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1, Report #486691
Aug 28 2009
02:12 PM
Let me start by saying that I knew Publish America was a vanity press but I thought I'm going into this with my eyes open.  I thought, as long as I'm getting my book out there I can promote it and it will sell.  HA!  If that is your line of thinking please read on.  It is with a heavy heart and a broken spirit that I write this. Shortly after submitting my completed manuscript I recieved an email stating the below. Original Message----- From: PublishAmerica Pre-Production Dept [] Sent: Friday, May 22, 2009 1:47 PM To: Recipient list suppressed Subject: Advance Increase for Order Offer Thank you for submitting all final materials to us, including the Completed Manuscript. At this time we are ready to put your $1 advance check in the mail. It underscores that your book is being published the traditional way -- at no cost to the author! This is to let you know, though, that alternatively you may choose to receive a much higher advance check. Here's how it works: If you opt to place a pre-order of a minimum 15 copies of your book today, we will give you an unprecedented 50 percent discount. We will add that discount amount to your advance check, increasing the check to well over $200, depending on how many copies you elect to pre-order. We will mail the much higher advance check to you within 24 hours. Here's a useful tip: many authors frame a copy of their advance check and hang it on their wall! Please let us know by email if you want to seize this opportunity. If so, we will ask you to call us at 301 695 1707 so we can process your order. The books will be the very first ones to be printed as soon as your work goes to press. If not, we will send you your $1 advance check shortly. These are exciting times! Thank you for being a PublishAmerica author! I figured, if I'm going the route of vanity publishing I may as well go all the way and do this.  So I replied to the email.  One week went by, nothing, Two weeks go by, nothing. So I call.  I'm told that someone will contact me when it's time for me to purchase the books for the advance increas.  Ok, so I wait.  Four weeks go by and two more emails from me, nothing.  I call again.  This time I'm told that someone would call me back withing the week.  Nope.  I call again, now I'm told that this offer is no longer avaible.  Hmmmm.........  But I explain that I already made my intentions known that I wanted to take advantage and provided my numerous email stating such.  Sucess (so I thought) and I am able to place the order and happliy expecting my advance.  Nothing.  Weeks go by, nothing.  I emailed twice, no reply.  Called and left a voice mail, no reply.  At this point I'm emailing and calling like crazy becuase I paid full price for 10 books and a ridiculous shipping charge fulling expecting to recive the 50% discount on my advance check (that's how it was explained to me).   Now I'm growing concerned.  The release date of my book comes and goes.  My book is not available for purchase anywhere but the publish american website.  No online retailers carry, no book stores, no libraries-no where.  Amazon doesn't have it, B&N doesn't have it, get the idea.  Now I had managed to get three news articles written about my book and set up 4 local book signings.  But my book has not been released.  I call and leave a voicemail, nothing.  I won't bore you with the details of my attemps at contacting Publish America, if you are an author you already know I've been consumed by this matter.  Today I finally get somone on the phone.  I expalined the above issues and was told that I purchased my books outright and they never offered my an advance increase.  The only increase I was entitled to was $1.  So I ask why I had to pay full price then if the offer was for a 50% discount and was told that I paid full price for the book and too bad about my luck.  (if you know anything about PA you know they are always running dicount deals for writers to buy their own books to the fact that I had to pay full prices is a real burn)  And as for the book not being sold anywhere but their website they practically laughed my off the phone and I was hung up on.  To date I have never recieve the 'advance' they promise nor is my book available for sale through even online retailers as promised in the contract I signed.  To bad I have no money for an attorney. 
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #872458
Apr 23 2012
11:12 AM
Publish America PICKPOCKET AMERICA Frederick, Maryland
I made the mistake of contracting with Publish America about 6 years ago. After emailing them throughout the process, I learned at the last moment, that the photos I submitted for the cover of my book were not going to be used, despite their promises. They lost them. Instead, they submitted crummy pictures one might expect of a 6 year old with a broken Crayon. I reacted, supplying Pickpocket America with a copy of their email which had assured me they could do whatever I wanted. They balked. Then replied that I had 3-5 days to supply them a cover. This I did through the help of an artist friend in another state. His artwork is what graces the cover. PA did NOTHING but print what they were handed. As usual, PA did nothing to support sales. They sent solicitations to probable buyers, names and addresses supplied by me. Their overall marketing strategy was absolute ineptitude. (Since I purchased copies of my book, they made money at the outset.) Over the years, I have received, at the most, $50 in royalties. With the popularity of ebooks, I decided to do the conversion. Foolishly, I contacted Pickpocket America and asked if they did conversions. They told me yes. They gave the amount and told me they'd contact the various companies to arrange the set up. I agreed. Imagine my horror when I found my book on the ebooks for $29.95. I demanded to know who set that price, that I did NOT agree, etc. and wanted to be contacted immediately. They responded with the following email: From: PublishAmerica Author Support Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2012 10:27 AMThank you for requesting a lower list price for your book. We will agree to lower the price, even though it goes against our experience over the past 12 years in this industry. You are not alone in your thinking. Price is not the reason that your book is not selling, but if you think that it is, we have a solution for you. But, we have a responsibility to our employees, to ensure that we make a profit. If we do not do that, we would go out of business very quickly. Our pricing policy is deliberate and has proven successful for 12 years. It is based on what we know the market will bear and on our long-time record of generating sales: four million (4,000,000) books to date. Contrary to what some believe, lower book prices typically do not mean higher volumes of sales. Book sales mostly depend on other factors, such as an author's name recognition or celebrity status. Sales may also depend bookstores' expectations that a book will sell, which may lead them to stock to book. Today's New York Times bestsellers' list is solely made up of well-known authors, with book prices ranging between $15 and $35. Since our prices are comfortably in the middle of that range, we discourage lower list pricing. However, our society, and our economy, are built upon principles of freedom of choice. Therefore, if you insist on seeing your book listed by bookstores at prices as low as $18.95 or even $10.95, you may secure it at a fee here: I responded:   Good afternoon, You will understand that I am not particularly inspired to receive a etter from Publish America, after having had a book published a book with your company, and you don't even have my name correct. I did not agree to allow Publish America to do anything more than convert manuscript to usable ebook form and to transmit that information to the appropriate parties. For that, I have paid by my credit card according to your standard. By setting a price on the ebook with the various sellers, you have exceeded our contractual agreement. I will not allow you to determine the price set for my book. Nor do I agree that I will pay a fee to Publish America for a price that is less than your initial choice, in essence punishing an author, financially, for refusing the unstated Publish America plan. Action of this nature leads me to wonder at the integrity of Publish America. Manipulating authors into paying an up-front fee to Publish America to market an ebook at a reasonable price feels rather like a bait-and-switch tactic. Most readers balk at paying $30.00 for a copy of a known author. Paying the same for an unknown is unrealistic. I can purchase current best sellers for half price at major distributors Since I was foolish enough to purchase books from your company at publication, I know that PA hast lost no money on printing my book. I have not received a royalty check in over 5 years. That tells me that 1) either you are not reporting sales and therefore, not paying royalties, or 2) that books are not selling, therefore, one has to wonder how your long business experience could suggest that placing a price of $29.95 on an ebook was a viable business decision. Until this issue is resolved, you do not have my permission to sell my ebook, at any price. AND THEN.... They wrote:     Dear Ms.  