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26, Report #1268757
Nov 18 2015
10:02 AM
Stuart, Allen & Associates Tuscon Arizona
 I was contacted by this collection agency demanding that I pay $8043 within a week. I felt very bullied and the representative told me that I would have to find some way to immediately come up with the money. I told them that I had paid their client the money but they refused to listen to me. I asked them for documents showing that the money was owed and a listing of payments and the only thing that they sent me was a copy of the 401K loan document that clearly stated that the payments would be automatically deducted from my paycheck which they were and my pay stubs showed the deductions. During one phone call where they asked me to pay, I tried telling them that I already paid and if anything was owed they would have to send me documents of how that was calculated including payments I had made to the company and the man refused to listen, he even said I am disconnecting the phone call now and he hung up on me. They have reported this on my credit report. I am in the process of disputing this with the credit bureau.
Entity: Tuscon, Arizona
27, Report #430706
May 18 2017
08:30 PM
Stuart Drossner Almost Scammed by Stuart Drossner As Well Aventura Florida
Recently Stuart Drossner helped me in looking for a home to buy. Like Lopez it was the first time i was looking to buy a house. I wanted to make an offer on a house that i liked and Stuart insisted that I give him a deposit of $2000 in cash and not by check. This sounded suspicous to me. So i turned to the internet to try to check his credentials and i found this blog, i am glad i did that because if i hadn't i would have paid him the $2000. I am getting the impression that he likes to cheat first time homebuyers that are naive. The troubling situation with our economy is leading some of the American people to take advantage of others. Wilson Miramar, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Aventura, Florida
28, Report #1190020
Nov 19 2014
12:25 PM
Stuart hilton Hampton Hamilton mckee Stuart Joseph jack Newcastle uk Nationwide
Stuart Hilton aka Stuart hampton Stuart Hamilton  this man is a conman has never worked as model or in TV  No matter what he tells you do NOT believe him he is not a Lord nor has he any to do with the royal family he CAN NOT help you met them DO NOT pay him any money YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED DO SO At YOUR OWN RISK
Entity: Nationwide
29, Report #1145532
May 10 2014
06:17 AM
stuart mogul Dr. Stuart Mogul wrong surgery of my foot New York New York
 I went to see a podiatrist, Dr. Stuart Mogul in New York at the beginning of 2013. I had 1 toe that was giving me pain (right foot, 4th toe). Dr. Stuart told me that he would need to perform surgery on 3 toes to relieve my pain (1st, 4th and 5th toe on right foot). The 1st toe would need to have extensive bunyon corrections that would be more invasive that the typical bunyon surgery. He said I would need to walk on crutches for 5 weeks. I thought this was extreme since the 1st toe wasn't giving me problems, but I trusted that he knew best. He said that he could use a very fancy stitching technique so that the scar would be less noticeable. On surgery day, Dr. Stuart was 2 hours late, however he performed the surgery that day. I was in terrible pain for weeks after surgery which is probably normal since this was a very invasive procedure. However, I developed an infection that put me in the emergency room for a day It seems that Dr. Stuart did not do a very good job on the fancy stitches that he gave me and this is the reason for the extremely painful infection that I had. I had to make visits to the wound clinic for debris removal and no one can imagine how painful it is to let someone clean an infected wound. Over the next several months, I have continued to suffer with pain. It has now been 8 months and I have continued pain in the toes that he worked on. In fact, the toes that hurt most are the ones that he talked me into doing surgery on, not the original toe that sent me to the podiatrist. I wish I had got a second opinion about Dr.Stuart’s plan to operate on toes that did not even hurt. He made alot of money on me and all I have left is a struggle to feel normal again. I am female and I cannot wear heels or nice shoes. I cannot run. I do not walk properly even after physical therapy. There is not a day that I do not have pain and the pain is way worse than it was prior to surgery. I will always see Dr. Stuart in my nightmares and remember how he stole a part of me that I may never have back. I have recently visited an Orthopedic Surgeon in town and he will be performing a revision surgery to try and help me regain what Dr. Stuarttook from me. Warning: Do not let this podiatrist Dr. Stuart Mogul operate on you. You should see what he did to my foot.
