings/reviews are fake so don't be fooled.
Entity: New York, New York
5, Report #1417293
Dec 16 2017
09:22 AM
Peter L. Cedeno | Peter Cedeno | New York City Divorce Lawyer Without Ethics Avoid at All Costs Sleeze Bag New York New York
Peter Cedeno is a very dishonest man. He will lie, cheat, and steal to get whatever he wants. That has been my experience. There isn’t an honest bone in his body. When you read positive reviews about him anywhere on the internet, know right away that he’s paying for them. For example, the Google reviews are being written by an internet marketing company called “Online Ownership” based in the United Kingdom. They are being paid by Peter Cedeno to make you believe he’s an upstanting attorney and a pillar of the community. This could not be any farther from the truth. When you spend any amount of time with Peter, you will feel dirty, like you need a shower shortly thereafter. He likes to play fast and lose with the law and has no morals, ethics, or values of any kind. Peter is a bottom feeder that likes to portray himself as a big shot. And if you only knew how he treats women… It is sick, disgusting, and perverted. If I put it in writing for you, you would probably throw up what you last had to eat. Yes, it’s that bad. Getting women intoxicated to take advantage of them is kind of his thing. Google his name and you will find lots of disturbing information. Even worse, it’s all true.
Entity: New York, New York
6, Report #636493
Sep 01 2010
01:22 PM
City Executive Associates / Peter Williams CEA / Peter Williams Scam / Deadbeats / Fake Company New York, New York
Another deadbeat company out of new york.  You may not be able to contact these people at work because they have no office!!  20 Wall Street - In your dreams pal.  These liars didn't pay rent either and were evicted long ago.  They have what appears to be a legit website to steal your money from but there's little doubt they're really sitting in a crappy one bedroom sweat factory praying on those of us who actually went to school and are marketable.  Check out some of the literature on Google.  It makes for interesting reading.
Entity: New York, New York
7, Report #1115260
Jan 13 2014
07:33 PM
Peter L. Michaelson WIPO Panelist, NADN, INTA, Michaelson ADR Chambers Peter L. Michaelson, WIPO Panelist used International WIPO Publication to Defame, Paint in False Light, Ruin Lives and Reputations. New York New York
Francis Gurry, WIPO, Peter L. Michaelson, Edward Kwakwa, Marc Randazza, WIPO Arbitration used to Defame, Paint in False Light, Ruin Reputations and accuse Respondents of Criminal Activity. Peter L. Michaelson accused Blogger Crystal Cox and Eliot Bernstein of the Crime of Extortion in an international publication. Crystal Cox nor Eliot Bernstein were ever on trial for, convicted of, guilty of, nor under investigation for the crime of Extortion. Francis Gurry is the head of WIPO, Edward Kwakwa is Legal Counsel for WIPO. Eliot Bernstein and Crystal Cox spoke with their office right after the massively defaming WIPO publication in which defamed them both, Francis Gurry and Edward Kwakwa have been well aware of the fraud on WIPO and the damage done to  Eliot Bernstein and Crystal Cox, yet Francis Gurry and Edward Kwakwa have yet to take any action to remedy this issue. What this means to the general public is attorneys such as Marc Randazza, who don't like your online speech, can simply steal your domain names and in part of their retaliation get their INTA buddies such as Peter L. Michaelson to flat out LIE about you in a world wide publication over a domain name, and ruin your life, reputation and business. Not only did Sole WIPO Panelist Peter L. Michaelson give Marc Randazza domain names of which he was not entitled to and had no Trademark on, but Peter L. Michaelson ADR Chambers LLC also conspired with Marc Randazza to defame and damage the business, legal cases and quality of life of Crystal Cox and Eliot Bernstein as they used WIPO as their personal stage to accuse them of criminal activity. WIPO Panelist Peter L. Michaelson did not simply suggest they were guilty but flat out accused them of crimes they had not even been under investigation of and WIPO refused a retraction.  WIPO acted as the Judge and Jury and publicized a VERDICT worldwide, with absolutely no due process or constitutional rights to Eliot Bernstein or Crystal Cox. Take a Look at the Legal Filings below for more.  Crystal L. Cox RICO Complaint Against Francis Gurry, WIPO, Peter L. Michaelson, Edward Kwakwa, Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group and others regarding this issue. A New York RICO and Racketeering Complaint discussing the issueStarts Talking about WIPO at bottom of page 60 Letter Crystal Cox Wrote to Francis Gurry in December of 2012
