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1, Report #1400178
Sep 29 2017
02:51 PM
Petrofinder has been hosting some fake information on their site that is beginning to make me seriously doubt the legitimacy of their listings: I’ve read from other users complaining that they or their friends have tried to add their businesses to the petrofinder list only to be rebuffed for absolutely no reason other than country of origin. Some argue that there is sufficient bias in the selection process to suggest that, despite doing business with face businesses, they do not accept African or African-American institutions and petroleum businesses.Do not take listings from Petrofinder at face value, because chances are that what you are seeing is really an object of manipulation, or perhaps even blackmail. For example, look at this listing of taboo services:petrofinder.comMany of them are legitimate businesses, which is making me think that there is a blackmail scheme going on over at Petrofinder as well
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1399672
Sep 13 2017
06:04 AM
PetroFinder is often used as a directory to find traders, brokers and providers of oil and gas products, petroleum products and all that, but I’m starting to think that they’re really just playing gatekeeper for an online industry that isn’t discriminating based on legitimacy, but personal bias. I have had friends with legitimate businesses in the petrol industry get shutdown and noticed as scammers by PetroFinder just because they are not operating out of Russia or Korea. Meanwhile, there are fake buyers and fake intermediares on there that PetroFinder is just ignoring in their entirety.  Take a look at their blacklist and tell me that every single one of those businesses is a scam. You’ll find that many of them are legit, but PetroFinder is being biased against them. I also think there is a money aspect to consider here, specifically that these are companies that PetroFinder is screwing with in order to blackmail money from them. See for yourself
Entity: Internet
3, Report #701361
Mar 01 2011
03:00 PM
Web Listings Inc. Fraudulent charges to Discover card. Niagra Falls, New York
First, Discover Card phones me and tells me there is a questionable charge on my card.  I tell them it is fraudulent and to reverse charges. Discover says they will close the account and send a new card. Next, I get a bill from Web Listings Inc. wanting to charge me $65 for ranking my website. I don't even have a website. Looking closer, the fine print says solicitation only. I would have left it at that and not responded and thrown the thing into the trash. For the fact that they had fraudulently charged my card, I am reporting them here. I've never heard of this company in my life before. So look out for this scam.
Entity: Niagra Falls, New York
4, Report #270483
Aug 27 2007
08:47 AM
National Online Listings Fraudulent Advertising Boca Raton Florida
I received a phone call from this company saying I had an account with this company. I asked them how did they figure that and who are they?? I was then told I would have to close the account before they could give me any information and that I had to close the account or I would be billed for another year. Then acouple days later an Invoice came for $489.99 for a virtual listing!!! This was the first I had ever seen anything from them. So i called the 800 number and got in a shouting match with the lady that answer she said she had me on tape closing the account I the asked if she had the person on tape that opened the account!! She didnt answer I hung up. Well with some detective work I found out that this company is working out of a rented PO box apperently this is big business for business to rent a box in a office bulding with a nice address so they look like a real business!! I called the tax commissioner and they have no record of this company paying taxes in that county!! Also they do not show up on the corporations website for business in florida!! This company is a ripofff!!! The web site is very generic and has listings in all states but florida!! Superiortruck lilburn, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
5, Report #1263388
Oct 24 2015
12:02 PM
Web Listings Inc. Fraudulent advertising that looks like an invoice Niagara Falls NY
I received what looked like an invoice for renewal of one of my domains but it is in fact an advertisment of services.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #918140
Jul 26 2012
07:52 PM
Proxibid Inc Scam site, fraudulent listings, biased toward sellers Internet
Proxibid is an online hoster/enabler for auction houses. They are very biased towards these houses which pay them fees. The sellers have almost no repercussions when screwing over the buyer and there is no rating system so they keep doing it over and over. I have purchased from a dozen different auction houses that sell there and nearly every one is scamming. Examples of what I encountered: -Fake autographs and collectibles presented as the real thing -Incorrect condition descriptions to the extreme -Overcharging for shipping without disclosure of charges beforehand. Example - 3 ounces - $10, 2 lbs - $25. -Proxibid allows the sellers access to see max bid amounts and allows sellers (which T&C disclosure) to bid on their own items as well as have their employees bid in order to max out buyer's reserve. -Contacting proxibid (an online company) results in them sending you an email asking you to call at which point they refuse to do anything and simply update their user agreement to say it's ok. These guys need to be put out of business.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #729347
