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1, Report #1214796
Mar 10 2015
05:59 PM
Phyllis Stuart, The WIN Awards, Light Productions, Inc. Enthuse TV, Elephant Daze Refuses to pay a legal debt Los Angeles California Beverly Hills California
I ran the sound for her event in 2014. She approved my quote, I rendered my services and all went great. Unfortunately, I never got paid. I gave her 7 written requests with no success. I had a lawyer warn her that she would go to court and still refused to pay. She also refused to be set up with a payment plan. I filed a demand at Small Claims, went to Court, and she never showed up. I won the case and I'm in the process of (hopefully) collecting the payment that she shoud've taken care of as agreed.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
2, Report #549446
Jan 04 2010
10:52 AM
Weepurrs Cattery - Phyllis Mikesell Phyliss Mikesell Sick Kitten calgary, Alberta
I too purchased a kitten from her in June of 2005 . my story is so similar to some of these others that it sickens me to think of how many cats have died or been abused in her care . On the way home after picking her up I noticed some sores on her right shank .I called Phyliss the next day and was told they were bite wounds from the adult males . 2 days after we picked her up she started sneezing like crazy and her eyes started getting really gunky . at this point I took her to our vet who I have been using for more then 15 years. yep you guessed it. sever upper respiratory infection . after being given drops and antibiotics for the infection he sent us home . 3 days later her left eye started to turn black  , not just the pupil but her beautiful blue eye! so off to the vet we go again . this time he can't help us he needs to send us to a cat OPTOMOLGIST! Hello do you have any idea how expensive they are! . And so after numerous tests and poking and prodding , it is determined that my little girl has feline Herpies in her eyes ! Which as I'm sure you all know is a disease that will never go away! Luckily because of non Ragdoll personality (she doesn't like anyone but my daughter) My other cats have not caught it.  BUt after paying over $1500.00 to have her treated , yes I contacted Phyliss and was told that I should have called her as she has the meds to treat this!! Hello Phyliss you are not a vet!! you have  no business treating these animals . and just a little tidbit of info for the rest of you . When I called the Humane Society , they already knew her address !! Infact they had an open report on her at the time! Through my research on her after words I found out that she had been shutdown a few times already . What I'd like to see is her shutdown permanently so that no more poor cats to have go through this! I spoke to a few breeders after who couldn't say anything before I bought her because she has lawsuits against people for slander , Well Phyliss . it isn't slander if it's TRUE!!   My Kitty who is now 5 years old , has lost all her front teeth top and bottom  and is losing more as time goes by.My vets diagnosis , Bad Genetics  , and generally just bad breeding . GO figure!   Do not buy from this breeder ever! 
Entity: calgary, Alberta
3, Report #934712
Aug 30 2012
08:47 AM
Phyllis Rule Complete rip-off through the internet about working at home Knoxville, Tennessee
This was  an e-mail that was sent to me about working at home and it was totally a rip-off and no way to get a refund  but the ad said you could.
Entity: Knoxville, Tennessee
4, Report #226937
Dec 23 2006
11:49 AM
Weepurrs Cattery - Phyllis Mikesell - Ringworm Calgary Alberta Canada
The purpose of this complaint is to warn others to not buy kittens from Phyllis Mikesell. We purchased a Ragdoll kitten from Phyllis on December 8, 2006. Admittingly, I should have known better. The house reeked of cat urine and there must have been 40 cats in the house. This house was the dirtiest house I have ever seen. All of the kittens were very wild, but Phyllis managed to catch the one that I wanted and we put it in the kennel. I paid $500 for the kitten and Phyllis said that she was too just busy to provide me with any papers (including a receipt) and that she would mail everything to me. When I got the kitten home, she calmed down right away and was just lovely and friendly. However, I felt some scars around her neck and was a little bit worried about distemper as she was sneezing and had runny eyes - I grew up on a cattle ranch and have seen distemper before. I e-mailed Phyllis the following Monday (December 11) to ask her what the scars might be and she indicated that they were simply from the kittens play fighting. This seemed logical so I left it at that. The following Monday (December 18), I noted that our chocolate lab had a scar beside his eye. I realized right away that it was ringworm. Again, I e-mailed Phyllis to let her know that I know had clued in that the scars around the kitten's neck were indeed ringworm and now my dog had it. I asked Phyllis if she was willing to pay for the vet bill that I would have to endure to have the problem fixed as when I bought the kitten Phyllis indicated that she had a health guarantee (this health guarantee is posted all over her advertisements on the internet). Phyllis called me