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1, Report #1408883
Oct 26 2017
08:56 PM
Letts Property Management Illinois
 The good reviews about this company must be from family or friends or the staff working here. They are fake The staff at Letts Property​ have very nasty attitudes and they are just very cruel and rude Im looking to rent a Unit.. they let you do self tours on places that you are interested in and then keep sending you emails  to fill out an application just so you can pay the application fee and once you pay the fee your application Just sit there they never get around to processing at least not for me They are discriminating but doing it in a slick way   There is no job or money in the world worth me lying or treating another human being different why waste a client time by letting them view places and pay application fees knowing good well that you all are not going to process the application Landlords find a better set of people to rent and manage your customers. My credit is over 660 good reference and back ground and housekeeping but you wouldn't never know that because these racist lying playing games people refuse to process my application U ppl play games
Entity: Illinois
2, Report #1267335
Nov 11 2015
02:29 PM
Central Property Management Agape Property Management Horrible Service!
 I am a property owner with two units that were under management with this company. Upon terminating their services the tenants were several months behind on rent. Both units needed thousands of dollars in repairs including holes in walls. Alliance replacement, paint, etc.... What makes matters worse is that they have not tendered the deposits or reserves that were being held by these units or an accounting despite many requests and multiple months passing. They will not return a call, text or email. Horrible!
3, Report #576273
Mar 01 2010
04:15 PM
Mashole Property Management Rude thieves Internet
This company is the worst management and a huge rip off!!! They are completely over priced!  First the apartment the offered had no appliances in them, and I was forced to what I needed.  The orginal manager they had was terribly rude and unprofessional.  The new manager was great though.  When I moved out I was charged $700 because they needed to paint the apartment! They lied to me and told me it would only be $500 and it would be taken from my deposit.  I called to confront the situation and yelled at and was told that what I was calling about was not an emergancy and was hung up on!!! Do not rent from these thieves they charge outrages prices for rent!
Entity: Internet, Internet
4, Report #1072173
Aug 01 2013
01:58 PM
Quality Property Management HORRIBLE COMPANY! Medford Oregon
DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKS!!!! They absolutely screwed us totally in their little “who’s on first game”. They told us we were in first place, then somebody else was all of a sudden front. We got that squared away for a couple weeks, then when we checked back in, someone was miraculously in front of us again. I finally got past newbie Chelsea to Manager Amy, who was completely condescending bitch, but assured me that she had found our application & it was in first position. I swallowed my anger at the situation to trty & do what was best to get the place.  It was no surprise that when I showed up for the uncomfortable dog & pony showing, someone was again in front of us. When I questioned that with who I believe was Rob, he got Amy on the phone who again denied that we were in forst. As I questioned this some more, Rob told me to “Fuck Off”, & that he did not want to do business with us. That was certainly fine with me, as I would NEVER give them one penny of my money. I repeat: THESE PEOPLE ARE ABSOLUTE GAME PLAYING CROOKS with no customer service or grace whatsoever. Avoid them like the plague.
Entity: Medford, Oregon
5, Report #1235504
Jun 14 2015
06:21 AM
Qualify Property Management Rip off Medford Internet
If you value your cleaning deposit DO NOT rent from these people. If you expect what you will get back on time forget it. I notified them by email of the new address and asked for a response acknowledging they received it and was ignored. When I called it in they claimed it had been returned even though all my other mail was being forwarded just fine. They require you to use THEIR carpet cleaner which at $250.00 was twice the cost of other reputable companies. They require you have window blinds (not drapes) which can be easily cleaned, professionally cleaned which at $145.00 was both pointless and ridiculously expensive. No matter how clean you leave the place they charge a $129.00 minimal cleaning fee. We left the place spotless, even cleaning under and behind the stove and refrigerator. Then they add on additional fees for things like wiping down a hand rail. They even added a fee to fill in a nail hole from hanging a picture. They charged for batteries and labor claiming to have replaced all the smoke detector batteries even though they were all working fine. Out of my $1100.00 cleaning deposit they returned $361.00 of it.   
