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1, Report #1314045
Jun 28 2016
05:33 PM
Police Assistance Fund Police Assistance Fund Las Vegas FAKE CHARITY!! Las Vegas Nevada
 I worked for this so called charity. They claim that they give to the families of officers killed in the line of duty but the two ownes pocket what's left after they pay the people who steal the money from the people that are contacted! The owners are based in Florida where they run other rooms for fallen firefighters. Once i found out that i was working for a fake charity I up and left without giving ANY notice! I took with me the phony script that they tell us to read. It's all a lie. They tell us that we MUST get credit card numbers from the people we call or else we'll be fired. They also tell us to tell the people we're calling that we don't keep the credit card info after we charge it but that's also a LIE!! The office managers name is Tom. He's the most punch drunk person that I ever met! Lies to people he hires about the charity and told me that the equipment is old because since we're a charity all the equipment is donated. Big lie!! The equipment is old because the owners don't take any of the money they steal and re invest it into the company. Tom threatens workers with being fired which is funny due to the fact that they us $9.00 an hour. Tom walks around in a haze all day. From either drugs or his punch drunk issues. They also bounce checks to the employees as a form of punishment. My brother in law is an agent for the IRS and has already started a official investigation into the owners and this so called charity. They have a girl that processes all the credit cards and God only knows what she really does with the credit card numbers! She's common trash just like Tom. Her name is Nikki or something like that. Very common girl. This place needs to be shut down so they can't steal anymore money! They made a big mistake hiring someone like me, the connections that myself and my family have. We WILL shut these scum down!!
Entity: Las Vegas , Nevada
2, Report #447319
Apr 06 2011
08:54 AM
Police Protective Fund The worst kind of frauds New Port Richey Florida
After having worked (briefly) for the Police protective Fund I was disgusted by the fact that these people and this organization are complete frauds. I entered into it with the noble intention of working for a charity helping police officers, my brother is a county sheriff and I thought it'd be at least somewhat respectable to call on behalf of a charity, but my illusions of helping anyone other that the PPF line their pockets evaporated in short order. I learned that they call several states claiming to be located in the state itself, they ussually get around this by maintaining a PO box in whichever state in question, which they'll tell you to claim as a physical address while sitting in their W. Florida call centers. After just a few days working with these people it became apparent that a majority of the fundraisers were multiple felons and/or hardcore drug users and after talking to most of them I honestly began to think that I was the only person working in the place who'd never been arrested or served time in jail. I was encouraged by my sleaze of a manager to lead people to believe I was a police officer, to brow beat them until they either hung up or donated, and of all things admonished for being polite/nice to the people I did speak to. They foster an absolutely toxic work environment. They'd never miss a chance to remind everyone of just how replaceable they were or how arbitrarily they'd fire them and how easily they'd fill their $8 an hour position. ( If they wern't busy leaving insulting messages, threatening your job, or disrespecting former/absent employees via computer messages.) Beware and avoid this company. Either as an employee or a donor. The Police Protective Fund is no manner of charity at all. Many of it's various state charities are owned ( never heard of a charity with an owner) by a pair of men, one of whom sells phone # lists and the another who's print shop churns out their bogus mailers. ( Which they demanded a minimum donation of $15 just to mail out. ) I'm nothing but sorry I ever heard of these frauds and far worse off for ever having worked for them. Litm80 Hudson, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: New Port Richey, Florida
3, Report #1244077
Jul 24 2015
12:36 PM
Veterans assistance fund Linda Loyle This woman who should not be in charge of veterans really does not help or serve veterans. She acts as if it is her own money being used to help veterans. That is not true because the funds come from tax payers in Thurston county. Olympia Washington
 My husband is a 14 yr US Army veteran and we needed assistance. The first time we needed rental assistance and my sister in law rents us our home. We have a legitimate lease and recently the property was taken over by a property management company. Linda Loyal said she could not help us because it was family who owned our home and that should not matter because we do not get free rent. The property management company collects our rent. When we went in to get help I had just need diagnosed with cancer and she was very unsympathetic. She was rude and disrespectful to my family. I don't understand how people like her who have probably never severed a day in the military can try to help our military. She has no idea the medical issues my husband has from the Iraq war. He has a multitude of injuries seen and unseen. She has no compassion and should not be serving our community. I read an article at MAMC in the Ranger times and it talked about how the money left over from not helping veterans does NOT roll over but most likely goes to her and her cronies. I don't know how she sleeps as night. She needs to be replaced with someone who cares for our service men and woman and veterans.
