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1, Report #969840
Nov 15 2012
04:05 PM
Phoenix Media S&R Media Schofield Media Business media publishing Scam rip off junk chicago, Illinois
Chicago based Phoenix Media Corp is back from their old identity aka Schofield Media aka Business Media Publications. These people are up to their same old tricks calling companies bilking them for advertising in magazines that are 100% fake. This company uses false subscriber numbers and trumped up statistics to rely on duping small & medium business owners. As usual, they go after business's usually mom&pop business's because these small business's do not have pr departments or advertising agencies.  This is the same company doing the same thing using a new name so they can sell more ads. If you do just a small amount of digging on this company you will and should refuse to do any business with them. here are some of the names they use: Schofield Media Business Media Publications Mayfair Business Media SMG Media BMP Media Redcoat Publishing Construction Today Magazine American Executive Retail Merchandiser Energy Today Energy & Infrastructure Magazine Education Executive Magazine B&C Canada Magazine Building & Construction Canada
Entity: chicago, Illinois
2, Report #1090192
Oct 26 2013
02:49 PM
Phoenix Media Corporation Fake publications. Chicago Illinois
Where should I even begin with this company? All the publications are not 100% real! Whatever media kit a project coordinator (conman) sends to your email is completely false! The circuulation numbers are fake! No one has even heard or read any of Phoenix Media's publications besides the damn fools who were tricked into being featured in them. I'm so glad I left this company for an actual career! If you can lie through your teeth and you're a cold blooded person without any emotions, then this job is for you! I'm surprised Phoenix Media Corporation offices have not been raided by the feds. It's nothing but a boiler room that needs to be shutdown!
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
3, Report #977806
Dec 04 2012
10:34 AM
Phoenix Media Formerly Schofield Media DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY Chicago, Illinois
I have come to find that organizations that i have worked with personally on great stories about their companies do not get published according to discussions.  The organization has taken it upon themselves to just put together a rough outline about the company. I have instructed many CEO's and other Executives of organizations that this information is confidential, which is what I thought anyway.  I have also come to find out that they are selling email addresses to third party organizations for personal gain.  They also strong arm the feature companies vendors/ suppliers to fund the publication with advertising and do it in a very unethical way.  Instructing that advertising is a MUST in order to keep the company business, which is obviously not the case.  I felt it was my job to notify of the unethical and intolerable tactics.  DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY / DO NOT PROVIDE A LIST OF VENDORS/SUPPLIERS / DO NOT PROVIDE WORK EMAIL ADDRESS
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
4, Report #795640
Nov 06 2011
06:53 PM Mobile Media Solutions Mobile Media Solutions SCAM Phoenix, Arizona
I have been receiving text messages from, part of the Mobile Media Solutions company. They promise satisfaction is guaranteed, but fail to say that it's their satisfaction. Anyway, they send out texts offering things like games and horoscopes. If you want to opt out you are instructed to txt stop 2quit. Once you do that, they charge you with a non-refundable fee of $9.99. I called their number. They were closed so I sent them an email explaining their scam and demanded a refund. I also contacted my cell phone provider (it's a prepaid plan), and reported this scam to the site. I'm still waiting word from Mobile Media Solutions, which at the time of this writing, is supposed to be within 3 days.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
5, Report #862699
Apr 02 2012
12:38 PM
Phoenix Media Ken Whitacre Fails to pay its employees Boca Raton, Florida
Phoenix Media in Boca Raton has unethical business practices.  They barely make payroll from month to month. They require employees not to cash paychecks until a certain date.  In this case, they have not paid an employee for weeks worked in January.  Each month, Ken Whitacre, VP for Phoenix Media has an excuse as to why the payment was not made.  He is dishonest on the actions being taken and keeps on making promises.  Don't work or do business with them until they become a company that is honorable
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
6, Report #1201403
Jan 13 2015
01:26 PM
Phoenix Media Schofield This Company makes used car sales men look honest Chicago Illinois
Jack Mack   Phoenix Media AKA Schofield Media AKA Shaw Publications is the biggest rip off of all time this Company makes used car sales men look honest.  Its nothing but a pyrimad scam there ruthless techniques to sell advertising for a magazine no one reads!!!!!  The are bullies and intimidate customers to purchase advertising in a usless magazine
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
7, Report #1384716
Jul 11 2017
12:30 PM
phoenix media, supply chain world, Adam Neidhardt 99% a SCAM Chicago IL, Illinois
If you are ever contacted by a media company, ask if you can see their BPA audit.   BPAWW.COM is used by all reputable media companies.  It's an outside firm that audits how many readers they really have.   Phoenix Media, Supply Chain World, etc. - are calling companies saying that a Client of theirs gave them your name because they are going to be writing an article about them and thought you'd want to put your ad next to that article.   If they get enough gullible people to say they'll run an ad - they pull it together an make up a magazine and post it to their website.  And they send that magazine to all the previously gullible people who have participated in this scam.  But they don't have a true list of subscribed readers who are reading their content for its thought leadership.  It is all a scam to sell these ads.  Spend your money with reputable firms who are audited by the BPA.  Not these online, fly-by-nights who post things to a website and say they have an audience.
