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26, Report #842313
Feb 20 2012
04:52 PM
NYC Printing 123 Refusal for refund after unusable product was delivered. Incompetent printing skills. Shocking and unprofessional customer service skills. Nothing better than thieves. Internet, Internet
ABSOLUTE THIEVES. Incompetent in all elements of their business. They were asked to do a simple print job of a block color on 5mm foam board and instead of printing as asked, they painted the foam board which of course made the foam board buckle, bend and warp. We are now consulting lawyers to get the refund that is warranted as they have refused to give a refund on a job that was delivered and was unusable. I have every hope that our court action will take this company down.
Entity: Internet, Internet
27, Report #1083944
Sep 12 2013
10:51 AM
Kelly Printing Supplies KPS, Kelly Printing Scam!!! Sells re-manufactured cartridges that are not high quality... Las Vegas Nevada
Second call in two days, Normally get one to two a month claiming, I told them that I wanted them to call me back when their new jumbo yield cartridges come out. I refuse their service each and everytime and tell them I am not interested.I always ask, are these original OEM cartridges from the mfg of our printer? I always get a no, but they are better than the OEM. I always tell them I am not interested.Today was different, the sales lady tried to tell me that they were original brother toners, just packed in a Kelly Printing box and they were NOT re-manufactured cartridges. I told her I know better, the 20-30 other times sales people have called they have told me that they ARE re-manufactured and are not OEM, but better. She told me that I must have been refering to a different printing company. I told her I wasn't, I just talked to them yesterday. She hung up on me :)I wish they would stop calling trying to sell me their junk cartridges that I do not want to try before I buy, in the event they mess my printer up! Very shady company and products!!
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
28, Report #1159025
Jul 02 2014
09:12 AM
Rockstar Screen Printing/Fast t**z Screen Printing Mesa Arizona
When we first started we used Tim's company for our first printing of shirts. On the phone the guy was great, he said he would make the shirts look amazing, if the shirt colors we chose didnt look right he would let us know. Tim's a really good salesman on the phone, he talked about tons of work he does out of Vegas. He sold Rockstar Screen Printing like a 4 star company.  But a little red flag came up when he said he didnt want to use PayPal for our order because of the fee's etc... so we trusted him & gave our credit card over the phone. After doing it I notice the other calls he said he would give us before he started printing stopped. So I thought about it & after a day or so I cancelled my credit card because I just had a weird feeling about the guy.  Now Tim never did anything with our credit card number, he didnt charge anything extra - but we never gave him the chance too. I want to make that perfectly clear. I emailed him no response, over & over. But when I wrote him from another email pretending to be someone else I got a response in less than a day! He said the shirts would be done over the weekend, in less then a week, etc. We didnt get those shirts for close to a month! Plus they were smashed into the smallest boxes possible to save on shipping. (We've used a ton of other companies since & none have done this, they are folded with care. Not Rockstar! Now as for the actual shirts they were horrible!!! It was a simple design, his mockup look nothing like the actual shirts! The design wasn't 3 finger lengths from the shirt collar. Some were 3 most were 5 or more fingers. Whats even worse out of the 100 shirts we got printed I'd say 75 of them were crooked! Im not saying slightly crooked but like to the point anyone with a business in their basement would never even have send it!! We got another shirt design in the same order & the mockup had the design huge on the shirt like we wanted - but the shirts we got the design was more than 50% smaller then the mockup. It was even close to what he promised. Like I said at the time we just started & $750 was alot of money, this was our first printing & this jerk could careless on the product. 75% of the shirts were drastically crooked!! Plus the colored shirts he said he would let us know if there would be to dark for the black ink. He never did that he just printed all 15 brown shirts with black ink where you cant even see the design! Hey if you printed 1 & sent us that bad one, fine thats understandable... But to print 15? Your printing, taking the shirts off, setting up the printing station 4 times & printing another & another & another in the same color 15 times??? We couldn't use more than 75% of both orders & to this day I look at the few we have left, because we used them rags to clean up stuff or where them as shirts to work in. But everytime I look in the mirror at all these crooked shirts that Tim & Rockstar Printing is a true incompetent scumbag. I see since we made our orders he must have gotten so many bad reviews he just changed the name of the company. 
