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1, Report #448925
May 05 2009
10:45 AM
Precision Door Service RIP OFF Livonia Michigan
When I called these guys out, a guy showed up on time. He looked at my garage door for maybe 1 minute. He then quoted me off the top of his head that it would cost $491.00 to repair. He said that I needed new springs and rollers. After swallowing my pride and holding back to not hit this guy. I tell him I can't afford such costs. He then charged me $65.00 to come to my door. I paid him via check just to get him out of here. After he left I called around to other companies and found someone to come out and replace my springs and rollers for $150.00. They came out right away and fixed it. It looks great. So, make sure you call around to other companies before calling these guys out. It'll save you money!!! Arghhhhhh Macomb County, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Livonia, Michigan
2, Report #770948
Aug 30 2011
11:36 AM
Precision Door Service Customer Beware of this Garage door repair service Clearwater, Florida
I had a spring break on my garage door over the weekend and first thing Monday morning I was in search of a company to come and repair it. So, I got on my computer and went to to find repair listings for garage door's and call the one that was closer to my location. I call the number listed and a female answered the phone I told her who I was and that I needed and estimate for replacing my springs, she told me between $64.00 and $119.00 and that included labor and Tax, and she never mention a fee for an estimate so I thought the price sounded reasonable and said when can you send someone out and she said between 10-12 o'clock. So, Chris Knight the Tech got there in that time frame and thats when the fun begin. He was on a mission like he had been trained in this manor and started by looking at the garage door opener not even looking at the springs first, and ask if I had any signal interference with my remote and I said no why do you ask, and said because there's a box with antenna's mounted by the opener, which I told him controls the opener and my alarm system from a remote. He continued looking and inspecting the roller bearings which are steel and said they where worn out by the note on the report. So, I said just give me the cost on replacing both springs that's why I called, enough of the upselling. He said $359.95 would be the cost. At that point I said, WOW thats to high, what about the quotes over phone,  this doesn't add up and he said it's the going rate. At that point I'm pissed off at there tactics and I'm getting more estimates. They low ball you over the phone so you'll make appointment and then tear your head off when the tech get's there. When I told him I am getting more estimates he said well you owe 29.95 for estimate, he said I was told that over the phone, NEVER HAPPEN, I paid it, sent him on his way and will never call back and I will pass on the not so good word about this company. So, I found another company called (((competitor's name redacted))) and ask for estimate and the Tech said between 209.00 and $249.00 depending on the spring size and that includes labor and tax. He was there in one hour from time I called said everything looked good except the springs and replaced them and a new center bearing also, lubed the roller bearing and hinges and also ajusted the travel on my opener which works better than ever. After my experience with this Precision francise, this is the same M.O that I read after I Googled Precision Door Service complaints on line and HOLLY MOLY, Look at the complaints against this company nationwide and I might add, BUSTED ON DATELINE NBC, CHRIS HANSEN. My point of this is statement is don't fall into the trap of the repair services that come to your home such as, home repair, AC repairs, Garage door repair, with high pressure tactics and upselling you on something you don't need, always get more estimate's and get recommendations from neighbors or friends and family who know honest people. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company,, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitors name
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
3, Report #586300
Mar 27 2010
05:52 PM
Precision Door Service, overhead precision door service, Dont Buy from these people they are a rip off Santa Ana , California
Beware of this company, First they come out and of course my garage opener was bad. He offered to put in a new one (lift master) said it was the best out there, Well it was installed three days ago, it has only been opened 8 times inwhich 5 of them it didn't work. It seems to want to keep resetting itself. When you call the company first off they tell you they are the company when you call the number, However all you call is a call center better know as nothing but an answering service. I have told them that this garage door opener that I paid $600.00 for is a piece of junk no better then the gennie one that i had before. I have asked them for them to take this piece of junk out and give me my money back. And what do you know? Now they can't reach the general manager Funny they sent someone out the same day within two hours to sell me a piece of junk. I would be very careful this company sells junk plain and simple. And when you have a problem they are not to quick to want to help you. Your better off just going to your local hardware store and buying one there for alot less and with alot less problems. BEWARE.    