No, that is not the way it works. You have already agreed to do all of the things that you say you do not agree to below. Please see a lawyer prior to sending us such nonsense. Your lawyer will tell you that the contract has not been breached, in any way. No, our setting the price does not exceed our contractual agreement. Anyone will tell you that all traditional publishers set prices, and that is stated very plainly in the contract. And yes, we do have your permission to sell 'The Whitebridge Web' as an ebook, at any price. All of what you say flies squarely in the face of the fact that we have been thriving for 12 years, while literally dozens of our competitors have gone out of business. We have 57,000 titles under contract. And THOUSANDS of the authors keep telling the world how happy they are: That, of course, is the real story.   Our experience shows that lower prices do not mean higher profits either for the author, or for the publisher. If you feel that you know better, then you are free to pay the fee and reduce the price of your book. Also, it looks to us as if your name as we have it is the same as you have it below. Please show us where we have it wrong. Obviously, Pickpocket America has been slithering blithely along for 12 years. They need to be put out of business. As they are using the Internet and US Postal Service, this seems to qualify for a visit from the FEDS. If you have not filed a federal complaint, do so! Let's show Pickpocket America where they are WRONG!
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
3, Report #113970
Oct 21 2004
10:00 AM
Publish America ripoff Frederick Maine
Greetings, October 15, 2002 I signed a contract with Publish America. They claimed to be a traditional publisher who was able to get their books in brick and mortar stores as well as those online. They also claimed to have an editorial staff and publicity department, which would benefit my novel. However, these claims and many others were not accurate. It is very difficult to get Publish America's books on brick and mortar shelves. Their not returnable policy isn't acceptable to most stores. However, I have managed to get my novel in to several. Higher Self and Isle of Avalon are two. Both stores have tried ordering books from the PA, however phone calls have gone unanswered and emails unreturned. PA would prefer to have the authors buy their books then resell them so they don't have to deal directly with individual stores. Also their editorial staff and publicity departments are more of a facade than a reality. They did virtually no editing on my novel and the only publicity it has received was generated by myself. I have place ads, done interviews, arranged book signings and reviews. All of the reviews have been very good; the only complaint was the lack of proper editing. According to section 11 of my contract, Publish America agreed to keep and maintain true and accurate records to the distribution of copies of my novel, including of all sales and collections therefore. I have asked for a complete listing of the sales of my novel to compared to the research I've done. Yet they continue to ignore my requests, repeating that they have a 30, 60, 90 day payment policy. Publish America doesn't have return policy, therefore the 30, 60, 90 delay payment does not apply. New Age Insights Belford, NJ bought and paid for six copies in July 17 and received them July 31, however I have not received payment for them. Nor does PA acknowledge the sale. In addition, I have accounted for nearly all of the copies I was paid for, yet I have received emails from across the country from people who have enjoyed my novel and asked when the sequel will be coming out. These copies can't be tracked back to any source. Per section 12 of the agreement Publish America agrees to render and forward to the author, in the months of February and August royalties. The royalties were paid in September, therefore it was late. It further states that giving sufficient notice of no less than seven days, the author may examine publisher's records and accounts to the extent that such records and accounts are relevant to the publication of said literary work. Being able to verify the accounting practices by comparing the books I know were sold to those they have paid me for is relevant. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount, per the contract, to have the records send to me. I am not the only one who has fallen prey to PA. There are nearly 12,000 authors listed with them and more being added every day. Who knows how many books have been sold and how many tens of thousand of dollars have been unpaid to the authors? Please help me resolve these issues. You can reach me by phone at 231-943-3298 or by email at Theresa Traverse City, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Frederick, Maine
4, Report #762263
Aug 07 2011
08:35 PM
publish america fraud and lies FREDERICK, Maryland
 To all authors involved with Publish America----------------Go to yahoo or google  put in paulaspublishamerica information site-----there you will find why PA canceled my book contracts. now after them being canceled I find them for sale on a Korean site called NATE. If your books are being sold there you would never ever know about it. Also on my site you will find out about the promo frauds PA is sending out, letter from Disney . I up date site everyday----Monday am I have a phone interview with investigator with News Post in Maryland .
Entity: FREDERICK, Maryland
5, Report #804421
Dec 02 2011
11:23 PM
Publish America Better business rating Internet, Maryland
they are the worst company to deal with. they lie cheat and are arrogant. Here is the BBB rateing Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 06:56:15 -0500 Subject: RE: BBB Complaint Case#36067601(Ref#85-32010985-36067601-13-500) They have an F, the lowest Rating which can be assigned to a company. Barbara G. Enders | Director, Dispute Resolution & Trade Practices Tel: 410-347-3937 Fax: 410-347-3936 Email: | Start With Trust NEW ADDRESS BBB | Greater Maryland 502 S. Sharp Street, Suite 1200 Baltimore, MD 21201-2445
Entity: Internet, Maryland
6, Report #959972
Oct 25 2012
12:21 PM
Publish America Breach of contract Franklin, Maryland
 Alright these people sent me an e-mail telling me that they couldn't publish my next poetry book for the simple fact the first one  didn't sale anything or make a profit , well no where in my contact does it say i have to make a profit to where i can publish my next work , they are also saying i have to sell 49 books and make atleast a profit  of 149.00 dollars , if i don't my book will be on hold , until i can turn that profit , i do have a copy of my contract for both books , i have a digital copy for both books and i also have a paper copy for the first book personally i am going to make a paper copy of the new contract for the book which is intitled memories (a collection of love poems) , personally , no where in this contract does it say i have to pay them anything , i do not have to offer them any sort of money , they are suppose to publish people for free they are suppose to market them as well, which what they call marketing , it barely makes a blip on the radar screen personally , i think they should be sued for every penny they have personally , i am sure i am not the only person who has been screwed over by publish america or shall i say rip off america and screw them over for their money ... 
