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1, Report #49963
Mar 20 2003
12:28 PM
Philadelphia Police Rip-off Philadelphia Pennsylvania
This is a example how the Philadelphia Police brass feel about anyone Stepping Up to the Plate and speaking out! Remember I am a disabled adult female and this is a adult PPD male brass! Is there a reason that police can make statements like this below and no one holds them responsible? It looks like a threat to me? Maybe someone should start enforcing laws in Phila..and get me a STOP Order! since No One is Above the Law! And after what drug police did to my daughter in a Fake drug raid search..I should be talking to a civil lawyer, since they are talking to FOP lawyers! The site that police are posting on is being viewed by local media..The are making themselves look really bad! Last night we began the difficult struggle to rid our world of SADDAM... Today, we should begin the MORE difficult struggle to rid our world of PPDFRIEND!!! Go, George Go! err, I mean (site owner) PPD-x-friend Phila, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2, Report #3729
Nov 01 2000
12:00 AM
The new zealand police
hi this happened a few months back''''i young man up the north island''''got a bit up tight''and went into town a started smashing heaps of windows in the town'''police were called they shot him 4 times'''dead'''alot of people asked why did they not get a police dog'''or use spray'''instead of killing him'
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #504855
Oct 05 2009
08:09 PM
Duluth Police Department DULUTH POLICE False arrest, police corruption, police abuse, defamation duluth, Georgia
     Amanda Nix is a police officer at Duluth police department in Duluth, GA whom recently falsified a police report about me in violation of the law and my civil rights.  She confronted my mother and I on separate occasions and attempted to intimidate us by use of threats and innuendo.  She then falsified both statements made to her on a police report and filed it to have me arrested despite both parties attempting to explain that she was wrong.  She has now been thrown to the hounds of investigation, as she screwed up and admitted defaming me to my mother on a police report in her own writing.  She then stalked me around on the internet, and is now attempting to sue me for libel when I spoke out about her behavior on a blog.    Stay away from this woman!  Anyone who has had a run in with her like this please please contact me now!  If you see a short red haired woman with a black uniform approaching you, use the utmost caution and try not to say anything to her that is not in front of her police car or near a camera with sound record capability.  She and her cohorts at the DPD stretch the truth and even bend it to achieve arrests.  Hopefully they will be brought up on charges soon.  
Entity: duluth, Georgia
4, Report #703748
Mar 07 2011
12:39 PM
Osceola wi police Police corruption Osceola, Wisconsin
Tim Ohare assulted me in front of my house.In front of my neighbor and another police officer.There is alot Of police corruption in osceola so be carefull.Other officers includ,ERIC LEHMAN and MIKE JARVEY that will either Piddle your daughters or violate your rights!!!!!!
Entity: Osceola, Wisconsin
5, Report #1074133
Aug 08 2013
10:06 AM
Entity: Hawthorne, California
6, Report #153835
Aug 16 2005
10:46 AM
Detroit Police Department ripoff Detroit Michigan
their are people at wayne county community college district selling steroids at the school the interveince medadolic steroids kind of steroids these drugs are illegal and dangerious i have notify the police but they haven't did the job of police the illegal drug a body performence and also body inhancement these drug are bout by atheletes and drug dealers these drug are provided bye foreignor american doctors who are writing phony perscibtion and give people illegal drugs and there are lot of exatheletes in the area of downtown and the corktown area could you investasgate please or forward the infromation to the proper authoritys Otis detroit, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Detroit, Michigan
7, Report #350
Dec 26 1999
12:00 AM
South Carolina Police on I-95 ....Warning!
