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1, Report #1306185
May 17 2016
07:48 PM
Purple Ocean bitwine False psychics Internet
Please don't trust in purple ocean. It's an interney community of psychics, I've spent thousand of dollars since february. All the advisors are extremely sweet and nice but the problem is that they ALL give false hope. I was given false hope till last week. All the psychics have good rating because they tell you what they want YOU to hear.    I am going through a painful breakup and I consulted a lot of purple ocean psychics and they all told me that he loved me and gave me incorrect time frames. My ex confirmed today that he doesn't feel anything romantic towards me and he's not coming back (he was supposed to come back now in march according to several) please don't waste your money. This site is adictive and you feel good just because they tell you what you want to hear, they are all very nice but they are not real psychics
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1389563
Jul 31 2017
07:00 PM
Purple Ocean Psychics Purple Ocean Psychic Counseling Purple Ocean Psychic Readings Purple Ocean Psychics Purple Ocean Company Bitwin Psychics Purple Garden Psychics Barges Technologies (DBA) Purple Ocean Company Psychics are frauds - almost all five star reviews generated by the fake Psychics themselves Internet
 I was STUNNED beyond reason to find that Purple Ocean Psychics are now an App sold on the Apple App site! I'm going to alert Apple headquarters by forwarding what I've found out so they are awasre of Barges Technologies (the fraudulent Ukraine based company behind Purple Ocean, I'm filing a separate report about them) underhanded dealings. That being said, after two readings that were so incredibly wrong it was laughable, I started to investigate Purple Ocean and boy, it's a well oiled money making machine that's well hidden so it's not obvious that the massive reviews (over 1k) aren't legitimate. The issue is that 99% Psychic websites are fake, which is why they all have disclaimers: for entertainment purposes only a catch all phrase meaning: even though all our Psychics say they are legitimate, including their bio/testimonies/3rd generation/double tested/etc - they actually aren't (Real Psychics will not have that disclaimer and usually won't have to advertise on a group website...if you have any doubts....just begin applying to these sites as a psychic...you'll be hired) Purple Ocean Psychics (as well as Bitwine) have the same backer: Barges Technologies and will hire anyone who claims they're Psychic (and a good marketer) to prey on people seeking authentic Psychics for help, The biggest difference between these two sites and many of the others - is that their Psychics actually ask for additional money - for a variety of reasons - and these poor unsuspecting naive Consumers often fall for it. I was asked each time for additional money to get rid of bad energy and directed to their site. What's also telling is that in my case, like all the others, the Psychics don't give last names, or phone numbers, their sites are specifically set up for only email communication with prominent Pay HERE buttons. Pay now - ask later. It's such a huge scam and I pray that my report will prevent people from using these two sites and please - DO YOUR RESEARCH!! Please look up the support/reviews on purple ocean, and you will find many, many other complaints....along with fake reviews...it's easy to tell which are real clients.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1398416
Sep 07 2017
08:59 AM
Purple Ocean/Purple Garden Scam site rips off psychics and customers, refuses to pay and kicks you off employment if their software fails Tenafly nj
I am someone who cares very much about helping people so when I signed on as an advisor, I took it in stride that I would be paid less than 40% of what the seeker paid, that I would wait 14 days for each payment to clear and that I would have to wait until my much reduced income was at least $35 before taking out any of my earnings. Unlike other readers, I give zero false hope, I give exactly what I see and often I see important things that help people. I help seekers center within and use their own intuition. So when Purple Ocean software failed and crashed and refused to upload my video replies, I got suspended and told I was failing to provide readings denied the money I earned and suspended for one week. When their app failed again, even tho I took screenshots of the errors and emailed them in, I received a terse email (no humans are involved) that said it was from their legal department that my failure to provide service was unacceptable and they had terminated me without negotiation or possibility of reversal. I had 5 people at the time who had already paid for readings and I was delivering them when I was terminated. For me, this was the acid test. Inhumanity and lack of care make this an unthinkable scam and I am sick that I had any part of it. AVOID THESE PEOPLE AT ALL COST!!!!          