May 14 2011
04:37 PM
Verizon Yellow Pages Fraudulent listings using other peoples address, Internet
I just had some guy show up at my door looking for a tow truck company.  This is my HOUSE.  He told me he got the address out of the local Boulder verizon yellow pages.  I grabbed my phone book and sure enough, there is MY home address listed for a tow company that does not exist in Boulder.  I called it and got some twit who sounded like she answers for many companies.  I started looking through the list and noticed tons of tow truck companies in their book with Boulder addresses.  There are only FOUR real tow companies in Boulder.  I began to notice that all the fraudulent listings have 303-222 as their starting numbers and they ALL list residential address's or other business's.  I started googling these address's and found resteraunts, shopping malls, target, the middle of no where, a trailer park and a parking garage.  NONE of the address's listed for the companies with the 222 prefix are real addresses yet the Verizon Yellow Pages has three columns of them.  Try getting in touch with VYP to find out why they have my home address listed with some faudulent business and good luck!  Can't find an address anywhere and the contact info leads to some company called Idearc Media. Tomorrow I am going to go to each and every one of the address's listed for these bogus towing companies and inform them that their address's are being used for fraudulent and deceptive advertising.  For the record, what I learned in all this is that Boulder has four towing companies, not 50.  They are Hamiltons, Boulder Valley, Marvs and G&A.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #1208491
Feb 11 2015
07:43 PM fraudulent ebay listings :shill bidders plymouth meeting Pennsylvania
this company has about 50 ebay auctions at any given time all ending 5 minutes apart.  aprox 90% of these auctions are won by a buyer with either zero or maybe a 1 feedback.  on 2/11/15 I watched 10 auctions end and the winning bidder had the same ID and feedback.   this is shill bidding at its finest..  very few beginning ebayers buy anything of significant value, and I don't think  any one person is interested in a dozen used cars on any given day from the same seller.  they are a discredit to ebay and used car dealers everywhere { which I happen to be}  { they are on my do not buy list}  they should be on yours.  buyer beware
Entity: plymouth meeting, Pennsylvania
9, Report #357356
Jul 30 2008
10:50 AM
Nationwide Listings, Nationwide Listings Is a SCAM!!! Nationwide
I was contacted by a representative of Nationwide Listings and was told that we needed to pay for advertising and they would send an invoice. I asked if they could fax me the original order and they said it was a verbal agreement made over the phone. I thought I was screwed so I paid the $495 invoice they sent! Wrong move! I wish now I would have googled them before I paid it! Now today, a few weeks after paying that invoice, I get another call from them saying that we only paid for one year and that we needed to pay another $495, as it was supposedly a two-year agreement. She stated that after receiving our payment, we would be put on their do not call list (as I had asked for when we made our first payment)! I told her that no one told me anything about a second payment and that we thought we were paying off what we owed (SCAM) with the first invoice! I asked her to send me any documentation she could regarding the order and she again said, it was a verbal agreement so there is no documentation. She claimed that she would talk to her superior to see if she could get that price reduced. She put me on hold for just a few seconds and came back and said that she was able to get the price reduced to half of the $495. There was no way she even had time to talk to anyone! I told her that I would have to discuss this with our attorney and she said she would call back on Friday. I will not be paying that second invoice now that I've read some of these reviews and I'm really sorry that I even paid the first one! I had the feeling this was a scam and should have went with my gut instincts! Hope others look them up before paying any of their so-called invoices! Tammy Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1130498
Mar 13 2014
01:09 PM
Listings Wiz Listings Wiz is stealing my money Nationwide
 I was a home search site and was directed to Listings wiz to get a free credit score. I was in the process of putting in my information when I noticed how short their so called free trial period was so I clicked off,never submitting the info. Since then,they have stolen $39.95 for three consecutive months. They will not answer my phone calls. I'm at my wits end and fed up...what can I do?