Entity: Santa Ana, California
4, Report #674805
Dec 23 2010
11:06 PM
Precision Garage Door Service, Birmingham, AL A rip off Precision Garage Door Service, Birmingham, Alabama Internet
A rip off Precision Garage Door Service, Birmingham, AL This company (Precision Garage Door Service) was a big rip off with a quote estimate fee ($39.99) and a hidden gas charge ($20), as well as gave misleading information to allow you hook up so that they can charge at least service charge and a hidden gas charge. Once at the home, create problems and oversell many parts unnecessarily. Never try Precision Garage Door Service at birmingham/tuscaloosa, AL.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #738563
Jun 08 2011
07:10 PM
Precision Door Service Precision Doors Fraudulent charges and strong-arm tactics. Inland Empire, California
They showed up at 1:00 am the next day, over 12 hours late and wanted $300 to put my garage door back on the tracks. I did not allow them to do any work and told them the price was rediculous.  I had a 2nd garage door repairman out later that morning who fixed it for $60. Then this trash company starts harrassing me, smearing my credit and repeat, same-day 5 minutes apart calling. All for work they were not allowed to perform as they arrived at 1:am for a service call requested and scheduled the previous morning. Their activity borders on extortion.
Entity: Inland Empire, California
6, Report #1261936
Oct 17 2015
12:18 PM
Precision Door Service of Phoenix We feel we were scammed big-time by Precision Scottsdale Arizona
On Oct. 1 a service man from Precision Door Service showed up unexpectedly and asked if we needed garage door service. We did have a broken spring on our garage door and we gave him permission to inspect our door. He said he could do the repair today. After 45 minutes the repair was completed. For that we were charged $999.00 plus $82.92 sales tax for a total of $1,081.92. We asked for an itemized bill with prices for each item used. He could not give us a bill and said that it had to come from his office. On Oct. 2 we received a statement by e-mail. The bill had a listing of 13 items with no individual prices. We don't believe that some of the items listed were even used. After calling the office several times requesting a bill with individual prices and not getting any satisfaction we decided to come to Ripoffreport. We are seniors in our mid eighties and feel we were scammed big time.  We are writing this to alert other people about the under-handed practices of Precision.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
7, Report #311651
Feb 24 2008
04:44 PM
Percision Overhead Door Repair, precision Door Service ex-employee tells you why they are not recommended Vista California
Precision door is a sales scam for customers. All the regular repair guys are 100% commission and drive their own trucks. I drove to 100's of customers homes, repaired their door under warranty and did not collect reimbursement for my gas or my time. This kind of warranty will result it several calls back before the customer really gets just the door working. this is not the 'quality you can trust type of good service customers want. The prices of 90% of the parts is up to the repair/sales person's impression of what you can afford( put the cover over the BMW ) After you hear the high price it gets worse, that when they watch you for your reaction to hit you with how much it cost to install the part. Thats the tip of the iceberg and don't get me started on the lifetime warranty program. P.s. Get a second opinion p.p.s. your lift master opener can be repaired not replaced. Ex- percision san diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Vista, California
8, Report #430985
Mar 05 2009
04:45 AM
Precision Overhead Garage Door Service Ridiculous estimate for simple job! Brick New Jersey
Consumers please be aware of Precision Overhead Garage Door Service in NJ. I was fortunate to have noted the other complaints against this company in other states & was able to avert having to pay over double for a simple job replacing springs & pulleys on my garage door. He wanted to charge me $476.00 which included $70 off for the service call. It sounded very high to me & I did a google search on the company & sure enough, it had numerous complaints against it in other locations. Upon finding these other reports - I immediately told the service man to stop what he was doing & told him to leave. I called a few other places & found a guy in our area, Princeton Overhead Garage Door Co. who did the job for $180. He has been in business for 