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1, Report #145605
Jun 09 2005
02:26 PM
R & R Vacations - Robbie Thomas ripoff vacation $800 tickets R&R, Futurecom Nationwide
866-415-5154 A few days ago I got a call on my Cell Phone from a man named Robbie Thomas, with a thick indian accent. He said I had been selected for this 'dream' vacation where I could take me and another person along. There was something about a card I would use along my travels that would give me discounts. He just needed to verify some of my information, including my account number. He was telling me to look for it in my check book. I talked to him for quite a while, trying to see what this guy was all about, and to waste his time. LOL. And then i told him i declined the offer and to pick another 'lucky' winner. 4 days later. He calls again, and i told him that i had spoke with him previously. He said i had not, and began with his speach again. I interrupted him and finished his scam speach, and again said to pick another person. RT: No, you dont want this package? Me: No man, pick someone else. RT: No? Well, then go to hell...Go to hell. Me: (in a polite voice) Thank you :) and I hung up on him... The next day. Same number comes up on my cell phone, this time it was a woman with an accent. She began the speach, only this time I could take my whole family! Wow! I told her I had already spoke with Robbie Thomas, and declined a 3rd time! She was more polite than my fire & brimstone rep from before, and said i wouldnt recieve anymore calls. Well, we'll see if she keeps her word. J windsor, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #137554
Apr 04 2005
08:05 PM
R & R Escapes Ripoff Attempt bank account number Saint George Utah
My 13 year old got a call from Pete Johnson employee # 2209 claiming he was eligible for $800 worth of airline vouchers and some free hotel nights. He gave the phone to me. This did not seem to bother Pete. He continue on with his spiel. Finally, he needed to verify who I was and asked for my bank account #. I refused to give it to him. He pressed hard about how he understands how there are scams on the web, etc. Finally, I told him my account number was 12345671. He questioned that number but then let it go and put on his supervisor. His supervisor was not so quick to let that account number go. I said that I was not confortable trusting someone named Pete Johnson who has a distictly Indian accent. The supervisor said that was only his business name. I asked why I could not find his company on the web. He told me to look at rrescapes.com. When I told him there was not site there he said Oh, it is under construction. Good one! Needless to say I would not give him any more information. I told him to call me back in 48 hours after I had a chance to check into his company. He hung up after that. **** NEVER give your bank account number to anyone who calls you!! Even if your own bank calls, they should know your number and should not have to ask for it. Michael Eliz, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Saint George, Utah
3, Report #137793
Apr 06 2005
03:57 PM
R & R Escapes Ripoff Completely Dishonest.....CALL YOUR BANK NOW!!! Saint George Utah
Macarena from R & R Escapes called my cell phone and said I had won an $800 airlines voucher and a 6 night stay in Orlando, FL. She then went on to say that she needed my bank account information and that nothing would be charged if I cancelled the membership within 10 days. She said I had also won things from Unlimited Communications and Great Vacation Values. I told her I wasn't interested but she kept on assuring me nothing bad would happen and what did I have to lose? I told her I had been scammed before and I wasn't going to give her my account information. She went to TELL ME that she knew I had Golden One Credit Union and the routing number and she just had to verify my account number. I asked her how she had that information and she said that I was reported as having good credit and pay history from a reliable source. I told her I wasn't interested but she told me that in order to cancel the order I had to verify my information for her and then go through the cancellation process. She gave me my cancellation number (3030942) and said I had to say yes or no and verify my banking information, which they already had. I went through the process and then immediately called my bank and changed my account number. The next day she called back and asked to talk to me and asked why my banking information wasn't working. Hmmm, why would she have run it already? I had 10 days to cancel. My boyfriend got on the phone then and told them to take me off every list, cancel my membership (that I had never agreed to purchase) and never call back. He then talked to her supervisor who promised to take us off the list and never call again. They all sounded Indian and wouldn't listen and they try to keep you on the line forever. If they call you tell them to take you off the list and DO NOT PURCHASE or give your information. Jennifer Chico, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Saint George, Utah
