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1, Report #1305677
May 15 2016
11:24 AM
Protect America Protect Yourself from Protect America Internet
I signed a 36 month contract with Protect America. 6 weeks prior to it's ending, I called to make sure it would be cancelled and was told it would be.  I then was billed for period 37.  I called and was told you had to email   I did that.  They are now billing for periods 37 and 38. PROTECT yourself from Protect America.  They are like the ones they claim to protect you from. 
Entity: Internet
2, Report #928626
Aug 17 2012
10:21 AM
Protect America Deceptive Affiliate Program Internet
I am so disappointed with Protect America! I am a registered affiliate of Protect America and I have had the most horrific experience with them thus far.  So far my best description of their business practices are that they are for the most part non-responsive and irresponsible.  They have never compensated my company for any of the files submitted.  I have checked with the customers that I have submitted and have been informed that equipment has been received and installed a deposit have taken and monitoring has been initiated.  They have been very deceptive up to this point and I can honestly say that I am disappointed.  They have admitted that their process is faulty and that all the blame with the breakdown of communication is the sole fault of the customer.  Very disappointed and very betrayed is how I feel about our relationship.I am sending out a BIG Buyer Beware.... to both customers and affiliates. As an Affiliate there are cost associated with my operation my books reflect that I am operating at a loss in regards to the arrangement I have with Protect America. Sincerely, John    
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #1378528
Jun 12 2017
07:40 AM
Protect America Nationwide
 First i heard of this company is a 1339.00 delinquency on my credit report? I disputed and it came back valid. I have never had equipment or service from this company nor have i seen any tupe of bill? Credit report shows i opened the account 9/2016? I have had a monitoring service in place since 7/2014. Why would i have signed on with them?
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #419253
Feb 02 2009
04:08 PM
Protect America Protect America should be renamed Rip Off America Round Rok Texas
Do not buy from this company. Read this first is you are even considering it. This company has a consumer entrapment contract. You will pay for this system whether it works or not and it probably will not and they will not care. It is a piece of junk that will beep forever when something isn't right. If you spend the hours required to correct the problem you will have a new one before you know it. The velcro sensors will not stay in place. Go with ADT or Brinks or another top name that cares about their customers and don't expect people to pay for something that doesn't work. Do a search for comments and complaints on Protect America. Look at the Better Business bureau and Consumer Complaints. Save yourself from the suffering so many of us have gone through. I don't understand how such a company can be allowed to exist under it's present way of doing business. There are suggestions on who to write to for complaints. I think that should include congressmen and the President. This is not the time to be taking advantage of Americans. Protect America's employees sound like Americans on the phone. What kind of Americans try to rip other Americans off? Any one who wants to start a letter compaign or knows of legal action that could be taken--I would be intested. This place needs to put out of business. Carol Avon, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #82887
Mar 05 2004
03:25 AM
They ought to rename it Protect your Bank account I received this free alarm system from them and told them that I was in the process of moving and would install it at that time when I moved. Turns out they start taking 29.99 monitoring fees immediately and didnt contact me of this happening. I moved in January and I finally found out they have been taking monitoring fees since November for an alarm I had not registred with them r installed yet. Turns out the alarm once I did try to install it doesnt work. I contacted them about sending it back and they claim I signed a 3 yr service agreement and will be taking money every month for 3 years no matter what. The most ignorant thing is trying to deal with them. I asked them to send me a signed copy of this so called agreement and have yet to see it. Then he wants me to send a restocking fee for the alarm for $158 to cancel the agreement I supposedly signed?? I stated, you show me proof of me signing any agreement for 3 yrs. and I will do what is necessary. Still waiting for that one. I asked him to fax it to me to make this smoother and faster but he refuses and insists on mailing it to me. (I can see why now) can't fax what they dont have. I told them I am just going to close my bank acct. and reopen a new one, and he tries to tell me he will file a collection against me if I did that. haha I can do WHAT I WANT WITH MY OWN BANK ACCOUNT THANK YOU. I contacted my attourney about all of this and he said don't let them threaten me about collections until they prove I signed anything. So this is to you Mr. James Long (one of the head honchos @ Protect America..... your business tactics and meager threats of ruining my credit will come against you in the end, I guarantee it. Allen POTTSVILLE, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: ROUND ROCK, Texas
