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1, Report #126096
Jan 06 2005
10:12 AM
Public Storage ripoff! Waukegan Illinois
public storage sold aii of my belongings things that can never be replaced. Things handed down from my grandmothers, grandmother family pictures books written by my family family history , important documents, and done in very deceitful manner. I have read other complaints , and I to would like to know what recourse I can take. In need of legal help to address this issue. After speaking with someone on the corporate level no type of care or compassion and they never got back in touch with me, as if I Had never done buisness with them or that I didnt have a ligitamate complaint when they took my payments we communicated. Bad buisness and it's not O'kay! Ramelle decatur, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Waukegan, Illinois
2, Report #103831
Aug 16 2004
07:16 AM
Public Storage ripoff Concord California
I have been contacted Public storage for months regarding fees that were charged to my account in error. Every month I have gone in and paid my bill and included a note saying I would like an itemized list of the charges on my acct in an effort to correct their billing errors. They ignored everyone of my request and sent me to their lien service. I contacted the office again and expalained what what was going on and I was told they would get it out to me. All I got was a notice that they had sold all of my belonging. I lost priceless items such as baby pictures of my children and college memorabilia. I have been devested by this company for no fault of my own. This is the worst practice I have ever seen. The amount being disputed was only $70, my monthly bill was paid!! Don't do business here or you will lose everything! Darwin concord, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Concord, California
3, Report #111471
Oct 05 2004
02:21 AM
Public Storage moving ripoff Tucson Arizona
Hi, I just would like some advice on if National Storage in Tucson, AZ is safe and trustworthy, and which location within the city is good? Has anybody had any problems or could vouche for them please let me know. I need to put my stuff into storage in Tucson but have no idea which company isn't going to rip me off and I'm worried of puttin my stuff in storage again. The last time I put my stuff in storage was last year for about 3 months in the Public Storage in Tucson, AZ.... I'm still not really sure if I was a victim of theft considering the lock was not broken and everything inside seemed fine. But I noticed some things were missing after I started unpacking. And they were all inexpensive random things too. Like my 3 large glass mixing bowls (blue, purple, green), a hand mixer, and a large wicker laundry basket. It's strange but I wonder why someone would come into my storage and steal these items out of everything. I wonder if I am being paranoid but then where are my kitchen stuff and my laundry basket? I know I put those items in there. I do consider myself to be a rational & sane person. But it just doesn't make sense. Has anybody else felt like this when you've unpacked? That little things you knew you packed, seemed missing. And if someone did steal my stuff then why wasn't the lock broken? Would it have been an inside job? Do employees have keys to those locks that they sell to the customers? I bought my lock off of them. Any input, suggestions, or advice is appreciated. Tonya Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
4, Report #473833
Jul 27 2009
02:05 PM
Public Storage long term problems Canton Michigan
I was one of the original Shurgard customers and had little or on problems with the staff. Only after Public Storage took over did difficulties begin. First, a contract that created a benefit for me by combining two units on a second floor into a 10x20 on paper, disappeared from the files and the lock was cut. I understand after reasearch into Public Storage business practices that each lock securing a unit is to be taged with a Ps sticker to allow for better security. Yet, my lock had this tag, I paid on time, and nobody complained until ownership changed. The manager then on site apologized. I had to rush over to their site with great difficulty to temporarily solve the problem. The action was supposed to be referred to Corporate for resolution. District management did not return telephone calls which were necessary due to the action requiring immediate responsible action. Months later, after I had made it a special point to visit the local office monthly, was I telephoned by a new manager and told to immediately move everything out or sign a new contact. I had previously, as a part of being is extraordinary communication, constantly checked on the status of the unit(s) involved. I was forced to sign a contract under protest and duress based in part to the items stored requiring a mover and new location. I did finally obtain contact with a district