Entity: Olympia , Washington
4, Report #1294205
Apr 01 2016
09:48 AM
Police Assistance Fund Police Protective Fund Fake charity hires felons and junkies to impersonate police officers to gather donations for fake fallen officers Las Vegas Nevada
Hi there, I just read your other complaints regarding the Police Protective Fund. They are now calling themselves The Police Assistance Fund here in Las Vegas and running the same scam. Here is my story I'm sending to my local media outlets and perhaps you might find this interesting as well. Same owners and everything. At 6132 W. Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89146 is a telemarketing room. This room calls themselves The Police Assistance Fund, aka The Police Protective Fund. They claim in their pitch, to be collecting donations to help provide immediate relief to the families of fallen police officers. They infer that they are the police themselves and go as far as to say that they are the only charity who doesn't hire telemarketers and that every dollar goes to the charity. Everyone jokes, including Tom Starnes who is the manager, how this is a fake charity. I worked there for one day. For 1 hour and 50 minutes before an employee, Alex Cammon who also worked in the New Port Richey, Florida location until a month ago, racially and sexually humiliated me to the entire room. No action was taken since he pulls a lot of credit cards, and I was forced to quit. It is also acceptable and common for people in this room to smoke marijuana, shoot up heroin, management sells dime bags to the phone workers and Xanax was also offered for sale. I learned of all this in under 2 hours my first day, as if this was just normal business as usual. Oddessy Charter School is literally a few doors down in the same plaza as this room. Their business license (under the name Alliance Calling) has been expired over a year and in Florida, as you know, they were exposed for hiring felons to impersonate officers and collect donations. Its still going on. Alex has a record a mile long and impersonates the police. I heard him! I have filed complaints with the FCC, FTC and notified Las Vegas Metro Police of this matter. I also plan to report to the EEOC and have emailed my story to a few investigative reporters here in Las Vegas.
Entity: Las Vegas , Nevada
5, Report #1197952
Dec 28 2014
07:18 AM
Eric Everham Barbara Everham Robert Donato Deceptive and Illegal Fund-raising Fort Myers Nationwide
 This group of individuals named Eric Everham, Barbara Everham, and Robert Donato operate out of Waterbury Conn. and Ft Myers Fl. They fund raise in Atlantic City for ACPAL and also fund raise gor Police K-9 region 15 and New Jersey FireFighters. They also fundraise in Solano County Ca. for Suisun City Police/Fire, Solano County Sheriff's Assoc. Eric Everham uses the name Tony Russo. They also fundraise in Altadena Ca for the Sheriff's Support Group. They also fundraise for Bakersfield Police and Bakersfield Firefighters. They call up using fake names and train their employees tp use deceptive phone scripts. Here's the break down : The company goes by either Stagedoor or Community Events. The amount they actually collect for the police/fire groups is minimal. Less than 25 % ! The rest goes in Eric Everhams pocket. As Eric Everham lives and does fundraising out of his residence he is required under Fl law to be registered as a fundraiser. But since he and Bob Donato both have been convicted of fraud by the New York Attorney General for deceptive fundraising, no license is available, but that doesnt stop them. Another shameful group of people are the leaders in these police and fire groups for knowingly hire these deceptive fundraisers. Atlantic City Police Activities League NJ Police K-9 region 15 NJ Firefighters Solano County Sheriff's Assoc Suisun City Police and Fire Boosters Ca.Reserve Peace Officers Assoc. Sheriff's Support Group of Altadena Bakersfield Police Association Kern Law Enforcement Bakersfield Firefighters local 1301
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #844131
Mar 06 2012
01:21 PM
Charley Birkes, dba REO Growth Fund Orca Tub o' Guts Ponzi the Ponz Ponzi Schemer Chrley Birkes and the REO Growth Fund Redondo Beach, California
REO Growth Fund, run by investments con man Charley Birkes, is a classic and sophisticated Ponzi Scheme featuring all the elements of this genre of fraud, such as being under capitalized, employing a boiler room of telemarketers cold calling with tales of unheard-of returns, and payment of older investors with new investor's money. Birkes is under investigation by a veritable Alphabet soup of law enforcement and regulatory agencies, such as the SEC, HUD, FTC, FBI, as well as local authorities.