Entity: New York, New York
30, Report #1203873
Jan 23 2015
03:45 PM
Tires Plus Stuart, Florida RIP OFF on tires & tie rods Stuart Florida
 On Monday  January 18th I brought my Lincoln Continental to Tires Plus for tires. I was told that the Firestone Affinity was a great replacement for the Michelins I had on the car. After my tires were removed they found a problem the inner tie rods were shot & an additional $300.00 was needed to finish the job. They said it could not be alligned without the new parts. We went ahead with the recommendation & I was told that the car would be better handling when this was done. I had to drive home in the dark & the car was out of control the whole way. It was swaying around the highway without my moving the steering wheel. I could not exceed 25mph the whole way home. The next morning I called the store to report the problem & was curtly told to bring it back. I decided not to as I no longer trusted them & took to my mechanic instead for his opinion. He drove it & was shocked they turned the car back to me in that condition. When they put the car up on the lift they could not find anything wrong but they looked at the tire pressure & it was way over pressure on all 4 tires. My car has a notice on the door to not overinflate the tires. They have to be @ 32 ppi not the 40+ppi that was in all tires. I will never go there again as I could have lost my life driving like that. I have put a report in to the corporate office 7 have a case number so i will report back if they make it right.
Entity: Stuart, Florida
31, Report #1374408
May 20 2017
07:22 PM
City of Newburg Utility/ Phyllis Harris Phyllis Harris has been overcharging consumers in town for years Newburg Missouri
I have a vacant house at 870 Walnut St. in Newburg and had the electric on in the winter so pipes wouldn't freeze. I had 2 space heaters and a well house light on, both sparingly in January 2017. I also had the clock on the propane kitchen cook stove on because it's hard to unplug and an outside sensor light. I received the utility bill it was $139.06 and I paid it on 2-3-17. I thought that was pretty high, considering there wasn't much on and it was unseasonably warm. It continued to stay pretty warm, so after I received January's bill, I unplugged the heaters and shut off the well house light. The only things I had on were the stove clock and the outside sensor light. I didn't receive a bill again, so I called Phyllis Harris to ask how much my current bill was. She has a reputation around town of overcharging(I've seen it firsthand), so I let her know in advance that I shut almost everything off.   I couldn't believe my ears when she told me the new bill was $177 and some change. I let her know that was ridiculous. I told her I wasn't going to pay it and I was going to do something about it. She tried to blame it on heat. I told her the house was heated by an oil furnace and it hadn't had any oil in it for awhile. That house has a propane water heater and cook stove, well water, septic and oil heat.   I didn't pay that bill and didn't receive another bill for the following month. I did get a shut off notice put in the door for $188 and some change due the 15th of March. I didn't pay it because I knew I was being overcharged. The electric didn't get shut off that month and I didn't know if it was because I had been trying to file complaints against Phyllis and I knew she found out because one of the places notified the county sheriff's dept. and one of the deputies was going to contact another deputy that also worked for City of Newburg, where Phyllis worked. Phyllis also works for the court system for Newburg, through the county court system, so she knows a lot of people in the justice system there. She was/ is a deputy or something similar herself. My daughter dated Phyllis' nephew approximately 2 years before and they both lived in that same house along with my daughters children. The nephew had the electic bill in his name.  I  remember one of his bills being approximately $85. I've owned that house almost 17 years and never had a bill in that price range. I've even received a bill before and being billed for water and sewer even though I had well water and septic. My daughter was in line years ago to dispute an electric bill with Phyllis and it was changed on the spot. A young man she knew was in line for the same thing and he said, you too? His bill was changed on the spot. I had heard for many years that she has 2 sets of books for the utility bills and she takes one home with her. I've also heard she gives her family members free and discounted utility bills. I believe that is why the rest of us pay so much. I think the only way to know for sure would be to see her books AND check the consumers bills also. One of the places I called was the fraud hotline from the Atty. Generals office. They had a complaint but couldn't do anything about it because it isn't regulated. They said that was why we weren't paying our property taxes to her anymore. It's so hard to get anyone involved and she knows it. You can't go to town meetings because her family members and friends are usually on the board there and she takes charge of everything. I've contacted so many people and nobody can help. This is still theft to consumers and it should be illegal. Please help us.   Thank you in advance.                                       