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1309848
Jun 06 2016
01:44 PM
Lubin Property Management Slumlord Memphis Tennessee
Lubin Property Management and its owner, Ryan Lubin, managed my property.  They would not put For Rent signs on the property and it seemed okay to them to let a property sit vacant for months before trying to rent it.  The repair cost were astronomical so I inquired.  Ryan said they charged a 25% surcharge on all repairs which was not disclosed on the front end.  I received a copy of the invoices for all repairs and it turns out that Lubin had his own company make repairs and dummied up an invoice with the hugh surcharge made to look like an actual company invoice that was passed on to me at cost.   I cancelled the contract several months ago and have been unable to get the deposit money for the current tenant.  It along with spare keys to the house have been in the mail several times and the delay was always blamed on my girl forgot to send it.   I am getting ready to file a formal complaint with the BBB and ther Tennessee Real Estate Commission.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
7, Report #1211159
Feb 23 2015
05:07 PM
Adventure Property Management Slum Lords Nampa Idaho
My best friend lives in an old apartment house, just taken over by Adventure Property Management in January.When they did the walk through, it was pointed out that there were many things that needed to be fixed, such as the pipes were backing up, apartments were leaking into other apartments, appliances not working and toilets not working.Tenants were told that a plumber would be sent over the next day to take care of things, it has now been two months and no plumber. Because repairs were not made, the basement, where the laundry room is, is flooded with sewage, one of the lower level tenants moved out today because her apartment was flooding with sewage....still no plumber. The young man next door to my friend has no working refridgerator, and my friend and other tenants have to go to a truck stop to shower and use the toilets. This is so unsanitary and shady. Regardless of the many calls to the emergancy number that everyone was given, no one picks up, and the office acts like they could care less that these people are living in unsanitary conditions.BEWARE of this management company, it looks as though they only care about money in their pocket instead of taking care of their tenants and property.
Entity: Nampa, Idaho
8, Report #1353737
Feb 02 2017
10:59 PM
LETTS Property Management Terrible amd incompetent Westmont IL - Illinois
 All around horrible company. I am am x-employee. Mistreat tenants and don't do a great job.
9, Report #1390009
Aug 02 2017
03:51 PM
ASM Property Management Detroit Michigan
I purchased a property with my the lump sum of my pension as an investment and rental property. I did not choose ASM to manage my property I was assigned them by the company I purchased the property from. ASM mismanaged my property and cost me a fortune! They failed to check on the tenants who destroyed the property and refused to pay rent. The tenants remained in the property for eight months without paying rent, ASM did not take appropriate action to remove them. Once the tenant had finally been evicted ASM did not secure the property and squatters moved in. The property was destroyed and cost me $14000 to sort out. ASM didn't winterise the empty property and the pipes burst leaving me me a flooded house plus a $1800 water bill because the flood had been going on for so long. ASM had allowed my property insurance to lapse so I was not covered for any of the damage! Other people had been allowed to access the electricity at my property and so I was left with this utility bill as well. ASM failed to offer me any compensation and just wanted me to pay for all the damage. When an investor is so far away from their investment they rely on their property management company to do their job and protect the investment on the investors behalf ASM did none of this. I lost my investment and my pension. I would NEVER recommend ASM to any investor, avoid them like the plague! They cost me everything I worked o for twenty years.
10, Report #586235
Mar 27 2010
01:20 PM
Pierce Property Management Property Management Company Prescott, Arizona
Pierce Property Management goes to work on making the REAL money at the time when they get your security deposit. After moving to Prescott, AZ and leasing an apartment using this company, my neighbor cautioned me that I would have a rough time getting my deposit back even if I leave the place in perfect condition. Sure enough when I moved away, wonderful Diane was full of excuses and made it very clear that she will take as much money as they were entitled to take. Needless to say, I got nothing back even after spending the whole day leaving the place in the same condition it was when I moved in. This company is a MAJOR rip off and I would caution others to stay away from it. Repairs were never done and they dodge you when is time to live up to their end of the deal. STAY AWAY from this rip off agency.
