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1, Report #982995
Dec 16 2012
05:13 PM
Printerpix Worst customer service ever! Internet
I ordered a photo book that I spent hours creating for my niece's first birthday. The order was placed on October 6th and her birthday was Oct 20th. It is now December 16th and I still have never received it. I have emailed several times with customer service who have assured me a supervisor wouldbe be in charge of my order and send it out ASAP but that has never happened.I have left my personal number asking someone to please call me and have called in several times only to sit on hold for over an hour never to have anyone answer. I also bought a voucher at the time I placed my first order for use at a later date. I obviously requested a refund on that when I realized how awful this company is... and again never received my money back.So now nearly 3 months later I have no gift for my niece, and I'm out the money for the voucher now too. I would not have complained publicly if they would have just acknowledged they lost the order or whatever happened to it and gave me my money back, but I've never had a company just ignore the issue altogether.This was a Groupon deal originally so I will be informing them as well. Too bad I thought maybe I could still get her book in time for Christmas.
Entity: Internet, Internet
2, Report #1251537
Aug 28 2015
01:01 PM
 The WORST company! !!! 40-50 min wait time on hold. Waiting for my refund for 6 month!!!! THEY ARE LIARS! I was promised to get my refund 5!!!!! Times. Noone is there to pick up the phone and do something. Filed my complaint through BBB, even they can't do anything about it. Printerpix should be SUED! I am not even saying about the discussing qty of the product. I literally hate them at this point.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1252297
Sep 01 2015
01:17 PM
I Recieved a Groupon voucher as a birthday gift from my sister for a 16X20 personal metal picture from Printerpix.  I placed order and waited 7 weeks then recieved a damaged 11X14 picture.  I have sent multiple emails and called with no responce.  No one ever answers the phone.  I would just like the correct item and for it not to be damaged.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1365942
Apr 05 2017
09:44 AM
printerpix decieving information Internet
I purchased a voucher from groupon that stated a metal 16 x 20 metal print for 15.00 you have to click the fine print link to find out how much shipping which is 14.99 additional charge then they basically force you to use their images for your print because every photo I tried to use would have poor quality added under it so this was a additional charge of 8.99 for using their photo because it would not accept one of my photos.I will never use printerpix again. This is a scam in my opinion.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1283992
Jul 23 2016
12:12 PM
Printerpix Failed to provide proper customer service Lake Mary Florida
Printerpix Complaint  Over the years I have done business with numerous sites that utilize personal photos for transition onto their products. This is the 1st and last time I will do business with Prinintpix. I ordered a magic mu for my wife’s birthday and it was defective. I have other similar mugs, purchased elsewhere and their performance is much, much better then this one I called the company ( 2 minutes on line ) and spoke to 2 supervisors and the result was the same. Pour boiling hot water in cup, till steam shows, and send them the photos. Which proves nothing. Any other company would send a return label and do their own investigation. All I wanted was for the to redo the order on a plain, non-magic cup --- no big deal. But I couldn’t make them understand, so NO more orders for them and I would not suggest any one else do business with them. If they are soo stubborn on small orders I can’t imagine how they would be on large items.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1289263
Feb 22 2016
04:40 PM
Printerpix Software and programs are unusable Lake Mary Florida
I ordered a picture book through groupon for Printer pix for a great price- $29.99 for four harcover 20 page books. Since there was an expiration on the groupon, I tried to get the books put together promptly to take advantage of the groupon. However, every time I tried to load my pictures to the online program, the project, or specific book I was trying to make, froze. Sometimes I would be able to actually arrange some pages, but then the project would claim to save, and be completely missing when I logged in again. I speculated I might need faster internet. So after getting a very high speed internet capable of downloads/uploads on several devices at a time, I tried again. I was able to upload all my pictures to the project, but this time it refused to save any project at all. After I spent hours putting a book together, the save button would appear to save the project after I clicked on it, then the program refused to open the finished project. There are serious issues with the software this company uses. Of course, after I have been trying to put these books together for months, the groupon expired. Customer service will not help you and assumes it's a problem with your computer or internet. I have used Shutterfly (excellent), Picaboo, and Mypublisher with minimal problems for the same exact photobook. I will never buy anything from this company again.
