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1, Report #1183132
Oct 15 2014
05:54 PM
Northridge psychic Ripoff Northridge California
I've seen a psychic in northridge california. I was curious about my life and wanted to know how things will work. it says $10 for reading but she charges more than what it says. 5 tarot card reading is 10 dollars and 35 card reading is $35... AnywaysHer reading was what I heard from other psychic, but this place offer to buy candles to get rid of negativity as other people who reported as ripoff. I was hesitated at the moment it's because I told her from my experience from the psychic who asked me to buy many things to get rid of negativity, and told her its a scam and she said she is different.her mom works for church and they make a special candle which is $100 each and she said I have to buy 3 because my case is real serious. I wasn't sure what kind of church makes so expensive candle?I didn't feel like to purchase but she emphasized as this is for my life and I won't have anything in my life if I don't do it.she said she can get me a discount since her mother works for church and charged me $250. I didn't feel like to buy it but I wanted to trust what she was telling me. She said only candles to burn. Nothing else to charge.Include with 3 session meditation. We scheduled to do the meditation at night due to my job. She called me last minute that I suppose to go see her for meditation but she said  just found out that meditation has to be done in the morning so i re-scheduled the time to day time. Guess what? She called me again to postpone for next day. She couldn't do because she has a family emergency. so I had to re-scheduled to next day which I was  already feeling upset. She asked me if I have an egg at home and keep it under the bed and bring it next day when I come see her for meditation. She massage the egg through my body and tell me to step on egg to crack. She was so hyper reactive and telling me to see the egg yolks with black crumbs. She said this is very bad and she can't keep this in her office.  She asked me if I have a tablet at home. I wasn't sure what she was talking about and she showed me the booklet of products and it was a box to bury the stuff and it was $12000 or more than $20000... Holy s***. Of course i couldn't afford! I gave her $250! That was a lot too! My sister paid 200 for me to help, but I have to purchase a box???? she asked me what are my price range and I said I can't afford none of this and she said all the negativity will come back and won't work if I don't bury this. She said she can give a discount. instead of $950 which is cheapest one from the other items For $500. I still couldn't afford to pay $500, but she said I can do down payment for now if I can give her $100. She forced me to go to atm. I gave her $100 and I asked her if she will charge more afterwards.. And she said this is it. I recorded der the whole conversation before I get in. In case if she keep charges me. i still don't feel this is right and keep searching on website to see if this is a scam or not. I've found from others who got the same thing happened like me! I mi just text her that I will stop Becuz it is a scam. I would rather go to church to pray. She kept mentioned the church and what kind of church rip the person's money when we are broke? That's what God wants? please help!  
Entity: Northridge, California
2, Report #1297604
Jul 17 2016
10:52 AM
Psychic twins Internet
 So I had a reading by these two lovely ladies and I must say what a load of crap. No validations given and to make matters worst they actually had no idea of what was really happening around me in all areas of my life. They asked if I was a nurse and I told them I'm a Finance Director. They then went on to try and validate that by saying they see numbers. As for relationship, they claim my ex has moved on and is in a happy rship with someone else. my ex is currently suffering with severe depression and is unable to get out of bed let alone start a new rship. What was more annoying is that they went on further to give me advice on registering on dating sites and affirmations. I've had a number of psychic readings now and I've come across some decent psychics who are able to validate past and present situations down to a T. They don't charge stupid amounts of money and claim to be talking to celebs. These two are not geniune psychics, there are plenty others out there that are able to read accurately. It baffles me how these two ladies have gained a reputation for being psychics. Ah well.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1356400
Feb 15 2017
10:53 PM
Psychic Access Fake Liars!
I had many readings from Psychic Access on the same subject and all of them told me the same thing....only here I am A YEAR AND A HALF LATER and NOTHING they told me came true!! In fact, pretty much the exact opposite happened! I then started researching COLD READING and thats exactly the tactics they are employing......they are just very good COLD READERS and if people think their predictions come true, its either a coincidence or a good 'hit'. Research cold reading and you'll never believe in Psychics again, any of them. Psychics are NOT real!! Save your hard earned money and stay away!! You are better off seeing a trained psychologist to sort out any issues.
4, Report #1312185
Jun 18 2016
09:29 PM
Psychic Rose Psychic Christina Scam arist Mississauga Ontario
Psychic Rose is open from 9 am. to 9:00 pm in a run down house in Mississauga.  She is a scam artist.  She will tell you that someone close to you has performed black magic on you and in order to do a proper investigation she has to buy food offerings and certain things to take to a temple.  She will ask you for additional money, in this case she asked for $200.00 and she will call you to tell you what she has discovered, well this will never happen.  She is a scam artist and if you fall for her, you will end up paying so watch out.
