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1, Report #1324008
Aug 22 2016
11:59 PM
Psychic Source Psychic Source- A scam Internet
Hi. I am telling you my experience with Psychic Source site. They are truly the biggest fraud and one should not visit these sites or like wise sites. I few times visited this site and contacted many so called psychics. They are a bunch of looters. To check them in one instance I used fake names and wanted prediction for them and no such names even exist in real world. They even gave prediction for them also. The modus operandi used to them is very very simple.... Just give people a false hope for the future which can make people feel good about themselves and that there future simply would be awesome and also praise them inbetween... I even inquired about an unrealistic situation.. which I was sure would not happen.. like Would I be able to win oscars.. they said yes definitely.. When a particular thing is going to happen? there standard reply is between 1-6 months or maximum one year. This is just to please you. Once you starts hearing good about yourself.. you would want to enquire more and more. This is how they play with you.. You can try it yourself... just ask about a person who don't exist and still they would come with some prediction. I feel it is the high time that the government should interfere and introduce some laws against these sites. They play on people psychology.. they simply praise them and show them good hopes of the future and people also instantly praise them and give them the highest ratings. Just try it... ask about an unrealistic person... I am sure they would give you high promoises about them. My laughter does not stop beacuse I asked them.. when I would go US? they said very soon.. I said tommorow.. They said yes. These types of services which doesnot have any conclusive proof should be under the control of government
Entity: Internet
2, Report #712294
Mar 31 2011
07:57 AM
MaryAnne ,Psychic proven false... MIAMI, Florida
A few days I did a web search looking for a psychic hear and came across a site called  The number that was listed was: 305-613-9892.  A woman answered phone by the name of Mary.  When we first started our conversation she came across as very friendly, caring and understanding.  She as most people of this type of service asked some personal information about the case, including phone numbers both yours and the person you are interested in having a work performed.  After a several days of psychicing you up for a lack better words, suddenly she demands you send her a large some of money.  If you tell you that you cannot do it, she then threatens to call the person that you are interested in.  Please do not fall into this trap as I did.  I should have been wiser.  This woman cannot be trusted and will lead you to frustration.  She promised not to charge more than the original fee of $100 but as the work continues she wins you confidence then drops all this stuff on you while telling you to remain positive.  Please get the word around as I am trying so this woman and others like her can be stopped from praying on the hopes of others.  She is located in Miami, Florida
Entity: MIAMI, Florida
3, Report #1183132
Oct 15 2014
05:54 PM
Northridge psychic Ripoff Northridge California
I've seen a psychic in northridge california. I was curious about my life and wanted to know how things will work. it says $10 for reading but she charges more than what it says. 5 tarot card reading is 10 dollars and 35 card reading is $35... AnywaysHer reading was what I heard from other psychic, but this place offer to buy candles to get rid of negativity as other people who reported as ripoff. I was hesitated at the moment it's because I told her from my experience from the psychic who asked me to buy many things to get rid of negativity, and told her its a scam and she said she is different.her mom works for church and they make a special candle which is $100 each and she said I have to buy 3 because my case is real serious. I wasn't sure what kind of church makes so expensive candle?I didn't feel like to purchase but she emphasized as this is for my life and I won't have anything in my life if I don't do it.she said she can get me a discount since her mother works for church and charged me $250. I didn't feel like to buy it but I wanted to trust what she was telling me. She said only candles to burn. Nothing else to charge.Include with 3 session meditation. We scheduled to do the meditation at night due to my job. She called me last minute that I suppose to go see her for meditation but she said  just found out that meditation has to be done in the morning so i re-scheduled the time to day time. Guess what? She called me again to postpone for next day. She couldn't do because she has a family emergency. so I had to re-scheduled to next day which I was  already feeling upset. She asked me if I have an egg at home and keep it under the bed and bring it next day when I come see her for meditation. She massage the egg through my body and tell me to step on egg to crack. She was so hyper reactive and telling me to see the egg yolks with black crumbs. She said this is very bad and she can't keep this in her office.  She asked me if I have a tablet at home. I wasn't sure what she was talking about and she showed me the booklet of products and it was a box to bury the stuff and it was $12000 or more than $20000... Holy s***. Of course i couldn't afford! I gave her $250! That was a lot too! My sister paid 200 for me to help, but I have to purchase a box???? she asked me what are my price range and I said I can't afford none of this and she said all the negativity will come back and won't work if I don't bury this. She said she can give a discount. instead of $950 which is cheapest one from the other items For $500. I still couldn't afford to pay $500, but she said I can do down payment for now if I can give her $100. She forced me to go to atm. I gave her $100 and I asked her if she will charge more afterwards.. And she said this is it. I recorded der the whole conversation before I get in. In case if she keep charges me. i still don't feel this is right and keep searching on website to see if this is a scam or not. I've found from others who got the same thing happened like me! I mi just text her that I will stop Becuz it is a scam. I would rather go to church to pray. She kept mentioned the church and what kind of church rip the person's money when we are broke? That's what God wants? please help!  