level employee who comitted to resolving the problem. Two or more years later it is not resolved. Present employees inform me that the in charge person simply makes decisions and does not log or record for the files. This is not a normal procedure for any business I have been employed with at any time. I began moving out. What I have previously found is that the facility roof is open to the sky in one location, showing dark stains that may be mold, and in general is leaking, something I discovered in 2007 and continued to reported to the local office without success in resolution. A former imployee to me that bids were taken but the District Manager had either rejected them or was holding up the process. I reported this situation as well as water damage to the insurance company with the result that Public Storage apparently used the onsite manager as an agent. I wonder what the qualification of the Public Storage employee is to perform insurance investigations. I have requested credit for a unit vacated at the first of the month without contact. The staff seems to only make a computer note. I am working on moving due to the whole situation being beyond realistic resolution. Hopefully someone will step into the breach and take control. I can believe others who state that previous assangement are not being honored. Despite the fact that agreements in the form of contracts and commitments have been made, Public Storage employees have told me they are beyond previous agreements with the force of law. Storage Ann Arbor, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Canton, Michigan
5, Report #765605
Aug 15 2011
09:17 PM
Public Storage liars and scam artists Phoenix, Arizona
This company's website and the banner outside their physical location both advertise $1 for 1 month but I was billed $12.50 instead. When I called customer support (877-788-2028), I was told by Jacquelynn that I had paid a lesser amount than what is reflected by both my bank statement and my account information on I was also told that the 1 dollar promotional rate had been applied to ONE DAY because I began my rental on the very last day of the previous calendar month. I did NOT receive the first month for $1!This is inexcusable and I will not rest until $11.51 is credited back to me. I chose Public Storage because of this promotional offer and I was jilted to the MAX! They are scam artists, as far as I'm concerned, and I'm going to make a point to tell EVERYONE the kind of dirty dealings they put over on their customers. FOR SHAME!
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
6, Report #827221
Jan 23 2012
02:39 PM
Public Storage employees stole my property !! Pasadena, Texas
I missed my payment in December 2012 and payed all my fees in January 19 2012. I went up there Saturday morning, because the night before I tried to go and when i tried to go through the gate it said my access was suspended. I was told that was because of technical problems. So then he then told me that I would have to purchase another lock because they had to go in with the District manager to break my lock and take Visiual inventory without entering. Well when I went back there with him to get his lock off, i opened my storage and ALL my stuff was missing. All my stuff was moved around, like it was just thrown all around. I closed it back and asked him where my stuff was, and all he said is call the police and the insurance. Well i called the police and very rudley the police told me that Public Storage had the right to take mny thingd since I hadn't made payment. After all that I called the insurance and today they called me back and told me that my insurance had been suspended since the 13teenth of this month and that the District manager and employees went in to do inventory on the 15th and since there was no forced entry, the insurance would'nt work either. So basically the eployees got to go through my things take what they wanted. I don't know what to do, that was all my stuff and my kids stuff.
Entity: Pasadena, Texas
7, Report #713155
Apr 02 2011
07:52 PM
public storage BIG CROOKS portland, Oregon
john and dorothy at public   storage located at 92nd and se flavel ave are professional theifs. they make there own rules when charging fees. they also cut your lock off your unit when you are only a week or two late which is against the law but i cant prove it was them. beware of these scam artist they snoop thru everyones stuff right after they cut your lock off which to me is breaking and entering only to blame some one else! how do i know this you ask? well my friend rents the unit right next to me and he seen you in there and called me but again i cant prove it. this man will encourage a fight and push you to going outside and then say you threatened him and then call the police on you this people are BAD NEWS. just beware of these people they will burn you so think twice about doing business with public storage they do not care about you at all!
