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1, Report #879439
May 07 2012
08:50 PM
ebook4college Copyright Infringment Internet
I purchased an ebook from this company in April, it consisted of getting a scanned copy, that couldn't be copied or searched in anyway.  It quite literally looks as if they just took an hard copy and scanned it.  As a matter of fact there is a CourseSmart (a reputable text book company with whom I should have originally gone) watermarks throughout the book.  I have since found a copy, through CourseSmart and got a copy of an actual ebook that you can search and copy/paste from for papers.There is absolutely no contact information on the ebook4college web site, no process indicated for addressing any sort of issues good or bad.  The only way I was able to come up with contact information was to do a look up of their URL on an internet registrar site.I guess you get what you pay for.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #335030
May 27 2008
05:00 PM
Saparis Questionable Scam Censorship Allowed? Internet
I opened an account with Saparis. The admin held the money and refused to trade the account; they sent am email stating that they would not begin trading on the account unless additional money was added to the account raising it to $3,0001 The email said that the price was increased to $3,001 on January 5th 2008 - I don't see that any where on the website. I find the website to be both confusing and deceptive after receiving the email from the admin. I question if there is any intentional chicanery that was planned here. They are still holding the money, stating that it has not been lost. I think the money should be returned due to the deception and mis-communication between what is on their website and what they say in the email. Eugene Hillside, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1172826
Aug 27 2014
08:59 PM
Richard La Ruina, Denouncement: Questionable Activities and Questionable Issues, London Nationwide
There are questionable issues with Richard La Ruina who is supposed to be a master pickup artist which he can be harshly and severely denounced for.  These issues are:   1.  Overwhelmingly One-Race Oriented:  This is a severe and a serious criticism of Richard La Ruina.  The women that he surrounds himself with are mainly of the same racial background that he is from i.e. the Caucasian grouping.  Therefore the applicability of his information seems to only correlate to women who belong to his own racial background i.e. Caucasian women in a major way.   2.  Assumption of Opposition to Interracial Connections:  It also appears based upon observational evidence that Richard La Ruina seems to be opposed to interracial connections for example, white women hooking up with black men.  If Richard La Ruina was never against this then this of course would indeed be showcased and of course from his very own end.   These are two questionable issues with Richard La Ruina and ones that should indeed be highlighted and indeed be taken note of since he deserves full and total denouncement for them.
Entity: London, Nationwide
4, Report #784811
Oct 04 2011
09:26 PM
Colonial Grand at Hammocks Fraud, Questionable Activities, Unethical Behavior Savannah, Georgia
This company and apartment complex is bad, do not lease an apartment from them!!! In addition to extra fees, overpricing, etc...They will steal your money through any means neccessary!!!!! You have been warned!!!!!!!
Entity: Savannah, Georgia
5, Report #1072474
Jun 25 2014
07:48 AM
Securitas Security USA questionable activities Bakersfield California
Securitas is a questionalbe company. I know back when I was working for them they a had a guard not only was she a guard but she was a supervisor and she was working for two years with a revolked guard card and that is no legal for a company as far as I know. This company needs to be looked into and they should be paying fines for having that person working for the company and training new guards when she did not even have a legal guard card. Also I have witness this company take a guard who was drawing racist act work, they just removed this guard and placed them at another post now as far as I know racism is not tolarted in companies so I do not know who that person was not fired. On top of that this company just over work guards and under pay them but I guess that is ok. The bakersfied branch manager do not even have a guard card even though he do not have to he really knows nothing about security and it shows. 
Entity: Bakersfield, Select State/Province
6, Report #1324477
Aug 24 2016
08:52 PM
URG Offices Questionable Debt Collection Not Sure Internet
Hello,I recently received a call from a lady name Brandie about a debt. She will not give me an address and information regarding  the matter. She has a very tone and sounds shady. What should I do?
