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1, Report #1403553
Oct 02 2017
06:08 AM
Proactive Home Inspections Richard Raymond Internet Fraud Midlothian Texas
Richard Raymond buys social media marketing services for his company Proactive Home Inspections, which is fine. But Richard Raymond does it a little different, he buys the services via PayPal, and then after the services have been delivered, charges back over $500 of payment.
Entity: Midlothian, Texas
2, Report #1182415
Oct 11 2014
04:39 PM
HouseMaster Home Inspections Home Inspections Cottonwood Arizona
This company is supposed to tell a purchaser of an existing home what they should expect upon purchasing and what will soon or immediately need repair.  At the suggestion of our realtor we employed their services.  Upon moving in we found almost everything they said to be false.They claimed that everything was structurally sound.  When it rained after move-in the walls leaked.  Instead of turning on the shower all one had to do was stand by the wall with soap and you did not need the shower in the bathroom.  Noticing bubbling paint on the wall one would expect that the inspector: who is supposed to work for the buyer who hired him; would do a mold inspection.They claimed that they do not check the plumbing fixtures.  When we had the water turned on: every facuet dripped and none of the sinks held water for shaving, etc.  The sinks were so stained that to clean them would require scraping them which we would not do.  Again noticing this it should have immediately been reported to us the buyers as this could lead to unsanitary conditions.We could go on about other things they did not do.  They are a scam and a fraud.  Instead of paying them: hire a licensed remodeler to spend an hour in the house and he will tell you whether it is worth purchasing or to walk away.  We were cheated and feel that for their fee they did absolutly nothing.  They are a fraud and should be reported as such to the Contractors' Licensing Board.     
Entity: Cottonwood, Arizona
3, Report #1318659
Jul 24 2016
09:20 PM
Kerfin inspections Poor home inspection Illinois
 Tim Kerfin, inspected my home and missed many major issues with the house. Looking back my realtor recommended him, because he would pass just about any home closing the deal. First issue he missed with my home was a huge space between the chimney and the roof. I saw him look up into the attic how did he miss this? The gap was so large you could see the sun gleaming through. He also did not notice the basement to the home was missing a stabilizing beam. My father came over and spotted it right away and he's not a home inspector! He also missed that the basement in this house has wash out. I need to warn other home owners of Tim, I don't want other to deal with the issues I have had to deal with.
Entity: Illinois
4, Report #1083724
Sep 11 2013
03:14 PM
Krause Home Inspections Ed Krause Incorrect Home Inspection - Inspector Refuses to Reply Ambler Pennsylvania
 On 5/16/13, I had a home inspection done by Ed Krause for a home I was considering purchasing The inspection called out the type of wiring in the home as Romex. Ungrounded Romex and knob and Tube were both options for him to check off on the report, but were not. I moved forward with the purchase of the home. Shortly after moving into the home, I started having issues with some of the outlets. An electrician was called and I was informed that I did in fact have ungrounded and knob and Tube wiring in the home and that nothing had a ground. I was told by the electrician to contact the inspector. My wife and I called and sent multiple emails to the inspector and did not receive a response for almost two weeks. At that time I we agreed to schedule the second inspection that he was entitled to per his contract. I agreed and it was scheduled for three days later. On the morning of that scheduled inspection I received an email from the inspector cancelling our appointment. The email said that he would contact me to set up another inspection shortly. After a few days of not hearing from him, we again sent several emails asking for another appointment. We informed him in one of those emails that my home owners insurance had decided they would drop my coverage if I did not remove the existing wiring within 90 days. After a week and a half of no responses, I received an email from him scheduling another appointment for that weekend. Again, on the morning of that appointment, he cancelled through and email, and said he would call later to set up another appointment. That was a week ago today and I have heard nothing back from him, despite me sending him an email asking for a response. Mr. Krause has informed me that he is going through some difficult personal issues at this time, some of which have required him to miss work. However, nobody else from his company has even attempted to contact me and make arrangements in his absence, even though he is aware that we are facing a very serious deadline. Several days after we were informed of these personal issues, his receptionist informed us that he was back to work and taking appointments. I asked him in my last email a week ago, at what point his second inspection is considered forfeited, and still I have no response from him. It is my strong opinion that Mr. Krause has no intention of performing this second inspection. Soon, I will have no choice but to have the repairs made. Once I have these repairs done, if he hasn't done his second inspection, he is no longer liable for any errors in his report. I believe Mr. Krause may be deliberately waiting until we have no choice but to move forward with the repairs with no second inspection being done.