Entity: Northridge, California
4, Report #1309452
Jun 04 2016
12:16 PM
psychic grace rip off california san diego
Psychic Grace also known as spells4u on is a rip off do not waste your time with this psychic she starts off her readings that sound amazing and wow you but then you find  things are not as they seem. i have purchased so many readings from her since last year she told me things will happen before a cetain month this year and it is june and nothing has happened. she also became quite angry and rude kept refunding me and didnt answer my emails. So nasty how someone can make you believe something will happen when it never will.
5, Report #1297604
Jul 17 2016
10:52 AM
Psychic twins Internet
 So I had a reading by these two lovely ladies and I must say what a load of crap. No validations given and to make matters worst they actually had no idea of what was really happening around me in all areas of my life. They asked if I was a nurse and I told them I'm a Finance Director. They then went on to try and validate that by saying they see numbers. As for relationship, they claim my ex has moved on and is in a happy rship with someone else. my ex is currently suffering with severe depression and is unable to get out of bed let alone start a new rship. What was more annoying is that they went on further to give me advice on registering on dating sites and affirmations. I've had a number of psychic readings now and I've come across some decent psychics who are able to validate past and present situations down to a T. They don't charge stupid amounts of money and claim to be talking to celebs. These two are not geniune psychics, there are plenty others out there that are able to read accurately. It baffles me how these two ladies have gained a reputation for being psychics. Ah well.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1359639
Mar 03 2017
04:39 PM
Psychic Zelda Scam Dallas Texas
This woman totally scam…… Be aware  At the time I was so desperately looking some help & she took complete avenge out me & now I feels totally disgusting.As of initial meeting she was promises me, she will staying touch every day until all get accomplish & if her work did not get accomplish she will return the full amount $ 695.00 witch total amount for the work. Week passed by, no word from her, I am trying call her many time per day & she block my number, in a  mean while I visited her house ( Hillcrest &  Arapaho, 75252) several times & no answer. Time pass by, I got text from her needing to see me. In few minutes in to session she requesting more money ($ 1400.00) to additional work & I was completely shockI refuse with good reason & with financial situation. I was completely shock what next came out of mouth, “If you don’t have money, you can pay with any department store cards, Home Deports card extra”.  It did not took me second to realists this woman, so disparately looking for money & totally scam.  I refuse to pay any more & she immediately stop the session & she stated “can’t work any longer” & escort out to front door. I ask for my refund & she slammed door ask me leave her property.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
7, Report #1356400
Feb 15 2017
10:53 PM
Psychic Access Fake Liars!
I had many readings from Psychic Access on the same subject and all of them told me the same thing....only here I am A YEAR AND A HALF LATER and NOTHING they told me came true!! In fact, pretty much the exact opposite happened! I then started researching COLD READING and thats exactly the tactics they are employing......they are just very good COLD READERS and if people think their predictions come true, its either a coincidence or a good 'hit'. Research cold reading and you'll never believe in Psychics again, any of them. Psychics are NOT real!! Save your hard earned money and stay away!! You are better off seeing a trained psychologist to sort out any issues.
