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1, Report #1396626
Aug 29 2017
10:25 PM
Psychic David -Beverly Hills Psychic wanted to charge me $412.00 donation to do energy work on a man I love Beverly Hills California California
This psychic emailed me saying he could do energy work on a man I love to open up his heart chakra for a donation of $412.00. After googling psychic David, I came across another woman on ripoff report who claimed he emailed her saying something similar to what he emailed me promising to do energy work for her for a donation of $412.00. I don't trust any psychic who say they can cast spells or do energy work for a fee over $50.00. I don't trust psychic David. 
Entity: California
2, Report #1125821
Feb 23 2014
05:59 AM
Psychic Christopher Golden Beverly Hills Psychic 90210 Full of Loose Parts Beverly Hills California
I don't know what the deal is with Psychic Christopher Golden and transvestites - first of all, everyone is saying he is telephallic and can grant others with unordered parts... but my story is slightly different...You see, my ex is Mitch Jones.Let me tell you something about him:Mitch Chesty Jones is a former music teacher that resides in South Lake Tahoe, California that gets his jollies by utilizing licensed Nevada brothels to act out his cross-dressing fantasies which relate to his mother and sister. When he does this, he represents himself to be a very wealthy man, claiming to have a large inheritance coming his way. He also habitually contacts brothels and arranges for licensed prostitutes to visit him at his Las Vegas Mansion (which he does not, nor has he ever owned).My relationship with Chesty ended about a year ago, and I have wanted him back ever since, despite his peculiar ways.I asked Psychic Christopher Golden if he could he me get my ex... Chesty... back.Now I am not sure if it is because my ex is a transvestite that it is messing things up, but so far it has been a day and nothing has happened. I am calling Psychic Christopher about 20 times a day to ask him what is going on.I hope I get my Chesty back soon.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
3, Report #1293977
Mar 16 2016
06:23 AM
psychic Christopher Golden FRAUD beverly hills Internet
This man is a fraud, I have received the same emails, telling me he needs to do chakra work for my partner to open up his heart, he will come back to me as soon as I pay him the money, I paid $400 and nothing, he stopped answering my emails and told me I was being too negative, weeks later he said he needs an additional $1200 to finish the work, I was so blind and heart broken to see he was stilling my money, this man doesn't have the power to do nothing, he is a liar and will take your money, I hope they sue the paints of his a**.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1119201
Jan 28 2014
09:42 PM
Psychic Christopher Golden Beverly Hills Psychic, Psychic 90210 Midget mishap Beverly Hills California
The background story of how Psychic Christopher Golden got involved in my midget stripper love triangle:I ordered a midget stripper 2 weeks before my best friend's 40th surprise bday party and I was charged 4 times as much if it was normal person stripper. They advertise midget strippers on there website and I ordered and paid for just that!The girl showed up two hours late, 12:30 a.m. to be exact, and she was 2 taller then our shortest petite friend who is 4' 10!!! I didn't blame the girl she was just doing her job and I thought we'll make the best of it -- but don't expect tips, you got overpaid already!The crowd was very disappointed, everyone expected a midget stipper!Then, my girlfriend showed up, and slapped me in the face for having a tall midget stripper straddling me. Then she walked out of my life.I called Psychic Christopher Golden to help me get my ex back. Psychic Christopher said that midgets were a special case, especially midget strippers. He said my ex would be so upset about this midget stripper mishap that it would be nearly impossible to get her back. Especially because it was a fake midget stripper.I think that's bunk. If Psychic Christopher Golden is so great, he should be able to get my ex back, no matter what. I am trying anyway, but Psychic Christopher Golden needs to work on his skillz and demonstrate some ex retrieval capabilities even when fake midget strippers are involved.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
5, Report #1115576
Jan 14 2014
08:17 PM
Psychic Christopher Golden - Beverly Hills Psychic, Psychic 90210 - Did not pay me when I won - Beverly Hills, California
Psychic Christopher Golden never paid me, even though I clearly won. --in July 2012 for a cash claim of $90USD.  I got my ex back three times - that is a jackpot. By my calculation he owes me more than $1000 for winning the jackpot. And I have paid him for his services on time every month!  I have tried communicating with him through all available avenues, and received this answer:  Thank you for your patience, and be assured that all claims will be paid (The check is in the mail!).  We are currently seeking funding and our fiscal future is bright (I think he borrowed part of this from one of the President's campaign speeches)!I clearly won the jackpot and I expect to get paid. I will keep following up with him until I do.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