Entity: Ambler, Pennsylvania
5, Report #1302680
Apr 29 2016
03:03 PM
pillar to post home inspections FLAWED HOME INSPECTION PALM BAY FL
A plastic coffee tin lid was attached by one screw to cover a badly rusted area.Some rust was still obvious around the edge of the lid Such a lid is NOT a standard plumbing fitting! This was missed by the Inspector and the cost to rectify was @1200 I was offered $280 in settlement by the inspector which I refused The matter will be going to the Small Claims Court
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #142316
May 11 2005
07:28 AM
Tiger Home Inspections ripoff BEWARE, very unprofessional, false statemments, damaged property Braintree Massachusetts
While our home was under contract, the perspective buyer hired these morons to provide a home inspection. Although, I fully understand that a home inspector's job is to detail everything he can find wrong with a house, this dope went entirely overboard and even fabricated outright lies which would have probably been discounted by a seasoned home buyer, however, in this case the buyer was visibly shaken by the magnitude of repairs that the so-called inspector indicated were warranted. He stated that there were no GFI outlets in bathrooms, all outlets in the bathrooms and kitchen are GFI. He stated that the boiler had outlived its usefull life and should be replaced. We just had it checked by our supplier who has record that the boiler had recently been rebuilt, was in good shape and should not be an immediate concern. He indicated there were no smoke detectors present, there are two in plain sight. He claimed he saw cracks in our kitchen walls,ceiling and floors. There are none, in fact the floor is brand new porcelain tile. Every comment line indicates: consult with contractor for repair. On the other hand, things he should have noted, he didn't. We openly disclosed that one of the kitchen ovens didn't heat. Not noted. We have a 45 year old home that is not perfect. It doesn't need to be cut to shreds by an overzealous idiot who is simply trying to impress a young lady with his knowledge--What a JOKE! This guy pranced around the house like a dwarf buck deer chasing a doe in heat. During the entire time he was there, he made repeated personal comments as though feeling put out that he wasn't being invited to dinner. After his circus act was over my wife discovered that a ceramiic towel hanger in the upstairs bath had been broken loose and grout was lying under it. All the tile and grout was in perfect condition prior to his visit. Homeowners BEWARE! If someone orders a home inspection from the EYE OF THE TIGER, you may get its ASS. Ron Peterborough, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Braintree, Massachusetts
7, Report #433900
Mar 13 2009
12:38 PM
Rob Major - Major Home Inspections Housing, Roof, Woodbridge, Manassas Virginia
I wanted to post an update to my ongoing issue with Rob Major and Major Home Ispections. After threatening legal consultation Rob decided to give me a call back on Friday, and so kindly went through his inspection report again with me. Let me list the reasons not use Major Home Inspections. To understand my anger and his lack of ethics you need to understand the reporting system he uses for his report. It is computerized, and each section has a space for him to select a given item with an X mark, and follow it up with a number indicating the item needs repaired, consult a contractor, near end of lifespand ect. In short he needs to put an x next to the item he is describing. Under the roofing section of his report he has noted no damage, indicated no repairs as being necessary and left me believing the roof was newly put on. He did not enter a single X or enter a number for me to contact a contractor for consultation. In another section of the report he entered a 2 for consult a contractor for a basement bathroom window with weather damage. The funny part is I don't have a window in any of my bathrooms. Rob is very inconsisten with his explaination, documentation and each time I talk to him I believe more and more he was working with my agent (who recommended him). Rob tells me he didn't indicate the roof was brand new at all, even though witnesses heard him say it, he told me that he fully disclosed the issues with the roof and he stands by his work. He also told me he documented within the report the roof issues, and when I asked where he directed me to a page in the very end of a hundred page binder, behind several blank pages making you believe the report is finished. In a section labled the attic Rob indicates the issues with my roof. Rob Major is as unethical as they come, he changes his storey with the weather, buries the truth in places he doesn't think you'll check and doesn't even have a brock and mortar address. This man says he stands by his work and he believes he is ethical even though his work, if unintentionally decietful is full of wholes, errors and could have been done by a third grader with more accuracy. I had another ASHI certified home inspector examine my house and Rob's report and he could read the report the way Rob explained it. If an industry professional of 20 plus years can't read the report with accurracy how can a common home buyer. Ryandc altoona, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Woodbridge, Manassas, Virginia
8, Report #725424
May 04 2011
06:08 AM
Rock Home Inspections Very poor home inspection Sebring, Florida
Rock Home Inspections did inspect my Sebring home and after I moved in I found many, many things they missed. Electric for the #220 dryer outlet was tied off at the circuit box. Four broken frames on Florida Room windows. Roof was bad, leaked and had to be replaced. Ceiling in bedroom dropped from water damage. Hot water was hooked up to all four faucets in master bath. Missing one cold air return. Drain improperly run in kitchen. Ceiling in Florida room leaks, foundation permits water to leak into room when it rains. It was odvious to me, there was sand on the floor where the water evaporated and left the sand. The stairs to the patio doors were not supported properly and the tile cracked and mortar broke. Missing railing in florida room and front proch. These are just a few of the many things he missed. I bought the home and was living in another state and was unable to be there for the inspection, a big mistake on my part. Most of the sprinkler heads were broke and had to be replaced, which shows me he never tried many mechanical functions of the  house. He just buzzed through it. Bottom line it cost me $20,000 to fix the house up. He was recommended to me by Wachovia, he's a one man operation, so I trusted them.
