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1, Report #155953
Sep 04 2005
10:02 AM
Carlton Pools ripoff Warminster Pennsylvania
Buying a pool from Carlton Pools was one of the worst buying mistakes we ever made. Our pool was built June 1998.This company could not do one aspect of installation without major headaches. They claim that they do not use sub-contrators- yet that is all that they use. They improperly installed Mosaic fish on the bottom of the pool by failing to uses plaster around the mosaic fish in a timely matter causing the seals to break allowing moisture to cause a mold arroung the perimeter of the mosaic. We called the manufacturer of the fish who gave us detailed proper installation- Improper installation of the brick lateral used on the deck (My wife and I are re-doing all of the lateral ourselves). After they made a complete mess of my yard- they sent out a landscaper? He took almost a whole day!! wow - he dumped dirt and threw on seeds. The next few days we had heavy rain and washed down all of the dirt into the street- I was shoveling mud and had to do the job myself.When they removed my fence to have ther machines in my yard- they did not replace fence. I had to replace fence myself. Their was supposed to be 36 concrete around the pool -At a certain spot the had 8-9 less. They (the cement contractor did come back rip up and replace. They stall when responding. In fact we had an appointment to see. Mr. Solana-pres. When we went to the Warminster headquarters- he then refused to see us. Carlton called the police and me and my wife had to be escorted out of the building! We have taken them to small claims court. They know what to do. They do not show up- but you have to go to another court etc. They are masters on how to beat the court system. That is because they have been sued many times. We even contacted the Attorney Generals office. They could not do anything unless we could get together a lot more dis-satified customers. From the looks of the other negative reports on Carlton- that should not be hard to do. Its amazing that they are allowed to stay in business! Never again Nicholas norristown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Warminster, Pennsylvania
2, Report #1313552
Jun 25 2016
09:29 PM
Ambassador Pools Buyer Beware Massachusetts
 Beware this company does not use licensed Salespeople! Maryland law states that all in home Salespersons pass a test and become licensed with The MHIC
Entity: Massachusetts
3, Report #554662
Jan 14 2010
05:14 PM
Pools Inc Pools Inc Fraud/ ripped off Wrentham , Massachusetts
I ordered a pump and motor on Nov. 18, 2009. After two weeks I contacted there customer support ( Shawn/ Greg ) asking where it is. I was informed it had already been shipped. I asked if they could send me a tracking number. This wasn't done. Waited another week and asked the same, and got the same lie and jerk around. Waited another week and I was informed it was just shipped. Nothing but one lie after another. A week or so later I received a burnt up used motor. I contacted them ( Shawn ) again and informed these clowns what I received and I was assured they would get another one out ASAP and I should receive it Fedx overnight. Well that never happened, so I gave them a week or so and contacted them again, this time I just said to refund my money and he ( Shawn ) agreed, which only told me they or he never shipped the replacement motor/pump anyway, another lie.Now this started in Nov. of last year and we are coming up on Feb. 2010. I have already ordered another motor/pump from another company and received it and installed it. I called them again and this time a Greg guy answered the phone and I told him what has been going on and he got this Shawn clown...they both sounded like the same person...again I was told the money would be in back in my account. That never has happened. Lucky for me my wife is a Regional Operation VP for our bank and they take care of there own. I had recorded all conversion after the first call and turned it over to their Legal Fraud Dept. I found out you can turn this over to their Fraud Dept because they informed me they never sent the right product and they listen to two different recordings stating they would return the money. Before I signed in to this site I surfed the internet and found out that they have done the same to many other customers. Just check and type in the company name and type fraud or rip off and you will find out what I found out. What I like about there Fraud Dept is they are Federal Back so that means the FBI will step in and go after them which makes me feel even better. I also contacted Paypal, Amazon and Ebay to report to them the fraud and injustice they have done to other customers and also gave them names and sites to verify what I was asking and proving. My suggestion is if you plan on buying from them you WILL be ripped off and the amount of lies is unreal. I WOULD STAY CLEAR OF THE CONS. By the way I failed to say this so called Shawn told me to put the used motor in the box and he would have it picked up also...more lies...it still on my front porch, 6 weeks later about ready to fall out of the box due to all the rain and snow we have had.