Entity: Lake Mary, Florida
7, Report #1290573
Feb 28 2016
09:08 PM
This is the absolute worst company I have ever ordered anything from and I am an avid online shopper. 12/20/15I placed an order for a magic mug with a coupon that I had purchased from groupon.12/30/15I realized that the coupon code wasn't accepted so I called customer service. The girl was really nice and said that she would have to cancel my order, refund the money, and place a different order for me. I said that was fine. Mind you, I didn't know it would take almost 20 days for my order to get to me.1/10/16My money still hasn't been refunded to my account. I have called customer service twice and no one seems to know how to transfer me to a supervisor or a refunds department. I am repeatedly told that I will receive my refund in 7-10 business days. They took the money out of my account in less than 20 minutes yet it takes a month to get it back? Questionable. 2/1/16I still do not have my refund to I send an e-mail to customer service. I am assured that my money will be refunded in another 7-10 business days. It has been a litte over a month since I canceled my order2/28/16I check my account and still no refund. At this point I am fuming!!! I mean really, what kind of reputable business keeps a customer's money for 60+ days?!?!?! I have half a mind to file for damages (i.e. the overdraft fees that are a direct result of this so-called company neglecting to refund the money into my account when they said they would). Never in a million years will I ever order from this company again. Customer service is horrendous and they company itself is comprised of theives!!!!
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1204896
Jan 27 2015
09:42 PM
Printerpix A total scam! Avoid this company ! Lake Mary Florida
Ordered a wood puzzle from a photograph of my niece on 12-6-14. They promised shipment before Christmas. A bulk email was sent Christmas week saying the order will be delayed due to a labor strike in California .  I emailed the company several times in January and receipt in early January that they were putting my order into production.The status of my order is shown at 50% done on their website. I emailed them asking for my money back. No response at all. of course I have read now the hundreds of complaints about this company all over the Internet.. I wish I would have read them before I purchased the Groupon. They have stolen my $25, make sure they don't steal yours.  
Entity: Lake Mary, Florida
9, Report #1004274
Jan 27 2013
11:36 AM
DO NOT USE PRINTERPIX!!! In good faith, I made several orders in late November--2 of them for the 20x16 PHOTO CANVAS.  Upon arrival they were extremely poor quality, faded colors--just awful. When I contacted the company, they had me send one back and said they would 'redo' them... Much, much later they send the exact same 2 canvases back---absolutely NO looked like they printed it exactly the same---poor quality--faded color---slightly out of focus.... I had another order that they had LOST--so after Christmas when I addressed the photo canvases issue and advised them I just wanted a refund---Supervisor Michael Conners would not send me a return label to send them back---very rude and uncaring...not a single apology...In fact, they just ignore my requests. I will not pay to send these canvases back to this useless company. Do NOT waste your money with this company.  I have photos of these poor quality photo canvases if anyone would care to see...
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #1416245
Dec 11 2017
11:50 AM
Printerpix Printerpix messed up my order and refuses to fix it. Lake Mary Florida
I ordered a Christmas blanket from Printerpix. When checking out, the system auto populated my shipping address. I have been waiting for 2 weeks for my shipment and decided to check on it. I noticed it was marked undeliverable and was being sent back to the merchant. I did some digging to find out why and I noticed the shipping address that printerpix auto populated populated the wrong zip code. I have tried speaking with someone from printerpix and was told too bad it is not their fault because they have a security feature that told me to check to make sure everything was correct before submitting the order. They refuse to reship my purchase to the correct address. They refuse to acknowledge that their system made an error. THey want me to pay again for shipping when I already paid for shipping once. Their representatives are of no help and are nasty and rude.I will NEVER order from them again. They made an error and instead of having good customer service to fix it, they tell me I am SOL. This was meant for a Christmas present for my boss and now I am totally screwed. 