6, Report #1116511
Jan 17 2014
10:50 PM
Psychic Christopher Golden Psychic Chris, Psychic 90210, Beverly Hills Psychic, Psychic Warrior, The Dude Making me more bananas Beverly Hills California
He is ripping off Psy. Psychic Christopher Golden thinks he can be the next Psy just because they have a similar name and because he is a bad dancer.He is making a YouTube video and advertising it so that it will get over a billion views. It is a video of him doing the Gangnam Style dance and telling everyone to call PSYchic Christopher Golden.He is making people think he is Psy by doing this, and infringing on multiple trademarks and copyrights across the globe, from Korea to Japan to the U S of A.Psychic Christopher Golden, I repeat, just because you have the word Psy in your name, and you're a Psychic, does not make you Psy... I don't care how bad you dance or how good you sing in Korean.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
7, Report #1111560
Dec 30 2013
06:00 AM
Psychic Christopher Golden Psychic Chris, Chris Golden, Psychic Chris Golden, Beverly Hills Psychic, Celebrity Psychic, Psychic I just wanted my ex-wife back...he made me build a blue meth empire Beverly Hills California
Psychic Christopher Golden claimed that he could help me get my ex-wife back. I am a chemistry teacher and we had been having problems ever since I was diagnosed with cancer and started spending a lot of time away from home. I had a call with Psychic Chris, and he told me everything was going to be okay. Little did I know, I was speaking with the spawn of the devil who had more power than I could ever imagine. The day after I spoke to Chris, I was compelled to start cooking meth and started leading a life of crime. I was good at it though... I'm not sure if it was Chris that made me good at it, or if it was my talents as a chemist. I called Chris again and paid him $500,000 (heck, I was rich from selling all that meth), to ask him to make me stop. He said I should be happy I was making so much money, and that this was his strategy to help me get my ex-wife back and cure my cancer. Really??? That's your strategy buddy? Turn me into a meth cook? That's a real awesome way to get my ex back! Well, the tension between me and my ex was higher than ever, and even though she seemed like she was going to come around for a little while, everything just went totally downhill eventually. I'm definitely going to call Saul and sue Psychic Christopher Golden for all the crimes he made me commit. I don't care if I made $80 million in the process. He is not going to see another cent of it.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
8, Report #1357319
Feb 21 2017
06:07 AM
Psychic Christopher Golden Scam Artist Beverly Hills, California Internet
Christopher Golden is a horrible human being. I wish I would have listened to the reports on this site because they are TRUE. He tells all his clients in an automated email to not speak to others about his services because he KNOWS that if you speak to others they will surely warn you of being scammed.  That's how scammers work, they isolate you so that you feel pressured. It is not right but open up your eyes people! He's a fraud. I spent $1000 on two payments so that he would help me get my ex-boyfriend back or at least offer some support. However, this was not the case. Christopher Golden made a lot of claims towards me.  I was sceptical after the first payment of $400. So, I emailed him and inquired about his lack of help and the non-existent progress in my situation. He responded on May 10th, 2016. He emailed me saying I feel very stongly about staying the course. To work out this karma issue we must act quickly. Look, if it's not done in 30 days I will give you your money back. With that written guarentee and text proof I decided to pay him $600 and see if any progress was made in the 30 days.  As you probably guessed, there was no progress. My ex-boyfriend did not contact me and there was absolutely no progress made.  I emailed Christopher Golden every single week for months. I got no response.  THEN out of the blue he tells me to check my spam folder. At no surprise to me, my spam folder was nearly empty and I had not received any emails from him.  I emailed back saying there was nothing in my spam folder. That was August 29, 2016. It has been silent since then. I email him every month with no responses. I contacted the Better Business Bureau so hopefully they can offer some peace of mind. I am on here to warn everyone. I wish I would've taken these reports against him seriously. Save yourself the money and heartache. DO NOT associate yourself with this business. He is not a real psychic and he is just going to steal your money. He will lead you on for months. It's been a year and I haven't heard from my ex-boyfriend. If you are looking for help, Psychic Christopher Golden is not the answer.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #427942