Entity: Wrentham, Massachusetts
4, Report #133620
Mar 03 2005
02:14 PM
Challenger Pools dishonest work, innapropriate managing, Tampa Florida
We contracted with Challenger Pools on February 27, 2004 to build a pool with spa. The pool is not the size promised, the spa is in the wrong place. This six week promised project took 8 months. They DO NOT return phone calls, answer emails or respond to faxes. Very unethical company! Also, their workers tore up my sod in places they should not have, they killed some trees by spraying left over plaster on them, then dumped trash across the street on my neighbor's property! There have been SEVERAL complaints about them. Read up on them before you use them!! Kim Brooksville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
5, Report #126520
Jan 08 2005
08:25 PM
Global Sun Pools ripoff Atlanta Georgia
The salesperson told me that this would be a chemical-free swimming pool guaranteed for life. The contract I signed when the salesperson was at my house was different from the one my wife signed at installation. The installers dug far enough into my ground so they could be compensated for digging further than 42(The first 42 were free), but unfortunately for me they dug into my septic system latteral lines. My wife was told that we were responsible for fixing those. ($500) Now, my pool leaks, is unlevel, and has several ulcers on the floor. I have refused to pay until my problems are fixed, but I have been served court papers that Global Sun will garnish my wages. Jason Bee Spring, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
6, Report #754996
Jul 18 2011
10:31 PM
Presidential Pools Failure to Honor Warranty Internet
DO NOT BUY A PRESIDENTIAL POOL! My pool was completed late September in 2006, and my electrical system failed late june of the year. I called them and they initially told me my warranty was only good for 2 years. After researching my information given at the time of purchase, I realized that my underground electrical system warranty was good for five years. I advised them of this, and after much run around, they agreed to have their contracted electrician come out and replace the wire. The pool electrical system worked for eight hours, and once again failed. I advised PresidentialPools of this situation, and they told me they would give me a bid. When the electrician called me, I realized that thebid was for me to pay for the repairs. I advised them that part of the repair was under warranty, and he told methat this happens alot, and that I or a landscaper probably dented the rigid underground conduit while working on the yard. I advised him, that nobody has ever dug in any of the areas that the rigid pipe was in. I also advised himthat all backyard structures where in place prior to Presidential placing my pool. After talking to a few people thatservice pools, I was advised that it is rare for an electrical system to fail at five years. I was told that thedecking that Presidential put in when the pool was built, probably settled and caused the issue. When I began to digto see if I could find a dent, I found lots of construction debris from the construction of the pool, buried close topipes. Therefore, because Presidential does not honor their warranties, and obviously does sub-standard work, I amrecommending to all my friends, aquantances, and anyone else I can reach, not to purchase a pool from their companyto avoid the problems and expenses I am currently experiencing
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #926473
Aug 13 2012
10:18 AM
Polygroup pools pump defective would not honor warranty, Internet
Pool pump died after lees than 60 days on a limited warranty.  Manufacturer refused to repair or replace per the limited warranty.  Seems like they will find any excuse NOT to honor the warranty in any way.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #916789
Jul 24 2012
02:21 PM
Intex pools corp. Defective New Pool Internet
I purchased an Intex pool brand new from an e-bay store on October 2011. I live in WI, so I went to set it up in June 2012, there was a leak in the pool. I have tried to contact Intex, by phone and e-mail, and they tell me they have a 90 return policy. We took it out of the box, everything was wrapped just like the factory would send it. In WI we can not set up a pool in January or February(within their 90 days). I have a receipt, and took pictures of the box to show them that it was brand new and the package wasn't harmed in any way, but they don't want to see it, because it is after 90 days. The box says: do not return to the store. Notify Intel Products. I can't imagine that they would not stand behind their product. I would like a new liner,I think that the leak is in the seam, but it is hard to tell. Beware buying thesee products!
