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26, Report #147028
Jun 21 2005
10:19 PM
Angela Curtis ripoff Dishonest France
I too have become a victim of Angela Curtis. At a time in my life when i was looking for answers she promised so much and delieverd so little. After bombarding me with emails she agreed to lower her price to allow me a reading, which I have never recieved. I have sent follow up mail to her, but have had no response. With so much bad luck in my life she ahs only added to it more. Please do not fall victim to this person as I did Kerri Australia
Entity: Nationwide
27, Report #13051
Feb 01 2002
12:00 AM
Maria Duval MD Ripoff
Folks, it is soooo funny I just about died laughing when I received her letter or should I say letters in the mail. I receive them at least once a week. Really I don't know how these people get your address??? Anyway, let me tell you what is in these letters. It went like this: There will be a planetary alignment, the stars, the stars foresee your bright future. The planets of Earth, Pluto, and Mars will produce cosmic forces making a cosmic antenna from the depths of the cosmos and only I can help you maximize this astral force to your advantage that I have foreseen...etc. etc. you get the idea. Ok, here's the order for me to receive power from the planetary alignment, or whatever it was to get this great future, I had to send her $30 through my MC or Visa. Come on this whole note was a scam if I ever heard one. the planetary alignments... Please, I'd get better fortune off an 8 ball.
Entity: New York, New York
28, Report #211794
Sep 19 2006
02:40 PM
KEEN ripoff Los Angeles California
KEEN is nothing more than a business. Their main interest is NOT in helping people but in putting money in their pockets. They are sneaky, and yes, keen! They will agree with whatever you say, think or feel. If they speak before you spill your guts, it is usually wrong. If they begin to catch on that your are disappointed, down or discourage in anyway, (which would mean you not calling them anymore) they will begin again with saying yes to whatever it is you want to hear. If you begin to ask questions like; -why does everything you say keep changing. -why do you keep changing the timing. First what your DYING to com into your life will happen in one week, then it changes to a month, then well maybe it'll be next year. If you continue to disagree or ask WHY, your BLOCKED. Then; if you try and get your money back from KEEN. Good luck, you can ask and ask and ask and they ignore your request to get your money back. I was so tricked into believing all this, and have spent a small fortune. I do believe in psychic ability, i do believe that people can see and feel things that are beyond our physical sight. HOWEVER, for people to take money out our pockets is nothing more than common thievery! I wish Dateline or 60 Minutes would expose these people and their lies and all the hurt they have caused people. Not to mention the countless thousands and possibly hundreds of thousand of dollars from unsuspecting people searching for answers. They should all be ashammed of themselves, I don't know how they sleep at night. Knowing the painful and hopeless lies they have spread. I can only wish for them to be exposed or reep a harvest of pain as they have sown. (That isn't a threat, I believe what people put out there, is exactly what they get back). The old saying, what goes around, comes around. I'm very happy with this opportunity to express my discontent. It has been a HORRIBLE experience that has cause me GREAT hardship in more ways than one. Emotional, physical devastation along with financial hardship. M Sanford, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
29, Report #348400
Jul 07 2008
03:57 PM
Londa Marks Scam Internet
Londa Marks is a huge scam she fills people's head with hopes and dreams. Her prices are way too high but someone who might believe in her will do anything desperately to get what they want. I was one of those people who believed in her and bought her products and spells after doing so my situation was not resolved it just got worse. I filled out a spell update form that I doubt that she ever reads, the only way to get in contact with her is to pay an extra $289 for a reading on your spell, well right there I should of just known. Nothing seemed to work all they say is to wait another year to have the spell re casted but what are they going to do? Keep telling you to wait another year after you claim the spells has not worked and they say that they don't give refunds because in the past people have gotten what they wanted and got their money back But if she really is a psychic shouldn't she know if the spell worked or not? or how it's going? Well my experience with her was a horrible one she has caused me to waste a lot of money and a lot of suffering with my situation that I thought she could help me with. The website is full of fake reviews because I was never able to even write one. Londa Marks is a fake and should be stopped. Anonymous Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