4, Report #137892
Apr 07 2005
10:16 AM
I got a call early this morning from someone named bruce #0629 (which is funny because he had a VERY thick Indian accent) who said that I just won $800.00 in travel vouchers. My co-worker told me to hang up because it didnt seem right but just because I'm curious I kept listening until he asked me for my account number. I told him that I didn't have it and to call back later. He called me back 3 hours later and asked for the information, I told him that I didn't have it so he said that he could use the 7 digit number on the back of my card and to talk to the verification manager. I asked him if he had a website and he said no but gave me their customer service number and there hours of operation. I thought this was odd and googled the name he gave me and this site came up. I talked to him and he told me that he was going to record my information, I said ok at first, I recorded my name and address. As it got to the point for me to record my number I thought something wasn't right at that point one report popped up about how they charged peoples numbers and this and that. I asked him questions and he got mad and hung up. He then called me back and explained that they aren't going to rip me off and how when I write a check people have my account number and it's the same thing. I said no and that I wanted them to erase any information on me that they had. He said, ok when this recording I'm about to play comes on and says this and that you need to say no then yes. I said i'm not recording anything, delete any information you have, and then hung up on him. Immediatly following that I called my bank, talked to them and they said that I should cancel my card so they couldn't charge anything to it. I did just that. If anyone gets a call from these people HANG UP!!! DON'T ANSWER IF THEY CALL BACK!! Nichole Alexandria, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #134977
Mar 14 2005
05:28 PM
R & R Escapes ripoff completely dishonest known for fraudulent billing Saint George Utah
Well first off, they called me and said I had won a free trip. So I went along with it until they asked for my checking account information. I asked them why they would need that if I had won a free vacation. They said some crap about a card that is good for discounts to a number of places in the U.S. They said I could cancel the card within 10 days. So I agreed for whatever reason and gave them my account info. It was not until the next day that I was curious and checked the travel agency for any fraudulent claims. It was when I came to this site that I realized that I was duped. So what I did was went to my bank right away. I told them about the company and even showed them this website. They agreed to close my account and stop all further transactions without questions asked. Now I have a new account no problem and I'm not getting charged for anything. The bastards haven't even sent me the card and stuff in the mail yet. I wonder why... Michael DeKalb, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Saint George, Utah
6, Report #138959
Apr 15 2005
11:33 AM
R & R Escapes Ripoff wants checking account information St. George Utah
A representative by the name of Mary Johnson called me at work and told me that I had been chosen to recieve $800 in free travel vouchers to use on airlines and hotels. She verified some general information. She told me that she would send me the information in the mail. I told her that was fine. She then asked what bank I used. I told her and then she said that she needed my account number to verify that I am the person traveling. I told her that I don't have that information redily available and furthermore, that I didn't feel comfortable giving her that information. She then continued on saying that she wasn't trying to sell me anything she just needed to verify that I was the one traveling. Again I told her no and that she could send me the information in the mail. She said fine and hung up. The next day, someone else from there called wanting the same information. I told him that I had already told Mary Joseph that I didn't feel comfortable giving my account information over the phone to a company that I have never heard of. He became rather irate and pressed on trying to get my information. I told him that I wasn't interested if I had to provided my account information. He said that was my choice and then I hung up on him. I would just hang up if they ever call you. It is amazing how they can get information so fast. I don't know how they got my work number. My line isn't even the main one. Regina Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: St. George, Utah
7, Report #141657
May 05 2005
12:43 PM
R & R Escapes Ripoff offers and Harassment St George Utah