Entity: Mesa, Arizona, Select State/Province
29, Report #1267019
Nov 10 2015
11:50 AM
M3 Printing Christine Ramos RIP OFF!!! Do not do business with these people! Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Real low life people we are dealing with here.  We ordered menus for our restaurant.  The printer sent us a hard copy proof to review.  We liked the proof so we gave approval to print the job.  When they were completed I sent an employee to pick them up.  When we got the menus we noticed the colors were way off.  We immediately called the vendor and told them about the mistake thinking that they would reprint for us.  They not only refused to reprint but also threatened us.  The owner was very unreasonable and refused to take ownership for the mistake.  After four phone calls the issue could not be resolved and the statement was made that if they reprint they would lose money.  How do you own a business and make that statement?  Screw the customer - gimme my money.  Low lifes.  We went ahead and stopped payment on the credit card then ordered elsewhere.  They did not dispute the stop payment with American Express because they KNEW they were in the wrong and we could prove it.  Instead they went to small claims court and sued the employee that picked up the menus.  They knew for a fact that we would not go through the aggravation of hiring a lawyer to go to Filthydelphia.  We didn't and paid them instead.  Since money is so important rather than customer satisfaction then these people will truly burn in ****!  Scumbags.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
30, Report #2025
Apr 10 2000
12:00 AM
Printers International Printing Company From Hell
In May 98, I placed a telephone order for some business cards and 4-color flyers with Printers International: 433 Chestnut St., Pottstown, PA 19464. The person I spoke with was Mr. Marlon Palmer, Sr. VP of the company. The total cost of this job, including shipping and handling, was $1,745, which I paid in full at that time. Right from the start, this job was a complete disaster, filled with lots of mistakes and delays. In August 98 (3 months into a job that was only supposed to take 3 weeks), Mr. Palmer delivered just 10% of the job, then actually demanded I give him a positive recommendation before continuing. When I refused, he retaliated by flat-out refusing to print my business cards, or deliver the portion of the flyers he had already printed, unless I sent him a notarized letter stating that his sloppy work was exceptional. He then raised my shipping charges by hundreds of dollars, and threatened to bring criminal charges of harassment against ME if I dare tried calling him to complain about any of this! As if that wasnt bad enough, he then put all of this in writing on falsified criminal court documents--documents he himself printed to make it seem as though he had the backing of the court behind him. Ive had those documents checked out by both the criminal and civil courts, and even the police, and everyone assured me that not only were they 100% fake, but 100% illegal. Eventually, because I wouldnt comply with his outrageous demands, he had my flyers (which were already bought and paid for) destroyed. I complained to just about every agency you can think of, including the Secret Service and the FBI.. I even contacted the local paper in Pottstown to give them my story. However, they told me Mr. Palmer has such an infamous reputation around town as, The Local Character, that a story about another one of his crazy antics would hardly be considered newsworthy. Since I was unable to get much assistance from anyone, I finally had to take my case to the Pennsylvania Small Claims Court. Since I live in New York City, this meant I would have to take a 3-Hr. trip (each way) to Pottstown, PA. Mr. Palmer didnt even bother showing up for the trial, so I automatically won the case by default. On Sept. 15, 1999, one year and four months after this nightmare began, I was finally awarded a judgment for almost double the amount I paid for the job. Until paid, this judgment will go on Mr. Palmers credit record as an outstanding debt, preventing him or his company from obtaining any loans or credit. Based on what I know about Mr. Palmer, I think its highly unlikely Ill ever see a dime of this award. Believe it or not, Im O.K. with that, in fact, I couldnt be happier. You see, at this point, my goal is to do as much damage to this company as I possibly can. The fact that I now have a REAL judgment from a REAL court, makes my story much more attractive to a number of media outlets. The damage of paying me the few thousand dollars they owe me, is nothing compared to the damage of losing a twenty, thirty or fifty-thousand dollar printing job from a potential client who happens to hear about this story. As I continue to spread the word about the illegal activities of the company, its only going to be a matter of time before Printers International is reduced to little more than a nasty memory! WARNING: This is just the tip of the iceberg of all my problems with this company. If you, or anyone you know, are shopping around for a commercial printing company, you owe it to yourselves to remember the names: MARLON PALMER and PRINTERS INTERNATIONAL. What happened to me may not necessarily happen to you, but as the saying goes: A Word to the Wise is Sufficient.
Entity: Pottstown, Pennsylvania
31, Report #804659
Dec 03 2011
05:58 PM
TigerPress TigerPress Online Bad Quality Printing Northampton, Massachusetts
TigerPress charges a good price for digital printing but the price reflects their! The first batch of copies of the magazine were printed so badly and were not even passable. There was not only discoloration, but a scratch so deep that it created a dent. It showed up on 95% of all of the copies.I sent them back to be reprinted and the second batch was just as bad. There was no print color issues but the cutting was absoluletly horrible!! Some of the copies looked as if they were ripped right out of the machine, most of the copies cut off words and the front and back cover did not match up evenly at all.I emailed a representative and they were very inconsiderate of the inconvenience it has caused my company. They gave no discount or rate change at all, even though it was their screw up which made my issue come out late. I will NEVER work with TigerPress again!