Entity: Lake Mary, Florida
11, Report #1226285
May 01 2015
04:58 PM Unhelpful, not workable! Internet
I have now used Living Social and/or Groupon twice with Printerpix. The first was for a 7x10 metal print.  It was normally OUTRAGEOUSLY priced ($75 or something!).  It came eventually, and the picture was fine, but the metal was so thin, I had to frame it (which is not ideal for an 8x11 frame), but at east it should last and was inexpensive with the coupon.  Next, I ordered a magic mug which I have made at other online companies fairly easily.  After spending HOURS trying to find a photo to fit the space they allotted (one out of hundreds did, but the people had to be far to the right of an otherwise background photo to show!), and I didn't want that one.  SO, I figured, I'll just use an upright (portrait) picture, and at least I'll see it when I face the front of the mug.  Well, no, it was off-placed, looking VERY odd.  When I wrote to complain, I got really bad answers 3 times from customer service.  By now, getting frustrated, I told them I would only be happy if I got half my money back, as the site provided NO way to alter a normal photo to fit.  AND, half my money was only $4.50.  Did they oblige? NO.  They said I should have cropped and adjusted my photo on my own softeware to fit their size!  I even told them I would complain online if they did not refund my $4.50.  So here it is (you'll find no place on THEIR website to comment - only stellar testimonials from a few customers who probably didn't know any better).  Signed - unsatisfied, and will never use again - plus will discourage my friends to use this site!
Entity: Internet
12, Report #821193
Jan 11 2012
12:38 PM
Printerpix 100's of customer are not receiving their order which was paid in full by Groupon Vouchers, Internet
Placed an order through groupon for canvas supplied by printerpix and they are taking money and responding to customers
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #970525
Nov 17 2012
07:17 AM
Printerpix Quality of product unacceptable - Customer Service hopeless - currently 2 months and waiting, Internet
I ordered a Calendar (via Groupon) in mid September 2012.  It was delivered at the end of September. The quality was unacceptable. I wrote and complained.   8th October - I received a reply from Customer Services (David Lawrence) asking for details of faults. I supplied this information 11th October - I received a further e-mail from Customer Services (Quasim Rauf) asking for further details of the faults so they could issue a replacement. I supplied the information. No reply. 20th October - I received an e-mail from Faisal Hussein (Customer Services Manager) I am writing in regards to your recent response to our survey. I see that you have experienced some difficulties during your experience with Printerpix. Can you please reply highlighting your concerns and I will personally ensure they are fully resolved for you? I replied. 28th October - I received a further e-mail from Faisal Hussein (Customer Services Manager) apologising, acknowledging the faults and offering a free replacement with instructions how to do this. I tried but could only make it work if I paid for it again!  I wrote to Faisal explaining this problem and asking for further instructions. No reply. (I chased it on the 8th October and 16th October - No reply.) 17th November - Still nothing. Two month so far and running.  Product: faulty.  Customer Service: unacceptable.  
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #980668
Dec 11 2012
03:51 PM
PrinterPix the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to use. Lake Mary, Florida
So got my books today, December 11, 2012, but originally placed my order 42 days ago on October 30, 2012. Here is my issues: 1) Their website is unhelpful. There are no details describing exactly what you are getting or how their procedures work. Can't find out the status of your order through the accounts page. Can't even look up previous orders. Just Once your order is on its way to you, we'll send another email. In the original confirmation e-mail you receive when you place your order.   2) Their representatives are even less helpful. Girl I spoke with on November 15th could say anything other than Its in the printing process and I cannot say more than that. It should arrive on time. When is exactly on time? I had no clue. Confirmation had no estimated arrival date. Online confirmation of purchase originally said something about taking 21 days (nowhere did it say 21 BUSINESS days but apparently that is the case). Made her completely aware that I was going to order a few additional copies with some extra photo pages but read some reviews and was getting nervous about how it would turn out. Wanted to order in time though to receive the additional copies for Christmas presents to grandparents. Called back on the 29th and the first guy was able to tell me that they had an error with my pages on the 11th so they had to reprint them. Said it should be arriving from the warehouse that day and they will double check everything is correct before sending it on to me. Then he tells me the cut off date to receive the additional copies for Christmas this year was on the 21st. He is also the one to tell me about the 21 BUSINESS days.   * Recap * So the girl I talked to on the 15th did not tell me anything about the misprint 4 days prior to my phone call nor did she make me aware that the cut off date was in 6 days. Now its too late to order the additional copies to get them in time for Christmas. Also, I just found out that they essentially lied to me by omission about arrival times. So then I ask to speak to a supervisor. After a few minutes he passes me onto someone other guy. This one tells me that actually the cut-off date was the 19th not the 23rd and even if I pay for the rush on the order (another $25) it still would not arrive on time. Now I am really upset. My sister-in-law and I have been planning this since the beginning of October. He says that he will expedite the shipping to 2-3 business days once they get approved but they should go out that day. Get disconnected due to the horrible AT&T service in my area but think all is good.   3) Get a confirmation on December 2, 2012 that I my order has been dispatched that day. Has a Fedex tracking code that says the estimated arrival date is December 10, 2012. What happened to the expedited 2-3 business day service? Woosaw. Okay I want to be there to accept the order because mail in the area has been stolen a few times recently. Check the tracking again yesterday morning and now it says it should arrive today. Okay only one more day, deal with it.Check it this morning and now it says that it was delivered to my local post office this morning and to allow one to two additional days for delivery. So I am supposed to wait at home for 3 days in order to make sure I am here for the arrival of the package? huh? Shouldn't be that hard. Call Fedex to get more information and the girl says that it was delivered to the post office and I will need to call them to get more information. Ask her for the relevant number for the post office for smartpost. She gives me one that I call and it says the number has changed. Call the right number and the next lady says she can't find out any information because the tracking number starts with a 6 instead of a 9. Call Fedex back to find out the right number, lady puts me on hold to call smartpost and figure out whats wrong. Comes back and tells me to call them again but add 92 to the beginning of the tracking number in order for it to work. Call the post office again and they say it is out with the carrier and should arrive today. Yay! So I finally get my books right? Well technically yes but they look like cheap books that can be printed and put together in 10 minutes. The leather cover is a faux leather thin sheet that is folded like paper onto cardboard. Book slipped out of my hand and caused a scratch in the cover by my nail when I caught it. Called back to complain about how cheap it looks and the guy was the same one I talked to on the 29th. All he would say is that he was sorry that I feel that way but there is nothing he can do about it. Also I could hear the impatience and irritation on his voice the moment he answered the phone. If you don't want to talk to customers find a different job than handling customer service!
Entity: Lake Mary, Florida
15, Report #1199650
Jan 06 2015
07:43 AM
PrinterPix Julie Terhaar Groupon Vouchers and Calendar Lake Mary Florida
It took me three days to make a tribute calendar on in honor of my father who passed away on Nov. 25. Which I was to send to family for a year of remembrance. Tried to use the voucher (each one) to no avail. They charged me $40.98 for the calendar that I mistakenly ordered and of which the voucher could not be applied. I immediately contacted and held for 10 min for customer service to cancel the order. Lisa was the rep. She was rude, had NO information about my order, kept having to go to the website to double check I have no idea what and said my order would be cancelled but the shipping would still be charged at $7.99 of which I was liable although nothing had been shipped???  Plus! The shipping on my receipt is $5.99. She argued with me but had no access to my order?? Ridiculous.  Ultimately the calendar was NOT cancelled and I'm advised that it is on its way???  So the vouchers - of which I bought 4 are worthless.  On top of that they said to cancel my vouchers I would have to pay $30 each.  This all began on December 2nd.  I've been shuffled to different people, told I would be called - never was - then this Julie began to correnspond saying I would be refunded the money by a person she copied on the email.  Again, a lie.  I got an email that higher than usual volume of customer service requests would delay their response??  No mention of a refund and from different people than what Julie had assured me was the refund department.    