30, Report #453352
May 19 2009
12:16 PM
Kelly George - Littleshopofspirits.comScam website
I was SCAMED! I guess I should have know better. She was very nice and frindly in the beginning however as soon as I sent the money all contact was cut off. She was sapposed to send something in the mail but nothing has arrived and it's been over 5 months. I called and called and emailed for a refund that they had garanteed but there was absolutly no response. I'm happy that it was only about 20 dollars and not anything larger. Danyelle Walnut Creek, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
31, Report #474900
Jul 30 2009
09:52 AM
Liveperson Dishonest Website Internet
Liveperson is the most dishonest company decieving its customers and potential customers. I can tell you for a fact that they do change ratings and feedbacks. If a client leaves a psychic a bad rating/feedback for a psychic, Liveperson (which used to be Kasamba) will not remove the negative rating, UNLESS it negatively portrays Liveperson. Then any and all ratings/feedbacks are removed or edited. They claim that it is a client's right as a paying customer to leave a negative reading if they are unsatisfied, then why do they edit these ratings if they are unhappy with Liveperson? They are afterall, clients who have the right to leave negative comments for services they were dissatisfied with according to Liveperson. Liveperson has a forum for the experts to discuss matters openly amongst themselves, and there have been times when the experts have posted openly how Liveperson has edited their ratings to remove any negative remarks against themselves, but not the psychic. Psychics have complained that they have gone to bed one night with a certain rating and feedback, only to wake up the next morning and see it edited with removal of negative comments reflective of Liveperson, but not the psychic. Talk about dirty!!! So buyer beware, when you THINK you are spending your money with a company that has 100% customer satisfaction, you are wrong. They have 100% customer satisfaction because they have removed comments that reflect negatively on them. Even though they claim that the consumer has a right to leave negative comments when it comes to their psychics and experts, they don't believe the consumer has a right to speak out openly to express their dissatisfaction with themselves, Liveperson. So becareful, when you see an expert or a psychic that has a low or negative feedback and rating, the customer could have also left negative comments about Liveperson, but it will not be seen. For example, the feedback could say, I am not happy with this psychic (expert) because the predictions don't come true, and Liveperson does not do anything to make sure their psychics are real. Liveperson will remove the negative remarks about themselves, but will tell the psychic that the customer has a right to leave the negative comments about they psychic/expert. My question for Liveperson/Kasamba is this: If you believe the customer has a right to leave negative ratings and feedbacks for their dissatisfaction, why do you edit them to exclude their dissatisfaction with you? Such LIARS!! Jamie Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
32, Report #396384
Dec 01 2008
07:39 AM
Liveperson psychics I have tried Internet
I have now tried a few different psychics on liveperson. So far none have had the WOW factor where they knew details they could not have known otherwise, but then neither have any other psychics I have tried either by phone or email. But some of the ones I have tried on Liveperson do seem to be only after your money and not at all genuine. These are who I have tried: REUNITES LOVERS TODAY - my first ever reading and seemed very positive and she was nice and friendly but so far prediction not happened and from reading other's experiences feel it was now just a rather general reading about easy to guess feelings and giving hope. Said contact in a few days and nothing. I asked for some defintie details to validate reading and got that I had a spirit guide of dead relative beginning with M. No one I know of beginning with M. INTUITIVE LOVE PSYCHIC DAN - now believe to be total con. Said he would allow me to ask my questions first before hiring as long as I gave him 5 stars. Stupidly I agreed thinking he meant he would connect and give me some valid information first but no. He is incredibly expensive and all I got was some over the top hype about how we were so meant for each other, he wished I could be there to see charts, sending me hugs etc, would do some 'work' for me. No validation of claims. Couple of dates given but for 8 or 9 months ahead. Tried emailing him a few days later for some validation, confirmation etc and email got declined. He had his money and that was all he cared about. Love Readings by Val - Was nice enough with her guide 'Nina' but started off very general and did not seem to grasp situation and so I stopped reading. She did not try to get me to stay. However since had 2 emails from her trying to sell m spells and