Entity: Prescott, Arizona
11, Report #749856
Jul 06 2011
03:05 PM
Central Property Management Agape Property Management SLUM LORD LIARS!!!!! Altamonte Springs, Florida
This company has been full of lies since meeting.  Me and my spouse leased from this so called company that began or nightmare.  Doug began his lies before we even moved in. It took me having to stop payment on checks for this company to even return a phone call about getting approved.  They turned the property over to us with knee high grass which is a saftey concern because we couldnt see what was in the grass living or non living.  At first the house seemed ok for 2 days.  After that paint fumes subsided and a stinch filled the house.  After a month of suffering from severe allergic reactions I began asking for release from the lease.  Of course we played the phone tag game and email ping pong.  Finally after 3 months I contacted a lawyer and the media sources and calls began to be answered.  Marilyn wanted us to think she was doing us a favor by releasing us from our lease, however she only did this because she refused to have this house tested for mold or chinese drywall.  One of the neighbors that new the home owner even asked me if mold was bothering me.  So I believe these incompetent people leased me a mold infested house to begin with.  If you know what is good for you stay away from this company. Do not believe their lies about having to buy an A rating from the BBB trust me they well deserve their F rating. These people are Slum Lords in every way.  Every complaint you read about this company believe it.  They fooled my spouse by telling him the only people that complain are tenants that dont get security deposits returned. Well I havent even made it to the return of security deposit point and I am complaining.  I left the house in the same condition as rented to us only with ankel high grass instead of knee high so I shouldnt have an issue.  Please pay attention, run far and fast.  Do not fall for their lies.  This is truley a poor company and rated F for a reason.
Entity: Altamonte Springs, Florida
12, Report #1117026
Jan 20 2014
02:10 PM
Rentmaster Property Management in Idaho Falls Horrible Property Management Service Idaho Falls Idaho
Horrible Service! I went into Rentmaster today to try and resolve a claim that I had with them. They did only refused to help me, they laughed in my face and told me I was stupid for not taking extra measures myself to patch the issue that they could quickly and easily fixed. I had all of the food in my fridge and freezer spoil becuase it took them 3 dyas to respond to my multiple phone calls telling them it was broken. I went in to ask if I could have some sort of reinbursment for all of the food and they told me no. They were very unprofessional to me over the phone as well. They hung up on me multiple times and laughed at me when we were face to face. I will never rent with Rentmaster in Idaho Falls, ID ever again, and you shouldn't either!! 
Entity: Idaho Falls, Idaho
13, Report #980083
Dec 10 2012
08:04 AM
RPM Rincon Property Management Real Property Management Extortion, rip-off, scam Tucson, Arizona
This company was supposed to rent our house.  They arranged only one visit in 6 months. They charged us $175 to pull 10 weeds from a 10' by 20' gravel yard.  They charged us $300 to clean an 11 square foot house.  When we refused to pay it, they threatened to take us to collections.
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
14, Report #1041283
Apr 06 2013
04:48 PM
Barrett-Eastman Property Management Unprofessional and unfair property management company Phoenix, Arizona
We have had several bad experiences with Barrett Eastman Property Management; they are unprofessional and unfair in their business dealings; based on our own personal experiences with Barrett Eastman Property Management, we feel that they (Barrett Eastman Property Management) place their own self-interests above the interests of their clients.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
15, Report #1072839
Aug 03 2013
06:43 PM
Real Property Management West Valley Property Management Peoria Arizona
Real Property Management West Valley is without a doubt the worst rental company I have ever worked with.  My dissatisfactions with this company are many, but here are some of my biggest complaints that I have expressed to the company; to which they have no given no regard to and were extremely rude and unprofessional to boot:As mentioned in other reviews, their turnover on maintenance repairs is terrible.  It is not unusual for them to take many weeks to fix the simplest of problems.  Their vendors who come to fix these problems are frequently cheap and do not even come with the tools or knowledge to fix your problems. They come to conduct quarterly “inspections”; they give you a 48 hour window where you never know exactly when they will be coming.  The inspector invades your privacy by taking pictures of your personal possessions to note the “condition” of the house.  They then give you back notices of things you have to repair, which have NOTHING to do with what is reflected on the final move-out inspection.  My inspector only ever said we had weeds in the yard that needed to be pulled, and never commented or suggested anything with the inside of the house, which was ALL they picked on for the move-out inspection. During the move-in inspection, the inspector goes through in about 5 minutes and only writes down things like what color the tile and carpet are.  At the move-out inspection, a DIFFERENT person comes to knit-pick EVERY POSSIBLE THING that is not perfect about the property.  I had deductions from my deposit for dust on the baseboards, marks on the wall on the inside of closets, sun bleached blinds (this is Arizona), and the fact that I did not leave baking soda inside the fridge to deodorize it. As a very clean person, I was extremely upset and insulted when I received less than 1% of my security deposit back.  I am a very responsible renter, and I have never received anything less than the FULL deposit back from every place I have ever rented. They have no concern for the personal safety of tenants.  They refused to evict my violent ex-boyfriend who did not pay ANY rent because he was listed as an occupant.  Not a tenant, just an occupant.  They would not let me leave the lease early and had no qualms about forcing me to live with someone who put me in emotional and financial distress. It is a miracle Real Property Management West Valley is still in business.  They advertise lies about how great their company is.  I would not advise anyone to do business with this company; whether you are a renter or an owner.  This company is only in it for your money exclusively; after you sign with them they have no concern for customer service, integrity, or human decency.  