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1365376
Apr 02 2017
10:10 AM
Desiree Marks Mystical Michelle ( Purple Ocean) Desiree Marks Scam Sparks, Nevada Nationwide
 Desiree Marks or Mystical Michelle if she is any one of those. Scammed me out of nearly $30,000. Said a loved one was cursed etc and to reunite me with a supposed lost love. Was fed lies for months upon months until I finally found out the truth. I asked for my money back and now she is ignoring me so I am now going through the process of legally trying to gain my money back. Shame on her. Beware, she is very convincing and will feed you a whole lot of lies and tell you that she is praying for you etc. if somebody was genuinely going to help you they wouldn't rip you off like this. Now I know the truth I would like everyone to be very wary of scams like this. Don't be fooled people.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1132248
Mar 20 2014
02:56 PM
6, Report #1311095
Jun 13 2016
10:41 AM
Purple Rhino Internet
 I placed an order for Purple Rhino on May 28 they charged my account on May 31 I had finally decided this product was nothing great It did not work it only gave me a little more energy like an over the counter multi Vitiman. I had a reminder set to cancel but they put the order through on the 13th day never sending me any type notification for $89.99 which is 11 times higher than a multi vitamin cost. They offer no refund on this even though it was done in 13 days not 14 days as they claim was the final day to cancel. I went on line and cancelled my account and got a confirmation. WATCH out with this scam or you to will pay $89.99 for a $5.00 multi vitamin like I did.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1314081
Jun 28 2016
09:02 PM
Purple Purple Fuel App, Purple App, Purple Gas COMPLETELY INSANE INTERNET PHONE APP BASED RIPOFF COMPANY Los Angeles California
This company, based on a smart phone APP, delivers gas to your car.  Meant to replace the gas station.  You contact them and they bring you the gas and fill up your car's tank.  You pay by credit card. Unfortunately for me, several people have set up multiple accounts using my credit card numbers and bought gas from Purple.  I got charged for goods and services I never ordered and never received.  Pretty annoying. I contacted Purple fair enough and told them of this problem.  They don't care.  Like not at all.  They won't reverse the charges, they won't refund my money, they won't do anything to stop this happening further int he future, nothing.  They consider it my unfortunate luck and that's about it.  I think that is profoundly twisted.  They are a rip off.  
Entity: Los Angeles, California
8, Report #1170489
Aug 18 2014
09:51 AM
purple shield elderly rip-off canada canada
my elderly mother paid into purple shield funeral insurance for ten years.her policy was five thousand dollars. she paid in eleven thousand four hundred dollars over the ten years. she was of the understanding that she would recieve the amount back that her funeral was going to cost .she was told that at the end of her five years that it would gain interest if she was still living. she is only recieving six thousand ninety five dollars out of tha eleven thousand four hundred  that she paid in.why would someone give away all this money if she was told the truth about her polucy.when her five thousand dollar policy was paid up why did they continue to withdraw her money every month knowing that she was paying into somenthing that she would never get back.this was a rip off and we want people to be aware that purple is a dishonesr company and not telling you all tha info.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1248094
Aug 12 2015
01:14 PM
Purple Shield Canada Purple ShieldAssurant Life of CanadaFamilySide Canada Warning - Don't get ripped off Newmarket Ontario
Don't get ripped off by Canada Purple Shield (Assurant Life of Canada).  Those giving Testimonials on the website probably are just glad to see money coming to them and are not aware that it is just a portion of what their loved one paid in.Here's my example.  My mother passed away in May 2015, and  going through her Will folder I came across a Policy Data Page issued in 2006 by Purple Shield.  The Initial Face Amount was $4000.  With a monthly payment of $72 over 10 years.  And looking through her bank statements I found that Assurant was still withdrawing money.I couldn't find the actual policy that she had signed, so I phoned Assurant and was told that I had an amount coming and would be sent paperwork to fill out.  I asked for a copy of the policy she had signed.I received the paperwork to fill in but didn't get a copy of the policy.  So I repeated my request.  And sent in my claim.  I received a cheque for $4,700 which included interest but no copy of the policy came with it.  Huh?  Hold on, monthly payments over 9 years adds up to a lot more than $4k. My mother wasn't a fool.  $4,700 is nice but she had paid in a lot more.  So I asked for a copy of the policy again.I finally received the copy and found that the salesman had circled 10 (years) rather than 5 though the $4k would have been paid up in 5. (My mother had also bought a Prepaid Funeral Services package from the same salesman at the same time which was paid up in 5 years.  It covered most funeral expenses, no complaints about that.  And I presume mom wanted extras such as cremation, food and hall rental, covered through Purple Shield.)  So I assumed that the salesman had accidently circled 10 years rather than 5.I phoned the salesman, as an email went unanswered.  And explained that he must have made a mistake and had circled 10 years when 5 would have covered it and that Assurant had continued withdrawing funds as a result.  He assured me it wasn't a mistake.  That it was an insurance policy and Purple Sheild would have had to pay the full $4k even if my mother had only made a couple of payments and then died.  That was how insurance works.But that wasn't how my mother worked.  She wouldn't have knowingly agreed to pay in over $8k to get $4k back.  Even a low interest bank account would have given a better return. She must have been misled into believing that I would get what she paid in plus interest.  But what she had signed for was FACE VALUE plus interest.Anyhow, this is my warning to you.  If you have a loved one enrolled with Purple Sheild, make sure they know what Face Value means.  And if you've already collected, be aware that they may have been ripped off.