Entity: Newburg, Missouri
32, Report #1423212
Jan 15 2018
03:42 PM
PromoGroup Kelly Drumm, Phyllis Drumm Commited Fraud Scottsdale Arizona
Promogroup provides grocery coupons that are advetised to be able to be redeemed at any grocery store or store that accepts manufacturer coupons. Contracted the promogroup for 10,000 grocery coupons at $10.00 each for a client holiday program. when the coupons hit the marketplace not one retailer would accept the coupons - Kroger, Target, Walmart etc. etc. Promogroup had been previously blacklisted by most every major retailer for the past year as they had not paid the retailers for past programs. They collected payment in full $103,368.05 and the coupons are worthless! Promogroup and Kelly and Phyllis Drum have not provided refund or payment to cover the loss.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
33, Report #355746
Jul 25 2008
05:44 PM
Phyllis Drury, Christopher Patrick Drury, Tim Drury; Scammers scammers, drunks, theives, vagabonds, con artists, liars, gypsies Van Nuys California
These people are the scum of the earth. Phyllis is the matriarch of this evil clan. Her son Tim has been arrested 5 times within the last year on restraining order violations. Christopher, her other son conned myself and some of the other people in this neighborhood that he was a famous rock star. He convinced many of us to give him thousands of dollars upfront (for materials) to make custom speaker systems and drum sets. He drank all of our money!! He is a fraud and a liar. Stay away from these people. They are very convincing that they are decent, etc. but will quickly swindle you away from your money. If this report could save one person from the unfortunate experiences that many of us have encountered then it is worth it. Kitty lover Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
34, Report #462560
Jun 18 2009
09:30 AM
Apex Lending Group Phyllis Young, Melissa Richards, Jonathan Apex Lending Group Lied, Cheated, Manipulated and Stole every penny I had. Baltimore , Maryland
On 5/29/09 I applied for a loan on the internet, to Apex Lending Group (3 S. Frederick St. Suite #800, Baltimore, MD 21202). On 6/02/09 I was contacted by Melissa Richards, via my cell phone at whit time se stated that she would email me the with the contract because I had been approved for a $10,000 loan, I was to fax it to her office ASAP. Once I faxed in the form I contacted Mrs. Richards by phone and informed her that I had faxed the form, and that I had the collateral payment of $1,320. I then spoke with a male Jonathan by phone who stated that the loan payment would be deposited into my account by 9:30am on 6/03/09. I checked my account on 6/03/09 at 10:30am at which time the money had not been deposited. I then contacted the company and spoke with Jonathan, at which time he transferred him to his supervisor, Phyllis Young. Phyllis Young informed that I would have to pay the policy premium of $1,900 because I applied for other loans and they were concerned that I would not repay their loan. I called back later and spoke with Jonathan at with time he told me that his supervisor Phyllis Young said he could reduce my policy premium to $950. On 6/05/09 at 10:16am I sent the $950 through Western Union. Jonathan the stated that the loan amount of 10,000 would be in my account in about an hour. After waiting a little over an hour I checked my account and the money was still not deposited into my account. I then called back at which time Jonathan directed me to Phyllis Young. Phyllis Young told me that the accounting department had changed their mind and that I need to pay the policy premium in full, therefore, I needed to send the additional $950 and then I was assured that I would receive the loan. On 6/08/09 at 4:17pm I sent the additional $950 through Western Union. Phyllis Young advised me then that the money would be in my account first thing in the morning which would be 6/09/09. On 6/09/09 I checked my account several times ant the money had not yet been deposited into my account. I the made numerous attempts over a span of several hours to contact Apex Lending Group by phone. I continued to get a recording that stated Good Bye. After I kept on calling I began to get messages stating SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. After several more attempts I did make contact and with Phyllis Young, at this time she told me the I needed to send $841 for half of the sort for the taxes they had to pay on the Western Union transaction. I told Phyllis Young that I was unable to make that payment and I asked for a refund. Phyllis Young stated that the process for the refund would begin on 6/10/09 and that I should receive a check in the mail with (10) to (15) days. Jovan Struthers, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