Feb 24 2009
12:03 PM
A FRIEND URGED ME TO HAVE A was very weak...she has a radio show and sells candles and ;'counsels ' people1 For 100$ /half hour 200$ ? for an hour maybe she should give the candles with the talk! from her Press Releases June 23, 2008 Psychic Certificate of Recogintion KLSX 97.1 talk show host Linda Salvin has received a California State Assembly Certificate of Recognition award for her service to the people of southern California and especially West Covina. The award was presented on June 4th by councilman Roger Hernandez, and Brian Guiterrez, the high school student that nominated Linda for the award, at a student award ceremony at Nogales High School in La Puente. She was honored for her radio program, Linda Salvin Radio Psychic Show, which has been recently renamed The Inner You with Dr. Linda Salvin Linda has a Master's in Public Health from the University of Michigan, a BA from San Francisco State University, and most recently received her PhD in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. She became psychic after surviving a commercial airline plane crash in 1981. Fred Missman, former Creative Director of KBIG in 1994 and currently at Movin 939, gave Linda her start in radio, and she has brokered nationally and locally since. --Southern California Broadcasters Association April 3, 2008 Linda channels music legends Psychic Linda Salvin endorses A Tale of Two Brothers: Jim Morrison & Michael Hutchence by Jacqueline Murray. When Jacqueline called Linda for a reading, little did they know who else was going to join them! Now the true story behind Jim Morrison & Michael Hutchence is revealed though this new book, with a special message from Linda as well. To buy your copy today, visit Author House or Amazon. again i dont want her candles and i dont want to do more businees with her!!! letl_linda_wunda venice, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #204487
Aug 04 2006
12:43 PM
Dr. Ellen Vale ripoff Psychic Beverly Hills California
I quess we was suckers to. She sent my husband one and she just cashed my check yesterday. That's all right I won't quit until I get my money back. Now days people have to work hard for the money they earn, but people like her needs to be put in jail. That's alright, I WON'T QUIT until my money is returned!!! I'm sorry for everyone that has been took by her! Cheryl tullahoma, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
11, Report #196748
Jun 16 2006
11:48 AM
Dr. Von Trapp ripoff psychic report Beverly Hills California
I am yet another victim of Dr Von Trapp. I am usually good about this stuff and I really thought she was real. So I go to look her up on the computer today, to see if I could contact her...surprise I didn't get the information she stated in her letter. And I came across the Rip off report and read that people have received the same letter. I swear, the more time goes on, the more I am finding people are just horrible. I never lie or cheat anyone (and I am in the mortgage industry!!!) so what gives her the right or anyone to prey on peoples insecurities or fears? Well, I have been told time and time again that the evil people will get theirs! I hope I am around to enjoy the revenge! Beware! DO NOT respond to this woman. I know it's just $25, but it's not the money... it's the eventual loss of trust in the human population. Kristin West Berlin, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
12, Report #207039
Aug 20 2006
06:12 PM
Dr Ellen Vale ripoff Beverly Hills California
Sent dr ellen vale 25 dollars for a pyschic report and have not recieved anything. Have read that she has given the smae messages to other people. Would like the 25 dollars back. Dorothy novi, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
13, Report #1112188
Jan 01 2014
10:17 PM
Psychic Christopher Golden - Beverly Hills Psychic, Psychic 90210, The Make You Psychic Man - Made me Psychic - I just wanted my ex back - Beverly Hills California
Psychic Chris gone given me psychic powers. I don't know how he done it, but he really gone done it. I hear what other people are thinking, and I can see the future. This is all after talking to Chris - I think he gone put a curse on me.I spoke to Chris on the phone because I wanted him to help me get my beautiful love of my life back. She gone left me because she said I speaks funny and I gots no ambition. Well I spoke to Chris and next thing I knows all of er sudden I'm hearin voices, 'cept they ain't no voices... they be thoughts... other folks thoughts.And I see the future too. Just the other day I was watchin the tube when all of er sudden I felt like cheesies, and wouldn't  ya know, a cheesies commercial came on right then and there.I just want my normal life back. I don't want to hear people's thoughts any more. Chris was supposed to be the psychic, not me! Is that how he helps people, by making them psychic? I am gonna probably sue him unless he takes my psychic powers away.
