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1, Report #377974
Oct 02 2008
02:32 PM
Cando Printing deceptive printing liars cando printing wrong stock Phoenix Arizona
I asked for 10,000 pocket folders to be printed on 80# cover. What I received was 10,000 folders printed on 8pt cover. They are about as thick as a #10 envelope. They flop over when you stand them up. When the shipment came, I wrote on the packing slip that the driver made me sign that they were unacceptable and on the wrong stock. Cando Printing is trying to tell me that the stock is as quoted. It is not. I asked for 80# cover which is pretty standard for a pocket folder. They have lied to me and claim that they are not receiving my emails when they had no problem receiving my emails when we were in the quoting phase. I just want them to reprint the job on 80# cover but they are refusing to do so. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau but they have not resolved the problem. Bgraphic Rockwall, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
2, Report #513018
Oct 21 2009
08:32 PM
Axess Printing Lies Lies Lies Cumming, Georgia
I sold Axess Printing  800 cartons of paper for printing their books. I spoke to Brandy Harris and Bill Moss prior to the sell. Bill negotiated the price with myself and my paper distributor. They owe us a total of 15,000.00. After several weeks of promises I asked Brandy who I needed to talk to about getting this invoice paid she told me that their accounting person was off site and his name is Rick Hawkins, but she couldn't give me his number becasue he was only part time and she would contact him. On other occassions she repeatedly told me that the check was already mailed and I would have it in a day or two. After hearing the same story over and over I asked the person who answered the phone (Alex) who is responsible for paying invoices for Axess Printing she told me Bill Moss.Bill Moss told me that Brandy had been running fraudulent credit card transactions and their credit card merchant put a freeze on their bank account for 6 months while they investigated. Bill said they were going after Brandy but she is no where to b found. Bill told me they were waiting on a new credit card merchant to allow them to processs credit cards. Then they would be able to pay the inovoice.After repeated calls to Bill he finally tells me I need to speak to Ed Busse. Ed made promises and even told me that check was in the mail. Needless to say still no check. I called Ed several times but I felt like I was talking to Brandy all over again. Lie after lie after lie.  Still no money
Entity: Cumming, Georgia
3, Report #811217
Dec 19 2011
08:37 AM
NYC Printing 123 Printing Services New York, New York
This place is a rip-off. Ordered some business cards rush. After the order was placed and paid for they emailed me to tell me they could not guarantee the accuracy of the trimming and asked if I was OK with the possibility of it being as much as 1/4th inch off. 1/4th of an inch off on something the size of a business card is absurd. I told them I was not OK with that and they should cancel the order and let me know once a refund had been made to my PayPal account. I never heard from them again despite calling and emailing them repeatedly for weeks/months. When I called I was always told that the manager would call me back. Ha! Never happened. At one point the person I was able to talk to by phone told me that he has been told that they do not give refunds on rush orders that are cancelled. No one at any time ever told me that and I placed this order by phone so I spoke to an actual person who certainly could have mentioned it before taking my money. Stay away from this operation. Nothing but a bunch of crooks.
Entity: New York, New York
4, Report #677140
Dec 31 2010
06:34 AM
Our company hired Peter Pryor to print business materials. After weeks & weeks of calling Peter Pryor he failed to return our calls. Finally after 13 weeks we received our business printed materials. It was wrong, Peter Pryor refuses to fix the errors, Peter Pryor of Las Vegas Nevada Ripped us off. He never returned our calls even though we paid him in full. Peter Pryor of Las Vegas Nevada is not an honorable person. If you want business printing avoid this service. Do not do business with this SCAM ARTIST. Do not let him print anything for your business. Most of his work is out sourced.
