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1, Report #1324008
Aug 22 2016
11:59 PM
Psychic Source Psychic Source- A scam Internet
Hi. I am telling you my experience with Psychic Source site. They are truly the biggest fraud and one should not visit these sites or like wise sites. I few times visited this site and contacted many so called psychics. They are a bunch of looters. To check them in one instance I used fake names and wanted prediction for them and no such names even exist in real world. They even gave prediction for them also. The modus operandi used to them is very very simple.... Just give people a false hope for the future which can make people feel good about themselves and that there future simply would be awesome and also praise them inbetween... I even inquired about an unrealistic situation.. which I was sure would not happen.. like Would I be able to win oscars.. they said yes definitely.. When a particular thing is going to happen? there standard reply is between 1-6 months or maximum one year. This is just to please you. Once you starts hearing good about yourself.. you would want to enquire more and more. This is how they play with you.. You can try it yourself... just ask about a person who don't exist and still they would come with some prediction. I feel it is the high time that the government should interfere and introduce some laws against these sites. They play on people psychology.. they simply praise them and show them good hopes of the future and people also instantly praise them and give them the highest ratings. Just try it... ask about an unrealistic person... I am sure they would give you high promoises about them. My laughter does not stop beacuse I asked them.. when I would go US? they said very soon.. I said tommorow.. They said yes. These types of services which doesnot have any conclusive proof should be under the control of government
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1366445
Apr 10 2017
03:57 PM LOCKSMITH AUSTIN 24 IS A SCAMMER austin Texas Kay from the 512 675 0155 said locksmith service call is $10 plus unlocking the door starts @$25. I agreed for the appt.My bedroom interior door was locked and we couldn't unlock it. Mike Cohen arrived. Spent a few moments with the door. Said it was a k1 lock(he speaks in a foreign middle eastern accent). He said prices begin @$269 I said that was too much.Then he started texting someone and said $175. I said no its too much $100 is as high. Then we agreed on $125 because it was urgent that my children get in their bedroom. Afterwards, I felt scammed and called Cothrons and the Austin Key Guy to see if this type of bartering service is legal. They advised me that I was scammed and should contact BB and the DPS Private Security Bureau. I don't have Mike's security locksmith #. He didn't show it NOR is it listed on this invoice.GO TO LOCAL AUSTIN LOCKSMITHS ONLY. $75 is the hightest to unlock an interior standard key lock that only cost $10. I was RIPPED OFF and intimidated.
Entity: austin, Texas
3, Report #527430
Nov 23 2009
06:53 AM
certified love specialist .com - Laura Ann Nichol - Laura Nicklas florida Scam me of 500 usd asking for more 1,300 usd ..she is con artist, fraud and a liar please beware of her and her sales pitch ..shes not a psychic or spell caster at all florida, Internet
I called her for relationship advise just like she advertised on her website instead she told me i had a curse that is causing my break up problems, asked me to pay 2,100 usd for a cleasing package,  i couldnt cos i dont want to spend that money cos i did not believe her that much later she start emailing me and telling stories shes a Godly woman and wants to help i said i can afford 500 usd, she asked me to send it by wester union I sent her 500 usd by western union , since i did she stop emailing or picking my calls for 3 weeks after that i spoke to her if she need info to start the work instead she told me shes been busy traveling attending to family problem and told me she finish the cleansing she havent started or ask for any info for me to start..instead she ask me to pay additonal 1,300 usd to buy more men stuffs from macys store and to compete the work..i totally disagree with her saying she did not do the cleasing cos she never ask for any info nor pick my calls and she just told me she was busy & couldnt do it and asking for another money so i said i cant pay.. i want my money back from her ..shes a fraud and con artist    
Entity: florida, Internet
4, Report #494211
Oct 03 2009
07:53 PM Witches emporium,,, witchesemporium, demonsrule, demons rule,, dark forces in the night, Black Wolf, Black Wolfe, Kevin Delisle, Lady SD They are all one in the same!!! Internet, Florida
Black Wolf aka Kevin Delisle is BACK!!!His newest creation: Witches EmporiumDemonsRule666 =Dark Forces in the Night =Witches Emporium =run by the same individuals!Anyone else receive his invitation to his new site?Don't fall for the rubbish on his website about leaving sales for B2B opportunities. He doesn't want anyone to know that he IS Witches Emporium because no one would buy from him when he was DemonsRule666!!!It is a bunch of people rejected from the regular metaphysical world who joined forces.These are NOT real spirits or real magical people.Most of us can gather this from his lunatic rantings, but do not be fooled by the pretty wording on his new site. Rest assured it is still Kevin.His demons are dangerous. Trust me because I know. Stay away, stay far far far far away.Just visit his website, the man is insane!!!!!