Entity: Lake Mary, Florida
16, Report #1123481
Feb 13 2014
09:41 PM
Printerpix Did not send me items that I paid for. Lake Mary Florida
I purchased metal prints from Printerpix via Groupon.  In addition to the metal prints, I ordered metal easels that allow the prints to be displayed on a wall.  Printerpix sent me the prints but did not send me the easels that I have paid for.I have tried numerous times to call them.  Not once in the past few months have I called them and not gotten an error message about the phones being out of service.After complaining to Groupon, I received an email from Printerpix telling me that my inquiry was being assigned to a special respresentative. After a number of weeks and more attempts to email and phone the company (I even tried their Twitter account), I received an email telling me that my inquiry was being turned over to their logistics team.  In my emails to them I have been sending them copies of the picking list (packing list?) and invoice which shows that I paid for items and these items were not included in my shipment.  Their emails to me are obviously nothing more than stall tactics.I placed my order in early December.  It is now mid-February and I have not heard from anyone in weeks.  I still have not received the items I paid them for.  I wish I had researched this company and read online reviews before placing my order.  There are plenty of reviews online warning against this company. I wrongly trusted Groupon to do business with trustworthy, reputable merchants.  
Entity: Lake Mary, Florida
17, Report #1339954
Nov 26 2016
05:58 PM
Printerpix Sent bad metal photo and have been giving me the runaround for over a year now. Internet
 Over a year ago I purchased a a metal print from printerpix. The item was delivered damaged with footprints all over it. I called and they offered to send a new one out, I waited for several months with no item being delivered. I called and said I wanted a refund and have been waiting for the refund now for over a year.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1214198
Mar 08 2015
11:53 AM
Printerpix Complete Scam! Lake Mary, FL Internet
I purchased a Living Social deal for a two calendars last fall, and used my deal in early December for a Christmas gift. As soon as I placed my order I realized it was shipping to the wrong address so I immediately sent an e-mail to Customer Service. I was also forced to pay and upgrade fee of $19.99 and extra shipping even though I didn't choose these options and with the deal I purchased I should have only had to pay a few dollars for shipping. I never got a response to my many e-mails, and did not receive my calendars. After finally reaching a person by phone in January, I was told I would get a refund and my calendars would be reshipped. No refund, and the calendars were shipped to the wrong address again. I called in again, 30 minute wait, and was told my calendars were shipped to someone in Texas. After expressing concern that my personal pictures were sent to someone else, he backtracked and said he could tell that shipment wasn't actually sent to Texas. I do not believe him! He also agreed to a refund, and a reshipment. I called in again, was told that refunds were processed on Thursday. I asked for an actual phone call back from a manager once my refund was processed, but of course did not receive that call. Again, no refund, but I did get finaly get my calendars in March with $8.75 postage due. They are incredibly cheap and flimsy, and bent because they were shipped with no reinforcement. There isn't even a hole to hang the calendars with. Do not order from this company - a huge scam and terrible product.    
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1393884
Aug 18 2017
08:50 PM
Printerpix, pix False advertisement, deny refund even though they mailed the incorrect item Lake Mary Florida
On July 14, 2017, I purchased a coupon from Groupon in the amount of $13.00 plus expedite shipping in the amount of $19.99 for a total of $32.99, for an item sold by Printerpix. On 7/15 and 7/17 I contacted Printerpix by email, regarding the item ordered that was not available as advertised, and never received a response. So, after waiting and when did not receive a response by email neither by phone, I called their 800 number and the lady who answered said that they did not have the item as advertised and that they had no control on what Groupon advertised to which I responded that her statement was not accurate due that companies advertising other companies items must have an authorization and confirmation of the items to be advertised and published on the website before they publish and include any item for sale through a Groupon coupon. After paying for the Groupon coupon had not choice to place the order on 7/18/2017 @ 1:04:11 AM. I received the order on July 26 and to my surprise it was not the item ordered. I ordered and paid for a Printerpix — One Large 60x50 Custom mink blanket and I received a 20X25 blanket. I immediately contacted Printerpix sending emails over and over and never got a response. Calling the customer service department of this company is a nightmare due that the phone keeps ringing and no one answers and I did not have the time to keep calling over and over because I work. Then I called the customer service and talked to a rep by the name of Christian, and I requested to talk to a supervisor and this rep kept telling me that there was not a supervisor available to which I told him that there had to be an available supervisor on the call center during all shifts. I requested