A week ago I recieved a phone call about an offer that they said I cant resist. The telemarketer offered me an $800 dollar voucher that I can use in any airlines of my choice plus some additiona gifts. The telemarketer told me that I dont have to do anything because what he was offering was free and all I need to do was give him my bank routing number. THat is when I got suspicious. This is the first time a I got asked for my bank routing number; usually they asked for credit card number. When I told the guy that I can not give him my routing number because I was driving, he told me to pull over on the side of the freeway so I can give him my routing number. Now that is just outrageous. Last night May 4th 2005 around 8:00 pm I recieved a phone call again from the same guy. He offered me the same thing again and I told him that I am not comfortable giving anybody my bank routing number. He keep insisting that I should give him my bank routing number becuase he said and I quote It is the safest transaction than giving my credit card number at this point I had it with the guy but he still insist that I should give it to him. He said that if I am not comfortable giving my bank routing number, I can call his work. He gave me his address, phone number, his name and his ID# (R&R Escape, St. George Utah, Bryan Carter, 3215). Now I dont want to sound prejudice or racist but I know Bryan Carter is an american name or could even be a Caucasian name, but this guy sounded like he is from the middle east because his accent was so thick you could hardly understand what he was saying. I hope this message will help other people in the future. Just to play it safe, if you are suspicious about a company just check it at BBB. Ryan La Puente, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: St George, Utah
8, Report #16306
Mar 08 2002
12:00 AM
R&R Consultants ripoff New York New York
I applied for a credit card, though this company for $395.00. They garenteed me a 6.6 interest rate, On August 17, 2001. I have made several attemps to contact them. On the phone number 877-590-9492 with no results. Thanks for your help, Carl Spalding Carl Lafayette, Indiana
Entity: New York, New York
9, Report #4973
Apr 20 2001
12:00 AM
10, Report #8165
Nov 26 2001
12:00 AM
R & R Consultants AKA Peace and Quiet ripoff fraud
This company HAD my elderly mother's credit card number and asked her to comfirm it for safely. She did. They offered to protect her against credit card fraud and she asked for more information by mail. R & R Consultants, AKA Peace and Quiet charged her card for $289 without authorization. Address was 5160 Decarie Blvd. Suite 350 Montreal, Quebec H3X-2H9. The brochure was U.S. priority mail from Champlain, NY. I saved the envelope if anyone wants to prosecute for mail fraud.
Entity: Champlain, NY - Montreal, Quebec, NY, Quebec
11, Report #469582
Jul 14 2009
12:27 PM
R & R Realty Unethical real estate broker and very rude Astoria New York
I would like to say that I had requested, my sister, to be my exclusive real estate agent to rent my upstairs apartment. As such, my sister listed the property on MLS and worked hard including taking and uploading photos, taking calls, etc. My father-in-law (a life estate tenant) went to the above real estate and told them to look out for any tenants. However, it was this broker's responsibility to ensure that this property was not listed on MLS. Additionally, we informed the broker that it was listed and the broker only said that this is how we do business here. Various propsective tenants had come to see the apartment and once we had someone that was interested, an agent from this broker's place of residence came with the future tenant's paperwork and even asked that a lease be drawn up....The whole time I was thinking he had been consulting with my real estate agent who is also my sister. Well, when we told the broker the property was listed already and at the very least, he share the commission check he received from tenant, he was extremely rude to my sister and stated the above phrase in quotations. I paid my true real estate agent/sister 50% of the commission fee that was owed to her and was supposed to be reimbursed by the broker. I am out $950 that I had to pay my real estate agent/sister. I am appalled that someone can get away with something like that. I hope someone can start an investigation as soon as possible. Everyone beware!!! Anonymous Astoria, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Astoria, New York
12, Report #626506
Jul 25 2010
04:16 PM
Psychic R R Spiritual Leader RZ, Rose Light for Life Not a Real Psychic , Internet
This psychic is not a real psychic.  This so called psychic first started at Liveperson posing as a woman named Rose Light for Life.  Then she changed her photo of a woman to a man, and started calling himself Spiritual Leader RZ, and now it's Psychic R R.  He is very slippery and gets low ratings removed by Liveperson, which tells you how unethical the whole site is in general.  That's why he has hardly any low ratings.  Anyone who lies to people and poses as a woman, then a man, is not real anything, let alone psychic.