Entity: Redondo Beach, California
7, Report #1161065
Jul 27 2014
04:28 PM
Police Protective Fund Unlawful firing under people with disabilities act Port Richey Florida
I worked for this company in Port Richey, Fl for 3 days. The only thing I can say is they make it sound like they are raising money for the families of the fallen officers in that state. Someone may want to verify that, I don't know if that is true since the checks, billings are made out to Police Protective Fund and it doesn't designate a state. They also tell people that they aren't like other organizations that hire telemarketers or fund raising organizations, with us all funds go directly to the Police Protective Fund. That is true,but they don't say that the money is then used to pay for call centers to be set up in different states, rents, utilities, telemaketers that are paid an hourly wage and commissions off the money they raise, managers salary, commissions and bonuses and then of course all the expenses the corporate office has. So although the statement is true in a grey area, it is unprofessional and very misleading. Especially to these poor old elderly people that are barely getting by and then say even $20 or $15 would help, it's for the families of the fallen officers. The sales manager says don't listen to their sob story, just get the money. Also, if they did UA's on the telemarketers, 2/3 of them wouldn't pass it, our manager even made a joke about it with one of his tops guys how he looked tired after lunch and laughed about it. I don't think it should be allowed especially since they are collecting peoples CC#s, etc.
Entity: Port Richey, Florida
8, Report #745460
Jun 25 2011
09:25 PM
Santa Rosa Police Department, Santa Rosa Fire Department SRPD, SRFD NEW CITY BUDGET HANDS OVER 60% OF THE GENERAL FUND INCOME TO THE POLICE AND FIRE DEPARTMENT Santa Rosa, California
2011 Budget approved by city council. $70. 3 dollars out of a total budget of 315 million now going to finance the Santa Rosa Police and Fire Department. This is a war on the community and the neighborhoods. 4 to 5 dollars out of every 10 going to police and fire to wage their incessant 24/7 siren and police helicopter war on the peace and serenity of this city. 60% of the general funds is now controlled by these two interests alone. At what point will people get involved to stop this, if not now. They have now entered into the schools, have placed surveillance cameras on numerous traffic lights, and goad people blatantly with signs around mendocino avenue saying you want to meet cops? drive fast. They REGULARLY shoot people in the back and kill people for little to any offense. The cummulative budget for police and fire should be no more than 1-5% in a free, democratic society, especially for an organization that has continuously made mistakes and abuses.
Entity: Santa Rosa, California
9, Report #323581
Apr 04 2008
09:31 AM
Monetary Assistance bogas company Bloomfield New Jersey
this company is a bogas comapnay they say that you are approved for a grant and that you have to send in 1% of the total of the grant so I was told I got a grant for 400,00.00 and I had to send in $1500.00 to cover the cost of the attoney's fees and I will recieve the certified check in 10 days with all the paper work to sign then send it back and they send the check ... well I got scamed the man cashed my money orders and the postal servce did nothing to stop this man after I called the MO company and told then this was fraud, I also turned them into the attoney general and have pasted this person and company on every web site I can find .. I want to file papers with the magatrate aginst the MO company because they were at fault and I want someone to pay for this scam, as consumers we need to do something about these low life who scam .... Donna Dunmore, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomfield, New Jersey
10, Report #532902
Dec 03 2009
02:10 PM
Lower Merion Police Department gave me a poor opinion of Ardmore, Pennsylvania
I too felt I was mistreated an unnecessarily humiliated. I had recently moved into the township and my license still had my old address. There is a fine line between professionalism and harassment and I think that my encounter provided entertainment to the officers at the cost of personal respect. I have two professional degrees, serve on the boards of two non profit institutions, have been active in my church for decades, in my late 50's and have a family all of whom either have a graduate degree or are still in school. I was treated like an enemy of the state and made fun of after I called the police for assistance. I do not doubt the good motives of the LM police, and thank them for putting their life on the line. I think their judgment is wanting; probably exacerbated by poor supervision.