to talk to a supervisor over and over and finally he brought a supervisor into the conversation. I explained to the supervisor by the name of Michael the situation and he started telling me the same thing the rep told me that they had mailed the correct item as per my order. I told him he was wrong and I asked him for his email so I could email the payment receipt of the order and all the information regarding this order. He gave me the email address and promised to call back with a solution and never did. Due that this item was a wedding present and I flew to the wedding and came back on August 16, 2017, it was not until today that I called back to request my refund and to my surprise the rep, Christian, said to me that there was no refund that the only thing he can do is giving me a credit for a new purchase. I explained to him that I received the wrong item, could not give it as a present, and had to buy something else and that I have no need to buy anything else from this company so I need a refund not a credit. Then, again, I asked to talk to the supervisor, Michael and again, he denied me the right to talk to a supervisor. I explained to again, that customers has the right to talk to a supervisor when the rep cannot resolve the issue. So here I am again listening to the same lies. First, he said that there was no supervisor to which I responded that in a call center there MUST be a supervisor during all shifts. Why do I know this? Because I was in charge of a big call center. Then he said that the supervisor was in a different area and he could not get him which is not true either. In fact, he did not allow me to talk to Michael, the supervisor to whom I talked on August 26, 2017, the day before I was leaving for the wedding because he said Michael was not available. I explained to Christian that as per Michael's request on the 26 of August I emailed copies of all the transactions where it clearly showed that I had ordered a 60X50 blanket, not a 20X25 blanket. I asked Christian to look for my email and attachments and he said he did not have them and again he said he cannot offer me a refund that he could offer a credit for some other item to which I am not interested due that this item was for a wedding gift and the wedding is over and I had to buy another present to take with me to the wedding. Finally, I had to hang up the phone because Christian was not of any assistance and he was not willing to cooperate to resolve this issue. I am filing this complaint first, for false advertisement due that the item that I purchased and was included on the photo was not available and I had to accept what was available at the time that was not the item ordered. They lied to me telling me that Groupon, from which I bought the coupon, was the one who advertised the wrong item. To which I answered that Groupon cannot include any picture on an advertising if the information is not verified, confirmed and approved by the merchant in this case Printerpix. Every time they lied to me I gave them the correct answer. Everyone who had had a business and dealt with advertising knows that no one can publish anything including pictures if the merchant doesn't approve the information. It has been one lie after the other. The other part of my complaint is for denying a refund on a purchase of an item that was not done as ordered. Your prompt attention, assistance and response to this very important matter are greatly appreciated.  
Entity: Lake Mary, Florida
20, Report #1112327
Jan 02 2014
01:30 PM
PrinterPix Printer Pix of Lake Mary, Florida PrinterPix Scam - Order Received Broken - No Working Phone & No Response to My Emails Lake Mary Florida
I ordered a Custom Slate Photo from using a Living Social Voucher. I paid Living Social $14.00 for the Voucher and then $12.99 shipping to Printerpix on November 18th, 2013. Order number 6272902. I received the item broken in half. I attempted to call their 800 number but the number does no work (has not worked since December and still doesn't). 1-888-322-6733. I sent an email and still have not received a response.I believe that PrinterPix defrauded me with this order. I would like the company to refund the amount paid for shipping ($12.99) and the $14.00 I paid Living Social but I get no response from PrinterPix. I see that they have many other offers on Living Social, Groupon and Amazon Local. They also have may Fraud Rip-off Reports filed.  I can't understand how a company like this stays in business while defrauding people!   
Entity: Lake Mary, Florida
21, Report #1331526
Oct 04 2016
08:47 AM
Printerpix of Lake Mary FL Printerpix in the UK Worst Customer Service, Over Charging Lake Mary, FL Nationwide
I purchased three Printerpix items and two did not show and 1 arrived severely damaged. When I called the toll-free number I was connected to someone not in the US. When I asked to speak to someone in the US, I was told that was NOT possible.   I was told regarding the lost items I needed to do the legwork myself to locate the missing shipments through the USPS, mind you they were not sent via USPS. So, the USPS will not take claim. The item that was damaged I sent the photographs of the damaged items including bent photos and the photo arrived in the wrong size – it should’ve been 11X14 just like my Groupon stated (which the person on the phone confirmed) but for some reason I was sent 10x7.   I paid three individual shipping costs because there is not a single shipping rate for three items and I had prepaid vouchers for my items. I just want the items I paid for. 2 10x7 pics and 1 11x14 pic!
