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1, Report #1342859
Dec 12 2016
09:00 PM
Playster Scammers Internet
 saw a ad online about playster it sounded good so I ordered it , they said if I wasn't happy with it I could cancel any time so when I received the tablet I started using it but wasn't happy with the results and when I tried to cancel they wouldn't do it then the tablet they sent me froze up on me so now I really can't use it and they are still charging me for service that I can't use and I told them that and they said there was nothing they could do about that!! And I have tried stopping the payments but can't do it , I'm very frustrated and don't know what to do next
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1404862
Oct 07 2017
06:56 PM
Playster Scam Internet
I signed up for Playster and everything was great for one month.  Suddenly, my account was frozen pending investigation for triggering their fair trade algorythm  They sited a list of several items that I could have violated.  After over ten days of review I was informed that my account would be cancelled with a refund.   Because I used this website to listen to books while I work during the day, and while I drive, I sent in a appeal.  After another ten days, I was informed that my account would NOT be reinstated because I may have violated their policy.  I wasn't given any specific reason just cancelled.   From the research I have done since, I am finding this is a popular complaint.  This is no way to do business.  It's shady, unfair, and raises suspicions.  My personal opinion is that if you listen for multiple hours, you are cancelled.  I'm so disappointed, and angry.  
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1341429
Dec 05 2016
08:10 AM
Playster Poor Customer Service at best New York City New York
I was looking for a Honda 360 Service & this site said they have so had to get a 30 deay Free Trial to get the book. after downloading the Book my computer tells me the file is either corrupted or broken.I cancelled my account about a week before my 30 day FREE TRIAL was over. I got a RF # 54919231 from the Girl at Playster Customer Service. Well i checked my Bank Account Today December 5,2016 & i see a charge from Playster for $24.95.   Well i'm thinking oh great another fly by night company trying to commit fraud! I'm Fully Disabled & really feeel liked i'm being Harrassed. I get a RF # some some girl who might be on who knows what ever & certainly can't effectively do her job! So i have to suffer & pay the price by having to wait 5 to 10 days for my money back that shouldn;t have been taken in the first place. Bad Experience all in all. Company'slike this shouldn't be in Business or get real help that knows what there doing! You can't even trust a Rf number today WTH??   I have enough Medical to worry about let alone this crap!
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1381557
Jun 27 2017
07:10 AM
playster continued charging credit card despite acknowledgement of cancellation New York, NY Internet
Playster offered free access to an ebook during a 30 day trial period starting August 9, 2016. The promised ebook was not actually available from Playster and I informed them immediately. On 8/26/16 I canceled my subscription which was finally acknowledged via email by a customer service representative. I checked subscription status again 8/26/16 and made a second request to cancel which was again confirmed by customer service agent, Sophie. On June 5th, 2017, my wife informed me that playster was still charging our card for a subscription. After contacting playster, they agreed to credit us for the last 6 months (24.95/ month) but not the first 4 months as it was not possible within their accounting system to do so.  Shortly thereafter, I sent the CEO, Phil Keezer a letter via certified mail including hard copies of my past email correspondence requesting a full refund from 8/9/16. I have not yet heard back. I also contacted him via his linkedin page. Sandy, Greenwich, CT
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1308820
Jun 01 2016
06:29 AM
Playster Free trial month charged to my card! New York New York
I was looking for a certain book on line and came accross the website who offered a FREE TRAIL MONTH - i thought, why not... they needed my credit card details but said that only after the FREE TRAIL MONTH would any charges go through so i signed up. 30 minutes later thought rather not, i have a bad feeling about this. Went back online & cancelled the subscription. Went onto my online banking literally 10 minutes later and THERE IS A CHARGE FROM PLAYSTER.COM!!!!! How can I be charged for a FREE trail month if i was only a subscriber for all of 30 minutes????? so FREE is not really free when it comes to!!! #veryangry
Entity: New York, New York
6, Report #1335205
Oct 26 2016
02:34 PM
Playster, Dailymotion, Ficugo, Giving my ebook away for free without my permission new york New York
I was searching for my book trailer on you tube when I located another youtube video on it.  This company called Playster was advertizing my book asying that if you joined their club, they could download my book for free. I knew nothing of this until now.  No one approached me about giving my book away for free.  They are breaking copyright laws by doing this. I tried to go to their other sites (Facebook, LinkedIn and others.  These do not exist.  They area not only ripping me off but anyone foolish enough to give them their credit card information to sign up for free games, movies, videos, books etc.) I want them to cease and desist immediately with their illegal activities.  Thank you for any help you can give us to close these crooks down.
