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1, Report #1404595
Oct 06 2017
08:57 AM
Rainy Days Lied, Overcharged, Never Responded Garner North Carolina
I was scheduled for service on my lawn sprinkler system.  A company truck showed up and did work on my across-the-street neighbor's system, and I assumed he would walk across the street to fix mine.  Instead he drove off.  I called Rainy Days because they charge for travel time from the last job to the next one, and I felt I should not pay that charge.  I got a huge run around from the scheduler.  When he realized I was not satisfied, he transferred me to the office manager who gave me an even bigger runaround.  The story was that the appointments had been scheduled at different times, there were two separate field technicians, and their routes were set days before and could not be changed.  The manager kept looping back to the schedules can't be changed, even though they were looking right at two customer addresses right next to each other in the same time frame.  The conversation deteriorated into an argument, and finally I got the office manager to agree I would not be charged for travel time.  Three hours later the same technician who had done the work across the street showed up at my house.  This made everything Rainy Days told me nothing but one big lie.  Because I had no trust left in Rainy Days, I timed to the minute how long the technician worked on my repair.  It was 59 minutes.  When I received my bill, as promised there was no travel charge, but the work time on sight was padded by 25% to in my opinion cover the travel charge Rainy Days would have collected if I had not called.  This company may do good work in the field, but it is run for maximum company profit with no regard for customers.  They are dishonest, and experienced at taking advantage of customers.  Buyer beware. 
Entity: Garner, North Carolina
2, Report #1300739
Apr 19 2016
11:07 PM
USPS USPS, United States Postal Service Mail Opened, Mail Stolen, Packages Lost, Refuses Delivery On Rainy Days, Nationwide
I provide the number for USPS in the box that wanted the number. I know it by heart because of the MANY TIMES of having to deal with USPS. DO NOT BOTHER TO CALL THAT NUMBER. YOU WILL BE SHOUTING AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS AT A COMPUTER THAT WILL NOT CONNECT YOU TO A LIVE OPERATOR.   The local post offices are just as bad.   Meanwhile other delivery companies I really have ZERO problems with. There were some issues which are resolved and they are resolved EASILY. The problems with USPS are NOT RESOLVED.   I have had packages delivered to my front porch EVERY TIME with other shipping companies. Meanwhile with USPS they refuse delivery when it is raining?! They also CONSTANTLY have left mail and packages in the WRONG MAILBOXES or the WRONG ADDRESSES.    Also, every online merchant must stop using these CRIMINALS. These items are very expensive so it is important to use a trusted shipping companies instead of U.S.P.S..
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1262280
Oct 19 2015
01:28 PM
Rainy Pools Abysmal Customer Service League City Texas
It is unbelievable that Rainy pool can remain in business with the poor level of customer service they provide. The two women in the league city location are rude, not helpful and drive customers away.  I hope my message gets out to all that are choosing a pool company to run, run as fast as you can to a different company.  You will be frustrated and no one in management even cares.  Such a sad state of affairs that it is allowed to continue. Examples - over one year attempting to get a few tiles replaced Sending a service rep out and get charged $139 for absolutely nothing when call out for a specific issues Blaming the gas company for a gas heater problem.  Gas company said they get many of the same complaints
Entity: League City, Texas
4, Report #299888
Sep 29 2008
11:18 PM
Bedrock Pools bought pool equipment that was never delivered. Will not return my phone calls. unfinished pool construction. Pinehurst Texas
I have a contract with this pool company to complete construction. They have gone through several periods of inactivity. Has been almost 8 months that they have been working on my pool. The General Contractor/owner Tim McDougall has not contacted me in over 4 months even though I have called him many times per week. The job is about 90% completed and my contact (his partner Greg) has his phone disconnected. Tim's phone works but he does not return my calls. I have paid for my pool equipment (which I have not received) and I have payment verification as well as scheduled work documentation along with the contract. He has since started new pool projects and has neglected to finish mine. I was told by his crew months ago that I could fill my pool after about 2 days of plumbing work and I have not gotten any response to my messages and I have not gotten the equipment that I have paid for. Please help!! Bryan Missouri City, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Pinehurst, Texas
5, Report #730818
Jul 20 2011
03:07 PM
Futurastone Hawaii Richard Cozzo Lying cheating conman, overpriced, poor work and does not follow through on contracts. honolulu, Hawaii
Richard Cozzo owner of Futurastone is a lying, manipulative individual that will lie to your face to get a contract, and sell you things you don't need, promise one thing and use inferior materials once the work begins. Many corners have been cut to facilitate his need for profit at the expense of workmanship. Work begins late and ends late and there is always an excuse, much damage was done to my property during the installation and they have never come back to fix anything that his company had damaged. Stay away at all cost, the guy is a control freak and pathetic liar.