Entity: Peoria, Arizona
16, Report #1072431
Aug 02 2013
09:42 AM
Quality Property Management Nothing quality about Quality Property Management Medford Oregon
They absolutely screwed us for weeks in their little who's on first game.  My family was trying to find a rental for my 72 year old mother.  We found a perfect place for her and sent in the applicationto QPM, twice.  They told us we were in first place, then somebody else was all of a sudden in front. We got that squared away for a couple weeks, then when we checked back in, someone was miraculously in front of us again. We finally got past newbie Chelsea to Manager Amy, who was a completely condescending you-know-what, but she assured me that she had found Mom's application & it was in first position. We swallowed our frustration at the situation to try & do what was best to get the place for our mom.  It was no surprise that when my brother showed up for the uncomfortable dog & pony showing, someone was again in front of us. When he questioned that with who we believe was Rob (owner?), he got Amy on the phone who again denied that we were in first (denying that she had told us we were the day before, total liar). As my brother questioned this some more, Rob told him to F--- Off, & that he did not want to do business with us. We are guessing this scenario plays out a lot for them with this screwed up system. That was certainly fine with us, as we would NEVER give them one penny of our money. I wonder if their clients who trust them with their properties know how horribly they represent them?  I repeat: THESE PEOPLE ARE ABSOLUTE GAME PLAYING CROOKS with no customer service or grace whatsoever. Avoid them like the plague.
Entity: Medford, Oregon
17, Report #1332532
Oct 11 2016
06:13 AM
TriView Property Management TriView Most Negligent Property Management Company to Date Chicago Illinois
TriView Property Management is one of worst companies I have ever encountered. They are blatantly transparent in their sole interest - making money, and not spending a dime of it ensuring those who invest in their properties are getting what they pay for. I have lived in one of their apartment buildings since May (2016), and my complaints started the very day I moved in. The apartment had numerous issues that they completely failed to finish. The windows didn't have blinds, the closets had no racks or methods of storing anything (and when I complained about this they put off answering me for week and told me they'd need approval to install shelves/racks, otherwise I'd have to pay for the installation. The air conditioner was broken three times in the period of a month, many of those days were above 90 degrees outside, and as I'm on the top floor, my actual apartment was well about 95 degrees. I have a dog who was chronically over-heating and time and time again, they failed to fix the problem. From then on out, they blatantly ignore maintenance requests unless the issue is something that could result in legal action against them, yet they have no problem contacting you as soon as they realize they can charge you for something. On several different occasions, I've had to contact them at least three times about an issue (email and voicemail) to even reach a human being to speak to. They are a terrible company, full of employees who have absolutely no interest in providing even a decent living experience for the people who pay a large amount of money to get just that. They have no interest in being a responsible company. Their only interest is making money and then disappearing for the next month in case you need assistance with something. The more I contact them to get something fixed the longer it takes/harder it is to get ahold of anyone. These people should be put out of business. There is no shortage of similar reviews online - no one has anything positive to say about these scum bags.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
18, Report #1299018
Apr 11 2016
07:39 AM
Liberty Property Management; Curtiss Property Management, Brandon Curtiss Kept Rent and Security Deposits MERIDIAN Idaho
I am writing you to share my story with my former property manager, Brandon Curtiss of  (Curtiss Property Management, Liberty Property Management). Before I begin, I would like to share with you some information about myself. I am active duty Air Force and been in the service for almost 10 years. I was stationed in Idaho for over 6 years at Mountain Home AFB. In the fall of 2014 I received orders to leave for South Korea for a remote tour for 1 year. I was excited but stressed out at the time because I am a first time home buyer. I love my house in Nampa Idaho and wanted to ensure I hired a great Property Manager before I left. I found Brandon Curtiss through Angies List and also looked up his company Curtiss Property Management. We spoke on the phone and he also came by my house to look at it/talk about how much I can get for rent. I remember meeting him and being thoroughly impressed with his business, his career in law enforcement, and especially how he screens potential clients. He assured me that he would not have anyone live in my house that had a criminal background because he does through checks. Also, with my dad in law enforcement and Brandon in law enforcement I felt he was the one to hire. I gave him $200 dollars for my property reserve funds immediately and moved out of my house in October. He found tenants and had them moved in December 2014. Brandon collected the security deposit and also