Entity: Internet, Florida
5, Report #399546
Dec 09 2008
10:35 AM
MB Contact .com Con men able to dupe people very easily, Internet must have been a Godsend to them Internet
Sadly I appear to be another victim of this Co, They were offering a free download of Adobe Flashplayer, except it wasnt ,you had to take out a membership for three years a one off payment, at a special introductory price of seven euros fifty cents instead of 32euros, but when I arrived at checkout the price I was being charged was 32euros, I clicked not to proceed with the transaction but by then they had my card details and went straight to purchase ignoring that I had clicked not to proceed, I have sent them numerous emails without a response, I am angry with myself for getting caught out by these people because I am always very careful, but I slipped up this time. I shall go to my Bank in the morning and get them to draw back the payment, they are pretty good and they will do it if they can. Be Warned !!!!!!! Ladyday MotrilSpain
Entity: Internet
6, Report #480071
Aug 14 2009
03:28 PM
Fortell Psychics. com Nu*View Communications, SCAM, RUDE, HANGING UP when filed a complaint, Cursing at customer, threatening Customer when demanded a refund for this scam service These owners of this scam psychic hotline hung up on me after I got a script-read psychic reading. It was fake and horrible. They cursed at me, threatened me and kept hanging up after I complained. oakland park, Florida
  Do Not Call This so called Service for a Psychic reading at Fortell Call another, but not them. It is truly fake people on the other end of the phone reading a script and only speaking in one word explanations, and asking you all the questions, instead of them giving you psychic insight. When I called, I could not believe how foolish this was as the psychic only spent my time and money asking questions and saying yeah yeah. The worst part has to be when I called to explain why I thought this reading/psychic was not real, the woman named Heather who works there started cutting me off, talking over me and basically told me that she was not refunding my money and to go to hell. I also asked her why all the so called testimonials for these psychics were all positive and none were negative and she could not answer the question and hung up. When ALL the testimonials are nothing but positive, then you know there is something fishy. It definatley is a scam site.  I called back again later and she again would not listen to me and hung up on me. I called back to speak to a manager or owner and again, she refused to give me any names, addresses or contacts for either, this before she started cursing me out with such a vulgar low class attitude. Customers have a right to explain why they are not happy with the service, however, because this is not a legitamate company, customers don't really count. Just the money they can steal from them. Beware!    
Entity: Internet, Internet
7, Report #1032929
Oct 02 2008
02:43 PM
Sanastasia Voodoo . Com Crooked people and fraud, doesn't make anything happen Los Angeles County California
Entity: Los Angeles, California
8, Report #407662
Jan 03 2009
04:11 PM
Entity: MAIMI, Florida
9, Report #1381142
Jun 25 2017
10:07 AM
Meet Your Psychic Not a trust worthy site Internet
Hello There,I'm not here with the intent to bash anyone but to share my experience with this site as I am a firm believer that experiences should be shared wheather they are positive or negative. More than 20 years ago I was lured by a friend to have a psychic reading with a gypsie woman. I thought of it as being a waste of money because I did not believe in these sort of things. Just to make my firend happy I decided to go with her. The set up made me laugh and I could not stop making faces. Fact is everything this gypsie woman predicted came to pass exactly as she had predicted with impeccable accuracy with time line as well. Her predictions stretched well into the future give or take 8 to 10 years. Needless to say I became a believer. 20 years later i went looking for her but she was gone and I was on the search for someone as good as her. While searching on the net I came across Meet Your Psychics and I decided to give it a try. The psychics I started interracting with were all very friendly and eager to give advise but their time lines and predictions never came to pass. I questioned this and was told that people have free will, therefore, any giving person can change his/her destiny in a split second. This is where I started getting weiry. We are all told that we come to earth and we are all pre-destined to follow a certain path. Does it really matter which direction we choose and how many times we change our minds if we are bound to end up where we are predestined to end up? Why would, at this point, free will, become an impeading factor to predict anyones future? If free will is , indeed, a cause for predictions to be obsolete why did my gypsie woman get it all right? Why did the presence of free will not impeade my gypsie woman to be 100% accurate? At the time I thought that, maybe, I was in need to speak to other psychics, give other psychics a try to understand if this free will was just an excuse or it was a fact so I made the choice to try several on meet your psychic that came up all with scattered conclusion, scattered time frames, scattered predictions with the exception of one psychic that gave me a completely different pciture of how things were going to transpire.  It's safe for me to say that they were all 100% wrong and 2 years later not one prediction has come to pass. So what am I to make of all this? You be the judge.Thank you for reading.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #421150
Feb 06 2009
04:03 PM
Mitchell Christine Psychic Or Psychic Reader & Advisor A Psychic Scammer Houston Texas