Entity: Internet
7, Report #383624
Oct 22 2008
05:19 AM
Reservation Rewards Unauthorized Charges! Internet
All past and all future charges to our Drilling Consultants International/Wachovia Bank account **** **** **** 1019 must be removed immediately. We have advised our bank and filed a report to Unless this recent charge is removed immediately and future charges stopped, we will pursue any and all legal action available to us! Howard Virginia Beach, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #422487
Feb 10 2009
01:11 PM
AmeriGas Unauthorized delivery S. Waverly Pennsylvania
We are propane gas customers who own our own tank and shop for best price before purchase. Two weeks ago I contacted AmeriGas about their price per gallon. When the clerk asked if I wanted a delivery, I told her if I did I would get back to her -- found a better price from a competitor and had my tank filled. Yesterday, we got home from shoping to find a packing list from AmeriGas claiming they delivered 106 gallons of propane at $2.499/gallon. We do not know, in fact, if gas was actually put into our tank; what we do know is that AmeriGas was never given permission to enter our property and deliver gas. Our caller ID indicates that they never called to inform us of their intentions to deliver gas. They have a credit card number from a previous purchase and will probably charge the unauthorized delivery (if, in fact they delivered anything) to our credit card. We called AmeriGas upon finding the packing slip and according to their clerk our account states deliver only upon request. We told the clerk that we would not pay for the propane and she said a manager would call us. The manager never called and the phone line has been busy all afternoon. If the charge should appear on my credit card, I will call Discover and explain the situation -- I don't think we should be expected to pay AmeriGas' charge. I will also be contact the Attorney General in Pennsylvania to file a complaint. Patty f Milan, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: S. Waverly, Pennsylvania
9, Report #539630
Dec 15 2009
09:01 AM
CD2U Big Time Ripoff!!! Chandler, Arizona
CD2U cashed my check, sent an e-mail saying my order had shipped 12-09-09 but guess what --- I'm still waiting for my cigarettes!  I have done business with the company since Jan. 2007 and this is the first time I have been ripped off.  Is it possible the ATF has shut them down?   The Senate has not voted on SB-1147 as of today so what's going on -- early Christmas presents for the owner???
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
10, Report #335506
May 29 2008
12:54 PM
gasupamerica is a scam. these fake travel companies give out vouchers for free gas but you can never redeem them. all your supposed to have to do is take some stupid serveys and redeem the money from each one but the redemption money is never sent to you. i think its a scam to get your personal info! Crazylegs garland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Grandbury, Texas
11, Report #385139
Oct 27 2008
07:01 AM taking money from my bank account Internet
This company is taking money from my bank account that was not authorized Elizabeth Phila, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #352386
Jul 17 2008
12:22 PM
Lending America POTENTAIL MORTGAGE SCAM Nationwide
Lending America is using TV ads to get bad credit customers/sub-prime mortgage holders to apply for loans I believe this to be a scam because they are pretending to report as a NEWS story about the government bailing out people from bad mortgages. They are also using terms like another Government Stimilus check and everyone who signs a loan will get another Stimilus check. If you do not pay close attention you will not hear the part that they are the ones sending out the new checks not the government. Too many good people have been burned by bad business practices and I wanted this to be an alert to anyone thinking about doing business with this organization to tread very carefully. Laurie Haslet, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #362085
Aug 12 2008
12:32 PM
Let's Unfair Practice, Theft Internet
I purchased a phone through this company in December,2007. At the time of placing my order, I expressed an interest in keeping my existing number. I was told once the phone has been activated, to call back and they would port my number over. I received an email from one of their supervisors with instructions as to what to do to keep my existing number. 6 months later (August, 2008). I checked my bank account to see that had debited my account for $250.00 without my authorization. I placed a call to see where this came from and I was told it was because I did not keep the number they originally gave me. According to them, this is considered a deactivation; they charge $250.00 for deactivating your phone. Well, going back to the email I received from their supervisor, there weren't any warnings about this fee nor was this disclosed to me during the time I placed my order. As a result, my bank account is at a negative. I have gotten the run around in trying to receive corporate contact information. I have spoken with several customer service managers and they are sticking to their guns with this one. Well so am I. I feel this is unfair practice as well as theft. I did not authorize this debit. Furthermore, if I knew I would be charged $250.00 later on down the line for porting my number over I would have kept the one they gave me. I will be filing a report with the BBB Online and the Federal Trade Commission. TB Mableton, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #377956
Oct 02 2008
01:54 PM
Verizon Wireless Contract Fraud Internet