nonrefundable pet deposit that totaled $1,250.00 from the new tenants. I left for Korea in January 2015 and everything seemed to work out pretty smoothly during the initial few months. However, communication was starting to lack a few months after getting to South Korea. For instance I wasn't getting paid on time and would write an email to Brandon and the company email. I would wait days and sometimes a full week or more before I heard a response. I kept telling myself that I can't compare civilian email correspondence to the military...typically in the military one would go no more than 48 hrs to respond to someone. I would also try calling but with the time zone difference it was hard to get a hold of anyone/they wouldn't be in the office. When they did responded which was Brandon because he handled the money, he would give me the run around and say: I already paid the account or the best one is that he claimed my bank is a government bank. I primarily bank with USAA which is a bank that is specialized for military members but it's a normal bank just like US Bank or Wells Fargo it is federally endorsed. So after not getting paid sometimes for a full month! I told Brandon since he was having issues with USAA that I have another Bank that he can easily deposit the money into, which was US Bank. He deposited the money in there twice by actually walking in and depositing with a counter slip instead of doing the electronic pay account that he goes through. By that point I just had enough of the lack of communication, not getting paid on time, and also the rudeness and bullying he displayed to me. I came home for my midtour vacation in September 2015 and decided to fire Curtiss Property Management which is now Liberty Property Management. They changed their name around September/October 2015. I gave him my 30 day notice to fire Brandon/Curtiss Property Management/Liberty Property Management. I then hired my real estate agent who sold me the house and is now my new Property Manager. I left to go back to South Korea at the beginning of October to finish my yearlong remote tour. During that time Rex and I were still having a hard time communicating with Brandon to get all the stuff turned over to us pertaining to my rental property. They were so horrible when it came down to writing an email back. I remember Rex finally telling me he went to the office and received everything for the house except for the security deposit, property reserve, pet deposit. The secretary told Rex that Brandon's Lawyer was going to contact us. When Rex told me that information I was confused and wondering okay why would he involve his lawyer. A week or so passed and I still wasn't paid for my October funds which should have been paid out to me per the contract on the 10-15th of the month but no later than the 20th. Please keep in mind that I was always getting paid towards the end of the month. I emailed Brandon and asked him about my October Rent Funds, Security, Pet Deposit and property reserve. He once again was rude and bullying me around stating that Rex was not to be involved and that I need to do X, Y, and Z to call the utility companies to get their company name off the contract. I felt so frustrated especially bc I gave him my notice and he nor his secretary told me I needed to do that! So I went ahead and stayed up late in Korea to call all the utility companies as they first opened up. I fulfilled all his obligations and then he wrote me in a very nice way and said thank you that is what he needed. He will pay me next week since he was on vacation. So I figured okay good we are in the clear! Boy was I wrong! I kept waiting for the money to show up in my account it never did. I gave him the benefit of the doubt that it was the holidays with Thanksgiving and was lenient thinking he was busy. The first of December I wrote him to get an update and so did Rex. Once again he was rude to Rex and told him it didn't involve him eventhough I obtained a special power of attorney for Rex to represent my interest with my rental property. Brandon gave me the run around stating that he will not release the deposits to me because the tenants never signed the release form. When in actuality they did sign the form and gave a copy to Rex. Rex emailed me and also Brandon with the form. From there Brandon even got more hostile with both Rex and I and threatened to take me to court! He threatened me so many times for me just asking politely where is my October Funds $1,058, Security plus pet deposit $1,250.00 and property reserve at $200. He also told me that Idaho law states I need to have a separate account just for the deposits he will give me. He is not allowed to just deposit the account into my checking account. Also, he said he paid my October Funds but that too was also a lie because neither account USAA or US Bank had money deposited in them. After that I just had enough of all the games, especially being stationed in Korea with no options for help. I filed a small claims case against him towards the end of December to get my money back. I do not recommend this company or dealing with Brandon Curtiss! Stay away from him, especially if you are in the military! It has been nothing but late rent payments, late email responses, and hard earned money taken away from me while serving the country I love! I have never dealt with someone like him before and I'm honestly appalled that he can get away with what he is doing. Especially to any military member who is active duty or guard.