Entity: California
14, Report #1118505
Jan 26 2014
02:46 AM
Psychic Christopher Golden Made my ex a junkie and then she came back Beverly Hills California
Crazy story ---> Julie Rhodos is a very stupid Junkie girl who got herself in pregnant by Alex Seamen, a known pedophile and drug addict -- and Julie is my ex. She was not no junkie when we was together.Not only did Alex give her STDs but he also impregnate her so he could abuse his future children. Alex is a disgusting man and she's a filthy animal, pigsI wanted Julie back and that's where Psychic Christopher Golden came into the picture. Now I don't want her back no more. That filthy junkie can go to H*** with Alex.Psychic Christopher Golden made her come back to me. I think he used his powers to make her a junkie impregnated by Alex the pig so she wouldn't have no choice but to come crawling back to me. Psychic man is denying it but I know he is that powerful.What a stupid junkie girl she is now.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
15, Report #1114887
Jan 11 2014
10:35 PM
Psychic Christopher Golden - Class President, Pimp, 90210 - Secretly Running an Escort Service - Beverly Hills, California
I have a sneaking suspicion that Psychic Christopher Golden is secretly running some kind of escort service or brothel.I know I am crazy, or sound crazy, or maybe both, but think about it... he is a psychic, and he says he can get people back together.I think, really, I mean, really really, he is not actually getting people back together with their exes. I think, and I heard from a friend who may or may not exist, that he is actually hypnotising people, or mind washing them with his psychic powers into believing they are getting back together with their ex, but really he is putting them together with one of the girls or guys in his escort service.That's right - he's just a pimp using his psychic powers to make money. And he's running for class president too.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
16, Report #1076791
Jun 23 2014
09:16 AM
Psychic matilda Matilda. Lied about my dead mother and my father and past relationships Beverly Hills California
Matilda is a mean, heartless scam artist. She lied to me several times. She told me my father is a cheater and a curse was put on my mother because people were jealous. My family is baptist. We don't talk to people that do that or believe. He told me my ex bf broke up with me because he was confused and said he cheated on me. I spent re 3k on her. Nothing she said came true. Everything is a lie to get more money. Don't send her anything.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
17, Report #1113478
Jan 07 2014
12:01 AM
Psychic Christopher Golden Beverly Hills Psychic, the Warlock, the Congressman, the CEO - uses smear campaigns - Beverly Hills, California
Psychic Christopher Golden for is running for City Council and uses smear ads.  He called his opponent an ape and a Communist. It's just not right.He calls himself a psychic, and he's trying to use his psychic powers to get on the city council, and he wants to change the name of the city council to psyity council because it looks more like the word psychic.I won't be brainwashed by him, and you shouldn't be either. His opponents are not apes nor communists like he'll try to make you believe. Don't let him get inside your head.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
18, Report #588103
Mar 31 2010
09:32 PM
Linda Salvin bad experience Beverly Hills, California
My experience goes back to 2006 when I heard Linda on a radio show.  She seemed so kind and supportive to those callers, so I called.  Big mistake.  From the moment I called her office it went downhill.  First her staff wouldn't give me a straight answer whether or not I could have an evening appointment.  Then, several phone calls later, they said that Linda said that it was OK for a 6:00 pm app't.  They charged my credit card right away and had the nerve to charge me an extra $50 for an after hours appt.  I said I hadn't agreed to that and wanted to cancel.  They told me I could not cancel and THEN decided to tell me that her hours were from 10 am to 5 pm.  That's the first question I had asked them in the beginning, but they had refused to answer so they could get the extra $50 and then blame me for it.  After a lot of haggling, they waived the $50. At the reading, Linda was VERY rude, telling me that I had been rude to her staff.  I told her what had happened, and she got quiet when she saw that I was onto her scam.  Then she started complaining about her staff, that they're idiots and that she had fired one of them.  Then she told me she was tired after doing 7 readings and would see what happens with my reading.  Her hour long reading was WORTHLESS.  When I asked about my health, she told me to buy Seasilver from her, and when I asked about my job, she said to buy candles.  Then I asked about my relationship with my boyfriend, and she said, It's your life, I can't tell you what to do!, like she was pissed off.  What kind of psychic is that?  Why advertise herself as helping people and giving advice and then make that kind of statement?  All she cared about was selling products.  I spent $750 for disappointment and feeling used, plus I still can't believe the ugly way she was talking to me.  A highly spiritual person would not act like that, nor would they only care about the dollar sign.  She puts on a good face when on the air.  I can't believe she's still in business.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