I had or should I say still have a contract with Verizon wireless. Over a year ago I added a line for my girlfriend and as things would have it the relationship ended and I payed an early termination fee. My original contract was up in march 2008. I contacted verizon about changing carriers and they inform me that my contract was extended until march 2009. I ask why. They or she says, when I added the additional line that my contract was automatically extended. I say that that contract was terminated and the early termination fee or fine as I like to call it was paid in full, which nullifies that contract. Apparently the contract with the additional phone is eliminated but not the extension on the original phone contract. Even though I fulfilled the original contract and paid all fees and fines on the added contract, the extension on the original contract is still in effect. If I want to terminate the original contract that has been fulfilled, they inform me it is an additional $80.00 on a contract that was fulfilled according to the original agreement. But if I want to renew my original contract for 2 more years they will wave the extension that they placed on the original contract. I advised them that they should be more clear in the extending of the original contract before customers add additional lines to their plans. I am guessing that they won't because as statistics most likely would state that men or women who add boyfriends and girlfriends to their plan pay an early termination FINE. And they have the original extended to the new contract. No one in their right mind would extend their contract to 2 more years with just a few months to go on the original contract. Verizon says that it is not being deceptive in their extensions because they mail you the additional information on said contract. I said, Oh you mean the fine print that no one reads. She said exactly. Danielm Altoona, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
15, Report #452650
May 17 2009
07:23 AM
This company makes it sound as if they are legitimate, and offer you a sample of their information. You can, supposedly, immediately cancel your sample tour and no mention is made of how much they even charge if you don't. I DID cancel mine, but also DID get a $199.95 dollar billing on my credit card a month later. Strangely, my computer crashed within a week of the 'sample' and I have much information to suggest it was due to this site. Laine Naples, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #452653
May 17 2009
07:42 AM
Mood Fabric Too Easy Internet
I responded to a Boston Globe ad for a Accounts Receivable Agent on April 21,2009. I e/mailed a cover letter and resume. I got back a e/mail resume accepting me as an Accounts Receivable Specialist. It stated for me to give them my phone number,bank account number,bank name,routine number so as to my me 10% of money collected from clients who purchase machinery some months ago. They said it was so they can set up a branch in my city, as his fast growing business expand so he can reduce his work load. This whole deal seems fish to me. Has anyone else encountered such a situation. I am skeptical because,I heard of similar situations being a ripoff. Any time some one asked for bank information lights go off. Plus could not find anything about them other than a web site listing them as a fashion designer in NY City. I can not be sure this is them. John Dover, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #398193
Dec 05 2008
10:37 AM
Usa Credit patday lender Internet
i went on the computer for a patday loan never before have i paid out money in which a company lied and never gave money.i have not recieved anything from this company except a $149.95 withdrawl from my account i do not know who they are but i want my money back they are crooks. Stacey hillsboro, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #399722
Dec 09 2008
10:14 PM Scam thieves Internet
I found unauthorized charges from on my bank statement and called the number associated with it. Lady who answered the phone said she was not allowed to divulge (her words) the name of the company, when I asked for it. She could not give her company address or the names of any of her supervisors. It did not bother her that I have never ordered anything from them, let alone know who they are. I contacted my bank and they looked up and told me it is not a legitimate company. These people got into my account 3 times and took out amounts of $1.00, $19.95 & $29.95 on 3 different dates within the same month. It is not known how they were able to get my account number and the bank is looking into that. The bank also told me they used my debit card number as well. I encourage anyone reading this to periodicly check your account and look for withdrawals you never made. Solaeman102 Hollywood, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #403100
Dec 19 2008
12:03 PM
Cylon, LLC Cell Phone Scam Internet
Cylon, LLC started billing my cell phone for $9.99. Called my provider (AT&T) and they removed the charges but said that they were recurring. I had them block all internet activity to stop this bogus charge. This was billed for two months in a row.Ron Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #449356
May 06 2009
04:18 PM
CopyThatGame - BIG SCAM !! DO NOT BUY !! Internet
I bought the software CopyThatGame from It claims that it is a software that will help me create perfect backups from my CD. After I entered my Credit Card Info, i was taken to a page to download the allegded software. I downloaded the software, and was shocked to find out that the software that is being sold, is actually ImgBurn, which is a completely free software that can be downloaded from . The page states clearly that the software cannot be resold or bundled into a package, and it is completely free of charge. This company is selling this software as it was their own which is completely illegal. He is also offer a few other bonus softwares, which to my suprise, were also free softwares that can be found on other web pages. The other softwares this company is including in the package are: Iso Burner and Wii Raw Dump, which are also free softwares. Apparently, I'm on the only one getting scammed, after a search on google for copythatgame, One of the first results that shows up when you search for copythatgame on google is: This is a forum in which tens of other people got scammed and are complaining about copythatgame. So I'm not alone in this. Something needs to be done regarding this scam. Morean Williamsville, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #443755
Apr 15 2009
10:23 AM
Godaddy holds reseller's commissions New York Internet
I have a reseller account with godaddy; they owe me the commission for the last two months; but they keep on giving some or the other excuse to delay the payment which should have been made in the month of March. Check their commission payment policy before you buy a reseller account. Zia Mansfield, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #480669