8, Report #1410313
Nov 04 2017
10:10 AM
ONLINE MEDIA CARD - FADIL@SOCIALDASH.COM Online media card Phoenix Arizona
Promised to build me a decent website and did ! Promised me i would make much profit above and beyond my expectations; haven't made a cent . Fadil promised to reimburse me $745.00 out of my payment of $2245.00 ; because the going around in circles and not advancing in the endeavor of their promise . They promised and did not refund my credit card in any amount ! So now i am tired of their lies and want a full refund of my money : Sincerely Joe Lara - at 916 207 5743 { thanks Much }
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
9, Report #339125
Jun 10 2008
10:09 PM
GOLDSTAR MEDIA not providing support to customers Nationwide
I found this site online looking for some sort of loans or grants for personal and debt relief, well I paid 19.99 for a life time access to this site, well they have a support button well I have tried contacting them since 06/3/2008 today is 06/10/2008 I have not gotten any calls from them it says that some will get with you shortly after putting in your comments email and phone number, well I want my money back, this site seems to be a scam if you try to apply for something else on that site it says you will not be able to access their site or something of that sort. Margarita Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1219387
Mar 31 2015
08:19 AM
WebsiteBackup Deceptive Invoice for $70.00 Phoenix Arizona
Received an invoice-type document in the mail today asking for a $70.00 payment for a service we never received.  Never even heard of this company!  We are a small company and know our vendors, but I can see how large companies might just pass this through - very deceptive.  They even enclose a self-addressed envelope for your convenience in paying them! 
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
11, Report #239590
Mar 18 2007
02:46 PM
Arizona Republic CustomerService Piss Poor Phoenix Arizona
My husband and I subscribe to the Arizona Republic newspaper. Several times a week they fail to deliver the newspaper to our house. When we call their Customer Service number we always get a perky young voice that assures us that the problem will be taken care of but it rarely is. Often times we have to call several times throughout the day until we finally get our paper delivered to us. A retired couple that lives down the street from us are having a similar problem. I can't remember a week when we had our paper satisfactorily delivered for seven days in a row. This is what we're paying $32.80 for? The Arizona Republic should fire all of the dummies that answer the phones at their customer service number. They are absolutely worthless. The Arizona Republic newspaper is a rip-off and they could care less that they are treating their customers like dirt. Susan Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
12, Report #408314
Jan 05 2009
04:16 PM
Advanced Media Group riped off Scottsdale Phoenix Arizona
Advanced Media took $7,900.00 from my credit card on false pretenses,The charges were for TV commercials,Web Site and Class 1 DN publication ad in three different publications,1 Ad in each paper for 6 weeks at 20 words or less.I have no idea if any or all of these things were done.There for I feel I was misled and conned out of my money.I have not made a penny in this business venture. George Elberta, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
13, Report #565970
Feb 07 2010
02:49 PM
Advanced Media Group Started a recurring charge of 19.95 to my bank account Phoenix, Arizona
Somehow this company started a recurring monthly charge of $19.95 to my bank account with the description in my statement: PHOENIX GROUPXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXI did not sign up for anything with this monthly charge, and I could not get through to them to cancel the charge. I had to report it to my Visa fraud department who issued me a new card number to prevent any further activity.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
14, Report #753008
Jul 14 2011
02:29 PM
Mobile Media Solutions Fraudulent Cell Phone Subscription and Charges Phoenix, Arizona
This company phishes for cell numbers in various ways and then uses them in fraudulent ways. A $9.99 charge will show up inadverdently on your cell phone bill for a Premium Txt Alert. When you inquire with your cell phone company they will tell you that you subscribed to a 3rd party service and they are just passing on the cost. It's outrageous.   This charge appeared for my daughter's phone who is under age and not the owner of the account for which she could not legally give consent for the subscription. Mobile Media Solutions claims a pin number would have been texted to her phone and she would have had to go to a website and enter it in. I assured them that no such thing happened. I am sure they just were able to get her cell number and then fraudulently started assessing charges against it. It's very bothersome that Verizon would allow a 3rd party to use them in this way to perpetrate fraud on their customers. I have stopped the subscription (I think) but was totally unsuccessful in recouping any charges. I have also filed a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office and would very much like to see a class action suit filed against this company.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