Entity: new york, New York
7, Report #1312126
Jun 18 2016
12:54 PM
Playster Distributed my book without my permission for Free Internet
Free is offering for download my book with which I hold the copyright:  Frank Kelly Freas: The Art of Science Fiction.  This company did not ask my permission to make my book available as an e-book. They further say: To download this book in PDF from Playster click on the next banner.  I am holding Playster responsible for copyright violation because they are distributing my book without my permission.  I am still selling this book, and they are taking away from my sales if they give it away for free. I wish for both these companies to ceast and desist from publishing my book andd ciolating my copyright.  If they want to publish my book, they have to pay me for publication rights.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1404199
Oct 04 2017
02:44 PM
Playster double billing rip-off artists whose customer service is condescending and rude. Internet
I signed up for the free Trial in september right before Irma struck my home in florida. I thought it would be good to have some audiobooks to listem to. downloaded several as part of the free trial. Didn't listen to any of them though because power and internet are required to play a title downloaded to your device. After the storm, and things came back up. I started listening to the books I had downloaded. Listened to all of one, and started on a second before they changed the terms of the trial already in progress. Rather than Unlimited access to their audiobooks during the trial, I made it through two books in two weeks, and was barred from listening to any more titles. Ok, fine. I liked the books, I was annoyed by the app, but the idea was worth investing in. So I log in, and agree to convert my trial to a full version membership. Two days go by, they neither bill me, nor do they allow me to listen to audiobooks. So I message them asking them to cancel my request to upgrade to a full account, and decide to try to upgrade to a full account through the app, and apple app store. Its slightly more expensive. But if it works, and I can finish my book then so be it. I paid the 20$, started the full membership, and went on with my life. LIstened to maybe 3 more audiobooks. Then they bill me 15$. It over drew my account. I had the cash, and caught the issue before I was charged OD fees. It was inconvenient. I'm trying to recover from a terrible storm. But I rolled with it, and emailed customer service. They promised to refund the 15$. Then canceled my account. Supposedly the 15$ is on its way back into my account. I'm dubious till it happens. I waited a couple days, and decided to call customer service. The woman I spoke to was very rude and condescending. asking questions, and then two words into the answer she would talk over me. This happend maybe five times before I told her that was unacceptable and that I wanted to speak with her manager. She informed me that there are no managers, and if I want help I have to put up with her treating me basically however she chooses to. She said that the company had treated the matter appropriately. that my account was canceled as it should ahve been, and if I wanted my 20$ back I should talk to Itunes. She can't control whether I have access to their service or not. I said I really want to stay, I would rather just have access to your content again than the 20$. Just re-activate my account.   Sure can, but I am going to have to bill you a third time. I lost it. I hung up on her amidst promises to tell my story to the world. DO NOT USE PLAYSTER! Its not worth the aggravation. I've spent hours between emails, phone calls, and their social media page trying to get help, and I'm met with either stony silence or rude condescension. I wish I had never heard of this terrible company. All in all its only 35$. its just the time of it all. Ken
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1429230
Feb 14 2018
11:46 AM
Playster fake website. unauthorised use of my published book to entice use.
This company has allowed the creation of a fake website (Plasticsurgeryofamerica) using the stolen  website header from stole one of my published books and uses this to attract usage by offering my book free of charge.It also offers other books free pretending to be creator as shown by Whois  is shown as :-  Mihail Sobolev,  RE:  
Entity: NAtionwide
10, Report #1350208
Jan 16 2017
12:54 PM Playster is selling a book I hold the copyright to that was published in 1973 by Grosset and Dunlap: Winnie Ruth Judd The Trunk Murders. A google alert email took me to this site: which then connects to Playster to sign up for a free month. It's a copyright violation! New York -Playster- Internet
Playster is in violation of copyright law for the book Winnie Ruth Judd The Trunk Murders which I and friend Robert J. Hendricks wrote and was published by Grosset and Dunlap in 1973.  My wife received a google alert thru email with a link for the free download of the ebook.  The link took her to that then led to that led to to create an account and apparently download the ebook. It would be wonderful if a lawyer would look into this as I have lost thousands of dollars thru such Internet fraud!    