Entity: LAS VEGAS, Nevada
5, Report #1035843
Mar 18 2013
05:18 PM
Lee Printing Lee Printing is a Rip Off! Internet
A made a large book order over at Lee Printing.  When I received my order, two weeks late, the colors were completely off.  I think they may have run out of yellow ink because all of the colors were way too purple.  The alignment was also off and I have words being cut off on the top right corner of just about every page. I tried to call and get a refund.  They did not pick up the phone. I tried again the next day and they still did not pick up.   I sent them quite a few angry exponentially angry emails, until finally I got a response saying they were not going to refund my money.  The best they could do was reprint the order, which would take an additional 4 weeks and they wanted to charge me for the extra supplies.  These are money hungry horrible businessmen!
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #1056518
Jun 05 2013
05:42 AM
Red Eye Printing Graphics printing vinyl banners posters photography Sevierville Tennessee
Ok Last weekend I went & purchased some vinyl wall decals from Red Eye Printing (aka Red Eye Photography) at the exit 407 flea market. We had a conversation through facebook messages beforehand about price, size, material, etc. when I arrived at the flea market to pick up my decals I was informed they were not made from the reusable material like I had been told by the owner *LIE#1*, the lady taking care of me calls the owner to get pricing & confirms they are the same as what I had been told however when I checked my credit card account I had been overcharged by $10 *LIE#2* .It gets better! I get home & try to apply the stickers to my walls & they won't separate from the clear top sheet of plastic! So I try to get answers from the owner, he reads my messages but doesn't respond for several hours.(I love how Facebook shows you what time a message was read!) when he does respond he says follow the instructions on my website. I then explained I did follow the instructions, he responds I don't know what else  to do it must be your walls are dirty. (But I have other decals all throughout my house that I have had no trouble with) when I confronted him about being overcharged his excuse was a convenience fee & the price went up on the decals because I only bought 2. First off you have to tell someone when your charging them a fee & I was never told that so many would have to be purchased to get the quoted price. He offered to pay me back for the convenience if I drive all the way to Sevierville to pick it up, no thanks I already wasted $15 in gas to pick these useless decals up in the first place. He refuses to reprint my decals or refund me for the purchase amount. So my advice would be to run hard & run fast. This business owner lied to me & cheated me. 
Entity: Sevierville, Tennessee
7, Report #1077112
Aug 19 2013
01:42 PM
Printing Men RanySinia Took money for printing, then vanished Toronto Ontario Canada
I saw an ad for this company on Kijiji and ordered 5,000 flyers from them on August 9, 2013. I paid for redesigning and typesetting via PayPal and Interact money transfer and was told my order would be ready in 3 - 5 business days. I contact the company on August 15 and received an email from Sonia saying she would let me know when I could pick up my order and contact me shortly. As of August 19, 2013 I have sent 6 emails, called a dozen times and left several voice mails, but the company has refused to contact me and has not told me anything about my flyer order. I am left to conclude that I will not see my flyers or a refund at all. My experience with this company has been very bad and I can't give them a positive review. I had hoped things would go well as I was looking for a new printer.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
8, Report #900477
Jun 20 2012
02:39 PM,, idsketch, sticker printing, folder printing Internet AKA's AKA's reviews worst experience in my whole life. ordered some stickers on vinyl   Firstly they over charged my credit card 2 months ago. 2ndly, they misused my credit card on the same day and did over $5000 shopping on it and lastly my order is still not received yet. when i contact them they just deny that i ever placed any order with them. I have now reported them to police and involved my lawer in this matter, they do not accept any legal papers on their premisses as they dont have any physical location or shop. Only a POBOX is written on their website. You are warned and advised not to trust that company
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #660344
Nov 10 2010
08:33 AM
Be advised that Interstate Printing & Graphics are using revenue owed on financial and contractual obligations to operate and pay employees. All of which is done while leaving vendors and suppliers in a state of non-payment.    This company feels it is their right to pay invoices at their discretion, if at all. Be wary that if you do business with this company, there is a good chance that you are purchasing product/services that have not been paid for, and consequently, are enabling this behavior.    Most, if not all of Interstate's employees are aware of this matter, yet no one will come forth to discuss it. Several employees have repeatedly refused to return calls, faxes, or emails, or kept an appoitment to discuss these issues. Both current and potential customers and vendors of Interstate Printing & Graphics should think twice before entering into business agreements with this comapny.