Entity: Newmarket, Ontario
10, Report #1319145
Jul 27 2016
06:38 AM
Purple rihno Male enhancement (purple rinho) trial offer a credit card scam Florida based Internet
 This company was a trial offer postage only to try there product to enhance male performance of intament times replacing the need for Viagra and save money , This was not a good product for me and the product keep coming and billed to my card by forced shipment each month and the dispute between the company and cc are not able to stop the billing . Now the frustration and battle begins to get money returned and stop future payments for Lord only knows how long the efforts and they can do it again and again if they choose . And it is your responsibility to watch the cc statement and do hours and hours of work to monitor and report and communicate repeatedly as long as they purple rinho makes money they won't quit ripping off people.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1367156
Apr 11 2017
02:11 PM
Purple rhino Purple rhino ripped me off of $89.99. Tampa Florida
Last month I paid $4.95 for a 30 day trial of purple rhino. I made sure to read everything specifically to try to avoid this situation. They recently charged $89.99 to my credit card. I just got off the phone with what sounded like an African that was so distorted I could hardly hear him. It sounded like he was half way across the world. But now to the point. Prior to ordering purple rhino I made sure to read all the literature available to me and nowhere did it say anything about any future charges to my credit card. However, I just got my statement and there was $89.99 charged to my card from purple rhino. I called them and spoke to a representative and he was hard to understand and not helpful at all. When I asked for the address to purple rhino he refused to give me anything except to tell me they're in Florida and that he was not going to give me the address. I then asked to speak to his manager and he told me that his manager was busy and could not receive my call. I asked him if he was going to make it right by either sending me the purple rhino pills that I had already played for against my will or if he was going to refund my money and he said the $89.99 was for the trial. It was specifically stated that the trial was $4.95 only. I dont know if there is any legal action I can take or if I am just out of luck and out of my hard earned money that I never gave consent to have taken from me. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee and when I called back and told them about it as it hasn't been anywhere near 30 days since the money has been taken from my card and I expressed to the guy that the product never even worked at all and was completely worthless and he told me he was not going to refund any of my money and was not going to send me any more product. I have been ripped off completely and I want to do something about it not only to receive my money back but to make sure this doesn't happen to anybody else in the future. Its not right that they can supposedly just deduct money from my credit card without my consent or to be able to sell a product that does absolutely nothing that it is said to supposedly do. Is there anybody that can help me in this matter?
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1308345
May 28 2016
09:29 PM
Ocean ten Ocean 10 Miami Florida
They dont tell u they will charge u $60 for the 16oz lobster when order lobster linguini & it gives u the option of the 8oz or 16 oz but they pick for u. Dont come here. Thats bs as a server to make ur customers pay more when it's ur job to inform them. Then u are charged $5 per person if they have entertainment with a 20% gratuity charge.
Entity: Miami, Florida
13, Report #806297
Dec 07 2011
04:04 PM
Purple Slice Charged my credit card and Never delivered product. Walnut, California
I ordered product from this company via their website, they charged my credit card and never sent product.I left countless messages on the phone answering device, all unanswered.  I left e mails on the website as instructed by the website.  All unanswered.  This company is a rip-off.  Do not buy anything from them.