Entity: New York, New York
8, Report #1172631
Aug 27 2014
08:35 AM
PETER FARKAL dba BRANDED LEATHER in Long Island City New York failed to perform repairs and return item LONG ISLAND CITY New York
   I am a resident of Phoenix Az.  Age 69, ex-Army            I UPS'd my leather flight jacket (valued at  and insured for $300) to Branded Leather at 43-11  36th St in Long Island City, where the package was signed for by Pete (Peter Farkal?) on 7 Aug at 12:28 p.m.     ( I sent my jacket there as that company had manufactured it ,and I bought it back in mid 1990's)    Previous phone call with Peter (he identified himself as such), I was told repairs would take one day.  After a week, I contacted him again and was told it would ship Thurs or Fri  (14th or 15th Aug).  (he'd been on vacation a few days)            As I had provided a pre-paid UPS return label, I looked for tracking information and found NONE.  On Mon 18 Aug, Peter told me it had shipped on the 15th.              As of yesterday, 20 Aug,  UPS has still not scanned the return label, so I wrote to Peter again, asking that he look into the matter and advise me.              It is now 8 p.m. in NYC and I have not gotten a response.  I do have proof that my emails have been opened/read...yesterday's being read at 4:16 p.m. NY time.             If my personal jacket was lost or ruined, I'd expect a new replacement ( which are manufactured and sold by Branded Leather)  plus reimbursement for shipping, insurance, squadron patches that were to be stitched on, and my check for $48 that I was told to include with the jacket.  The total would be roughly  $446 before sales tax.             Peter Farkal is also listed for business known as Orchard Motorcycle Distributors, Inc  address of 36-06 43d Ave    a domestic business corporation, file number 854091  
Entity: LONG ISLAND CITY, New York
9, Report #369122
Sep 02 2008
04:51 PM
Merchant Lynx Services , Peter Rhee, Account Rep. PETER RHEE Account Rep. Outright Lied about rates, lied about meaning of credit card terms, changed contract after i signed White Plains New York
Dont use this credit card merchant!!! Peter Rhee seems like an honest individual, but dont be fooled. Every word that came out of his mouth was a lie!! Right down to the basic terms of credit card processing. He quotes rates in comparison to your prior credit card processor , which seems like a savings, but those rates arent the rates on your contract!!! and its very hard to detect this. Then he told me there was no Application fee or no annual fee and he X'ed out that section on the contract. However, i get charged an app fee , try to contact him back , and he never returned my calls. The company is just as bad , they tell me that on their copy, there is no X , they fax me their copy , and I can see that they erased the X !! wow i never dealt with any company so unprofessional. This company coaches their employees to lie and deceive customers into signing contracts. They also got me with a 4 yr lease on a machine that i cant get out of. worse company in business Beware of PETER RHEE ,201-280-2560 , liar liar liar!! Truthbtold jersey city, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: White Plains, New York
10, Report #886634
May 22 2012
07:06 PM
Peter Larsen Unfinished job Southampton, New York
Victor was paid in advance to finish a patio project.  He came highly recommended and we are out of state.  After one year we came and inspected the was 1/2 completed.  He did not show up to meet us after we traveled across the country for a 2-day inspection.  He has failed to respond to numerous communications. We will be taking him to court.
Entity: Southampton, New York
11, Report #562211
Jan 30 2010
09:27 AM
Peter McLain Padercom Limited Investment Scam London, Other
My company was contacted after placing an ad on Angel network. Mr. Peter McLain said that he was interested in funding my Food Factory Adventure. He said his advisors advised him to go ahead. Once we accepted his terms he said that his personal attorney advised against it and that his wife said for him to fund our venture since he had already sent us the terms. He said that he had a disagreement with his attorney and that he had fired him, therefore my company would have to hire a lawyer of his choosing in UK to draw up the paperwork. This sent up red flags, I am now investigating him and I found this report here. It is the exact same scam that happened to this film company. I hope that the law in looking into this individual. This person is a scam. Do not send any money to him or his attorney.