Do not go to this psychic, she will try to get more money from you. I went to this psychic a few months ago because I was so heart broken because my boyfriend broke up with me. I first called her to ask her how much it would cost, she told me that she can't tell me on the phone and that it would be best if I come over. I went the very next day. When I went there the very first thing I noticed was her house. She lives in a sprawling elegant white colored house in Bellaire. I thought that I was at the wrong location, but nope, I was at the correct address. When it was time for the psychic session, she asked me for the picture of my boyfriend which I gave her and my name and phone number. She then told me that she will need to burn 5 candles which will cost $500.00, I gave it to her. She then gave me some instructions that I need to do at home, then the next day I need to give her a call. I did all the things that she asked me to do and called her the very next day. When I talked to her she gave me some more instructions that I need to give to her. She also told me that I need to give $3,000.00. I was shocked that she was asking me for this much money. I told her that I don't have the money she's asking for. She then asked me if I have a credit card, which I told her that I do, she told me to get the money from it. I told her that I'm going to see what I can do about it and didn't give her a call after that. Since I gave her my phone number, she was trying to call me 5 times a day. I then had to change my cell phone number after that since she wouldn't stop calling. I have learned my lesson from this predicament and I wish to tell my story in order for other people not to fall victim from this person. FYI - She had also changed her psychic name a bunch of time, but her address stays the same which is 3784 Bellaire Blvd. And this high rating that you see here came from her! Belinda Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
11, Report #910135
Jul 12 2012
07:10 AM
Scam Artist Psychic Jacob He forces his clients to m********e to them; he's an a**hole!!!!! West Palm Beach, Florida
This evil psychic will force you to masturbate to him. He does blackmagic. He's evil!!!! Please don't give your hard-earned money to this a**hole. He is a sick needy person
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
12, Report #548127
Dec 31 2009
02:52 PM
I called Christina one day and she said she could help me.  Her reading was accurate about my situation, but that is how she makes you believe in her work.  She said she could bring my husband back to me and she lied.  She first asked me for $200, said that it was a one time fee and thats all.  Five days later she said that the evil forces were too strong and she needed an additional $550 to purchase materials to complete the work.  I told her I didnt have that kind of money and told her to forget it.  I dont believe she did any work at all and was just after my money.  Be careful of this lady, she sounds really nice and sweet, but that is all just a front to get you to believe her and fork over your hard earned cash.  She is nothing but a liar and a scam artist. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
13, Report #1153387
Jun 09 2014
05:03 PM i purchased there membership for a jailbreak that doesn't even work and i tried to contact them via email for a refund and get no response. Internet
I purchased a membership from to jailbreak my iphone 5 but it doesn't work i emailed them about a refund but received no response.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1293752
Mar 29 2016
01:22 PM
Yucaipa psychic Dorine this psychic is a fraud takes your money and a couple of days later wants more yucaipa California
 I lost my money to the psychic went in for a reading For one set price the next thing you know it was another. Then a couple of days later she wants $1500 more rip off. don't go to her and guess what nothing came true what she said.
Entity: yucaipa, California
15, Report #80493
Feb 15 2004
01:31 AM
Psychic Gia ripoff + not a genuine psychic + PHONEY= ripoff scam artist Internet Internet
If you dare ever stumble upon the website of none other than Psychic Gia at, just do yourself a favor and AVOID HER 'PSYCHIC READING' like the plague!!! I only wish someone had so kindly posted a report on this fraud here already, or else I'd still have my hard-earned 65 dollars and not feel so stupid for allowing myself to waste that 65 dollars on this fraudulant excuse of a pychic love reading. First of all, the woman is completely unprofessional and brashly rude when you first call her number. There are babies crying/kids chatting in the background as the TV noisily blares children programing((does this psychic run a day care in her spare time? It's just a weird combo..)), and she sounds somewhat bothered that you'd even dare call her number before she'd done demanding how you found her website. Secondly, there is no 10 dollar reading offered, as her website would have you believe otherwise. I asked about this, thinking I would receive a nice cheap reading just to sample her abilities, only to have her snap back at me that the offer had expired and was only for a limited time. Well then, WHY the Hell does the website still have this limited time offer on there with no mention of any expiration as though it's a regular daily price? It makes no sense and is obviously false advertising! She goes on to claim that she has been tested to be 98% accurate((I'd love to see these test results actually proven and verified)) and is a better deal than Keen psychics because she offers unlimited time to chat and advise for individual readings. As with most con-artists, she knows how to sell herself effectively and had my desperate self convinced