Warning! If your driving with out of state plates, or if your black or Hispanic and your on interstate 95 in South Carolina, be careful. They will pull you over. They'll trash your car, steel money if they find it and detain you as long as they can. This happened to me and my family with out of state plates. When I went to stay at the Holiday Inn about 40 miles away, they told us about many horror stories that hotel customers come in with every day. Many People have sued. Don't drive on I-95, take another route, do not take any chances. L. Anderson Orlando, Fla
Entity: interstate -95, South Carolina
8, Report #369
Mar 31 1999
12:00 AM
Apparently due to some legal mumbo jumbo. Scottsdale police are letting drunk drivers go. Saw the police on 03-25-99 let a guy go who was drunk as a skunk. Said that because they pulled him over on private property was not Drunk Driving????!!? Cops were seen laughing with the guy, who they had stopped as a subject in an assault. Whats the deal?
Entity: Scottsdale, Nationwide
9, Report #212133
Sep 21 2006
04:50 PM
Mesa Police Department ripoff abuse Mesa Arizona
I was physically abused by my ex-boyfriend as he had learned in the past he should not leave any physically marks on me or he will go to jail. He would not stop slapping me so I was forced to go to a neighbors(as he would not let me use the phone and took it from me) to call the police. When they arrived I had no physical marks on my face but when I blew my nose blood came out-they didn't care. I urged them 7 times to look in the car as the ex had thrown about 6 oz of tea on my face(and it was all over the roof of the car so I wanted it documented) they just kept asking each other if the other had done it or not everytime. After the last two request for them to look and document it in their report they reply that he simply spilled it making a U-turn and they still refused to look in the car. It doesnt take a CSI to simply see and document that it was not due to a U-turn. Officer in charge was R Sabou badge number 16292. Back up was B Wilson badge number 16818. My ex(who was pissed when he got arrested for physical assult about a month before) found out he was in the clear, he proceeded to go down and file a restraining order against me and took advantage of the laziness of the police. I was forced out of my home by officer B Wilson and another officer whom I have yet to aquire the name of(when I do you will know). The unnamed officer was extremely abusive to me and refused me any help to find out how to get me to an abuse shelter. I go down to the courts and try to file a protective order against this abusive ex who laughed in my face and slapped me repeatedly while I was trying to defend myself-I couldn't be protected because the officers lack of motivation left me out to dry. He is harrassing me and I do not feel safe. I have even got it in writing that he wishes me to call or show up at his residents(which is a violation of the restraining order) I will present this to the judge and possibly get the media involved. The ex has shown up at the home I am staying and shows no remorse. I am scared for the life of me and my protective relatives but until a hearing I have no one to protect me-I had to wait six days and I am waiting another three days scared of what he will do if I do not comply. Pissed Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
10, Report #346542
Jul 01 2008
08:26 PM
Detroit Police Department neglected their duty Detroit Michigan
DO NOT FILE A POLICE REPORT IF A PERPETRATER COMMITS A CRIME AGAINST YOU IN THE CITY OF DETROIT MICHIGAN BECAUSE IT WILL BE FUTILE! Of or about March 28, 2002 at approximately 8:pm, a man kicks open my door (home invasion) and knocks me unconscious in front of my then 6 year old child and ransacks my place while i was unconscious. The man had jewelry on his fingers so i was very fortunate to be alive. I didn't wake until the next day. He had destroyed my eyeglasses as well. When i went to the police station and filed the report they noticed the swelling and cuts on my face and even commented on it. I was eventually assigned an Investigator (Investigator Evans) I do not recall his first name, however, I felt there was going to be neglect looming because instead of opening the case immediately he and another officer(investigator Simmons) were squabbling over who the case belongs to. Investigator Evans never wanted the case because he felt that it was a domestic case because my ex-wife inadvertently led the perpetrater to my home. Regardless, my face was swollen, my eye was almost shut, AND THEY WERE BICKERING OVER WHO SHOULD TAKE THE CASE! Eventually, (much to his chagrin) Investigator Evans (who handled the prosecuting cases) took the case. (It is significant to note that Investigator Simmons apparently handled the Domestic cases.)Investigator Evans then got the pertinent information from me and had me do other footwork regarding preparation for prosecution of the case. I complied by doing the groundwork etc. in hopes that the case would be persued. He gave me his card and the number and extention where he could be reached. He told me to call him once or twice a week as he had to investigate before he can persue. Whenever I called however, he would