Entity: honolulu, Hawaii
6, Report #510358
Oct 16 2009
02:21 PM
Jenkins Property Management Ron Salgado Jenkins Property Management claims to fix roofing problems but 6months later when rainy season is here roof still leaking in the same exact spots. Jenkins Property does not handle business. Internet, California
Do not choose  JENKINS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT for your home owners association duties, not only are they rude, but when their is an issue they don't fix the problems.  I have had a roof issue in my town home since 1998, since then we have had a couple of HOA's. Last year I had a leak in my home. This has been an ongoing issue since I moved into this place. My closet was soppy wet, along with my carpet.  I also had wooden floor that wasnt even 1 yr old as a matter of fact it was about 2-3 months old. This was ruined from the leak I had in my bedroom. I of course reported this to my HOA - JENKINS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, what should have been handled in a quick manner, ended up dragging on for 6 long months. My whole room had to be torn down and re down along with the bath rooms. The HOA then hired their own mold expertor who was supposed to be biased. Turns out Ron Salgado, hired this man to cut corners. When Serv Pro came to do the work they paid out of their own pocket to have their own Mold Inspector come out, from the initial inspector only the bathroom had mold, turned out to be the WHOLE BEDROOM AND BATHROOM had mold. As we all know Mold is a serious issues especially having children living in the home. My home was not livable for 6 months, because Ron Selgado lagged on the whole procedure. Till this day he hasnt completed the bathroom, his excuse I was rude to the contractor? First of all his contractor came 4 times to my home and could not get the measurments right for the back splash, too boot the back splash wasnt event going to matching with the sink. Not only did he do a mickey mouse job he never completed it. All this $ being spent on tearing down my room, installing hard wood flooring, and new carpeting he could have purchased a new Roof a couple of years ago. I had rented my unit and the tenants had the same complaint LEAKY ROOF, supposidly this was supposed to be rectified when they where living there. Come to find out it wasn't. I am not even sure if Ron hires LISCENSED CONTRACTORS or just has these Maintenance people TRY and fix things. I never got my backsplash installed but come to find out 3 days ago it rained and guess what...... the roof still has the same exact leaks. The hardwood floor is all bubbled up. Keep in mind they just replaced it not too long ago. When I had moved back in Oct. the place was newly carpeted and with the roof damage I had to have my carpet ripped out and have some close to color that doesnt even match the rest of the house. So now my town home looks all dumpy. Then during this whole time while the room was blocked off and sealed off, I went to stay at a hotel 1 night $100 do you think Ron refunded me the $- he stated I had to write the board? Write the board... here he is spending money left and right to these supposed contractors and he cant refund $100. His customer services skills SUCK. I can't believe anyone would hire him to represent their company. Too boot he wasnt even on the same page with Serv PRO he didnt realize how bad the situation was until he actually paid a visit to my house. You would think after all this he would feel bad about my roof still leaking, no he doesn't he still hasnt gotten off his duff to try and rectify the issue, so meanwhile I have wet carpet and my home smells musty and I am sure mold is surfacing as we speak. YES RON you dont need to be a rocket scientist to know that when things get wet MOLD develops. Here I am paying $300 a month in hoa fees and my town home is so run down. Ron then has the nerves to tell other home owners its not his fault that this place is a dump. He is so crude he is unbelievable. if you are searching for a  HOA do not choose JENKINS PROPERTY. Not only are they rude they are also pricey for what they do which is absolutily nothing.