Entity: London, Select State/Province
12, Report #192004
May 17 2006
03:14 PM
Reverend Peter Emeka ripoff Abuja, Nigeria
Peter Emeka claimed to be a Reverend and said he and his family were serving a mission in Nigeria and had 3 Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale. He kept claiming that they needed to be back here in the US and that he would send them. After several emails, he sent a copy of a document that stated the package was not allowed to leave the country unless a $600.00 fee was paid. He kept saying they were registered and sent by email a copy of their registration papers with the AKC. When looked at closely, nothing was filled in, and the breed of dog was not for a Yorkie Terrier but for a bulldog. I kept emailing him and called him on it and have not heard from him since. He said at first he wanted me to send $300.00 for one puppy and that his vet said it was better to keep puppies together and for another $200.00 he would send all three. Then he wanted $600.00 for the document. He was nothing but a scammer and a fake. Amy canandaigua, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Abuja, Other
13, Report #1152211
Jun 04 2014
05:44 PM
Peter Casini IS A THIEF Greenwood Lake New York
Peter Casini is a thief. Does not pay for services rendered and plays the bully when payment is demanded. History of bounced checks, lies and non-payment. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN. DO NOT TRUST HIM TO PAY AS HE WILL NOT.
Entity: Greenwood Lake, New York
14, Report #115766
Nov 02 2004
12:04 PM
Riverside Peter Russell ripoff Stillwater New York
Sells broken down cars, get people to invest in his company and never shows a profit. Never makes good on his cars. Just a fast talking; do not buy a car from him or let him borrow money or invest with him Martha cohoes, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Stillwater, New York
15, Report #473091
Jul 24 2009
04:37 PM
Dr. Peter Wong Please check them out Rockville Center New York
Please before you have any of them touch you check them out first. Look at the websites that have been created and see first hand the results of his surgery. Check out his associates and office with NYS medical records then you will be able to determine who is telling the truth for your safety family or friend it will be worth it. Avoid Doctor Pete Wong and Ophthalmic Consultants Of Long Island NY. The old saying is better safe than sorry I am not the only person who has listed reports against them. Eyes are far too precious to have any damage. Scars are bad enough but living day to day with the problems the surgeries brought is bad enough. Doctor Peter Wong post the photos of before and after so the world will see what you have done! Anthony Valley Stream, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Rockville Center, New York
16, Report #472328
Jul 22 2009
02:24 PM
Dr. Peter Wong Not board certified plastic surgeon Rockville Center New York
I just wonder why Doctor Peter Wong or any of his associates do not post their Board Certified Certificate to shut up some of these people maybe because they do not have it so yes beware of Doctor Peter Wong and Ophthalmic Consultants Of Long Island NY. Sherry Seaford, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Rockville Center, New York
17, Report #638197
Sep 06 2010
07:16 PM
Peter Clarke Fountain Homes Non paying customer Southampton, New York
We were hired by Peter initially to perform housekeeping/cleaning services for him in his home in Southampton wherein he asked for a 30 day account. Copy of initial email: Dear Mike, As per our phone conversation l would like to open a 30 day account with your Company, .to have my house cleaned once per week. As requested here are my contact details and my Home address 56 Middle Line Highway Roses Grove 11968 He also engaged us to perform shopping services - He even went so far as to ask my employees to trim his toe nails !!! When it came time to pay he claimed to have no money and continued with this story,Immediately after we cut him off he engaged another local service who also got ripped off!! Additional information:140  Broadway   suite 4668    level 46     New York   NY    10005
Entity: Southampton, New York
18, Report #1378975
Jun 13 2017
10:45 PM
Peter Fitzpatrick Worst Modeling Scam in a long time! New York Internet
I have signed on to the service looking to find work (castings) as well as network. I had recomended several models as well. I pretty much lost all these relationships after the e mails started to come in from the CEo, Peter. They do nothing they promise, and frankly I do not see the value. The industry will never go away from the TRUST and PROFESIONALISM of its mother agents, to horny guys who think they can get in the game of fashion with a Application. Grow up!
Entity: Internet
19, Report #720935
Apr 22 2011
02:56 PM
Peter Ulmann Peter Mathilda Wrote a bad check to pay for an apartment rental in Israel New York, New York
Obtained a judgment in New York City for writing a bad check on an Australian bank to cover the cost of the rent on an apartment in Israel. Left the country with no forwarding address. Claims to own property in New York and Israel. A real con man.
Entity: New York, New York
20, Report #677730
Jan 02 2011
10:09 AM
Peter Senese Pacifica TWST, Orion, Hardcastle, Handel Craft, Peter Thomas, Peter Kontos, Raul Sanchez, William Cooper Healthcare Fraud, multi-million dollar scam, convicted fraudster, New York, Corinthian, insurance fraud Internet
Peter Senese was convicted in New York for a multi-million dollar healthcare scam involving a front corporation, Corinthian. The scheme involved offering too-good-to-be-true deals for insurance brokers but at the last moment a "fee" would be needed for a few thousand bucks (but with hundreds of thousands available within a couple of days). Insurance brokers handed over the cash until one broker contacted the police and an investigation was conducted. Peter Senese was arrested, charged and convicted by the NY courts -he was sentenced to 5 years probation. This information is readily available online which is why Senese goes by a number of aliases, including using his middle name, Peter Thomas. Other aliases include Raul Sanchez, William Cooper, Peter Kontos and many others. Current front businesses include Hardcastle, Handel Craft, Orion and Pacifica TWST. The attached papers outline Senese's conviction in NY. Senese is currently working an international child abduction and movie making scam.