35, Report #604243
May 17 2010
04:21 PM
The Wedding in A Box/ Creative Contact/ Phyllis Franks WEDDING/EVENT COORDINATING-WEDDING PLANNER Winston-Salem, North Carolina
BEWARE of Phyllis Franks, owner of The Wedding In A box/ Creative Contact in Winston-Salem and Kernersville, NC. We hired her to simply coordinate our wedding.  Everything was planned perfectly, all she had to do was follow directions that were given to her in an agenda, iteneary, and the program for the wedding. She did the complete opposite. When the hostess of my wedding reception offered to assist her, she declined.  She did not put out my guest registery book.  To this day, I have no clue of all of our guest that came to our wedding and no way to send thank you cards. In a traditional wedding procession (christian), it is customary that the mothers of the bride and groom are seated before the wedding party comes in.  On the wedding program, it was listed that way.  Phyllis totally ignored protocol and the order of the wedding ceremony program, and did HER OWN THING.  She rearranged the order of the ceremony WITHOUT MY APPROVAL. Rather than allow me to come out when all of the wedding party is in place at the front of the room, she called me in the hallway while everyone was in line waiting to walk the aisle.  Instead of the bridal entrance that we discussed, everyone was able to see me in the hall way before I wlked down the aisle.  Not the wow factor entrance that I wanted and waited for all my life. During the rehearsal, she screamed, yelled, and used profanity at our wedding party.  With statements like, Excuse me PASTOR but if I have to be a bitch, I will be a bitch.  UNPROFESSIONAL and VERY DISRESPECTFUL!  I admit, there were some that were a little noisy but no reason to cuss at them.  That could have been handled better than it was. She was also given a seating chart for reserved tables to ensure that immediate family, wedding party,guest with special needs, and guest invited by my mother-in-law would have a seat.  She DIMISSED THE SEATING ARRANGEMENT.  A few of my guest left the wedding because she cussed at them.  Not to mention that my mother-in-law was not too happy with me because her family was sitting in the balcony seating. Now to the top teir of our wedding cake.  SHE DISTROYED IT! She wrapped it in aluminum foil smashing it rather than using the box that the baker gave us.  It was taped to the wedding cake box that contained the wedding cake.  No way for her to miss it. I called the city and county government offices and found out that she DOES NOT have a business license at all.  She appears to be legit, with her advertisements but she is not.  The day after our wedding, I went to file a complaint with BBB.  I had to get her address from her website.  When I went to her website, she had a nice message that read. AS OF MAY 01, 2010, THE WEDDING IN A BOX HAS CLOSED ITS DOORS FOR HEALTH AND EMOTIONAL REASONS. Only to reopen her site  2 weeks after our wedding. WHEN INTERVIEWING A EVENT/WEDDING COORINATOR, BE SURE TO ASK TO SEE THE LICENSE,TELEPHONE PAST CLIENTS, ASK TO SEE VIDEOS OF WEDDING/EVENTS THAT THEY HAVE DONE.  ALSO DRAFT A CONTRACT OF YOUR OWN FOR THE VENDOR TO SIGN.  THIS PROTECTS YOU!  YOU ARE NOT ONLY ASKING THEM TO ASSIST YOU BUT THEY ARE WANTING YOUR BUSINESS. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE AND MAKE SURE THEY COMPLY WITH YOUR EVERY WISH.  IT IS NOT BEING A BRIDEZILLA OR GROOMZILLA BUT IT IS GETTING WHAT YOUR MONEY PAID FOR! IF YOU ARE IN THE TRIAD AREA OF NC (GREENSBORO/WINSTON-SALEM/HIGH POINT/LEXINGTON/KERNESVILLE) AND ALL SURROUNDING AREAS, AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE. I was taught that people are remembered for 1 of 2 things; PROBLEMS YOU SOLVE  or the PROBLEMS YOU CREATE.  The Wedding in a Box/Creative Contact/Phyllis Franks will always be remembered for the problems that she caused.
Entity: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
36, Report #272288
Sep 04 2007
12:36 PM
Amerigate Solutions - C.F.G - Tamara Henry - Phyllis Turner Company sent a fraudulent check to clear taxes before recieving the rest of winnings. Regina Saskatchewan
I recieved a letter from Amerigate Solution and on the envelope the company is C.F.G Inc. The letter states that every year a drawing is placed by Amerigate Solutions for North American telecommunication companies. The letter states that the drawing took plane on July 6th, 2007. The letter states that I am the third place winner with a lump sum of $49,00USD out of the total winning prize of $670,000USD. They also said that I have to clear my IRS deduction before I can recieve my winnings, so they included a check from Deleware Bank and Trust for the amount of $3,165.00. They stated that I will need to contact my Agent: Tamara Henry with my Ballot ID number: US450-955 PB at this number Agent Contact Number: 1-306-351-5517. So I called and spoke to Tamara Henry, she said that I would need to deposit the check through my ATM and contact her. She will then after I deposited that check she