Entity: Internet, California
7, Report #298300
Jan 22 2008
08:04 AM
NEW CENTURY MORTGAGE COMPANY Misleading Mortgage Information on Closing Paperwork Irving California
When I applied for a refinance loan I was told I was getting a 30 year fixed mortgage over the phone. They sent me a good faith estimate email that I could never get open and when I told them I could not get it open they said it would all be explained at the closing. At the closing the loan ended up being a 2 year ARM at 7.65% and a 40 year pay back. I was in the middle of a Bankruptcy at the time and really needed the cash out so I signed the papers. The closing cost also was thousands more than I was told they would be. Paul Sebastian, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #56275
May 22 2003
11:01 PM
Vertex One Employee of Global Financial (websmart interactive) telling the truth about this rip off scam Atlanta Georgia
To all you customers who have been ripped off, I give my sincerest apoligizes. I will be very straight forward, ya i knew the card i was selling was a scam, and i knew it was wrong. Sure the supervisors and management staff told us almost every day it wasn't, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. I am sure all you who have been ripped off 221.95 really don't care that us as employees lost our jobs, found out we weren't getting paid, 5 days before rent was due, and so on, you probably think it is funny and you know what so would I. What goes around comes around... I've heard it a million times and its true. I consider myself a very moral person, but we were put in a position that is hard to get out of. I'm not sure about the pay in the North Dakota centers, but here in saskatoon, we were getting paid about $4.00 more an hour than minnimum wage and around here to get a job that pays in that area without any schooling is tough to find. When i started working there, it was completely legit, bank one, target, and other legit companies were all we sold for. Then slowly the whole center turned to this global financial, which at the beginning we obviously believed was a good upstanding company. I myself have never sold for any company that would rip people off, but then slowly, people started to get suspicious. Finding reports on websites such as this one, and rumors were going around everywhere. Anyone who says they didn't know is either a complete idiot and are just too stupid to figure it out, or they are a hypocrite and are too afraid to admit it, or too ashamed to. Believe me i did look for other jobs, i didn't wanna work 5 days a week for a company who ripped people off. But like i said there was nothing that would pay even close, i have kids, i have a mortage, car payments, etc. I wasn't about to take a job at Mc Donalds, i had responsabilitles to live up to, and i wasn't about to let my kids go hungry. So in conclusion ya i know it was bad what i was doing, i got pressured into it, and i did try to get out of it, but its not always that easy. Like I said I do give my apoligizes but realistically, anyone who seriously believes that they can get a credit card that has 0% interst for life, and gets over $1000 worth of benefits, all for one easy payment of 221.95 was bound to get ripped off sooner or later, just take this as a lesson learned! Annonymous saskatoon, SaskatchewanCanada
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
9, Report #220522
Nov 14 2006
01:32 PM
Resorts International & Travel Lied about the renting of my timeshare and my gaurantee Orlando Florida
I was promised that I would get my time share rented and if not would get vouchers to go on a cruise or a flight to predetermined place. They had 180 days to do this. They did not. I asked for my gaurantee of trip or cruise in june 5th 2006 checked june 26 to find out where they were. checked july 10 to find out where they were. never go them before i went on my vacation. Checked again oct 23 2006 to find out where they were. They do not return phone calls or emails. I have called every day for the last 3 weeks to no avail. i have talked to 3 different people who have all promised they would send out the vouchers. They are 1st Jay Roberts, 2nd Regal Gonsales, 3Rd Steve Jacobs. They all lie and do not follow through with there promises. I would like a refund or my vouchers Vern rainy river, OntarioCanada
Entity: Orlando, Florida
10, Report #1059527
Jun 16 2013
08:27 AM
Credit Karma Be VERY careful when applying for their recommendations  Internet
 So in my experience CreditKarma.com is a useful tool to monitor your credit report activity. Its true that they are a free service, but as with all businesses, they have to make money somewhere, and from what I can gather, they do this by recommending credit cards, loans etc based on your credit score and then get a referral fee from the relevant financial institution. All well and good you may think but heres the problem. In an effort to build my credit, I have to date applied for 3 of their recommendations where they say I have a good chance of acceptance, all 3 were rejected thereby actually reducing my credit score significantly,  Moral of the story, think hard before you apply for their recommendations, you could be doing yourself more harm than good. Eveytime you apply for credit of any kind, it will generate a hard enquiry which reduces your score by a significant amount, and these hard enquiries stay on your credit report for 12 months. Just for the record, I dont have any bad credit, I just have whats called a thin credit profile. I still dont understand the logic of refusing credit to those who, because they dont have much debt, and therefore have more disposable income, just a thought.