say something like ' This guy is hard to find Mr scott' I gave him his complete name, i did'nt understand? But every time i called he would come up with one excuse after the other. I was naive at the time but, had it been me now i would have filed a complaint immediately. I trusted that he was going to serve justice . I eventually became somewhat helpless and did not understand at the time that i could have filed a complaint and eventually gave up. Recently, after searching the mdoc website and finding the perpetrater very easily, i realized that Investigator Evans never had any intentions of prosecuting the case. So i inevitably filed a complaint against the department but this was to no avail. Somehow they seem to have no information on Investigator Evans or Investigator Simmons of the 36th precinct police department in 2002! Shouldn't the department maintain important records like that? Shouldn't it be a responsibility of the Department? After submitting the complaint I had hoped that someone would at least find the case but it was all for naught. I was sent a letter stating that there were no wrong doings on the part of the police department. So again i gave up. I am so glad that I don't live in the city of Detroit any more. That was not the only time that nothing was done. The other was in 1987 when my apartment door was kicked in and I was beaten with a jack iron, and robbed by two men and had to wear a cast and stitches in two places and made a police report and nothing was done. My advice to anyone who is thinking about moving to Detroit is: BUY A GUN AND LEARN HOW TO USE IT BECAUSE THE DETROIT POLICE DEPARTMENT IS NOT THERE TO PROTECT YOU IF YOU ARE A RESIDENT!!!!! Darrell Romulus, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Detroit, Michigan
11, Report #409518
Jan 08 2009
07:59 AM
Scottsdale Police arrested on a quashed warrent Scottsdale Arizona
The Scottsdale police are notorious for arresting people on warrents that no longer exist, under the pretence that they did not realize this fact. This happens far to often to be just a mistake. Shouldn't the records they keep be more reliable if something as serious as an arrest of a citizen is involved? know it happened to me and several other people that I have spoken to. A class action law suite would be appropriate. And that is just the tip of the iceburg.... Ann phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
12, Report #365541
Aug 21 2008
05:11 PM
HIGHLAND POLICE being railroaded into pleading guilty Highland Illinois
Being charged with raping a minor, the minor admitting lying, when she heard she would have to have a physical. But even though she admitted lying changed the accusation, was found to still be a virgin at the physical . the charge was still held , since this she has accused other people but no one else has been charged. Concerned Highland, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Highland, Illinois
13, Report #546048
Dec 28 2009
06:34 AM
petal police duis traffic violations petal, Mississippi
i just wanted to check and see if every thing is fair .im living off disability.i want to hire this lawyer and dont have the money. william L peebles 601-544-6261 i got my last dui in 2005. i can not pay dui insurance i have been paying non owners insurance 5 years. do not have money to donate to ripoff report draw around $600 a month. have. i i only had lawyer once when i was 16 for reciveing stolen property
Entity: petal, Mississippi
14, Report #169990
Jan 01 2006
04:28 AM
Phoenix police Seizing Officerars 13-4311 Ripoff Phoenix Arizona
Phoenix police search my daughters home they were looking for my son they tore her house up. I have pics of what they did to her house they cause thousands of dollars of damage Found nothing and the more they did not find the more they tore up they had no probable cause or they would have known that she was not my sons girl friend but his sister. She can''t even stay in her own house any more they left the house wide open so any one could steal what they wanted they broke open the front door and the bed room windows they put holes in the walls and broke antiques they found my son 24 hours later and seized my daughter car and now she has to go to court to try to get it back they arrested my son for drug and phoenix police charge him this sales. the grand jury said personal use Marilyn phoenix, ArizonaArmenia
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
15, Report #171295
Jan 11 2006
02:23 AM
West Yorkshire Police ripoff Leeds United Kingdom