back (Phyllis will never respond to any e-mails) and said that she had prescription drugs that she would provide to me to treat the ringworm. She did admit that her cats had ringworm (probably best to let people know this before they bring contagious cats into their homes!) I felt very uncomfortable taking prescription drugs from someone that is not a vet, but I stopped by her cattery Thursday evening (December 21) to pick up the medicine which came in an unmarked bottle. Phyllis also provided me with some pills which she said would stop the kitty from sneezing. I was now more than a little miffed because I really felt that Phyllis should indeed pay for the vet bill for at least the cat of which she insured me was healthy when I purchased it. Friday morning (December 22) my son and I both woke up with ringworm. Now I am horrified. We both have it on our arms and I have it on my chin as well. I immediately called our vet to make an appointment. My vet was horrified. He had not even seen ringworm for years and said that it was not a common occurence (as Phyllis had indicated). He knew the drug that Phyllis had provided me with and said that it would work for the cat, but not for the dog. Phyllis had said to administer the same drug on both the cat and the dog. The vet was also not impressed that Phyllis was distributing drugs that were only to be prescribed by a Dr. My vet bill, including the prescription, was a little over $200. The vet indicated that we should try to return the cat to Phyllis. The other alternative was to put the kitten down as although you can get rid of ringworm, the spores will still live on everything the kitten touches (the furniture, bedding, carpets, etc.). I would never return this kitten to that house. I love her already and won't put her down without trying to solve the problem first. Next, my son and I visited the doctor. The doctor was also quite horrified at this story and is filing a report with the clinc for communicable diseases. She indicated that ringworm is extremely contagious and to have the house disinfected once the ringworm goes away on the animals. We had to get prescriptions as well. I am keeping every receipt and filing all documentation relating to this issue. I will be filing a small claims action when the ringworm issue is resolved. This cattery should be shut down. What angers me the most is that if Phyllis had been honest with me in the first place, all could have been prevented. Leanne Calgary, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Calgary, Alberta
5, Report #149469
Jul 12 2005
03:51 PM
Weepurrs Cattery - Phyllis Mikesell Ripoff, Ragdoll Kitten Sick Calgary Alberta Canada
I purchased a ragdoll kitten from a phyllis Mikesell who owns weepurrs cattery in Calgary, Alberta. She let me know that she had bathed and blowndry the kittens before my arrival and the male may have gotten some shampoo in his nose so he may sneeze a little and she also informed me that it may take a week or two for the kitten to adjust to the air in my home - so he may be a little sick at first. My kitten has an upper resperatory infection as well as diareah - ever since I brought him home. I called her and asked if she was going to help me out at all and she informed me that she was not and that I was a bitch, and she then proceeded to hang up on me. My concern is that my cat has not been vaccinated, all I have is her word as she does not use a vet. also the stud at her home was not well either. I asked her what was wrong with his eye and she said he had an infection. He was roaming around the house with the kittens and a pregnant female. If there are any measures that I can take to ensure this woman can no longer breed cats of any kind let me know. She breeds ragdolls now but has bred persains in the past. I want to ensure that she can no longer even keep a cat she has no business ethics and says whatever is necessary to get her money from you and pass off a kitten to you that needs immediate medical attention. If anyone is going to bring her up on charges in small claims court let me know I would love to be a part of it!! Elizabeth Calgary, AlbertaCanada CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Calgary, Alberta
6, Report #1077046
Aug 19 2013
12:00 PM
Phyllis Aduddell is unjustified man he can trick you like a juggler- Gulfport Mississippi
This is a repulsive organization and might as well truly be explored by the FTC. Completing so now ive been a casualty of duplicity the organization i was supposely being employeed for sent me a watch that from the get go got cleared then returned for not having the capacity to check name of organization the check address returned with an alternate name... im focused on ive messaged the message address they furnished which is fake this is just s*t
Entity: Gulfport, Mississippi
7, Report #1078148
Aug 22 2013
12:17 PM
Phyllis Aduddell he tricked me and done fraud of 5 million USD with me!!!! Gulfport Massachusetts