Entity: Mississauga, Ontario
5, Report #679917
Jan 07 2011
10:28 AM
Psychic Savannah horrible, dishonest, liar, money hungry Dothan, Alabama
This lady is such a rip off,all she does is gets all of your money with no results. Some of the things that were done I could of done. It was a waste of money. And when you try to get in touch with her,she is never no where to be found unless she needs money. She tells you she will call you back on another day,and you never hear from her. She has used so much of my money,and has me in debt now. I will never use it again. So please be careful with this lady because she is a scam artist. And the first thing she will tell you is that she can make relationships and your financial problems work out. I yet havent seen any results. And she claims she has been doing this work for so long. She is just another money hungry psychic out there trying to get money. And no wonder why she does it,she has too many kids to feed. She has to get that money some sort of way and thats by ripping people off. Some of the things she wants you to do is buy things like blow up beds,table cloths,etc. Things I believe that she could of been using for her personal use. I will never get that money back,and when you try to recover some of the money she lies and says that the spirit wont let her release it. She is full of it! Be Careful
Entity: Dothan, Alabama
6, Report #982708
Dec 15 2012
10:35 PM
Amazing Psychic Miracle center Scam Internet
This woman is down to earth EVIL, I called for an advice and she kept saying the same words over and over again made it sound scripted.! I read about her on Forums and the many people she has scammed people for Ten of thousands of their dollars, in General stay away from Psychic
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #965151
Nov 05 2012
06:18 PM
Psychic Source Unprofessional Business Practices, Internet
I set up an appointment via email 3 weeks prior to the appointment date, and had it confirmed.  The day of my appointment (and it costs more to schedule an appointment), I show up at the time it is scheduled.   Due to some kind of error on their part, I was unable to connect.  Consequently, I was rescheduled for another time. I scheduled an appointment days in advance for 11/5 at 7 PM EST.  Earlier in the day, I received a confirmation email stating that my appointment was verified. I live in New York and have power issues during the hurricane.  At 6:58 p.m, I called in for my appointment.   Due to some error on their part, I was unable to get through.   I stayed on hold for 15 minutes while they tried to rectify the situation.   Finally, I was informed that I would have to reschedule my appointment because the person I was supposed to speak to was completely booked for the rest of the evening. I informed them that it was unacceptable, and it was not my fault since I showed up on time for my appointment.  I informed them that they should cancel somebody else due to their mistake.  They informed me that they could not cancel anybody else and that I would have to reschedule. This is unprofessional business practices and I should not have to be the one who reschedules due to their error.  Despite having power issues I was able to call and keep my appointment.  The company should be held to the same standards.
Entity: Internet, Internet
8, Report #1293977
Mar 16 2016
06:23 AM
psychic Christopher Golden FRAUD beverly hills Internet
This man is a fraud, I have received the same emails, telling me he needs to do chakra work for my partner to open up his heart, he will come back to me as soon as I pay him the money, I paid $400 and nothing, he stopped answering my emails and told me I was being too negative, weeks later he said he needs an additional $1200 to finish the work, I was so blind and heart broken to see he was stilling my money, this man doesn't have the power to do nothing, he is a liar and will take your money, I hope they sue the paints of his a**.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1362230
Jul 29 2017
02:06 PM
10, Report #970836
Nov 18 2012
12:14 AM
Liveperson Kamaba Psychic consultation Internet
Psychic on called The Intuitive One changed her profile from Readings by Katrina. Her name there is Nancy but it used to be Katrina. When I received her reading she was Katrina but now 5 years later she calls herself Nancy. I know it says Readings by Katrina on my profile but when I click it it says The Intuitive One. When you go to reviews in the beginning you can see they talk about Katrina but in the recent ones they talk about Nancy. When she was Katrina she also said she had 2 years of medical school training which isn't a big deal but she advertised it like it was. Even her profile picture was different! The thing she got wrong is that the girl I liked was my soulmate and loved me but the exact opposite is true! She talked like she knew medicine and maybe she did. But I know for a fact she's not a psychic. She thought I was on medication when I wasn't. She said that the other Psychic, who later ripped me off, was real.  Truth is most people on aren't real psychics. I believe in real psychics but many on liveperson(also used to be called Kasamba) are liars and fakes. 