Entity: Internet, Internet
13, Report #751392
Jul 10 2011
02:30 PM
R&R Electronics One of the worst companies I've ever seen!!! Apache Junction, Arizona
I was originally referred to R&R Electronics from LG for a malfunctioning microwave in my rental property.  R&R came out to assess what was wrong.  They indicated that the entire door needed to be replaced so they ordered it.  It took 10 days to receive this replacement door, which they then informed me that it was the wrong one.  They then reordered the 'correct' door from LG. This same process happened 3 times, each time with them blaming LG for sending the wrong door.  So here I am 6 weeks after my initial call and I'm no closer to getting my microwave repaired.  Not to mention, my tenant informed me that the repair man was insulting me for not just replacing the microwave.  I had just bought it 3 years previous so I'd hope that's not the recommendation they give all customers. Anyway, I finally 'fired' them and requested a refund of the service charge since they hadn't succeeded in fixing anything.  After much negotiation and threats, they finally agreed to refund the $50.  Unfortunately, this wasn't the end.  After 2 weeks and no check, I called them and they informed me that they'd mailed the check and they weren't sure where it was.  I asked them to resend the check...they said they'd 'look into it'.  What a joke!   It's now been 4 months since my original service call.  I kept calling and eventually spoke to someone who claimed to be the owner.  He apologized and claimed that their repair shop had burned down.  I think he wanted me to tell him to not worry about the $50.  I just sat there and told him that wasn't my problem and I still wanted the refund.  He again said he'd have his front office people look in to it.  Still nothing. Long story short...avoid this horrible company at all cost.  They deserve to go out of business!!!!
Entity: Apache Junction, Arizona
14, Report #797820
Nov 14 2011
10:36 AM
R and R legal Nick Ripoly rip off corona, California
I hired Nick Ripoly to write me an appeal letter and i paid him $750. He did not write any of the appeal, instead he never returned my phone calls and also didnt respond to my emails, i was basically ripped off $750. Beware of this guy he is a scam artist and also uses craigslist to find his victims.
Entity: corona, California
15, Report #859278
Mar 25 2012
09:32 PM
R & R Rentals Bad Experience All Around North Bend, Washington
We had a bad experience today at R & R Rentals, after having been repeat customers at the store.  We were seeking to merely have a lawn mover serviced and the oil changed. The guy working at the counter smirked condescendingly at my husband and rudely told us they don't service anything but Honda motors, despite what my husband was told just a few months ago, because the parts weren't available anywhere. He then directed us to an establishment in Issaquah he said would be open but was in fact closed. We wasted hours on this today, thanks to this salesperson.  Funny though, my husband is fairly handy and decided to check out Home Depot to do the job himself. He was able to purchase all the parts and give our lawn mower a tune up with these hard to come by parts for probably a fraction of the cost. Rude service, uneducated staff. If you have any level of ability to do it yourself, this staff will be a dissapointment. Take your business elsewhere.