6, Report #112424
Oct 11 2004
03:00 PM
Protect America Ripoff Don't Buy Internet lack of support Internet
My main complaint is that I could not get any technical support. The thing kept beeping and I could not delete the beep option. I called technical support and after listening to a recording saying everyone is busy repeatedly it told me to leave my name and telephone number, but no-one called back. I finally just pulled the power plug. I am really sorry that I bought this thing and would advise the reader to look to another company if you want home security. This thing is an aggravation and a waste. Harold lexington, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #424947
Feb 17 2009
07:07 AM
Protect America rip off and liars Lubbock Texas
First the sales guy lied to me saying I absolutely had to buy the system the same day I called in or I couldnt get free sensors. I was forced to buy it before I had my Vonage phone system equipment. So by the time I got my VOnage system I was past my grace period to cancel the service. I learned later that I had to buy extra equipment for $300 because the alarm system doesnt work on Vonage, unlike what the sales guy told me. I was disgusted with their lies and service but they refused to let me cancel the service. So I just stop paying them since it didnt work anyway. A few months later some lawyer who buys their collections send me a letter wanted $1100. They actually want me to pay for 3 years of service that I never had and never worked. What a scam. I'm never paying these D**cks. Paparazzi orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Lubbock, Texas
8, Report #530927
Nov 30 2009
02:36 PM
Protect America Ugly restocking policy, ugly equipment Internet
Know this before you order the system. The look is pretty hideous. The control box looks like an enormous, white, 1980s answering machine. Do you really want this sitting by your primary door? The door triggers are also large and obtrusive and white. If you have dark door frames they will stick out like sore thumbs. I took it out of the box, realized I couldn't live with the aesthetics and immediately called to cancel. As I was inside of 7 days, this was allowed, however, I am being charged $80 for a restocking fee. (That's $80 for someone to take it back out of the box.) Yes, that was in the fine-print box that they ask you to stop and read during their pressure sales call, but that only makes it slightly less odious.
Entity: Internet, Internet
9, Report #376456
Sep 27 2008
08:17 AM
Protect America Lie, and Cheat Round Rock Texas
We came into a little money, and decided to get a home security system. I made the mistake of signing up with Protect America. I was lured in by the statement of free equipment I became self employed as a new company. We got nailed by the automatic renewal once.We were also trying to consolidate and change banks , and had asked to mail checks instead of electronic debit (EFT)to our account. We were told several times that they would only accept the EFT. We finally got the account canceled, but they kept trying to collect on the remainder of the year. They added interest and penalties till the approximate $90 became $150. The phone would never stop ringing. They finally turned it over to their collectors Anderson, Crenshaw & Associates L.L.C..They were demanding over $600. I sent them a cease and desist letter. I contacted Protect America. They said we could mail a check then threw a fit when we mailed a cashier's check for the $150 that they would let us settle for. They were saying we could only use a credit or debit card. After several minutes arguing over the phone they finally accepted the check. I believe this is only because they had it in hand at the time. That was in june of 08, now in September, Anderson and cohorts send me a letter demanding almost $500. I called Protect america back last night and they claim I have 2 options. Option 1. Pay Anderson, Crenshaw & Associates the money they want. Option 2. Sign up for a new contract with Protect America. I feel they are working together to separate me from what little money I have left. My business failed earlier this year, mostly due to fuel costs. (diesel was over $4 a gallon, and the companies I dealt with were very slow in raising what they paid me.) Victim Aberdeen, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Round Rock, Texas
10, Report #447047
Apr 28 2009
12:38 AM
Protect America Auto Renewal Scam! Round Rock Texas