38 years & told me I was one of many people he had heard of that were being scammed by this company. He said they will try to overcharge unsuspecting homeowners & was incensed that they get away with it, namely because they advertise so heavily in the the Yellow Pages & look legit. Precision claims they use parts that are superior to their competition's which is bogus (springs are springs & pulleys are pulleys, wire cable is wrie cable). & that they offer a higher level of service! DON'Tfall for this spiel - I am planning to report them to the better business bureau as well - they should be investigated & charged for thievery! Be warned. Princeton family Princeton, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Brick, New Jersey
9, Report #637040
Sep 02 2010
02:55 PM
Precision Overhead Garage Door Service Many -- Complete Scheisters Fremont, California
I called Precision Overhead Garage Door Service from their spiffy ad in the yellow pages.  The guy came out, and after a 15-second examination of the door, told us that we needed $1000+ of work on our garage door, which would include new drums, springs, rollers, and a new opener.  I asked if there were any intermediate repairs or adjustments he could do instead of a rebuild as he called it, and he said no, and added that our door was dangerous, illustrating it vividly with what could happen if a child was caught under the closing door, etc.  When I asked him for a detailed, itemized estimate of the work he said we needed, he provided instead a one-line, hand-written quote on the service call invoice for a rebuild. I told him we had to think about it, as this was a far greater cost than we had anticipated, and he pressured me to get it done today, otherwise he'd have to charge me the $49 service charge just for the pleasure of having him visit.  I paid him his service charge, and he left, having done no work whatsoever on my garage door. I then went to the internet and did some research, and found on this site and others that Precision is infamous for overcharging and for claiming that work needs doing that does not, so we got a referral to another company from friends and got a second opinion.  I didn't tell the guy from the second company what I had been told by Precision, just that the garage door needed fixing, and to let me know if work needed doing that would cost more than his service call fee.  Twenty minutes later, the technician from the second, company knocked on the kitchen door to say he was finished repairing and adjusting the door, that all the parts looked fine, and now my garage door runs beautifully with *no new parts* and for more than $900 less than the Precision technician insisted I needed to spend. Precision Overheard Garage Door Service are a bunch of unmitigated SCHEISTERS.
Entity: Fremont, California
10, Report #650493
Oct 13 2010
12:02 PM
Precision Overhead Garage Door Service Charged More Than Double The Normal Charge To Do A Repair Livonia, Michigan
  This garage door repair company charged me more than double the rate other garage door companies were asking after I did some checking around and after the repair was completed.  The parts to do the repair were less than $200, they charged me over $500 for replacing a spring, two cables and some rollers.  Do not deal with this company unless you want to be ripped off.
Entity: Livonia, Michigan
11, Report #225447
Dec 14 2006
05:16 PM
Precision Door Service ripoff Liars Cheaters Thieves will take take your money & not fix problem Charlotte North Carolina
These scumbags came to my house to fix my garage door. Within the 1st 3 minutes the repair tech tried to sell me a new garage door system at over $400.00. I suggested to him that it was a simple wiring problem and that I called them because I didn't have time to fix it myself. He told me the door was fixed, said he tested it 7-8 times in a row so I paid him and he left. Can you guess what happened next??? The door quit working. They came back out again, no charge this time. He claimed it was fixed and that the problem was that there was some sort of override that reversed the door if you opend/closed it more than 3 times in a row. I guess he forgot that he told us he tested it 7-8 times in a row the night before. The door worked fine for the rest of the day. And then it stopped again. I attached new wire to the door and it has worked perfectly ever since. I called to get my money back and I was told that I should be grateful that they didnt charge me for the second visist. I was told she would discuss it with the owner and I would get a call back. No call back of course. 