Entity: Not available, Internet
11, Report #1129265
Mar 08 2014
01:41 PM
Kroger Accepted forged checks Marion Ohio
 Kroger accepted checks written on my checking account.  I am female and the only person on the account.  A male signed his own name to the checks, and put his drivers license number on the checks.  The clerk didn't even verify the check(s). I filed a police report and have an affidavit of forgery from the bank.  I was harrassed by  Kroger collection agency even after they had these reports.  I had to drive 1 hour from my home, which was terrifying for me.  Kroger has a responsibility to look at and card for paper checks.  Three checks in all were passed causing me untold psychological and emotional distress.  I was treated like a criminal.  Their clerk was at fault, but they make excuses saying that they do not have time to look at the check holders name, or verify accounts with ID.  Saying everything is automated, but the clerk takes the check, puts it in the machine, and I believe they are complicit in this.  They have a responsibility when it comes to paper checks.  I want to be compensated for my time, travel, and pain and suffering caused by their negligence and the abuse I suffered at the hands of Meade and Associates.  I have evidence that all documenys were recieved.
Entity: Marion, Ohio
12, Report #1216165
Mar 16 2015
05:36 PM
Brakes and Service John Phillips Charged triple part cost and still did not complete repair Knoxville Tennessee
 Started with serpentine belt 85 to fix and then once repaired would not start then claimed it was crank shaft sensor paid 131 to fix wouldn't start said must be timing belt so paid 300 and timing belt still intact only jumped so it was still intact but he only put in new belt nothing else. Once fixed it started and drove about ten miles and serpentine belt started shredding took to different mechanic and learned two pullys damaged also no new water pump which should have been included in timing belt kit.  Two pullys and new serpintine belt 150.  John refused to answer calls first two days ... Claims all parts were bought and correct price given but will not provide receipts and claims 35 dollar timing belt cost 150.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #666372
Dec 12 2010
07:32 AM
John Phillips Simplex Grinell Be careful of this person!!! east stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Please beware of this individual, John Phillips and his wife Damaris-Rodriguez Coon. They have tried to commit insurance fraud with my company and are very very mean people. They were caught lying on a three way phone conversation as we have pictures to prove what they were saying was not true and they ended hanging up and ending the conversation because they were caught. Please be very cautious if you need to deal with this couple!  
Entity: east stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
14, Report #670661
Dec 12 2010
05:07 PM
Amy Strauss and Chet Botch Long Pond PA Amy N. Strauss and Chester P. Botch SHAME ON THEM! Long Pond, Pennsylvania
Strauss Homes owners Chet Botch & Amy Strauss destroyed our basement and turned their back on us, blaming us for their mistakes. That's their style as it is shown by other consumer complaints at this site and others. Chet has made remarks about New Yorkers; uses the 'n' word often; has left offensive voicemail messages using vulgar language and making threats; all recorded. They are known for this by other consumers and past employees. They accuse their customers after they create destruction. Shame on them!   Per contract, Strauss Homes owners Amy Strauss and Chet Botch were hired to do excavation work and they had no insurance for it. They were to to clear our back yard, create swales and tie them to the street drainage. The disturbed soil was poorly graded, sloped toward the house, our basement window wells were buried, swales were not created. They claim they were supposed to tie our swales (which they didn't create in the first place) to our neighbors swales. Our neighbors did not sign a contract to authorize tying our swales to theirs. In fact, our neighbors had to threaten Chet with the police for dirty work and other unethical and inappropriate beheavior.    We moved into our home during rainy season and had no water problems. We visited the home while under contract and during rainy days and there were no water problems. The yard had swales that took care of water drainage. It was disturbed with Chet's excavation that he was supposed to re-grade; it is required when doing excavation work. He did not. The worker he hired to do the excavation work and started the work did not return to the site because Chet did not pay him his wages. This worker warned us about Amy's and Chet's rip-off style, but we had already begun the work and prayed that things would turn out okay. The results? Chet had to continue the excavation work himself. Obviously, his workmanship was a disaster. The result? During a rainy day, water came through our basement windows, flooding our basement and causing extensive damages.   We called Amy & Chet the morning after the flood when we learned the cause of it to be that of Strauss Homes poor work. We tried contacting them by phone and emails; asked them to correct it; they refused to do what was right. Their insurance company had denied the claim as STRAUSS HOMES HAD NO EXCAVATION INSURANCE. We were in no position to allow them to return after all our findings and the illegal contracts they attempted to propose.   