Entity: Northampton, Massachusetts
32, Report #1100310
Nov 18 2013
12:07 PM Unacceptable poor quality printing. No response to complaint. NY
I ordered business cards from The customer service before I put in the order was great. However, the quality of the products turned out to be simply unacceptable: all the business cards have frayed edges, and there are scatches and white dots all over them. These business cards look awful, and I'd be very embarassed to give them to anyone. I contacted the company about the issue, now the once all responsive customer service never even deigned to get back to me. Which leaves me the only option to toss these cards in the garbage and never do business with again. What a terrible experience.
Entity: Select State/Province
33, Report #1306146
May 17 2016
03:41 PM
Connie Fielding $5,000 printing bill still unpaid Orem Utah
Of course it's someone else's fault. It always is. I am still unpaid from several years back, for printing services and data base cleanup for the amount of $5,000.00. You really had a good thing going. The thing is, I got paid thousands of dollars for numerous other jobs, until one day you say we did shotty work; I did copy editing also for her. She used the legalese on me too and the threats. She wrote the check to pay me, then closed the checking account that afternoon. She seems kind of unbalanced in the head the last few years, so be very wary in dealing with her.
34, Report #611589
Jun 08 2010
11:15 AM
I ordered several Real Estate branding products via this company and the quality was so poor that I tried to return it.  They kept me going for weeks and months and kept saying the complaint was lost, being reviewed, is being processed - finally I just gave up and ate the costs.  Very poor quality work for business cards, photos, and postcards.   Please do not use them.
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #1290645
Feb 29 2016
10:59 AM
Infinity Printing Services Allstate Imaging, Green Tech Imaging, Infinity Imaging Supplies Fraud, Harrassment, Ink Cartridges, Telemarketing Granada Hills Ca
I was contacted by a sales person from Infinity Printing Supplies about a promotion they were having to save money on ink cartridges.  We usually go through one set of black/color ink cartridges every other month... sometimes every 3rd month.  So I agreed to have 2 sent, and they threw in and extra for free as a thank you for trying the product.  The following week,  I received a call about payment  offering a 3% discount if I paid via bank draft... that was ok, and I made the payment.  Next,  I received a call thanking me for the prompt payment. They went on to tell me that I would be receiving 12 additional 9 cartridges I had agreed to.. I was never told anything about that, and when I mentioned that, the woman (Michelle) told me that we had a contract for 15 cartridges, but she would cut it back to 12 and send me the additional 9 to complete the service.  Unhappily, I agreed.  So the 9 cartridges arrivel.  And the phone call for payment comes.  This time offering a 2% discount for paying over the phone.  Payment complete.   And the phone call comes... telling us they are scheduling our next shipment of 12 cartridges.  Repeatedly we told the woman (again, Michelle) that we do not need any more ink cartridges.  She stated that 12 more were required to fulfill our committment.  After speaking to her manager Rosie, we were told that they do not even have contracts at their company! This is a scam!  I filed a complaint with the BBB for Scott Co, IA and I hope no one else gets harrassed by these people!
Entity: Internet
36, Report #472171
Jul 22 2009
09:25 AM
Bulldog Printing COmpany / American Indian PrintingBulldog Printing Company / American Indian Printing Do not buy from this man, He is a cheat and a Liar Greensboro North Carolina
Be Aware. Do not go to work for this man, he will promise you the world. First off he has cheated so many people out of hard earned cash on printing that cost him little or nothing to do, Also he is so unfair to his employees. He is a big talker and could care less about the little people that make the company. I had a High end job and left becasue he promised me everything. a raise in 90 days. Paid time off for sick days, vacation time I never got. He says one thing one day and then tells you not to do it the next day or he didn't say that. he is totally unorganized and then pays someone to clean up his mess only to let them go. He had two employees there for over a year and then let them go because his wife didn't like them. I guess thats why he let me go as well. I had a great job with great pay and even a expense account, I did a great job for him, but I also know how he cheats everyone out of thier money. He doesn't care about you unless you are a Big corporate customer that pays him thousands of dollars to get his work. Ask the unemployment office how many people have had to file because of him and now my life has gone to hell in a hand basket. He picks and chooses who he wants to work with, but doesn't realize it's the little ones that make the business. Just beware of his promises. of course its not his fault it's always the other one's fault. Thanks for nothing! Thanks for the past due bills, Thanks for me almost loosing my home, Thanks for treating people like shit. and you call yourself a christian. I just wish everyone knew exactly how you are. Brokeinnc nomoney, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Greensboro, North Carolina
37, Report #83949
Mar 15 2004
02:26 PM
King Printing & Graphics ripoff, bad business, complaint, dishonest, take your money, no product, bad product, Brandon Florida