Entity: Franklin, Maryland
7, Report #202987
Jul 26 2006
08:00 AM
Publish America ripoff mixed feelings Fredrick Maryland
I just finished reading the entire thread and I was devastated. My novel, Stolen Dreams was just published by Publish America and after the initial excitement wore off about being accepted for publication, I started to wonder about them. I wish I had listened to that little voice... I wish there was a way to legally break my contract with Publish America for false pretences. I was under the understanding my book would be sold in Barnes and Noble stores, not just online. At least it is available through Ingrams for book stores to order from. I have been able to get SOME stores to carry it becasue of this. Yes, I have put a lot of leg work into marketting my book...I'm a writer not a seller! I'm in the process of getting a literary agent for the sequel. I would caution any serious author against using them. Lisa Bristol, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Fredrick, Maryland
8, Report #240283
Mar 22 2007
01:55 PM
Publish America ripoff Practiced unprofessionlism and lack of integrity Internet
Publish America? What can I say? I never wanted to speak poorly about my publisher. However I cannot appreciate its treatment of its authors. Or the stain that is left because of the company name, in spite of the fact that there are good authors contracted by Publish America. I worked on a story for fifteen years--sent out various inquiries to other publishers; but the reply was always the same: This is not what were currently looking for at this time. When Publish America agreed that they would publish my book, I became ecstatic; little did I know the nightmare that I would replace for the cost of my dream. The contract seemed simple enough--mentioning things like will see to promotion of work and will distribute as the public demands; I had no idea that this meant I would be receiving a book showing me how to promote my own work, or that distribuution as the public demands meant Print on Demand. Now I'm stuck with a seven year contract of lax attitude, after fifteen years of arduous work--and who is willing to take me seriously now? I chanllenge anyone to read my work at Rendered Realities and judge for themselevs that my work is of the highest integrity, and meets with the esteem of the reader. Because the last thing that I want to be doing, is misleading people into believing that my work is any good, when they have already made up their mind that it's crap because it was published by PA. And this is what PA has done to decent writers that have signed a contract with them, they have insulted not only the integrity of the writer, but their dream as well. The unprofessionalism and lack of integrity is evident in the nature of PA--according to Amazon they have 26 of my novels P used and new books available to the public, which is interesting to note, because I haven't sold that many--at least not according to my royalty checks; so either someone is being dishonets with the sales, or there is a computer error somewhere. As it stands now, I have recently finished another novel, and I'll be damned if I sign another contract with PA--I would like to get on with ACE or EDGE if my work meets their esteem. And if not, then I guess I will be putting the books I finish on a shelf until a reputable company decides that my work has the quality that they're looking for. Perhaps there are people that feel that they haven't been burned by PA. My hat's off to them and I wish them all the best. However, I feel that I have been burned by PA and I offer this warning to any aspiring writer: research thoroughly the company that says yes to your work. Because in the end it's your dream, and I'm of the opinion that PA isn't interested in your dream--only in selling books! PS. Any typos that you might find are not there because I'm a lousy writer, just a lousy editor. PSS. People take care in all that you do; because someone is always trying to play an angle or cut corners; and if you truly find what it is that you are looking for reflecting your dreams, then truly I say unto you that you are blessed by the gods! Timothy Springvale, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #300753
Jan 16 2008
09:26 PM
Publish America Scam destroys writers dreams. Frederick Maryland
I was contacted in October of 2007 by Publish America who expressed an interest in publishing my book Montana Legacy's Forbidden Love. After briefly reviewing my book they sent an email to me to tell me they would like to publish my book. I was very excited as my long dream of becoming a published writer was about to come true. Publish America sent me a contract which I reviewed. It stated that my book would be professionally edited before going to the art department where I would help select a cover from my book. They promised that my book would be available in bookstores. And they would market my book. I soon learned that all of this was a lie. They're a publish on demand publisher. My book didn't receive professional editing. The book filled with errors. Book stores don't by publish on demand books. So my book will never see the book shelves. My book is way over priced for the market. Another reason my book will never see the book shelves. Everything they promised me was a lie. And now they keep sending me emails in an attempt to get me to buy copies of my book. What should have been a dream has turned into a nightmare for me. I spent years writing this book and it makes me sick that I was tricked into signing a contract with such a company. Ghostwritermsc07 spokane, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
10, Report #436732
Mar 23 2009
10:33 AM
Publish America Publish America Royalties Does not exist Frederick Maryland
Publish America has breached their contract with me. They said that royalties are paid at 8% for the first 2, 000 books. I feel so ashamed and embarrassed that I went with Publish America. They paid me $5.00 dollars in one royalty check, then $2.00 dollars in a second. I waited to see what the third one would be when they sent out royalties on 02/27/09. I didn't receive anything. When I contacted them they said they sent me my statement by way of email and I probably need to check my spam mail. No royalites at all were due to me during that period. How can that be when a local bookstore purchased several copies of my book in 2008. I personally bought two of them. Based on my experience with Publish America it would be rightful for me to say that they are thieves and they are very dishonest. I have requested to be release from my contract but they will not return my email on this issue. I really need a lawyer that would accept pro bono. I am ready to do what it takes. I have been totally humiliated by this company. They have stolen from me with an estimate that goes beyond dollar amount. Merriweather Clarksville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
11, Report #932801
Aug 26 2012
12:21 PM
Publish America New & Old Authors Beware of Publish America LLLP Give You Nothing Scam FREDERICK, Maryland
Hello I really hope my rip off report help many authors before they get hooked by Published America LLLP.There's no benefit to any author who use this company to publish your work. I heard so many bad things about this company before I let them publish my work. I didn't want to take anyone else word I had to try them myself. Now I know that most of everything I have heard is true. I will help put this company out of business. I am a very successful businessman with a great track record of doing great work. I have a hell of back ground and my background is in law enforcement,Real Estate,Community News Paper Publisher and not to mention an Author of 5 books. That's why I know will help close this company down! This is what happened to me I had my marketing crew of my company marketing  my books on every website and they made personal contacts with buyers of my books. I also had a business partner buy a copy of my book in another country. When I got my book statement Publish America LLLP they said I didn't any sales, I knew that is not true, because I order five books online from another company that I own. I know the people at Publish America LLLP are not working for free. I also know at Tax time no company wants to report of making lots of money! Publish America LLLP try to get the new authors to buy their own books. I have proof of many authors that have gotten over 215 emails per month from Publish America LLLP marketing team. If they would market the public like that maybe they would be able pay their authors.I will make sure to get other agencies involved in this matter,because it's time to put this company out of business. To all of the other authors who got hooked by Publish America LLLP please look around for other publishing companies that really pay for your work. I get paid from all of my other publishing companies. I hope more authors report the way Publish America LLLP rip them off.           