Thinking of getting a home security system? Think Protect America is a good deal? Think again! Then RUN! In 2006 I prepaid a 3 yr contract for a security system. The equipment failed several times and new sensors were sent. They also failed. The equipment is junk - pure and simple - junk that they push by using the trusted G.E. name (G.E. is my next stop!). When I asked to speak to a supervisor, she told me she didn't have one. After I informed her that everyone answers to someone unless she was the owner of Protect America, she said she would have a manager call me. He sent me more replacement connectors and, as you can guess, they fell off too. I finally gave up and last summer I called to cancel my contract and the rep told me that the cancellation penalties would be more costly than if I just let the contract run it's course. Now it seems the contract did run its course and was expired in February. Tonight I received a call from a serv rep telling me I have a $69 balance and that my contract was NOT canceled. It was renewed! I never received any notification from them. At first the rep told me there wasn't a supervisor I could speak to. As a former call center employee I know that when there are reps on the phones any reputable company has supervisors on the floor. So I went to their online chat site, the rep Jaime said there was a manager who would call me. The manager, Bradley called and was not very helpful. He just kept saying that their contract says they renew automatically (something I don't recall seeing on their contract.) I explained all the problems I had with their equipment, and told Bradley that I spoke with a rep last summer and she led me to believe my contract would just run it's course. He said it was not enough; I was supposed to send a letter. The rep who said no refund or cancellation and suggested I just let the contract run it's course never mentioned that little point. I feel as if I was ambushed by and find the practice of auto renewal without notice somewhat questionable. This is a huge RIP OFF! The reps lie and tell callers there are no supervisors and only after raising a big stink will they get to speak to a manager. Unfortunately, the so called managers are not very skilled in customer relations either. All they do is repeat the same nonsense and try to not only keep your money, but also enforce that questionable auto-renew without so much as a notice that your contract is ending. They count on the customer losing track at some point during the contract of a few years. Not only would I not recommend this shady company to anyone - I would say RUN as fast as you can! You will get better use of your money if you pile it up in the middle of the street and set fire to it! Aphoenixrising Montgomery, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Round Rock, Texas
11, Report #474326
Jul 28 2009
04:52 PM
Protect America Fradulent Practices Round Rock Texas
This company is a complete scam. After 3 years of service I call the business in Feb 2009 to cancel. I was informed that I could not cancel the account until I was within 30 day of the contract automatically renewing without my acknowledgement. I spoke with representatives just 3 weeks ago & was informed to send them an email to cancel the account effective the following month. Just today I called to confirm that the account was cancelled only to be informed that it had been renewed for another 12 months. It's sad to see that companies are not playing this card to keep revenue flowing. They are just begging for a class action law suit Monika Shawnee, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Shawnee, Kansas
12, Report #807096
Dec 09 2011
09:50 AM
Protect America Surprise cancellation fee Austin , Texas
This company is running a scam, and engaging in what appears to be illegal activity. When you sign up, you will get alarm equipment and sign a contract locking you in for 2 years. This is normal and reasonable, since you are getting the hardware at some relatively low cost. However, what is not made clear is that if you continue to use the service after this term, you are automatically agreeing to a renewed contract every year. What does this automatic agreement mean? It means that you agree to pay the full year's alarm fees, totaling about $400 in my case. So if your renewal is in October, and you need to cancel in December, you owe them $330. In order to try to keep consumers like me from trashing their highly dubious practice, they offer to cut it in half. What a deal. The initial contract mandates that you provide written intent of cancellation 60 days prior to the renewal. If your job requires you to move, if you lose your job, they are going to charge you a lot of money. From my brief research on the internet, this practice appears to be illegal. What other company has such onerous terms? Not cable companies or cell phones, the latter of which is known to levy cancellation fees even on dead people, but only during the initial agreed-to term. No, Protect America levies the fee no matter how long you've had the service. I intend to contact my credit card company and see what they can do about this. It's fraud, plain and simple.
Entity: Austin, Texas
13, Report #854821
Mar 16 2012
10:02 AM
Protect America Greedy with Cheap Equipment Internet, Internet
Their equipment is cheap alright! Window sensors and stuck on with sticky tape, soon as it warms up the false alarms started from the sensors coming unstuck, falling and setting off the alarm. There were even false alarms where the sensors DIDN'T come unstuck... a mouse tripping the motion sensor is all I can figure. The free security panel is huge and ugly. We ended up going fully mobile for work and giving up our house and Protect America absolutely REFUSED to work with us on our contract even though we didn't have a house anymore. They made us pay for the whole following year when we weren't using the alarm. I went up two supervisor levels fighting them on it and nobody there cared. Would NEVER go with Protect America again.