Entity: Sebring, Florida
9, Report #1343165
Dec 14 2016
11:02 AM
Imperial Home Inspections misrepresented knowledge, undisclosed major visible deficits Harleysville PA - Pennsylvania
I would never recommend Robert Johnson, Imperial Home Inspections. I told him I could not afford anything more then negligible problems with the house. The inspection appeared thorough. He told me the problems were minor & repeatedly assured me there was nothing major. Would you let your wife buy this house? Absolutely. Based on his representations I went ahead and purchased the property. Within a month I hired an electrician to replace an outlet. To my horror he told me, Lady, you have dangerous wiring in this house. Thinking he was looking to get a big job out of it I had 2 other electrical companies look All told me I had dangerous, spliced and frayed knob and tube wiring. I then had the house reinspected by another company. That inspector found other problems but the major one was that the electric was knob and tube and dangerous and hazardous I tried to get Mr. Johnson to deal with this. He refused. I hired a lawyer to send him a demand letter to get him to fix this. (He offered to reinspect, at his convenience and with people he insisted I have there. When I replied it had to be at my convenience not his he did not respond) The replacement of the electric would cost $15,000 - $20,000 which I did not have. Unfortunately 2 lawyers gave me the wrong statute of limitations in which I could sue (they told me 2 years not 1.) I missed that statute but still had hopes Mr. Johnson would show himself to be responsible as a person and businessman. He refused to do so. I went to the Pa AG's office. They tried to get him to resolve it but even to them he was arrogant writing there is only a one year statute of limitations so therefore he didn't have to do anything. Johnson wrote in a reply to the demand letter: Knob and tube wiring was not visible ON THE DAY I WAS THERE. Knob and tube wiring does not appear and disappear. This statement indicated his incompetence/lack of knowledge of wiring, how it works what it looks necessary info in evaluating the electrical system(s) in a house. This house was 100 years old. Knob and tube was in all houses from before 1950. He should have known that. Knob and tube wiring is very specific in its look. There were tubes throughout the basement ceiling and knob and tube switches throughout the house. I was trying to get this resolved in the courts through a different theory of law, breach of contract and unfair trade practices because Mr. Johnson's statement, independent of the inspection report, stating it was not visible the day he was there showed he either lied or was incompetent to evaluate the house, which his contract promised he was able to competently and knowledgably do. Despite that my claims were not based on the written inspection report but on his own voluntary statement K&T not visible the courts ruled against me declaring that they were based on the written home inspection report. There were a number of other issues but the electric was the most major. I obtained insurance on the house stating the electric - copying from Johnson's report, was romex Once I learned it was knob and tube I had to inform the insurance carrier. Because I could not afford to replace it I lost my insurance, no other company would cover the house because of the K&T. The only option was Pa. Fair Plan which insures uninsurable properties but does not offer liability. For that I had to use a different company. The state plan offers no coverage for inside of the house. No one else sells separate coverage for the inside. When a ceiling developed a leak I was able to fix it because it was small however it was an indication other bigger things could go wrong. With no insurance coverage for anything wrong with the inside of the house (much less from the dangerous wiring he did not inform me) and worried what else could happen for which I had no coverage, strictly because of Johnson's lie/incompetence, I was forced to sell the house. As a result I lost 20 - 50,000$ on the sale, based on the reduced price I was forced to sell at and the comparable sale prices of same and similar homes in the immediate area of mine, as well as other substantial costs relative to being forced to move As a result of Robert Johnson/Imperial Home inspection I was forced to sell my house, I lost thousands of dollars and lived in a house where I was frightened to live always afraid there would be a fire as a result of the dangerous and hazardous electric system that he did not find/declare. Because of his misrepresentation of his ability to properly inspect a house, at least related to his stated lack of knowledge re K&T wiring, he changed the entire trajectory of my life. The house was bought for equity. I would still be in it if not for his inaccurate inspection. Because of the money I lost I can no longer afford a house and will have to live in a one room apartment for the rest of my life. He did a terrible job, admitted his lack of requisite knowledge and refused to stand up, admit what he did was wrong, and made no attempt to try and right it, even when the state government got involved. As a result in my personal opinion based on my experience with him, I do not recommend Robert Johnson/Imperial Home Inspections of Harleysville, Pa.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1002141
Jan 23 2013
04:15 PM
Homesafe Inspections Rod MacNeil Incompetent, lazy, dishonest & unaccountable home inspector. Ladysmith, British Columbia
My complaint stems from a home inspection completed by Rod MacNeil of Homesafe Inspections in the summer of 2010. I have decided to come forward after learning of and speaking to another individual that has been completely screwed over emotionally & financially due to the incompetent and dishonest nature of this home inspector. I am here to offer support and hope to bring others who have been victimized by this person out of the shadows to share their experiences and hold this person accountable. I come from a new home construction/renovation background. I know how houses are built from the ground up and have hands on experience in a number of areas of construction. That said, when we decided to make the move from Alberta to the Island in 2010, we seeked out a reliable home inspector to give the house we chose a good look over, as I could not be there in person to be part of the inspection process, which is normal for me. I was provided Rod MacNeil's name and number from my buying agent (first mistake) and was assured that