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1, Report #1160419
Jul 08 2014
10:43 AM
Elite Producers SCAM Fraud BEWARE Fake Internet
This guy Nyce from Elite Producers sells product from . His email for contact is - He has scammed a number of artists and every celebrity credit he showcases on his profile is fake. He did not produce Tyga Featuring The Game - Switch Lanes. That was made by producers Laze and Royal. He will tell you that his team did this and that but none of his Team even knows him. He will also start off by responding to all your emails regarding money. He will tell you that he is currently in London and does not have an active phone. This guy will take your money and in some cases - never send over the proper files (along with a huge delay), never send any contract, or simply delay and give excuses for the really long hold up. Once you try to contact him about the arrival of what you purchased, he will no longer reply.   If you paid him money and are a victim too. You have 45 days to get your money back from paypal. If that expires, contact your bank provider and file a claim, you can get your money back that way. I suggest contacting your local FBI office and reporting him as well. Soundclick should too be notified of the scams he is doing. DO Not purchase anything from this producer because all signs point that none of the material in his catalog, is his work. Therefore even a standard lease gets your nothing but trouble if you make it anywhere with the track. He is a total scam artist and most likely has multiple accounts.      His paypal accounts are under and     
Entity: Internet
2, Report #518117
Nov 01 2009
09:02 PM
Istandard Producers Jason Hadshian AKA J Hatch - CEO CASH ONLY Why? So my rip-off won't be documented. Internet
They call this the American Idol for producers, yet you have to pay $300 just to enter the event, which they expect you to make back by selling tickets - excuse me I mean Business Cards. Yes, you pay $300 to enter the event that they allow you to make back by selling tickets-(which are in the format of a bootleg business card) to an event with such low attendance because no one can hardly sell them. 
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #463559
Jun 22 2009
04:05 AM
Independent Producers Of America IPA careerbuilder scap Denver Colorado
on 6/21/09, I received an email from 2 different people working for Independent Producers of America. They are allegedly hiring for an account executive position. after doing a google search, I found out that a) account executive is a fancy term for sales person and b) I did a search on this particular company and they are reported to be a scam. one report on this very web site advised that they want you to pay $350 up front for an insurance license. one person who sent me an email wanted to schedule it on a Saturday. I have never done an interview on a Saturday so I immidiately was alarmed. thanks for saving me the trouble of going to the interview. I now know that I don't need to because this is a company to be wary of. before any of you out there accept or contemplate accepting a job offer from a company, do a google search and look at what warnings there are out there about the particular company. it's a pisser that you would have to do that especially in this economy. but unfortunately its a necessity. David denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
4, Report #675213
Dec 25 2010
07:22 PM
TOP PRODUCERS REALTY eviction for paying rent RUNNING SPRINGS, California
Top Producers has filed an eviction against me even though I paid the rent. Don't deal with these people they sold us out. They will sell you out too1
Entity: RUNNING SPRINGS, California
5, Report #692138
Feb 07 2011
08:04 PM
Independent Producers of America America's Business Benefit Association Ripoff Chandler, Arizona
 Stay away! It’s a presentation, not an interview. You will get an email making you think you have been chosen. But when you get there, you will find yourself and 30 others sitting in an hour and half of presentation filled with bull crap. They will tell you that you will make $100k/year easy. You  will not. You will be lucky if you make 6k. They will take your money, which is $285 and call it an “appointment fee”  to sign you on as a 1099 contractor. You have to pay for EVERYTHING out of pocket. You are on 100% commission. You will go for at least 8 weeks without making a penny while in training learning the products. You have to finish the REACH books that will take you about a week extra in order for you to be able to sell.  They will tell you to come to a whole weekend of training and week night training and every Friday meeting, which is the same lies week after week after week.  Jenny Heafey and her husband Robert run the Arizona office  in Chandler, and Monica Gambrel in Glendale, and will lie straight to your face to get your money. They will tell you that get advanced commission on six months and then get the next six months as earned or as customers pay their premium monthly. But you will never see the next six month. So if you sell 40000 in AV (Annualized volume), which is the monthly premium of a sold policy times 12month to get that, and you make 17% in commission to start, you should see $6800 in commission. But what they do is give you half of that upfront when you sell and you NEVER see the other half.  