Entity: Mobile, Alabama
10, Report #795254
Nov 04 2011
05:59 PM
sir cooper printing never delivered a usable product internet
i chose sir cooper for a 2'x3' poster that i needed for a client.   i waited for a proof but instead received the poster in the mail.  there was an error that was not caught because of receiving no proof.  i contacted them, and they offered a replacement.  i resent the file and the poster was shipped again, and this time was of extremely poor quality.  i contacted them again to let them know of the horrible color errors in the poster, and also sent them photos of the two side by side.   they promised a replacement, but it never came.  i contacted them to ask for my money back, but did not receive it.  they don't respond to my emails, but do continue to send me their promotional mailers.  i would never use this company again.  the quality of the work is shoddy, and the service slow to non-existent.  they are very dishonest.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #719499
Apr 19 2011
12:58 PM
Kelly Printing Supplies Total RIP OFF! Doesn't back customer service , Internet
I was contacted by Kelly Printing Supplies inquiring about out printing supplies ( ink cartridges), I agreed to try them, so they were going to send me 4 to try out. A couple weeks later they called to confirm the other 8 I ordered ( I didn't order any additional), I told them I didn't order any, they said they have already been shipped out. At that point I had tried the black ones and they seemed to be working fine, so I agreed on the other 8. The cartridges were working fine, up until my printer came up with this message Wrong Ink Cartridge for printer, then all the fun started! I called the customer service number, and a the receptionist answered and informed me in a very rude voice We don't do returns! So I asked her to connect me with my 'sales rep' named Lee. He was very helpful up until talking about the return, he informed me that they never do cash refunds! This company is very shady, they claim that they are saving you money, however if the product was good, they would offer a refund. Do Not Do Business with this shady company!
Entity: Internet, Internet
12, Report #247493
May 08 2007
03:15 PM
Good Impressions Printing GIP BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE Liars Thieves and Cheats Tempe Arizona
Decided to do a $3,000 printing job that had to be done on time. Called many real printing companies and then I saw these low lifes on line. Called them and some slick lying sales woman said she could do the job that was needed right away and for exactly how much could be spent. She demanded 1/2 down to even look at the job. So they got paid, they took my money. So all of the information got sent, and GUESS WHAT, now you can't get them on the phone!!!! Scum bags to the end. So for a week they get called and called, now the printing is not done, they took the money, and could go out of business because of these thieves. So if you want to get ripped-off, go to G.I.P. what a gip!!! I say call the Feds, cause I'm sure they will want to send these guys to jail! David flagstaff, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Tempe, Arizona
13, Report #1036152
Mar 19 2013
02:11 PM
Lee Printing Black and White instead of Color! jacksonville, Florida
My Company made a large order from Lee Printing.  We ordered 2000 pages in full color.  They came back all in black and white, a few days late.  I even had a confirmation email with the order in color.  They would not give me a refund.  They told me the order was too big to refund and they claimed I wrote down the color option in the wrong spot and I should have put it in the headline of the order.  THey are very busy and don't have time to look over the whole order.  I have never had such bad customer service in my entire life.
Entity: jacksonville, Florida
14, Report #1036286
Mar 19 2013
10:04 PM
Lee Printing they charged an outrageous internet charge. jacksonville, Florida
Ok these guys really are such a rip off.  Never use them.  They told me to do my printing on their computers and then they charged me such an insane internet fee.  They never told me that the computers had a fee per minute. They were so rude about it and It really up set me.  I hate when companies have hidden fees.   