i mailed out my rebate april 28,2013. on there website they stated they received my rebate request on may 1,2013. for two months there website stated it was final processing,now that im complaining they claim not to have me in there system for any scheduled rebate.i was told my rebate will take approximately 12 weeks,now that im complaining they dont have any record of my request for my rebate. this will be the second time that i will not receive my rebate.the first time i didnt receive my rebate i didnt complain,but now this is the second time and i think that metropcs be liable for there actions for there false advertisement
Entity: Gulfport, Massachusetts
8, Report #1213998
Mar 07 2015
07:38 AM
ANYONE thinking about using this realtor, Phyllis Fitzagerald, please READ this first.  BIG LIAR & WILL RIP YOU OFF! I can't wait for GOD to chastise you or when you go to meet the creator and face him.  He knows you LIED!  Maybe that's why he caused you to get into an accident and get hurt...he tried to reprimand you before and you just didn't get it.  You're nothing but a LIAR and a CON ARTIST that accepts bribes.  The seller's attorney rehearsed you well and we could tell you were coached, of course, you had 5 years to learn it and memorize it.  BEWARE will tell you anything to SELL a home, that's why you're a top $$$ don't care who you screw over.  Why did you leave EXIT realty..did they threaten to fire you, because when we went and asked for the original paperwork the gentleman there said he had all of them from 2006 on, but ours was the only one that was MISSING!  Did you destroy it that's why, Right?Came to look at a home that I found on the Internet. Our real estate agent we were working with didin't come this far, so she called the realtor that was handling the home, which was, Phyllis Fitzgerald (whom was working for Exit Realty at the time).  Our realtor told us that Phyllis Fitzgerald would meet us at the home that we wanted to look at, since I had printed the ad from the Internet, we took the ad with us.  We were with my son and his friend was driving as we did not know our way around since we just moved from out of state a few months prior.  My son's friend (who was born and raised in the state we bought our home in) did not know where the home was, so he had to call Phyllis and we met her at a gas station and followed her to the home.When we arrived (there were 4 of us-My hubby, me, my son and his friend that was driving).  Upon entering the home, we did a quick look around and Phyllis Fitzgerald told us that the MINERALS CONVEYED with the home.  She had me come over to the slider in the living room and said, Look out there and everything you see including above ground and below ground and the minerals convey.  Everything the seller's own conveys with the property.  My son's friend was checking the plumbing and outlets in the home and other things that people forget to check, including the outside wiring and plumbing.  My son and I returned to the kitchen and my son asked Phyllis, So, the MINERALS come with the home?  Phyllis responded, Yes, everything the seller's own CONVEYS with the home including the MINERALS. My huibby and I talked with my son and his friend and we decided to offer full asking price of $70,000 since the MINERALS came with the home.  The home was a 3 bedrm/2bath manufactured home on 5 acres in the rural part of the city.  Phyllis said, I told the seller's they could ask $90,000 and get it because of the MINERALS coming with the home.  Anyways, we signed a 4 page agreement on that day.  The paperwork mentioned nothing about the minerals and neither did the ad which I had in my hand, so we were very happy to find this out and my son's friend who was born and raised here said, You want to buy a home that has the MINERALS come with it, so I'd go ahead and pay full price.  I informed him that we did and it was the deciding factor as to offering full price.  Later a rumor went around that the seller bragged, I got top dollar for my home and got to keep the minerals!   (nice guy, right?)Phyllis was supposed to fax us a copy of the signed agreement that night after she had met with the seller's.  We never got the signed agreement.  Instead, eight (8) days later, she called and said she was faxing over the contract, but it had to be changed due to the lender changing the interest rate and the amount changed to almost $75,000 because the lender suggested buyer assist.  When the fax came through she indicated which pages to sign and fax back to her, so I pulled out the pages and we signed them and faxed them back to her.  We went to the closing and Phyllis was there instead of the seller's, she didn't say anything the whole time we were at the closing.  The closing representative told us what pages to sign and when she told us to SKIP a page and sign the next one because that page didn't apply to us. I never looked at the contract thoroughly so when we got home from the closing we decided to look it over and see what didn;t pertain to us. We went through the documents page by page and UNDER FIXTURES we saw  Minerals do not convey and figured that's what the rep meant when we were told to skip a page.  Needless to say we called Phyllis Fitzgerald and inquired as to why that was on there and her response was, That's because the seller's don't own them, the railroad bought them up years back.  We were DUPED and paid too much for the home as it had a lot of work needinjg done, such as; new carpeting, roof leaked, and drafty windows.  The home was very cold during the winter months and the roof leaked every time it rained.  