Entity: FREDERICK, Maryland
12, Report #944715
Sep 21 2012
01:03 PM
Publish America DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH PUBLISH AMERICA Frederick, Maryland
I worked for over three years writing a memoir about the tragic death of my husband, my grief, and my recovery etc. It was a painful thing to do and when finished, it was something I was SO proud of. It was to help with my healing and that of others who had suffered loss. I submitted my manuscript to Publish America. They accepted it. I signed a contract. Immediately they sent me an email offer to speed up my publishing and I could have one book in my hands within a week for only $199.00!! I declined. When they submitted my work in their format for me to review, they had created numerous errors, which I corrected and sent back to them more than once. I also pointed out that they had no punctuation and their spacing was awful! They finally assured me that it was completed and going to the printer. I received an offer to purchase my books for $8.95 each, (which I could resell but would receive no royalties from) I ordered 100 of them and started taking pre-orders. By the time the order came, I had sold 26 books. Imagine my absolute horror when I saw all the errors that they had made, that I had corrected for them,were still there,and even MORE!! In addition, there was a problem with the photos, the lack of punctuation and spacing errors, which made my years of work look like a 3rd grader had put it together. All this time I had been receiving numerous emails a day to promote my book in various ways, all for an astronomical fee. I found out book stores won't even deal with them because they are fraudulent. They take the consumers money and then do not do the promotions purchased. When I posted on the message board that my book had many errors, I was told they could correct  them for a fee. I told them they would not get another dime from me. I was quickly BANNED from the message board. If you Google them, you will find all bad! Even class actions suits against them. Well, my book with errors may just finally make some money, as I have contacted a personal injury attorney who has agreed to take my case. I will then work on shutting them down.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
13, Report #979044
Dec 07 2012
10:15 AM
PUBLISH AMERICA Publish America is a rip off Company Frederick, Maryland
      This is a warning to all new authors, if you see the name Publish America, don't walk run. My name is Thomas ****, I am a published author, when I first started out a few years ago I did the stupid thing and used Publish America, was that a mistake.       I have three books with Publish America, Sonnet's For Caitlin, Sonnet's For Friends & lovers and a children's book called The Fox and the Young Rooster. To date I have not received one cent on books sold by them in two years. Today I got this email from them:  Dear Thomas ****:   Your book The Fox and The Young Rooster, has shown no sales for longer than a year. At this time you may want to have your book's publishing rights reverted back to you.  We can arrange that.  Go to and instruct us to return the rights to you. In the Ordering Instructions box, write your name and the title of your book. We will forward the termination documents to you.  There are no strings attached to this termination except the $99 processing fee that covers our administration costs and our de-listing obligations to vendors and/or wholesalers. You must choose a shipping/fulfillment option to activate your rights return instruction. This opportunity expires this week.  Thank you for having been a PublishAmerica author, or for sticking around if that's what you prefer!  PublishAmerica Support Now here is the funny part all 3 of those book have been selling, I just sent a women a signed books back to here after she had amazon mail them to me to send back to her. These are not the only ones I have signed and sent out to folks that have bought them. Also The book Sonnets for Friends and lovers they were not to publish that as they had missed their contract date and I wrote them and told them (Publish America) not to publish it. You can find all of these books on Barnes and Noble and Amazon, you can also find WHEN THE STORM GOD RIDES by another publisher that is doing very well. In fact  WHEN THE STORM GOD RIDES is going to be made into a film in April 2013. I say this because I can back up everything I am telling you. PUBLISH AMERICA ARE CROOKS AND USING AND RIPPING OFF YOUR WORK! I for one intend to deal with them at a later date, once I have been paid for the movie.  I ask you to do your research before you (the Author) turn your hard work over to people like Publish America. Best Regards Thomas **** Author/producer
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
14, Report #1085432
Oct 01 2013
08:28 PM
Publish America Publish America is a fraud Frederick Maryland
  Publish America is a fraud and should be properly investigated and closed. They attract naïve people to publish their books, but they never ever sell any of the books. What they do is to offer their own books to themselves with false discount. They increase the shipping hundred times and you pay higher price of your own book. They take advantage of the authors and sell their own books to them. They have a Forum page and all negative emails are deleted immediately.   They publish your book for free but you wait two years for that.    Stay away from this scam. They never answer emails or questions that make them feel uncomfortable. They do whatever they want and treat the authors offensively. Now, when they are rich no one will dare to sue them, as usually happens. Don’t mislead yourself. They are greedy and fraud!