Entity: jacksonville, Florida
15, Report #1035862
Mar 18 2013
05:59 PM
Lee Printing KorTx system has more bugs then an ancient plague jacksonville, Florida
My company, which will remain nameless hired lee printing for our printing needs.  They told us to use the Kor-Tx system which is supposed to be some hi-tech customized printing software to help us print everything  we could need and even assist in graphic design.  This software was littered with bugs.  Pages wouldn't load, printing would look nothing like it did on screen, sometimes after an hour of setting a big print shop up, the whole thing would crash and we would have to start over.  Our IT guy couldn't help and just kept blaming lee printing.  Any time we tried to get a hold of Lee Printing on the phone it was nearly impossible.  When we finally did get a hold of them they were rude and blamed us for everything and provided no help what so ever.  Be careful of this new system and of Lee printing in general.  
Entity: jacksonville, Florida
16, Report #1050624
May 13 2013
03:03 PM
Printing For U Terrible quality and untrustworthy Brooklyn New York
Was looking to get 1000 booklets printed for my client and found this business because it was a drive-able distance, from Queens. I called many places and based my selection on the turnaround time, price and the educated designer that was helping with the formatting and preparation, this was reassuring. I assumed a printing company would have the capability of printing at a high professional quality. But I was wrong and should have done a better job looking at the ratings online. I'm not the first unhappy customer... You live and you learn.After I received the batch I personally thought they were poor quality. I wanted to see what my client thought... So I brought the batch back to my office and my client was sad, rightfully so, for many reasons. The staples were ripping through inner pages. The finger prints were obvious and the paper, after touched once, had marks on it. The card stock was too thin even though they recommended the 100# paper weight. There was a feint white line that was produced and almost on every copy which was not part of the design. My client was unhappy and I couldn't agree more with him, it was just unacceptable.I called and spoke to Alex, not the owner, his staff who deals with these types of matters. He told me that he assumed I was familiar with printing because the design was very nice. DESIGNERS DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT PRINTING MATERIALS, which I explained to him. After some unproductive conversation, and unwillingness to accept the fault and poor quality, I expressed that my client needed the job for a convention which was 4 days away. He said it would not be impossible. That's not good enough.I looked around the web and found a fantastic printer in Manhattan. They were able to get 25% of the job done within 3 hours and the remainder the next business day! Amazing quality, almost night and day. They even paused a couple jobs to fit me in there because of the time crunch. I ended up needing to pay double the normal price because it was expedited due to the time constraint and the poor service from PRINTING FOR U.My advice to PRINTING FOR U is to not patronize customers, don't assume your customers know what you know, and just be nicer... so rude so many levels. I will never deal with this company again and do not recommend them to anyone. HIGHLY UNRELIABLE AND UNPROFESSIONAL. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
17, Report #1120481
Feb 03 2014
12:01 PM
Willy Walt Printing Missed critical deadline; terrible customer service St. Petersburg Florida
I ordered materials for a conference after I was assured on the phone and by email that the materials would be printed in a day and then shipped to me in time. When I did not receive them 24 hours before I needed them, I found out they had been produced but not shipped yet. Willy Walt could have sent them to me in time, but they refused to pay for the additional cost of ovenight shipping. They told me they would destroy the product and give me a refund, but would not meet the agreed-upon deadline by paying extra to get them to me on time!! Only if I paid the extra $50, would they send me the materials. On the phone, they made it seem like I was unreasonable for expecting them to meet their promised deadline. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone.   
Entity: St. Petersburg, Florida
18, Report #1236332
Jun 17 2015
07:12 PM
Falcon Printing and Copying Do Business Elsewhere Vienna Virginia
Falcon Printing and Copying located at 1921 Gallows Rd in Vienna Virginia is a terrible place to do business. The staff is very unprofessional and lack basic customer service skills. The business is run by individuals with little to no experience in the industry and their end product is mediocre at best. Please think about going elsewhere for your business needs as you will be very disspointed with their services. Stay away from the Falcon Print Lab in Tysons Croner as well same owners. 