Strauss Homes did not do anything to regain our trust. What they consider help might be the several attempts to have us sign other contracts that did not adhere to the PA Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act. They also claim we signed an HVAC contract. FALSE. We never did. Thats FRAUD. We were in no position to allow them to return to our property after all our findings and the illegal contracts they tried to propse. We have sought legal counsel.   If Strauss Homes owners give you a price on a job that is too good to be true, then it is too good to be true.  We ended up paying much more than the work proposed and had to them and having to pay others to clean after their mess.   We also entered into a mediation process with their advertiser, ServiceMagic, and these two people lied so much they could not agree on their stories during the teleconference. They were yelling at each other and speaking over each other. What a poor team they are! They also claimed we signed an HVAC contract. FALSE. We never did. Thats FRAUD. We did not continue the conference as they obviously don't have the ethics to hold a professional discussion.   We have discovered other consumers that this couple have ripped-off and a lot of the emails these people exchanged with us and other consumers indicate how they can't keep up with their lies. Their statements are very contradicting. We have a lot of documentation and the other consumers do too. We have sought legal counsel.   We entrusted our home to Strauss Homes and paid a high price for it. We have chosen to tell our story to the public because it is a public matter that Amy and Chet want to keep private. We have nothing to hide. What are they hiding? See public records under their names and you'll see for yourselves.   DON'T BECOME THEIR VICTIM. If Strauss Homes owners Amy and Chet give you a price on a job that is too good to be true, then it is too good to be true.  We ended up paying much, more than the work proposed and had to them and having to pay others to clean after their mess.   We don't judge other contractors based on our experience with Strauss Homes. Amy and Chet are unethical and post remarks blaming consumers. An honest professional contractor takes responsibility for mistakes & corrects it.   CONSUMERS BEWARE! Make sure contractors are fully insured, ask to see their policy, ID, make sure their business location or office is a real building; not a box or vacant lot like Strauss Homes has. If you become a victim, don't let them get away!
Entity: Long Pond, Pennsylvania
15, Report #40895
Jul 08 2003
11:16 PM
Fairbanks Capital Corporation ripoff business founded in hell Jacksonville Florida
Why is this company allowed to even exist?!?! I've been paying my mortgage faithfully for years - then my mortgage gets sold to Fairbanks Capital and all hell breaks loose! I had better than A+1 credit - now my credit is so bad! How is this even legal? Don't we have an Attorney General for these types of things? Is the American Government sleeping? What's up? I am about to lose my house and the only thing president Bush is concerned with is the state of affairs overseas! What about right here in the Good Old USA? When my mortgage was sold, I was never told. I kept sending my mortgage check in to my former mortgage holder. Instead of telling me or even forwarding the check to Fairbanks, they kept them. Not until my credit was trashed did anyone inform me. Then my credit showed me having paid my mortgage several months late - even though I paid on time - every time! When I finally got that mess cleared up, I lost my job - this economy sucks. I've been unemployed since September 13, 2001 and have feverently been looking for employment since. I am now 4 months behind on my mortgage. Fairbanks has slapped attorney fees onto what I owe. What attorney? No one has contacted me! So now I ALSO have to pay for attorney fees for a ghost atttorney? They won't take a mortgage payment anymore. I have to make 2 payments in addition to the attorney fees. They told me that if I send them money, their computer will return the money. So now they don't want my money! They are doing a good job at forcing me into foreclosure! How is this allowable? How can ANY mortgage company be allowed to decline ANY amount of money? President Bush says he wants to jump-start the economy. How? By allowing rip-off companies like this to forcibly take our homes? President Bush: You once said that you admire the American people by rallying to your cause with terrorism. That you were sorry for the 9-11-01 victims. What about the 9-11 vistims who weren't in New York? What about those of us who can't get unemployment? Those of us who are about to be thrown into the streets with trashed credit and no possibity of employment? What are you going to do for us? Do you honestly think giving tax shelters to the wealthy will give me a job - keep my home - repair my credit? Get real - what about those of us in the trenches Mr. President? Sylvie Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
16, Report #432838
Mar 24 2009
08:44 PM
Grant Search Center (aka) Paid Surveys Database (aka) The RSS Publishing Team. Unauthorized charges cleaned my rainy days account and they said they won't refund my money back. Las Vegas Nevada *EDitor's Suggestions on how to get your money back into your bank account that someone wrongfully takes it from you!