8, Report #447930
Apr 30 2009
10:21 PM
The Email Psychic beware this fraudulent psychic Internet
I paid $14.95 for an email psychic reading on On the website it says that all readings are sent within a 24 hour period. I received an invoice for the reading in my email but it's been 4 days and I haven't received the reading I was promised and I know it's not because they got my email wrong. So I tried to enter feedback on the website under the feedback option where it says that if I'm inquiring about an order already placed, to leave my name, email address, date order was placed, and my invoice number. I entered all these things into the fields provided and when I clicked submit your feedback the next screen is an error message stating that the page cannot be found. Of course, there's no contact info listed anywhere on the website. Looks like I've stumbled upon a nice little scam that targets people who are looking for either a little guidance or a little entertainment and I'm their latest sucker. Either way, I paid for a service that was promised and no service was delivered. RIPOFF! Anonymous Oakland, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #441464
Apr 07 2009
08:52 AM
Psychic Sophia Rip Off Psychic Sophia Mississauga Ontario
Psychic Sophia on Lakeshore is a big rip-off artist. Do not bring her business at all. DOn't let all her religous statues fool you. I went in to get a tarot card reading and she told me the cards told me nothing at all because someone on my moms side had put a curse and me and my family. On top of it, her children were screaming loudly in the background, having huge temper tantrums. She actually did my reading with a baby on her lap. Talk about unprofessional! She also had no idea how to read me at all and was wrong in all of her assumptions about me, including background. She just kep asking me if I had ever had another reading done, like she was so concerned. SHe was just guessing things about me and was totally wrong!! I could have done a better job reading somebody than she did! She wanted me to pay her to light a candle for me for $225.00. She is crazy! THe worst part is, she charged me $50.00 when the reading was totally inconclusive. She didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know about myself. So so pathetic! She cannot get away with this. Do not bring this lady business. Her card may be believable, but she is not!!! Murella Mississauga, OntarioCanada
Entity: Mississauga, Ontario
10, Report #415641
Jan 24 2009
10:07 AM
Psychic Gabriella Reese Psychic Scam Dinia Florida
DO NOT GO TO!! THIS PERSON IS CRAZY, SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER!! Wasted money and months for nothing, no results. When I called her, spoke to a man and later a woman, who had results from her work, which I found out much later and too late, they work for her. They said to try her as she is gifted. SHE IS NOT GIFTED, JUST KNOWING WHAT TO SAY TO PEOPLE AND HOW TO TAKE THEIR MONEY. I paid her, after telling me 3 days results, guaranteed 110%. That was a lie, as later she wanted over $700 as the work cannot be done in 3 days, needing more time. Said I will get the money back immediately. Told her I have heard and dealt with this before and the people took the money. She guaranteed she will give it back. Till this day, I never saw it. Couldn't get a hold of her for several weeks, when I finally did, she said that she was deep in prayer and working on my case. Then had the nerve to ask me to apply for 100s of credit cards, from every company, telling me she wants to help with my finances. I had this happen to me before, they want me to apply get credit, and send them merchandise. She said no, that's not it. Several weeks later, she started asking for $1000s in gift cards to these stores. WHAT!! Saying she needs it to get us back together, and to remove blockages. THAT IS A JOKE!! THERE IS NOTHING AT DEPARTMENT STORES THAT WILL THAT. YOU CANNOT BUY SUPPLIES THERE.I didn't have it available. Then that's when it all started, the phone calls up to 10x a day, harassing me, threatening me telling me that things will get bad for me if I don't send it. I told her to stop calling me, leaving her messages. Which I found later, she cannot read, and doesn't know how to use her phone unless answering and making calls. This lady is in her 60s and is handicapped? This is not a line of work she should be doing, no wonder she wanted all this money. Nicole LA, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Dinia, Florida
11, Report #327817
Apr 21 2008
05:46 PM
Psychic Zoey scam psychic Dallas Texas
I paid her through western union to remove my curse,she didn't do anything and kept my money Paul Buffalo, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
12, Report #1049784
May 09 2013
10:35 PM
Julieana Psychic Psychic, Fraud, Scam, Theft, Deceptive, Elder Abuse Albany California
Jaycee Miller is Julieana Psychic, although she has gone by many other names.My mother met Jaycee (I believe in using her real name) about 3 years back through her roommate. During this time, my mother was going through some difficult issues (death of friends, losing her home, etc.), was very vulnerable, and I assume that she thought Jaycee could help. Although I don't know what Jaycee talked to her about, my mom ended up moving into the apartment that was also Jaycee's office. I tried to convince her not to, to no avail. A few months after moving into the apartment, my mother told me that Jaycee had taken her very expensive ring to be cleansed. At this point I knew something was wrong. I repeatedly tried to help my mother, and kept questioning where the ring was, because I wanted to put it back in the safe deposit box. After months and months, my mother finally got the ring back. Some time went by without anything happening, or so I thought. Just last November, I found out that Jaycee had convinced my mother to tell her trust that she was renting a completely different residence from Jaycee, and to pay Jaycee rent directly. As soon as I found out, I put a stop to it. I have since learned that Jaycee told my mother that she had control over some man named Gary, who was supposedly a millionaire and lived in a mansion. He and my mother had some type of phone relationship, and I believe Jaycee told my mom she could keep controlling Gary as long as my mom paid her. In all, Jaycee stole about $20k from my mom. I do not know where this money went. I am currently pursuing legal action to try to get the money back. I have also contacted law enforcement to see what can be done.  I know this sounds spectacular, but my mother suffers from depression and other issues. She is better now, but only after some extreme intervention. I intend on making sure Jaycee Miller goes to jail for what she has done to my mother and countless others.