Trust me! I was with them for a year. They will tell you it is going to pay your debit account, because they are advancing you a loan and charging you 1% interest month in and month out.  As long as you take advances, you debit account keep growing, and you growing more in debt. You will be in deep trouble owing money you do not have. Jenny Heafey and her leadership team are good at sales. Recruiting is sales. They will sell you on joining there team. Do not fall for their lies. You will be a captive agent, which means you cannot sell any other will meet so many people you cannot help simply because you do not have the products to qualify them into.  Do not fall for the attractive idea of being self-employed. Not with this company. You are an employee of this company. They will terminate your contract if you do not have a sale in eight weeks. Trust me; eight weeks go by very quickly. You will not see your money back because they will not tell you that it is non-refundable.  You will pay for your gas to go to training. You will pay for your business cards and flyers. You pay for your networking events. You will pay to join chambers. Get the theme? And if you are making no money, you are losing money! Hang around the office long enough, and then you will start seeing the disrespect displayed towards other agents. If you think they love you and care about you, think again. As soon as you start having issues, personal or not and cannot produce, or your production goes down, you are chopped.   Pretty soon you will see how unethical this company is, but take it from me, just do not lose everything you own like I did thinking I am building a business that will thrive. You will go broke before you make $10k/year if you work hard. They will use you to brand their company. You cannot set yourself apart from your fellow agents, because everyone has the same business card and flyers, which are mandatory that you have to have and will not be able to produce your own without having to go through compliance. That takes about a year and then comes back totally not what you submitted, then it’s available to all the agents to use and only change their name on it. This company is complete waste of time. If you really want to be self-employed and have the flexibility, there are lots of companies out there that you can contract with. Steer away from the trap of IPA/ABBA Americas Business Benefit Association. Jenny Heafey is very selective on who she wants on her leadership team. Even though she makes it sound, It is not based on production and how hard you work and give your time to the company. It is based on who she likes. So do not fall for her statements of her promoting from within based on how much you give to the company but rather on favoritism. You can be gone for months without being productive, and if you come back and she likes you, she will promote you.  Invest your precious time elsewhere. There is no money here, just broke people. The only person you will see making money and a decent living and even that is under $60k/year is the agent that work 12 hour days. She has no life and it is all her business. This person does not see here kids or spend any time with them even on a Saturday. If you are a parent don’t believe you will be able to work here, make money, and have a family life.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
6, Report #1035741
Mar 18 2013
11:54 AM
Live Show Producers Greg Fox, Jen La'Ree, Jennifer Kolentus Live Show Producers CEO Greg Fox is rocked by sex scandal involving his newest employee Jen La'Ree (aka: Jennifer Kolentus) Internet
Live Show Producers.orgs  CEO, Greg Fox, is rocked by a sex scandal, that was purposely hidden from him by his newest employee Jen LaRee; and that has Live Show clients in an uproar and is sure to tarnish the stellar image of his company.  Heres the problem.  Jen LaRee is not Jen LaRee, she is really Jennifer Kolentus.  Last month Jennifer Kolentuss (aka: Jen LaRee) was exposed for being involved with online adult sex website orgies where she was videoed having sex with multiple men (often at the same time) to be later used in her soon to be created pay per view internet pornographic website Live Show Producers.orgs new showcase director, Jennifer Kolentus (aka: Jen LaRee), was exposed for being involved in some online pornographic web sites where Jennifer, after teaching children all day at her business JGroove Studios, would solicit multiple men for group sex parties and in turn would be photographed and videotaped for all of the participants viewing pleasure, and for the purpose of being used in Jennifers upcoming pay per view sex website. Some of Jennifers x-rated photos and videos eventually made their way to the web and were inevitably discovered by some parents of students that attends JGroove Studios, located in Lake Mary, Florida. This sex scandal exploded last month at JGroove Studios, located in Lake Mary, FL and forced JGroove to shut down, opening a few short weeks later with a new name, ELIVATE  Jennifer Kolentus then left town and formed a partnership with JDF Records, Jesse Nemitz, and Adam Fuller.  