2 weeks later I called again and they told me the Owner said no refund because I paid for a garage door servicing, and they serviced garage door. I argued that I didnt request my grage door to be seviced, I requested it to be fixed. I was told too bad-that's the way it is. I told her I would give the owner 24 hours to get back to me before I commenced action, he did not get back to me of course. DO NOT do business with these scumbags!! They claim customer satisfaction is #1 priority and actually have a stated warranty policy which they never even acknowledged. These guys are the lowest of the lows. Watch out for them. Tim Matthews, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
12, Report #295494
Dec 29 2007
01:34 PM
Precision Door Service Tried to replace good parts. TRIED TO CHARGE $755 FOR A $220 JOB! Cleveland Ohio
I woke up Saturday morning ready to leave on a 400 mile trip. Car packed et. Garage door would not work due to a broken spring. I called 3 companies from the yellow pages, only Precision could get to me within an hour. I asked if there would be an emergency charge because it was Saturday. The operator said no, just a $55 service charge. The technician arrived on time and proceeded to tell me that I needed 2 springs at $150 each plus new center bearing, new drum bearings, new cables, and several rollers. He recommended that I buy the special at $642 which included all new rollers, etc. I told him to forget it. He said that I owed him the $55 service fee. I told him to send me a bill and closed the working door. One hour later, another company arrived, replaced the 2 springs and the cable. Apologized for having to charge travel time for Saturday. Presented me with a bill that totaled $220! BEWARE OF THESE GUYS!! Steve Pepper Pike, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
13, Report #1005555
Jan 29 2013
01:23 PM
Precision Door Service FRAUD, did not do work charged for, did not replace parts charged for. Fremont, California
Cant leave negative stars. On 01/28/13 PAULINO URIAS came to my home to replace a broken torsion spring. After attempting to up sell all new hardware for my door at an estimate of $1800.00 I opted for two springs and bearing replacement. I watched and saw PAULINO URIAS replace the center bearing (1). After the work was completed I saw I was charged for 3 bearings at $160.00 and $89.00 for labor and tax at 9.75%. I asked PAULINO URIAS where were the other two bearings. PAULINO URIAS told me the two end bearings were also replaced.After PAULINO URIAS left my home, still outside, I checked the two end bearings and saw the bearings were dirty, covered in dust, dirt, oil and cob webs and had not been replaced. I called and complained and about 45 minutes later PAULINO URIAS returned to my home and attempted to replace the new bearings and end caps, PAULINO URIAS was wanting to charge me another $89.00 for each end cap. Obviously PAULINO URIAS was coming back to clean up his mistake. I told PAULINO URIAS I did not trust him and if he wanted to complete the repairs, to return with his boss. PAULINO URIAS said his boss refused to come to my house to inspect his work.Now my garage door has a huge gap on one end, my alarm switch on the door will not reset and I was charged for bearings that were not replaced. I would not doubt that PAULINO URIAS' work practices are common and repeated at other peoples homes. CLASS ACTION ? FRAUD?I contacted another garage door service to give me an estimate for fixing/balancing my garage door and replacing the end bearings. I was quoted $79.00 . As suspected, I asked the new garage door repair service if the bearing looked new or had been replaced recently and guess what the answer was... a resounding NO from the honest garage door service company.DO NOT USE THIS FRAUDULENT COMPANY PAY WITH A CREDIT CARD SO YOU CAN DISPUTE THE CHARGES....On 01/29/13 MICHAEL the manager said he would show up at 10:00 AM, showed up at 11:20, would not remove the charge for parts not replaced or labor not preformed, stated the service fee was mandatory, even though fee shows Labor or Fuel fee not service fee. I stated I was going to dispute a partial payment on credit card for parts and service NOT preformed and MICHAEL threatened to ruin my credit score if I disputed the charge. I have no problem paying for services preformed, but when your worker PAULINO URIAS lies and does not perform work stated and charges you for parts and service preformed what can I do?LOUSY COMPANY DO NOT USE FRAUD, FAKE UPSELL, FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD STAY AWAY STAY AWAY!!!!