Entity: North Bend, Washington
16, Report #924575
Aug 08 2012
08:07 PM
R & R Express Balkan Express Failure to pay for services rendered, Internet
Load was brokered to us by R&R Express.  Incomplete info provided, after settling everything at pick-up, we went to delivery point, where again we had incomplete info. Was delayed and incured substantial fees.  R&R has refused to pay for any additional charges or fees to complete the delivery of their load.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #1156699
Jun 22 2014
09:00 PM
We bought a Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator from Lowe's with an extended warranty.  The refrigerator quit working after my husband used the ice maker and the code 5Y CF came up.  We called Lowes, explained the problem and they sent out R&R Electronics to repair the refrigerator.  Nobody ever researched the code with their company.  Just came up to Globe, looked at the refrigerator and said it was the mother board.  Mother board finally came in. Technician said it was the wrong mother board after driving all the way back to Globe to install it almost a week later.  Heard from the office of R&R Electronics that it was the right mother board but the technician didn't know where to install it.  The next week, 3 kids looking like they were under the age of 21 came to install the mother board.  The mother board, the office told my husband, is located under this heavy refrigerator.  While trying to install the mother board, these kids broke the copper water line to the ice maker.  They wanted to solder a copper water line where the break was.  My husband is a plumbing contractor and luckily my 18 year old son was home to tell them you CANNOT solder that.  I have pictures of what this company did to my kitchen.  As I said, my husband is a plumbing contractor and has NEVER left someone's house a mess like this.  He and his employees even wear booties into customer's houses.  So, motherboard installed.  Worked for 1 week.  Tried to use the ice maker and the code came up again and the refrigerator quit once more.  I called Lowe's.  They called R&R.  Another tech showed up another week later, said it was the starter cap.  2 weeks later another tech finally showed up and installed the started cap.  Refrigerator still would not come on and the code displayed again.  The tech called his office and asked someone to please look up the code.  The boss then got on the phone, said that code wasn't on the refrigerator when he came up and didn't bother to tell the technician what the code stood for.  I have the original paperwork with the technician's writing showing the code.  The technician then told his boss he WAS NOT COMING BACK UP HERE AGAIN.  I asked the tech if maybe it had something to do with the icemaker since it seemed to be happening when we used it.  He opened the tray to the icemaker, noticed something hanging down.  He pulled on it and said it was the sensor for the ice machine.  He then said that it looked like the wires were messed up.  He wrote on the paperwork, Needs new ice machine.  Next thing I know, Dottie, from R&R Electronics has called Lowes to tell them we cut the wires to the ice maker.  I had a licensed electrician come and look at the wires.  He pointed out that the sensor must have fallen and the wires got caught in the tray. These people outright LIED to Lowes and it cancelled our service agreement!!!!!  I also have the last technician recorded  on my phone.  You can hear everything, especially him telling his boss that the code had been on the refrigerator since day 1!     I have googled this particular model and this is a common problem with this refrigerator.  I am furious that this company is acting like they are paying my husband and I back by outright lying about the wiring!!!  How can a company do that?  Especially when I have proof of the destruction these people have caused? 
Entity: Apache Junction, Arizona
18, Report #1128982
Mar 07 2014
10:25 AM
R & R Solution Center Fake Repair Man Philadelphia Pennsylvania
I called these losers to come fix my refrigerator and it still doesn't work.  They came out twice and the same problems still persist.  I asked for a refund and got denied.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
19, Report #1276954
Dec 29 2015
10:46 PM
R and R Electronics Con Job Miami Florida
I was totally taken in by the salesman on a visit to Dolphin Mall during recent visit to USA.  The X20 HDMI projector is nowhere near the standard described and was sold for more than 10 times what it is worth.  They use a bogus listing on Amazon.com to show what a bargain it is. Not only are there no refunds, but they deduct 20% off what you paid if you want to exchange the item.  I guess I assumed that a shopping mall would only have reasonably reputable retailers - big mistake.