I would like to warn all members of the public in great britain and the U.S.A. and for that matter in any other police state type countries or countries with corrupt police forces operating, such as may be found in third world countries. NEVER EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES carry large amount of cash, in UK that figure means more than 5000 pounds at any time, amy vary in other countries. In the UK, the polce developed a stategy to seize ill gotten gains from drug dealers and other criminals, now the police, certainly in west yorkshire, UK are now extendinmg this to legeimate monies, such as inherience, wins from gambling, profits from legitiamte business, anyhting they can lay their grubby mits on basically and just seizing it and refusing to give it back, even when presented with clear eveidence to the contrary, and they can even sometimes do it legally, just by digging up a bit of technical dirt on the poor victim of the theft by the police. Less than 5000 pounds is not a problem and probaby wont steal from you, but more than that and they have the legal excuse. If you must carrry more than 5000 pounds, get in draft form and carry it inside your anal canal (no, Im being serious, this is not a joke) and that way you, dont have to endure the physical discomfor, but not in your pocket, they will seize it. Whenever we go out our front door, their is always at least a small and minimal risk of being arrested by the police, all be it only for being drunk or just you were unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. So these are necesary security precations you should take in case this happens. The police so this, because its commision for them, to take nice holidays with and drive expensive cars with and they get a kind of sadistic pleasure from excercising this power over their helpless victims. The court also turns a blind eye and allows them to not give back your money, as I even phoned them up and explained the scam and they just passed the buck and told me to phone the force solicitor, who lyed on the phone and said whe would release the money if I sent proof of its origin, which was inheritence, I did this and she still has not given back my money. TRUST THE POLICE LIKE YOU WOULD TRUST A HEROINE ADDICT WHOS JUST GOT OUT OF PRISON, EXCEPT AT LEAST THE JUNKIES DOING IT UNDER EXTENUATING CIURCUMSTANCES, WHEREAS THE POLICE JUST DO IT TO MAKE THMESELVES FEEL BIG AND POWERFUL AND TO BE NASTY. ROBIN HOOD STOLE FROM THE RICH TO GIVE TO THE POOR, THE POLICE STEAL FROM THE POOR TO KEEP IT THEMSELVES AND GIVE TO THE RICH AND WICKED GOVERNMENT. - -United Kingdom Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on various Police Departments
16, Report #31653
Oct 02 2002
09:00 AM
Scottsdale Police Harrasment unnecessary force wrongful arrest & imprisonment Scottsdale Arizona
My girlfriend of ten years was being harrassed by a Scottsdale Police officer. He was accusing her of urinating in public. She repeatedly told him that she had not urinated, and he continued to badger her for over five minutes. He asked what she does for a living, and she replied that she is a kindergarten teacher. He began insulting her professionalism as a teacher with statements like, Do you teach your kindergarten students to lie? He had her in tears. I finally spoke up in her defense. His partner told me to go across the street. I refused to leave her. The officer grabbed my arm and started twisting it. The other two officers at the site rushed at me. They tackled me to the pavement, shoved my face in the asphalt, and arrested me. One of the officers broke his ankle in the fall, and is trying to sue me for the injury. They charged me with two felonys, and laced the police report with lies to make their case. All I can do is spend thousands in attorney's fees to fight the accusations. I've found four others with highly similar experiences just in the last couple of months. This police department is abusing the power given to them by the citizens. I know there are others out there who have had similar experiences, and I would like to find them. If you have or know of somebody who has, call me at 602-989-2469. Mike Glendale, Arizona
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
17, Report #1051841
May 17 2013
09:22 PM
Sgt.Lawson & Doylestown Police CORRUPTION IN DOYLESTOWN!! Doylestown Pennsylvania
In Doylestown Pa, the Police and the judges are all in bed together. I speak from experiance that when a cop needs a warrent, all he has to do is ask. Sgt.Lawson is one such cop. when he puts cases together, he NEVER STOPS TO THINK nor does he do his job and LOOK INTO THE FACT that the person he is about to charge is either not guilty, or is the real victim. While trying to get info on myself, he made phone calls to my wifes family, and even called het ex husband who ( if he did his job to look first ) abused her, almost killed her, and she had to get a PFA against him. Sgt. Lawson GAVE HIM OUR CONTACT INFO!                                                       The warrent was filled with all lies and misinformation, yet.the JUDGE GAVE IT! Our lawyer was able to have our case thrown out, but this was after Sgt.Lawson caused my family extrem stress, and so did the judge he is such good friends with. There needs to be an investigation into the ethics in Doylestown. In fact, right across the street from the multi floored building known as The court house, thete is a much bigger complex being built across the street. Thats alot of law for such a tiny town!           I have uploaded a photo here that showes Sgt.Lawson gettinghis promotion. He is such good friends with the judge, Lawsons wife is seen here, and the judge himself is giving him his new rank. They even stop later to pose for pictures. Does thete really need to be anymore proof? How can anyone get a fair trial in Doylestown if the judge and the police are so close? This is how Sgt.Lawson gets his warrents approved! This needs to STOP! 