Entity: portland, Oregon
8, Report #849992
Mar 07 2012
09:59 AM
Public Storage Overcharges, uses misleading advertising Garland, Texas
Prepaid first month of 60.00.  Was out of town and they said they couldn't take payment over the phone.  Called corporate when returned and could make a payment; however, they charge 20.00 to pay by phone.  In two months, balance went from 60.00 due to 170.00 plus 20.00 to pay by credit card.  Check the math before you do business with this company
Entity: Garland, Texas
9, Report #851738
Mar 10 2012
11:23 AM
Public Storage Withholding money owed Elkridge, Maryland
I rented a unit from Public Storage last Summer (2011) I paid for my unit several months in advance, but then received a disturbing notice that PS was going to be removing the lock from our unit for maintenence and that our unit was going to be unlocked for approx. 12 hours a day for the entire week. Feeling very uneasy about this I spoke with the associate at the location of my unit. They assured me (as I had already been told at the time I rented my unit) that I was only required to pay for the days I occupied the unit and that a refund would be pro-rated to the day I vacated if I chose to do so. I vacated on the 4th of the month and moved my items to another unit with a different company. I was re-assured that I would be repaid the remaining money on my account and the remaining pro-rated amount for the month that I had already paid. It is now 9 months later, I have made a dozen phone calls , been told many times that my check is in the mail but I have not received my money back. I was sent a check for the money left on my account, but was not paid the money for the remainder of the month that I vacated which is a couple hundred dollars. Even though I have been told more than 5 times that they were aware I was owed the money and that my check was in the mail, I am now being told that their policy is no refunds! That is a flat out lie and I have been told by everyone from the time I first contacted public storage to the dozen phone calls I made that I was entitled to my money back. This is fraud, it's outrageous and extremely poor business ethics. I would never, ever suggest to a friend or family member to rent a unit from Public Storage. I am  now contracted with EZ Storage, even though they are slightly more expensive, they are extremely professional, their facilities are like brand new, the security is top notch and I have never had an issue. They have never even bothered me or my unit for paying late. You get what you pay for and unfortunately Public Storage is unethical, dishonest and to say the least, trashy. 
Entity: Elkridge, Maryland
10, Report #182219
Mar 20 2006
11:53 AM
Public Storage ripoff Las Vegas Nevada
Public Storage is attempting to collect fines in advance, before a strage bill is late. They are also breeching grand fathered contracts (10 years or longer). If you do not pay the additional fees attempt to confiscate belongings. Incessant harrassment phone calls is what their Corporate Hdquaters calls appropriate. I find it appalling that anyone with fake ID can gain access to your belongings. Carol Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
11, Report #972561
Nov 22 2012
12:26 PM
Public Storage Complaints Glendale, California
We are a group formed to change the actions of certain organizations in the storage industry. We have read this report and are making some recommendations. First, file an immediate police report. Make a tenative list of property missing and take with you. If your local police will not, or cannot, take this complaint, go to the next level of law enforcement. Become their most frequent visitor to help them become involved. Notify your states consumer affairs organization(s) at the state levels. Notify your state representative(s), etc. Notification at all levels of government. Now, talk to an attorney. Do not allow a individual attorney to discourage you in your legal actions. This area of law can be confusing and some attorneys do not understand it. Keep calling until someone will find a way to take your case. You may also write the Better Business Bureau, but do not expect them to be helpful; they have no power to assist except for offering their services in resolving as a mediator. Public Storage already has a F rating unless the Bureau has allowed the time limits they set themselves to expire. Also, become familiar with your states rules. Most states seem to have a rule that notification of auctions must be made and that the renter has a period of time to provide payment. This is common sense due to losses of mail, electronic payment breakdowns, etc. Whatever the outcome; you, not Public Storage is the victim and you have rights to compensation, recovery if possible, etc. Another action we recommend is to file an immediate insurance claim. However, due to the practice of pressuring people to buy the onsite insurance, the forms being available from the site office, the claim appears to be sent to a company called Sedgwick CMS. Beware of these people. They appear to have a policy of causing claims to be denied. If this happens follow the rules placed above. Their underwriter for insurance appears to be named New Hampshire Insurance and is located in New York City. Send a copy to these people. Also, formally request assistance in recovery and compensation as a part of your letter, as would any corporate enity. Just be careful in your wording. Once again, a lawyer or consumer adovcate may be able to help in wording. It is better to use your homeowners if that policy has a provision for rental of storage. If possible, do not give these guys the satisfaction of making you sad or mad. You are the victim of a corporation which appears to be in trouble after buying out the competition and now is passing on the financial problems to consumers. If you can find a way to forward your injury to the federal government; do it. Now, we have to add this disclaimer: This advice is made under the Reasonable Man Doctrine and is not meant to be legal advice. Due to many states not having a freedom of speech protection for some internet communications, everyone has got to be careful and use disclaimers. We hope for your recovery of personal and private property, or if the only recourse accept the compensation under protest and duress. It might allow you to recover your property at a later date. However, ask your attorney. That person may be able to help and will be able to give proper advice as each state is different.