Entity: Fremont, California
14, Report #1262620
Oct 20 2015
06:56 PM
Precision Door Service, Scottsdale, Arizona Rip Off Business Practices Scottsdale Arizona
I am an attorney and a classic car enthusist with very good technical knowledge of almost all the things I own. My ranch in Thousand Oaks, California uses a swing gate operator manufactured by a company called Power Master with whom I have dealt several time in last 15 years. Power Master's swing gate operator model RSW operate my swing gates. One side of the control board of the gate operator went bad. I was looking for an independent dealer due within the pacific time zone (Calif-AZ-Nev etc.) as the main distributor in Miami Florida was closed. Through internet search I discovred that the Precision Door Service in Scottsdale Az has the control board which they quoted to sell it to me for 299.00 plus shipping and taxes. I specifically asked for a PowerMaster control board from the owner's manual and not LiftMastrer as I don't have any information about LiftMaster. Man who took the order in Parts shop at the Precision Door Service wrote down RSW instead of PowerMaster therefore sent me the wrong control board. Upon inspction I immediately knew it was a wrong control board. I called and sent the email as well about them sending me the wrong control board for a totaly differeant gate operator. Parts Manager demanded that I must pay a 50% re-stocking fee for return. I was shocked with this totally unfair and unreasonable demand. It was clearly the fault of their parts manager who sent me the wrong part. After my phone conversation they decided to lower it to 40% of restock cost. I really feel strongly that this business is a very unethical and dishonest operation. I have already spoken to the consumers affairs department in Scottsdale AZ as well as with the licenseing offices to report such illegal and unethical practice by the Precision Door Service of Scottsdale, AZ. I have not yet sent the wrong control board back as I intent to file a civil case in Scottsdale thorugh as associate attorney of mine to sue this very shady operators.  
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
15, Report #193132
May 24 2006
02:53 PM
Precision Door - Discount Garage Door Service - ASAP Garage Door ripoff Cary North Carolina
Precision Door continues to dupe the public with operating under false names and address. They are Known as Discount Garage door services, ASAP Garage Doors, GDS, Americas garage door services, American Eagle Overhead Door and PDS. Dale check the Charlotte Phone Books and see What I mean. Customers beware because if you call any one of the ads the same company responds. This scam must stop. theprecisionripoff anytown, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Cary, North Carolina
16, Report #192411
May 19 2006
08:40 PM
Dale and all others concerned. I have discovered that a company called Eagle Overhead Door located at 241 Bleakley Ave in Buchanan within Westchester County NY has all the same phone numbers as Precision Door Service located at 220 West Parkway Unit 9 Pompton Plains NJ. Also I know that thier New corporate name is Precision Holdings Of Broward FL. Hope this helps your cause Dale. You know me but I will remain Annonymous at this point in time. Pdsisaripoff allover, New YorkU.S.A.
17, Report #1222502
Apr 14 2015
08:30 PM
Precision Door Service Tej, Inc dba Precision Door Service RIP OFF!!!! CHARGING ATLEAST DOUBLE WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS CHARGING Scottsdale Arizona
We had Precision Door Service come to our home. They charged us an astronomical charge to change out our Springs and Cables on our door. We were charged over $800 for something that we found out should have cost us $350 - $400. I have checked this figure with a couple of other reputable door service businesses in the area and both agreed we were grossly over charged. I am a person who does not have a problem with businesses making a living but when they rip you off I have a problem with that. I called the Customer Service Manager and told him of my unhappiness and I was told to give him until Monday to contact me back regarding this issue. Needless to say Monday came and I had no call back from the Customer Service Manager.  I called the customer service manager again on Tuesday morning and left my name and number for him to call me.   Still no call back. To bad for them.... because I have rentals in the area and they will never get a call from me to come fix anymore garage doors.  ! I want people to know that this company is really ripping people off!                                           
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
18, Report #1357521
Feb 21 2017
07:22 PM
Precision Overhead Garage Door Service Precision Door ServicesPrecision Garage Door Services Installed wrong door and won't replace or compensate for mistake; sent opener and deposit for door yet for 6 months I have no been able to get a hold of anyone who can/will do the work or resolve Irvine California
6 months of unresolved issues after purchasing 6 garage doors, 1 was incorrect and company refuses to admit mistake, resolve, compensate or even contact me. Has items needed to be returned. Has deposit which needs to be refunded.  