We had the roof patched and it's fine now.  There were other things that we had to take care of, like a tree that was ready to fall into the house.  It got removed professionally.We closed on the home in Dec. 2007 and six weeks later we decided to do a refinance because the interest rates had dropped (this was February 2008) and it would lower our mortgage a few hundred dollars.When we gave all of our paperwork to the lender that was doing our refinance, she called us and said that the deed was all messed up and it said that we got only half the land and half the minerals.  We told her we got all 5 acres and all the minerals.  She stated that she would straighten it all out for us so that everything was correct.  We said Great!  We had to go to the title company and sign the papers for the minerals, that paperwork DID straighten out the minerals and the land, so we now owned all 5 acres as well as all of the minerals.  A few weeks later, we got a paper in the mail stating that there was a Scrivener's error on the deed and requested that we sign the paper which would give the mineral's back to the seller's.  We never signed the paper and a few weeks later a female came knocking on the door.  My hubby answered the door and she told him to sign the hubby told her he wasn't signing any paper and that the MINERALS came with the home when we bought it.  She left and approximately 2-3 weeks later she came back with a male and I answered the door and explained to the male (the female was sitting in the truck they came in) that the MINERALS conveyed with the home when we bought it and he said he would go back and tell the title company what I told him and hopefully they would not have to bother us any more.The seller's decided to take us to court and this just happened recently in 2015 as it was pending for 5-6 years.  The Judge that was hearing the case recommended a Mediation in which they did not let our witnesses back to the room for discussion...they were put in another room and the door shut on them.  Prior to mediation, we offered the seller's half of the current minerals plus half of the future minerals on the wells (we did this because people do crazy things over money), but they refused!  When we told the Mediator that our son and his friend was with us when we looked at the home and they were our witnesses...he said, 'OH, sorry I didn't know they were your witnesses.  The Mediator then proceeded to another room where the seller's, the title company owner's were at and I heard them telephone Phyllis and ask her if we had anyone with us and she LIED when she replied that we came to the home alone.  Now, this home sits off a road that's wooded and has few homes on it and then you have to turn off another wooded road and turn again and come to the end of the road before you can get to the home we bought, so it's not easy to find...we still have people that get lost trying to find it.In court, under OATH, Phyllis Fitzgerald swore before our LORD that we were alone and had small dogs with us when we came to look at the home.  Who in their right mind drives 3-1/2 to 4 hrs. to look at homes and brings dogs?  What?, So we can keep stopping to let dogs out and then let them crap on someones lawn?  We live in the country and we still put our dogs on a leash to go outside.  She also LIED saying, They got my number off a sign they seen?  What?, and that we got the number to our realtor, who shows homes further North of the home we did buy, off a sign also.  What? Does that make any sense?  We only had one dog when we bought the home and she barks and will nip at people...we couldn't take her anywhere...afraid she'd bite someone.Phyllis also LIED and said, She told us that the minerals don't convey.....Phyllis you know that's not true, in fact you told us the opposite...THEY DO CONVEY...You LIED before GOD and swore to tell the truth and you didn't.  How can you be such a HYPOCRIT????  You drive around with that bible in your car and you're the biggest LIAR & HYPOCRIT we know.How many people move to a state and in two months know their way around the whole state?  They did not have GPS systems at the time either that we know of and we DID NOT have one.  How many realtors go to every closing as you claim you do?  What about if you have two or three closings in one day?  Do you go to them all?  Furthermore, you know you never seen our dogs or the dogs we acquired in 2010 because you never came to the home after we bought it! You know the people from the title company that came to the home told you we had small dogs, that's how you found out about our dogs!  Or, possibly the realtor Lena may have told you since we tried to sell the home in 2008 and she knew we had two small dogs and you work at the same company.  We had to take them for a ride while she showed the home. The male died near the end of 2008.Phyllis you also LIED and made up a whole conversation that I never had with you and you know it!  If you were Pinoccio your nose would've ran from the testimonial chair out the front door and into the street..that's how bad you lied.  Did you get a BIG PAYOFF from the seller's?  Or maybe you will get a big payoff now that the Judge granted them the minerals due to your LIES!