Entity: Doylestown, Pennsylvania
18, Report #1061507
Jun 23 2013
07:57 PM
Entity: RIVERSIDE, California
19, Report #1095056
Oct 28 2013
02:14 PM
Philadelphia Police Burglarize House! Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Philadelphia police officers burglarized and vandalized India Torres' home along the 2900 block of Hurley Street in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. The October 23 felony was reported the following day, immediately after Torres returned home. While at the police station filing a report, she noticed a shirt that was stolen from her home hanging in the police station. Certain of her other belongings were found inside the police station by investigators. All five of the officers involved have a history of citizen complaints for similar crimes. The only reason that this particular police crime is being investigated is that Torres' son is himself a politically-connected Philadelphia policeman. For further details and to watch a video, click this link: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/investigations/Narcotics-Cops-Being-Investigated-for-Allegedly-Burglarizing-Home-of-Officers-Mother-Home-229300111.html
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
20, Report #129213
Jan 28 2005
03:12 AM
Maryvale Police Department Discrimination, Corruption, Police misconduct, harassment Phoenix Arizona
Discrimination, Corruption, Police misconduct, harassment Maryvale Police Department is discriminating and extorting money from Hispanic owned bars/night clubs in the city of Phoenix. This has been an on-going problem for at least 5 years without any of the owners bringing this issue to the surface in fear of retaliation. The owners call it a Shakedown. It starts with the officers working the off-duty detail assigned by Commander Jim Pina (this is all done in cash no paper trail). They come in, work the venue and when they see the Bar/Club making money they start by first telling owners they need more officers, then they demand more money. If you don't comply, they make threats to owners on how they can shut you down. Owners normally comply for a period of time. The longer you have them there the more money they demand from the business. When business owners get tired of the extortion they fire them. Owners normally hire Maricopa County Sheriff Officers to work off-duty (the competition to Phoenix PD) that's when the retaliation starts Phoenix PD files complaints against Bar/Club with Liquor Department, Fire Department (for capacity), Health Department and any other government entity that will help close business. Then Phoenix PD starts soliciting neighbors around business to help close business down. Phoenix PD then files a complaint with City Of Phoenix Zoning Department to revoke the Dance Hall Permit (yes, you need a dance permit to have people dancing at bars). Phoenix PD knows very well if you take away dancing at a Hispanic bar you take away their culture therefore the business will not survive. Phoenix PD will not stop harrasing business untill it is closed. This is pattern they are doing because of greed, racists, and corruption. The proof is in the pudding! There are many more details to this and I hope more people will come forward on this matter. We need to put a stop to this misconduct. There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law, and with the colors of justice ... Police Officers Code of Ethics As a Law Enforcement Officer, my fundamental duty is to serve mankind; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or disorder; and to respect the Constitutional rights of all men to liberty, equality and justice. me Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