Entity: Albany, California
13, Report #1141424
Apr 24 2014
12:50 PM
Psychic Boutique Sophia Marra psychic scam con extortion Toronto Ontario
Sophie is a scam artist, she will tell you that you are cursed and corerce you into paying cash or buying gift cards for a bride (what a convenient solution) to pay for services over 10000. She will bully and harass you in doing daily errands and shopping for her as well as returning stolen merchandise without receipts to get refunds for the store.  She is a manipulative crook.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
14, Report #1312185
Jun 18 2016
09:29 PM
Psychic Rose Psychic Christina Scam arist Mississauga Ontario
Psychic Rose is open from 9 am. to 9:00 pm in a run down house in Mississauga.  She is a scam artist.  She will tell you that someone close to you has performed black magic on you and in order to do a proper investigation she has to buy food offerings and certain things to take to a temple.  She will ask you for additional money, in this case she asked for $200.00 and she will call you to tell you what she has discovered, well this will never happen.  She is a scam artist and if you fall for her, you will end up paying so watch out.
Entity: Mississauga, Ontario
15, Report #822715
Jan 14 2012
10:43 AM
Virginia Psychic Counselor Richmond Psychic Counselor, psychic scam virginia richmond counselor ripoff Richmond, Virginia
I went to visit Virginia Psychic Counselor when I was going through a hard time, and I really should have just stayed home. I was distraught and needed insight and she completely took advantage of me. She said that she accepted Visa and other forms of electronic payment, but of course upon visiting she alerting me that her card machine was broken. She has since moved to about three different offices and when I contact her for a refund I get no answers and no replies at all. This woman and her daughter are nothing more than scam artists. She wouldn't even give me an itemized list of the expenses related her working with me, she just picked up and moved to another office in the state.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
16, Report #1139400
Apr 16 2014
02:42 PM
delphi psychic chat the psychic family Parker psychic disease Internet
  Hardly is it possible to register enough disgust at this appaling malicious website that has abusive and nasty psychic fakes in every crevice! The most obnoxious hateful psychic mess on the web, surely its only purpose is mentalist fraud when they are not victimizing anyone that does not believe its warped scheme. This place is poisonous
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1317349
Jul 17 2016
09:29 AM
Psychic Ohara - amazing psychic reading Scam artist Arlington heights Illinois
 This woman is a scam artist and needs to get shut down before she takes advantage of more people. She offered me a service but we came to an agreement of how much I would give her because I could not afford that price so I paid her and I came the next day and she was demanding more money from me and told me I need to do it and kept trying to scare me so I would fork over more money. After that she said I need a negative cleansing and it will cost almost $2,000 and she kept telling me I need to do or bad things will happen. If she was a true and good person she would never try to extort money from her clients.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #421150
Feb 06 2009
04:03 PM
Mitchell Christine Psychic Or Psychic Reader & Advisor A Psychic Scammer Houston Texas
Do not go to this psychic, she will try to get more money from you. I went to this psychic a few months ago because I was so heart broken because my boyfriend broke up with me. I first called her to ask her how much it would cost, she told me that she can't tell me on the phone and that it would be best if I come over. I went the very next day. When I went there the very first thing I noticed was her house. She lives in a sprawling elegant white colored house in Bellaire. I thought that I was at the wrong location, but nope, I was at the correct address. When it was time for the psychic session, she asked me for the picture of my boyfriend which I gave her and my name and phone number. She then told me that she will need to burn 5 candles which will cost $500.00, I gave it to her. She then gave me some instructions that I need to do at home, then the next day I need to give her a call. I did all the things that she asked me to do and called her the very next day. When I talked to her she gave me some more instructions that I need to give to her. She also told me that I need to give $3,000.00. I was shocked that she was asking me for this much money. I told her that I don't have the money she's asking for. She then asked me if I have a credit card, which I told her that I do, she told me to get the money from it. I told her that I'm going to see what I can do about it and didn't give her a call after that. Since I gave her my phone number, she was trying to call me 5 times a day. I then had to change my cell phone number after that since she wouldn't stop calling. I have learned my lesson from this predicament and I wish to tell my story in order for other people not to fall victim from this person. FYI - She had also changed her psychic name a bunch of time, but her address stays the same which is 3784 Bellaire Blvd. And this high rating that you see here came from her! Belinda Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