Entity: Glendale, California
12, Report #1180974
Oct 04 2014
05:33 PM
 I read online that they office $1 first month rent.  Well when I arrive at the office the first month's rent is $1 plus 22 admin fee plus MANDATORY $11 per month insurance.  I was told the insurance was required by STATE LAW and that all storage companies have to require it.  I sign up paid my $34 for the first month.  When home called around to several storage companies to learn that there is no STATE LAW for mandatory storage insurance.  One hour later I returned to the office to cancel my contract and was told, Oh I thought there was a state law but it is a requirement of your contract.  I asked to cancel the contract which was one hour old and was told the Admin fee was not refundable the insurance would be prorated and I would get a check for that in 6 to 8 weeks!  I gave them cash what did they do with it in an hour!!  This is clearly false advertising and the insurance is clearly a way to rip you off!  DONT USE THIS COMPANY  The office people are also totally nasty and they will threaten you if you appear to be at all frustrated by their COMPANY POLICIES!
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
13, Report #1159507
Jul 03 2014
09:58 PM
public storage over all experience casselberry california
stay away from this company they start raising the rent real quick on top of that their customer service is the worst, i have a corner unit that requires light the quit working when i went to the office they told me flat out they were noy going to fix it cause they could not find the cause i ask for the area manager called boris which was very cold and and told me was going to call me back and never did asked for a credit or lower rent since i need a flashlight to go into the unit and not only said no they raised the rent 10.00 like a month after that stay away from this bast*
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1023613
Mar 05 2013
12:12 AM
Public Storage EVERYTHING IS MILDEWED everett, Washington
I have been renting a storage location for over a year. I moved my things out today to discover that everything has mildewed. I signed the storage agreement under the false advertisment of climate controlled. I'm so pissed considering I've been paying them every month only to damage my things. I've had to throw away my furniture and clothes because they've all been damaged by mildew. I cannot believe that their CLIMATE CONTROLLED storage space have damaged all of my things.
Entity: everett, Washington
15, Report #1260947
Oct 13 2015
07:08 AM
Public Storage Long Term Customers Pay High Rates Nationwide Internet
I find it outrageous that this company rewards its long-term customers by charging them more than someone walking in off the street would pay for the exact same unit.  Basically they review and raise rents every year, and my increases have been in the 10% range annually.  Over time, this means that loyal customers wind up paying an exorbitant surcharge.   The district manager I contacted could not be bothered to return my call, even though I have spent thousands of dollars with this company over the years.  That's how valued I am as a long-term customer.  Calls to corporate also fell on deaf ears.  Their attitude is, if you have a problem with your rent, then move.  I currently pay $130 per month more than someone else would pay to rent my unit if I vacated tomorrow.  This policy is a complete ripoff imo.  Consider yourself warned. That is $1,560 more per year than someone else would pay for the same space.  Outrageous.    
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1329549
Oct 02 2016
03:45 PM
Public storage ,, Houston ,Texas
 It is 11:00 am ,I came to pay my payment, they have a return time up stating return at 8:30,the lady is sitting in her car on the phone on the other side of the gate. The lady is not here ,so I can pay my payment but there a late charge when it's not paid on time,the is not the first time the time on the door is wrong it's 11:30am and the time on the door states 8:30am
Entity: Houston, Texas
17, Report #938490
Sep 08 2012
04:02 PM
Public Storage, Inc. Public Storage Inc., Gouges the Public Glendale, California
Public Storage Inc., Gouges the Public Public Storage Inc., has adopted brazen and aggressive ways to boost its revenues, and to deflate customer satisfaction. Aside from surprise rent increases, the company instituted a bold late fee policy. Yes, rent is due the first of the month, but come past 24 hours, the late fee packs another 20 dollars, and five days hence, another 50 dollars. Then, they warn, it gets worse, much worse! All the while, they know the client is trapped, the storage space crowded with family stuff, what a hassle it is to move if dissatisfied! Check it out yourself. Good Luck.  