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1280493
Jan 16 2016
03:08 PM
hidden listings rip off Internet
i signed up checked it out saw nothing i didnt see on on the free site.i unsubsribed from site and never went ifind out they are still taking money from my account without knowledge or permission.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #354316
Jul 22 2008
02:05 PM
Monarch Media Group 411 Business Listings Fraudulent Updating of our Records Port Huron Michigan
I received an invoice from Monarch Media Group, a company that I had never heard of or done business with before. I tried to get into contact with the company by phone and email, but didn't get a response until a month later. When I finally got a phone call from them they told me that they were a company that advertises our listing. We have our own advertising company and do all our listing through them and do not make any advertising discisions without them. Monarch Media then went on and said that we had already agreed to their services and that there were no cancelation policies. They then put on the audio of the phone conversation were this apparently took place. I remembered the conversation right away, it was one of those We need to update your information phone calls and it was the second of two that I had gotten from them on that day. We are a mom and pop type restaurant, so when someone calls you and says their from 411 and want to get our information right, I try to help. We don't want to lose any business. All I did was verify the information on the first phone call. About twenty minutes later I got a second phone call doing that exact same thing. I even was arguing with them on the recording since it was so redundant. At the very end they mentioned somthing about money then the tape abruptly cuts off. I remember confriming with Monarch Media that I was not going to be charged for anything and they agreed, but that part of the recording had been cut out. After listening to the phone conversation, I went back and forth with Monarch Media. They keep telling me that there are no cancellation policies, the phone conversation was legally binding and that the bill will only keep collecting interest if not paid. I stuck to my guns and just told tham that I wasn't going to pay this invoice and they would have to take me to court if they didn't cancel it. The conversation ended with her saying that someone else will contact me. After reading the other reports from this website from this group, I feel relieved that I didn't fall for this con. I have since spoken with my managers and hostesses and told them that they can not speak with anyone updating information or any telemarketers. You can never be too careful with all these scams. By the way, Monarch Media has not called back. Andres Rancho Mirage, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Port Huron, Michigan
13, Report #200245
Jul 10 2006
01:16 PM
Galing - EP Systems - Skyblue Health - Giving Hope International - John Harold Leonard - Arnold Sanvictores - Castech ripoff bogus companies investment fraud fraudulent company listings fraudulent operations fraudulent locations Scottsdale Arizona
We are victims of investment fraud through an Arizona Corporation, by the name of Galing, Inc./Castech Industries. The statutory agent for this company is John Harold Leonard, who also operates several other web-based companies through Arizona (i.e. Skyblue Health, and EP Systems, Inc.). This man claimed to sell shares in his company, which supposedly was using the profits to build a school for underpriveledged children in the Philippines. The company's partner, Castech, supposedly had an agricultural/manufacturing plant in Bukidnon, Philippines - Region 10. He took our money, with a detailed, signed contract, and never provided any proof of stocks issued, never provided any financial reports or statements, never filed an annual report, never filed his taxes for the corporation, etc. We also discovered that this man used the investment money, and company credit cards to pay for visits to Strip clubs, Sex clubs, and drugs both in the Philippines and Hong Kong, also for plastic surgery, and partying around the globe. This man listed false company addresses on the contracts that were signed between us and the company. This man is also served time in an Arizona prison for dangerous drugs, and does business with a man whom he met in jail, in MLM web-based businesses. This other man, Bruce Bise, served time for MLM Scams, and is still involved with MLM opportunities. John Leonard used an address that used to belong to Bruce Bise's business called GMT - Get Moving Today (which failed, and was also considered an MLM scam -- but not proven). It has also been revealed that John's supposed partner in the Philippines, Arnold Sanvictores, although from a wealthy well-known Filippino farming family, was an ex-drug addict as well. I know that the individual is now in the Philippines, and is apparently renting a condo in Cebu City. This individual is still using the company name to conduct whatever business they supposedly are doing. However, nothing has been filed through the state, the IRS, or the Philippines, since last July to show expenses, revenue, or any real activity. I have already filed a detailed complaint with the Arizona Corporation Commission, the BBB, the Attorney General's Office, the Governor's office, as well as the FBI, local and state agencies, and agencies within the Philippines. I have only received a few responses so far, but nothing substantial. I did confirm the rental in the Philippines through one source, and the fact that the business is not registered in the