Jennifer then changed her name to Jen LaRee and took a job with Live Show who most likely had no idea of her tainted pornographic background.  After doing some research on Live Show Producers I found it to be a very reputable company.  Live Show Producers is the entity representing executives, producers, and production management professionals in the live show and event industry. Live Shows include special events, sport events, live theatre, corporate theatre, theme attraction shows, trade shows, touring concerts and more.  LSP also welcomes technicians, artisans, crafts people, and essential service providers in the live entertainment industry to be part of the community by becoming involved in our Recommended Services network.  LSP is filling the void for the members of this community that have been without a centrally organized support system until now. Join us today and become part of an exciting new direction for the Live Show industry. It is the authors opinion that Al & Cheryl Ritchie, Jesse Nemits, Adam Fuller, Jennifer Kolentus (aka: Jen LaRee) and anyone else that helped to change Jennifers name to hide this very destructive cancer that already claimed the life of JGroove Studios from Greg Fox; and thus purposely mislead him in to hiring on this toxic person like this knowing full well that it would most likely tarnish his business, should all be ashamed of themselves and they owe Greg a public apology! This story is breaking as we speak What will happen to Greg Foxs and LSP business and reputation remains to be seen.  Lets hope that LSP comes out of it untarnished.  Read more about this scandal at the below listed Rip Off Report links or google  Jennifer Kolentus.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #446720
Apr 26 2009
07:04 PM
Independent Producers Of America, LLC Applicants BEWARE!! Highlands Ranch Colorado
I am writing to express my gratitude to all that have written in regarding IPA. I recently applied for a sales position there having no knowledge of how insurance sales work - shame on me!! The truth is the invitation to interview stated nothing more than Account Executive so I arrived at the interview thinking it was an admin position. Please look closely at the initial comments regarding this company. I called a VP (to cancel an interview) and confronted him with some of the facts I found most credible. Primarily, paying nearly $350.00 up front for an insurance licence when the state doesn't require nearly that much. Any applicant for a new job deserves free training and if after that, they decide to move forward, you take the exam, send in your scores and applicaion for licensure. The company you work for should have no interest in this, as they are not paying for any of it. There was a lot of Huumming and Hawwing and he (the VP) finally decided that You are clearly not the competent person who we interviewed and are not the type we want working for us! WOW!! When I was a naive newcomer to sales with no information about who they were or state standards I was a Premier candidate!! - GO FIGURE!! PLEASE BE CAREFUL. I know a lot of people go with them and make a lot of money. How they make their money is what I wonder about. As a customer of ABBA I am very concerned and looking at other healthcare insurance options as now I doubt the credibilty of the entire organization. (Please note that IAC is NOT endorsed by the BBB and that their stock has had a steady decline for that past six monts.) Denver, co Highlands Ranch, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Highlands Ranch, Colorado
8, Report #244650
Apr 18 2007
06:04 PM
Safeway Financial And American Producers Group & Brian Fillweber Stole Commissions, Bounced Pay Checks, Stole Residual Income, SCAMMMMMM Ripoff Clearwater Florida
I worked for Safeway Financial in 2006 as the National Sales Manager.American Producers Group is also the SAME company.Both of these organizations are out of Clearwater, Fl. As the National Sales Manager, all of my sales agents' commissions and residual income were STOLEN by Brian Fillweber, the owner of Safeway Financial and American Producers Group. He is the Biggest Liar and Biggest Crook I had ever come across.He also 1099'd most of my reps and managers DOUBLE!!! As a group we sold Assurant Health across the country online.Many of my past agent's customers are COMPLAINING about Assurant not paying their claims. I am also hearing Assurant is raising rates after 3 months even though you signed up for a 12 month rate guarentee!! STAY AWAY FROM ASSURANT HEALTH also known as TIME INSURANCE and definitely DONT BUY INSURANE FROM SAFEWAY FINANCIAL out of Clearwater Florida!!!! Paul Boston, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
9, Report #1194116
Dec 09 2014
09:44 AM
Farcitt Video Producers, Farley Farcitt, Frankonia Farcitt ripoff, stealers, stole money, no good video, terrible workers Columbus Ohio
These guys took $250 for a pre-post video of my Nana's party, then the NEVER even showed up. WHen I call, they answer the phone likei t's not them.  DO NOT do business with them, they are a rip-off, and my lawysers are calling them!