9, Report #1211383
May 12 2015
11:15 AM
Phyllis Stuart The WIN Awards, Enthuse TV, Elephant Daze Phyllis Stuart refuses to pay a legal debt Los Angeles California
Phyllis Stuart owns and operates several production entities (The WIN Awards, Elephant Daze, Enthuse TV). In December 2014 Phyllis Stuart contracted me to supply and operate my jib (camera crane) and camera equipment for her WIN Awards event, with the promise of payment of $1000 after 20 days. As the date of promised payment drew near I sent an email saying hello and checking in... no response.  More emails were sent, all professional and polite, without reply.  I tried calling her, leaving messages... no reply. The only method of communication that garnered any response was via text, and her replies were sporadic and unclear.  What was becoming clear, however, was that she was, at best, dragging her feet in paying my invoice. At the six week mark she sent me a check for $150 with a hand written letter stating that this was all she was going to pay because her charity was out of money and was no longer functioning. (Since I subscribe to her feeds on social media and see current posts from her defunct charity, I know this not to be true.) I returned the check to her, making it (politely) clear that I could not accept it, as it might later be construed as my acceptance of less than complete payment for my services. I did attempt to work with her and offered a one time deal: pay me half the invoice ($500) and I would let the rest go.  No response. Continued calls, texts, and emails have garnered no response from her.  After two and a half months I have to conclude that Phyllis Stuart will not pay me what I am owed without legal action. I am forced to use this forum to warn others in the film and entertainment industry that Phyllis Stuart has proven untrustworthy and has not held up her end of a contract. She is currently in pre-production of a documentary film called Elephant Daze... I worry that she will also make false promises and agreements with cast and crew for that project as she did with me on the 2014 WIN Awards. Be aware that, from my experience, Phyllis Stuart may not be trustworthy and may rip you off.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
10, Report #1117942
Jan 23 2014
03:12 PM
Stuart Plumbing & Sheet Metal Stuart Plumbing Scan and defruad Stuart Florida
 Stuart Plumbing & Sheet Metal has scammed many people within the Stuart comunity. When you call them to do a job the will cause more damage and tell you it had to be done, just so they can charge more money and take advanage of people. They usually use this scam on the ederly in the area. They also will attempt to defraud insurance compaines by turning small damage into large claims. They will try and deal directly with the insurance company so they money for their made up cliam goes to them. Insurance companies and the public NEED TO BEWARE!!
Entity: Stuart, Florida
11, Report #449039
May 09 2009
09:03 PM
Island Oasis Co. Sent me a check for $3,500.00 told me to go to walmart or sears for moneygram then report my findings. I am to keep $300.for myself because I'm on probation! and then they proceed to tell me that my success will determine my future with their company. Walpole Massachusetts
Just today May 5,2009 I received this letter that came in an envelope that was postmarked from Canada. I then opened it and a $3,500 check fell out and a letter explaining what I'm to do. Well, with further research thru this rip off report site I learned that they are NO GOOD. Whats got me is I didn't even know that I was employed by them, the letter proceeds to tell me what to do which is the following:MoneyGram location and send to Rhonda Johnson in Ottawa, ON, Canada. She is supposed to be my relative. Second assignment go to a Wal-mart or Sears and I'm to spend $100.00 while evaluating their customer service. After completion of all assignments i'm to fill out the form that was sent with the check and letter. Oh, by the way this letter is signed by, Stuard Adams-Human Resources. With this company I am told this job will take 3 hours and I'm getting paid $100.00 per hour! Phyllis Lone Jack, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Walpole, Massachusetts
12, Report #728088
May 11 2011
12:41 PM
Estates At Stuart PMC Property Group Conned me out of my security deposit Stuart, Florida
I lived at the Estates At Stuart for 3 years, the rent was $925 but I accidentally paid $945 every month, they never corrected me. At one point I was on 'month to month' & they offered me $500 off the next month's rent to sign a lease, I told them I would do it if they gave me a 30day out clause. When they agreed I was highly suspicious seeing as I was already month to month. I even prodded to this extent, the answer was that it was to 'increase the #s on the charts' to 'inflate the # of leases' for upper management, so I agreed. Upon trying to exercise my 30 day out clause they reversed the $500 credit. I had a $500 security deposit that was 'absorbed' due to this reversal. Seeing as I had been over paying the whole time, I still was supposed to have credit with them, about $200+ In the end, I did not pay the last 2 weeks worth of rent, seeing as they owed me $700 as per my understanding of the written contract, now they are coming after me for $200, sending me letters from the lawyers and threatening collections. I told them I would be happy to pay if they show me where in the contract it said the $500 credit was reversible upon exercising the 30 day out clause. This is my experience renting at the Estates @ Stuart. They nickel & dime me after I move out, when I have shown them 3 faithful years of paying $945 a month, they are going to come after me for under $200.