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #149945
Jul 15 2005
10:07 PM
Protect America ripoff; thieves Round Rock Texas
Stay away from Protect America. They are thieves. They make it sound good by telling you there is a back door in the contract that you may cancel after one year in the two year contract. It's a damn lie. Once you have signed contract for 2 years they explicitly tell you must cancel during a 60 day period or else the account will be renewed for another 2 years. Calling them won't do anything for you. I called 3 times and each time they say they can't do nothing for me. They want you for another 2 years. If you are reading this you most likely have fallen into their scam. Good luck trying to get out. They just renewed my contract for another 2 years. I have little clue as what to do. I pay them $30 every month by checking account. So there's no hope in calling my bank and closing the account. Good luck to you all. Christian Calexico, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Round Rock, Texas
15, Report #152165
Aug 02 2005
09:27 AM
Protect America RIPOFF Round Rock Texas
Do NOT sign a contract with Protect America! Once you sign it, you will have a very hard time getting out of it! Sure they don't make you pay for the equipment up front which you think is a bonus but in the end you pay far more than necessary for it. I signed a 3 year contract in September 2001, which means my contract should have been up in September 2004. Unfortunately I did not remember that I had to send a written cancellation notice 60 days prior to the end of my term. So I called Protect America to discuss this and they said that my contract was automatically renewed for two more years, I was outraged and told them so. The woman on the phone said she would put it down to a one year contract but that I must send a cancellation notice before the next year's term was up. (Unfortunately I did not write down her name nor get this in writing.) So this year I sent in my cancellation notice 88 days prior, I made sure to send it certified mail so that there were no questions about them receiving it. They received it on June 20, 2005. I thought all was well and it was going to be cancelled. I then received a phone call from a woman named Anna Cruz and she told me that she had received my letter and that my account would be canceled September 2006. I told her no it was to be canceled this year. She went on to inform me that the contract was renewed for two years as per my contract agreement that I signed. I tried to explain to her the conversation that I had last year with someone at their company that told me it was only renewed for one year but she kept telling me that the contract says a two year renewal and basically there was nothing I could do about it. This is getting to be absolutely ridiculous! They make you feel like you have no choice but to keep paying them for the years they automatically renewed you for. And don't even think about closing the checking account that they automatically debit or they will send you to collections and ruin your credit. Come September 2005 I have paid them $1605.60 and once my contract is finally terminated I would have paid them $2007.00. Is this system worth that? Not at all!!! Christina Petersburg, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Round Rock, Texas
16, Report #1109554
Jun 02 2014
11:44 AM
I have had problems with this company for the last 2 years.i've been with them about 10 yrs.a year ago my servic e panel malfunctioned,they sent me a new one and with phone support i set it up.this week about a year later it malfunctined again,they sent me a new one.i installed it and called for support to prgram it,the tech could'nt do it .he told me to remove all 12 sensors wihich i did and then he wanted me to reprogram the sensors.i said i can't do it and i asked him to send a technician,it was saturday night he said it would be very costly and he could not authorize it.i went to the chat and i told them what happened and i said if they don't send a tech i want to cancel my service.mind you i had 1 knee replacement and need my other one replaced too.the next morning i got a call from them and the man told me it was rediculouse to take them down and that i should put them backup in the mean time i put then up and he was no longer on the monday i called and told the rep. i wanted to cancel because i'm not happy with their service.he said i have to pay for 2 years service to then i asked him to send a technitian to fix it HE SAID HE WOULD ,meanwhile the system keeps on beeping and i don't hear from a it's four days and i have no service,and my neighbor had a breakin LAST WEEK.the rep said he would put a rush on show,how long do i have too wait? don't use this company11     
Entity: AUSTIN, Texas
17, Report #1170540
Aug 18 2014
11:44 AM
Protect America Poor Alamr Equipment Texas, TX Nationwide
I have had the service installed in my house since June 1. Since June 1 I have had several sensors repaired over and over. I must have replace every sensor in my home once already within 2 and half months. My house alarm system has gone off in the middle of the night and during the day for no reason. The sensor are made really bad. They are attached to your windows by velcro. They fall off for no reason. We have been on the phone with customer service at least a couple times a month for hours fixing the sensors. We are really unhappy and want out of our contract. Protect America will only allow us to terminate the contract if we pay for the 3 years of services. Poor equipment and customer services.I have asked them to send out a technician to look at the equipment, we were told that we needed to pay for it. If you are willing to help fix the issue, then send someone out to fix it. We would love to have our contract canceled at free of charge.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1152918
Jun 07 2014
01:23 PM
protect America TOTAL RIPOFF!!! Austin Texas