Entity: Miami, Florida
20, Report #1161429
Jul 12 2014
07:24 AM
R&R Electronics LG SANCTIONED CROOKS Apache Junction Arizona
They were supposed to come and replace my LG refrigerator compressor in my home and instead told us they would have to take it away. After 3 weeks they brought it back and it was as though they had done nothing. The fridge didn't cool, just as before. Now there were to long stripes of damage across the entire rear of the refrigerator, just as if they had leaned it back until it fell on the edge of a kitchen counter or something. They came and took it away the next day again. I never saw it again. They finally informed LG that it was irreparable because of a Yoder Coil. No one wanted to pay for it. After two months without any loaner fridge, Home Depot saved the day by bringing us the fridge from their employee lounge! The extended warranty company (Assurant) bailed and only paid for $800 of my 2K dollar fridge! They were supposed to deal with LG. Fortunately LG covered the full cost of the fridge, so it worked out $800 to my advantage. Then when I realized I could scrap the fridge for all the thermistors and little custom light bulbs and panels, etc, I was sure thankful as I have spent no less than a 40 hour work week trying to get all these companies to do what we already paid them to do when we bought the fridge. But R and R Electronics stole my refrigerator and decided they would work out the deal with LG on my behalf without my permission, and absolutely refused to ever call me back. I wanted my refrigerator back, so I took a 2 hour trip from my town to Apache Junction, got a Sherriff's Deputy to come with me, and when we showed up they were working out of a little storage shed sized trailer. I followed the cop inside and he went through and found the owner. He introduced himself and called me back. Then the owner of R and R Electronics literally yelled at me with slobbering viciousness, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SHOP!!!!??? The cop was blown away, and so was I. I simply entered through the front of the business and into the lobby and I was automatically greeted with a violent response! The man had no idea who I was or why I was there, or if I was a customer or a news reporter or anything. He responded like only a criminal can.... Just watch how people on COPS respond and that's how this guy is. He was ready to bash my head in... I am so thankful that I was there with the police! Do not go there alone or without a police officer! These people are dangerous and very venomous. DO NOT LET THEM INTO YOUR HOME. They are criminals and they behave like criminals. Once we stepped outside, the man had his girl lock up the building (because something illegal is probably going on inside). I never got to say anything to present my case to these unreasonable, vicious creeps. They told the cop that I already got my $2K and that I was now trespassing!!!! But they never got my permission to work out that deal for me and I would have never given it... because a 2K dollar fridge is worth a lot in parts to refrigerator repair companies (like R&R). I would have sold it off slowly or turned the body into a worm farm or made cool experiments with the thermistors... the point is that it was my refrigerator and they stole it and claimed that they threw it in the dumpster!!!! Yeah right, they threw away a perfectly good compressor, about 5 perfect thermistors, a perfect motherboard and several peripheral logic boards, and all the different little panels that you have to purchase at a premium to replace... they just threw away about $3K in parts! Liars! Thieves! The cops had to respect their demands to get me off their property and I left. I'm sure glad they were there! It's like if your car broke and you take it in and the mechanic keeps it for 2 months and then declares it totaled! Then the mechanic somehow files an insurance claim on your behalf and you just get a check in the mail for your car... what the heck! What happened to my car! Where is it!? At least I will scrap it to offset some of my costs over these last three months of working around having no car. So you call them to get your broken car back and they say, We scrapped your car, Ford told us to get rid of it, so we threw it in the dumpster. SERIOUSLY!??? It wasn't Ford's car to choose what to do with it, and it wasn't your car to work out an insurance claim on my behalf! I want my broken car back. Then everyone tells you that you should be happy because you got a check for the car... seriously! I am happy. But what does that have to do with it? It's a scam people! So, did my Yoder Coil really go out? Or did they just acquire a $2K fridge on LG's dime and resell it without the sticker? Did they drop my fridge on the back panel and break the Yoder Coil inside when there was only a compressor problem to begin with? Or did it just magically fall apart by itself sitting still in my home? Did it break at all, or was it all just part of their scam operation? WHY ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS? LG––FIRE THEM!!!
Entity: Apache Junction, Arizona
21, Report #1204816
Jan 27 2015
03:49 PM
R & R Express Freeda G. and payroll lady Donna Thieves!!!!! pittsburg Pennsylvania
This lady Freeda got made becuse i quit. I took my truck and parked her trailer at her front door. 2 weeks later she claiming i vandalized her trailer... which is not true. payroll believe her and kept my money and want even answer my call now. funny thing i have proof that i didnt damage her trailer. I should have known. but you live and you learn. Dont trust these people at this company. She say i bent the rim and bust a tire on the trailer. it has cost me over 2000 dollars. which is owed to me.