Entity: Select State/Province
15, Report #646353
Sep 30 2010
09:05 PM
Publish America Larry Clopper promised to publish and distribute my book Internet
Publish America promises authors they will publish your manuscript in a professional manner.  They also tout they are in major bookstores and they will set up book signings. They throw around names like Barnes and Noble who will not even carry their books because they are not professional.  They make it sound they have editors, they do not even proofread!LorettaAcquisitions EditorPublishAmerica, My book was incomplete and they printed it anyway. That is not professional yet they expect me to buy and distribute them. Their book signings are in Europe and around the world never in a city close to the author, in little obscure bookstores and the author has to pay to have them sent in. They promise to send a copy to Oprah and Gov Schwarzenegger  id the author buys a set amount.  They do not sell books to bookstores, just to their authors and the authors' friends.I believe they are already being sued.  I'd love to get a class action going  against them.  I sent a letter and proof to the Maryland assistant DA but I think they look the other way.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #1359230
Mar 01 2017
07:13 PM
Publish America America Star Books A scam/rip-off scheme Frederick Maryland
I began writing books in 2008, and my first (Bright Night Of The Werewolf) went to a vanity publisher; it made me some money.  That was honest.  After that (2009+) I wrote three worthwhile books; Friesse The Vampires, Crude Rude And Lude People and Rumbling Terror.  All three went to Publish America (America Star Books).  It was a big hype and I was assured that PA was a legitimate, high quality publisher that would market nand promote my books.  Really?  PA sabatages most books to make certain they won't sell, and real* editing costs too much there.  Then, PA works their asses off to make certain my (our) books don't SELL so that they keep harvesting the rewards of selling me/us promotions and marketing schemes that result in exactly 0 dollars/sales for the author.  Etc.  They are creeps!  There is more, but let it suffice that I'm the EH Smith who took PA to the attorney general of South Dakota, and I got PA an F rating at the BBB.  That's all I could afford to do to those thieves!  The AG advised me to get an attorney and sue PA/ASB.  Thanks! 
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
17, Report #106915
Sep 03 2004
06:12 PM
Publish America false advertising their product to authors potential authors Frederick Maryland
All contracted Publish America authors can file a class action suit against Publish America. Laurie west reading, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
18, Report #118972
Nov 19 2004
10:04 PM
Publish America ripoff, fraud, Authors from all over the world are being victimized Frederick Maryland
Authors from all over the world are being victimized by Publish America LLLP Maryland. In numerous letters written to the Maryland authorities, including but not limited to the District Attorney's Office, State's Attorney, The Better Business Bureau, the Commissioners Office of Frederick, The Attorney General's Office, The Federal Trade Commission, and the Maryland Consumer Affairs Department, the writers' requests for an investigation into this massive scam perpetrated by Publish America were ignored. Despite an international petition offering not only the signatures of numerous victims, but also offers of documentation, evidence and testimony concerning the illegal activities of Publish America. Victimized authors are at a loss of where to turn for help. In October 2002 I signed a contract with Publish America agreeing to allow them to publish my novel. It was a mistake not to seek legal advice before signing but I liked what they had to say. Dragon's New Home was released May 2003, so I didn't expect much from the royalty check that August. The second check in February was also small. But the advertising and reviews I arranged had been just been released. However, when the August 2004 check was even smaller after all the promotions, interviews and good reviews I received I began to question. I did some research and was able to prove I sold more books than I was paid for. Publish America promotes itself as a traditional publisher, yet its business practices are more like a POD or vanity press. It denies it a Print on Demand, while claiming that POD is the future of publishing. While traditional publishers do most of the marketing, PA authors are responsible for their own advertising, promotion, finding reviewers and for placing their books in brick and mortar stores. PA promotion is limited to having the author make out a list of friends and family, which PA uses to send out order forms. In addition Publish America's policies of paying at the time of the order and no return make it difficult for their author's to find placement. Although they will list them on their online shops, independent bookstores and major chains refuse to stock their books because of both policies. PA also prefers and actively encourages their authors to buy their own books and resell them, which is contrary to most traditional publishers' policies. However it is financially beneficial for PA to do so; selling to the authors nets PA a minimum of 20% more per book. Even when an author does arrange for placement, PA makes ordering difficult and delays shipment. Authors who ask questions are harassed and subject to personal attack. According to the contract, authors are entitled to a full accounting of royalties. However, it is not given at the time of payment and nor will PA sent the information. Instead authors are told they may view the information at their office in Maryland. To quote an email from PA, Let us know when you request to appear, with giving us at least seven business days notice, and we will give you directions at that time. Many authors have questioned the accounting practices of PA; their questions have been ignored or dismissed as ignorance of the publishing business. The 30, 60, 90-day payment practice of traditional publishers does not apply to PA due to their immediate payment and no return policies. According to Ingram, their major distributor, they give PA a complete accounting of every book sold through them monthly. By industry standards, PA editing is poorly done, the books are over priced, their art is amateurish and their business practices are questionable. They promote themselves as traditional, but what they are in fact is an author mill with an estimated 10,000 authors contracted to them. They treat their authors with contempt and do not support the books they publish. I have three reasons for contacting you. I want Dragon's New Home to be released, all royalties to be paid, and other authors to be warned about Publish America's business practices. I believe you can help me with both goals. Contacts for PublishAmerica (240) 529-1031 Miranda Prather, Executive Director Willem Meiners, President Street address: 230 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD Mailing address: P. O. Box 151 Frederick, MD 21701 Theresa Traverse City, MichiganU.S.A. STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... CLICK HERE to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, it's paid for!