I order one grants information disc, they told me that I was going to get this disk for $1.98 and then they charged my debit card $59.95 and a week later there is charge of $17.45 for a subscription fee and they keep repiting the same cycle of unauthorized charges until the little money I had was gone. $139.33 may not be a lot of money to some people but to a total disable vet with a family of 5 on a fix income its a lot, this is what buys milk,bread, cereal, eggs and more until the next disability check comes in. I called the company to question this charges and to ask for a refund of my money but the young man on the phone was very rude, I went on telling him that this was a ripoff that I did not even get an email with a confirmation number and that I did not authorize the charges and that this must be illegal, his answer was that they did not put a gun to my head when I order the disc and that what they are doing is legal to the full extend of the law, so it does not matter who I go complaining too they will not refund me any money then he hanged up on me because he did not have time for this. This people are real low life and they need to be stop, the economy is bad enough and things are very tight for a lot of us for scum like this to come and step all over us and get away with it, its just not fare, I wish I could do more to stop them so I am open for ideas so be blessed and GOD bless America. Please Google RSS*GRANTSC.COM to see other complains about this company. This is a list of all the different names they used in my account: RSS*GRANTSC.COM 866-5286550 NV RSS PUBLISHING 8665286550 NV RSS*PAIDSURVEYSDATABAS 866-5286550 NV RESOURCEGRANTSEARCHTRI 866-5286550 NV GRANTSC.COM8665286550 8665286550 NV Disable vet PB, FloridaU.S.A. EDitor's Suggestions on how to get your money back! HERE IS WHAT RIP-OFF REPORT SUGGESTS YOU DO: Go to your bank within 60 days of the charge, or as soon as you know about the charge, don't delay, and tell them that there has been fraudulent activity within your account. Explain that you wish to file a dispute, and demand that they assist you in accordance with Federal Regulation E. According to the majority of victims interviewed by Rip-off Report, those who immediately called their banks to dispute the charges did not get very far. Many victims got the following responses from their banks: we could not do anything for you or you waited too long; it has been more than 60 days. If the bank is says that you have waited too long, explain to them how you called their 800 number as soon as the charges were found, and were told by the bank that nothing could be done. Remind the bank that they failed to assist you properly at the 800 #, and instead, provided you with an inadequate explanation of your right to dispute. Tell the bank that it's their fault time has expired, and since they gave you the wrong info to begin with, they will just have to deal with it, take the loss and reverse the charges. Tell them the truth; this was unauthorized and your account was NOT to be charged! Keep emphasizing how you never authorized anything! Direct them to the hundreds of victims reports that were filed on Rip-off Report.com. And if you're at the bank, walk them over to their computer and make them go to this site! If you are on the phone with them, tell them you will wait while they access this site! Either way, be persistent! DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! Let them know nicely, that you were advised to Report them (the Bank) and this situation to the Banking Commission in your state. Since each state has a different name for the agency/controller over banks, find that name before you call or get to the bank so you can throw it in their face. The more knowledgeable you appear to be, the further you will get. And just continue to demand the Federal Regulation E form! The bank CAN, MUST and WILL reverse the charge! But, you must be persistent; ask to speak to the supervisor or the area manager for all the branches in the state. Let the bank personnel know you are meeting with the media later in the day, that you would much rather they do the right thing (as most other banks have) by looking at the complaints and immediately reversing the charge(s) to your account; no matter how long ago it was. Be sure to call the Media if necessary so you are telling the truth. If you have to, be loud (but nice) in front of other customers. If you are just calling by phone, the above tactics should still work. The bank can easily fax or mail to you the Federal Regulation E dispute form. CHARGES TO YOUR CREDIT CARD If the charge was to your credit card (not debit card, check card, or checking account), contact the credit card company as soon as possible to request a dispute form. Consumers usually have a little longer to dispute fraudulent credit card charges (up to 6 months), but it is better to act right away. In this type of situation, credit card disputes are usually successful since fraudulent companies often won't contest the disputed charge. In rare cases, credit card companies will review disputes, but refuse to reverse the charges. If this occurs, complain to a manager and let them know you will be filing a report here. Remember Don't let them get away with it! Make sure they make the Rip-off Report .. The more Reports filed on a Company or individual, the more likely it is that the authorities, media and attorneys will want to take action. And good luck Let us know how you do! ED Magedson Founder RipoffReport.com Author of www.ripoffrevenge.com Rip-off Report PO Box 310, Tempe, Arizona 85280
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
17, Report #767780
May 15 2012
04:56 PM
Legacy Visa First National Credit Card.com Received an Offer Fee's are Clearly Stated and so is Credit Limit Sioux Falls, South Dakota
I received an offer for a card,Legacy Visa, and decided to take them up on the offer.I understand that the annual fee is $75 dollars. The APR is 29.9%. I know that this is pretty expensive.But lets face it,if I had good credit I'd have an Amex card. I intend to keep you folks posted as to how this works out. Currently, I pay my bills on time most of the time,they sent me this offer,as I understand it this card is by invitation only. I don't feel distinguished,my credit SUCKS,but I don't  have any intention of falling back into a horrible situation. I simply intend to pay and use the card responsibly. Pay more than the minimum every month and pay the entire balance when I can. I personally feel that most people do not read the fine print on many contracts that they sign,and they don't understand the concept of spending using plastic. That's how they end up getting in serious trouble.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
18, Report #714996
Nov 21 2011
04:20 PM
Avon Avon never sent me a check for selling items! Did this happen to you? madison, Internet
I thought it would be great to sell AVON! I thought it has been around for years-this couldn't be a SCAM! BOY, was I wrong! I never recieved any kind of compensation for anything I sold. I called my representative, and she never answered me. I never got an explanation to why I never saw a check. A friend of mine also sold and never recieved anything. Thats 2 so far and I know theres more people out there! I want to get as many people as I can find who have been ripped off and file a claim! JOIN ME! I'm sick of companies ripping off the little guy!