Entity: MERIDIAN, Idaho
19, Report #1270176
Nov 24 2015
08:08 PM
Prestige Property Management Unprofessional and unethical property management Eagle Idaho
Renter beware. Prestige Property Management is only after money and not providing quality rentals. I rented a home from Prestige Property Management and had a year of stress and discontent. It took Prestige Property Management 10 months to correct issues that were identified in the original walk-through. I had to repeatedly request the corrections in writing and verbal requests. Items that needed repair included the lock to the front door, unsafe electrical issue in the master bedroom, absence of screens in the master bathroom and kitchen, among other items. After 12 months of repeated generic emails with instructions on the expectations of my responsibility in caring for the property, I left the property in much better condition (landscaping and inside the property) than I first moved in. What was Prestige Property Managment's response? Charging me additional fees than the deposit covered. Renter beware. I would not recommend renting a property represented by Prestige Property Management. Prestige Property Management is not responsive and not ethical in their business practices. 
Entity: Eagle, Idaho
20, Report #1393213
Aug 16 2017
01:40 PM
Reliance Property Management Group RPMG Property management New Brunswick New Jersey
 I don't know How come I live In Georgia and this company manage my property .. but My Vehicles were towed no notice nothing just disappeared I didn't know they were towed So reported them missing... a week later I received mail saying my vehicle tow was authorized by My HOA now I'm not a home owner I'm A tenant that rent a unit in a apartment building Reliance property management group is my landlords HOA I called and Spoke to DeePak Kadia . He is the CFO He says They did not autherize my Vehicles Being towed and also that I should contact my landlord and said it was the Board now He won't the name of the board or who I can speak to He gave me a number that was not the board it was someone who only answers the phone and transfer calls.... now my Broker is Laquita Baez She says That Adrien VinciGuerra she won't give me his address but he lives In France . I live in Georgia USA RPMG is In New Jersey and My Landlord lives In France The Broker Laquita Baez Said That The Only contact info she has for My Landlord Is a Email No Number no address but His Mail comes Here ... My leases says we should pay rent by Check or money order The broker tells me and my wife to put the money in her account a esco account is that even legal ?
Entity: New Brunswick , New Jersey
21, Report #1320996
Aug 06 2016
09:20 AM
Curtiss Property Management Liberty Property Management, Brandon Curtiss Curtiss Property Management (aka Liberty Property Management) STOLE money from us!!! Meridian Idaho
 Curtiss Property Management stole our money!!! After leaving our leased property in pristine condition with no repairs needed, only $700 of our $2,300 was sent to us. They owe us $1,600! Brandon Curtiss AND his maintenance guy Mike both told us the property was left in perfect condition and that no repairs were needed. Over 30 days later, we only received a tiny portion of our deposit back! We have been stolen from and want the rest of our money !