Philippines - nor is the partnered company that supposedly resides in the Philippines. I do not want anyone else out there to be ripped off by this man or any of his associates. I consider him dangerous for that reason. I do believe he has taken large sums of money from other individuals, whom he claims are investors in these bogus companies. He uses the EP Systems, Inc. and the Skyblue Health, and Giving Hope International companies in the same manner as he uses Galing, Inc. The only difference, is that he did file an Annual Report for the Skyblue Health, but that is because the primary shareholder happens to be his friend, Bruce Bise's partner through Celebrity Galleries International (another MLM web-based program -- also consider a potential scam). I do feel that John has worked with these individuals to create these scam in order to rip off people worldwide. I also believe that John is so disorganized from drug use, that these other individuals have not kept close touch in order to avoid any liability beyond what they have already done for him. Again, I have extensive supporting documentation to back my allegations, and am willing to work with any media, consumer advocate, lawyer or government authority to further investigate my case and put a stop to this indivual. My family and I have not only suffered a large financial loss because of this man, but it has created great emotional suffering too. Please help me to stop this man, and these companies now! Thanks for letting me be heard. Deborah Gilbert, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
14, Report #3276
Oct 25 2000
12:00 AM
Rental Broker: Select Home Listings rips off employees
Cliff Mearns of Australasian Select Home Listings was introduced to me by a mutual friend. As a sub-contractor I was responsible for setting up computer networks to be shiped to a different capital city where a new office was opening. When the new office opened, the parts disapeared, Cliff moved to a different city and my friend mark Martinovich also disapeared. Cliff and Mark now operate offices of Select Home Listings in other states and the buisness thrives by charging $90 to match a person to a property. Meanwhile, I'm out of pocket over $1000 for labour and parts. I would suggest nobody is safe working for this company. It can't be the only time they have ripped off an employee. Jason G.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1392446
Aug 13 2017
12:19 PM
Synup Listings Buyer beware New York City Internet
Buyer beware.  I paid full price to be listed on the internet.    This guys very sloopy and dont even list your company correctly.   I run a meditation center.  Any this company listed me as a doctor.   3 months later it is still not fixed!! Nor is all the listing they agreed to list completed.   Please use some other company.  I screw up and went with this company becasue of their lower price.   but totally not worth it.  I am still paying for their mistake.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #832807
Feb 02 2012
11:10 AM
DK Listings Mike Fraud, eBay drop off, scam, DK Listings, Stolen Merchandise. Fairfield, Ohio
Please be aware that you are going to get ripped of if you go to DK Listings located in Fairfield, Ohio on Pleasant Ave. The owners of this business take in merchandise claiming to list it on eBay. The owner then sells it to a friend or Buddy or a Guy who came in. The do this to nearly every customer they robbed me for a collection of rare comic books, baseball cards, and some vintage voltron action figures. I took in about $3,100 worth of merchandise and got back $206 dollars. The owner refused to let me see where the auctions had been listed or any evidence of the sale price. He just kept saying biddin was slow so mah buddy bought em from yah, came in nah other day. I have been checking around and this is a common theme among other pissed off customers. I contacted the Fairfield Police Department and they told me that they have had DOZENS of complaints about this business over the past 4 years.  Long story short, they got me, they will get you, they took my stuff, no one is going to do anything about it, welcome to Fairfield, Ohio.
Entity: Fairfield, Ohio
17, Report #324825
Apr 09 2008
12:33 PM
I received a phone call from nationwide listings asking for payment on an account that they claimed my secretary had authorized. I explained to Judy the representative that called I had no intentions of paying because it wasn't properly authorized. She then continued to say this invoice will not go away. Since then I have received a threatening collections letter from Erica Stapleton which I believe is nothing more than a threatening tactic to get people to pay. This is nothing more than a SCAM and this company should be shut down immediately. I also asked to speak with the owner of the company I was refused the information and was told that I had nothing to do with him, I asked to speak with someone so I could complain about my problem and the only person I would be able to get in touch was their customer service rep. THIS IS A JOKE...IS SHE THE ONLY ONE WORKING THERE AND WHO IS REALLY THE HEAD OF THIS COMPANY???????I have contacted the attorney general and I was told that I am not the only one being scamed by them. Upon further investigation I have found out the address they claim their office is located is nothing more than a UPS PO BOX. God knows what actual hole these people are working out of. I want others to be aware and not fall for these kind of sales and collection tactics. If you receive a phone call from then simply hang up or if like me you end up receiving a bill throw it in the trash. DO NOT PAY IT. There is nothing they can do. They are just bullying. Tina , TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Newark, Delaware