aura cleansings. Master Love Guide - All over the top, not great English about how deep the feelings were, how we were meant for each other etc....when i told her/him that did not at all fit situation, I was told this is what was coming within a month. Nothing so far but month not up but looking highly unlikely. True Connection - started and got disconnected more or less straight away but started like others - how deep feelings were, all great....never came back online or contacted me to carry on reading. Astrofriend - had a fair bit of email correspondence before hiring as wanted some validation of abilities. He seemed not too far off in email analysis before hiring. And after hiring seemed not too far off but situation not hard to guess. He did not try to keep me online and said he would send detailed career and personality readings by email later. He did this and was good at communication but unfortunately readings were nowhere near our personalities but he was gracious even after I left poor feedback and said I could contact him again at no charge. I have sent out requests to many psychics on liveperson asking if anyone can validate their claims to me before hiring with specific details etc. A few have responded nicely and said they can, but never have, couple have tried but nothing much and have then had numerous 'experts' decline, send rude emails back to me and others decline when I have questioned that say their photo was a man but they were female or that their reviews mentioned them under different names. Yet to find anyone on liveperson that seems genuine and can validate claims with specific details and little information given. anonfornow SZUnited Kingdom Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on 1-800-unlocks
Entity: Internet
33, Report #586643
Mar 29 2010
12:06 AM
mysticmagic83 scam spells Wilmer, Alabama
This is a seller on ebay claiming to do spells. It's a total scam. Does not work. After she has your money there is no communication at all!
Entity: Wilmer, Alabama
34, Report #595440
Apr 22 2010
07:21 AM Stolen identity Internet
 My complaint is against the owners of the wen site let me start my introducing myself I am StormGirl Blue,  It was probably a year ago now when I looked at was a potential working platform.  I signed up, created a profile, looked around, and did not like what I saw. the site was woeful to say the least. Not wishing to to associated with such a poor quality site I deactivated my account. Sometime latter it was mentioned by a peer that were stealing profiles from somewhere else, ie creating fake profiles of working folk to make it look populated. I check it out and there I was. The profile I created was not deactivated at all. Not only was it appearing as if I was working from that platform,  it was received reviews!!! I was not happy at all. naturally I contacted the site owners a number of times, but never received a reply. In any case there is a picture of ME, content I had written, and my created images dressing it up.. and then there is some FRAUD pretending to be me.. even working. yes the Fake is taking clients, I have entered the chat with this FAKE a number of times..  You want proof that this person pretending to be Stormgirl Blue on , just look at the profile! That i hosted my images except for my profile picture on photobucket, I was able to log in and add text warning potential clients that the Poser ready to take your money is a FAKE. wow why do that!!! They could use their own profile,  or a stock image like the other fakes do, they could make up their own business name, what difference does it make.  Im not exactly a Doreen virtue, Im well enough known among my peers, and Im well enough known by my small clientle, I dont see the point in what they are doing, Im not exactly going to bring them fame or fortune. ! it just bites. 
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #760751
Aug 04 2011
08:47 AM SPELLLOCK.COM=FASTSPELLS.COM major ripoff Internet, Internet will take your money and promise you good fortune, ultimate love, etc. But all you really get is ripped off. Don't fall victim to this. They have a money back guarantee but when their services don't work for you and you contact them for your money back they will just ignore you.
Entity: Internet, Internet
36, Report #753437
Jul 15 2011
01:03 PM Virginia Hudson Astrology, Love Internet, California
This is a SCAM.  Virginia Hudson at Virginia@Specializinginlovespells.comShe will take your money and continue to ask for money, she will not pay you back the deposit and will not answer phone calls or return money
Entity: Internet, California
37, Report #769428
Jun 29 2012
04:13 PM Nigerian Spell Scam Internet
My name is helen is a big fat liar and scammer with no spell results from his spell work so people need to stop puting fake spell casters emails addresses on these(((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE))) blog. If you see a lady by the name of Jenneh or Sheilla Carrick  posting about results they are scammers and don't fall for it. is a big fat nigerian liar scammer.