19, Report #1305393
May 13 2016
11:35 AM
Entity: Canada
20, Report #1224044
Apr 22 2015
07:53 AM
We made an inquiry on the internet through the website.  At first she was so willing to help (go figure)  Sent her the text/images we wanted included on the doorhangers, along with the cc info for the $8 design fee.  An auto reply said that our files were received and we would have a proof in 1 hour, 20 hrs passed and we inquired and were told that was an autoreply but that because no mock up of our design was done that it would be 2-3 days.   One day later we got the mock up and sent in a few changes, mostly removing text.  There was NEVER a return of the mock up and no communication since.   THen she attempted to charge our credit card.  Fortunately, in the time it took to learn this lesson we came across all of the negative reviews about Lady Printing and we notified our cc company not to accept any further charges from this company. Mandi and LADY PRINTING are a joke and a SCAM
Entity: Seminole, Florida
21, Report #1379420
Jun 15 2017
08:37 PM
Eurada Printing Gary Stone sending junk 100 pages of fax Pennsylvania Internet
Sending unsolicited faxes to advertise his company, upon request to remove our fax, he got mad and started sending 100 pages of fax in the middle of the night.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1418680
Dec 22 2017
11:23 AM
Infinity Printing Supplies (IPS) Ink Cartridges are defective Granada Hills California
We received some ink cartridges from Infinity Printing Supplies. At first the cartridges worked in our printer just fine. After the first round of cartridges Infinity sent us were empty, we used the other shipment that they sent us. Each cartridge that we put in our printer now says that it is damaged and we can't use them. I am currently trying to send all of the cartridges back and get a refund. They are also very secretive on the phone when they call. If the person whose name is on the account is not available they will not leave a message or tell my staff the name of their company so I can call them back. Looking back on it now that should have been a RED FLAG. Be cautious when dealing with this company and do not accept anything free from them in the beginning. 
Entity: Granada Hills, California
23, Report #436516
Mar 22 2009
01:26 PM
BusinessMax - Vista Printing, I placed a one-time printing order with Vista Printing and have been getting charged monthly by BusinessMax ever since Norwalk Connecticut
I placed an online order with Vista printing. Soon after, my credit card statements reflect a monthly charge of 14.95 from AP9 BUSINESSMAX-V every month on each statement. I just called their number 888-840-6296 and cancelled the charge via their recorded system which states you agreed to our membership by clicking a pop-up ad on a partner Web site. I have a pop-up blocker--and I would never, ever click on a pop-up ad. I am an independent small businessman with a hectic schedule and a family. I feel stupid and ripped off because I was just reviewing my monthly statements for tax season and saw all these monthly charges. They have been charging me $14.95 per month since November of 2007. That's $239.20 they have stolen from me! How could I be so stupid? Because they are very crafty and clever in their thievery, the name they use, the way they do this. They should be ashamed of themselves and I want to pursue this to make them pay me back for what they have stolen. RJ Boston, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Norwalk, Connecticut
24, Report #765407
Aug 15 2011
01:00 PM
kc printing & promotions Keith Simpson Low Quality Irresponsible Cheap Printing Out of Garage printing Carson, California
I recently ordered business cards from KC printing & promotions on July 26, 2011. On August 12, 2011 I received my order HOLY %$@# What a disappointment!! I will NEVER order anything from them again!! The online proof they showed me of what my business cards would look like DID NOT match the crappy business cards that I received.  The guy I ordered from Keith Simpson which come to find out is a one man mom and pop shop, he so misrepresented himself claiming it was a big business he was not even rated with the BBB. It was so hard to understand he sounded like he was drunk or high or both he had a bigger lisp than Sylvester the Cat. I bet he could not say sally sells sea shells by the sea shore without drenching the phone. All he was interested was talking about the money. He even said to meet him at the Home Depot center parking lot and give him cash. Wow what a desperate guy. My instinct told me not to do it seemed too good to be true, but I did it anyway. What a mistake their printing sucked it was right to the edge of the card and it looked so SLOPPY! (Nothing like the proof) They printed the copy right to the edge and even cut off letters! What