18, Report #282419
Nov 01 2007
04:25 PM
SynapseConnect fraudulent unauthorized deductions from bank acct they send useless postcards the offer all automated service only with limited information there are no phone#'s associated with either address and no public listings Stamford Connecticut
SynapseConnect is clearly a fraudulent co. They send postcard notices with a name you don't regcognize ( so you assume it's junk mail ) which states : if you want to cancel your subscription, call the 800 # by a certain date . You call the # only to get a totally automated system, with no option to speak to a human, and possibly they give another # which is useless, cause it's the same auto system as the other #'s ! So, you try to get a phone # from the directory ( using the address in Salt Lake City, Utah on the useless postcard ) , and there is NO listing for that business/address . Then you go on line, type in their name and Wella ! you find yet another address ( this one in Stamford, CT ) and again No listing for a phone #..... What a surprise ! Next, you call your bank or credit card co.,and put these unauthorized debits into dispute, hoping they will be able to find the scheisters and get your money back ! Good luck to all who have been ripped off by Synapse and shame on the Co.'s that use or allow Synapse to represent and distribute their goods . Iris east stroudsburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Stamford, Connecticut
19, Report #257358
Jun 27 2007
08:38 PM
Wallace Realty Co, Vic Wallace And Marie Leonard-Hartsell Unfair or Deceptive Trade Practices Act. fraudulent listings Ripoff Salisbury North Carolina
Enticed with fraudulent claims by a Real Estate agency I invested $4,100.00 dollars on a property that should have been three (3) building lots with expired perk test, for a total of 21 acres. After investing in a survey, 3 perk tests, closing lawyer, I was discovered that there was never any perk tests on the property, there was only 13 acres, and there was only two lots. The agency has no intention of mitigating my losses and the owner has been polite but very cavalier about having no intention compensating me. This agency was able to sell two smaller lots, 5 & 4.25 using the survey and perk sites they tricked me into paying for, and made their money both the agency and agent by lieing to me. I saved all the listing, and even after they knew the property was not 3 - 7 acre properties they continued with the listing. NC law mandates that the agent and her broker in charge be held liable for all fraudulent claims used to sell property under the Unfair or Deceptive Trade Practices Act, yet these slick agents don't care- they are a big agency so they think they can get away with anything. Lynda Kannapolis, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Salisbury, North Carolina
20, Report #336901
Jun 03 2008
07:56 PM
E Local Listings Charged me for services they did not provide Lake Forest California
They said they will charge me $1 for the first month of service which includes putting my business name as the top listings on various search engines. One week before the end of the month they called and said they just got my info on line. Five days later they charged my account with the full month service fee of $258. I called them to cancel and get the refund, but their response was TOO BAD. They violated their own contract by not providing the services promised in the first 30 days. They had breeched their own contract and now owe me the $258 dollar credit. Any contract attorneys out there who would like to file a class action lawsuit, please contact me. Craig Palmdale, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Lake Forest, California
21, Report #352696
Jul 18 2008
07:35 AM
Nationwide Listings Media Scam Invoicing Newark Delaware
They sent us an invoice (scam) for advertising not ordered/wanted. When I called about it, they said we had to pay this invoice and THEN could cancel future advertising. I don't think so. I believe this is a scam and have seen reports from others on this company and it does not have good reviews. They all say this is a scam. Also, if you call directory assistance (here it is 411) to get a phone number for them, no surprise, no listing. I wasn't shocked. Kim Cedar Rapids, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Newark, Delaware
22, Report #356481
Jul 28 2008
11:34 AM
E-Local Listings Ripped Me Off Temecula California
E-Local contacted me about advertising on their website for the 1st month for only $1.00 if I continued after 30 days I would be charged $149 with me at the time of the phone call being a brand new business only a week old told them I was not interested but they could call me back in a few months and we would go from there. The sales rep I spoke to the second time around stated he was following up a few months later and proceeded to tell me that I did miss the $1 special but I could have the 1st month for $79.00 and after that only $89.00 per month. I stressed i did not want to be in a contract he re-assured me that there was NO contract and I could cancle anytime here it is 2 months later my credit card has been charged $79.00 for initial month which I saw NO advertising on my business now again $89.00 yet again NO advertising on my business. I call there and get told that basically I am SOL on any refund that the call was voice recorded which I want to hear in a court room because that was NOT told to me. I want my money back. How many people is this company going to rip off before someone actually helps on OUR behalf? MY business is only now 7 months old. and I would appreciate some action against this company. Thank you very much! Maid 4 hire Rochester, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Temecula, California