Entity: , Internet
38, Report #770687
Aug 29 2011
07:27 PM Spell Scam internet
Below is what someone posted. If you send email they try to pressure you to send money by western union to buy materials...they are fakes and do not fall for it. They all like to tell people that it's other casters posting about them...big fat liars eveny last one of them.Immediately after spell cast my spell, I felt enveloped by the power of the ritual. This spell is changing my life. I am now out of debts and experiencing the most amazing good fortune with lottery. I have more luck now than I ever had in my life. Your spell made wonders, I cant believe it. Thank you so much email is
Entity: , Internet
39, Report #700164
Feb 26 2011
Ask now is a scam. They charged me 43.93 twice for allegedly talking with the psychic twice while for seven minutes on two different day. While I admit I don't know how long I talked on the first day, I know for sure the second time I did not talk for seven minutes I talked for 5 minutes and since I had three free minutes to begin with I would have been charged with only two.  When I called them to complain they were rude, hang up on me and proceeded to inform me that they did not care and that reviewing my call could happen the following week and not that week (meaning they could continue to hold my credit card information)  This is a scam and while they allege that they are registered with the better businesses bureau, well its time to call the better businesses bureau and report this scammers. I know for sure I will today. If you guys have had similar experiences please call and let us prevent this scammers from taking advantage of people. 
Entity: , Florida
40, Report #890874
May 30 2012
10:14 PM
KEEN Ingenio SCAM.. RIPOFF.. Sharletan Internet
This *BABALAWO* is one of the biggest scam artist on HE is REAL GOOD. He uses spells, uses his so called charm and is convincing enough for many to dish money. I called because I HAVE NO MONEY. He BABALOWA keep me on the phone extra long with HOCUSPOCUS stuff not worth a penny. HE is *NOT* a PSYCHIC. PERIOD. When you see his advertising keep clicking to other readers if you are wise. SCAM...SCAM...also known in better english *he is a 1000% CROOK. He uses the word of the bible and religion/god and what ever is suiting according what he pulled from you in knowledge. HE will latter abuse such and almost BLACKMAILS you with it. RUN, RUN,RUN.from this psychic very much in question. ????
Entity: , Internet
41, Report #201341
Jul 16 2006
11:48 AM
Pascale Zoe ripoff Internet
I received an email where this person said she could remove negative forces from my life and by doing so, promised this would create health, wealth and happiness but for a limited time only. Thank God I looked her up in Rip-Off Report for I felt it was hogwash. For her to scare people by telling them they may have negative forces in their lives is a shame and puts those who are sincerely gifted appear as bad apples. Shame on her! www. /forecast/ordersx.asp Sage Galloway, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
42, Report #192427
May 20 2006
04:14 AM
Angela Curtis did not send my complete astrological reading after taking US$58 from me.I have sent several e-mails but she sent only the same contact form which was sent at the very beginning. She has cheated me. Prasun PUNEIndia
Entity: Nationwide
43, Report #210415
Sep 11 2006
12:39 PM
Rochelle Gordon ripoff Internet
I also have been having problems with a physic named Rochelle Gordon. I really wish I would've looked this site over before beginning a physic relationship with her. That is exactly the way she has been sending me information. I was taken for a $24.95 good luck four leaf charm with necklace,since recieving this necklace I have had nothing but choas in my life. I in the beginning wasn't interested in anything she had to say. I decided it wouldn't hurt if I took some advice. I plan on unsubscribing to her after I'm done with this. Please don't fall for it, I thank God it was only $24.95 and not more Samantha Elk Mound, WisconsinU.S.A.