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #150315
Jul 19 2005
02:59 AM
Peter Mark Milazzo DEADBEAT DAD ripoff Miller Place New York
Peter Mark Milazzo, DOB 5/1/67 is the biggest scam artist you can ever meet. He is a real piece of work. If you know him and he wants to get involve with you get away now. He is a liar, a cheat and a user. Let's not forget an abuser. He is a con artist, he lies and lies and lies. DOnt get involved with him in a personal relationship or in business transactions, as he will rob you blind. This man has 3 said 3 children he does not support he owes the oldest child who is 17 yrs old over $46K, no payments in 16 yrs. Not sure about the 2nd child. But for the 3rd child who is 9 yrs old, he owes over $100k in past due child support, not including medical expenses. Warrants have been issued for him. No payments have been made for the 3rd child since 1999 in the amount of $125. HE IS WANTED ON ARREST WARRANTS, IF YOU KNOW THIS MAN OR HIS WHEREABOUTS PLEASE CONTACT SUFFOLK COUNTY POLICE, OR PLEASE CALL DETECTIVE MAJOURY AT 718-876-7339. WHAT PISSES ME OFF IS HIS FAMILY KNOWS WHERE HE IS AND THEY WON'T HELP. AND THE CHILDREN ARE EITHER THEIR NIECE, NEPHEWS, COUSINS, OR GRANDCHILDREN. DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN mARIA ny, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Miller Place, New York
22, Report #1107933
Dec 18 2013
09:21 AM
Peter Gurin stole my Iphone 5s vie Ebay, Albany New York
This Ebay buyer bid and won my brand new iphone 5s 64GB on Octorber 29, 2013. After received the phone on Friday November 1, 2013, he texted me and tried to unlock the phone to bring it over to his home country in Poland, when he could not unlock it, he filed an non receipt case against me with PayPal on November 3, 2013. And yet they closed the case in his favor despite my tracking number and all the text messages from him. If he stole from the store....he would be in jail right now. So why not the same if he stole from me. I would ask anyone who would help me track down this guy and make him pay for what he had done, plus boycotting Ebay and PayPal until they can make this right.
Entity: Albany, New York
23, Report #1439882
Apr 23 2018
12:10 PM
peter mckenna options trading with his firm sunnyside new york
i sighned up for a rtrading platform to trade options with him and after sending him the forst payment 0f 2500.00 ck number 6116 i never heard from him again hes a rip off
Entity: sunnyside, new york
24, Report #1432995
Mar 07 2018
10:50 AM
peter cecinini esq law office of peter cecininini esq rip off scam artist Bayonne New Jersey
stay away from this guy peter biggest rip off drain my bank account in lawyer fees and has done nothing to date stay away !!
Entity: Bayonne, New Jersey
25, Report #4878
Apr 09 2001
12:00 AM
Dead Beat Dad Peter Mark Milazzo Long Island, NY
Peter Mark Milazzo DOB 5/1/67 SS# 119-60-5648 owes me over $30,000 in back child support plus reimbursement of medical support. He has left me with a tax warrant for a business he had put in my name of over $5900. Which I was unable because of this to get a car. His family lives in Long Island, NY 241 Mt Pleasant Road Hauppauge, NY 22 Swan Drive, Massapequa, NY He supposedly is livin with another women and they have a child together or she has a child. He works for cash or starts his own business doing such things as: small engine repairs, gokarts, minibikes, snow blowing, landscaping, bicycle repair, fish tank maintenance. He also has a friend named Ronnie Amato who owns Amato Vending COmpany in LI who might be giving him some work. OCSE has already suspended his license, reported him to the IRS, NYS Department of Finance and Taxation but nothing works. He was arrested last year on a warrant issued by Family COurt and for violation of probabtion. He gave an address of 7 Crown St Port Jefferson Station, NY but then when released from jail gave an address of an old garage he used to work out of when he was with me of 100 Union Avenue Staten Island, NY Please if anyone knows of his whereabouts please contact the Support Collection Unit of NYC.
Entity: Long Island, New York

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