We are a small company who has ordered product from this company in the past with no trouble. However, in a recent attempt to purchase legal paper with company letter head turned into a $130.00 dollar mistake with no letter head. The letterhead was available for pick up on 03/15/04 from King Printing & Graphics. When given the finished product, the product was in error. The wrong paper was printed upon, not the finished product we had asked to duplicate from our previous order. King Printing kept the product that was in error and the $130.00 dollar payment, and made no effort to resolving the sisuation and still kept the $130.00 plain paper mistake. Plain paper anyone could purchase at any given office supply store and make there own letter head for print or copy within a office. We attempted to contact this company 3 times, all of which they tried to lay fault on us. They would however, print another letter head at a 25% discount, but still would pocket the $130.00. The owner was very rude, and if this has happened to anyone in the past, please beware if you use this Printing Company. Melissa Brandon, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Brandon, Florida
38, Report #539606
Dec 15 2009
08:08 AM
Printing By Designs Nothing But Lies, Deceit, & Purposely Setting Out To Commit FRAUD & LARCENY! Little River, South Carolina
I, like many others went online to research a leasing co. to lease a business machine for my fast growing printing business. Once the contacts were made, everything felt normal. Even when they had ask for the first and last month payment in advance. What started sending the red flags was the contract they sent, not the application & their statement that I had been approved for 150K in business machine leases, I was only seeking 69K. Still not questioning anything, I sent them the contact back and a business check for $2,660.00 as per their request. Once the received it they said they needed a cashier's check..... HHHMMMM I agreed and went and purchased one, then sent it to them, with the understanding that Jason was going to send my check back. Well, not only did he not send the check back but he tried to cash that check along with the cashier's check...... WOW, What a guy..... Once I realized that it was all a fraud, it was too late. The money was gone, & Jason is gone.......TO EVERYONE be aware of everything. No matter how sweet the deal is, it probably isn't. I do wish the authorities would step in, but, well you know.
Entity: Little River, South Carolina
39, Report #382012
Oct 16 2008
05:55 PM
Hot Gloss Printing Promised a shipment of postcards and business cards and failed then became very nasty about it. Sacramento, California Nationwide
An order was placed using their Guarenteed 48 hour turn around. Upon calling to confirm as it was important to get the postcards in time for a mailing, they said an important calendar job came in and my order would not be received until 240 hours later! When I mentioned how important the postcards, I was told the other job was more important. I asked to cancel the post cards because I would not get them in time for the mailing and she abruptly said I'll just throw your whole order away. She was rude and very short with me. I paid for a service that was never received. Artist glendale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Sacramento, Arizona
40, Report #382015
Oct 16 2008
06:11 PM
Hot Gloss Printing Promised a shipment of postcards and business cards and failed then became very nasty about it. Sacramento, California
An order was placed using their Guarenteed 48 hour turn around. Upon calling to confirm as it was important to get the postcards in time for a mailing, they said an important calendar job came in and my order would not be received until 240 hours later! When I mentioned how important the postcards, I was told the other job was more important. I asked to cancel the post cards because I would not get them in time for the mailing and she abruptly said I'll just throw your whole order away. She was rude and very short with me. I paid for a service that was never received. Artist glendale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Sacramento, Arizona
41, Report #445547
Apr 21 2009
02:37 PM
Wall Printing Poor Quality, Nonpayment of Commissions, Withholding of 401K Contributions High Point North Carolina
As a former customer of Wall Printing, I had the unfortunate experience of having job after job come back with substandard quality. In their defense, they always made it right by reprinting - but this wreaked havoc on my deadlines, and oftentimes my jobs were late. I still keep in touch with my former sales rep (who has since left the company), and I have learned that not only he, but he and TWO others were never paid commissions that they had earned while at Wall Printing. Apparently, the owner thinks that once they have left the company, they are no longer entitled to any monies they had earned while working there. Lastly, rumor around town is that Wall Printing has been withholding 401K contributions from their employees paychecks, and NEVER FUNDING the actual accounts. Now this is only the word on the street, so take it as such. There may be some, little, or no basis to it. However, it doesn't seem like something that would be made up. Beware of this company. There are too many good printing companies out there to deal with this. Truthseeker High Point, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: High Point, North Carolina
42, Report #735093
May 31 2011
10:37 AM
Nyc Printing 123 Terrible quality with no refunds. Deceptive. Deceitful They just want your money. New York, New York
Basically, I ordered 10 shirts for same day delivery. Upon pick up the t-shirts were terrible quality. The heat set material did not adhere to the shirts and they looked like they had been worn. I explained to Julio the salesman that I could not sign off on the shirts, as they were in terrible shape. He agreed, and said it looked as though something was wrong with the machine. I asked if I could take one shirt to show my boss and he said that would be fine, and if my boss didn't like it to return it and we could try and reprint more in time or I could get a refund. At no time did he ever say that by taking one I was signing off on all of them. I even explained that I didn't want to sign off on them. The next day I called to let Julio know that the shirts were needed for the morning and thus, could not be reprinted in time, so we would need a refund. I left a message with someone because Julio wasn't around. Now I can't get a refund and I didn't get any t-shirts. The company said they'll reprint them, but I needed them the day I printed them. Hence the rush job, hence the extra cost. Now I have paid for nothing and they won't return my money.