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #878747
May 05 2012
02:18 PM
Paddock Pools Horrendous Support of Warrant Mesa, Arizona
We purchases a spa from Paddock for nearly $20,000.  The salespeople and the set up people were actually very good.  However, their warranty support is HORRIBLE.  Within less than 1 year, a part of theirs broke which flooded the area the spa sat in.  Though they fixed the $1.29 part, the entire system suffered water damage.  They told us Sundance had denied the claim for the remaining water damaged parts.  After calling to get proof Sundance denied the claim, it took nearly a week for the warranty person, Amber Henndon, to return our call.  When she told us again it was denied, I asked for a statement from Sundance saying the denied the claim so my home warranty company could cover it.  She sent us an email she had signed.  I then asked our home warranty to cover the claim.  They contancted Sundance who said the claim had never been denied or even filed, but that if Paddock actually filed the claim, they would cover it since it was their part that had broken.  I left another several messages for both Amber and her manager.  5 days later, my call was returned by Amber who said she had never filed the claim because she knew they wouldn't cover it.  I then told her I needed her to actually take the 5 minutes of her time to file the claim letting them know the damage had been caused by their broken part.  Nearly a week later, I received a letter, this time from Sundance, saying they denied the claim.  When I asked for a copy of what she had field, it took another 48 hours and I got a handwritten statement that said nothing about their broken part causing the damage. So now we are stuck.  Our home warranty company will cover the claim if Sundance will relinquish the warranty, Sundance cannot relinquish the warranty because Paddock has still not filed a legitimate claim. I know it is too late for us but WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT BUY A SPA FROM PADDOCK!!!!!!!
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
10, Report #281778
Oct 29 2007
10:18 PM
Shasta Pools lied, lack of integrity Phoenix Arizona
This company is a nightmare to deal with. Even with a signed contract clearly spelling out what is to be built Shasta believes they are above contracts and honesty. Gary Dudley, Butch and Jerry Coke have all tried to dodge the responsibility of who is responsible for the errors done to our new pool. With defective 2 week old wok pots eroding, chunks of cement being blown out of our in floor cleaning system, 2 split and cut filters and not following the contract were just some of the problems we have had with them. Shasta missed timely deadlines due to their lack of preparation and following up on documentation. This is typical of the excuses we received throughout our new pool process. They have been slow to come up with solutions, the best solution they can come up with is to cut the plaster and add their omission or a lovely $100 gift certificate to a Shasta store! Ripping up our plaster and doing it correctly is out of the question as according to gary dudley it just does not make good business sense since it will cost over $10k to do that now Beware - following their contract could not make good business sense since it might cost them too much money to fix their errors. Lawsuitwaiting phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
11, Report #347261
Jul 03 2008
02:28 PM
Intex Pools Warranty Fraud Long Beach California
I bought an 18 ft. metal frame pool in April 2007. By August 2007, the filter pump ground itself to dust because the impeller inside the filter pump was cheap plastic. The company then replaced the pump without me even having to return the old one. We ran the new pump for two months last year. Then we installed the pool around memorial day 2008. Before the end of June 2008, again, the filter pump ground itself up and stopped working. I called the Customer Service line and was told that because we are now past one year, they would not honor the warranty on the pump. I explained that we have had the replacement pump for less than a year and was told by the manager that the warranty only applies to he purchase date and not the date the defective part was replaced. This is obviously a manufacturer defect to make a pool filter pump impeller out of cheap plastic. However, it is not my fault that we have been bilked by this company and their shady practices. I asked to speak to a Vice President or President and was not allowed. A replacement pump costs between $500-$1000 for a decent pump. If I had that kind of money, I never would have bought this low rent pool. Fact is, I had no problems with the pool. The filter, while somewhat inadequate, was acceptable. All I asked was for them to honor the warranty and replace the defective pump and was told that they could not do that because people would be replacing them every year under warranty. He basically accused me and everyone else of being criminals instead of recognizing that the filter pump is a piece of garbage. I am now going to contact the Attorney General of California and the BBB. Cory Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
12, Report #1058577
Jun 12 2013
10:55 AM
diversified pools empty promises mesa Arizona
 Basically this company promises you they will come out on a particular day and time and NEVER show up. They are hard to reach, and when you call and complain they once again give you a day and time and never show up!! This has happened to me several times, not just one or two times. Never, ever use them. They are true Ripoffs! I'm a business man and deal with the public and would go out of business if I treated my customers the way I was treated by Diversified pools.  