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1109457
Dec 23 2013
02:43 PM
Printerpix Order # 6287889 placed on Nov. 26, 2013. Never received order. they hang up every time i call and try to resolve? Lake Mary, FL. Florida
 Order #: 6287889 placed on Nov. 26, 2013. Never receievd goods. Bought 3 ornaments for $9.99. No shipping info. was emailed. I call the company and get hung up on every time. I want proof of shipment or my full refund. This company is a scam obviously. Will never do groupon or printerpix again. BS, I should get what I paid for!
Entity: Lake Mary, Florida
23, Report #1196590
Dec 19 2014
02:24 PM
Printerpix is apparently a virtual non-company with invisible customer service; i.e., no one is home! Lake Mary Florida
Printerpix advertises on the internet and partners with reputable companies like Amazon Local to offer coupons for photo-picture products. They look good, but are totally a scam. I bought their Amazon Local coupon in late October 2014, redeemed it the next day and even got a message from Printerpix that my order was shipped. After three months of waiting for my shipment and trying to reach them by e-mail and telephone -- I HAVE HAD ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE BACK FROM THEM. My product was intended to be a Christmas gift, but oviously since today is December 19th, that is clearly not going to happen. What a ripoff!
Entity: Lake Mary, Florida
24, Report #1016911
Feb 21 2013
06:53 AM
Printerpix Rip off, waste of time, waste of money, poor customer service Middlesex, Other
Everything started with an offer on Groupon for photobooks. I thought it would be a good idea to get some photobooks for mine and my husband's family for Christmas, with our wedding photos. I ordered 4 books in November. First 2 arrived on time and were quite good. Then with the next 2 books (several days after), problems started. I got the third book which was poor quality, the cover looked really bad. As I found out later Printerpix run out of covers so the first 2 books had upgraded cover. This was a nice gusture but the problem was these 4 books were for our family so I needed them all to look the same. But I thought ok, I just wanted to get the last 2 despite the differences because I was already a bit worried with third book being poor quality and fourth being delayed. I was in a hurry because I needed to send 2 books abroad before Christmas, what obviously still hasn't happened! I finally received fourth book middle December and again poor quality. They were reprinting these photobooks a couple of times but they were still not a good quality. Books had black marks, black lines through pages, cut frames, damaged covers, strange colours etc. After a couple of weeks of them sending me rubbish books it got to the point where I've had enough! I left some comments on their facebook page but after some time they blocked me so I can only contact them by e-mail which takes ages for them to reply! On their facebook page there were so many comments with the same problems and eventually they deleted all the bad comments and probably blocked more people from leaving negative posts. I was asked to send one book back for them to investigate the quality issue but they claimed that they never got that book back... Now I am still waiting to get my last photobook. We exchanged some e-mails but nothing happened and I am waiting for their reply. They asked me again to send all the photobooks back but I am not going to do so untill I get my last photobook in a good condition! They don't respect customers so I don't have to respect their requests. We are in February now and I ordered the books in November. Nice Christmas gift... For Christmas next year?
Entity: Middlesex, Select State/Province
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Apr 01 2013
09:15 AM
PrinterPix Have been waiting since Feb 14 for a refund on 10 items Lake Mary, Florida
I purchased a Groupon for 10 books from PrinterPix. I then ordered 4 books January 29, and then ordered 6 more books February 8. All arrived with significant printing errors, such that I could not use them. The justification was way out of whack, and did not look that way in the online wizard I used to create the books. I followed all of their complaint procedures, taking a photo of the problem pages, submitting it to customer service, and mailing the books back using their prepaid label. Up to this point, PrinterPix was fine to work with. Since sending the books back, I have received little to no information. I contacted them once, and they confirmed the books were received February 14 and they would send it to the manager for rush processing. I've since contacted them twice more, and once on Facebook, all with the same response. We will send it to our manager for rush processing. How long should you have to wait to receive a refund on defective items? The worst part is that I have to also contact Groupon for a refund, and they will not refund my money until they have proof that PrinterPix has issued a refund for the shipping charges they charged me.
Entity: Lake Mary, Florida

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