will provide me the name of my Tax Agent. So I deposited the check, and she gave me my Tax Agent's name, Micheal Harin. She said that once the check have cleared, then she'll give me the rest of Micheal's information to contact him and then he'll tell me where to send that $3,165.00 to clear my tax. And after I send that $3,165 to him, then within 72 hrs I would recieve the rest of my winnings, which is $46,000USD. Tamara also stated that I must have my letter with me because it have a barcode that must be scanned when the rest of my winnings is delivered. I asked Tamara over and over if this its a fraudulent check and if this whole thing is a scam and if it is I will report their company. She assured me that it's not and that she understood my concern in regards to the winnings may be a scam. She assured me that it was legit and they do this every year. She said that it's very legit and that is why they are providing a check of $3,165 to clear my taxes before I recieved the rest of my winnings. The $3,165 check was placed on hold and it never cleared. So the check is in process of returning back to me from my bank and a fee was charged to my account. I then contacted Amerigate and asked them what was going on and they couldn't give me an answer. I spoke to a man by the name of Paris who was handling Tamara's files because she wasn't available. He stated that his company will contact the bank and clear up everything. And because the situation is an inconvenient to me, they will go ahead and send off the whole $49,000 winning to me within 72 hours from date 08/30/07. Well, I didn't see anything within the 72 hours. I am not sure how to enter the address because it is in Canada. But there is two addresses for this company. The address on the letter is: Amerigate Solutions 2075 Albert Street Regina SK S4N0T8 And the address on the envelop is: C.F.G Inc 4735 Notre-Dame Trois-Riviere, QC Canada G9A 5E3 Sichampou Modesto, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Regina, Saskatchewan
37, Report #1266570
Nov 08 2015
08:04 AM
phyllis bertels menards; got up early to be there when door open we were.weht aftet the tv on sale ?what no tv all gone in 10 min. columbia mo. Missouri
got up really earle to be ther when doors open.     went after the tv in ad.    out of tv more on the way.    i have been shoppin at menards for a lone time no more.    it is one way/ so 2hrs shot in the you know where.
Entity: columbia, Missouri
38, Report #303183
Jan 24 2008
10:34 PM
I had originally got a 2008 Scion TC and everything was fine. I signed all my paperwork after the monthly payments were figured out and then they called me a few days later saying I had to sign one last paper. So, we went down to the dealership and signed the last paper. After we had signed it they told us By the way, your payment went up $40. So, I said I can't afford that much every month. And so they tried to put me in a cheaper car because they told me there was nothing else I could do and I ended up getting an 08 toyota corolla. Which was not the car I wanted. So I basically got screwed into my payments and ended up getting a car I didnt want and am not happy with. I went to another dealership a few days ago and they had told me that Toyota of Stuart does NOT have a good reputation. I wish I would have known that in the beginning. Toyota said there is nothing else I can do. Jessica Port Saint Lucie, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Stuart, Florida
39, Report #1189869
Nov 18 2014
06:37 PM
Stuart Hilton Stuart McKee Stuart joseph Jack Stuart Hampton Stuart Hamilton The Hilton Corporation Created a False Events with the starts of the Shark Tank in Order to Defraud up to 750 people Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kindom Internet
We were contacted by Stuart Hilton aka Stuart McKee, because his company The Hilton Corporation located at was supposedly organizing an event on December 15, 2014 at the Waldorf Astoria, New York called The Business Development Event, which was to include big name speakers such as Ricahrd Branson, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran. Stuart hired us to sell seats to the event. We invested some of our own money to start the ball rolling in regards to advertising and marketing.  We created social media presences and were making calls for coprorate sales. Three weeks into the project we learned that Stuart, his company and this event were a complete like and a scam to defraud individuals and companies of money.  No event is being held at the Waldorf Astoria, New York in December. Stuart used celebrity names to gain credibility and defraud others. He currently owes me $1,700 and has lied about making payments on several occassions. I have recently come to find out that Stuart has similarly defrauded others in Span, Italy and the UK, He is a thief and a scammer. I am posting this simply as a warning to others to not trust Stuart Hilton because he is a fraudster who currently has investigations pending in the UK and the US. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions!