15, Report #798683
Nov 16 2011
01:17 PM
Web Media Mall Fraud, Scam Phoenix, Internet
My brother and I bought business from web media mall they were suppose to make a website which would and I would suppose to get commission from any purchase made by visitors but I never got what advertised to me (.com website). They gave me a junk looking website / website. they start asking me about my credit history what kind of cards do I have and do I have loans and where who do I owe money to, I asked why? They never gave me any satisfied answer. I been trying to get the refund for over 3 weeks now but never got it.
Entity: Phoenix, Internet
16, Report #771695
Aug 31 2011
10:16 PM
Mobile Media Solutions Scam texting company Phoenix, Arizona
This company sends a text to your phone and if you don't cancel,  they automatically enroll you in a subscription for 9.99 a month without your permission or authorization. Thank goodness T-mobile was able to block them and reverse the charge.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
17, Report #1146223
May 13 2014
09:50 AM
Media Go LLC, Promises, promises -- unfulfilled! Phoenix Arizona
I am a senior citizen, and was looking online for work to do at home, to supplement my Social Security. I got a phone call from Mike Cline, representing an Amazon Affiliate, offering to make a website for me and help drive customers to it, with the assistance of a weekly call from a coach. It sounded legitimate, so I agreed to pay $199 ($100 was deducted since I agreed on the first call).  I got a scheduled callback from vice-president, whose spiel was cut short and the call rescheduled when he found I had no money to invest. There was no mention of investment in the first two calls.  Chris Eckhard in a second call had given me a number, so I called him before next scheduled vice-president call, to cancel that. He was surprised that I reached him, and said he was going right away to line up a coach for me, and would call me back in 30 minutes. In 45 minutes there was no callback, so I called Chris' number, and got no answer. I left a message. No return call. For the next four days I called and left messages, and received no return call.  I was never able to get into the back office of the rather ordinary website, because I never heard from the company again. I spent $199 of my small income, hoping to be getting a way to make extra money. This Amazon Affiliate business seems to be just another scam.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
18, Report #1128955
Mar 07 2014
09:30 AM
Dex Media Crooked Company! Dex does not care about your advertisement only your money!! Phoenix Arizona
Please think twice about advertising with Dex. I started back in 2011 when phone books were somewhat still in circulation. I signed a contract with Dex for a year of service. Little did I know that there is no way to get out of this contract it automatically renews each year regardless of your attempts to cancel. It's now 2014 and I'm still being billed. I asked claims yesterday if they were going to continue billing me until I was dead and the lady responded that they deal w/each company on a case by case basis.  I asked to see my contract via email and was told they would send it over. The contract was never sent. I called back and was told by a different agent they do not email contracts. I spoke with 3 different people yesterday and asked to speak to supervisor. Was told surpervisor was on break, 2nd lady said she was the supervisor and was extremely rude. I was unable to tell her situation and she told me that Dex automatically renews until they receive written notice of my cancellation. She advised me to continue making payments until August 2014 as that is my starting month. This is nuts. I asked what I've signed up for and was told online advertising. Where in the world is my company advertised online? I ask. She says in the search engine under countertops. I'm in Colorado and tried this search. I see nothing. I ask them to send a sales rep my way and I'm told Gary Scott is my agent and he's on vacation next week. Not once did the agent apologize for any miscommunications, nor did she offer to to give me a month free something that would indicated they cared about keeping me as a customer. It was basically you better keep paying or we are sending collections your way. Dex Media is deceitful! Do not advertise with them or you are tied in for life. No extra business will be brought your way. I don't even think my generation has a clue who Dex is. Stick to Google or Yelp for additional business. I hope these crooks get put out of business. My company is loosing money to this advertising company rather than generating more business. Don't be a sucker like I was.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