Entity: madison, Internet
19, Report #199539
Jul 27 2006
10:10 PM
VIP-Travel Club - Sunset Lagoon ripoff ruined vacations no conscience Miami, Florida
These people NEVER have availabilities in resorts they tout as their luxury resorts. Their available units are never available during high season. Only hurricane season. They took renewal money from my credit card in mid-March. Today is July 5 and we still have not received our new membership number or directories. So again, this expensive membership is useless. These people begin by planting hookers outside your room on your first day of vacation. They make promises, keep you all day touring their facilities to sell you, then when the day is almost done and you're tired and thirsty they push alcoholic drinks in your face. We made the mistake of signing that night. The following morning they refused to accept our buyer's remorse request. Theives, liars, dispicable people! Linda Albany, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
20, Report #301703
Jan 20 2008
02:27 PM
Pressler & Pressler - New Century Financial - Palisades Collection These people are a fraud they violate the FDCPA Law Fair Credit Bill ACT UCC Law under negoitable instruments Mail fraud Wire fraud and Rico Law racketeering Cedar Knolls New Jersey
These people are the biggest fraud going since 2003 and maybe longer. Everyone should look at the website caipnj.org, and sign the petition to Governor Corzine. They violate the FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICE ACT, FAIR CREDIT BILL ACT, UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE LAW,(UNDER NEGOITIABLE INSTRUMENTS), FRAUD, MAIL FRAUD, WIRE FRAUD, AND R.I.C.O Law, Racketeering with wire and mail fraud. We need more media attention. We need to take this to the SUPREME COURT. AND FILE A GRIEVANCE AGAINST THE JUDGES AND LAWYERS AND GET THEM DISBARRED. You cannot sue anybody for wages, freezing bank accounts, putting liens on cars. No one has a legal bind with PRESSLER AND PRESSLER, NEW CENTURY FINANCIAL. PALISADES COLLECTION. Everyone should read get a Black Law Dictionary and log on to jurisdictionary.com this will help you beat these suckers. This is the new LEGAL ROBBERY. Rainy j Rahway, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Cedar Knolls, New Jersey
21, Report #55220
May 07 2003
11:22 PM
WebSmart Interactive - Cry BabiesWebSmart Interactive - Cry Babies - Wah Wah Wah ripoff Minot North Dakota
First of all I would like to start off by saying to all the WebSmart employees that are now without a job, what a bunch of wining cry babies. In this day and age in the telemarketing industry you all new that when you got the job that it could be stable or it could be unstable work. Nobody can tell the future and you should not condemn John, Bob, Buz or Dino and anyone else in the top of the chain of WebSmart for trying to do their job and bring jobs into the communities. Talk about what religion people are and how evil and mean they are for leaving you jobless when the rent is due, families to feed, and roofs over your head to pay for. When am I going to get paid? Get real!!! Talk about working for free and not getting paid. What a bunch of crybabies. Wah Wah Whah! You all new that when you first signed up for the job that your career at WebSmart was not set in stone. None ones is in any company. You have a lot of nerve writing in this report and talking negative about WebSmart. We all make bad mistakes in life. Just because WebSmart chose the wrong clients and got shafted by another company does not mean WebSmart should take the full blame. Use your head when you write a report and stop acting like wining spoiled children. Lucky you werent on the Titanic. At least John, Bob, Buz, and Dino are going down with the ship when all the passengers are precariously running around like chickens with there heads cut off wondering whats happening. Take each day as it comes and be thankful you had a job. Some people have been jobless for a long time now. Did you ever think, care, or wonder about them? I dont think so! All you care about is number one, yourself and then when it happens to you now all of sudden the whole world has to stop and feel your pain, anger, and concern about how you were wronged. Well Im not going to buy that! Be an adult and take it like an adult! Have a little compassion, dignity, and respect for the men and women who ran WebSmart. They are also jobless like you. Pick up the pieces, move on, and quit crying. Collect your job insurance, go out and get another job, and quit crying like a bunch of wining cry babies. Former Employee Minot, North DakotaU.S.A.