Entity: mesa, Arizona
13, Report #1007287
Feb 01 2013
10:45 AM
Playmore Pools REPlaster Pool Dallas, Texas
playmore pool was contract to replaster pool on jun 9 th. 2010. they did not follow up on 7 vistit to brush,adjust pH,final vacuum and filter clean. the pool surface had become very rough, called Barry out to vist site and never got a good respose only texting response. they refused to correct the problem. put total blame on the water in the cedarhill area. you would think that a pro pool installer would have known better. if the water in the town of cedar hill,tx.  is no good to drink and to swim in, then he should have never charged me $6,230.00 to replaster my pool. this guy is a pro at ripping off people. tried to take him to court and serve him papers, he answer the door with a loaded rifle and refused to say that it was him. save your money avoid the head ach. be careful because i got his number from the bbb. i never got a dime back and never got my pool repaired. take my word and move on to a real pool company.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
14, Report #997626
Jan 15 2013
10:20 PM
Secard Pools No support inferior products orange, California
I purchased a Dream Maker spa from Secard pools (new not used). From the begining it has not operated correctly, has broken down completely 3 times in 4 months. At this point it does not work at all. Secard Pools has come out 3 times to fix it. This last time they tell me the parts are obsolete they will have to see if they can find them - it is only 4 months old and has never worked. I told them it was obviously a lemon and wanted a new one- they refused, they will come to fix it for the 4th time in 4 months. Do not buy from Secard Pools and do not buy a Dream Maker Spa- it only produces nightmares.
Entity: orange, California
15, Report #1236610
Jun 19 2015
12:08 PM
ENDLESS POOLS misrepresents their product FASTLANE in their website. This is a swim jet allowing you to swim in one place.   I have a saltwater based pool.  Their FAQ clearly stated that the Fastlane would work in salt water based pools.   Can the Fastlane be used with a salt system? Yes, if the pool and Fastlane Swim Unit are both properly bonded and you maintain proper water chemistry. http://www.endlesspools.com/fastlane-faq.php However, not until after I purchased the unit did I find out that the Unit will only lasts 2 years before requiring major maintenance of motor and hose replacement. (see below.)  Total Cost: ~ $1000.00. I would not have purchased this unit with such a high maintenance cost factor, but was deceived by a rep who stated they had upgraded the unit and it would last 5 years.  Another Rep than stated I could not return the unit (see below.) Even if I did, there was a restocking fee and S/H would cost me $1000.00. I find they have very deceptive sales practice as they were not forthcoming in their FAQ or was their Reps information accurate.    Keith Stebbings Customer Service Supervisor email 6/9/15:  The underwater motor and hoses should last longer than two years in a salt-chlorinated pool, but we have always recommended that customers change underwater hydraulic components BEFORE we anticipate there being an issue.  So the recommended interval still stands at motor every 4-5 years in a chlorinated pool; motor and hoses every 2-years in a salt-chlorinated pool.  Is there any chance you would consider not using a salt-based chlorine system in your pool? ***** Brendan Connell Rep re: returns 5/27/15:   There is no protocol for you canceling your order through us.  Your contract is with Acquabella, not us.  If you were to cancel anything, it would need to be with Acquabella.  As far as we are concerned, though, Acquabella has purchased a Fastlane at this point.  They cannot cancel the order.      