Entity: Frederic, Maryland
19, Report #513510
Oct 22 2009
06:35 PM
PUBLISH AMERICA LLLP hollow promises, deceptive implications, mis-leading information on website, Frederick, Maryland
As a niave and first time author I was desperate to have my book published. I had done research on traditional publishers and other self-publishing companies, but the cost was prohibitive. I have been retired on 100% disability from the Social Security Admn, and loose money is just not to be found in my budget. he more I researched, the more depressed I got, figuring that I would never see my book in print. Then my search efforts led me to the PA website, and the more I read, the more excited I got. I stoppepd my research, and ssent my manuscript in, and my book was accepted. OMG, was this ever a dream come true. A NARCOLEPTIC IN THE UNITED STATES ARMY ISBN 1-60563-294-5 was written to assist undiagnosed Narcoleptics find the relief I have found through proper diagnosis and treatment by sleep professionals. My book is endorsed by one of the pioneers in sleep medicine. In the contract they mention not paying for books printed and sent for review and promotion purposes and that was okay with me. After all they were going to promote the book by sending review copies to the newspapers and book distributors...NOT! After waiting from June 2008 when my author copies arrived, I was like a little giddy kid. My book is in print, and I had the proof. In August no check was received, only a letter that no copies had been sold. I wrote an e-mail asking for PA to give me a list of people they had contacted, so I would not send books to those same people, but no reply. I took out an ad with a local magazine, CINCINNATI WOMAN, which has a distribution of over 35,000, and the magazine is distributed in the tri-state area, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana primariarily in libraries, where I found the copy I used to send the ad to. In early spring I placed an ad that went into the MAY-JUNE issue of the VVA VETERAN, which has a veteran distribution of about 60,000. I spent a lot of time and energy making a tri-fold brochure to place in libraries, laundramats, and other places where placards cna be left for the public to pick up and read, I made business cards and would go to Walmart and kroger, etc and put them in the books on their shelves, hoping someone buying a book would notice it and buy mine. I made pencils, and pencil cases and gave them away at the local flea market. I built 5 website, except the website provided by PA was not user friendly and if you did not have explorer 6 on your computer you could not build or edit your site. I sent copies to Regis and Kelly, sent a copy to Larry King, to the local radio station WGRR, and the AM station WDJO. It's not like I haven't been promoting the book. I regurarly received e-mails from PA enticing me to buy my own book, and I eventually bought 10 copies at a 50% discount. I received an enticement that for $299 I could add color photos to my book, and was on the edge of doing that, when the notice that my book had been selected to be published in a hardcover. I received an e-mail offer to get copies of my hardcover book, buy one get one free, however I had to pay full price. That was okay, because it would still cost me 12.95 each. I still have about 12 of them here with me now. I was appauled when I received my credit card statement, and then the books. I was charged $71.82 for shippin, when they could have put these books in two bulk rate postal boxes and sent them for less that $25. The quality of the book is poor at best. The hard bound copy does not even have the book title on the binding, which faces the person searching the library shelves. Sure, its on the paper Jacket, but what happens when the book is without a jacket? In August I received an e-mail that no books had been sold, and that no royalties would be paid. I replied to the e-mail that I had purchased 9 copies, and the promo e-mail said that I would receive royalties. The first check I received in Feb 2009 was for (2) copies sold in England, and the check was for $2.80. The second check was for 9 copies that I bought myself, after complaining to the support group, for $17.97. As I returned to my research about PA, I began to see that I was not the only fool in the croud. I've attempted to get my bbook into local booksellers, only to have them say they do not stock vanity press books, or PoD books. This happened at both Barnes and Noble, and Walden Books, which is owned by Borders. All hree of my local stores told me that I was not being considered for any future book signings. The door was closed in my face. I have received e-mails, after pestering the support group, asking me to supply names and e-mail address of my local papers, so they could send out press releases. They also said that I should make myself available for book signing which thry were going to set up. My hopes rose, and when nothing happened, they fell again. On Oct 1st I sent two certified return receipt letters, professionally written and politically correct, requesting that my book be released without predjudice, but at of today, neither of these return receipts have been returned. So in closing, if PA is not a company, preying on niave first time authors, 40,000 of them according to the website, then why did Willem Meiners not use his own company to publish his own book? Because he knew that it would not be promoted and stocked in brick and mortar book stores. This fact alone tells me that he knows he is scamming first time authors, who believed the things they have published on their website. Willem's book, HOW TO UPSET A GOLIATH BOOK BIZ: PUBLISH AMERICA: THE INSIDE STORY OF AN UNDERDOG WITH A BITE is sold, published by LIGHTNING SOURCE INC June, 2005 for $23.95 If I settle with PA, I will not sign the gag clause, because they can not buy my right to free speech, like they have with other disgruntled authors. I'm starting an active campaign to expose them for the people they really are, that includes the leaches who work for them. They take home a paycheck, knowing full well that it comes from the stolen books that they publish and sell back to the authors who wrote them.    
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
20, Report #384873
Oct 25 2008
08:44 PM
Publish America Breach of Contract.. ripped me off Frederick Maryland
$1064.97 is what I paid for very poor quality books. In light of the lack of quality in the printing and in considering the abnormally high price of the books, I got ripped off! PA is in breach of the contract. They have breached the contract in the following ways: FIRSTLY, for failing to produce attractive and substantial-looking copies of the books. To quote the contract, paragraph 2, 2. The Publisher agrees to produce the said literary work in book form, in such format, type and style of paper, jacket and binding as will make the volume attractive and substantial-looking. It is specifically understood and agreed, furthermore, that the said volume will contain all manuscript pages as submitted by the Author (unless otherwise designated hereinafter), and will be printed on good quality paper with the bound size to be, approximately, 5 x 8 or 6 x 9 inches, or any other size as the market demands. My books are NOT attractive and substantial looking; instead they are cheap and ugly looking! Readers can't even see the pictures clearly. The first few copies of the book did not have this problem. What happened, did they run out of ink and think my readers and I would not notice? The black and white pictures inside the book were very poorly reproduced, looking more like faint gray and white pictures. The quality is getting worse and worse with every order I make. The books are not worth paying for. In addition, the latest run of the books does not appear attractive and substantial looking on the covers, which are very faded compared to the first run of books. The colors are not at all like the proofs or the very first few books. SECONDLY, for including advertisements for other Publish America books at the end of my books. The contract also does not anywhere give Publish America permission to place an ad for other Publish America books in the back of mine. I did not submit those ads to be published, nor did you ask my permission to do so. If they had asked, I would have denied them permission. You cannot put things I did not write, by authors unknown to me and perhaps not acceptable to me, in my books without permission and without any mention