 Protect America - Rip Off Company This outfit operates under the guise of being an intrusion alarm company. There should be alarms to protect consumers from companies like this one. It is a sales without service company. There have been numerous problems since I contracted with them. Save yourself the aggravation and don't contract this company. Amazing as it may sound, their customer service continues to fall short of acceptable levels. Here are some problems I've had: 1. Difficult to reach any support personnel. (Due to an unusually high volume of phone calls ....(option to continue waiting, contact them on their website that also claims a high volume. They also claim they'll call you back. Yeah. Right). If every call lends itself to a truly unusual volume of calls, doesn't that set a new norm? 2. They stole money from my checking account. Once I contacted them, they admitted they overcharged me but refused to refund my money to me. Their mistake and no one could determine how the amount of the theft was determined. They offered an account credit instead of a refund. They took the amount in one transaction but insisted on issuing a credit over consecutive months. 3. They didn't credit my account when they said they would. Their tone was take it or leave it. 4. They want monthly tests that require checks of their panel, open every door and window etc. They don't have self test panels. But, they had the perfect solution. For an extra $200+, I could replace my panel with one that didn't need to be checked monthly. That was a lie. They still want monthly testing. Also, one of the features of the new module is it's streamlined. Hello. The electric plug is almost as large as the electric outlet. 5. They claimed they sent something I didn't receive. After checking further, they found it wasn't sent but would be sent the following day. I called to follow up a few days later. The person in shipping put it aside instead of sending it. 6. They won't allow you out of the contract. If you don't want them, tough luck. They won't budge. 7. Today, I gave the error code number. I was directed to go to the panel and run a test. The test result was the same code I provided them. Then, they ran another test. Without warning, the siren was blaringly loud. He finally acknowledged I needed a new component that he will send to me. 8. Almost every problem has to be escalated to a manager. They apparently teach their reps how to deliver truly awful service. 9. They only accept debits from bank accounts. They know the customer has more protection by using credit cards. I visualize them sitting around telling how much they told their callers to do before they were totally frustrated. Save yourself before making a huge mistake.
Entity: Austin, Texas
19, Report #1262137
Oct 18 2015
11:39 PM
Protect America Subpar Services and Absurd contract Austin Texas Nationwide
From day one it has been a nightmare and I'm so mad at myself for not listening to the first sign when they ran my credit and took my 100.00 plus dollars and my system never showed up. I told them then to just cancel it but I gave them a second chance when the lady apologized and offer to add a few more sensors. I still was not happy but I new if I cancelled it I would be back at square one looking for/ scheduling with a new company . DONT FALL FOR THE SCAM! You will be stuck in a THREE YEAR CONTRACT with a SUBPAR COMPANY. They send this ancient looking equipment, camera, and sensors that you have to install yourself. The buttons on the key pad are so hard half the time the number you pressed doesn't even register. I had a false alarm that should have never went off in the first place cancelled immediately NO ONE CALLED NO ALARM WENT OFF... The police show up and of course a $250 bill shows up as well from the police station for their unneeded services Customer service representative are nice but don't follow through they say they will have some one call you and never do! Oh and the one time he did call me back he called at 6:17 pm and my phone did not ring went straight to vm I called him back at 6:19pm and of course it was a 800 number by time I got in touch with someone 15 minutes later they tell me the department is closed for the day. REALLY!?! Prior to that incident I had another false alarm incident and instead of them calling me directly first. The person that lives here they call my mother who is having a panic attack at this point because she does not live with me and does not know what's going on. They didn't call the primary or the secondary number. Then the whole issue was because their high end Velcro sensor fell off the door. I honestly don't know how it's even possible for them to have all those ads online with positive feed back. They have to be paid advertisement because anything consumer based are all negative. I called to cancel this so called service and was told you can't so I requested a copy of my agreement. NO KIDDING it took 5 calls over a 3 week span to finally get my agreement. I have blocked them through my bank and is in the process of CONSULTING WITH A LAWYER... We all need to REPORT THEM to the BBB Maybe they will get SHUT DOWN. I have issues after issues with them I can't even sit here and right them all down but I'm going to fight this contract. WHY PAY A COMPANY A X AMOUNT OF DOLLAR TO PROTECT YOU HOME AND FAMILY if you can't even trust them with the basic customer service and follow through. I wouldn't trust protect America to protect a dogs house let alone mine, where my family resides. The company is so shady and impractical. How do you not have any way on cancelling service if it's a legitamate reason. They don't care if your having financial issues, moving to an apartment, or just completely I satisfied with service. They don't even follow the rules of my city and county which states they are not suppose to activate or even send out alarm systems until they have proof that the permit has been received. I got that information straight from the police home alarm department so maybe that will help with my case with my lawyer because technically the thing was installed illegally.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1400593
Sep 17 2017
07:50 AM
Protect America Ripped Us Off HEADQUARTERS IN AUSTIN, Texas Nationwide
 Signed up with protect america August 1st, 2017 and was told we would get the next month free (September) and the billing would not start until the unit was installed. We had an installation phone appointment august 15that 1200 and they never called. We sent the system back but Protect America debited my account for the entire month of august and deducted for the free month which was to be September. After several phone calls to them we received a voicemail that said they would credit me the September payment which should not have been charged to my account when we INSTALL the system. TOTAL RIPOFF
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1351255
Jan 22 2017
11:23 AM
Protect America home security Punta Gorda Florida
Even though I'm on the National Do Not Call list and have never had any previous contact with these idiots, they have been calling me at least twice a day for the last week, total of 21 calls. I twice called them back, and both times they promised to remove me from their crap call list. Both times they lied. 