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1339688
Nov 24 2016
07:21 AM
Playster / Playster.Com Deceptive affiliate marketing, bait and switch concerns, copyright abuses, supporting spammy advertisers and bookjackers, claiming to offer PDFs of authors books as a ruse to attract signups to Playster Internet
Playster or Playster.Com is reported for concerns around questionable 'bait and switch' affiliate marketing which generally revolves around third party affiliates (used by Playster) creating spammy websites under hard to trace hosting providers, who promote PDFs of authors works.This is done without author consent.The unethical aspect to this scheme is that what happens is that a third [arty affiliate scrapes book content from book catalogues and with Playsters help, creates a slick looking graphic offering the book PDF free as part of a Playster free trial.However, there are many complaints on the internet about people not being able to cancel memberships and incurring unauthorized credit card charges. There are also other Rip Off Reports about Playster as well:- importantly, they rarely have the books. The bait and switch scam is that the supposed free book is really not thereand instead one must take a free sign up trial (to find out the book is not there AND that the trial is not really free) and thus one is being mislead with a free product to pay money through deceptive advertising.On their authors page, they claim to have a search function for authors to search for copyright violations, but the link does not work. They do admit to using perfomance advertising networks on that authors trying to have removed false or misleading listings face an uphill struggle.They often claim (without admission) the links are disabled, yet appear again the next day via a Google search via another affiliate. Affiliates are not vetted and are often simply Russian or Turkish based spammers creating self-hosted wordpress libraries from scraped content, using reverse proxy servers and the like to avoid DMCA complaints.Playster sometimes claim not to be able to find the link, whereas this is a ruse for not wanting to disable their profitable, albeit misleading, affiliates. There are many unhappy authors on the net making similar complaints.There are screenshots detailing the complaints raised.Playster have not resolved the matter to my satisfaction.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1349619
Jan 13 2017
10:41 AM
Playster - Playster Corporation, Colin Strachan Publishing Manager Prolific copyright DMCA infringements, refusing to remove infringing reports, ignoring cease and desist letter to cease and desist infringments, false and misleading advertising using DMCA-immune Russian based affiliate agencies,100+ DMCA complaints New York New York
Playster is a new company formed in 2015 that prides itself on values and working with independent authors. However, they have a serious problem that they appear not willing to address, namely that a lot of their revenue comes from Russian based affiliate marketing agencies that refer people to them to subscribe to a membership where they can supposedly download unlimited E-Books in PDF form. The affiliate agencies engage in false and misleading advertising that involves creating vast numbers of websites, sometimes using hijacked domain-names, or using affiliates that create multiple Google Blogspot blogs hosting scraped descriptions of authors copyrighted titles. The websites often contain download buttons which then redirect to Playster. The websites rank high in Google and proport to offer free downloads via Playster. The scam is that usually the book is not available, but one only finds out after signing up for a free trial, which many consumers report difficult to cancel and incur charges on their credit cards. The internet has many complaints of such activities. The scraped websites are always in violation of DMCA regulations and Playster get around it by claiming it is their affiliates that are responsible. Many of the websites cannot be delisted with Google, as they contain hijacked domain names that imitate real ones and when clicked on lead to Playster affiliate banners. Because of this, Google often cannot locate the original infringing content and such websites rank highly in Google for months, even if the affiliate banner is deactivated. I personally have filed over 100+ DMCA complaints with Playster. I have also filed complaints with web hosts, one problem being that the hosts are in Russia and there is a lot of red tape to file a DMCA takedown, including translating the DMCA complaint into Russian and having it notarized in Russian and English. Given the number of infringements, this is beyond the standard means of many independant authors. Thus it can be said such affiliate marketing agencies are DMCA immune and thus removing affiliate links is close to impossible. In December 2016, Playster were sent a cease and desist letter in relation to my book, but did not cease and desist the behaviour. Even if one can clear the web, it is only a matter of days before fresh blogs appear with new affiliate advertising. This does a great disservice to independant authors and Playster clearly profit from the behaviour which is wrong. Some of the affiliate marketing also utilizes FB 'comment farms' where apparently fake users post comments about how good the book is, or how they read the book, even though the book is not available. This constitutes false and misleading advertising, using copyrighted images of authors books. The problem is prolific and as yet Playster do not have a handle on it. The problem is admitted on their website, althouh is downplayed in contrast to the reality of the situation:- We work with a number of performance advertising networks, and are aware that, occasionally, third-party sites we don’t own or control might refer to intellectual property in their advertisements for Playster that we do not actually carry in our catalogue. While we do our very best to police this, our advertising network is vast, and sometimes unscrupulous advertisers can go unnoticed.   Independant authors are advised not to publish their work with Playster. The publishing manager who is Colin Strachan who appears to be the one that takes DMCA complaints, blocked my email, presumably because of the large number of valid DMCA complaints, and because I asked him to expunge infringing links from Google, which has not been done. Since then, fresh links have appeared, necessitating further work. Signed  One Unhappy Independant Author