Entity: pittsburg, Pennsylvania
22, Report #1329456
Sep 21 2016
06:25 PM
R And R botanical Total scam artist LA MESA California
 So sweet Paula is not so sweet. I ordered her product and have received nothing. Have emailed her several times and she want even return or respond. I'm writing the attorney general and b.b.b and I encourage everyone else who was ripped off do the same. Lets shut this (((REDACTED))) down
Entity: LA MESA, California
23, Report #1363220
Mar 21 2017
11:19 PM
Neuphoric-R Renewal - R Scam Fountain City California
Was called about a Free Sample if I paid Shipping. I gave them my credit card number to use for shipping only of the free trial. Now I am getting product in the mail monthly and they have drafted by bank account for $185/mo for 3 months without my permission. They will not take back the products even though they are no opened, but agreed to stop the payments. I will be canceling my credit card and adding a Fraud alert to my bank account in the morning. When I asked to speak to the supervisor I was left on hold over an hour and no one ever picked up the phone. Fraud! Scam!
Entity: Fountain City, California
24, Report #366128
Aug 23 2008
12:42 PM
R&R Carrier Dont work for R&R carrier in Fontana, California, There trucks are needing repair and they dont pay you on time Fontana California
i worked for r&r caarrier in fontana, ca and regret workin there. my so called boss ralphie gonzalez, thought i didnt know what i was talking about when i told him the truck needed a steer tire. he wasted my whole day runnin around trying to get the tire balanced. i went to 3 places and 2 of them told me i needed a tire. the tire couldnt be balanced. i even have a video of the tire on the balancer and it shows 50.0 which is the weight. it is only suppose to be 10-14 lbs. he also promised to fix everything on the truck including the steps that were practicly falling off. he never did. i wasnt told on the day i came home on tuesday the 19th that i was let go, he told me on August 22nd to clean the truck out. i think its because of fuel. he was going to hold me against my will in lordsburg, nm until wednesday the 20th. i delivered my load on tuesday the 19th and told him u needed fuel. he was going to give me fuel money then, i guess. i'm still waiting for my paycheck and the half of my first paycheck, and its been over 24 hours. what should I do or who should I call? i have all the text messages and promises sent by me and him, pictures of the truck, and videos. thank you. Colarx7 Victorville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fontana, California
25, Report #590446
Apr 07 2010
10:40 AM
R & R Towing Fort Worth, Texas 76111 Neka (wife) and Robert (husband) Failure to title 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera in R & R Towing's Name Internet, Texas
I purchased a 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, VIN# 1G3AG54N6P6303147 [ad was on Craigslist] for $750.00 cash from R & R Towing,2101 Bonnie Brae Avenue,Fort Worth, TX 76111, Ph# (817) 454-9562 and Fax# (817) 831-0575. I paid a $300 cash deposit on April 3, 2010, and the balance of $450.00 on April 5, 2010. I received (2) receipts for the cash transactions and a title from R & R Towing. The money was paid directly to Neka of R & R Towing. Additionally, Neka of R & R Towing voluntarily had the car I purchased towed to my home by one of her drivers. On April 5, 2010, when I attempted to obtain the title and permanent tags for the car from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, 645 Grapevine Hwy, Suite 1, Hurst, TX 76054, I was unable to obtain the title because DMV personnel informed me that the last (2) names on the title had no right to sell the car in the 1st place. R & R Towing,as the company, nor its owners' names do not appear on the title. Additionally, R & R Towing as a business, failed to follow the information at the top of the title on the back: When vehicle is sold, title holder must assign and furnish this title, current license, receipt and sales tax affidavit to the purchaser who must file application with county tax assessor collector within 20 working days to avoid $10 penalty. On April 6, 2010, Neka of R & R Towing met me at the above Hurst DMV location. I stood next to Neka at the DMV window. My friend and witness, Christy Wilkerson was present also. After explaining my situation to the DMV personnel, they explained to Neka of R & R Towing that the best option was for R & R Towing to obtain a bonded title [when evidence of ownership cannot be proven] for the car to get the title. R & R Towing will not refund my $750.00 I paid for the 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera. The car currently sits with no title in my name and no permanent tags. R & R Towing's company advertisement can be viewed at this website address: http://www.thecityoffortworth.com/towing/ Thank you.
Entity: Internet, Texas

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