Entity: Punta Gorda, Florida
22, Report #163059
Nov 02 2005
02:18 PM
Protect America Protect Your Credit and Bank Accounts America ripoff Round Rock Texas
First off let me say that prior to even considering this service I was barraged with phone calls. My caller ID shows over 60 in a 1 month period. Hubby and I decided we wanted an alarm system. However we wanted a hard wired one like we had in CA with ADT. We got talked into this hokie system that I can buy at Home depot or radio shack for 50 bucks. We get the box after our order and we didn't even recive the what we order. Missing a few sensors extra key pad etc. we Immediatley called on when we recieved it and asked to cancel. Got the run around from at least 4 different sales ppl. Or account recovery ppl. I've never installed the service its inthe box waiting to be mailed back. Everytime I have called I've been placed on hold for long periods of time only to have someone try to give me FREE crap that isn't FREE. I was charged 169.00 on my Credit card right off the bat. Was supposed to be 69.00 and some change. I've been auto billed every month for monitoring I am not recieving as this hokie system has never been installed. The only thing they are monitoring is my Credit account. The whole you have a contractual agreement is BS! I received a letter from Protect america stating thay can't read the fax and to sign a and mail back a contract and keep 1 copy for my records. NO Contract is bining if they don't have your true signiture on an origianl document. FAxed signitures are not binding in the contract world. I guess they can still read my credit card information as I'm being billed for services I am not getting nor do I want. They said If I mailed the lame system back to them it would be considered a Volunatry REPO. LMFAO. A woman Named Van told me too that I wouldn't get any money back. Credit card I say CHARGE BACK! Then she told me that They would report me to the 3 CRA for non payment. NO problem. I'll dispute it and request debt verification and I want original signed documents. THen after that didn't work. SHe told me they would put a lein on my house. LMFAO Told her that would never happen and that its also against the FCRA. She then proceeded to tell me that they would garnish my wages. LMFAO I've been in the Military 19 years, Only Uncle sam and other gove subsidies can to that and again its againt the FCRA. Then they proceeded to tell me that they would sue me, I again said that also against the FCRA as you can't treaten to do something you have no power nor intentions of doing. Whom needs credit collectiions when you have the Customer serice reps trying to do it. THey are trying to tell me that since I didn't cancell it however they have notes that customer wants to cancell in their system. THat I am obligated. I am obligates to file a complaint with the FTC for fraud and the BBB for fraud. The 35 dollars it will cost me to file suit in small claims is well worth it. Still laughing about the voluntary repo. LMFAO SO I voluntary repo it and they keep taking the money. How is that a repo. Jenna Yuma, ArizonaU.S.A. STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... CLICK HERE to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, it's paid for!