he was the right man for the job, so I went ahead and contacted him to do the inspection. He was friendly enough, made some jokes, share some laughs and geniunely made me feel comfortable in my decision to go with him. The inspection results themselves were detailed in a printable report that covered off all areas of the home in a fairly generic fashion, but ensured that all critical areas were viewed and deficiences noted as reach portion of the house was inspected. Rod called me and discussed the concerns detailed in his report, which were mostly cosmetic items (older cabinetry, worn counter tops, etc) inside and a couple of concerns with exterior items, such as the rear deck and detached work shop. Overall, he said, the house was well built, solid construction and in good condition. He also stated, to my surprise, that if I had paid anything under $275K for the house, it was a great deal. Not sure who told him what I paid for it, but I didn't think that was appropriate. His job is to inspect the house, not give an opinion on the sale price or how great of a deal I was getting. At that point, based on his report, I waived my home inspection condition and we bought the house. We moved into the home at the end of September, 2010. It was not long before we started to find issues in the house. First item that came up, I noticed that there was some seriously poor patchwork and caulking right next to the bathtub. I chalked it up as a poor handyman's patch attempt, but within a couple weeks it was obvious there was a problem. The baseboard near the tub was moist and changing color. I went to pry the baseboard off and it completely peeled off in my hand and so did all the drywall next to the tub, including tiles. It was completely soaked. The 2x4 framing behind was completely black and so badly rotted that I could shove a pen through the wood. I also noted that the windows in the house started to have a lot of condensation and the frames were dripping wet with water. We are regular users of bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans given I understand the importance of proper humidity levels in a house, so it was not due to a lack of ventilation when cooking or showering. The moisture problem on the windows was so bad that every morning I would awake to windows half way covered in condensation and pools of water on the window sills, in some places this water ran down the walls. It would take one-two large towels to go around and sop up the water from every window. I decided to investigate, thinking perhaps there was an issue with the exhaust ducting in the attic, but my own inspection revealed nothing, all was properly functional and correctly installed. It was at that point that I slipped down into the crawlspace and immediately noticed efflorescence stains on many parts of the basement floor and a few areas that were visibly damp. It was at that point that I called Rod back to have a look at the crawlspace as it was obvious that there was a problem with either the perimeter drains or the lot drainage itself that was allowing water to come up and penetrate the crawlspace skim coat. He was quick to come over, but refused to actually go back down into the crawlspace, stating that it was summer that he was down there and there was no moisture present. Unfortunately, he was wrong as the presence of the white chalky efflorescence demonstrated clearly that water penetration had occurred and this should have been noted. His diagnosis? Remove the downspouts from PVC pipes around the lot and put extensions on to drain the eavestroughs on to the lot and away from the house. The downspouts are tied into the weeping tile and it is getting overloaded. I thought this was strange, but in Alberta we did not bury downspout drains in the ground like out here on the west coast, we just put extensions on the ground and drained it away using lot grading, which is standard in many places. I figured maybe he has seen this before and it was an actual problem, so I pulled the extensions and ran them above ground. This changed nothing, of course, even though he assured me that it was the proper solution. After that, we had a repeated 'mystery odor' appear in our young daughter's bedroom. I had wondered if perhaps the previous owner or tenant had stored boxes or something in that room and the carpet got smelly as a result, because it did have an odor to it. Deciding it was inadequate for my child to sleep in that room, I ripped out all of the carpet & underlay, bleached the subfloor, fan dried it completely and then covered it in 2 coats of premium Kilz floor sealer. From there, underlay and new laminate flooring was placed over top, new baseboards tacked on and the whole room was freshly repainted. The morning after she had moved back in, we noticed the smell was back. I was dismayed. Could not believe it. From there, took the baseboard heater apart and cleaned it out. Same issue. It was at that point I believed the problem was within the wall itself and started to investigate further. A quick look at the window itself revealed two holes drilled into the base of the window track, obviously done by someone to drain the excess moisture from the track, but of course, where does that water go? Inside the wall! Rod's report on that bedroom window stated it was in good condition. I called Rod and advised him of my new findings and he was quick to come over to have a look. His first remark was that the bedroom odor was just 'residual' and lingering around because the house had been closed up and vacant for so long. This house had a real odor when I came in he revealed, though of course this was not in his report or verbal review of the inspection. That was what I was smelling: lingering, stale, old house smells. Oh, and the holes drilled in the window track? Those would not let enough moisture through to hurt anything, he assured, even though it was obvious a problem was lurking within the wall. We moved on to the bathroom and upon seeing the issue with the rotted 2x4, told me that he could see a couple of hairline cracks in the shower tile grout, this due to the house being vacant for a long time, and that water was getting through these cracks. This, he said, was due to us showering in there since we moved in. Really? A 2x4 can turn black and rot to the point of being penetrable within a few weeks? I couldn't believe his answers, but he absolutely would not admit that he missed any of the items. Absolutely no accountability on his part. He offered up no solutions at all and no explanation for why any of the problems were not found. It simply