23, Report #566747
Feb 09 2010
11:47 AM
Web Listings Inc - Conned into thinking they held the registration for my domain name Internet
I received a letter in the mail stating that I needed to pay to keep my domain name and that additionally I would receive web ranking help. I sent the check, which was cashed on November 25, 2009, by Dominion Bank of Toronto. Once I was informed that they were not in fact my registrant (by my webmaster) I contacted them and asked for a refund and was told I would receive one in 4-6 weeks. Now it is over 3 months later and they will not answer my emails. I also have since found the following information: According to Whois the domain was registered to James Madison in New Britain, CT yet there is no street address listed anywhere and the company is not recognized by the Connecticut Corporation database. A reverse lookup goes to a landline at the Barnes 7 Noble College bookstore and other offices at Central Connecticut State University. A reverse address lookup yielded an address at The UPS Store, 1623 Military Road, Niagara Falls, NY 14304, an email address from them was from an IP address in Palo Alto, CA.Clearly this is intentional mass mail deception and the person(s) are hiding behind various pseudonyms and addresses. I am an older person not very familiar with such things and so I have to wonder if I was targeted. were it not for the help from my webmaster I would never have known I was ripped off.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #564218
Feb 03 2010
07:07 PM
Web Listings Inc Deceptive Marketing Niagara Falls, New York
They send out those letters in the mail that look like bills to entice you to pay, or more likely, to trick some naive secretary or bookkeeper to pay, when really they're just trying to get you to sign up with their service. They do print a line towards the middle on one side that says it is not a bill, but the rest of it is laid out like a bill so they must hope you overlook that.NEVER TRUST ANY COMPANY THAT USES SUCH DECEPTIVE MARKETING TACTICS!
Entity: Niagara Falls, New York
25, Report #784931
Oct 05 2011
09:01 AM
American Boat Listings AblBoats Spammer and total waste of money. Internet
American Boat Listing Contact: Robert Kramer 31 W. Main Street, Suite #306 Patchogue, NY 11772 Telephone: (800) 875-2628 In November I began placing my ads on the Internet to sell my boat.  I used all the major players (iboats, boattrader, etc).  Then I get a call from this company.  I knew right away they troll Craigslist because the information they had was inaccurate (my wife posted the Craigslist ad).  Anyways, they had, 14 buyers with cash in hand looking for my exact model of boat yeah right I said, but I went ahead and proceeded to purchase the service mainly because their ad would be online and not expire (unlike the above service including Craigslist).  Walking the wording of my ad was an effort in futility as it became very apparent this caller had no clue what a boat was things like remote spotlight, lower unit, dual props were all misunderstood and require lengthy explanation.  I paid the fee (around $300 if I recall) and receive a URL where my boat was supposed to be.  It took three calls to finally see my boat on their site but  Searches for my boat using exact words in my description never showed  Their search integration is horrible.  But I used their site as a landing platform for things like craigslist so potential buyers could see more pictures, etc Time went on and my boat never sold.  I adjusted the price numerous times on the many sites I already had, but was unable to make the changes on ablboats.  They had no method to edit the ads and despite several calls and emails they never once adjusted my boat listing.  I eventually had to stop using their site to avoid the look of suspicion as I might have edited a description and price on boattrader and then had something different (since I could never keep the ad updated). But worst of all and the basis of this complaint and my FCC filing, these guys spam and call worst than a bill collector.  Even after paying for their service, Id have numerous calls during the week from these guys to list my boat (basically everytime I reposted my craigslist ad go figure)  Dont you think theyd atleast recognize their existing customers?  Guess not  I still get calls even today even though I have pulled all my ads and my boat is now sold THANKS CRAIGSLIST!  Email  Their emails come in two times per day for all sorts of let us advertise, have you seen, etc  The emails have no unsubscribe link and I even took the step of asking them to, completely remove my entire ad and remove me for all systems to include email, email listings, and other subscription type systems three times I have asked.  I have sent numerous email replies and submitted requests via their online site.  Here are the facts as I see them:          Their site has no direct contact information at all.          Their ads never show up in searches.          Of the six boats shows I went too in the Washington DC area (including the, Annapolis show) in 2011 I never once saw an ablboats representative          They prey on craiglist ads.           They completely lied to me about their customers ready to buy.          In seven months, I never had a single call from a customer or call for the business.          I cant get the spam and calls to stop.
Entity: Internet, Internet

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