Entity: New York, New York
43, Report #955766
Oct 16 2012
11:32 AM
BatMedia Publishing & Printing BatMedia Doesn't Pay Their Bills: Has Judgement & Tax Liens Against Them Pinecrest, Florida
BatMedia published my articles and did not pay me for them, even though they acknowledge they owe me the money and said they would pay it. Here is is the judgment: Here is the background story: Overview I was contracted by Batmedia, which publishes Sunset Drive Magazine, to write three articles. I wrote the articles and the publisher published two of the articles, but never paid me for the articles. I contacted the publisher numerous times and in various ways to collect payment, including: By phone In-person Email Certified mail Text message The company has published two of my articles, but has not paid me for the articles. The contract, which is attached (attachment B2), states: The Publisher agrees to pay Author U.S. $250.00 a 500 words article and $75.00 to edit articles provided by publication.The Publisher agrees to submit payment for the above-described projects within 15 days after receipt of invoice and publication of the aforementioned editorial project, assuming the editorial project is in accordance with the above project description. In short, they are in breach of their own contract.  Details September 2010 On September 16, 2010, I was contacted by Isora Arriaga from Sunset Drive Magazine. She contacted me on my cell phone and told me about a new magazine that she was part owner of that was launching in the South Miami area. She told me she was referred to me as a writer and we discussed some of my writing experience, as well as some of the sections in the magazine they needed writers to cover. Upon ending our conversation, Isora requested that I send her some writing samples of my work. I sent her an email and samples (attached A1). On the 18thof September, the original email I sent to Isora was returned to me because I typed the wrong email (.com instead of .net) so I resent the email (attached A2). A few days later, I was contacted by the editor of Sunset Drive Magazine, Eddie Batres. He said that he had seen my writing samples and wanted to see if I was interested in writing some articles for the November/December 2010 issue of the magazine. He mentioned three sections that he had opennutrition, relationships and a top holiday gift list for men. He also mentioned the length of the articles he was looking for was between 1,000 and 1,500 words. The deadline was set for the 20th of October. I accepted all three of the articles and Eddie said he would have his CFO, Samuel Arriaga, send the contract to me. Samuel sent the contract to me on September 20, 2010 (attached B1). I returned the signed contract to Samuel on the same day and asked him to provide me information on the kill fee policy for the magazine (see attached B2 & B3). Eddie and I spoke several times over the next few daysgoing back and forth on topics for the two articlesnutrition and relationshipsuntil we settled on the topics. On September 29, 2010 I contacted Eddie again to find out where I should send the three completed articles. This is because he mentioned that the process was that the articles went for review and layout and that he got involved in editing toward the end right before the issue went to print. Eddie told me to send the articles to him, Isora and Chan Tran (see attached C1). October 2010 I submitted all three articles to all three people on October 4, 2010. On October 5, 2010 I had not heard from any of the parties I emailed the articles to so I sent an email simply to follow-up and make sure that the articles had been received. On the same day, Chan responded confirming the articles were received (see attached C2). On October 6, Isora responded saying that she received the articles as well (see attached C3). On October 18, 2010, I sent another email to Chan to make sure that no edits or revisions were required on my part because I still had not heard from anyone and I knew the articles were going to Eddie Batres, the editor on the 20th of October. I was leaving for vacation on the 22nd, so I wanted to make sure I could take care of any edits before I left, so as not to delay the issue going to print. Chan responded saying that the articles were reviewed, that she had no questions for me and that she was working on editing all of the articles for the magazine (see attached D). On October 27th, I called the Sunset Drive office and spoke to Celeste. I told her that I had sent emails to Eddie and was trying to follow-up with him on the articles to make sure everything was good so I could submit my invoice. She said Eddie was not in but that she would take a message. She also said that the publication had been delayed going to print because they were waiting on pictures from the public relations firm representing Romero Britto, which was another article in the issue.   November 2010 On November 15, 2010 I still had not heard back from Eddie Batres via email or in response to my phone calls. I sent an email (see attached E). He still did not respond. On the same day, I sent an email to Samuel Arriaga to confirm if I should send my invoice to him or to Eddie for the articles (see attached F). No response came from Samuel either. On November 16, 2010 I called the Sunset Drive Magazine office (see attached G). I left a message for Eddie, but received no response. On November 29, 2010 I drove to The Shops at Sunset Place, which is where the Sunset Drive Magazine office is. I met with Eddie for about an hour and a half. He said he did end up using two of the three articles in the issue, but that the issue was at the printer and should be done the following day for him to pick up from the printer. He spent time showing me the issue on his computer. He gave me a list of future articles he wanted me to consider writing (see