of ads in the contract. The contract says PA will print all manuscript pages as submitted by the Author, and as I stated, I did NOT submit advertisements for other people's books to PA. In addition, I notice that the photos and words found on the two ads were very dark and clear and crisp, unlike the faint, poor job PA did on the interiors and covers of my books! How can they justify good quality printing on the advertisements while simultaneously cheating me out of the good quality that PA legally promised to me in the contract? THIRDLY,PA has failed to report all sales and collections there from to me. The contract clearly states that 11. The Publisher agrees to keep and maintain true and accurate records relating to the distribution of copies of the said literary work, including reports of all sales and collections therefrom. In addition, the contract also says, The Publisher shall pay to the Author the following royalties: A royalty upon the regular edition sold in the United States and elsewhere of: 8 percent of the sales price thereof on the first 2,000 copies sold; 10 percent on the next 8,000 copies sold; 12.5 percent on all copies sold in excess of 10,000 . I have personally sold hundreds of books at the HIGH prices PA charges and PA has only paid me royalties for a few. I find this very questionable. I would like a copy of these records that PA is required to keep, including reports of all sales and collections, because I do not believe that PA is keeping and maintaining true and accurate records. I would also like to see the sales upon which PA is awaiting payment as well as completed sales. I dispute PA's figures on the royalties they have already paid, and I suspect that they are withholding royalties due and payable to me. In conclusion, I am a Christian and am careful to be honest in all my dealings. I am very disappointed that PA has not been honest with me and has cheated me out of money that, for my husband and me who live on disability, is very hard to come by. The $1064.97 that I paid for the latest order, plus the money I have paid for previous orders, represents a substantial percentage of our annual income. We cannot make this money back because no one will buy the books in such poor quality that PA has printed them, for the prices that PA charges. I would not demand the refund if they had been honest all along with the royalties and if they had not cheated me out of the very ink on the pages and printed such faint copies with see-through pages and faded covers. BigBertha Berryville, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
21, Report #353277
Jul 19 2008
07:50 PM
Publish America Not paid any wholesales, lied, degraded and offended me, refuses to release me Frederick Maryland
I went with Publish America to publish my second novel, believing them to be better than my first publisher. They promised a lot on their web site, and even had me excited. Once my novel was published I was lied to, and other things. First, they had promised books are listed as Returnable, so that they can be sent/sold in book stores. This turned out to be untrue. They first made an official release date for my book as June 25th 2007, but was available as of April 20th 2007 at some online sites including At amazon the release date is listed as the April date, yet the Official date is June. I never understood this. I did try to set up a book signing, but the book was listed as Non-returnable so I called and asked about this. According to them, at the official date of release, I have to Request it that it be listed as returnable. HUH? Then I tried to get my book reviewed. I found out that most sites/reviewers require you or the publisher to send a copy to them for possible review. I requested that they do this, but was told that they have to be legal reviewer and request a copy from Them, the publisher. From what I understand that is a complete condridiction. I had to buy the copies myself and send them myself because reviewers do NOT request books from publishers. When I recieved my first royality I was shocked. First, there is no way for authors to keep some kind of track of books sold, and so we must take their word for it. I again complained, saying that I am a member of author connect directly through and know for a fact that a number of books were sold through amazon, and the book is available other places. They responded that there is a three month lag of sales of this sort. I accepted this at the time, figuring that by the next royality payment, it would course correct. This time came and it did not correct. I discovered at this time that I had not been paid for any whole sales through any site, such as amazon. I again complained and decided that they were in fact criminal and liars. I requested that they release me from my contract, and stop all sales of my novel, the Dark Curse of Whispers. They responded sarcastically, inquiring me to prove they lied, or that I wasn't paid. They said my reasons for wanting released were nonseniscle. That is condescending, and offensive. TO me it translate that what I feel, or think is not important. I have been emailing since March 2008 to be released, and have been ignored for a while now. There are no true contacts to send emails to, in that You can not go anywhere other than Support for answers. After they continued to ignore my request, I searched their web site and added the other contact email addresses to send my request to. I started sending them to all the addresses. They asked me to stop, that it was harrassment. I told them that is cannot be harrassment when I am requesting something that is continually ignored, and Those are the only addresses avaiable to me to send request. I am still waiting. Mattpierce Grandview, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
22, Report #351664
Jul 15 2008
04:19 PM
Publish America swindles Authors after enticing with promises on the Internet, Contract wording says opposite. Frederick Maryland
Don't believe everything you read on websites. There are so many ways that these people swindled me and many other Authors, only to be stuck in a contract that is so vague no one can get out of it. Publish America's Words = PublishAmerica, a traditional advance and royalty paying book publisher, launches authors in the best tradition of old-fashioned quality publishing. The Maryland based publishing company is fundamentally opposed to charging any author fees. Its founders decided that a well-written book is worth publication if the author can convince a publishing company that there are at least the seeds of a market out there, and that the author's talent holds a promise for the future. They are liars #1 Yes they don't charge the author to publish the book, but they over charge on the price of the book, where no one wants to buy it, and they send out several emails offering deals to the authors to buy their own book at what would be regular retail cost for paperbacks retail in stores) #2 in the industry of publishing they ARE considered a POD. Print on demand (POD) is the commonly-used term for the digital printing technology that allows a complete book to be printed and bound in a matter of minutes. POD technology makes it easy and cost-effective to produce books one or two at a time or in small lots, rather than in larger print runs of several hundred or several thousand. #3- Everyone who submits a book gets published by this company. Its founders decided that a well-written book is worth publication if the author can convince a publishing company that there are at least the seeds of a market out there, and that the author's talent holds a promise for the future. They don't even read the entire book, they read the first chapter if anything, and go from there. Again, Everyone Is Accepted, regardless of their talent. Publish America says = Because it took full advantage of the latest printing technology before any other traditional publisher did, the company can afford to sell all copies of a book on a non-returnable basis, now that each copy can be printed in accordance with real demand. However, Publish America titles are often returnable anyway, which allows bookstores to return unsold copies ordered through the nation's largest book wholesaler Ingram, as part of an ongoing returnability experiment that affects many thousands of book titles. As announced when initiated, this experiment may be calibrated or discontinued at the publisher's discretion. They do not accept returns which is why book stores don't want to purchase the books to sell. PublishAmerica is a traditional, royalty paying publisher. We are strongly opposed to charging fees, ever. There's no catch, no hidden surprises. We even pay small advances to indicate our principle. The author is never, ever, under any obligation to pull their wallet to make any purchase whatsoever. We don't want their money. We want their book. All expenses involved with acquiring, producing, manufacturing, and publishing a book, and marketing it to the industry's wholesale and distribution channels for full availability through all bookstores at home and abroad are underwritten by PublishAmerica solely. This is one of our main claims to fame, and one that we are very proud of. All authors are treated equally here. Yes- you get paid a royalty advance...