19, Report #168886
Dec 21 2005
03:20 PM
Dr Marissa Von Trapp ripoff Beverly Hills California
I got a letter from this person. I was told to send $25 dollars. Nothing she said happened and I asked for my money back as of today I got nothing. These people need to be stopped and removed from business. I will never trust anyone like her again. Cheryl fort Lupton, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
20, Report #201687
Jul 18 2006
11:18 AM
Dr. Ellen Vale ripoff Beverly Hills California
This is the second letter I have received in the mail from Dr. Ellen Vale. She states dates when bad things are going to happen to me, trying to scare me into sending her $25 dollars. I do not believe in curses. I do belie ve some people do have psychic powers. This is scam. No real psychic would contact you through the mail. Mary grosse ile, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
21, Report #200642
Jul 12 2006
09:56 AM
Dr. Ellen Vale Not Sure Its a Ripoff Beverly Hills California
Hey there, after reading everyones comments on this psychic....I am scared to death. I received a letter from her today, and have already mailed the money to her. I suffer with bipolor and panic disorder. When she said something would happen to someone in my family and too me, I felt I had to send the money. Would someone please help? I know what this is going to do to me now that I know she is not real. Barbara Sarasota, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
22, Report #205787
Aug 12 2006
10:26 AM
Dr Ellen Vale MAIL FRAUD RIPOFF Beverly Hills California
I too was fraudently used by ellen vale but I say its worth 25$ to see what the LORD Is going to do to her for using HIS NAME to rob and steal from HIS children. Wait Im getting a vision I see FIRE and knashing of teeth. Ill pray for you ellen... Marvin Knoxville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
23, Report #203728
Jul 31 2006
08:21 AM
Dr. Ellen Vale ripoff and stealer, fraud Beverly Hills California
I sent money for physic reading and never heard another word, from this so called physic. She is a big ripoff and steals from individuals, who are in need and is living off them high on the hog. She is nothing but a ripoff artist. Joann Boulder Creek, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
24, Report #212416
Sep 23 2006
11:56 AM
Dr. Marissa Von Trapp ripoff by this supposed pshycic!!! Beverly Hills California
I too was ripped off by this letter that was convincing enough for me to be dumb enough to send them a check.I plan on writting to them and request my $25.00 be returned immediatley.Hopefully I will get my money back.I feel so foolish and embaressed for falling for this scam. Larry Assonet, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
25, Report #353278
Jul 19 2008
07:56 PM
Superior Psychics, Blair Vanderwood, 1-800-414-3021 psychic Beverly Hills California
Blair Vanderwood is a psychic rip-off. I contacted her months ago and never had the work done. Then she calls me out of the blue to see how I am and to tell me I have been coming through to her in her meditations. She assures me that she can get my ex-Fiance back in a week for $1350.00. Gauruntees me that that is all I would have to pay not 1 penny more and that her work in much stronger than the others I used and she laughs at how weak they are and how much more powerful her work is. Tells me no questions asked she will get it done in 1 week and that she will refund my money if she couldn't. Well I paid her over a few days, everything I had and even some I didn't. Now she tells me that she needs another $5500.00 or we will never be back together. That I have to pay. She didn't fail and I can't have my money back. That it is my fault and her spirits are telling her I have the money. I told her I don't. I am over drawn in my banks, maxed out on credit cards. Have nothing left to pawn. She told me to bad find it. I had money to pay all these other gypsy's when they wanted more money and now that there is somebody that can help me I wont do it. I told her several times I do not have it and cant get it. She was very rude and nasty. She lies and lies and sucks you in with false promises. Before we started I told her I am on the verge of suicide and that I cant take another person lying to me and giving me false hope just to take advantage of me and to take my money. She was so sweet and nice and reassuring. Now that she got my money she has changed. She is just a bloodsucking bottom feeder that will say and do anything to take your money. Stay away from her at all cost as she will only brake your bank account and get you no results. Tom providence, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California

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