Entity: Internet
40, Report #164442
Nov 13 2005
03:20 PM
Stuart McIlwraith - Brunton Miller ripoff fraud stalker harassment con-artist Glasgow Internet
I am lodging this complaint on behalf of a friend of mine, Ms. Vivienne Huber, who resides in Scotland, for the expressed purpose of revealing how she has been subjected to neglect by the Executor of her father's estate and how she has been deprived of the use of her inheritance. The Executor's name is Stuart McIlwraith, and he is represented by the law office of Brunton Miller out of Glasgow, Scotland. He was previously represented by the law office of Wright and Crawford, also of that city. It is my understanding that Mr. McIlwraith acts as a Trustee for a number of wealthy estates in the UK and abroad and that he was, at one time and may still be, associated with a company known as Martin Metals, a company dealing in non ferrous metals, as well as other entities. Martin Metals was formerly solely owned by Ms. Huber's father who passed on in 1992. Prior to Mr. Huber's sudden death, he had set up a trust arrangement with Mr. McIlwraith, who owned a company somewhat similar to Martin Metals, wherein Mr. McIlwraith would act as Trustee and Executor on behalf of Mr. Huber's survivors, his wife, who at the time of Mr. Huber's death was suffering from Alzheimer's, and his daughter, the Vivienne Huber mentioned above, who is now the sole surviving beneficiary. Shortly after the demise of Ms. Huber's father, Mr. McIlwraith and his close associates began a course of action to discredit Ms. Huber's sanity. Their tactics consisted of having nurses in the family home, ostensibly for the purpose of caring for the senior Mrs. Huber, but also to keep her daughter under observation and to prevent her from leaving the home. Ms. Huber's attempts to leave the premises were dealt with by physically restraining her to the premises. After her mother's death, Ms. Huber was forced to live on the public dole in government housing. During all of the above times, Ms. Huber had requested specific information from the Executor of her father's estate, Mr. McIlwraith. She had repeatedly requested that he furnish her with an accounting of the assets of her father's estate, as well as periodic reports covering the income and expenditures of the Trust. Mr. McIlwraith failed and refused to apprise and inform Ms. Huber of the status of the Trust. Instead, McIlwraith and his associates have continued to stalk, harass and otherwise annoy and invade the privacy of Ms. Huber in a concerted attempt to defame her and raise questions as to her mental stability. Ms. Huber has, for her part, conducted an ongoing campaign for a number of years to secure legal counsel. Her efforts have been severely handicapped due to the small amount of funds available to her through the Trust in that she is living from hand to mouth, from month to month, and does not have sufficient funds to engage the services of a solicitor. At the present time, she does not even have adequate cash to purchase food. It is obvious here that McIlwraith's conduct as a Trustee is in question. If he had been acting in a forthright manner, it would have behooved him to make timely reports to the sole beneficiary of the Trust, Ms. Huber, and to inform her at all appropriate times of the status of the Trust and to maintain a proper professional relationship with her. Instead, he has chosen to ignore her requests for information to which she is entitled and by doing so has aroused suspicions as to his conduct and his integrity. Ms. Huber is entitled to be informed and it is Mr. McIlwraith's duty to so inform her. Ms. Huber is in need of a solicitor to act on her behalf so that her present and future needs will be taken care of, which was the objective to which her father aspired when he set up the trust. Prior to her father's death, Ms. Huber and her family enjoyed a degree of wealth which included homes in Scotland and Majorca, frequent travel and many of the finer things in life. It is pathetic that she should be reduced to living at a level where she can not afford food and is unaware of her true financial status. Tracy Garden Farms, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Attorneys and Lawyers
Entity: Glasgow, Internet
41, Report #66840
Sep 11 2003
01:49 PM
C.G. Stuart Home Stuffing ripoff Thanks for the warning Las Vegas Nevada
I answered an add in the paper that guaranteed a weekly income. Just for stuffing envelopes. I called the number listed and left my contact information. I received an application within a few days. All that was asked for was $25 deposit and two #10 enveloped with two loose stamps. I was a little leary of this at the time. Before I sent any money, I checked out this site. Thanks to what I saw posted I saved myself $25. Randy Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
42, Report #70034
Oct 24 2003
03:39 PM
Stuart - James YounStuart - James Young Manipulator & Control Freak Richmond British Columbia