21, Report #534507
Dec 05 2009
07:06 PM
Edwardsville, Pennsylvania Police Department Kimberly Johnson Police Harassment, Internet
At approximately 1:30 in the morning, I was traveling north on Route 11 (Wyoming Avenue). After going around a turn, I was surprised to see a police cruiser parked in my lane, without any hazard lights or sirens on. I slowed down to a crawl, and when the vehicle did not move, I proceeded to go around it.[1] [2] As I went around the car, it moved forward; I was driving slowly and I stopped in order to avoid an accident. Both vehicles were parked for approximately thirty seconds, and since the cruiser refused to move, I continued on my way. The cruiser tailgated me for approximately two miles without turning on its sirens. I chose to pull into a parking lot in order to let the officers get around me. The car proceeded to follow me into the parking lot and block me in. Then, a blonde female officer exited the vehicle. The first words out of her mouth were What the hell is wrong with you? She then accused me of passing her moving vehicle on a two-lane road (Which is not true, seeing as the road had a shared left-hand turning lane and she was not moving. Moreover, the section of the road in question was not even located in Edwardsville). She also stated that I should wait for a stopped vehicle to move and that it is illegal not to (which I did, and her statements are contrary to state laws governing moving vehicles), and when I questioned her about this, she asked me, What if there was a person on the road, a question which was unnecessary due to my slow speed. Her partner was equally belligerent, demanding to know who we were, what we were talking about, and where we were going. After talking on the radio for approximately ten minutes, she returned my license and said that I would be getting a citation in the mail. I asked her what the citation would be for, and she replied, Youll find out as she was getting back into her vehicle. Her partner lit a cigarette, and they departed before I could even ask for a badge number. At this time, we believe that her vehicle was simply waiting for a car full of kids to come around that corner, seeing as there was no other reason for her vehicle to be parked in the right-hand lane on a completely deserted road. [1] This is allowed in Chapter 33, Subchapter A, Section 3301 Pennsylvania Law covering rules of the road in general, which states that traveling in the opposite lane is allowed When an obstruction exists making it necessary to drive to the left of the center of the roadway, provided the driver yields the right-of-way to all vehicles traveling in the proper direction upon the unobstructed portion of the roadway within such distance as to constitute a hazard. [2] Additionally, Chapter 35 (Special Vehicles and Pedestrians), Subchapter C (Rights and Duties of Pedestrians), Section 3542 (Right-of-way to pedestrians in crosswalks), Part C states that Whenever any vehicle is stopped at any crosswalk at an intersection or at any marked crosswalk to permit a pedestrian to cross the roadway, the driver of any other vehicle approaching from the rear shall not overtake and pass the stopped vehicle. This implies that, in the absence of a crosswalk, it is acceptable to overtake and pass a stopped vehicle.