Entity: New York, New York
13, Report #1357570
Feb 22 2017
06:13 AM
Playster Affiliate Partner Aurelia Lauritson, Colin Stratchan, Philip Keezer Misleading advertising, DMCA Abuse, Participation in Playster Bait and Switch scam, Prolific DMCA abuses, Spammy websites, Content Scraping, Questionable Affiliate Activities Aalborg Denmark
Aurelia Lauritsen is the registered owner of various self-hosted wordpress websites which are designed to mislead consumers into signing up for a classic bait and switch scam which is the work of Playster. Playster Affiliates are used, and paid, to create vast numbers of self-hosted wordpress sites that are heavily SEO Optimized and are designed to attract Playster subscribers. The scam is that the PDF is not available, but the affiliates claim they are, and create endless numbers of DMCA infringing websites, putting fresj ones up days after  a DMCA report is filed. Colin Stratchan the publishing manager of Playster received 185 DMCA complaints about the matter (some relating to other affiliates as well). He admitted it was a problem and some time ago said that the behaviour would cease in a few weeks, but the behaviour continues unabated. It is questionable activity, as the content is scraped and reworded to make it appear to consumers the PDF can be downloaded, but the fact it cannot, only becomes apparent after Playster have ones credit card details, for which they are often charged for cancelling a free trial (hence the bait and switch). Most of the affiliates ignore DMCA requests, as do Playster beyond a certain number. The problem is bad in that pretty much any authors book on Amazon can be found falsely advertised on a Playster Affiliate website. Sometimes the affiliates have contact details and one can search the web to find the person responsible. Proof is attached.
Entity: Aalborg, Other
14, Report #1340354
Nov 29 2016
07:32 AM
Playster Playster.Com / Colin Strachan (Communications Manager) False and Misleading Advertising, Bait and Switch, DMCA Violations, Ignoring DMCA takedown requests, supporting bookjackers and spammers, deceiving people into signing up for free trial in order to access PDFs of authors books NOT in their database Internet
Playster.Com are reported for questionable activities and for promoting a 'bait and switch' scam designed to attract subscribers to sign up for a Playster free trial, with the lure of being able to download a free book in PDF format. The scam is that the PDF of the book is not available on Playster, yet Playster affiliates are busy filling up Google search results with spammy self-hosted wordpress websites. When clicked on, sometimes one lands on a Playster landing page featuring a banner, offering the book in PDF form, using copyrighted book images without author permission. One must then sign up for a Playster free trial, only to find the PDF does not actually exist. The extent of the problem is significant in that many independant authors report problems with Playster and filing DMCA's. They appear not to be hosting PDFs, yet claim to do so in such a misleading and persistent manner, that someone searching for a book title on Google may find many fake websites operated by Playster affiliates. This is confirmed by another author, where a post on explains the scam.   In brief, the scam involves using author names, book titles and copyrighted images scraped from Amazon or Goodreads, having affiliates make websites that then confuse consumers into signing up with Playster, where they find the PDF is not there. Playster claim to submit DMCA takedown requests on behalf of authors who complain, yet links can persist for some weeks, or fresh websites appear, bearing the same affiliate code. In one instance, an affiliate code was linked to 125+ DMCA infringements. When Playster were made aware, they did nothing to terminate the affiliate, and Colin, the communications manager, had nothing more to say. Playster clearly pay the affiliates and thus must know who they are, but choose not to act and thus their behaviour is somewhat questionable. The company Playster appears a fresh start-up (2015), but there is nothing new, fresh or innovative about building a file sharing or media downloading venture based on spamming, upsetting authors or abusing copyright. There are also complaints in the consumer arena about not being able to cancel a Playster subscription, and seems a close variation on the Usenet.Nl scam (offering free trials and then not allowing cancellations). Playster are not recommended for ebook downloads, for the content advertised is often not present, and is not recommended for independant authors, for once spammers have access to your book descriptions, one may find one spends months of ones life filing DMCA takedown requests.     The screenshots show the misleading advertising that Playster promote, in violation of authors rights. Other unhappy authors should contact Colin Strachan the communications manager, as well as to file DMCA complaints with Google, and to contact the Playster site hosts. One can also send a formal cease and desist letter to Playster, that Playster are legally obliged to honour to avoid legal reprecussions later. Authors are also advised to take screenshots of offending links and to use video capture software to demonstrate the links in action.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1246229