Entity: ASTON , Pennsylvania
16, Report #391598
Nov 15 2008
01:37 PM
Great Saunas Beware Great Saunas - After 9 months my Sauna STILL doesn't work Waterloo Ontario
We wanted a home sauna for relaxation and health. Instead, after ordering from Great Saunas, after 9 MONTHS all we have is empty pockets and a sauna that STILL DOESN'T WORK! We ordered the Elite Sauna Kit from Great Saunas back in early December of 2007. We then paid extra for two custom doors; upgraded to the Saunacore Special Edition Sauna Heater; and upgraded to a Saunacore Mercuri Digital Electronic Control Panel. Great Saunas was very helpful - all the way up to the time when they got our money. First, the sauna didn't ship on time. After weeks of waiting (and having to pay our contractor to stay on the job), we started to call every day. That's when the excuses and problems started. They told us that our sauna had already shipped, but after another few weeks went by we were eventually told that the sauna actually hadn't shipped because the doors had not been built. They lied. And we had to call almost every day before it even shipped. DELAY: over 1 month. FRUSTRATION LEVEL: High. We should have canceled our order after all that, but we really wanted a sauna. When it finally arrived - now almost 2 months after we had ordered the sauna - parts were missing, and the extra wood we ordered (and were charged for) was nowhere to be seen. The doors were poorly made: uneven, with splintering wood and they didn't even fit the frame. We decided to have our contractor fix them rather than hassling the company. We were still hopeful and excited about relaxing in our sauna. Then the major problems started. The sauna heater they gave us made such a loud, high-pitched screeching noise that we couldn't be in the room while the sauna heater was on, making it impossible to take a sauna. Our electricians had never heard of this happening, and so we called the sauna maker, Saunacore, for help. They were hostile and rude, and eventually told us we needed to buy another contactor for $225. When it finally arrived and we installed it, the sauna STILL made the horrible screeching noise. Not surprisingly, Saunacore would not allow me to return the screeching contactor because of their strict no-return policy. TIME ELAPSED: 4 months. FRUSTRATION LEVEL: Inching up higher. The electricians came almost 25 times! to try to get the sauna to work, running new wires and moving the contactor completely out of the sauna room in an effort to get a usable sauna. By now, the sauna heater had burned the wall behind it, melted vents shut, and melted a heat sensor. IT STILL DIDN'T WORK. The Saunacore heater would get up to temperature and then the Saunacore Mercuri Digital Controller would go blank or display some random error. TIME ELAPSED: 9 months. FRUSTRATION LEVEL: Off the charts. We tried calling Great Saunas and Saunacore. Great Saunas said they were not responsible because they didn't make the sauna controller. After 3 weeks of runaround, Saunacore said the problem was not covered by the warrantee, and they'd have to charge us to fix the controller. We paid. And several weeks later when we got it back and hooked it up, it didn't work. We called Great Saunas again for help. They said it must be wired incorrectly and to hire a new electrician. We did. He said it was wired 100% correctly. Called Great Saunas again and asked to buy a new Saunacore Mercuri Digital Electronic Control Panel, hoping this would solve our problems. Suddenly the price of a Control Panel jumped from $225 to $498. We tried calling Great Saunas every day to find out how the price jumped; they ignored us. Finally, after 5 weeks and pleading with the owner's wife, the owner, Jack, got on the phone and proceeded to yell at us and said he never quoted $225. After a lot of yelling, he finally agreed to sell and ship it to us at a cost of $285. You know how it goes. We got the Control Panel, and it didn't work. The second electrician came back, and after examining the control panel found that the contact points weren't even aligned under the buttons. It was defective. At this point we had spent almost $4,000 in parts and electricians, and the sauna still didn't work. We called a local sauna company who took pity on us and agreed to send their electrician out. The good news: he verified that the sauna was wired correctly - the 3rd electrician to do so. The bad news: Our Saunacore Special Edition Sauna Heater was a cheap knock-off, probably from China. We had come dangerously close to burning our house down because of the heater. And the Control Panel wasn't UL rated. He suggested we call a lawyer. TIME ELAPSED: Almost 1 year. FRUSTRATION LEVEL: Off the charts. We were out of money and crying. We still don't have a working sauna. We're waiting for our local sauna company to deliver a new heater. And we're out almost $7,000 and a lot of stress because of all this. DO NOT BUY anything from GREAT SAUNAS or SAUNACORE! Adam Portsmouth, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Waterloo, Ontario
17, Report #1390386