Entity: Ardmore, Pennsylvania
11, Report #665436
Nov 26 2011
09:06 PM
Thurston County Assistance Fund I belive an audit of the funds needs to be conducted. They are very bad about relesasing the names of board members who can verify that they are even veterans. If you are having problems please follow audit, look into, veterans, olympia,wa, assistance program Olympia, Washington
They are not forth coming with information. I think an audit should take palce by contacting the WA State Auditors office or SAO concerning the veterans assistance fund.  they also don't list the names or minutes of their meetings. makes me think of a closed group. Why are the names not published on the website of advisory members/  I think if you know more about the practices of the Director Linda or the thurston county veterans assistance fund you come forward and voice your concerns. an audit does need to be completed to ensure that tax payer dollars are being spent wisely in this rough economic times.  
Entity: Olympia, Washington
12, Report #745186
Jun 24 2011
09:35 PM
Forget AARP and their supposed roadside assistance.. called the 800 number.  no answer.  11:00 at night I am stranded on the expressway!  Now they won't pay the $80.00 tow because no authorization number.  How do you get an authorization number when the operators are sleeping????????Called 911.  They connected me to the State Police who gave me the number to the 24-7 tow service near my area,who is probably who AARP would have recommended had they answered their phone.  What a joke!  Don't buy this service.. I am a senior on a fixed income and was totally scared by myself at night on the expressway.  Thought AARP would be good for me.  Found out different.  Avoid AARP.
Entity: CAROL STREAM, Illinois
13, Report #1057264
Jun 07 2013
12:19 PM
Hydra Fund Hydra Fund Scam  Internet
On April 11, 2013, I was contacted by a representative of Hydra-fund about an inquiry I had made about a payday loan. I had difficulties with these types of loans in the past, so I declined their offer 3 times. Later that afternoon, I checked my bank account and found a mysterious deposit that had been placed in my account. Since it was close to payday, and we had just settled a new contract I thought my employer had placed some money in my account so I used it for some bills that I needed to pay. Three days later, I received an e-mail from Hydra-Fund with stating that I e-signed for a loan I never asked for. Now they are harassing me, and I had to close my bank account so they would not continue to overdraw my account. I did not ask for the $300 they placed in my account, they put it their without my consent or knowledge even after I told them no. They are also threatening me and harassing me while I am at work. I am looking for a lawyer to stop this from continuing, can you please help me?
Entity: Internet
14, Report #5464
Jun 19 2001
12:00 AM
Emutual fund is a virtual stock program on the internet. I joined with a $1000 last June/July. To this day, I am unable to access the website to find out the status of my money. Please help me.
Entity: unsure, Nationwide
15, Report #382484
Oct 18 2008
09:44 AM
Janus Fund >>> Denver Colorado
Years ago, Janus Fund was one of the best investment funds around. Until they got greedy and drained the assets through insider trading. I stayed in hopes the fund would be resurrected to where I could recoup at least a major part of my losses. This never happened, and when it became necessary to move these funds to a safe(r) haven in view of the recent market debacle, Janus refused to wire these assets, and delayed their transfer by a full week, causing me a substantial monetary loss. By comparison, a similar transaction with Vanguard was accomplished with full cooperation on the day of the request. And this was for a substantially greater amount. Now I'm not here to advocate for Vanguard, and in fact they have lost some of the great talent that they once had. They do, however, remain one of the best managed offerings in the market place. IMHO It isn't what they tell you about a fund that counts, it's what they do to you when you need to make changes. Dismiss the hype; there are many other choices out there, and if you are thinking of buying in at low prices, save yourself some grief and cross this one off the list. Cheated in michigan Vicksburg, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
16, Report #1062888
Jun 28 2013
01:21 PM
hydra fund scam Internet
These people told me that I could use my moms account to apply for a loan. Then they told me I was denied but then a month later money was being taking outmof my moms account thats when we found out that they had put 200 in her account then the same day took 75.00 out. Now they are contining to take out money and Im trying to figure out how to helpher.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #633252
Mar 08 2012
08:35 AM
VSM Investments Inc. Virata Gamany Sold fund for $10,000 and then closed the fund and has not provided the refund after many months Internet, Ontario