19, Report #842003
Feb 20 2012
08:52 AM
Advanced Media Group, LLC The Advanced Media Group ADVANCED MEDIA GROUP SCAMMING PEOPLE FOR YEARS!!!!! Phoenix, Arizona
As I have read some of the latest comments and complaints about Advanced Media Group LLC, I must first say that I apologize to some of the people who have posted reports within the past few years.  I wish I had come forward sooner and posted a ripoff report which may have prevented others from becoming a victim of this scam company.  I am confident that there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of individuals who have probably been scammed by Advanced Media Group.While my report will be dated February 2012, I had an incident of being ripped off by Advanced Media Group that dates back to September 2008.  From the reading of other posts, it is the classic call you receive from someone at Advanced Media Group wanting to sell you your own website for $98.95.  The website was selling satellite dish system packages which were becoming very popular in 2008 as an alternative to high priced cable packages.  I I told the guy the first time he called me on my cell phone that it was not a good time to talk.  I was at work, but on break at the time.  A few days later, the same guy called back and left his name and cell phone number on my voicemail.  About a week later, I heard from the same guy leaving another voicemail on my cell phone about his offer to set me up with my very own website for just $98.95 and nothing else to buy.  The very next day, the same guy called my cell phone during evening hours when I was usually at home after work.  The guy and I finally got a chance to talk as he explained that for every sale of having someone purchase a satellite dish system package from my website, I would receive $50.00.  Two sales would pay for the cost of the website.  As a skilled salesperson apparently, he knew exactly how to make the offer of my very own website the greatest thing since the explosion in the late 1990s.  While we were talking, the guy had asked for my email address so he could send me more promotional offers to consider in the future.  He stated that Advanced Media Group offered the best in advertising for any campaign ranging from 100 to 10 million guaranteed visitors.  The sky was the limit.  I told the guy thank you for setting up my website and if I needed any more assistance, I would contact him or another representative from Advanced Media Group.  A few months passed and it was in January 2009 when I received a call from Advanced Media Group.  This time it was a different representative.  This new guy was just following up with me about my website.  He wanted to know if I had made any sales and was I pleased with the website.  I told the guy I had not been able to spend a lot of time with the website due to my working schedule.  The sales pitch started.  The guy explained about promotional campaigns that Advanced Media Group had to offer.  While during this phone conversation, the guy had placed me on hold for a few seconds, when he returned to the phone, he had what I guess was a co-worker, a woman apparently, joining us on the phone call.  They both sounded very professional as they explained about promoting my website.  The two of them ganged up on me.  They said that for $2400.00, they had a campaign that would guarantee me 10,000 visitors to my website within a year.  They also said that my website address would be advertised with 2000 search engines.   In addition, they said that I would be able to get with them about having a 20 word ad promoting my website placed in three newspapers of my choice.  The ad was to run in the newspapers for 6 weeks.  At this point, I fell for this scam.  After receiving my money, the tone on the phone changed.  One problem was that when I got ready to have the ad placed in three newspapers, a different person from Advanced Media Group told me that someone made a mistake in telling me I got to choose the newspapers where the ads are to run.  They stated that they are in charge of making sure the ad will run in the newspapers in which they have a business relationship.  I asked where is the ad going run and what are the names of the three different newspaper companies.  They sent me an email with the information stating the ad will run in three newspapers in the state of North Dakota.  I live on East Coast.  How was I able to verify that?Just like everyone whom I read their posts, I did not make one sale from my website.  I know this letter is rather lengthy, but I just want people from this point not to trust Advanced Media Group. My experience dates back to 2008 and they are not going to change.  They are scam artists.  I hope with enough people posting and coming forward that perhaps a class action lawsuit can be filed against these crooks.  Hopefully with enough people speaking out, the news media will put the spotlight on Advanced Media Group!!!!!