that she was worth a love reading, despite her hefty non-10 dollar actual love reading price and her continually sour tone. My reading ended up being nothing more than general statements, non-particulars that anyone could easily guess, no offered predictions whatsoever, and endless claims that I was cursed and she needed to remove the negativity that was keeping me from achieving my true goals and lifetime happiness. All she needed was 200-something dollars so she could send me these lotions and potions and pray for me while offering her blessings. I soon realized I'd been had, and my love reading was nothing more than a decietful attempt to scam me out of ridiculous sums of money in the guise of psychic healing. And as soon as I politely declined this continual service from her, Psychic Gia was suddenly quite ready to get off the phone with me, despite her claims that she offered unlimited time to her clients for advice and discussions. I have a particular problem with fraudulant psychics, as not only do these folks taint the purity of the profession for actual talented and gifted intuitives, but they are preying on the weak desperations and hopes of people who are usually at extreme lows in their lives and are just searching for some truth and inner-peace. Psychic Gia and her ridiculous website may seem professional and legit on the surface, but don't allow yourself to be fooled as I was at a particular low-point in my life. People like her should be shut down and definitely not allowed to safely and falsely advertise themselves as being someone they obviously are NOT or performing services they obviously CANNOT. Sheryl Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #626506
Jul 25 2010
04:16 PM
Psychic R R Spiritual Leader RZ, Rose Light for Life Not a Real Psychic , Internet
This psychic is not a real psychic.  This so called psychic first started at Liveperson posing as a woman named Rose Light for Life.  Then she changed her photo of a woman to a man, and started calling himself Spiritual Leader RZ, and now it's Psychic R R.  He is very slippery and gets low ratings removed by Liveperson, which tells you how unethical the whole site is in general.  That's why he has hardly any low ratings.  Anyone who lies to people and poses as a woman, then a man, is not real anything, let alone psychic.
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #1363592
May 17 2017
11:59 AM
Psychic Giovanna Psychic Giovanna is a Shameless Fraud Toronto Ontario
Giovanna is a criminal and parasite of society who belongs locked up in jail. She made me pay her $70 for some cheap candles that she claimed would work miracles. Then, she tried to force me to pay her $800 to solve my problems. She is so poor that she actually lives with her husband and 2 kids in her dirty office. That's why she'll do anything for money. She's very jealous of anyone who is doing well in life, do not trust her! She is so rude and disgusting, that she actually ruined my day. Every time I saw her, she would say something different, she can't even keep up with her lies.   She promised me a one hour reading, and then ended it after 12 minutes, when someone else walked in. If you complain to her and ask her questions, she'll start yelling and act like you're the problem. She's too stupid to care about her reputation, she's a shameless bottomfeeder. Do not waste your time and money on this low life. Hopefully, she'll get exactly what she deserves.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
18, Report #1385994
Jul 16 2017
09:10 PM
PsychicMaster777-KEEN Psychic Master777 a huge fraud-criminal, google him he is desrcibed as a (((REDACTED))), fraud and do not contact on KEEN Internet
Psychic Master777 is a fraud-been teling me an ex lover is coming back for THREE years, but in reality the person has married another woman and is having a baby. so sad, and he would block me everytime i challenged his accuracy and blame me for the delay - i never even contacted the ex lover after he ended the relationship! and, this psychic told me his sister died of cancer and he only does online readings to support his niece and nephew that he now has custody of.  Sych a liar, i googled him Billy Ash and foudn that he is a fraudulent criminal, (((REDACTED))) and accused of many more crime. How dare you teke money and lie to people, i am a single mother of two children. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS WEbsite
Entity: Internet
19, Report #578554
Mar 05 2010
08:52 AM
CHRPAY COM - MEYROCORP Antivirus 2009 they locked my computer where i would have to purchase an its a scam an no way to contact them Internet
my computer poped up telling me i had 29 viruses and if i didnt add this virus protection that mycomputer would crash..i turned my computer off an back on to see if it would go away cause i wouldnt let me do anything but it done same thing.. so i had no choice but to download the virus protection,an after i done so it was no wheres to be found an theres no number to get in touch with the ppl,so how do i get my money back? this is a BIG SCAM.....
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #529639
Nov 27 2009
04:14 PM I have tried on several occ to contact this co & all i get is a recording to go online Pembroke Pk, Florida
This company advertised for $9.99 then billed for $130.  I consider this Fraud especially since there is no person to talk to about the product or to return the product.  The purchase was made by a minor and I was out of the country at the time.  The web-site says if the merchandise was opened there willl be no refund.  Why wouldn't I open it?  It was addressed to ME.  I have never heard of them before this.  I guess my biggest problem is that I have no way to connect with them and stoip the charges as well as get my money back. 