In Aug 2009, Virata and Henry sold me  $10,000 in  a Distressed property fund through VSM investments vsminvest.ca which was supposedly secured against real estate in Alberta. The terms were a 6% payout paid monthly with yearly appreciaition and dividend. In March 2010 Virata told us the fund was closing down and they would offer a credcit within 3 months by June 30th 2010. After missing that deadline he told me that the funds would be provided by August 2nd 2010. After missing that deadline he now says it will be September 30th 2010. However, it's scary to see that the website is not online right now and he is missing. If anyone has any details on the whereabouts of this person or any management at VSM investments please contact us as we would like to file a criminal and civil case of fraud against these individuals and the firm. I know of other inidividuals that are in a similar predicament and we would like to ensure that they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
Entity: Internet, Ontario
18, Report #618005
Jun 27 2010
08:52 AM
Non Profit Services Inc Paid solicitor for Puppy Patrol, Woman to Woman Breast Cancer,Vietnam Vets, and a Fire Fighter charity Paid Caller, Paid Solicitor, K-9 Police Officer's Puppy Patrol Program, 100% Tax Deductable, Fund Raiser, Professional Solicitors For Non Profit Organization Nashville, Tennessee
I am a former employee of Non Profit Services Inc. in Nashville, Tn. Non Profit Services Inc. specializes in the solicitation of funds for certain charities and non-profit organizations. NPS's top charity, K-9 Police Officer's Puppy Patrol Program is its main focus and its top charity by far. NPS uses misinformation, misdirection, and sales pressure to accomplish its sales goals which are a lofty $70.00 per hour per person. It is not too uncommon for NPS to raise $30,000+ on a Saturday. Here is an example of a sales pitch for the k-9 program/sale: Hello Ms. Smith, this James calling for the k-9 Police Officer's Puppy Patrol Program...how are you today?...Great!...I'll be really brief...I'm sure you've heard of the puppy patrol program where the police officers take their k-9 partners into the schools and educate the children on the dangers of illegal drugs and in-school violence, and so far over a million children have participated in this amazing program which is sponsored by Dogs Against Drugs and Crime Officers (DADDAC)...The way this works...you'll receive a 100% tax deductible invoice, a Puppy Patrol decal, and a thank you letter from the officers so that way you do know that it's from us Non Profit Services the only paid caller/solicitor for the program.           The way the scam works is that the disclaimer, paid caller/solicitor for the program is often disguised or muttered. The Telemarketer also fails to mention that NPS receives 85% of all donations or that the non profit can be donated to directly through its own website, www.daddac.com. The Telemarketer is also required to give at least 2 (two) rebuttals upon a turn-down, and these rebuttals are designed to scare or demoralize the potential donor. As a former employee, I have used these tactics as well, and I would like to sincerely apologize to the hundreds of people whom I have scammed. I rarely used the rebuttals myself, and I guess that's part of the reason why I was fired.         Many of the Telemarketers at NPS often cross the line even further by using terms like our officers, we go into the schools, other combinations of we, and other lies, misdirection, localization, and misinformation. The reason for this is because the owner puts pressure on the employees to achieve his sales goals, and more importantly his credit/debit card donation numbers. I was terminated because my in-pay or returns dropped below an acceptable percentage (30% by week 5) or at least that is what I was told. I didn't receive a separation notice or pink slip however. I don't plan on entering into arbitration, and I have been looking for another job one month prior to my termination. You might say that I am disgruntled, but disgruntled or not, the truth needs to be told. Some the states often called are: Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Louisiana, Indiana, Iowa, Idaho (rarely), Kentucky, Montana (rarely), North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia.   
Entity: Nashville, Tennessee
19, Report #972895
Nov 23 2012
03:37 PM
Hydra Fund Hydra Fund, 1 Hydra Fund 11, Hydra Fund 111 Unscrupulous, Predators Who Steal Money Encino, California
            This company has fraudulently  bilked hundreds of thousands of dollars from consumers. In my case they somehow deposited $200.00 in my checking account and then proceeded to take $60. every 2 weeks from it. I signed nothing. Have never spoken with anyone from this company. I have made numerous attempts to contact them but to no avail. No one has ever contacted me in return of messages left to them. My bank has helped me in this matter and has put them on notice that no further withdrawals can be made. End result is I am out $300.00. I have researched them and found an unbelievable amount of fraud they have committed against consumers. I am making a plea to the public. Is there any attorney out there  that would be willing to take on a class action suit against this company. I believe you will find a tremendous amount of people who have been fraudulently taken by this company. It is amazing that such a company can go under the radar and continue to bilk the public.