44, Report #184933
Apr 04 2006
05:46 PM ripoff Winstead Connecticut
I registered at Jenna's site about a month ago for a chart and psychic reading for a transit that she reported would be benefical to me in the upcoming days. She requested 60.00 for the work. I didn't do this right away so she sent me an email informing me about three weeks after that time that I could have her services for $45.00 instead of $60.00. When I sent the money via debit card, last tuesday, I got an email telling me that the card was refused. I wrote her immediately and she wrote back within minutes telling me that the card was now accepted. After that, I recieved a report on Friday. But when I checked the astrological positions they were wrong. Apparently the chart required for the report to be accurate wasn't done correctly. (i.e. the Ascendants position and moon positions were incorrect) I have had my chart erected more than once and have studied Astrology for a number of years, so I knew what my information should have looked like. These flaws may seem slight but they can change the outcome of any chart. I then wrote Jenna and she requested that I report the problem on separate site that she attached in the email. I did that. No response. since Friday of last week. It is now Tuesday. But when there were problems with the money, I got responses within minutes. I would like a refund. Timothy Pontiac, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Winstead, Connecticut
45, Report #179860
Mar 07 2006
04:43 PM ripoff, con Internet
Unfortunately like many beefore me it looks as if I have fallen prey to this decietful faceless sharade. As before paid monies ($58) and received nothing despite constant communication on my behalf. Time for this scam to be stopped once and for all - surely no-one else shall have to be subjected to this complete rip off Kenneth GlasgowUnited Kingdom
Entity: Internet
46, Report #234322
Feb 04 2007
07:21 AM
Pasqualina Ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Internet
I am an Ethiopian and can say internet maniac. while I brouse I encounter with his/her site and find out interested and fully belived in the way s/he use those deceiving words.I in short asked for a personnalized astrological report actually we discussed before any payment issued using a number of e-mails about the situation I am in the requrements specifically I wish to know and there gose the payment. In his/her last e-mail before I issue the payment s/he told me there is a large sum of money awaiting me and I should make the payment effective immediately otherwise it will gone and such a luck is not likely to happen in the near future to put his/her exact words in years. After the payment I beg him/her that the report that was sent is not consistent with what I have been told in the previous e-mail and asked for adjustment or as promised return the money back to me and keeps getting in response e-mails that try to tell me my problems are not still solved ;s/he didn't get any response from me to act on the matter but still if I made $350 payment effective then the evil cult that prevails upon me can be once and for all vanished and lived a happily ever after life . believe me I sent a dozen letters about the previous payment and the inconveniency occured and the response is to pay some more this happens on the 14th of december 2006. s/he is a fake and not for real be careful in making payments and please don't make any for that matter specially to Pasqualina and Sara freder one is an accomplice of the other. I just beg you not to Please keep your hard cuurency intact in your pocket and use it for the better. next time I will issue two of my friends who also deceive by Sara freder and another one by Pasqualina. Thank you tiktik Addis AbabaEthiopia
Entity: Internet
47, Report #256565
Apr 23 2010
08:52 PM
Kasamba Phony Psychics Beaverton Oregon
Lisa Spiritual Psychic on Kasamba is a phony. Don't trust her. I was her client and she took over 500.00 from me, promising to bring me closer to my loved one. we'll with many hopes and believes of psychic's I thought it could really happen. I paid her 300.00 for a spell and not too mention live chat calls. and when the spell did not work or follow thru it was my fault. She was going to charge me another 600.00 because much more work was needed. well I finaly got smart. I didn't give her anymore money. Kasamba wouldn't help me either. He ended up marrying her anyway. I am no closer to him than I was a year ago. This lady will promise you the world as long as you pay her the $$$'s But trust me she is no psychic! All you have to do is hit expert sign up and bam your an expert, no checks or nothing. Kasamba signs up anyone...But stay away from lisa spiritual psychic! Katrina northern, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Beaverton, Nationwide
48, Report #152924
Aug 08 2005
11:12 AM
Sara Freder ripoff Bordeaux France