attached H1). We also went over possible articles for the following issue. He wrote out some of the article topics or magazine sections (see attached H1) he wanted me to consider writing. He asked that I let him know which articles I was interested in by December 5, which he wrote and circled at the top. He told me to come by the following day or on Wednesday to pick up my check and to get my issues of the magazine. He also wanted to print Sunset Drive Magazine business cards with my name, so I could represent the magazine on interviews. He told me to email him my invoice so he could make sure that his final word count on the articles matched with mine. I asked him about the kill fee for the third article that was written but not used in the issue, but he changed the subject prior to answering the question. On November 30, 2010, I emailed Eddie the invoice for the two articles and told him that I would go by the office on Wednesday to pick up the check, the business cards and copies of the magazine (see attached H2). On the same day, Eddie responded to my email (see attached H3). He said he received the invoice, but was surprised at the fee for the two articles. He asked that I send him a copy of the contract that Samuel had sent to me. I submitted a copy of the contract to him via email (see attached H4). I did not hear back from him the rest of this day or the following morning, which is the day I was planning to go by the office.   December 2010 On December 1, 2010 I called the Sunset Drive Magazine office and spoke with Eddie at 12:37 pm (see attached I). He said he was at the courthouse paying parking tickets. We started to discuss the contract rate, which he says should have been 20 cents per word, but the contract rate says 50 cents per word. When I suggested that he honor the contract and that I had no problem renegotiating the rate for future work, he told me that he was at the payment window and that he would call me back. At about 1:32 pm I called Eddie again from my cell phone (see J) because I had not heard back from him and I wanted to finish our conversation prior to going at my scheduled time to pick everything up from his office. I got his voice mail on his cell phone and left a message that I was still planning on going to his office at 4 pm to pick up my check and to please call me back so we could continue our conversation before then. No response. I arrived at the Sunset Drive Magazine office at 3:50 pm and the doors were locked and nobody was there. I called the office phone (see attached I), which was forwarded to his cell phone and got the message that his voice mailbox was full, so I could not leave a message. I called his cell phone (see attached I) two more timesonce at 3:51 pm and again at 4:06 pm. I sent two text messages to Eddies cell phone (see attached KI also have a copy of the text message on my cell phone but was not able to print the actual message to attach it here). I also wrote and left a note under the office door. I emailed Eddie at 4:17 pm (see attached L) as well. I stood in front of the office for about 20 to 30 minutes to see if anyone would show up. Nobody came and I did not receive a response to my text message or email message. On December 2, 2010 I called the Sunset Drive office at 10:56 am (see attached I). The office phone was still saying that the voice mail box was full and that I could not leave a message. On December 2, 2010 Eddie called me back at about 11 am saying that he doesnt appreciate how I am coming at him about the contract and that it is the wrong way to do business with him. I told him that I didnt appreciate driving all the way to his office when he knew I was coming only to find the office empty and the doors locked. He claims his car was stolen with his phone it and he just got everything back this morning. He says he is going to figure out how to pay me but it is going to be in installments and if I dont accept that then I can sue him. I asked what kind of installments and he said he would break it down into four installments. I told him that I need the payment amount and dates in writing so that I could review his proposal. He said he has to count up the words and all of a sudden claims that he had to do a lot of editing on my articles, which is interesting because when we met face to face he offered me more work (refer back to attached H1). I told him I need the payments in writing and he said he would email it to me. He threatened to call the printer and pull the two articles from the issue and I told him to go ahead because if he does that then he doesnt have to pay me. I never heard back from him or received an email of the proposed payment plan. On December 10, 2010 I called and spoke to Eddie at the office at 12:58 pm (see attached M). He asked if his wife had called me. I said no and that is why I was calling because I hadnt heard from him. He said they are going to pay me according to the contract, but he would have his wife call me because she has the specific details. He said they are going to break it into four payments and pay me once or twice a month to honor the full contract price. He said that their word count and mine were about the same, but that Celeste would call me with the details. I told him that I would look forward to her call. On December 15, 2010 I still had not heard from anyone so I sent Celeste an email requesting the payment schedule (see attached N). No response. On December 22, 2010 I sent Eddie an email to let him know that I had not heard from Celeste and to request the payment schedule again (see attached O). No response. January 2011 On January 5, 2011 I called the Sunset Drive office number and left a message for Eddie or Celeste on the company voice mail saying that I never heard back from anyone on the proposed payment plan for the outstanding invoice (see attached M). On January 5, 2011 