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #1177142
Sep 16 2014
10:42 AM
Shuvani7777 Sondra Psychic Scammers Nationwide
I am not stating Psychics may or not be real, my issue is what this particular one did She strung us along, sending money etc for help, of course this was the bait. Then after a few hundred was spent, we had another issue come up and needed help This time, they said to send $300 for some items they would return to us and we were supposed to follow the instructions Candles etc, after they never showed up, we confronted her where is the delivery, she stated Must have gotten lost in the mail, send $300 more dollars We said, this is unfair, and where is the tracking for the package? She said, we have no tracking, send another $300 or go away, then hung up the phone.   We called back, angry of course this time, and you won't believe what we were told, they said Entertainment Purposes Only laughed, then hung the phone up in our face.   I swear this is exactly what happened, total complete crooks and heartless thieves.   Tell everyone you know, even if you do believe in Psychics, which i am on the fence, i have an open mind either way, but this proves that even if they have ability, that doesn't stop certain ones in using it to steal and lie.  
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #822715
Jan 14 2012
10:43 AM
Virginia Psychic Counselor Richmond Psychic Counselor, psychic scam virginia richmond counselor ripoff Richmond, Virginia
I went to visit Virginia Psychic Counselor when I was going through a hard time, and I really should have just stayed home. I was distraught and needed insight and she completely took advantage of me. She said that she accepted Visa and other forms of electronic payment, but of course upon visiting she alerting me that her card machine was broken. She has since moved to about three different offices and when I contact her for a refund I get no answers and no replies at all. This woman and her daughter are nothing more than scam artists. She wouldn't even give me an itemized list of the expenses related her working with me, she just picked up and moved to another office in the state.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
13, Report #1139400
Apr 16 2014
02:42 PM
delphi psychic chat the psychic family Parker psychic disease Internet
  Hardly is it possible to register enough disgust at this appaling malicious website that has abusive and nasty psychic fakes in every crevice! The most obnoxious hateful psychic mess on the web, surely its only purpose is mentalist fraud when they are not victimizing anyone that does not believe its warped scheme. This place is poisonous
Entity: Internet
14, Report #514163
Oct 24 2009
04:39 AM
Keen Psychic Hotline, Keen psychic network, cheating readers Los Angles, California
I am a psychic, working or - independent worker- for Keen. Boy oh boy are we being ripped off as the day goes on. You log on to a network, in order to take calls. NO calls will be coming through - NONE - but! when you try to log off you will hear- a customer has been willing to wait for 4 hours to take your call hold on whilst we connect you-- haha- do not fall for that one! you will NOT get paid for that time! it is BS-- the same as when you log on-- a customer is waiting (always) for 4 hours to take your call-- hahha- you will NOT get paid for that time! You can work as a psychic advisor, sure, and some do or really need your help, most- I say - are staged calls to keep you happy - the reader - to take those free calls where you get NONE and Keen gets ALL.Sad, yes. really. sad.Of course, as a psychic reader you are expected to accomodate all kinds of kinky calls, you may feel like a chat girl/boy -- for no pay at all. Matter of fact, kinky calls are welcome at Keens--- those costumers can't complain - and the readers better don't--- after all - you are the one who goes along with it!  Sick calls coming in, not just adult porn, no! children porn - where some like to know -- please look in your cards and tell me how the little one would like this and that- sick! sick! Complain to customer service and you will find yourself without work. There and then.Sick.Readers please! do not forget that one day you will face your God as well, as we all will do. and children porn want get us through the gates! This is SI CK!!! And it goes on and on and on - readers are encouraged to keep customer talking, whatever sick and perveted story the customer got. Be that stalking, hacking, children porn- or kinky sex. And I like went, -- NO SIR- NOT ME! nough said.
Entity: Los Angles, California
15, Report #791359
Oct 21 2011
08:19 PM
In feb.of 2011 i walk into a psychic shop for a card reading. i paid for the reading and jane parker went on insisting that i needed a cleansing. she charged $525.00 which i paid in full then she said she needed some personal items which were some gold jewelry a white shirt a picture and more money. a total of $9,184.00 to be put in a box for a blessing ritual and all of it would be returned to me within 20 days from the moment i gave her all required for this religious spiritual cleansing. she said if this was not done that my family and i would be in awful terrible danger,she said the most disturbing of situations would occur if i did not do what she asked of me. i was at a very fragile state at that time of my life and became very afraid of the thing she had said would happen to me. i very reluctantly gave her all my savings. i recorded the transactions and all the phone and text from then til now as proof in case anything went wrong. since then i have been trying to get my money returned to me and they have given me every excuse under the sun,finally they decided to meet with me when i went in to their shop she was not there but her husband was..him and i had a previous problem where he had verbally assaulted naturally i was scared to be with him alone in the shop his father was present also but i had never seen him before in my life..michael parker asked to check my pockets before we sat down..he offered me a thousand dollars and asked me to sign a note stating that i accepted that money as part of the return money they owe me..i was very afraid and intimidated by this time..i signed and left the shop right away..once again she called now oct 21,2011 to set up a meeting bet her,her husband and I at a local pizza shop. Again she was not there and only Michael Parker was present. He told me he would give me $3,000.00 if i agreed to give up the remainder of the total amount which would be a total of $4,184.00 as payment for his Jane Parker's service which i had paid in the beginning already $525.00. i said no and that i would file a police report on them when i tried leaving the pizza shop he followed me and said he would go with me to the police station. i told him not to follow me and to stay away from me from now on..he started to harass me and verbally threaten my family suggesting threat to the A C S (CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE) ACCUSING ME OF FALSE ABUSE..I THEN CALLED THE POLICE right from the street and went in to my local bank branch..wait for the police to arrive which then they proceeded to tell me they could not do anything and would have to take this matter to civil court..