Aug 16 2009
11:37 AM A massive mess Hawaii
I have wasted hours of my time and have given my credit card number to ModelMayhem. I am an accomplished film director and still photographer with 20 years of experience. They took my credit card payment and then denied me membership for reasons that the idiot moderators do not explain. There is no customer service e-mail nor phone number on their site. There is also no address of their organization. I have to check my Credit Card to see if the $100 charge for membership was processed. One would have to say that the web site is non functional is an understatement. I want to speak with a human about this messed up situation and yet I can not find a phone number. They are very unprofessional.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #487728
Aug 31 2009
10:15 AM
EQUIFAX Incompetent, Lazy, Uncooperative, Rude, Unprofessional Atlanta Georgia
Equifax is the worst reporting agency in the world.  I read other reports of what they have done to other people and I can relate to everything they have written in their letter of concerns.  I have had to dispute 5 times information on my credit report, and had to fax in information (Personal) that they were asking for and still they have not taken care of the problem. When you call them, you will always get representatives that do not speak good English and you can bearly understand them.  I asked for a supervisor and it I was on hold for 25 minutes and then had to hang up and call back, and then it took them another 10 minutes before I could get the supervisor.  When I did I asked them what information was updated on my credit report and I was told nothing that everything was in the investigation mode, however I am look at a letter that they sent me stating what was updated.  When you send them information they don't fix your report therefore you  are constantly updating information and it is putting your further and further behind and your not getting anywhere, and your score is constantly dropping.   I asked for my score they tell me I have to pay for it, although I have a credit monitoring systems for all three credit reporting agencies.  I don't know why these people are still in business.  When I asked who was in charge so that I could explained my problem to them naturally I was told they don't take phone calls at all, nor could they provide me with a executive office telephone number.  I was told that someone by the name of Rick Smith was the CEO.  If he allowing people on his staff to treat people like the way they are being treated, the government needs to shut him down. I had to report them to the BBB Sign  Disgusted with Equifax
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
24, Report #456408
May 29 2009
02:08 AM
IUniverse Poor services Bloomington Indiana
I am having a lot of problems with iuniverse and its poor services. Dealing with iuniverse is, like you said, very frustrating. I have one big problem after another in my dealings with them. When I thought all my troubles were over, I was shocked to receive two test copies, which had terrible book covers. I have never seen a book with such a bad cover. The colors were all mixed up, and the text, plus cover photo were misplaced! I would have expected this kind of thing to happen in the third world, but to be honest, books published in Uganda and Bangladesh are pf a much higher quality! The worst part of dealing with iuniverse is that they are rude and unprofessional. I have written to the vice president, CEO, and many consultants about the poor covers of my books, and they have all ignored me. I have even written to the CEO/ Vice presidents of authorssolution, and author's house, but they are all silent about the issue. And as if that were not bad enough, the only guy who had the courage to reply said that this was the first time they had ever had a problem like this!!! It is obvious that what iuniverse writes on its website is miles apart from what it actually offers. I would not advise any writer to risk invest his money in iuniverse. I wonder why no one had sued it yet! As a matter of fact, each of us who has had serious problems with iuniverse should not blame anyone for our suffering, because by choosing not to take any legal action against them, we are reinforcing their unprofessional behavior. So, I suggest, lets get together and take some serious legal action, seeking for compensatory and punitive damages. Oscar **** KampalaUganda
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
25, Report #454391
May 22 2009
09:47 AM
CENFLFIN Unlawful Charges from CENFLFIN.COM Florida
I noticed CENFLFIN.COM charges on my bank statement so I went to the website and called the customer service number. I spoke to a man who's supposed name is Christopher Martin and he could not find my name and requested to use my bank account number I gave as they already had it obviously and suprise suprise my account came up. I asked why they were charging me and he stated the account was opened 10/2006 although I did not sign up for this and he did not have my name even. I requested a refund and he said no I then asked for my account closed and he stated he would so I asked for a confirmation via e-mail or mail and he stated he would not do that. I then asked to speak with his supervisor and he stated it was corporate and they have no phone number only a PO BOX. I freaked out and said close my account and hung up. I went over my bank statements for the past 3 years and noticed random charges from this company never 2 months in a row except for the last 3 months. I feel like they were charging me randomly so I wouldn't notice which was obviously affective. So I called back and of course the same guy answered the phone. I told him I went over my bank statements and could tell they were charging me randomly so I wouldn't notice he basically said so what are you going to do you have no proof, what are you gonna say, you don't even remember signing up (because I didn't). I filed with BBB so hopefully something happens. If you see charges from CENFLFIN.COM on your bank statements I would file asap. Kristy seattle, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Florida

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