Entity: Walnut, California
14, Report #1153560
Jun 10 2014
11:13 AM
purple diamondz boutique purplediamondz.storenvy REALLY HORRIBLE AND INMMATURE BUSINESS OWNER MIAMI Internet
I can't believe a merchant would go as far as to play on the phone and block intagram messages and inquires.     Hi all please read and be cautious as there are people out there who don't care about real good customer service. On 5/3/14 I ordered a dress for a gift to be given for an event. Never recieved and merchant  became defensive explaining I will need to figure out where it is. I was visiting and didn't have transportation and was far from the post office. It appears that she had it delivered but package was never found. I contacted her she didn't want to help after speaking with post office the found and refused the pack. Which was sent back to her she said she didn't have but her post office confirmed delivered. Now she won't credit me back. She said either partial or a fee minus some other charges I never had in my possesion.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1130806
Mar 15 2014
05:14 AM
Purple cab Driver lied to me and took the long way! Schiller park Illinois
the guy picked me up and took the longest route possible, he lied to me and said there was construction going on the exit for the highway. I was going to give him ten bucks for the trip anyway, but he pulled a fast one just to get what amounted to an extra 2-3 bucks, what a scumbag and scumbag company.
Entity: Schiller park, Illinois
16, Report #1311753
Jun 16 2016
12:28 PM
Purple Rhino Will SCAM you out of your money!!! Internet
Got an ad for a 4.95 trial of purple rhino. I wanted to take advantage of the offer because the product is cheap and easy to make. Nothing special. When prompted to checkout for your order there is an almost indetectable option to bypass the additional offer for a product that cost $38.71. Not seeing the almost invisible option to opt out of the offer for the next product I proceeded to go to the next screen thinking the option to cancel would be there. There is none. Purple Rhino immediately processed the order and charged my account. I just got off the phone with the customer service which I can tell from the noise in the background that it is probably in someone's home. They did not offer me a refund. They told me I must keep the product and when I requested a supervisor they claimed they are all busy with other unsatisfied customers they are trying to scam. I will continue to pursue my refund as this company knows they are scamming people for their money. BEWARE! do not buy from this company!
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1412866
Nov 21 2017
09:04 AM
PURPLE CASTLE ORGANIX CBD OIL They put you into a 'contract' without your knowledge California
Saw Tom Hanks is part of this whole CBD Hemp Oil craze and how can you go wrong, right? So I clicked past his participation in the research and went to order the $5.99 bottle. That's all they advertise. Two days later, I checked my statement and there was a $79 charge IN ADDITION TO THE $5.99 bottle. I called, and they said they could cancel the $79 charge and they gave me 2 weeks to see if it worked, and if it did, they would put me on a plan that was heavily discounted.If, however, i called by 11/22, i could cancel everything with no repurcussions, or additional charges. I called today. I was informed I am breaking a contract and the best they can do is charge me the $40 cancellation fee. I lost my mind, and then they said, okay, we can cancel you for $28 and you won't get any other charges. I let them do that, as much as I didn't want to, because i was very upset that it could be more.This company is a rip off.  The CS people are sneaky and snarkey and they are trained to rip.you.off. if anyone is suing, let me know.   
Entity: California
18, Report #1409012
Oct 27 2017
12:47 PM
Purple Castle Definite evidence of fraud - refusal to escalate call for resolution - multiple disconnections from their end
Ordered the sample product for $5.99, received product. At time of order & upon receipt of product, there was no indication of trial, ongoing membership or subscription. Then account was hit twice for $79.99 within three weeks for total fraudulent charges of $159.98. Called and spoke with customer service rep who explained that there was a 14-day trial membership followed by subscription. After explaining that was not the expectation and requesting a refund and cancellation of account, she tried to upsale me three times, after each time, I asked for a supervisor. She placed me on hold and came back with a script stating that the account was closed and all was resolved and there would be no refunds. Then she disconnected the call. I called again, spoke with another customer service rep and immediately asked for supervisor/management. She stated that she must have a reason, so I stated it was due to dissatisfaction with the manner in which my account was managed. She placed me on hold for ten minutes and returned with the same script and disconnected the call. I have filed a fraudulent claim with my bank for both transactions and will fight this.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1408083
Oct 23 2017
03:46 PM
Purple Castle CBD Oil ordered product, never received Doran Florida