Entity: RIGDEWOOD, New York
16, Report #791396
Oct 22 2011
08:26 AM
sophie quick, psychic nadia quick, nadia miller psychic forest hills, New York
a girl named sophie quick is a fraud, she is a psychic living in queens NY and she works with or could be a person named nadia demeteo, they use many names nadia quick, nadia miller, and have had many addresses in ridgewood NY, forest hills NY, college point NY and many others im sure.she is mean and cursed at me at every chance she got. and lied to me and made a fool out of me.her family thinks their tough they would threaten me and laugh at what they did to me.they were mean to me and made me feel like dirt. i never thought i would fall for some one like a so called psychic i mean im a pretty smart guy is i can say so myself. but i fell for it and i lost it all for some girl that i knew from school. who did not like me back the way i wanted her to like me.its so sad all the stories are the same online and that many people before and after me will fall for these jerks online. but they will get theirs one day. they change their names a lot and they change phone numbers a lot too and its hard to get them when they move all the time. and use other peoples info to get you to send money to them.
Entity: forest hills, New York
17, Report #771770
Sep 01 2011
06:30 AM
Psychic Kim Allen Tarot Card Reader/Psychic Brooklyn, New York
I was not happy with her attitude. She rushed me off the phone and said she was going to refund my money, which she eventually did. I assumed I was asking too many questions or going over my time by a minute or two. She then said have a nice day and hung up on me. I don't recommend a reading from her. She needs to learn how to treat people for someone to be in this kind of profession.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
18, Report #677462
Jan 01 2011
09:29 AM
Psychic Shay Shaman Shay Psychic Shay...more like Shay the Scam Artist Arizona
This woman holds herself out to be a psychic who also holds a law degree. She goes on and on in her website about how she studied in India with a well known healer and how she works and travels with so many different agencies, but she is a scam artist through and through. She worked for Psychic Source and California Psychics and now has her own line. I think the latter is worse because she now can prey on her weak and insecure clients. Dont waste your money on her or others. Its like flushing it down the toilet.
Entity: , Arizona
19, Report #680947
Jan 10 2011
12:00 PM
Psychic Sylvia, Sylvia John Lying scam Psychic Internet, California
I came to this woman for help and she is nothing but a scam and a liar. She should not have a business nor a website. I found her online and went to her for some sort of guidance. At the time I was very vulnurable and at a very low point in my life. She claimed the she needed my wedding band set, 1500 dollars in cash, and some clothing of mine. She needed these articles for a 'spiritual cleansing' and swore on her own life and her families that she would return my belongings. I contacted the woman and firmly asked for my things back or I would be contacting a lawyer. I am in the military and contacted a lawyer on base. I am being advised to contact Consumer Affairs, in hopes of some sort of justice to be served to this woman. She has not been cooperative with the lawyers nor has she answered any of my calls.
Entity: Internet, California
20, Report #931582
Aug 23 2012
12:55 PM
MaryAnn Mitchell Psychic Conrad Mitchell psychic, Mary, FL, Scam, Internet
It started a couple of days ago. I have been trying to get this person I am in love with to commit to me and nothing was working. So I decided to call a psychic to see if it was worth my time to be patient with this person or move on. I looked on the internet and found Mary. I must say that prior to calling her, I did some research and was somewhat informed on psychic scams.So when I called her, I asked her many times if she was a scammer. She assured me that she was not. She asked for $75 for the reading. I gave it to her. She then said that she would help me get through this and would do some spiritual work for free. I said okay. She told me to write what I wanted on a piece of paper and to write my name, his name and both our phone numbers. She told me to read it out loud. I did. At first, she was nice and checked up on me twice daily. But this morning, she called and said that I was cursed and the spirits needed $1200. I explained that I didn't have the money. She said that she would put half. She kept pressing the issue suggesting that I called my parents, sell my jewelry or use my credit cards. When she saw that she wasn't going anywhere with me. There was no way I was sending her that money, she did the unbelievable. She told me that I was to give her the money within 3 to 4 hours or she was going to call the person I was in love with. I tried to reason with her and explain to her that what she was doing wasn't right. She was not having it. She kept threatening me and telling me that she was going to call him. I told her that I would try to come up with the money and hung up the phone. I immediately called my best friend and gave her information. My friend called her and told her that what she was doing was illegal and she was going to call the police. My friend must have been convincing because as far as I know she didn't call. But she needs to be stopped. I am grateful that I am out only $75. I can live with that. 