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
10, Report #1328086
Sep 14 2016
09:37 AM
Web Shop Producers Unknown Signed me up without my authorization or approval It's an UPS Store address Internet
 Received a phone call for google services, told them I'm too busy. Please email the information to me. One hour later I received another phone call from a woman stating that she needed to update our file and wanted to know if I was in a position to authorize decision making on behalf of the company. I told her yes and she also said that this call is being monitored for quality assurance. A couple weeks go by and I don't receive any emails from this company for anything. I then receive a mailer from them with instructions to go to googles website and put in their web address in the Google verifymybusiness entry block? I said to myself why would I put their website address in Google? I didn't do it and didn't think nothing of it after that. Yesterday, I get a phone call directed to me by a woman named Ann OConner explaining to me that I have an invoice due tomorrow and how I would like to proceed on paying it? I told her this must be a mistake because I didn't sign up for anything. Ann starting arguing with me that I did authorize their company to help me with web searches. Funny thing is I never received any kind of acknowledgement that I signed up for, nor any instructions on what this company does for businesses? Other than the instruction mailer which by the way had Google written all over the mailer itself. I believe they are using Googles name as bait assurance. I received yesterday the invoiced due via my email at 14:36 and received my phone call from Ann O'Conner at 14:38. Today I received another email threatening me if I don't pay they will put me into collections. Both emails were written by someone with limited knowledge on business writing. Very poorly written with grammatical mistakes. Totally unprofessional written format. I'm being extorted to pay $599.00 or be put into collections for something I never authorize for and never even received acknowledgement that I did. I never signed anything and they are holding a verbal phone call as a threat for collections?!
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1368334
Apr 18 2017
02:07 PM
Web Shop Producers Contacted us by phone asking if we wanted to renew our services. cant locate an address Internet
Our company was contacted by a woman stating her name was Jackie, working for Web Shop Producers.   She asked, if we wanted to renew our contract with Web Shop for another year?  I stated, we did not have a contract with their company.  (I am in charge of accounts payable, and I know I have never paid that company for any services.)  She said we are just preparing to send the invoice for the last 15 months but want to confirm that you want to continue with our service.  I advised her that I don't handle that type of service and that she would have to speak with the manager.   I transfered the call and she informed the manager that we had agreed to use the service for a 90 day trial and charges started after the trial period.  She stated we owed $599.00 for the previous years services. Our manager requested a copy of the signed contract and she asked for an e-mail address to send it, shortly after we received an e-mail showing the company website but no attachment of any signed contract.  They are stating that we owe them $599 for services they provided.  They have not provided a contract and we have never heard of the company; we feel sure this is a scam!  The Better Business Bureau shows them with a very poor rating.  The BBB sent them notification and it was returned for incorrect address. I cannot locate an address on the internet but I do see a lot of suspicious information regarding this company.   Beware!!!  
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1429164
Feb 14 2018
07:14 AM
Web Shop Producers signed me up for services I didn't want nor do I need. Bordentown New Jersey
So I'm driving down the road minding my own business, and my phone rings. This woman calling herself Jackie I beleave, asks me a few questions to confirm my mailing address and my position with the company, so I answer her. Than she asks me if this was the address to send invioces and I tell her yes, than she hangs up. I didn't think nomore about it. I just figured it was a customer wanting to pay an invioce. Than last week I get this invioce in the mail for $599.00. It says it for search engine optimization, snap shot business report, and listing builder. I didn't sign up for non of this. If Jackie would have stayed on the phone long enough I would have been able to explain to her that my business is a specialized field that onlly caters to the trucking industry, construction industry, and the agriculture industry, we don't need nor do we want everybody within a hunderd mile radius ringing our phones off the hook. When I called them to find out what the invioce was for and tell them I didn't want it, things got very ugly! (on both sides) First they offered me a discount if I paid with a credit card right than and there. When I told them I wasn't paying anything because I didn't want their services they started talking about sending me to collections. I told them to go ahead do what they felt they had to do but they weren't getting any money out of me.