Entity: Glendale, California
18, Report #1099578
Nov 15 2013
12:25 PM
I rented a locker at public storage @ 8484 s chicago ave. everything was going well until the day I went to empty the locker out and discovered some of my items had been stolen. I was advised by someone at public storage that my  lock had been cut and replaced because my payment was late. So I asked who had access to the locker when the lock was cut and I was told that the District manager Abdul Levy and a witness would have. I was given the district managers number. When I called I got his voice mail and I left a message. A day or so later someone on behalf called me back. This person told me to file a police report and notify the insurance company, which I did. And for what, Willis Insurance and Publice storage are all in this together. The insurance DOES NOT PAY UNLESS YOU CAN PROVE IT WAS A BREAK IN. REALLY I HAD A INSIDE UNIT. When I first rented the unit,  I was told that they had cameras that was on the propery. That is true but not where my unit was located, so I guess you should have asked if the cameras would face my locker. SO ALL AND ALL BE AWARE OF PUBLIC STORAGE.
Entity: Select State/Province
19, Report #2171
Apr 30 2000
12:00 AM
My Public Storage Rip off story...
I was in the process of moving and rented a storage space in Houston TX at a large storage company called Public Storage. Well as I was there, the man that signed me up convinced me to get insurace to protect all my stuff...Well about a year later, I went to pick up my stuff to discover that my Television was stolen...It was only a 200.00 set, but I thought for sure that I was covered since I did purchase their protection insurance. Well...from what I found out...the insurance is a piece of junk...It's like having no insurance at all...I made a report with the Houston Police Department, and called the Public Storage insurance company and they asked some questions...Anyway, to make a long story short....I would get a phone call about every 2 months from the insurance company asking me if I would like to continue this investigation... I feel I was ripped off and just sold insurance without having real coverage....This company never made any attempts to rectify the situation, and was more or less like too bad the insurance company can't really do anything for you eventhough you PAID for it. To anyone planning on getting a storage space DON'T DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!!
Entity: Houston, Texas
20, Report #1317646
Jul 18 2016
11:14 PM
Public Storage stolen items
On March 28 2016 i got a call from the storage saying that some one broke in to the, when i went to check the place it was a whole mess, and when i fixed it and count the stuff, it looks like they took electronic items, tools, 1 bike, 2 drills 1 electric and the other one wiht charchable.  
21, Report #475822
Aug 02 2009
03:08 PM
Public Storage Employees Stole My Property Public Storage Thieves Dallas Texas
I did not make my monthly payment on time, I had not paid for the months of June and July. I made the June payment around the 20th of July and the July payment on July 31st. A Public Storage employee cut my locks off of my storage unit around July 15th and placed locks owned by Public Storage on it. When I paid all fees that were due to them, I walked to the unit with an employee who unlocked the locks that they had on my unit while I watched her. When I opened the door, I saw that my property had been thrown all over the unit. My son's Power Wheel Jeep, my daughters Dora Talking Playhouse, and vacuum cleaner along with many other small toys were gone. Also, the battery had been snatched out of my daughters Power Wheel Jeep (Her jeep was lodged under heavier furniture). This is all I have noticed missing so far, this happened on yesterday and I am going ther in the morning to remove all of my property before they steal the rest of it. I filed a Police Report and the on site manager was extremely rude to me when I felt that she should want to get to the bottom of the matter and find out what happened to my property. Jacqueline DeSoto, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
22, Report #628712
Aug 03 2010
04:37 PM
PUBLIC STORAGE Public Storage Rip-Off.... Robbery From The Inside Antioch, California