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
20, Report #512785
Oct 21 2009
12:18 PM
DEX MEDIA INC Of Qwest QWEST. Very deceptive salesman. phoenix, Arizona Internet
I contacted dexonline when i first started my business.For advertising the salesman started by asking how many trucks i had.She recommended a package a very expensive one i might add.She said with that package,i wouldnt be able to handle that much work.I didnt have that much money so i opted for another package a smaller one.I payed and got set up and signed the online contract.After amonth i realized i got absolutely zero business from them.I checked out my spot on their site it wasnt set up very well,so i tried to change it.I immediatley found out i had to go through them,to make any changes.And it would take two weeks to change my info on site not sure why but i played along.After the second month i payed my bill still no jobs.After a few months i decided to quit paying them because i simply cant afford to pay an advertising company that provides nothing.Needless to say they turned me into the credit bureau now i have to pay around 400.00 dolars now, i recieved absolutely zero jobs from them.Thank god for (((competitor's name redacted))) or i would have starved now i refuse to pay any advertising companies if i wanted to just give my hard earned money away id insure another of my automobiles. HAHAHA.WHeres our totally free way to get reimbursed for lost time and money.They have the credit bureau and your forced to pay.Whatever happened to honesty?Why should i pay for a service they boasted about,but never provided.Because of them i hang up on all of them.  sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company,, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitors name
Entity: phoenix Arizona, Internet
21, Report #1001644
Jan 23 2013
04:36 AM
Web Media Dynasty & Merchant Freedom Network Scam rip off don't trust Phoenix, Arizona
The address off Central isnt even real. Both Web Media Dynasty Technologies and Merchant Freedom Network are really located on 16th St & Indian School, in Phoenix Arizona. Its the 4 story office building on the North East corner. Their Owners name is Steve Garland. Merchant Freedom Network and their Manager ( Darwin Hardison ) are some how related to Micamp Card Services out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Im not sure but I think that Micamp is their processor. Darwin once told me that the Sales Reps Web Media Dynasty receive 50% commissions on all their sales. Do the math 50% of a $10k or $14k sale, must be nice. Either way, DONT TRUST THEM and if youve been ripped off by them you're either rich or not too bright. They are located on 16th St & Indian School in Phoenix, Az.  There are no leads, no appointments, no sales. At least not to my knowledge. Its the oldest scam in the biz opps business, set up an llc out of state, find leads, find a credit card processor who will allow you to run (over the phone/high risk) $20k transactions and dont get served by the court. Im surprised this one has lasted this long. Total SCAM RIP OFF
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
22, Report #541871
Dec 18 2009
02:02 PM
Advanced Media Group Stay Away from Low Rate Approvals or Advanced Media Group Phoenix Arizona
Ladies and Gentlemen,I am going to give you five business days to respond to this email before all hell breaks lose.  I  demand that you credit my debit card for $100.00 regarding the setting up of a website for  Low Rate Approvals.  I was contacted by a man named Everett on 12/06/09 regarding a good way to make extra money.  I was told I would get a seven page website which would refer/link people to Low Rate Approvals and receive a commission based on people who used the services of Low Rate Approvals and were referred by my website.  My website is   I was also told I would receive a phone call from a member in Charlotte who would coach me through the process.I received the documentation via email where it said I needed to sign some documents and fax them in.  I wasn't sure which documents to sign.  It also said my website would be set up within 48 hours.  I was then contacted by a John Porter who told me which documents to sign via electronic signature.  I did sign the documents and told him that my website was nothing more than links to other websites and something on there by go daddy.  He was aware of this and even said that something was wrong and it would be straightened out.On or about 12/16/09 I received a call from a man by the name of Brian who wanted me to spend $2500 for a real good website to get me up and running.  