Entity: Irvine, California
19, Report #1161746
Jul 13 2014
04:25 PM
Precision Door ,a/k/a Tej, Inc. dba Precision Door Service) Highway Robbery Scottsdale -Surprise, Arizona
They came out to replace my non-working garage door opener.  My bad, I didn't research the prices with other companies before calling them. They charged me $549.00 for a Liftmaster 8355 Opener, after I told them $649 was way too high. Prices quoted to me by other companies: $349. Really?  $200 mark-up over retail when they buy them wholesale?  Robbery. I was also verbally told the labor would be $100, and when he wrote up the bill he charged me $125. Replaced rubber t-seal at bottom of door (again, I should have researched). He told me $20 per foot for my 8 foot door. Again telling me the rubber seal you buy at Home Depot or Lowe's is inferior quality.  He was here, so I verbally okayed the $160. The Tech never mentioned any labor (and since it only took all of 5-7 minutes there shouldn't have been any labor charge at all).  Then he tried to charge me $75.00 for the 5-7 minutes to install it, which I talked him down to $50. So, I paid $210 for that service, and it should have cost no more than $115 tops. The website says they put the estimate in writing before any work is done ... he did not do this. If he had, I would have told him to hit the highway. Again, I guess my fault I didn't get it in writing. This company really takes advantage of people. They are nearly doubling the charges of what other garage door companies charge.  I know I am an adult and am responsible for educating myself, but when I asked him about the price of the opener, he said, it's not the same as the 8355 that you buy retail, when I asked in what way was it different, he told me the rail is one-piece. I told him I priced it with a one-piece rail online, and then he couldn't come up with any explination and had no response.  I should have sent him packing. My gut told me this guy was ripping me off, but when it is 110 degrees outside and your opener doesn't work, you just want it fixed. That's my excuse for being stupid - what is their excuse for overcharging people? A garage opener and door seal service that should have cost me no more than $550 on the high end, cost me $958.44 with Precision Door. No way should these franchisees be allowed to rip people off in this manner. I have left two messages for the manager to call me; he has not returned my calls.  Two of the other places I called said they hear this from people about Precision door on a daily basis; and told me that others have had no luck in contacting the corporate company that issues the franchises.  How is it that this company can still be in business?? Maybe their prices are so high because they never get 'repeat' customers. My mouth is louder than any advertising they can do; I work in the homebuilding industry and I can guarantee them, if they do not make this right, I am going to spread the word like wildfire to avoid them at all costs, because they are charging nearly double the going rate on these services and materials.  This is price gouging and there should be a law against taking advantage of people in this manner. I am usually very diligent about price shopping before buying; I failed myself this time. It will never happen again! And, I will do everything in my power to make sure I let people know about the bad experience I had with Precision Door. Filing this Rip Off Report is only the beginning.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
20, Report #998314
Jan 17 2013
07:10 AM
Precision Door Service Garage Door Repair & Service Their website shows they are located in Front Royal, but don't exist here. The map location is made up. Front Royal, Virginia
I called this company to repair my garage door.  They state on their website they are located in the closest city to me, Front Royal, VA.  He had said there might be an additional charge for travel.  I said from Front Royal?  He said the office I called was located in a different location. I thought he must be mistaken and set the appointment anyway. I went back to the website & checked the map.  They show a location right in town, off of Main St. in Front Royal, Va.. They called the morning of the appointment to tell me they do not service my area.  They stated they do not have a store located in Front Royal and are located in Fredericksburg, VA., which is over 60 miles from here. I told her I had gotten the information from their website & she didn't know a thing about it.  This is very suspicious.  The whole website is a sham?  Is it set up to just rip people off?  I didn't want others to call and then deal with what I did & possibly be charged an outrageous fee.