Entity: Bordentown, New Jersey
13, Report #395085
Nov 25 2008
05:03 PM
Bendaroos RIP-OFF Bridgeport Connecticut
I also accidentally ordered more things than I wanted to because the way they displayed it it looked like they were asking me if that was what I was trying to order originally so I clicked yes twice until I saw it was actually different items. My total came to $88 and some cents and you cannot go back or change your order so I was going to call and I got a sprint voiemail box that repeated the number back to me and had to leave a message which I thought was really odd. So I checked back on their site for another number and also e-mailed them and that is when I found they had done this to other people. So I called the credit card company and they cannot do anything until they try to take the money and then you have to dispute it. I wish I would have seen these reports before I ordered because now I am going through a lot of stuff I didnt want to and around the holidays at that! I am outraged! Someone needs to stop these people. Elizabeth Freeland, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Bridgeport, Connecticut
14, Report #583490
Mar 21 2010
06:36 AM footage firm scams consumers Internet
i tried ordering from this company for a film class project, and after they suckered me in to giving them hundreds of dollars on my credit card they never mailed their crappy videos and would not give me back my money! Stay away!
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #758422
Jul 30 2011
05:53 AM
MyBeatShop RipOff mybeatshop scam, mybeatshop ripoff Charl, Ohio
Online lawyers can make a good money by resolving the issue that's burning Producers. They haven't been paid for months, go check the forum. Post something on, so that producers can pay you so that you take the owner to court bringing justice. Check out the site,
Entity: Charl, Ohio
16, Report #794299
Nov 02 2011
05:46 AM
KNS GayNS Brooklyn, New York
He goes by the name KNS the engineer from chicago who used to work at sony studio in new york. He used to steal other people vocals, production of the writing, and selling other people's work.He steals clients and alliances and tells them that he has or works for a lot of people like celebrities which is a lie. Also, has stolen equipment from studios.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
17, Report #777890
Sep 17 2011
08:23 AM
John Loar Fraudster danville, California
i was upset when we hear that John Loar is out about town bragging and interviewing about his great new company on paramount when he has left a financial desvastation behind him on his other companies and projects. Some of his victims have been destroyed, cleaned out and there he is thinking he is the next big thing in Hollywood?! Become a man with a conscience, pay back your victims, clean up your messes before moving onto your next potential pigeons. Everyone and anyone should stay away. i am not the only one who has been hurt and the other posting on here made me realize that i need to protect others from this man too. from our experience, he is not a principled or ethical man at all. i agree with the other posts, he will threaten you and try to destroy you. he has done so to many out there. i would gladly leave my name but scared he would threaten our lives. we have witnessed the wrath he has cast on others. John brags about his new projects Tilt and Rapid Eye Movement in his interview, what about the other projects and its victims you left behind? why not focus on those first?
Entity: danville, California
18, Report #702970
Mar 05 2011
08:28 AM bogus song competition Internet, Tennessee
i believe song competition is bogus and advise songwriters to stay away. they use encoraging letter to suck you in , to try and get your money. i live in ireland so did not send me a 'contract' depite telling me they considered i had serious talent as a songwriter. !! i suspect they realsed i would not be traveling to usa and therefore they would not get any more money out of me. i did waste 20 dollars entry fee however, and am concerned that they might use my lyrics for their own use! my song is called 'zhivago blues' in case you come across it anywhere and is protetced by UK copyright beware and stay away!!
Entity: Internet, Tennessee
19, Report #342453
Jun 20 2008
02:23 PM - thieves Internet
I bought a arcade script from I paid via paypal. They took money, and i saw a download link. I started download (1,7gb!) but suddenly site go offline so my download stoped. There was no posibility to continue download because their server dont support it so i had to start again, after few hours of their offline status. It says i have 100 hiurs to download it and i can always contact to their support (they showed email) if i have problem. yea, sure... all emails from different boxes are rejected. There is no able to contact them and get wht you paid for. Their server and site is going offline after you need to download your script - you paid for it! They are just thieves in my opinion and i WILL spread info about it on all sites about thieves and lamers. I hope noone will but from them. And i will visit them since i know a addy and find that one who is responsible for my money lost and i suggest him to close buisness and run. Coz my lawyers will ripp off his heart. Cheers. Opal ElblagPoland
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1112968
Jan 05 2014
01:30 PM
lazreal lison FRAUD , brentwood california
I also invested quite a bit of money in Rift and Kontrast and got nothing back!!!!he changed his company to Summerhouse Pictures .I hope somehow you can get a hold of me .!!!!Because my lawyers found several ways to go after him!!, !! please contact me !!!!He openly texted me and told me he is not giving me a dime from Rift. twice.He also discredited me on IMDB told me he never wants to hear from me again ,after he asked me to invest in his next film!!,after a month he emailed me and said he loves me and wants to be friends and apologized to me,again asking for money when i didnt do it said I was a joke  and didnt want to hear from me anymore ,he also got his girlfriend involved.