I started dating Stu back in 1998. At first, he was a nice guy & of course he wanted to do everything for me. But things started to go weird on me in the first week of our dating. He told me that he loved me. that should have been my first clue! How can you possible love somebody after only a week? Of course I did not reciprocate. Stu also had 'stalker' tendencies. He used to wait in the parking lot for me to get off work. Instantly when I would see his car, I was annoyed. Thinking to myself. should I really be annoyed of this person already?? I mean gees, it hasn't even been a month yet?! Well, I should have listened to my gut instinct and ran when I had the chance!! 3 years later we were still together. He told me that I was his only 'real' girlfriend ever! Now come on, this guy is 35 years old. what is going on here? He's not ugly, just a sad, sad human being. Stu is a manipulative control freak. He tried to be in control of everything from finances to my friends. He HATED my best friend because apparently she put bad thoughts into my head. Like wanting to leave him. Sorry Stu, I do have a mind of my own & you did that all on your own! To make a long story short I moved out & broke up with him 2 years ago. Unfortunately we are tied together finacially, only because he will not let go of our So Over Relationship. He is refusing to take my name off a financial document, even though I have paid my portion of it. He says I need to pay for what I have done (by that he means leaving him). Stu feels that if you are in a relationship and you don't do whatever it takes for it to survive, including counseling, mind manipulation into believing you're in love with someone etc etc (I could go on forever) then you are a bad person. Well how long do I have to keep paying for this dickhead? I DO NOT LOVE HIM ANYMORE, and I'm pretty sure I never did. Cherilyn Vancouver, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Richmond, British Columbia
43, Report #44492
Feb 06 2003
11:57 PM
John Jochem Chev ripoff for clucth assembly replacement Stuart Florida
On 9-25-97 I took my truck to the servise dept for a pilot bearing noise. I was told by Rich Tucker that the labor for the bearning replacment would be $ 300.00. I opted to have the entire clutch assembly replaced due to the milage and age of the truck. The installers name was Barry. Upon picking up the truck I noticed that the clutch pedal would only engage at the top of the travel instead of a few inches off the floor.I advised Rich Tucker and was told that the actuator/clutch slave cylinder needed to be replaced. I asked why the actuator was now defective when the only problem was the pilot bearning? I was told that the repair was and addictional $ 200.00 on top of the $ 644.00 already spend on a new clutch assembly. I thought that I would be safe now that everything in the assembly. I was very wrong. After about 2 thousand miles I again started having bearning noise from the clutch area. I then called chevrolet in Michigan and was informed that 2 years prior a service bulletin was issued to the dealships that when a clutch was replaced a lubercation site was requiered to be installed in the bell housing. I return to john jochem and informed them of the servise bulliton and a lubercation site was installed. This did not quite the noise and I returned again and was told by Mr. tucker that john jochem would do no futher repairs unless I was willing to pay for them to install yet another bearning. I took the truck to another GM dealer and paid to have the clucth assemblt removed upon which time I was informed that Non-GM parts had been installed and the pressure plate was the wrong one for the truck. It was the opinion of the certified mechanic that the improper parts had caused damage to the input shalf and the would have to be replaced. I returned to john jochem and was told that they would do nothing about the appearant fraud. I paid another $950.00 and had the proper parts installed. When I contacted Judy Anderson the general manager of john jochem she would not talk to me or answer my written comunications. I asked the state attorneys office dept of comsuumers affair to become involed and they requested the judy anderson attend a meeting to resolve the problem. She never showed up. I spent a total of $2000.00 with rental cars to finally fix the problem.I was told by the state that I would have to sue the dealership to recover my money. I was advised that john jochem had a very bad record of ripping off costomers. I wish I had know that up front. Steven stuart, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Stuart, Florida
44, Report #4249
Jan 19 2001
12:00 AM
Collectionsgalore, Stuart Hyatt never sent me my mother's gift
I bought one item from Collectionsgalore whose owner is Stuart Hyatt. The website is The item was sent fast and I was happy with it, I left positive feedback on ebay for that transaction. Included with this order was a catalog called World of product through which I was told I could order any of the products at 50% off the listed price. I though the seller was reputable because of the first transaction. I ordered several items for my mothers birthday which was in September 2000. I ordered: 30113 Kuan Yin Statue, 30112 Budda, 25687 Native American Wolf Warrior, 25689 Native American Owl Warrior, 29051 Koyemsi figure, 30327 Wolf Dream Catcher, 24063 dolphin pendant and kwa'hu figure. The order totaled about $140. My check was cashed but I recieved no items. I emailed the seller on 9/15, 9/26, 10/3 and he replyed the item were sent and that he would check on the items. Finally after several weeks he stopped replying and I never recieved my items. I even sent a letter to his home address at: 1118 26th Street; Des Moines, IA 50311 and tried to call the phone numbers he listed which were disconnected:(515)275-3728 and (515)255-7218.Seller has the following email addresses: and
Entity: Des Moines, Iowa
45, Report #382970
Oct 20 2008
12:56 PM
Stuart Allen & Associates Harassing phone calss Tucson Arizona
I have received numerous phone calls from Stuart Allen & Associates collection department asking for my sister. I have explained to them at least four times that my sister does not live with me and have in fact told them she lives in California. My sister has called them and given them her phone number, yet they continue to call me looking for her. I do not owe them any money and would never get involved in any of their get rich quick rip offs. Nor have I co-signed for my sister and her husband to be involved in their scheme. They say they're just doing their job, but if they were they would be calling her, not me. They say what they are doing is legal - but I have a private number that is registered with the National Do Not Call program. I can understand them calling prior to being told my sister does not live in the state, but once she called them an gave them the correct number, I think their right to call me has expired. Kal Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