Entity: Front Royal, Virginia
21, Report #217135
Oct 22 2006
09:22 PM
Precision Overhead Doors - Affordable Garage Door Services ripoff Worst Service! Improper Installation, not professional, almost ruined brand new garage door Montgomery Birmingham Alabama
This company installed our garage door opener. They did not tell us it needed another bracket. They drilled straight into our dry wall on the ceiling and they did not line the opener up straight! Everytime we opened the garage door it would start to pull the flashing off the door and when it was all the way up the arm would be at an angle because they opener was a good 7-8 inches off of being straight! Called and asked to speak to the manager and their receptionist was rude and asked why we needed to speak to him. Once he was on the phone he was rude and said we did not provide the bracket they needed, but as professionals they should have let us know and we would have paid the money for the other bracket. He did not care that the tech was rude and did not properly do their job. The tech also told us that our garage door was cheap and was not made for an opener but it seems every house on the street has a garage door opener and does not have a problem ( I guess they found real professionals to install it) He was rude and speed off. We were lucky enough to find a professional the same day who actually fixed the work this horrible company did and could not believe this opener was actually installed by someone claiming to be a part of a company. I would NEVER use this company again or recommend them to ANYONE! I would stay far away from them. Lilah Montgomery, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Birmingham, Alabama
22, Report #50841
Mar 28 2003
10:03 AM
Precision Door Service ripoff fraudulent franchise practices. Set up franchises to fail, terminate franchise owners and sue them so they can sell them again and pocket money repeated Rockledge Florida
Precision Door Service started in 1997, the brainchild of Brian Tindall. He and his brother Chris and Ben Martin decided to start a franchise and all of them had a gift for finding people with money and talent. We met Ben Martin and he presented Precision Door Service to us. We used our entire life savings to develop the entire state of Maryland. As soon as it started making enough money that we could start putting back our savings, Brian and Ben sold it to Danny Edwards and Ron Bell. They owed us $172,500.00 plus $50,000.00 developer fee. They only paid us $45,000.00 which had to go to the vendors we owed. We were left broke, after paying off our creditors for Maryland and had to sell our cars, trucks, my wedding ring, we had the largest yard sale to ever hit our neighborhood. We finally found a lawyer who would take it on a contingency basis a year later, and PDS would not pay us but offered the Virginia Beach market instead. Ben Martin and Danny Edwards had been the managers of this market and by the time we got it, their rape, rob, and pillage mentality had destroyed the reputation of PDS. Ben Martin had bounced a check with Amarr and they refused to do business with us. We found out after we had Maryland taken from us that PDS was never licensed to be a franchise the entire time we were in Maryland but collected over $80,000 of royalty fees from us. They also had us pay all Verizon telephone bills directly to them and they never paid Verizon but pocketed the money. Our checks were made out to Newco, and I am positive they never paid taxes on any money and it is well known that they sent the money to Costa Rica. On January 28th, three weeks before the annual stockholders meeting, Brian Tindall, Ben Martin,and Danny Edwards continually called and incessantly bullyed my husband to turn over his 400,000 shares of stock because Brian wanted his company back, and wanted to be done with us. They came up with a phony amount we owed them, and if we turn over our stock, our debt will be forgiven. They have done this to other stockholders as well. They faxed Michael Tindall, Brian's nephew a letter of termination on us and authorized him to steal $58,000 of our parts and send our money to Florida. Michael stole the parts and sent the money on Monday, Feb 3, 2003 and we recieved the letter of termination on Tuesday, Feb 4,2003. They are now sueing us in United States District Court, knowing we, again are broke. Ben Martin told my husband, You will see how we destroy people who don't cooperate. They have broken every law, and have destroyed so many lives with their avarice that it breaks my heart. I hope the IRS will read this