Entity: Brentwood, California
21, Report #1156599
Jun 22 2014
07:07 AM
DMX Sonic Tap Sonic CRtAP Austin Texas
For those of you who subscribe to Directv your familiar with Sonic Tap.  They supply the music on channels 801 thru 879 covering a variety of formats.   My absolute favorite was channel 802 Malt Shop.   Malt Shop was a great time in America it was an Era, a sound.  From the birth of Rock and Roll until the British Invasion 1964.  As a retired radio broadcaster who began his career in 1973 playing oldies (Malt Shop)  the music holds alot of great memories for me.  I know this music like the back of my hand.  I would listen to channel 802 Malt Shop at home for hours.  They woulld play one great song after another.  Have you noticed how I am putting everything in past tense?  Recently I have noticed that you have to wait 5 or 6 songs until they actually play a song from the Malt Shop era.  What's up with that.  Several years ago TimeLife had a music package called Malt Shop Memories.  Every song was Malt Shop!  Currently TimelIfe has a couple music packages.  Teen Years, Rock and Roll Era and It Started with Doo-Wop.   All songs are from the Malt Shop era.  The other day channel 802 Malt Shop played Donovan's Epistle to Dippy followed by  Judy Collin's Both Sides Now.  Really?  In what universe are those two songs Malt Shop? Malt Shop now sounds like 803 60's Revolution.  Malt Shop is NOT Flower Power, Woodstock or 60s Revolution.   They also are playing songs that I haven't  heard of.   Which is practically impossible for me.  Sorry for the pat on the back, but it's true.  Over my 30 plus years in the broadcast industry I've accumulated enough music that would put some of Sonic Taps libraries to shame.  Especially Malt Shop.  What brain child decided to fix something that wasn't broken.  I'll bet the only Malt this person(s) ever had was in a beer!  Change it back jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Austin, Texas
22, Report #1183262
Oct 16 2014
12:11 PM
Outskirts Press Horrible experience Internet
When I was first publishing, and Outskirts Press was getting my money, service was personal and great. After the book was published, I could not get help. I could not get a person to call me, I was misguided on costs to lower the price of my book, and the people are rude. Through emails is the only mode of communication and that is poor. I believe this company is a scam and a rip off. I believe they purposefully give false quotes and then claim you owe more. I have tried for three weeks to get someone to help me. The girl who emails me takes no responsibility for poor communication and in fact blames me! I have requested twice to speak to a manager but get no call. Instead I get forwarded to the same girls email. I could not be more frustrated. I will not recommend this company. 
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1006599
Jan 31 2013
08:35 AM
Christian Mingles fraud Internet
I joined Christian Mingles for just 30 days only, which I selected to do. Christian Mingles billed me after the 30 Ty days. Be very careful pay attention to your billing statements. The Christians Mingle will steal your MONEY.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #1141224
Apr 24 2014
07:38 PM
Quickstar Productions Did not follow through Baltimore Maryland
 Also my band paid to be on two compilations, thankfully we did get the cds but we have never received any royalties, contact, information or opportunities from the company.  When we were asked to be on the third album come clean the fee went up another ten dollars.. i just could not get myself to send in the song and money again.  I would have let them put the song on the album if they would have waived the cost which i thought we deserved after two albums.   Now i read that they never made the album and that many had their money taken as well as their songs.  I am worried about all the music i had sent them... 
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #1185314
Oct 27 2014
10:18 PM
SportsPlus Tom Stokes scam Dallas Texas
Please be warned! Biggest scammer around! Tom Stokes..formerly with The Drew Pearson Cowboy Show..( Mr. Pearson clearly got smart) now Tom started a new scam venture called Sports Plus...he will ask you for $10,000.00 and make you promises with name dropping he REALLY likes to use Vince Neils name (from Motley Cru, like 30 years ago) hard to get on touch with, after he gets your money, excuse after excuse. I saw the other rip off report..i also got useless Twitter followers. He's ridiculous. Complete scammer. Stay far, far AWAY from this greasy slime ball. Consider yourself warned!!!!!!!! For those whom have had success with him...He's lying to you about something....I can almost guarantee you that; watch your back, you'll eventually be deceived. 
Entity: Dallas, Texas

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