Aug 04 2015
07:30 AM offer books they don't have, force to open account, then impossible to delete Internet
I was looking for a book to download, via google.  I got to this website, claiming they have it.  But, you have to open an account (for free).  Then, the free account is only for 30 days, but you have to provide a credit card (which I did).  They say the first month is free, and after it's about 10 a month.  once I registered, and confirmed the email address, I went to browse, and all of a sudden this book is not in their library.  I went to cancel, but there's no way to navigate to such a page, in fact, even my account was impossible to find.  I called (1-917-677-0268), which took me only couple of minutes to find, they picked up the phone fast, and promised to cancel the account, and I even got a confirmation email for this, so, this part went smooth (assuming that they will not try to charge). Person on the phone sounds used to cancel accounts, so I guess they are counting on people not cancelling.       
Entity: Internet
16, Report #100286
Jul 23 2004
04:35 PM ripoff Ripp OFF Cheaters
I also been just ripped off by I ordered their 1000 MB hosting plan and they took my money through paypal and then they sent me a email of my hosting package. give me my ftp login and server addresses too. I loged in to that accout once and once only after that I could not log back in at all and thier web site was or has been down for along time now been at least two days and I got the server off them last weekend and could not access it at all after the first time I logged in. I bad mouth them by email and they laughed at me and I even got a email back from them stating that they will not refund my money back to me at all !! and they even said good luck on trying to report us in to the FBI or fruad department. cause I made a threat to them that I would do that and I did report them in to the FBI and to the BBB and fruad department too. But I did get one good info from them their ip address !! heres their ip now the FBI can have fun and trace them when ever their online unless they change thier ip!! Jamie Augusta, MaineU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #401913
Dec 16 2008
11:03 AM RIPOFF by Glendale California
I ordered a free sample and paid the shipping on it and they continued to send more and charge my credit card.. they charged me $88.97 for 1 month and they will continue until I find a way to stop those crooks....does anyone have the answer.... Jerry niles, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Glendale, California
18, Report #370681
Sep 07 2008
04:28 PM
FAMILYCONTACT911.COM deseptive charges Clearwater Florida
My AT&T bill was reflecting a late charge of $15.95 to my suprise because I paid my bill even before due date. By contacting AT&T I found out that the late charge was submitted by a third billing party. Looking closer, FAMILYCONTACT911.COM charged me $7.95 for a service that I never asked for. I personally dislike AT&T services enormously and I am willing to cancel their services altogether; I have to call them almost every month to dispute a charge or unfunded fee. If there are enough of us to take drastic actions mabe big guys listen to little ones. Kevin Fontana, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
19, Report #566399
Feb 08 2010
07:06 PM He lied to me Beijing, Internet
I went to visit the site looking for computers but because his products are so cheap it caught my eyes so I tried to contact the guy and the guy just insisted me on making the payment and refused to answer any of my question. I spent about 30 or more emails back and forth with him and realize that he's a scam since I found couple links on rip off report as well that they are not reliable. I already knew that it wasn't reliable I just wanted to try it myself. He kept insisting that his product is original and new and and that was it that he told me. I asked him a lot of questions on the product and he didn't seem like he knew what he was talking about. He wanted me to do the transfer money to his bank and of course that that is the worst thing you can do to a stranger so I didn't do it. I'm here just to warn you guys who look at his sites and want to buy his stuff I suggest you guys don't do it because this guy is a scam in my opinion. I just want to spread the word that's all.  Thanks, Parks
Entity: Beijing, Internet
20, Report #820981
Jan 10 2012
11:26 PM x10 Internet
BEWARE of The customer service is terrible. I had got an RMA from them for a camera package that was terrible in quality. Also another RMA for a vcr package that their website added to my order when I clicked on a remote package instead.  I keep contacting them about my returns, They have confirmed that they have recieved them. But they have differant excuses each time about why I haven't recieved the refund. I also ordered a security system for my daughetrs house for Christmas a couple of months before Christmas. It never came. When I contacted them to find out what happened they informed me they were out of the console and it would be 2 weeks after Christmas. i told them it was suopposed to be a gift what to do. They said tell my daugher to wait. What a joke. I still don't have the security system or my refund on the other RMA and it is 1-11-12. This company is a joke. BEWARE!