I received an email from a prospective writer because she was interested in writing articles for the Sunset Drive magazine (see attached Q). I went to the Sunset Drive Magazine website. On the staff page of the website, my name (although misspelled) is listed with the title of Managing Editor. There was also a Sunset Drive Magazine email address (KLorette@SunsetDriveMagazine), which was apparently forwarding to my actual email address, which is how I received it. On January 10, 2011 my boyfriend called the Sunset Drive magazine office and Eddie answered the phone (phone records not available yet). My boyfriend asked Eddie where he could purchase an issue of the magazine. Eddie said that the magazine is only available from the Sunset Drive Magazine office.On January 11, 2011 I sent a final demand letter to Eddie Batres at the Sunset Drive Magazine office (see attached P). The letter was sent certified mail with a signature required. The certified mail receipt came in the mail with Eddies signature, dated receipt was January 12, 2011. On January 17, 2011 I sent my boyfriend to the Sunset Drive office to pick up copies of the magazine to ensure my articles were in the magazine and under my byline. Both articles were included in the magazine (see attached R & S).On January 21, 2011 I received another email from a girl seeking writing or employment opportunities for Sunset Drive Magazine.Payment for the invoice has never been received and I have never heard from Eddie, Celeste or any other representative from Batmedia or Sunset Drive Magazine. In August of 2011, their attorney called me to make payment arrangements. Then, Eddie Batres stopped returning his own attorneys phone calls to complete the agreement. In September 2011, Eddie Batres left a voice mail on my phone saying he is going to pay me. Amount received thus far: $0.
Entity: Pinecrest, Florida
44, Report #880050
May 09 2012
08:36 AM
Rose Printing we did some computer repairs, never got paid, boss is avoiding us at all cost Southfield, Michigan
Watch out for this guys they dont pay their bills, we did some computer work for Rose Printing, The boss is keep avoiding us, ignoring any of our invoices. I think the company is going out of business. Dont do any work for this guys unless its prepaid in full. The owner seems nice but does not pay his bills dont be fooled
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
45, Report #933030
Aug 27 2012
07:47 AM
Printing Host defective product (labels ), ignores repeated attempts to contact. no reprint, no refund, no answers Mississauga, Ontario
printing Host ran some 2-sided labels that proved to be defective. the product was also delivered 3 weeks late. they were supposed to be laminated and for use outdoors as alarm company labels to be put on windows, as was specified in my order to them. they discolor and turn yellowish green after 2 to 3 weeks of outdoor exposure. when i contacted the main staffperson Naveen, he assured me that they would look into this and get back to me immediately. i have been emailing and calling for over 4 months without the courtesy of  reply, and without any attempt to rectify this situation. i of course had to pay with a credit card in advance and they are not refunding me. they do not reply to my attempts to contact them. they are a poor excuse for a printing company, they produce off-shore, they are unprofessional, unreliable and should not be used by anyone. 
Entity: Mississauga, Ontario
46, Report #1103980
Dec 03 2013
12:13 PM
PRINTING FOR U in BROOKLYN Please STOP!! You will most likely LOOSE money!! READ THIS Brooklyn New York
 Their designers DO NOT speak basic English and have no idea that words like New York or English are capitalized by default, or a word double has a letter u in it, or that paragraphs on a restaurant menu need to be centered or that if you are writing glazed roasted walnuts there is NO COMMA after the word roasted. I was not born in America myself, yet made it my business to know that its spelled with a CAPITAL A...designers whos business it is to PRINT lack basic grammar and spelling if you are printing something in English...STAY AWAY!!!! or the 10% that you save compared to other print shops will turn into a 50% overpayment...since you WILL reprint..but ALEX will tell you that most restaurant menus have errors in them and no one will notice????? RUN or OLGA will screw your work and ALEX will try to prove to you that it is only your own fault
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
47, Report #1195971
Dec 17 2014
07:18 AM
Canweb Printing Inc. Canweb demanding I pay bill twice even though they admit being paid first time Grimsby Ontario
I attended a meeting at the Canweb offices where the owner introduced a gentleman who thay said was their web designer. I signed on to have them do some printing and a quick website design. The work was less than stallar and my goal was to walk away post completion and pay the bill. I sent the cheque to their web designer after informing Canweb that I would do so.  I recieved no response from Canweb. Theire web designer confirmed receipt of cheque. I started receiving invoices for the work although their own employee confirmed receipt of cheque. Canweb then sent a collector after me although they knew their own employee received the cheque. I continue to receive invoices and demands for a second payment and when I complained to Canweb they responded with, what I consider to be, a childish, unprofessional comment we did not receive the payment, the web designer did Remember that, at the meeting at Canweb, their own owner described the web designer as the Canweb web designer, thier employee or contractor. This company is unprofessional, childish and provides inferior products and services in my opinion and all would do better to go somewhere else to get their printing and copying services done.