Aug 04 2017
09:57 AM
Thatbasket Internet
 I ordered a swimming pool over a month ago and never received it. I emailed them many times with no response. I even told them I was contacting the attorney general office. I ask them to refund my money. Nothing from them.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #621722
Jul 09 2010
09:00 AM
Forchetti Pools a1 pools, A1 pools, forchetti, forchetti and company HORRIBLE SERVICE Internet
forchetti pools is a complete scam!!! these guys have stolen thousands of dollars from me and my family. they come across as friendly and trustworthy as first, but know how to scheme the weak and elderly. its a shame, this company has absolutely no morals nor ethics. Since they posses no skill, they pretend to start the job, pretend to order parts, and take off with your money. when I contacted my lawyer regarding their illicit business practices, I was informed that he has other clients dealing with these same slanderous scum-bags. save yourself the money, stress and time and find another reliable company to do your pool and spa work.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #59286
Jun 02 2003
10:58 AM
Mission Pools Warranty Lack responsiveness to repair defects. Buyer beware! (Mission Impossi-pools) Temecula California
After 12 years tile has begun to fall of our Mission Pool at the Spa spillway due to fracturing in the wall. This is a structural construction problem that should be covered by Missions Lifetime Structural Warranty, - the primary reason we chose Mission to build or pool. I have called them numerous times, but as in the past, I have to hound them and contact outside agencies to get them to respond and to fulfill their commitments. In 1992 Mission sold me a Solar heating system and within 3 months the company that installed it went bankrupt- we bought that system because of the 15 year warranty that company boasted, and have had to threaten Mission each time we have needed to get the Solar System repaired over the years. We had paid over $500.00 for a deep end ramp for the pool/spa construction and the section of decking in that area had to be replaced twice so far, (each time it is poorly matched and constructed) - it has been shifting yet again. We thought Mission would be the better pool company because they push their warranty and customer service at sales and closure of contracts. They dont tell you that you will have to work very hard and long to get them to respond, and then the quality of the work may still make you shake your head. The should change their name to Mission Impossi-pools! Bob Murrieta, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Temecula, California
20, Report #94208
Jun 09 2004
04:19 AM
Gem Pools, Mr Mahen Naicker Gem Pools is a dream that never comes true. ripoff Durban Other
Mr Mahen Naicker of Gem Pools, got in touch with me after a friend had given him my number. We were very keen to put a rock pool in our garden but his quote was too high so he came back to us with two counter quotes until we eventually agreed to accept. We agreed on three payments, the first when he began the job, the second when the steel was in and the third on completion of the rock pool that we had dreamed of. He dug the hole after we had paid him the first cheque, then he started to put in the steel work and requested the second payment. So he has two thirds of the full amount and we have a hole in the garden with some steel sticking out of it. We have never seen him again and he no longer answers his mobile phone which is the only number he gave us. Jane HillcrestSouth Africa
Entity: Durban, Other
21, Report #755079
Jul 19 2011
06:07 AM
pools etc inc pools etc inc company is rip off, damaged goods wrentham, Massachusetts
company sent damaged good in June, still waiting for new part to arrive.  MANY MANY phone calls made to company and their manager SHAWN who blames the distributor and PROMISES the part will be there wednesday when you call wednesday to say it hasnt arrived, he says it will be there friday.  PLEASE dont order anything from these people !!!!!!!
Entity: wrentham, Massachusetts
22, Report #907570
Jul 06 2012
09:20 AM
Swimming Pools etc ,swimmingpoolsetc.com/ purchased defected product Swimming Pools Etc Rancho Cordova, California
Hello My name is Viktor R! Jun 5th, 2012  I purchased Pool cleaner Dirt Devil 1000 for $168 it worked for 1 week and than stopped i called the company where i purchased they told me write us an email explaing what the proble is ! I wrote them an e-mail they said they never recieved it, thank i wrote them like 10 letter and they finaly said that they will get back to me in 1 week all this time they been trying to contuct manufacture ! Now it's exactlly 31 day after purchase and now they telling me no returns when the box was open???  what kind of scamm are they running ??? NO RETURNS selling difective product! and all i was asking  them to replace the product ! but now i just want to get my money back and i want peaole to aware about www.swimmingpoolsetc.com please help me to do get my money back!!!