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #776686
Sep 14 2011
11:17 AM
I worked for this company in Chattanooga Tennessee(support seven), which is a call center for all of these companies, owned by the owner of the companies as well.  These are all scams! They do offer payday loans, but fail to give or allow employees to give the truth about charges to obtain these loans. The interest rate is well over 400% and they say they don't sell or give info to other companies, but they do. They also don't want the customer to know they have a call center in Costa Rica as well. Once you apply for a loan, they have all of your personal information in the system and numerous people have access to ALL of your personal information. Even when a customer asks for the info to be removed, they still keep it!  I can guarantee if you have had your bank account hacked after applying, it is because of these crooks!. I understand that noone makes you take these loans, but times are hard, and I know I work too hard to be ripped off while trying to make ends meet!...please think twice before doing any business with the above named companies, you can also find complaints on the FTC website
Entity: CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee
22, Report #732907
May 25 2011
07:10 AM - bad software Las Vegas, Nevada
I purchased some cameras and software to run the cameras. I called and emailed tech support over and over and still don't have the software running and refuses to give me my money back because I've been trying to get it to work for more than 30 days! The two biggest problems was never able to resolve:      Vanguard software: is a memory hog and brings my PC to it knees. To get the cameras to function I had to run it on the same PC as Active Home Pro. Now all the macros that were working in Active Home Pro no longer work because of Vanguard. According to other users on the forum they've never been able to get Vanguard to work.      MyHome software: I have a webserver running on port 80 and found out after many hours trying to get MyHome to work that it must use port 80. gives no way to configure the software to use any other port. My suggestion - don't buy MyHome if you are running a webserver on port 80. So here I am stuck with cameras and software that don't work and support won't work with me nor will the company refund my money. BUYER BEWARE !!!!!
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
23, Report #692708
Feb 08 2011
07:47 PM , Misleading internet advertisment site Brea, California     States that you never have to pay to play there games, in fact they NEVER pay you if you reach the required amount to cash out. They offer a spin the wheel game which, is not accurate, the wheel glitches and deducts double spins. After reaching the required amount to cash out, which I used gwallet to purchase spins.  I submitted my request for my money and never recieved anything. I wrote to the help center. And someone name David, said I requested a transfer to coolcat casino , but the transaction never happened. I wrote them 4 other times, with proof of non payment. They did not respond back after I sent proof of non payment. This has been over a month for my request and still have not heard back. They trick you into thinking you can win free money, which is misleading they, have no problem taking your money and running. They never give the credits for hours of advertisements, they claim are 100% free, and are just out to take your money.
Entity: Brea, California
24, Report #240531
Mar 24 2007
11:45 AM
MP3MUSICHQ-COM Online California
I read a rip off report about Internet U.S.A. Phone Number: 818-303-1770 mp3 apparently they managed to take my info when i signed up for lifeteime limewire subscription. anyway, after i realized they were debetting $9.88 a month automatically from my checking. I used a search engine & found there web site. I called the customer service & told them I had no interest in any extra $9.88 being taken out my account for anything. The guy said I ? subscribed? for a hacker protection ! WTF ? I don't remember doing that along the way ?? I'm usually good about avoiding the BS Pop ups & gimmicks...But they got me ! The cuatomer rep deleted the automatic debiting & said that I should no longer see that on my banking statements in the future. But I guess we'll have to see ??? Luckily they only snagged $9.88 for two months. So if you got scammed call Billing: 1-866-730-0934 (toll free)(USA)& hopefully they will delete your account as well. I stilll got lifetime limewire without that monthly fee. Good Luck, Jimmy Newport News, VA., Jimmy newport news, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: California
25, Report #1130621
Mar 13 2014
10:13 PM Paid member banned from Internet
I was a paid member & they banned me so I built my own forum
Entity: Select State/Province

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