On 9/14/17 I ordered a trial version of CBD Oil and paid a $5.99 shipping and handling fee.I never received the trial, and on 10/02/17, my credit card was charged $W79.99.  I never saw anything about signing up for an automatic delivery or charge.I called the number listed on my credit card billing.  It was identified as Purplecastle8449021298 844-9022193 Ca.The person who answered the call was very vague, and I could not understand him.  He kept putting me on hold.  When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he said he was the only person there!  He said the trial was on it's way.A few days later when i noticed the charge of $79.99, I again called and spoke with someone.  I informed him I never received any trial product and I wanted to cancell everything.  He offered to ship me another order, free of charge, but I refused.He inidcated that due to the hurrican in Puerto Rico, it had impacted product and delivery.I fill this is a scam, and don't know how people are allowed to operate like this.Thank you for taking my report.Barbara D(((REDATED)))@comcast.net  
Entity: Doran, Florida
20, Report #1063202
Jun 30 2013
04:13 AM
Purple Rooster Catering AKA Celebrity Chef MoutonJude MoutonAbacus Marketing Partners Dba Purple Rooster CateringPurple Roost Deceitful, Liar, unprofessional, Con-artist Long beach California
This so called Celebrity Chef Mouton has really taken the Celebrity party to his head.  He thinks after casting some shows on the Food Network he's the s@$t.  He reels people he wants to use and abuse.  Yes, you read this right! Be very cautious if you have been asked to work with/for him.I worked with him on some events and he likes to be the all inclusive chef, is known for the same type food on every event.  Comer on! A master Chef changes their dish. His prices are too high for the poor quality food. And get this, collects on the events money but doesn't pay the extra staff and/or providers who helped him.  Eek!This chef likes to use the best of everything. He wants everything done right away but at the end, providers get stuck paying his business expenses.  He's very deceitful with providers. Once a job is done he will avoid your calls, emails, and any other means of communication when it comes to you asking for payment.  I recommend anyone who's been approached by this man, not to do any business with him.  He will use you!  He'll take your money! He will take your materials as if it were his own and not pay a cent. He is building an empire from people like me and all those he's used before me.He is a liar, and a cheat.  He is NOT a celebrity, he's a Con-Artist!  Do not hire his catering services. Do not rent his facility; he does not have the proper business licenses (Alcohol and Food). Do not work for this man and do not make any deals without legal representation.
Entity: Long beach, California
21, Report #1310938
Jun 12 2016
10:07 AM
Purple rhino Purple Rhino listed under Vydox lies about 14 day trial period and customer satisifaction Tampa Florida
I ordered Purple Rhino which said you had a 14 day trial period for $4.95.  According to their records I placed the order on the 27th of May and it was shipped on the 31st of May.  I recieved them on the 3rd of June.  This means it took 7 days to get the supplements to me.  On the 11th they took $89.99 out of my checking account.  I did not understand this because I hadonly had the supplements for8 daysnot the 14 days they said I had for a trial period. When I called the operator, who had an accent and was veryhard to understand told me that trial period starts fromt he day the supplements were ordered.  This means ofthe 14 day trial period, 4 days were lost before they were even shipped and another 3 days were lost in themailing process. This meant that I only had 7 days to actually try the product.  They made it sound like you would have the supplements within 2 to 5 days when in fact it takes them a whole week to get them to you.  The agent was rude and would not listen to what I was saying and just kept telling me it was in the terms and conditions.  When I asked over and over again for a manager or supervisor, I was told that none was available and that the best they could do was have a manager call me back later.  She told me though that the manage would just tell me the same thing and that my membership had been called and that there was no way to refund me $89.99.  I asked then if I had already paid the $4.95 for the trial offer and only recieved those supplements then what was the $89.99 for and if I was getting another bottle for the $89.99 and she said no I had cancelled my order.  This means that I paid $4.95 and $89.99 for the 14 day trial offer.  I am basically paying twice for the same bottle of supplements.  I had to look and type in several combinations of words to get the terms and conditions.  In there it said customer satisfaction is gaurantee, yet in two phone calls I got rude agents who repeated the same phrases, (you failed to cancell within 14 days, read the terms and conditions, you agreed to the membership when placing your order, we have a high volume of calls so no manager/supervisor is available, and so forth).  When looking up Purple Rhino to get the terms and conditions, it starts off as Purple Rhino but once at the site it switches to Red Rhino with the comment that Purlpe Rhino is so over ordered that they can not gaurantee your order.  I won't be holding my breath for a phone call from the supervisor.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1370272
Apr 28 2017
05:01 PM
Purple Wave, Inc Purple Wave Auctions Condition of Item Did Not Match What They Said Manhattan, Kansas Nationwide