My worst nightmare has actually happened. I recently found out my storage unit had been robbed and ransacked by thieves who got inside my unit from altering adjacent walls from other connecting units.  The unit directly behind mine-( my back wall was also their back wall in their unit), had unscrewed all the screws on the wall-from top to bottom,  removed a block of wood, and easily pulled the wall out enough for bodies to fit through and enter my unit.  Unfortunately enough they were unseen by employees and security cameras, due to the location of their unit.  Upon entering my unit after several months of not even seeing the inside, I could tell by the first 30 seconds after opening the roll-up door that my unit was robbed.  They opened EVERY box, rooted beyond belief and selectively they took what they wanted. They stole every large sized plastic bin we had, emptying out the contents carelessly and putting what they took in them.  My boyfriends clothes, personal files, along with many power tools, were also taken.  They took my 3 piece luggage set, ( which were full of my good clothes), 3 boxes full of our DVD movies, 7 framed pictures which were decor , towels, house wares, bedding, a black metal bed frame, Christmas decorations, personal files of mine, and more things that were very sentimental to me. The employees working at the time of discovery were hardly sympathetic or the least bit compassionate.  After finding out that I was violated and feeling devastated by the loss of what had been taken, they hardly had anything to say except that my insurance policy had expired in 2009. The Antioch police were notified and sent  an officer to take a report and get fingerprints from inside my unit. When the officer was in our unit assessing the damage we were sure to point out the back wall of our unit- which was disassembled completely from top to bottom and out about a foot from the metal bracket it was suppose to be fastened to. Realizing what had actually happened and finding out how they entered my unit was unbelievable. We were able to take some boxes home that night to try and figure out what all had been taken. The day after we returned to our unit with a camera and hand-held video camera.  I was able to stand on a dresser that was in the left back corner of my unit, taking a hand mirror I was able to stick it through a little area- allowing me to see all the contents in the unit behind mine. Well let me just say it was unbelievable what I saw. All of our plastic bins, my boyfriends tools, some of our Christmas items, a beach chair, some luggage, and on and on.... After the mirror view I took my video camera and got all the footage on tape. Although the picture was a bit dark and sometimes blurry, you could tell hands down that it was our stuff- item by item. I was able to see a pair of sunglasses sitting open on my small beach chair in the back of their unit as well as a pair of slippers a bottle of water, fast food take out containers in garbage by the front of the unit. Personally it looked as though someone was living inside the unit. As crazy as that sounds I saw many things that didn't make sense about the way the inside of their unit was set up.  Having about an hour of footage of different views and angles of the inside of their unit I went and told the ladies that were working in the front office. They took me to the front of the other unit which was located inside. There were 2 Public Storage cylinder locks on the outside of the unit and the employees said that they are only suppose to have one, and they only had 1 for him on file. They told my at that time they knew what had happened and knew that the tenant of that particular unit was the one responsible for my break-in. The older lady also told me in the rudest manner that they have done all they can do for me and that the Antioch police will tell me I'm shit out of luck.  Not to mention her personal view on how Pittsburg PD is way better than Antioch PD. She also spoke of similar situations she had delt with at her normal location- ( Pittsburg, Ca ) The most important thing she said and so alarming I almost lost my mind: was that the people who have the other unit - had alot of traffic in their unit in the last couple of weeks and that when entering the front gate and leaving, they tailgate other cars- not punching in their gate code, electronically not being able to show they had been there.  Specifically she said that they tailgate in more than they tailgate out.  Talk about interesting statements.  I was luck to have had my video camera on the whole time while I was talking to them, recording the entire converstation, as well as their personal comments making them look like idiots. More importantly so...the two ladies took it upon themselves how they would go about having the tenants come down, and open up their unit. Going over stupid scenarios that sound good, and over locking his two locks were just the beginning of how these employees thought they could act as LAW ENFORCEMENT, and outsmart the tenants of this unit. Yes they did make a call to the people letting them know they are under suspicion for the theft of my unit as well as they are the main suspects so far. Then they over locked his unit with one of their clamp like locks- hoping that would work. Well guess what? Within 1 day of them doing the over lock- the lock was cut and the entire unit cleared out....By the time I got back down to the facility about 3 days after the over lock; I was told by one of the employees that they  came down after hours, cut all the locks, and then took all the stuff out. Did I mention that I didn't even get a lousy phone call to let me know what had happened.  