Entity: Edwardsville, Pennsylvania, Internet
22, Report #483578
Aug 21 2009
04:17 PM
Lower Merion Police Dept lower merion township, lower merion police Havertown, Pennsylvania
Thank you Lower Merion Township Police Department! A few months ago I was in sever pain and need to go to the emergency room at Bryn Mawr hospital.  I put 3 hours worth of change in the meter (in the lot directly across from the ER).  I came out about 3 hours and 20 minutes later and there was, what looked like, a receipt on my windshield.  Turned out to be a parking ticket because I was in there 20 minutes too late.  I had just lost my job (thus driving myself to the ER as apposed to an ambulance) so I did not pay it right away.  After 1 month I got a notice from Lower Merion township that I had a court date to appear to and my $17 ticket was now $120.  Best part is there was no date listed for this court hearing.  I went to the township building/police station (which operates 9-5 mon-fri) and spoke with the clerk at the desk to find out why I had only been given one month.  I was very nice and explained the situation.  She did not care.  It was MY fault that I parked in the lot that was not for ER use (the one thats 20 yards from the ER, where there are no signs telling you any different).  She said there was nothing she could do.  I walked out and figured Id just chalk it up as a loss and ask mom and dad to borrow the money to pay it.  This is when I realized she kept the summons I showed her.  Went I went back they were closed for the day.  About two weeks later I mail in the amount on the summons to the address listed on the first ticket (the one the size of a store receipt).  Since the woman had kept the summons this was my only choice.  Then it comes back w/ a letter, from Lower Merion stating they no longer are responsible for collecting the fine, I must wait for another notice and that notice will give me directions on how to pay it (so you cant just tell me?).  Today I received an arrest notice.  It says if the ticket is not paid in full they will pick me up. So lets break this down: <!--[if !supportLists]-->1)      <!--[endif]-->Your township does not clearly mark signs in ER parking lots, nor do they mark non ER parking lots.  I was in pain, where to park was the last thing on my mind. <!--[if !supportLists]-->2)      <!--[endif]-->You enforce an emergency room lot so strictly that I got a ticket 20 minutes after the meter expired.  <!--[if !supportLists]-->3)      <!--[endif]-->In an economy this bad, where millions of Americans are laid off, you have the nerve to convert a $17 ticket to $120 AND require court appearanceall after 1 MONTHS TIME?!?  <!--[if !supportLists]-->4)      <!--[endif]-->The building where you go to ask about or pay the ticket is only open DURRING THE HOURS MOST PEOPLE WORK?!?  <!--[if !supportLists]-->5)      <!--[endif]-->YOUR staff kept the paper w/ the address where I had to pay the new fine.  When I sent that fine in to the address listed on ticket number 1, you refuse it AND DONT EVEN TELL ME WHERE TO PAY IT?!?  <!--[if !supportLists]-->6)      <!--[endif]-->YOUR letter you sent to me said wait for a notice then I get a notice telling me I very well could be arrested and have a warrant out?!?!?!  Wow.  Thank you Lower Merion township.  Your home page has the quote A first class township  I guess this means that if I am not one of the first class residents living in your township who make over 6 figures you dont care.  It is nice to know the organization I HAVE PAID WAGE TAXES TO for the past 3 YEARS does what ever it can to get over on you and take your money.  YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!
Entity: Ardmore, Pennsylvania
23, Report #883031
May 15 2012
10:35 AM
Lou's Police Supply Lou's Police Lou's police supply Miami Lakes, Florida
We made a very large purchase for resale outside of the USA.  During the process, Lou's opened private mail intended for our customer that was sealed and packages to be shipped with the good.  The also made errors in the packing list that has resulted in the delay of our being paid for over two months.  They agreed to correct the packing list, and then stopped responding  thus refusing to correct their mistake.  Doing business with this company was an absolute nightmare.  Very unprofessional and without question a bunch of swindlers (opinion).  Don't risk this nightmare. There are many other companies in the business who are professional.  
Entity: Miami Lakes, Florida
24, Report #169446
Dec 27 2005
03:56 PM
Northwest Police Station ripoff Dishonest police officers, harrass law abiding citzens, murders Baltimore Maryland
Northwest police officers refused my childrens father Daric Bishop hospital treatment and left him to die in the back of a police wagon on October 30,2003. They are responsible for a number of beatings and deaths of black males. They only arrest drug dealers who do not pay them. The whole police department schould be fired and placed on trial for their illegal actions. Athena Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
25, Report #350690
Jul 13 2008
08:50 AM
Pittsburg Oklahoma State Police Falseified police reports McAlester Oklahoma
the officer wrought a false police report for his frend on a reck that cost me thousands of dollers in the town of savanna okla the kid was traveling about 70 to 80 miles an hour in town and hit my son knocked him in to a house the officer wrought it up as my son fault for pulling out on the road within so many feet froma hill which every one on that street have to pull out in front of that hill it is a resident street in toun in front of a school and a church on top of that the county let my dogs out of my house and charged my son for dogs running loose so the hole county is crooked James Savanna, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: McAlester, Oklahoma

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