The pictures, description, and statements made by the seller do not at all represent the actual condition of the vehicle. The seller stated 'he just had a mechanic work on it and everything is running fine. In reality, the vehicle has major issues what were disclosed. Here is just a small list: - Main electrical wires cut out of vehicle (see attached picture)- Vehicle does not start-Parts Missing on truck compared to pictures- Coolant gelled-Fuel tank rusted through and leaking-Animals living inside of vehicle and inside covered in feces-Animal nest inside engine turbo-Vehicle not roadworthy-Transmission plug and fluid missing-Graffiti on side of vehicle-Metal shavings purposely put in engine Everyone involved in this sale knew the true condition of the vehicle, but did not disclose it. A person at the lot stated that someone deliberately put metal shavings in the oil and that the last person to buy this vehicle made it a mile down the road before the engine seized up. They had to have it towed back to the lot.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #780063
Sep 22 2011
02:59 PM
Ocean Shores, WA Ocean Shores, Washington Real Estate Rip Off Ocean Shores, California
   My husband and I purchased a lot in Ocean Shores, WA several years ago. Now -- along with property everywhere -- of course it has gone down in value. However, I believe the Ocean Shores situation to be a bit different than other cities.   It seems incredible to be able to purchase Pacific Ocean property for $20k or less, it seemed like a great investment. But underneath the surface is a different story. Ocean Shores has many, many unbuilt lots. There is not a lot of industry in the area except tourism. But I think their dirty little secret is this: they have made a cottage industry out of selling those empty lots. When real estate slows down, they either run campaigns to sell property -- the most recent used the CHiPs actor in the TV ads -- or they plop a big fat fee for community improvements on all property owners.   When we purchased our lot, a road improvement fee of about $2000 was just winding down, this was in 2006 or so. Now in 2011, there is another fee of nearly $4000. My first payment came in the mail, the principal payment was $206, the interest portion was $269. So, in this era of low interest rates, they have complete freedom to slap these large project improvement fees on property owners -- and let us pay it off over 18 years -- more than doubling the amount of the original fee with interest charged. It's in the form of a lien, so no payment means they can take your property.   So, what happens next? People start selling their property of course! So the real estate industry is stimulated, people sell at a loss, other unsuspecting victims buy up the lots at now-reduced prices, and are okay with paying off the fees since they paid only $10k for the lot.  Then when prices go up, they will sell their lots, more real estate activity... and I bet in another 6 years, there will be a new $2000 - $4000 improvement package forced on the property owners, or perhaps another TV campaign.    Add to this, the fact that the property owners are forced to become members of the Community Club at $120 or so a year -- or face what? -- a lien on your property!   So, buyer beware in Ocean Shores!
Entity: Ocean Shores, California
24, Report #1381143
Jun 25 2017
10:09 AM
Ocean canyon RONALD BROOME Texarkana Texas
 We are first time rvers and paw paws gave us 1000.00 for free resorts.....We where told if we don't sign up the day of our appt day we would not be able to come back for 2 years, than found out to continue to use are 1000.00 free camping was only 30 days.....We where told that we have full use of the properties that day we signed up, than found out we where limited until we came up with the 1870.00 because until we pay that amount we are not active . We where also told that we would be a sams member and have a full year of free coast to coast , the day we sign up with ocean canyon rv resort. I call Sams n coast to coast and we where not signed up. It says we have 3 days to cancel our contract.....I went to cancel and was told I was over my 3 days but how is it that I am over my three days if we are not even active members yet without that payment.....I am sending a letter.....We payed them 500.00 and I don't care if they keep it or not , they can use it to update the run down properties. We are the ones who loose on this contract as they gane our 500.00 down payment..... We also found out that after 2 months when we become active that our yearly dues are due and hadn't even used it a year. We where told they are do at the first of the year....All I want is to be done with this contract and don't believe that we should of been deceived. Ronald Broome n Susan Ryals
Entity: Texarkana, Texas
25, Report #468089
Jul 09 2009
08:36 PM
Ocean Tours ocean Tours ocean tour radio ripoff Marysville California
I was listening the radio when I heard about a promotion trip they were offering so I decided to call the radio. Whe I called them I talked to a lady which she offered me the promotion, but I have to pay the sales taxes of the trip(400.00 dollars). Then phone numbers were given to me to call the company to make reservations and all that. Two months passed by when I called back the company and all numbers were disconnected and since then I haven't heard anything from them. I just want to say becareful on things that are offered on the radio. As far as now they are not responsible for any fraud people do on their radio station. Jose marysville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Marysville, California

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