Here I thought I was going to get all my stuff back and that it was secure- WRONG. And they didn't even notify me.  Whats wrong with that picture?  The nerve of them not even letting me know. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM OUT OF ALL- was they waited 5 days to fix the wall in my unit allowing it to be accessed again by the other tenants when they were getting all the stuff out of their unit.  They re-entered my unit. Yes thats right, a second time. And knowing that the security camera was not working for that part of the property by these particular units.  How convenient for them.  Yes and have it noted also that there were 3 out of 6 security cameras that worked at all. A detective has been assigned to my case and I have been working with him on some of the speculations as to what might have happened as to what did.  The employees that I delt with in this situation need to be fired hands down. How do you not follow some sort of regulated protocol or precise steps in a situation like this?  Are they trained for situations like these?  Do they just get to assess the problem and then implement their own ideas as how to deal with severity of it? I am not sure what I'm going to do yet- get a lawyer or take them to small claims court.  This is one of the worst things I've ever had to deal with and in regards to theft or robbery.  Whats even worse is the lack of collaboration on the storage employees and the local police department. A hard lesson to learn and a hard write off.  DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU....PUBLIC STORAGE- NOT THE WAY TO GO!
Entity: Antioch, California
23, Report #892440
Jun 03 2012
01:42 PM
public storage Water Damage in Unit at Lisle Public Storage Lisle, Illinois
Water damage thru entire unit @ 2109 Ogden Ave, Lisle, IL Public Storage. Water coming thru the roof when raining, water coming thru cinder block walls even when its not raining, water seeping up thru the concrete floors all the time. Entire contents of boxes, furniture and everything inside the unit was wet & moldy. Had to be thrown out at my expense! I was forced to take their insurance thru Willis insurance, who as I have now found out is owned by Public Storage?! The $2000 coverage was denied and not paid out at all. I had to pay to rent a truck, rent a dumpster (at my home since I wasn't allowed to have it brought to the property) then dispose of my entire lifes belongings because of this fraudulant company. The manager was rude and insensitive! The district manager wouldn't even call me back! Their corporate office just gives me the run around and no one will take the blame for their buildings being damaged and being the cause of my stuff being destroyed! I am telling everyone I know about this place and never to use this company!!!
Entity: Lisle, Illinois
24, Report #1082049
Sep 05 2013
03:49 PM
 I live in Charlotte, NC. In March 2012 I rented a unit at the Public Storage on N. Tryon. I asked if the unit has had issues of bed bugs and water damage and was told no to both. I left and moved to NY and had no access to the unit until June 2013. Upon re-entering the unit a year later my worst nightmare came alive!!! THERE WAS WATER DAMAGE TO MY UNIT!!!! Not only was there water damage, there was black mold and mildew on all my belongings! And after a while there was an infestation of waterbugs in the unit! The very thing I asked about occurred and the property manager was quick to lie and say that there was nothing wrong with the unit!! I took pictures and showed her the visible cracks on the roof and still she made it seem as if they had nothing to do with the damage to my stuff. I filed a claim with Willis Insurance/Sedgewick and was DENIED!!!! No reimbursement was given to me for my damaged goods!! I have been passed around from person to person and no one will help me!! THIS COMPANY IS A RIPOFF!!!!
Entity: Charlotte , North Carolina
25, Report #1012612
Feb 11 2013
08:10 PM
PUBLIC STORAGE, Is the worst company to do business with, nothing is explained, and they do not believe in any customer service at all. They are a very corrupt company that steals money as they see fit. We are putting a Boycott together on this company. If you are considering doing business with PUBLIC STORAGE DO NOT GET INVOVLED WITH THEM AT ALL.
Entity: Reseda, Nationwide

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