Entity: Stuart, Florida
13, Report #518315
Nov 02 2009
12:30 AM
Phyllis J. Crow, M.F.C.C. Unethical and faliure to comply with statutes/regualtions and codes Mission Viejo, California
Individual practices strange modalities.  Diagnosis' are questionable.  Releases confidential information regarding patients to parties without appropriate releases.  Will not release billing, medical records, information leading to diagnosises, etc, within the mandated 30 day period, however to the patient directly.  Contradictory in her correspondences.  Breaks agreements.  Did not give privacy forms or HIPAA forms that are standard with her industry and practice.  Currently under investigation by licensing board in California for 4 acts of unethical practice.  Misdiagnosis' for purposes of more frequent visitation and therapy. 
Entity: Mission Viejo, California
14, Report #933263
Aug 27 2012
02:29 PM
Phyllis Laverne Terry Tann Laverne Terry Tann This person creates a Hostile Environment Washington, District of Columbia
Ms. Phyllis Laverne Terry-Tann has been cited for creating a hostile work environment as a supervisor for several Government consulting services.  She has been charged and terminated for  not providing proper facilities to people who are disabled, and has been known to make racial remarks, in an effort to force subordinated from their positions. Once female, who was pregnant, was not provided adequate time off or parking close to the building that she worked in.  Screaming, randomly, at employees (she took care not to write anything down) was routine. Deadlines could never be met and nothing ever met her approval. I no longer live in the Washington, DC area--and simply do not care what happens to Ms. Terry-Tann's life.  I am glad that she is out of mine! I can only hope that future employers will read this and heed this warning!  I do not want anyone else to go through the experience that I had.  I know that there are a number of good employers out there who do not deserve to have their company dragged through the dirt. By the way, the employer (VSD) that I worked with no longer has a presence in Washington, DC--thanks to Ms. Terry-Tann.
Entity: Washington, District of Columbia
15, Report #1213566
Mar 05 2015
01:19 PM
Dirty Rotten Creeps Piedmont SC Dirty Rotten Creeps Piedmont South Carolina
Recently purchased a new Apple iphone and needed a Otter Defender Case to protect it.  Did not want to spent $50. Subsesequently, thought I had found a great deal on this website. Of course I was wrong.  01/24/15 paid $29.64 with debit card for the case $12.95, $3.75 for ultra-charge car charger and $2.95 ultra-clear screen protector.  Total paid including S/H=$29.64.  Order Id 14332. I only received the very thin blue phone cover which is definitely not an OotterBox Case for an iphonr. Phyllis Piedmont, SC  
Entity: Piedmont, South Carolina
16, Report #203591
Jul 30 2006
06:08 AM
Stuart Jeep, stole parts from my car ripoff Stuart Florida
In a nut shell, I took my recently purchased 2005 jeep rubicon in for first time service to stuart jeep. They rescheduled me for recall work that needed to be done. I brought the vehicle back and someone stole an optional trunk that was installed in my vehicle. Holes were drilled, and carpet was replaced to hide the evidence of the missing part. They also filled the holes they drilled or place where they left bolts missing with gasket compound. A month later I took the car in for installation of some off road parts that I had bought from them. I got a call form a man named Brian. He asked me if I knew my seatbelts where missing. I said no, the car was practically brand new. He also asked me if I had ever been in the trunk (behind the backseat). I said no. I finally got around to buying more seatbelts and when I went to install them I remembered an optional removable trunk that used to be in my vehicle. Plus most of the seat bolts were missing and there were holes drilled in my vehicle. All of the holes had been filled with gasket compound, and the carpet had no holes for the trunk mounts. Someone had stolen my trunk and seatbelts, and had filled the empty holes with gasket compound. I had recently purchased the vehicle and forgot about the trunk. I would not have suspected the dealership, except that I remembered the service tech asking me if my vehicle had the optional trunk the first time I brought it in for service. I would like to send a copy of a word doc with all the names and places at the end of this email. Also I had told the service writer that I was not supposed to be driving because I did not have a valid license and I believe this is why they asked me to bring the vehicle in for inspection and then called the police a short time after I arrived. My wife had towed the vehicle there for me. I have documentation. Damon vero beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Stuart, Florida
17, Report #1052074
May 19 2013
07:52 AM
Flamingo Pools in Stuart Pool Workmanship ~ Horrible Pool Stuart Florida