19, Report #471157
Jul 18 2009
06:50 PM
Psychic Anna Portman GOD GIFTED BS ARTIST Internet
this lady is very shady..she guarantees results or your money back..she swears she is not like anyone can never get in touch with her to find out how things are going..she tells you she will put in some of her money..when no results its because you didnt send her all the money..she can help if you send the rest..she swears she will refund because she did not help..but you'll never see your money again..she has absolutely no powers..she is not god gifted or gifted in any your money..we need to get scam artists like this off the web..they need to know what it is like to work for their money..and work for a living ..learn respect for those who work hard to support their families..please dont waste your money on this thief.. Anonymous anytown, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #407662
Jan 03 2009
04:11 PM
Entity: MAIMI, Florida
21, Report #789646
Oct 17 2011
08:27 AM
Melkizedek (psychic) Order or Mekizedek Psychic scam Los Angeles, California
The usual psychic scam sent through USPS. Claims that he/she will make you rich, send romance, heal relationships, warnings about dangers. This one, like some others, gives specific dates when something will occur. Always they claim that they are the best at what they do, and many, like this one, claim to commune with God and/or His angels, and even include Scripture passages as this one does.  (Theologically, the claim to be able to command God or His angels is indicative of a Satanist. It is what Original Sin is all about.) My standing counter proposal is that instead of sending their requested $25 without proof of their ability, I will will send them $10,000 out of the winnings from the riches they promise. None ever deliver, including this one. They all offer a money back guarantee but when they don't deliver and you request the refund, you will never hear from them again. File a report against them for mail fraud. This one uses several aliases -- Angelica Doren and 'Dr.' Madison Price, all operating from the same PO Box.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
22, Report #835605
Feb 07 2012
06:41 PM
Psychic Source Expert Link Fraud - careful with your credit cards Internet
I started using Psychic Source in September 2011.  I stopped using them in November 2011.  When I got my credit card bill I found $59,000 of charges that I never authorized or did I use them.  When question they created an excel file.  I have hired a lawyer and forensic auditor to exam my computer extra.  I will be filing a report with my local police services and with the FBI in the US.  I am currently fighting with my credit card company because since I did use them and stopped, they don't classify it as fraud.  So now I have to sue to protect my credit etc. etc. Careful with your credit cards and this company.  Keep detailed records as they will gouge you if possible and they will in turn create false excel record.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #679917
Jan 07 2011
10:28 AM
Psychic Savannah horrible, dishonest, liar, money hungry Dothan, Alabama
This lady is such a rip off,all she does is gets all of your money with no results. Some of the things that were done I could of done. It was a waste of money. And when you try to get in touch with her,she is never no where to be found unless she needs money. She tells you she will call you back on another day,and you never hear from her. She has used so much of my money,and has me in debt now. I will never use it again. So please be careful with this lady because she is a scam artist. And the first thing she will tell you is that she can make relationships and your financial problems work out. I yet havent seen any results. And she claims she has been doing this work for so long. She is just another money hungry psychic out there trying to get money. And no wonder why she does it,she has too many kids to feed. She has to get that money some sort of way and thats by ripping people off. Some of the things she wants you to do is buy things like blow up beds,table cloths,etc. Things I believe that she could of been using for her personal use. I will never get that money back,and when you try to recover some of the money she lies and says that the spirit wont let her release it. She is full of it! Be Careful
Entity: Dothan, Alabama
24, Report #894638
Jun 08 2012
08:05 AM
Psychic Love Anna Scam Houston, Texas
Sent her 900 dollars to rent supplies ?  Will not answer texts or emails and has not sent my money back.  She said it would take 24 hours and then would western union me back the money after she was done with the work.  Now I cant get a hold of her.   She will use the words trust and have you get rid of the reciepts (proof) to cover her a**.  Don't be fooled by this scam.  I feel like an idiot for trusting someone.  Should have know better then to trust who you can't see.
Entity: Houston, Texas
25, Report #202150
Jul 20 2006
05:52 PM
The Email Psychic ripoff Don't Know Mississippi
Anyone ever use them? I tried, and paid $14.95 for nothing. No one responded, so I had to call my bank to get their phone number, as I'd paid with my card...I left msgs and of course, no one responded. Jennifer Boston, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Don't Know, Mississippi

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