and the FBI. Brian Tindall, Chris Tindall, Ben Martin and Danny Edwards belong in prison. Seven months ago, they pulled the same thing on us and I came up with the money, hoping to be able to sell the market and recover some of our loss of being associated with Precision Door. But they did not want us to recover anything, just punish us for not turning over the stock. They set up franchises to fail, sell the franchises by dishonesty, terminate the owners or market developers once they get behind at all, sue the owners and market developers, and resell the market, over and over again. The franchises are trained that if they fail, it's because thier call average has to be at least $450.00. That is even if you are called for a remote reset. Danny Edwards told my husband that, If you get a wrong number, tell them they are the lucky 5th caller and have won a free safety inspection. Once you get out there let them know how unsafe thier door is and failed the safety inspection and get $400.00 to $500.00 on wrong phone numbers. We do not believe in deceiving the public. Brian Tindall told my husband at the stockholder's meeting in Feb, I'm going to kick your ass. Ben Martin told my husband I curse you. Harry Hall told my husband, If you report me to my probation officer for stealing from you, I'll kill you and your family. Harry Hall is the relative of Brian Tindall who stole from us in Maryland who Brian asked us to hire. He had just been released from prison for embezzlement and could not find a job. We agreed to give him a chance, and keep an eye on him and he got our receptionist Kathy Brown, to set up appointments for him, he use our parts and split the money with Kathy. He made the mistake of telling our sons that worked for us how stupid we were and now, Brian has given him the market that we used our money to set up. He stole over $15,000 from us and his reward is to have the market that was taken from us. They all deserve to go to prison. Kathy Virginia Beach, VirginiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on {Presicison Door
Entity: Rockledge, Florida
23, Report #1095104
Oct 28 2013
10:25 AM
Precision Garage Door Ohio Overhead Door Attempted sale of unnecessary services Akron Ohio
I called the company to repair a broken garage door spring.  They quoted $250 over the phone.  When the rep got to my house, he reviewed the door and proposed three alternative repair plans.  They were approximately $600, $900 and $1,200.  With the last one being a complete re-build of my door.  When I told him all I wanted was the spring to be repaired, he indicated that he could not do that as my door was unsafe and that I could actually be killed by it.  I told him to leave.  When I went outside a short while later I noticed a long deep scratch on the driver's side of my Lexus SUV. Later I called another garage door company.  They came out and checked out my door.  They indicated that it was in fine condition and replaced the spring for a total cost of $95. 
Entity: Akron, Ohio
24, Report #1368778
Apr 20 2017
03:42 PM
Precision Tune Bad Service Columbus Georgia
 I went in for a $20 oil change and left with a $677 quote to fix a stripped bolt hole that they messed up in my vehicle. I came in without a leak, just needing an oil change and left with a leak and needing a whole new oil pan. They refused to accept responsibility and now I'm out of more money that I have to use to get my oil pan replaced. Lost a loyal customer!
25, Report #804705
Dec 03 2011
09:53 PM
Precision Garage Door of Orlando Upsell & exorbitant prices Orlando, Florida
This company wanted to replace springs (that were relatively new) when they only needed an adjustment.  Their quote for the springs was an approximate amount rather than saying precisely what the parts would cost.  They did give me an exact price on new rollers - and that price was nearly 3x as much as I ended up paying to a different company, who also performed other services at no charge (this included checking the setting on the opener, switching the placement of the opener attachment to the door for greater efficiency, lubricating all appropriate parts, and installing a lock).  I doubt all of these would have been included had I used Precision and since I didn't get the upsell for unnecessary springs, I paid about 7x less than the approximate estimate I received. (In all fairness, the spring adjustment was no charge, because this was the company that installed the springs and they were still under the one year warranty)
Entity: Orlando, Florida

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