$1 to seal the deal. they forgot to mention they 50/50 split if your book goes to MOVIE. On their website they say they don't want movie rights, just publishing rights, but the contract says otherwise. Does the use of the digital on-demand printing technology make a publisher a POD house? No, it does not. Of course not. According to, there are 57 different meanings for POD, from Post Office Department to Point Of Departure to Proof Of Delivery. In our world, POD is vanity publishing, and PublishAmerica is no vanity publisher, by any stretch of the imagination Yeah, if you'll buy that I'll throw the Golden Gate in FREE. POD, in the Publishing world means PRINT ON DEMAND. They are a POD no matter what kind of smoke they try to blow at you!!! We assign a graphic designer who comes up with a unique cover design. All PublishAmerica book covers are custom designed, without exception. Our designers communicate with the authors, to hear their suggestions and ideas, so that they can be incorporated into the design. We believe that this communication is important to our authors. After all, this is their life's work. They want it to be treated accordingly. They want quality, and we assure them quality. For free. Yeah, well just don't blow up the book cover and you wont notice all the flaws in their design, oh yeah and they let crayon colored pictures for their book covers, done by and adult mind you. so what is all that smoke about quality and custom design? YIKES. Oh yeah here it is, about MOVIE RIGHTS... They are liars!... PublishAmerica is only interested in a book's publishing rights. We don't want any other rights, unless an author insists that we carry them on his/her behalf. Movie rights, audio rights, TV rights, merchandising rights, the copyright, they all remain the author's. We are a BOOK publisher, the only way we earn our money is by selling books, and we're very good at that. Everything else can be done better by others. Our contracts expire after seven years, unlike the life term that most other traditional publishers require. Maybe that's one of the reasons why our contracts seem to be particularly liked by lawyers: we count a few hundred attorneys among our authors. Everyone in the publishing field tells you NEVER go with a 7 year contract. I missed that one, while I was still green and new to this business. Publish America's contract specifically states that should your book go to movie, the monies shall be split 50/50. See what I mean they LIE! Please email me if you want the links to where I got all this information, and if you would like to see a copy of my contract that states the above. Nothing they promise on their website is real, it is all worded in such a way that anyone besides an attorney can't understand. We are more tempted to believe what they say on their website rather than try to understand all the mumbo jumbo stated in the contract. It's just to confusing. If you were even thinking of joining Publish America PLEASE DON'T you will be sorry....and all the claims you hear about people defending them...most likely work for the company and are trying to pass themselves off as a happy author. Don't believe the wolf in sheeps clothing! Jet Kennewick, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland
23, Report #601486
May 09 2010
09:09 PM
Publish America Book Publishers wont pay royalties Internet
They have not paid royalty checks for over a year. They have failed to fulfill their side of the contract. I want out of the contract, to receive my royalties and get the pdf files of all of my books!!
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #638546
Sep 07 2010
07:52 PM
     2010 is a very turbulent year, for PUBLISH AMERICA, for the reason that this VANITY COMPANY lost too much profit, which lead to their demise, of posting FALSE OFFERS, for the aspiring authors:       EXAMPLE:   If you order books to keep on hand, WE'LL SEND THE SAME AMOUNT OF COPIES TO OPRAH WINFREY, for her to REVIEW YOUR BOOK!    WARNING:  DON'T BELIEVE THIS AD.  This is just a MARKETING PLOY to coerce the authors to PURCHASE more books, and BELIEVE ME, OPRAH WILL NOT RECEIVE COPIES OF YOUR BOOK AT ALL.....     As a result, that VANITY COMPANY didn't pay royalties to ASPIRING AUTHORS, like myself and I'm not falling for their BALDERDASH....      Worst of all, this VANITY COMPANY, LIED IN THEIR CONTRACT, ( Yes, the whole entire contract. )      The only way for an author, to forge ahead in the United States, is to HAVE A LITERARY AGENT SUBMIT YOUR MANUSCRIPT to a MAJOR PUBLISHING COMPANY.      The ATTORNEY GENERAL wants no part of this, because PA offered FREE SERVICES to all aspiring authors, therefore, if you didn't pay for their services, THERE'S NO CASE.       Reason:  Due to my FIXED INCOME, I'm unable to market myself any further and BLOG TALK RADIO will not do any good for someone, who's signed with a VANITY PUBLISHER......
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #794821
Nov 03 2011
01:08 PM
Publish America Beware all hopeful writers. Stay away from this company. Internet
My manuscript for Deadly Shamrocks was accepted by Publish America and I was sent a sample contract to review. After e-mailing them back I was sent the actual contract and an electronic signature page. My book was published and released 09-20-10.From the first day after I signed my contract I have been bombarded with e-mails from Publish America offering specials to me to buy my book, have an agent represent me, have my book presented to a screenwriter, have my book reviewed by J.K. Rowling, etc. All of these speical deals would cost me, the author, money. The price of the offer would be anywhere from 15.00 to have Publish America promote my book on their Facebook page, to 199.00 to have my book reviewed by a screenwriter. I have only taken advantage of the deep discount offers to buy my own books for book signings that I scheduled myself.Publish America stated they would arrange book signings for me (which they did not do), send out a press release to all the media that I would give them (which they did not do), promote my book in a variety of ways (which they did not do). I have received one royalty statement since the book was released and that was in February 2011. I did not receive a statement in August 2011. When I inquired as to why I did not receive a statement, I was advised that all the statement went out and I should be receiving mine any day. As of 11-03-11 it still has not arrived.I created a website to promote my book as well as other authors published b Publish America. The reason for this website was to provide a place to network and exchange ideas on promoting and marketing since it was obvious we were on our own.Since that time I have received numerous e-mails from members of the website complaining about being ripped off. Many have stated they paid for special offers then was told by Publish America that it would not be possible at this time to provide that service. No money was ever returned.I e-mailed Publish America to ask if I could have the rights to my book returned to me. I was sent an e-mail reply stating I could purchase my rights for $150.00I am currentlyl corresponding with Publish America on behalf of myself and a few members on my website, once again trying to obtain the rights to our books back at no charge.Please, anyone who is considering using this company should research the company, read all the negative things written on several websites about this company, read the BBB report and any other information you can get your hands on. I regret ever getting involved with Publish America. I will do almost anything to prevent another person going through what I have gone through with Publish America.
Entity: , Internet

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