Entity: Round Rock, Texas
23, Report #707868
Mar 18 2011
04:51 PM
PROTECT AMERICA PROTECT AMERICA, LLC terrible product, defective system, fruadulant sales practice round rock, Texas
This is one of the worst, most deceptive, and fraudulant companies I have came in contact with in a long time. I am unsure of how they are still allowed to conduct business by the attorney general. It started with a simple website inquiry, I then got pressured, and stalked into buying the service like I was buying a used car. I explain that its a new house, and there is no internet, and to not send the system out yet since if I do not have the system activated I am charged $295 within 21 days. I let them know I cannot get internet out there that quickly. Next thing I know the system shows up within 3 days. My monitoring rate is an outrageous $40, nearly double of what I am used to paying for security monitoring. After we recieve teh system we get stalked by the installation dept calling up to 8 times a day sometimes. Apparently they cannot read or write at this company as no one can take notes that there was no internet yet. After I wasted 2.5 hours on the phone with the install tech installing this system, I realize there is no glass breakage sensors. their idea of window sensors are ones that actually monitor the opening and closing of windows. I don't have the stats, but if I were to guess, the amount of burglaries that actually occured by this method would be under 1%. I then complain about the entire horrid process on the website. It prompts calls from a completley unhelpful, rude, customer resolution department. I even give them options. Either give me some glass breakage sensors like any real security system has, or cancel this. They try and tell me I have a three year non-cancellable agreement! I will gladly notify my bank to not authorize any more deductions from this POS company. I then get zero calls from the supervisor, or any real offers to resolve this issue. I hate this company, and would urge everyone to stay away from these scams.
Entity: round rock, Texas
24, Report #192663
May 22 2006
08:42 AM
Protect America, Devious, unethical, dishonest. Protect America, Ripoff Round Rock Texas
On October, 2002 two months after my 56 year old hunband passed away, I was contacted by Protect America asking me to allow them to send a representative to my house to show me their alarm system. I was getting ready to go to Florida to spend a couple of months with my children and thought an alarm system might be a good idea. He talked me into allowing him to install the system that day, and much to my regret, I did no research on the company. I paid the monotoring fee of approximately $34 a month for 2 years. This was a cheap system that was simply velcroed to the doors. I'm not sure it was ever even monitored the way they said it was. I do not remember signing any contract with them at all and have not been able to find a copy. I thought it was a two year plan, but when I called to cancel after the initial 2 years, I was told it was 3 years. After paying the fee for 3 years I called to cancel and was told I had not called in the time alloted to cancel and had been automatically renewed for another year. I told them at the time I was never told about an auto renew and wasn't even sure I had ever signed a contract. I also told them I would not send them another cent and closed the checking account they had been auto withdrawing from. I was told to send them a letter cancelling my account. I not only mailed them a letter, I faxed them one as well. Within about 2 to 3 months, someone called and told me they had back dated my contract by two months and cancelled it for me. At this time I thought everything had been taken care of. Now 6 months later I am being harassed by a company called Anderson, Crenshaw & Associates telling me they are collecting for Protect America and that I owe them $535.20 and must continue to honor my contract. I have found numerous letters concerning Protect America on and Everyone has been treated as dishonestly as I have and some even worse. I don't know where this will all end. I may have to contact an attorney which I cannot afford to do, but I refuse to pay this scheming, dishonest company any further money. I do not even have their cheap equipment any longer. If anyone ever contacts you from Protect America, Inc., run the other way as fast as possible. If I had been thinking more clearly at the time and investigated the company further, I would never have gotten involved with them. Sharon Lima, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Round Rock, Texas
25, Report #1165890
Jul 29 2014
02:42 PM
Protect America Protect America, Inc. Fraudulent Practices and Service Austin Texas
This complaint is about the service I recently received from a Protect America customer service representative named Jose Ramirez. I called Protect America on July 28, 2014, to find out how to deal with a problem I’ve had with Protect America’s Security service. After I had been on hold for several minutes, Taylor Johnson came on the line. I had to explain my problem to him several times because he did not seem to be listening. I explained that my credit card had been breached on two separate occasions.  Prior to that we had never missed a payment to Protect America. Taylor Johnson ignored my  request that they remove the re-instatement fee of $250 and we pay the past due amount of $150. Taylor Johnson refused to this after I requested five plus times. He stated that Hillcreast Assciates had the account.  I found this strange as everythime I call Protect America i have to verify my personal information even thorugh they state they do not have my account. I contacted Hillcrest Associates and they refuse to give me any documentation regarding the contract and call logs.  They refused to give me any way to re-instate our account and when asked what I should do with the equipment the manager stated, I could set it on fire and throw it in the garbage!  This is a great way to treat your clients assets! I expected a much higher level of service from this company, and I am quite disappointed. Because I do not want to spend any more time on this problem. I am requesting that our Protect America service be re-instated for the past due amount of $150 and this both Protect America and Hillcreast Associates refuse to do.  They would rather lose customers and argue!
Entity: Austin, Texas

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