Entity: Grimsby, Ontario
48, Report #1005170
Jan 28 2013
09:11 PM
Rockstar Screen Printing Fast t**z Had to pay up front for wrong product... Mesa, Arizona
I had used Fast Teez/ Rockstar Screen Printing...First Fast Teez claims they are not affiliated with any other company when in fact they are....Rockstar Screen Printing.  They have the same number.   I had used Rockstar the first time and FastTeez the second time since the name change but it was still the same number, however, different occasions...To be honest the first time was great...Tim was polite, work was fine.  I sent in a re-order, the shirts were fine, however here the problem begins. The hats I had ordered were wrong.  Instead of the hats I had previously ordered which was Flex Fit Hats Bamboo 6588 low profile structured.  I was given a combination of Port Authority in the wrong color, mid structure and no structure in Cotton...big difference... I sent email after email looking for resolution...and never received any.  I disputed the claim on my credit card... To be honest...Tim stooped to a new level...telling my credit card company he called me on 10-29-12 claiming to be more than happy to give a credit when I returned the hats...First, that phone call was never place...second, he never responded to any of my emails asking for resolution.  I would be more than happy to return the wrong hats if and if is a mighty word in this sentence if that was offered...and it was not.  I had to asked Tim to provide the correct hats, I asked for my card to be refunded...which neither has happened.  I had to dispute the charges on my credit card.  This is the sad part, if this whole situation would have been handled in a professional manner, I would still be a customer.  But, I am stuck with the wrong hats which are still sitting on a shelf collecting dust. The point of the matter is simple, not at one time has FastTeez or Rockstar Screen Printing reached out to rectify the situation even after I disputed the charges on my credit card.  I'm self employed, I'm in the service industry and I would never even attempt to treat a customer in this manner....
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
49, Report #1023828
Mar 05 2013
11:53 AM
Crown Media & Printing, Inc is Dishonest, Greedy, and Minipulative to his customers Liberty Lake, Washington
Buyer beware, Working with Crown Media was a big mistake.  The owner lied to me at every turn to cover his own reputation and profit margins.  Crown Media & Printing, Inc has done this to many other customers.  They made many mistakes on my books and would not take responsibility for any of them.  The Quality of books was so poor I could not pass them on to customers and the service from Crown Media was even worse.  These guys (Crown Media & Printing), are crooks and will rip you off   Do Not Trust Them!
Entity: Liberty Lake, Washington
50, Report #1262118
Oct 18 2015
07:14 PM
Craftsman's Weave Printing Jason Rensink DTG Printer Fails to Deliver On Time, Correct, or Refund Golden Colorado
The owner has a DTG (Digital to Garment) printer that he does not know how to operate properly.  He is inexperienced in dealing with digital files, and that, in turn leads to problems with color-matching, proportional printing to the art, and fuzzy details.He is disorganized and does not have adequate resources to stock blank product on which to print.  He does not follow up on his logistics, so if there's a delay from his supplier, he's not even aware, nor does he follow up.  His problem becomes your problem.Worse, he's willing to give a sample, and then deliver something completely different.  Different brand of shirt, different fabric mixes, and even different color variations.  If you complain or protest, he fires you in a tantrum, and then won't refund your deposit.  He's king of his little business, and you better not upset him!I would say that there is no good reason to put yourself through this experience, even potentially.  Of the product he made for us, about 60% had issues, and he would not take any back or issue a refund after 2 weeks.  He promised being able to produce on-demand, but the reality was waiting 4 weeks for him to get his machine running, and then excuses for another 10 days as he stumbled over the basics.When we have followed up on the refund on our deposit, he ignored us.  Till we brought up the possibility of negative feedback - and he threatened to retaliate.  Just bad business practices all around.He operates off several……Whatever you do, DON'T GIVE HIM MONEY UP FRONT!
Entity: Golden, Colorado

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