Entity: Encino, California
20, Report #1204117
Jan 24 2015
06:51 PM
i med fund imedfund.com, imedfund, MFM, Med Fund Market I Med Fund is a fraud aks MFM, or Med Fund Market valencia, Los Angeles area Internet
The same person that calls himself Rob Levinson, is actually Ross Barr, or Raz Barr. He owns imedfund.com He owns MFM, their website: www.mfm.com.co Also owns www.medfundmarket.com these three sites are the same, to con you out of money. Be on a watchout with this guy. He is a one man operation that scamming people for years. You can read more about him here: https://www.google.com/#q=ross+barr+ripoff   You can also read about him here:  https://www.google.com/#q=med+fund+market+ripoff and here: https://www.google.com/#q=MFM+ripoff   Now good luck if you want to do any business with this con, 
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1063727
Jul 01 2013
10:54 PM
HYDRA FUND III scam Internet
i used this company . i started notice $150.00 started been with drawn from my bank account every two week when i get my pay check . please dont get taken by the company but we learn from our mistakes. an contact ur bank ASP.
Entity: Internet, Internet
22, Report #1072514
Aug 02 2013
12:17 PM
Go Fund Me Fake Website Berkeley California
After I made a ad saying that I'll work for your donation they deleted my account. I was getting harass on craigslist and I know the person making up false rumors about also contacted gofundme. So go fund me deleted my account. So I guess it's ok to have scammers on gofundme but, it's not ok to have people like me asking or exchanging my service for donations. It's basically work.Gofundme is a big a** scam f*** them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Berkeley, California
23, Report #195270
Jun 07 2006
02:25 PM
I also received a letter from De Monaco Heritage Fund informing me that I was nominated to receive a grant. I know I did not apply for a grant with anyone, knew it was suspicious. The letter ask for $25.00 to receive the grant benfits. Addison DeWit,was named as the Director of Grants in the letter. Jaacqueline De Monaco was named Founder in the year 2000. They also gave me a registered number for my Grant comfirmation which is 179-721. Martha louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: LAS VEGAS, Nevada
24, Report #1370184
Apr 28 2017
10:50 AM
800 Fund 800fund.com 800 Fund aka 800fund.com aka Joe Jurasic Fraud Beware Stay Far Away Manhattan Nationwide
 Was Hired by Joe Jurasic sales manager of 800fund.com aka 800 Fund. After working one week , I quit. When payday came Jurasic made excuses why I could not be paid till Saturday. Later found out was all lies since payday is every 2 weeks but on Wednesday When I was there so many red flags from drinking in the board to to sniffing cocaine In the elevators. There are a total of like 8 reps selling cash and other things. Most of them were all under 3 weeks new and one day there was a huge argument because they were promised 500 week draws and told they were only getting 250 each. Either way it's a big scam and rip off. Even found out later Joe Jurasic the sales manager was only hired 3 weeks earlier too. When I told him I.was going public with this he texted me death threats. I did submit those text messages to law enforcement. Normally I might have just.walked away but between the lies of money owed to me, threats via text Messages. I think it's important I do share this on every website so others can avoid what I have to cope with now. He even went as far to make up lies and rumors about me and why I wasn't paid. Again I have proof. Beware 800 Fund and Joe Jurasic. You will be so glad you took this seriously. PS the short time of one week I was there he also as a manager asked every new woman hire of they had boyfriends and took some out for drinks. Isn't that also a lawsuit waiting to happen. Says alot about 800fund.com hiring sales managers like Joe Jurasic to represent them. Stay Far Away from Both.
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #1003153
Feb 05 2013
07:27 AM
Capital Window Fund-SCAM/ Thomas Carter Fraud-Crook-Money Laundering- Drug Smuggling Vista, California
The suspicions of a sharp-eyed San Diego police officer has helped uncover what has turned out to be a multimillion-pound national scam involving investment in rare earth metals.Vista and Sand Diego Police have now issued a warning about Capital Window and Thomas Carter in an effort to safeguard elderly investors from further loss. Capital Window Fund is also being watched closely by south county law enforcement.Detectives from the Vista -based Financial Investigation Unit were alerted to the fraud after a police detective made a routine visit to a man in his 80s regarding a completely separate matter of social security fraud that Thomas Carter had been performing.
Entity: Vista, California

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