Flamingo Pool from Stuart Florida Built my the pool in my home and it has been nothing but problems. Exposed pipes and leaks from day one. They did paint all seal the surrounding of pool and at end if pool visual PVC pipes sticking up out of ground so if children are playing the can get injuried due to pipes sticking out. The spa and pool has leak and spa pumped didn't work properly. I have a Highly qualified leak detention company and the guy told me if this was his pool it fill it with dirt. That is how back the construction of this pool is. I called the owners and reported the leaks and poor craftsman of the pool but he was rude and told me that the builder owed him 1,000.00 dollars so he wasn't repairing it. I can't image not fixing all the problems and coming out to see the poor work done by his employees  and also holding the homeowner accountable for the actions if the builder is so FOUL . Let alone the builder owing him but how about the POOR Quality of The Shabby Pool Work and the Leaks and Exposed Pipes and spa motor not working.  Is That The Builder Fault ~ NO it was poor Quality Work~ I say if you have to have a pool built do your homework and get references and go look at other people's pool~ Dont go by what builders tell you ~ I give this company a Below Poor Rating<
Entity: Stuart, Florida
18, Report #1089147
Oct 03 2013
04:46 PM
Rooms To Go Kids RTG Kids Jensen Beach FL Room To Go Kids, IvyLeague Cherry Twin/Full Step Loft Bedroom Set #3753290P, furniture is off gassing a volatile chemical odor. RTG claimed no responsibility. Jensen Beach Florida
 Rooms To Go Kids claimed no responsibility in reference to the off gassing chemical odor coming from the kids furniture we purchased.  The Ivy League Cherry Twin/Full Step Loft Bedroom #3753290P looks good smells bad.  When I called the manager of the store in Jensen Beach, FL (Carmen) she referred me to Customer Service which gave me the name of the manufacturer in Chula Vista, CA.  I have faxed them my compaint, sent a letter, called their office which is a automated menu, got voice mail for several of the options.  No return calls from the messages that were recorded.  Called the BBB in California and the Chamber of Commerce.  The manufacturer is not a member of either agency.  The name of the company who made the furniture is Cayon Furniture, Chula Vista, CA.  Since no one has responded I have no other choice to followother options.  I do not recomend Rooms To Go Kids!  Phyllis G, Stuart, FL
Entity: Jensen Beach, Florida
19, Report #377481
May 18 2017
08:29 PM
Stuart Drossner Is A Con Artist Aventura Florida
I moved to Miami a couple of months ago, even thought the real estate market is not so good at the moment, I still wanted and needed to buy house and settle in. I was sitting in a restaurant having a coffee one day and was talking to a friend of mine on the phone telling her how I want to buy a place. As soon as I hang up I was tapped on the shoulder, I turned around and a young man started speaking to me, telling me he was a realtor, and that he can find me a house. His name was Stuart Drossner. The next day he started to show me around, I am kind of new here and that is why I am not too familiar with anything in South Florida. Plus I was not too familiar with purchasing properties in general, because this would have been my first time buying a home, I rented my whole life. I was shown by Mr. Drossner several properties, and finally he showed me one which I wanted to put an offer. We wrote the offer and I wanted to put 1,000 dollars down at signing and Mr. Drossner insisted I put 5000. I told him that I don't have 5000, so he told me to find someone and borrow, I called my dad and he gave me the 5000 dollars cash. Stuart required that I bring him a cashier check or certified check that day. But the 5000 would have taken a few days to clear with the bank I was using, and because of this i couldn't get him a cashier check that day. So I called my dad and told him to get me a cashier check instead but he told me he needs to go out of town, so to wait until next week. So Mr. Drossner told me he had an idea. He told me to just give him the 5000 dollars cash and he would go get me a certified check form his own personal bank account, because according to him he had funds. I told him I couldn't do that and he insisted and told me if I would delay I would loose the property. I thought about it and decided to say ok, I put in the offer, gave to him 5000 dollars cash, I called him a few hours later and he said he submitted the offer and turned in the cashier check. Ever since that day he hasn't answered the phone for me, I called and called and he don't answer, I even call from blocked numbers but when he would hear my voice he hang up. I called his office and they said there is no record of the money nor the offer, and they said they would speak to him about it and call me back tomorrow. The next day his office called me back and they told me they spoke to him and he flat out denies it, I went there in person and I saw him and he even lied to me in my face by claiming he didn't even know who I am. I call the police and they told me its out of their hands and it's a civil matter. My friend introduced me to another realtor and we contacted the owner of the house that I put the offer on and we found out Mr. Drossner never even submitted him my offer. Mr. Drossner just took my money and ran, I complained to every department in the world but he just keeps denying it. Stuart L. Drossner shouldn't be a realtor he needs to be in jail. He is a criminal, thief, con artist. Here is his information: STUART LEE DROSSNER Denise Rubin Realty, LLC / Realtor-Associate Cell 305-502-1717 Fax 786-513-2747 License number: SL3061323 Lopez NMB, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Aventura, Florida