Sara Freder is probably a huge rip off. I too have received numerous emails regarding her promising me gifts,spiritual guidance and protection. However i caught her out, i went to a local spiritualist church who had said that she was not protecting me as a guide and that they had never heard of her. Another way of tracking down Sara Freder is if you use Outlook Express for your email. Right click on her message and then click properties, this will open a dialogue box, then click the Details tab and inside that will give loads of technical information, Right click it, Select all, then copy, and then come out and paste it into the email she sent you. The next bit is tricky, you need to find out who her email client is and then forward all of that email with your complaints to them, they should look into it, and try to stop her sending more. I hope this helps, i totally ignored her correspondence, my suggestion is if you wish to receive a message from beyond then visit your local spiritualist church where they will ususally do an accurate reading for next to nothing Paul TelfordUnited Kingdom
49, Report #1101442
Nov 22 2013
10:08 AM very deceptive Largo Florida
This company is very deceptive in how they word things and it's not clear unless you carefully read the terms and conditions.  I thought I was paying $10 for 10 minutes, instead I was paying $10 per minute. That in itself is very deceptive. They refuse to refund because I spoke with an Elite psychic reader versus the top rated psychic reader which is $10 for 10 minutes. The wording and the price is very confusing and deceptive. The recording doesn't say what the rate is before starting the call. Usually on a good website it would warn you of how many minutes you have left and the rate of the call and ask if you would like to continue. There was no warning as to how long I had left on the call until I realized how long I had been on the phone with the psychic reader. Now I'm left with no money in my account and will get overdraft fees as a result of it. That's what I get for trying a new website that was rated as one of the top sites. Their business practices is very deceptive.
Entity: Largo, Florida
50, Report #977297
Dec 03 2012
11:36 AM
Oranum Lalib Scam, Psychic's. Disabled, Internet
I am a young adult with suverire learning difficulties, most of the team and oranum/lalib knew this, in doing so I made thing's worse for myself. Oranum/Lalib is a rip offf it takes vounrable people of who most are greiving for their mother's, their uncle's, friends etc. Oranum States on their website that it is their to guide people and provide clearnence and clairty and end confusision in people's lives. But in an email i have recievied from Oranum/lalib it states that within in their terms and conditions that the adcvice from their experts' shouldn't be taken serisouly as its for entertaintment purposes only. How are people as vounrable and as severly dyslexic as I am meant to read the terms and conditions? People with my disability don't always see the clear picture or the full picture they see if i agree to this i can get what i want with no consiquences' it is not only untill i realised what i had done untill it was to late. I had emailed ORANUM asking for my money back as it STATES ON THE SITE MONEY BACK GAURENTEE, but they refused to enitiate any refund back into my bank account how ever on another rip off report they clearly stated that they had transfered money back into peoples accounts in the past before so why not know? Why not me? Just because you don't want to lose out on money as a compny just shows how truley selfish you are. You let people go into a service called a FREE CHAT before having a private reading it allows psychics or expersts to get to know you see if they can some what connect or more importantly draw information out of you. I have been through trading standers and the EU consumer thing and they both state i have a case  being vounrable. I have told the company this but they still refuse to give me my money back. I feel that i can not do any more on my own.  I hope they read this. as they are in breach of contract themselves they did not full fill their. I HOPE THEY FEEL GUILTY AT WHEN THEY GO TO BED AT NIGHT, and when they spend their money because they have just taken it away from a severily disabled person who thought she was getting genuine help and genuine understanding from the people on the site.  The company push you to give 5 star ratings as its allready highlighted for you and at the end of the readings the psychics beg you for it which is incredbily wrong. They also beg you to go into PRIVATE. if you say you have no money they go oh your just another person expecting a freeby and kick you out their room If anything i just want my money back if the company wish to respond and do the following i will be quite happy to let them contact me. Also if youre not careful when going into the payment their is one at the price of 39.99 selected automaticly so if you hit next then you're screwed if you dont have much money.this site is a scam, left me in deep depression to - if you want to talk to anyone about health or anything PLEASE TALK TO A COUNSLER,PROFESSIONAL OR A FRIEND not one of ORANUMS so called EXPERTS.
Entity: , Internet

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