was not his fault. Unfortunately, here is the reality of the problems we faced in this house: - the visible efflorescence in the crawl space is due to the fact the crawlspace floor is lower than the perimeter footings in many places. This means that water will seep through the crawlspace floor because there are areas where the floor is lower than the weeping tile. I conducted this analysis myself based on my knowledge of foundation construction and had this diagnosis confirmed by a foundation expert, who also concluded the issue lies with the finishing of the crawlspace floor. The resolution involves raising the crawlspace floor with sand/pea gravel, installation of a sealer vapour barrier and then a final cement coating over top of the entire floor & footings. - the bathroom rot issue was due to a terrible caulk seal at the shower doors and base of the tile surround, which let water pour in behind the tub for who knows how long. This moisture rotted out the framing behind the tub. I had to have the whole tub/shower unit completely torn out, framing and other materials removed and then completely rebuilt, which cost a couple thousand dollars, not including my own time to lay flooring, paint, etc. - the bedroom wall had to be opened up, framing & insulation removed, then rebuilt. Fortunately, we did not have a significant mold issue in the wall, but the 2x6 sill plate was so badly rotted that over two thirds of could be removed with your fingers. Crumbled into nothing. The cost itself to repair this was low, but that was due to the fact I did it myself and have the ability to do so. At the end of the day, I have never received an ounce of anything from Rod MacNeil. Complaints to my buying agent and also to the listing agent fell on deaf ears. No one is responsible for anything. In fact, my buying agent actually defended this man and his business as being reputable, even after my complaints. It is obvious there is a serious conflict of interest here based on the fact Rod himself admits he was a realtor for a long time prior to becoming a home inspector. It would seem that if a realtor needs a deal closed, just call on Rod for the inspection as it will pass with flying colors! Even the simplest of gestures, the tip of the iceberg, my request for a refund of the payment for this ridiculous inspection, was ignored. That, in my opinion, was the LEAST he could do! Since then, I have worked to remediate the issues, mostly on my own, using my own expertise, time and money. I have also had the opportunity to encounter others who had less than stellar home inspections completed by Rod MacNeil & Homesafe Inspections. Unfortunately, the victims in all of this are us, the hard working people who just want a safe and happy home for our loved ones to enjoy. We are the ones who pay when someone who is supposed to qualified performs poorly and is not accountable for his failures. I recently spoke with another gentleman who is facing serious financial implications for an inspection that did not find a number of very significant, health hazard issues, far more serious than my own. It was during this revelation that I decided to offer up my support, reach out to others who may have fallen victim to Rod MacNeil's shoddy inspection business & practices and want to share their story. He must be held accountable, period If you have been a victim of a bad home inspection, please comment and share. Thank you.
Entity: Ladysmith, British Columbia
11, Report #1052673
May 21 2013
12:17 PM
PIECE BY PEACE PROPERTY INSPECTIONS Atlanta home inspection Atlanta Georgia
Atlanta home inspector Darryl Peace is not a bad guy, but he's not insured for errors and omissions so beware if he makes a mistake because it will cost you $$$. Mr. Peace did not prpoerly inspect my HVAC unit. If he did he would have found that it was not in operation at the time of inspection. This is the reason I paid for an inspection and I still lost money on repairs that could have been found. Mr. Peace came to the SUMTECH home buyers workshop so I trusted him. If I knew he did not have insurance I would not have used his services.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
12, Report #1162676
Jul 16 2014
07:35 PM
Kerfin inspections Home in awful shape passes inspection! Chicago Illinois
I had this company inspect a home I purchased and they did an awful job.  Large problems were missed with the house.  A stabilizing beam in the basement was missing.  i think there may be structural damage due to this inspectors oversight.  If we had know we would have had a structural engineer come out and inspect the property.  Since it was never caught during the home inspection I am now stuck with a home that seems to be tilting!  
Entity: Chicago , Illinois
13, Report #981927
Dec 14 2012
06:37 AM
Holley Home Inspections Michael Holley Home Inspections home inspections toronto, holley home inspections toronto, michael holley inspections, scam artist, conned me, home inspections scam, scam home inspector, do not use Michael. Toronto, Ontario Canada
Holley Home Inspections SCAM- I used this guy in Toronto and his attitude was 100% rude. He asked me for a deposit and came to the job 3 hours late !! Then he had the guts to blame it on the traffic, as I only live 10 minutes away from his HOUSE !!  He didnt even finish the job. Holley Home Inspections is a SCAM- Stay away from Michael Holley.. he is a scam !! Holley Home Inspections in toronto is a scam artist, he will not provide you the service, I would not recommend him to anyone! stay away guys 
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
14, Report #1235690
Jun 15 2015
10:13 AM
Appalachian Inspections Steve Hall INCOMPETENT HOME INSPECTOR Blacksburg Virginia
Horrible!!! Steve Hall failed to include pertinent information in a home inspection report, thereby leaving me financially responsible for work that may run several thousand dollars. He does not answer phone calls or emails, and vaguely responded to only two textx that I sent. He does not follow through on sending documents as he says he will, and when he did send a report, it was incomplete. He was supposed to do a correction knowing that he left out key problems with a house and never did it. He ran to the bank to deposit my check, and thats when he failed to respond to any additional correspondence to fix his incompetence. He is unreliable and lacks integrity, on top of being a liar, and should not be  a business where people rely on accurate information regarding one of the most important and expensive investments they could make. I would NEVER recommend this company.