Entity:, Idaho
22, Report #440465
Aug 08 2010
09:18 AM
Ardent Property Management predatory property managment Columbus Ohio
Ardent is an unethical business. It will take advantage of tenants and drive up costs in addition to the deceptively low rent. Caveat Emptor: Tenants should avoid any property managed by Ardent. I represent many landlords and other property management companies. To date, I know of no company that is worse than Ardent Property Management. Thus, prospective tenants should go elsewhere. Current tenants should leave at the first moment their lease ends. You can find ethical landlords and businesses around Columbus and its outlying suburbs that will treat you with respect as a valued customer. The facts are telling - Ardent has had so many complaints against it filed with the Better Business Bureau based upon these unethical practices that it has stopped responding. The BBB can provide renters with information concerning the extent of Ardent's behavior, as well as point such renters in the right direction regarding ethical landlords/property management companies. Further, the Attorney General's Office has fielded similar complaints against Ardent. What more proof does one need? Shamus c, esq. Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
23, Report #1284127
Feb 01 2016
05:54 PM
Boxer Property Upscale Ghetto Office Property Management Atlanta Georgia
Imagine trying to take your business to the next level and you find reasonable office space in Downtown Atlanta.  It's near transit and close to everything one needs.  You fall in love with the property and immediately move in.As you move in, you see that restrooms are not always kept clean, you have questionable tenants who are in the buildign with you, missing security guards, non-responsive property management and a high school environment for an office park.First, the security guards could careless.  They make s* wages so I get it but you are sitting on your a*s on the internet most of your shift and make rounds.  When they do make rounds, the guards like to walk into your offices unannounced and disrupt meetings.  I worked with building security in the past and they knock on the door saying 'security check', not these guys.  When you have guests needing to get into the building, they are too busy chit chatting with their newfound friends who have offices in the building and also one of them was trying to get his demo CD promoted.  If you call the desk, they never answer the phone and they treat your guests like crap.  Secondly, you have some questionable tenants in the building who bring ghetto guests in there.  I am talking about loud talkers, small dogs, children during business hours, crying babies, people who argue with each other in the common areas, people who knock on your door trying to solicit themselves since they are 'visiting' the building and so on.  While I usually ignore what other tenants do until it becomes a problem with my business.  I had too many door knocks from people trying to find the 'questionable tenants' as these folks didn't believe in putting up signs on their doors.  One woman walks around the building barefoot to places like the breakroom, restroom, elevators and more.  Another tenant likes to think the entire floor is his and has guests all over the place.  Furthermore, janitorial is a joke for the lower paying tenants.  We rarely got our trash emptied and floors vaccumed but security always seemed to want to put up in the offices butting in.  We asked the janitorial staff when we were going to get service and they told us 'we weren't on the list' despite our lease saying we get serviced by default (not optional).  Because of the lack of service, many tenants found themselves using common area trash cans as their own due to this.  Which lead to messy hallways and common areas as those trash cans were small.  Mind, you this building is 17 stories tall.  Then, if you complain too much, management just cancels your lease instead of responding.  You get 30 days to vacate the property. You think the nightmare is over but then they attempt to sue you for the remainder of the lease payments (after they cancel your lease).  You have some arrogant 'in-house but we are contractors' wannabe collection agency calling you saying things like 'you can't be a deadbeat, you gotta pay up or else'. Then, they like to overtalk you so just hang up.Avoid any property managed by Boxer Property.  I had colleagues at other properties who had similar issues.  They just want your money and if you cause too much trouble (making them do their jobs), you get asked to leave.  Don't have the headaches I have.  Learn from MY mistakes! 
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
24, Report #384591
Oct 24 2008
05:53 PM
Bennett Property Management - Mesa AZ Property Owner says --> look elsewherer Mesa Arizona
I have Bennett managing my property in Mesa. I'm kind of stuck now, but I'd strongly urge anyone looking at Bennett to manage their property to move on. I had a house to rent. Bennett charges a monthly fee, in excess of $100, to advertise. After months of no results, I put the house on Craigslist and was swamped with hits. I steered my leads to Bennett. They failed to return calls, failed to show the house, lost the applications. I'm not sure if they were just unlucky, are incompetent, or see marketing as their main source of revenue. I finally got the Bennett to process one of the prospects I found, and I'm locked into contracts. Now I'm fighting to stop the charges for advertising. Mesa landlord El Paso, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
25, Report #409398
Jan 07 2009
08:59 PM
Enterprise Property Management Thieves with you propery. EXTREMELY UNTRUSTWORTHY WITH PROPERTY. Orange California
Never Trust this company with any property...Allowed damages to my property and then lied about them...Totally broke their agreements...was sued from signed move out report w/out my authorization...allowed a pet w/out my authorization...very very untrustworthy..MOST DEFINITELY WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!! Jv3 mission viejo, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orange, California

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