46, Report #453386
May 19 2009
01:37 PM
Stuart Allen & Associates Confirming Other Complainants Experiences Tucson Arizona
My experience with this entity this morning supports what I've read on this site. I got a call from someone who said he was a legal assistant to a private investigative firm. The impression was that he worked for a law firm. He said that I owed $900, but would not say who claimed I owed the money despite my repeated requests. He said his call was a courtesy. He could just sue me and collect $3,600. He was bullying, threatening, combative, belittling and demeaning. Bizarrely, he volunteered that the conversation was recorded but that Arizona was a one party state and he didn't have to tell me that the conversation was being recorded. (I have strong doubt the conversation was actually recorded. I think it highly more likely that this is a tactic used by this agency to coerce those who they can.) He asked for my fax number to fax an invoice to which apparently would show the creditor. I asked why he couldn't just tell me who the creditor was. He said that he couldn't open the envelope to do so and that my puzzlement regarding how he could fax something that he couldn't open was due to my ignorance of procedures. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, he said that he was the supervisor. I looked the entity up on the web, and found the long list of complaints. I found the main office number and called them and reached some one who said that he was the supervisor of the person who called me. Curiously, he was not able to provide me the name of the alleged creditor but said that he would email it to me (apparently in the form of an invoice) in 10 or 15 minutes. It has been about 30 minutes. No response from Stuart Allen yet. I will follow. up. Bill San Francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
47, Report #605148
May 20 2010
05:23 AM
America's Servicing - Wells Fargo Stole money Stuart, Florida
May 10, 2010 I had a direct deposit put in left my balance at 204.82.  Later that day Wachovia took out an overdraft fee of $35.00, when I still had a balance of $64.35 after they took money out.  Then the next day I got charged 3 more $35.00 fees, because they took that $35 out when I had money in my account. Bottom line I spent $201.00 which left 3.82 in my account, but because they took that first 35 out, put me overdrawn.  There was money in my account, THEY made me overdrawn for no reason. In talking to them, of course they could explain it the way it made them look right. NEVER recommend this institution, they STOLE money from a single mother who is not working.  My children are the ones suffering.
Entity: Stuart, Florida
48, Report #577545
Mar 03 2010
04:26 PM
Stuart,Gould and Associates Ripped me off for upfront attorneys fees Port Hueneme, California
I was told it would not cost any money upfront to collect a debt. Then two months later they called and said they located a large amount of money which is owed to me, that I needed to send over $3,000. and it was a sure thing. All the numbers on the contract are fake numbers. They can't be contacted. These people need to go to jail.  These people prey on poor folks that are owed money.
Entity: Port Hueneme, California
49, Report #619515
Jul 02 2010
11:43 AM
Stuart Allen and Associates Rip Off Debt Collection Tucson, Arizona
I had a car accident and at that time I didn't have an insurance to cover the car that I hit. The other person's insurance company (Afni) contacted me and we came to an agreement that I pay $130 a month to pay off my balance. I went on Military leave and I had to set up my payments automatically through my bank when I came back on A vacation I found out that Afni has submitted my debt to Stuart Allen and associates because they didn't get their monthly payments for two months and it was something has to do with my bill pay set up which I was not familiar with at the beginning. I contacted Stuart Allen and Associates and we set up an automatic payments of $130 a month. I finished my Military tour and decided that I want to pay off my balance, I talked to one of their representatives and he informed me that my balance was $1364.25 so I wrote them an automatic check to be processed on June 30 of 2010. When I checked my bank account I saw that they processed the check but still charged me $130 monthly payment. I was trying to talk to one of them and they kept putting me on hold or transfer me to a voicemail, finally I talked to one of them and she was really rude and she said that when the representative gave me my balance it didn't include June payment. I asked her how come I never receive any statements showing my monthly payments and my balance and I need a letter proves that my balance is 0 now. She told me they never send statements and that after 30 days I should receive a letter closing my account.I feel that I was ripped off, how do I know that I wasn't paying extra, how do I know how much I paid and what left? This company needs to be shut off because they are ripping off people.
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
50, Report #670012
Dec 09 2010
10:13 PM
stuart lee rebates does not provide rebates Internet
stuart lee rebates, YA right. forget about it. purchased my phone from costco in july and still have not received my $50.00 rebate. RIPOFF SCAM. stay away from this company. 
Entity: , Internet

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