Entity: Blacksburg, Virginia
15, Report #1328753
Sep 17 2016
07:28 PM
Prestige Inspections over looks key expensive factors Lake Worth Florida
I would highly NOT recommend this company. They do not do a thorough job or give a detailed report(we asked many times). Since they're the so called professionals you leave a certain faith in their hands. We were completely wrong that they overlooked some very expensive items that were not even in the report and could've been a negotiating point at the time of closing. Our AC unit was not adequate for our square footage that was completely left out. We had to purchase a brand new AC unit for our house. We have 2 drainage issues that was completely left out of the report. Half the outlets in the house were not working....left out of the report. Diamondbrite in the pool needs replacing.....left out of the report. I will say that the report did suggest we get a pool person down to inspect further. So I will take the diamondbrite on my shoulders. I did contact the company to reimburse us half of our troubles and they of course blame everyone else. They said we have 30 days before making any claims. This is convenient because we didn't close and get into our house and live the problems until we were in there well past the 30 days.. They offered $300 for compensation whilst the problems they did not mention on the report has cost us thousands so far and thousands to come.My suggestion is to get a normal company that does a normal job. Prestige Inspections and Rick are not a professional company and should not be in business. This inspection company will only cause a disservice.
Entity: Lake Worth, Florida
16, Report #1253715
Sep 09 2015
06:03 AM
JP Enterprises Home Inspections Dishonest and unprofessional Florida
JP Enterprises was recommended by my realtor for their fantastic and professional services. Unfortunelty, this was NOT, by all means, the case. I paid $495.00 for a complete 4 point home inspection that was completed by a sub-contracted roofer & a pest control guy. The owner Jorge looked busy by pushing lots of start buttons on the applianaces and entering info on his Ipad. After I closed on my property I began to notice the low quality of condition on several very important, very expensive home mechanics that need daily functioning i.e. proper insulation for bettter cooling and effiencey; water heater with rust around the rim & electrical that is NOT attached properly; a huge old very active heat exchange box that was dangling outside of the propery. I decieded to email Mr. Jorge & make him aware of my concerns; he reached out to me very polietly & friendly (total disguise) and arranged to come back & take a look at my concerns; Well, Mr. Jorge arrived extremly pissed off, aggrivated and ready to rumble. He DID NOT address my concerns accordingly or professionally. He was verbally aggresive with childish name calling like idiot & stupid. When he became flustered, angry & loud, I polietly asked him to please leave my property. The next day I received an email from his assistant with an updated re-inspection report, which I did not ask for, and a crazy backwards explanation about his entire visit. His services are NOT up to par and he is NOT a client conscience business owner. JP Enterprises is only out for themselves not their clients. Beware of this nut job....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Entity: Internet
17, Report #523252
Nov 12 2009
08:55 PM
HouseMaster Home Inspections Patrick Clerkin Disgrace Uneducated Home Inspector Confused Old inspector Patrick Clerkin shouldn't be a home inspector Oreland, Pennsylvania
Home Inspector Patrick Clerkin inspected an house I was interested in and he gave a clear pass on the house. Total time it take for him to inspect Less than 1 hour. After moving into the house I found the Roof is leaking, the Gas pipe need to be fix and the Wood is infected with fleas. This was my first house and didnt know much of the home buying process. If I would do it again I would find any contractor to come into the house and just check it out and it would cost less also. This Disgrace Home Inspector Patrick was recommended to me by my Realtor at the time. He just dont have an Clue about Home Inspecting.  
Entity: Oreland, Pennsylvania
18, Report #1399659
Sep 14 2017
01:24 PM
Thad Bamford, PNW Home Inspections LLC Ripped off home buyer, major issue on home inspection shelton Washington
This unprofessional and careless home inspector had made major omission on home inspection report and later damages, when I hired him as a home buyer. This person refused to address the damages and compensate me. When he conducted home inspection he falsely stated thome home either had no attic at all or at least had no access to attic, while attic access could be easily found from standard location, one of the closets. As a result, serious issue of mold in the attic and lack of roof ventilation was missed. This lead to serious damages to me, including losing a home buyer on resale of the home and having to pary for repairs of attic ventilation and mold removal, which I would have otherwise had the original home seller address or would not have bought the house. This person refused to respond to my email asking for assistance to remediate the damages.
Entity: shelton, Washington
19, Report #1080
Jan 06 2000
12:00 AM
Home Inspection Team, Inc. ..Roof Inspection From Hell
I purchased a home in November 1996. The roof was inspected by The Home Team, Home Inspection Team, Inc. and given the A-OK with minor defects. We had our first rain within the next five months and water was coming in through the roof. I turned it into my home owners insurance company and was told that it was not weather damage, that the roof was very old and defective. I have had several roof companies come out and they all told me the same thing, My roof is the original roof from when this house was built (1959) and should have been replaced years ago. The roof is flat tar and gravel and only has a life span of 10 years. Each of these roofers said that they would NOT have passed an inspection on this roof. Right now I'm sitting in my new home with one room totally useless because the ceiling is on the floor and every room in the house leaks in many places. If this inspection company had of done their job, I NEVER would have purchased this house. Now I'm stuck in this place and can't possibly afford to put a new roof on it. I have been involved in a long drawn-out lawsuit against HomeTeam for 3 years (began shortly after I purchased the house), and they say that they did not do the inspection for the purpose of selling this house. I am looking at a letter from the same company that states I hope the enclosed information is helpful and I hope you enjoy every aspect of your new home. Just before last winter, this company offered to put a new roof on my home (One time offer, take or leave it), I accepted and that was the last I ever heard about it. This company claims that it is Unsurpassed in the Industry.