would a customer think of you as a business person if you used such sloppy cards? They would probably worry that if this type of business card is acceptable to you then what else do you think will be acceptable in your work that really isnt? Just like the sloppy and crappy job that KC printing & promotions did on these cards is totally UNACCEPTABLE!!! They DID NOT print these cards properly and it was a HUGE waste of money! The cards I ordered were 2 sided full color cards. The proof shows plenty of white space around my logo on the front of my card and plenty of white space around the text/copy on the back of my cards BUT take a look at the CRAPPY cards they sent me. The logo is printed right  to the edge and looks horrible. The text/copy on the back is also printed right to the edge and partially cut-off. I would NEVER give these to a potential customer as a representation of my business! would you?! How did KC printing & promotions reply? Here is their reply: Thank you for choosing KC printing & promotions for your printing needs. I apologize that your order had not come out as you had expected. However, all sales at KC printing & promotions are final and we do not offer re-prints or refunds on any orders. Thank you again for choosing KC printing & promotions. CEO Keith Simpson KC printing & promotions The same guy that took my order, collects money, and deals with customer problems, and now hes the CEO??? This guy is definitely not a savvy business man. Then he has the audacity to email me to try and sell me some tickets that he is scouping for cheap to an event at the home depot, after all that! What a JOKE? This is a sure sign of a scam company and my prediction is that they WILL NOT be in business very long. How short-sighted is it to not refund or reprint the job since now I will NEVER re-order from them and I will tell everyone I know about my experience. They sell other printing services such as flyers, brochure and presentation folders all of which I will need at some point. So they can keep my $40.00 but only to lose THOUSANDS of dollars in future sales from me. O DUMB! What do you think? Are you sick of companies like KC printing & promotions misrepresenting themselves and scamming consumers, treating customers like they dont matter? I only lost $40 but c'mon - it's the principle! KC printing & promotions has to be the worst printing company ever!
Entity: Carson, California
25, Report #767129
Aug 19 2011
09:07 AM
Standard Screen Printing Fast Screen Printing Mis-represented their abilities; Ignored Customer Requirements; Provided a Sub-Standard Product; Poor Customer Service Clinton, Iowa
Standard Screen Printers delivered a very large order for t-shirts that were nothing like the 'proof' that was submitted to us.  They ignored our repeated concerns about the quality and clarity of the design as presented as well as implicit instructions that a positive proof be provided prior to printing the order.  In numerous conversations and emails with their sales rep, Ericka, I explained our previous problems with another printer that had printed over 50 dozen shirts (with the same design submitted) that were absolutely un-acceptable.  I was assured, guaranteed, repeatedly that my instructions would be met, the quality would be EXACTLY as I expected, and that a proof that would exactly represent the final product would be provided prior to printing the order.They would not provide such a 'proof' without a check in hand for the order.  The order was then held long enough for the check to clear and then printed and shipped without submitting the proof as required.Once the check for the order was received, contact with them essentially ceased.  Several emails and telephone calls were all ignored.  When I received notice that the order had shipped, several more emails and irate calls wee made in an attempt to contact Ericka about why my instructions were ignored.  No contact was made until after the order was received; several more irate calls and emails were ignored and finally I was told that my concerns were 'being reviewed'. Several days later, I was informed by 'Jeff' that they had reviewed my order and that they did the best we could with the artwork provided.  When asked why I wasn't told that this was the best they could do prior to accepting my order rather than assuring me that my artwork would be reproduced EXACTLY as submitted, I was again ignored and essentially told tough-$h*t!This company acted in an extremely unprofessional, deceptive manner.  They delivered a product that, I believe, they knew was un-acceptable.  They do not can one iota for a satisfied customer; their only concern was to get the check and then screw the customer.  I can't believe they are allowed to stay in business.
Entity: Clinton, Iowa

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