I explained to him that I wanted to take this slowly and build up the business with a few referrals before going big time.On 12/17/09 I received a call from a David Cutler who wanted me to enroll in the site for the great price of $150.  I told him I was already enrolled.On 12/17/09 I called the main telephone number 866-688-4222 Ext 102 and spoke with a lady named Stephanie.  I asked her what was going on and told her I was not pleased and wanted a refund of my $100.00.  She told me it was too late because I had 72 hours to cancel.  I explained that our contract was not valid because my website was not set up properly.  She said she would get with the IT department and get back to me.  She called back and said the website was now okay.  Well the web site is still the same.  I demanded my money back and she said it was too late.  I said I would contact the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney Generals Office regarding this and she said to go ahead and do it.I tried calling Low Rate Approvals but keep getting an answering machine.  No one has called me back after leaving my name and phone number.I will tell you that I am a very stubborn man when it comes to getting ripped off.  I don't think you want to mess with me for $100.  The internet is a very powerful tool for making consumers aware of scams.  I am also going to contact Clack Howard who is a syndicated talk show host whose show is dedicated to help people from getting ripped off.I look forward to your reply.  Thank you.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
23, Report #97159
Jun 30 2004
07:20 PM
KPHO Phoenix - CBS 5 Home Channel % Phoenix Ripoff Lies and hurts peoples lives Phoenix Arizona
KPHO Phoenix - CBS 5 Home. The reporter Mark Ladato is a liar as most media personalities are. He did a story on my company as he does on companies everyday. The story he did on the news was false and misleading to my consumers. I lost over !00 K due to his libelous story. When he did the story he only did the negative things of course they are media, but there was alot of good that they did not mention not one thing at all. My family saw this news clip relatives friends. I was very embarrassed by this. He sent his camera people to my home and to my office UN announced of course. He is nothing but a want to be Dateline reporter. So this is my warning to businesses if he calls you he will acts all sweet and kind but then he will turn on you like a rat. So I did some research on Mark Ladato and his wife Valery. I believe they own land in California and Florida. How sick is it that he gets paid to crush lives of innocent working class people well he sits back in his Mercedes. He came to my home and office camera set up shocking the heck out of me no advance notice. So here in the post you will fins his home address that has been found through public record. If you're a company like mine that has been slandered by him this may help you. Go to his home with a camera in his face and ask him why he does not tell the truth in his stories. Now I understand reporting and yes it is good to expose BS but get facts not fiction. Mark we will have a camera in your face get ready it will happen your wife will be on camera as well get ready. Mark and Valerie Ladato 4452 East Horseshoe Road Phoenix, AZ 85028 Mark and Valerie Ladato 4821 Upton Street NW Washington, DC 20016 Mark Jeffrey Ladato and Valerie Jane Ladato (Hodes) 3052 E. Stella Lane Phoenix, AZ 85016 Tom Cicero, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
24, Report #1299
Feb 21 2000
12:00 AM
Desert Advocate rip off
On November 11th I sent a check for $65.00 to The Desert Advocate Newspaper. The newspaper was to send me back issues for November and begin my yearly subscription starting in December. I called the first week in January I was told that all back issues had been sent. I waited another week and still received no newspapers from the Desert Advocate. Subsequent calls to the newspaper have not been returned. I have sent a letter to the better business bureau. They can be reached at
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
25, Report #59119
May 31 2003
04:45 PM
Consolidated Media Servives ripoff scam con artists Kennesaw Georgia
The letter says my monthly payment was rejected by my credit card. I don't make monthly payments of the amount listed, or to this company. Never heard of CMS they said I needed to supply them with account info or I would be forwarded to the collection agency. There was no telephone number or fax or email. When I typed the company name in the search box of my webtv, it came up scam, thats how I got your address. So thanks if you want this letter for evidence let me know.. Carol phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Kennesaw, Georgia

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