Entity: Independence, Missouri
20, Report #762611
Aug 08 2011
05:47 PM
D'Avilla Home Inspections Deceptive pricing, unprofessional, incompetent Hialeah, Florida
They did my home inspection for my rental property and were very unprofessional.  First they showed up without scheduling an appointment to make sure someone was at the property.  Then they denied my roof inspection because they could not find the permit number in the county records.  I had to give them the number so they could approve it.  Lastly the quoted me $75 but billed me $95.  When I called them about the price error they said they never quoted me $75 and refused to credit me the $20 difference.  I will never recommend them to anyone!!! 
Entity: Hialeah, Florida
21, Report #1128269
Mar 04 2014
03:37 PM
Precise Home Inspections Brad C False Report, Unprofessional, Livermore California
 We have a large custom home in Livermore that we put up for sale last year and hired Brad to pre-inspect our home. This way when listing we would present his report to any potential buyers. The inspection was professional however there were a number of errors made. For instance, the day he arrived we were having the windows cleaned. The screens were down in each room being washed. He stated on his report that the house was missing screens. He also stated that some of the lights did not work in the garage (they're on a seperate switch that he didn't check).However worst of all he claimed he smelled a gas leak under the house. We immediately called PG&E out. They took their sensors under the house, into everyroom, around the house, by every gas using appilance and put a special meter on the incoming lines to monitor gas flow. PG&E gave us a clean bill of health no gas leak.Last year we did not get an acceptable offer so relisted the house this year to try again.We had an offer the next day and the buyer contracted Brad at Eagle Eye to perform a new inspection for the new buyers.Brad came out and completed his inspection. However, when we got his new report we were surprised to see the same veribage from his report the previous year. Same thing about screens, lights, and the non-existant gas smell.Mind you there was no window cleaning, all screens were on every window, all lights were working and no gas leak. When confront Brad admitted he used the previous years report and hastily submitted an amendment. By then the damage had been done and we spent weeks and considerable drama with the new buyers to correct the misinformation.All Brad does an ok job if focused but this should never have happened and we never recieved an apology.Go with some one else if you get the chance. This gross error almost cost the sale of the house. 
Entity: Livermore, California
22, Report #748459
Jul 02 2011
02:13 PM
Entity: PORT CLINTON, Ohio
23, Report #269264
Aug 21 2007
06:58 PM
Blaine Wiley Quality Home Inspections Home Inspector misses $7000.00 problem Ripoff Rotonda West Florida
During Blaines inspection nothing at all was noted about the air-conditioning unit or the duct work in the attic. Immediately after my moving in I became aware that the air-conditioner was not cooling the house at all as I alerted Blaine about it days after the inspection. I had to get someone to come out and check it. They changed a part and said that would fix it. This part was not the culprit of the failure of the system to cool this house. It was still not cool but tolerable being that it was March and April. As the temperatures climbed the house got hotter. The thermostat never got any cooler than 78- 80 degrees. As the months progressed the thermostat indicated that is was not any cooler than 84 degrees in the house. A repair man was again sent out and it was determined that the unit was a big square piece of rust. The coolant was leaking out all over as shown by the meter that was used. In addition to that, the repair person said the compressor was worthless due to the extensive corrosion which is (a state of deterioration in metals caused by oxidation or chemical action) by rust damage and it needed to be replaced with a new compressor. He also said that a totally new unit was the real answer because in addition to the absolute corrosion of the compressor and the inefficiency of the deteriorating old air handler with the new compressor --it would most likely burn up by working too hard. The air-conditioning company also took pictures of the duct work in the attic. In several places, as you stick your head into the attic, immediately -- you can see where the duct work has been crushed by former cable work that was done before I got the house. The old cable is draped over the many crushed areas of the duct work. In addition and separate of the crushed duct work -- the duct work was taped together with masking tape which doesn't stick to duct work. The absence of shinny foil tape that is supposed to be used was very obvious to the naked eye.. I not only have an unacceptable air-conditioning system but due to the extensive leaks in the entire duct work system from being crushed and improper tape being used -- I have been air-conditioning the attic since I moved in. My power bills are exorbitant; my electric bill was $489.61 -- much more than it would be if I had a properly functioning system and duct work that was in good repair. I have paid to have a duct work expert come in and replace some of the masking tape with the required shiny foil duct work tape. This should have been reported because it can be seen easily. My air-conditioner works hard all day and night. Rarely if ever does it shut off. The electric wheel on the meter spins like an out of control top. I have tried unsuccessfully to contact Blaine Wiley but all emails I have used are returned undeliverable. I emailed Mr Wiley at the address the Realtor has on the website. The email was returned marked undeliverable. Mr Wiley you have failed me miserably in your untruthful and inaccurate lack of inspection. By having the damaged duct work within two feet of your eyes when you looked in the attic you were negligent in not seeing the terrible disrepair of the ductwork. I got on the ladder when the contractor was repairing the inexcusable masking tape wrapped duct work and Mr Wiley had to be blind in both eyes or blind in allegiance to the Realtor not to have seen the crushed and damaged duct work and he also failed to see the masking tape and the huge gaps where the duct work didn't even come together for a seal of any kind. All of this damage was less than two feet away