Entity: Pembroke Pk, Florida
21, Report #892280
Jun 02 2012
08:26 PM Asked for assistance with a homework assignment for school and company agreed to help and then took money and no further contact Internet
Contacted classof1 to assist me with a homework assignment I was struggling with on Wednesday May 30, 2012.  Was promised help by Saturday June 2, 2012.  company never contacted me stating they were unable to assist me.  Waited until after the homework due date and I had to contact them several times for them to tell me they could not help me with the assignment. Had to contact them several times to be issued a refund.  Not only did they not fulfill the help request but getting help was difficult.  The homework was not helped with and the company did not contact me to assist me.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #1396626
Aug 29 2017
10:25 PM
Psychic David -Beverly Hills Psychic wanted to charge me $412.00 donation to do energy work on a man I love Beverly Hills California California
This psychic emailed me saying he could do energy work on a man I love to open up his heart chakra for a donation of $412.00. After googling psychic David, I came across another woman on ripoff report who claimed he emailed her saying something similar to what he emailed me promising to do energy work for her for a donation of $412.00. I don't trust any psychic who say they can cast spells or do energy work for a fee over $50.00. I don't trust psychic David. 
Entity: California
23, Report #1144250
Jun 12 2014
01:30 PM
Psychic Contact Jayson Lynn, Diana, Simone Bad Practice, Takes advantage of people defuniak springs california
Former reader, and very concerned person for the poor clients of Psychic Contact. Let me say that this company somehow preys on the mentally ill and takes tons of money from them. As a reader I do not find it ethical to predict time frames, I work with spiritual lessons, and energy. Every call on this line is a love affair gone wrong. I don't know where they advertise but these people who call are HOT Messes. When I told my concerns to the owner, I was blown off, by sayingThey like you. Well being liked by clients who do not want psychic readings, but only want to hear from an ex lover, is not a popularity contest I would ever  want to win. When I reached out to the person who hired me, about the responsibility of counseling these clients and not stringing them along, I was ignored. 2 emails, I was ignored.  This is a company that banks on people who do not have self confidence, who do not look out for themselves and need advice on only love, not spiritual life at all,  and they certainly do not want readers who have real talent. This is the kind of company that makes readers look bad. It is a company that ignores the pleas of a reader is truly concerned for the clients. A company that hopes that the readers will string a client along and make them want more. A really good reader, leaves you feeling better, leaves you with the truth, leaves you feeling empowered so you do NOT need another reading right away, let alone TWO DAYS later. Insane! A real reader knows who needs mental counseling and refers the person to that, we could not do that here and I am telling you that 90 percent of the clients were mental patients! Whoa! No one cares, if the reader cares, she is ignored. These kind of practices are bad, bad karma and should be investigated!
Entity: Internet
24, Report #511364
Oct 19 2009
06:14 AM Paid, then disappeared, never heard from again covina, California
I called asking for help. I was told every good thing in the book, just like others. She convinced me that she can help. Was told 3 days guaranteed results, 5 days permanent lifetime results. Was told she will refund if nothing happens, which she only takes cases that she knows will get results. ALL PSYCHICS SAY THIS TO GET YOUR MONEY!! She also said over and over she stands by her guarantee and she is licensed. Once I paid, heard from her 1 more time. That's when she says we need to talk daily. Well, I call daily over and over, all I get is message machine is full. This is going on for a week now. I cannot get a hold of her. She doesn't answer messages at all. SHE IS A CROOK JUST LIKE OTHERS!! NEVER SEEN ANY TYPE OF RESULTS AT ALL!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! THEY NEVER FAIL(IN TAKING YOUR MONEY NOT CASES). She sees my number on her phone and doesn't answer. Typical psychic tactic as to why they will only work with people whose numbers they can see.
Entity: covina, California
25, Report #537148
Dec 10 2009
10:13 AM
Pasqualina - Clairvoyant-Psychic-Astologer I sent them a payment for a report and after looking on the internet to research her email address I notice that she had reports made on her and not being able to contact on a report i deleted mistake Internet
I noticed from a lookup of Pasqualina's email address or atleast phone # and this site came up as being a rip off of people money and I have paid for service to be reported to me and this has gotten me afraid I now want my money back and have a pending transaction to take place on the 15th of Jan 2010 now knowing this a rip-off company it has me real afraid to even give my money to anyone over the internet unless I look them up to see if they are rip-off companys. sheila, montgomery,al
Entity: , Internet

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