20, Report #415903
Jan 25 2009
07:13 AM
I too have been victimized by Stuart Allan and Associates. It started in December 2008 when I received a letter from them stating I owed creditors $140. It did not state to whom or why, just that I owed it. I sent a letter disputing it and asking for proof and never heard back within 30 days as required by law. I then started getting phone calls and they refused to tell me who they were with, what it was about, etc until I fully identified myself. I informed them verbally that I could not receive calls at that number since it was used for work. By law, they just have to be informed verbally about not calling a work number and it must cease immediately. Shortly thereafter I received another letter stating that I owed the National Bank of Arizona $140. Again it was disputed in writing and I also put in writing to never call the work number again. Last night, January 24th, I received another call from these clowns from an area code from the LA area. I will be sending them another letter tomorrow via certified mail to Stuart Allan telling to basically drop dead as well as one to the bank and I have started a complaint with the FTC. These guys think they are above the law but they have messed with the wrong guy here. I will not drop this matter until something is done about it. Kevin s Oklahoma City, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
21, Report #708622
Mar 21 2011
09:36 AM
Kathy Santoriello WATCH OUT FOR THIS QUACK Stuart, Florida
I saw this doctor a few days ago and she told me I needed major surgery.  Her office staff also told me that I would have to pay for the surgery myself even though I do have insurance.  Since then, I have gotten a second opinion and it turns out that she/her staff were wrong about both things.  I was very distressed by the interaction and did a search on the internet ( and found many complaints about this doctor.  Ladies BEWARE. 
Entity: Stuart, Florida
22, Report #301939
Jan 20 2008
11:06 PM
Dan Stuart lost $200 Phoenix Arizona
dan stuart contacted me multiple times about selling my gto for a very good price. when i finally gave in he sent his brother to the place my car was stored to take pictures and collect money. his brother sounds just like him on the phone, so i have a feeling that they are the same person. he would not give me a phone number to reach him, he said to contact his brother with any questions. the contract was broken immediately. my car was never advertised on his website, and now the website is no longer available. dan said his brothers name is dave and he drives an early nineties beretta with an indiana veterans plate # 7020. so keep an eye out for this guy!! Dansucks three rivers, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
23, Report #1196322
Dec 18 2014
01:00 PM
Stuart Farey Con artist Don't know Don't know
Hello Stuart, Nice to see you're scamming well. You still owe me money from the 80's. Remeber that van? You s*** on Jill your wife at the time. Nice girl, she didn't deserve you. Don't worry, I'm not coming after you, seems the Feds will do that.  I don't need the cash, but other people you've ripped off may not be that lucky. Have a great day.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1159868
Jul 06 2014
10:16 AM
Laura Stuart RESG Home Inspection California
                         DONT GET INVOLVED WITH THESE SHYSTERS    I did about 65 jobs for them in April of '13  and never got a cent.   They insisted on some follow ups and my sending the keys back to them on my own dime and never paid a thing.   I didn't get stuck for nearly as much money as the other person who reported so far; didn't like the treatment.  Ms. Stuart hides behind her staff and never returns e-mails or phone calls.  She is a giant steaming pile and God will judge her soon enough when it really matters.  
Entity: California
25, Report #1175566
Sep 09 2014
12:32 PM
Flamingo pools Please pick another company Stuart Florida
Hired them to do a 12,000 gal pool price 28,000. It was a headache from the start. Any problems I had or concerns where never answered. multiple phone calls made to owner and none returned. You will get his wife but she has never seen job site so you are talking thru a third party. Paver placement very poor. Electrical work very poor . No supervision. No communication. Job now in dispute with no clear resolution. All they want is their money they are not concerned with customer satisfaction. Don't be fooled. This is not the company to entrust this investment into your house. Good luck for it is to late for me. What a nightmare....
Entity: Stuart, Florida

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