from Mr Wiley's face. I have had a huge problem since I moved in to my house due to Quality Home Inspections incompetence negligence of seeing massive duct work problems. This house is so miserably hot (while the attic is cool) that I have to run all the fans 24-7 just to keep the little amount of cool air circulating. The master bedroom is so hot at night I have to sleep in the family area on the couch or in my son's room. My so's room is before any of the massive damage not noticed or reported by Quality Home Inspections. I can not use the bathroom in my bedroom because the master bedroom being over 84+ degrees in the heat of the day. Meanwhile my electric bills are horrific and my house that I so dearly love is just a miserable place to be. I am soooo at my wits end with this stressful, uncomfortable and expensive mess I now find myself in due to this incompetent inspection. I am outraged by the fact I was so abused by deceitfulness, negligence and a failure on Blaine's part to do a proper inspection. Quality Home Inspections botched my inspection by not finding any of the duct work issues; crushed with large open gaps that have forced me to pay month after month for air-conditioning the attic, crushed duct work that has caused the insides of the duct to be blocked so that little or no air travels through the vents. I live in a house that is 80+ degrees while paying $480.00+ for electricity. The compressor NEVER turns off. This is an unacceptable outrage! Santi Placida, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Rotonda West,, Florida
24, Report #1046439
Apr 26 2013
10:45 AM
Comfort Home Inspections Chris Knack Awful home inspection that costs us lots of time and money!!! Littleton, Colorado
We hired Comfort Home Inspections to inspect a home we put a contract on. The inspection was done when we were not home. We asked them to do the inspection at 4pm and my husband was going to meet them. When he arrived, they were already gone. I called the office, they stated that he finished another job early and just did the inspection early. The inspection came back pretty much free of any real concers. We purchased the home and started noticing plumbing problems and water lines in the kitchen. Then, we had the sewage drain in the laundry room back up three times and flood the whole kitchen and laundry area, luckily I was home and was able to clean it up quickly, but I noticed the water lines high on the cabinets where obviously this has happened lots before and much worse. We were told by neighbors that plumbers were always at this home. All of the cabinets had water lines on them in the kitchen, the floors were buckling. All of these things should have obviously have been caught in a home inspection. We also had broken siding on one side of the house that was not noted in the report. This was a complete fraud of an inspection!!! We had to get plumbers out several times, had to get plumbing pipes repaired, floors and cabinets replaced. This was a nightmare!!!
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
25, Report #1088954
Oct 02 2013
12:53 PM
Home Inspections Inc. Missed major issues during home inspection and won't resolve as promised!! Fairfax Virginia
On July 13, 2013, one of the inspectors from Home Inspections Inc., Steve Messerschmidt, completed an inspection which was to help my husband and I have a clear understanding of a property which we were considering to purchase and ultimately ended up closing on.  We trusted Steve to do a good job with inspection and identify any major repairs before closing to minimize unpleasant surprises and difficulties after move-in. Within hours of being in the house (we closed on August 30, 2013) several major problems were identified that Steve completely missed. Our home has several structural issues that are apparent to an untrained eye to include: a warped wood floor, rotted and molded subfloor, door, door frame which all come from years of water leaking into our home, rotten wood on the two main pillars (and around the front of our home) on our front porch which hold up our widows walk, broken fans in the upstairs and ground level, and all windows are lacking caulk to prevent water leakage, etc. Steve was ill when arriving at the house and wouldn’t even shake our hands—we don’t know if this illness caused his negligence or if he is just a bad inspector. We are absolutely outraged by the errors on Steve’s part. We have had another inspector, that is also a contractor, come to our house—he was completely appalled that the damage was missed. He provided us with an unofficial quote for the damages (approximately $3500). Instead of immediately filing complaints, we offered Home Inspections Inc. the opportunity to make it right. I sent an email to the owner of the company, Robert Rust, on September 3, 2013, whom didn’t return my messages or calls for days. Later we learned that he forwarded my messages straight to Steve, his employee. After 9:00 pm a few days after emailing complaints and leaving voicemails, Steve called my husband’s cellphone. It should be common sense that a call after 9:00 pm is unprofessional and inconsiderate. However, that is neither here nor there. The real issue is that we were expecting a call from the owner, not Steve, the employee we had the grievance with. Waiting days for a return phone call after a major complaint is unacceptable in virtually any profession, yet not surprising given our experience with Home Inspections Inc. In the return call and email messages, we were led to believe a contractor was coming to examine and fix the damages overlooked by Steve. We have several dated emails from Steve Messerschmidt explaining the details of the contractor.   Nonetheless, the contractor never showed and we were provided excuses multiple times to as why. A full month later and several cancelled appointments later, we were told by Steve that he was no longer handling the issue, but the owner of the company was going to take over and that he might have a contractor to refer to us for repair. The owner showed up at our home after cancelling two appointments to tell us that he could offer us our money back for the inspection. Why after a month of waiting for answers did it take that long to come to that decision? Why lead us to believe it was going to get fixed? We hope no one has to deal with this company and the hassle they provide.Do your research when finding a home inspector!!
Entity: Fairfax, Virginia

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