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #325893
Apr 14 2008
09:51 AM
Psychic Readings By Vera Psychic Scam By Vera Spring Texas
I first called Vera for a free reading, she told me she could help me get my wife back. She told me to send $95 and she would get started. She said that it was a one time fee and she would guarantee results in 48 hours or my money back no questions asked. I sent the money western union and she started having me meditate with candles while she worked. 48 hours went by and she said she needed more time because it was a harder case than she thought. A week went by and no results. Vera caled me and told me she would need to get a 'timepiece' to astral travel back in time to fix our souls. She said she needed $700 for the deposit for the 'timepiece'. I told her I didnt have it. She then put her associat on the phone, Peter. He asked me how much I could send for the deposit and assured me the deposit would be sent back regardless of the result. I told him $100. He told me if I could send $130 he would put up the rest. He said the spirit needed to see that I was putting forth an effort towards the deposit. So I did it. He told me to call him that night and would give me instruction on what to do. I answer. Called the next day, no answer. Finally I texted them a message saying I would report them to websites such as these and almost immediately he called. He proceeded to scream at me on the phone telling me he was dealing with alot of evil in my case and he was too tired to call. He then told me to call the next day. I called , no answer.I called for 3 days straight, no answer. Finally I texted him another message about how they were scam artists and I wanted my money back. He called and told me he wasnt going to give me my money back, saying as far as he was concerned there was no guarantee and that I called for phone sex. I would like for everyone to know not to use this psychic website for they are scam artists and they play on your emotions. Dont call they will only rip you off and play you for money. Anonymous Cumming, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Spring, Texas
22, Report #1363592
May 17 2017
11:59 AM
Psychic Giovanna Psychic Giovanna is a Shameless Fraud Toronto Ontario
Giovanna is a criminal and parasite of society who belongs locked up in jail. She made me pay her $70 for some cheap candles that she claimed would work miracles. Then, she tried to force me to pay her $800 to solve my problems. She is so poor that she actually lives with her husband and 2 kids in her dirty office. That's why she'll do anything for money. She's very jealous of anyone who is doing well in life, do not trust her! She is so rude and disgusting, that she actually ruined my day. Every time I saw her, she would say something different, she can't even keep up with her lies.   She promised me a one hour reading, and then ended it after 12 minutes, when someone else walked in. If you complain to her and ask her questions, she'll start yelling and act like you're the problem. She's too stupid to care about her reputation, she's a shameless bottomfeeder. Do not waste your time and money on this low life. Hopefully, she'll get exactly what she deserves.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
23, Report #1419522
Dec 27 2017
04:41 PM
Celebrity Love Psychic, Medium Lady love Scam and fraud
This lady is the biggest scam artist in psychic history. I have reported her to disability because she get a check every month while using the internet to fool people out of their money claiming she is a psychic. She was on oranum and supreme fooling people. She is a wanna be a celebrity but she is robbing people. Don’t get scammed by her please.
24, Report #1407905
Oct 23 2017
06:18 AM
Psychic Love Expert Jennifer Jennifer George Psychic Scam Miami Florida
I found this psychic online and visited her at her location her listing was Psychic Love Expert Jennifer and she told me she can bring my Love back to me and I was feeling down so she charged me $150 and then a couple days later she told me I basically have badluck and need something to remove it and need $5,000 and need to give her the cash as soon as possible so I did and one week later she then asked for $30,000 and I didn’t want to give her that amount so she started getting angry and started arguing with me, I hung up and started googling her and found other Scam reports and i told her to give my $5,000 back and she started yelling and hung up now she won’t answer and will not return it.
Entity: Miami, Florida
25, Report #1409776
Oct 31 2017
06:41 PM
Psychic hearts love angels Scam
Foolishly I was so desperate..i listened to her lies and gave her my money and now they wont return my call... i know it was stupid but still.. they are a scam! Terrible
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada

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