Entity: Rancho Cordova, California
23, Report #1125190
Feb 20 2014
02:28 PM
Allison Pools LLC Kenesaw Swimming Pools Swimming Pool Installation Atlanta Georgia
I called the number on the website to get a quote on having a pool installed at my bosses home. After calling the number on the website, there was no answer. So I continued by search. About 15 minutes later a Jose Martinez contacted us from a alternate number. When he was put in voicemail b/c I was on the other line, he called right back and spoke to another lady in our office that sits by me. He was extremely rude and asked us what is this even regarding. We stated a pool, but b/c they didnt answer when we called the company, we had gone in another direction. She kindly and simply stated that the reason we went in a alternate direction is b/c our boss is picky and wanted to work with a professional business. He rudely replied We dont like working with picky people anyway and hung up on her. As a business professional I could not believe the way he spoke to a potential client. It also made me specualte that if they do not work with pciky clients who are investing over $100K to have them install a pool on thier property, they cant be good at what they do. I would highly NOT RECOMMEND working with this company. No one deserves to be spoken that way when seeking out someone to work at thier home or business. 
Entity: Kennesaw, Georgia
24, Report #1034710
Oct 18 2003
12:59 PM
Carlton Pools Carlton Pools And Spas ripoff Liars Bait and Switch Deceptive Theives Just Don't care Warminster Pennsylvania
If you're going to buy a Carlton pool THINK AGAIN!! Daniel Donavan sold us a pool Carlton could not build. Charlie Janson (so called blue print man) told us I can't go any further till you remove your above ground pool, then tried to strong arm us into more money for a different pool we didn't want. He said the pool you contracted for can't be built, it's not to code. Lied every step of the way to try to make us feel STUCK (Like we had to keep them.) They breached our contract and didn't want to cancel the deal. They NEVER WILL return a phone call. The so called contract is only official when it is in their favor. After Charlie Janson was done we felt like he was a salesman, pushing us towards this pool He wanted. His so called blue print looked like a 5 year old drew it. It had only a top view, but lots and lots and lots of phrases (like a contract ) of things (damage) that Carlton would not be responsible for. Including your house!! They like to call any of your property Appurtenances What is this kind of language doing on a blue print??!! (Or should I say NEW CONTRACT ) This is where the scam comes in. Bud the Sales manager is the biggest asshole in the bunch. He admitted Carlton had lied and said So What! we have a signed contract! He yelled and screamed at me treating me like a piece a shit.Bud would only cancel if he could put a lean against my house for 2 years. He Finally canceled the contract after a bitter argument (with me threatening to sue) keeping most of our deposit ( $500.00). If you want a Carlton Pool I think your better off swimming in a toilet Jack Hatboro, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Warminster, Pennsylvania
25, Report #141802
May 06 2005
02:45 PM
Desert Springs Pools ripoff, dishonest, non performance, non responsive Henderson Nevada
May 6, 2004 we signed a contract with Desert Springs Pools to build our pool. The contract states that we would be swimming by September 15, 2004. Our pool is still not complete, it is one year today. We have spoken several times to the owner, and he is non-responsive. We had our local news channel call them over a month ago, nothing. We have filed a complaint with the state contractors board and are due to meet them at our residence on May 23, 2005. Nothing we do gets our pool completed. In addition to not being completed, the things that were complete are falling apart already, and we weren't provided with pool equipment that was specified in our contract. Unfortunately we have paid this company all that was due them except for a final payment of $1000. We feel that we are due compensation, for their failure to perform, and out time and aggravation. Sheryl Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Henderson, Nevada

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