Entity: Minot, North Dakota
22, Report #197704
Jan 12 2009
05:12 PM
Wiesner Auto Bad treatment and incompetence Conroe Texas
An Evening at Wiesner Auto Conroe To Whom It May Concern: This letter is in regard to a visit to Wiesner Auto in Conroe, Texas. This visit took place on June 19th 2006. There are two parts to this story. I will begin with part one. I was interested in the GMC Canyon pickup truck I found on your website. I filled out the contact information and I received a bulk type e-mail with the contact person of Vince Taylor. A couple of days later, Monday the 19th, I was contacted in person by Vince. I told him I was interested in looking at the vehicle and was curious about the pricing. My son was also looking for a car that evening so, I told him I would be up there in the late afternoon to have a look at it. I arrived there to meet my wife and son. While they were looking at some used vehicles for his fianc, I went into the dealership to seek Vince. Once we met, he took me and my wife out to the back lot to take a test drive of the vehicle. We test drove the truck around the block to see if we really liked it. The truck drove fairly nice, the amenities were a bit too basic for me. But being that it got decent fuel economy, I figured I could settle for roll-down windows, basic floor mats, etc. When we got back, we spoke for a bit and talked trade-in and such, and he took our information down to see what he could do. Now, mind you, I have not-so-hot credit, my wife had co-signed for my current vehicle. I believe my credit score was in the low 500's. He also had taken my wife's info down to run her credit. He disappeared for a while and came back to me stating that I would need 3, 4, or five-thousand dollars to put down. Not very many people I know have that kind of cash on hand to place down on a vehicle. We are working people. He never even gave me a number on my trade in. I currently drive a 2004 Oldsmobile Alero. 60K miles. Very good shape. I've only had it a year and a half, and figured that I would be upside down on it. Well that was the end of that. We left the main dealership to meet my son and his fianc to look at used cars. Now onto part 2. I will relate back to this story in the second part. Part II: After leaving the main dealership and moving over to the used car lot, my son had already made contact with an older gentleman by the name of Jesse, I believe. We looked at various cars in the constant drizzly rain. My son and his fianc had picked out a 2003 Dodge Neon Stock Number: 17377 Somehow, they lost the keys to the car and had to call a locksmith out to make keys for it so they could test drive it. He went back and forth to the main dealership to get pricing and such. The sale price on the car was around $9800.00. He went to work taking my son's information for credit approval. In between getting the information, he kept reminiscing about his past life. Then off again he went to the main building to run the credit. He came back a short time later and wanted to try and add my son's fianc to the credit. Again, off to the main building. When he finally returned, he stated that GMAC didn't want to finance the Dodge, but they may try to finance one of their own brand of cars out on the lot. He explained to us something about special financing, that it might change the price on the cars but he may be able to get him in that way. Back into the drizzly rain we went, searching for another car. My kids finally settled on an '05 Chevy Cavalier that was there. Stock Number: 17494. Then it was back to the main building for him. Mind you., we have been here since about 4PM, we are slowly closing in on 8PM. When he came back for the umpteenth time, he said my son's credit score was 577 and was rejected by the computer. So in a last ditch effort to get my son the car he wanted, my wife offered to see if her credit was good enough to push it through. We had already given the information to Vince earlier, so he ran up to the main building to get our paperwork. When he returned he told my wife that her credit score was 515. This was not true. I know she has a credit score in the mid 600's. When he finally got to reading the credit report, come to find out, it was my credit report. He never even ran her information after she signed off on the paperwork. Disgusted with the whole scenario, we left. He told my son that GMAC would probably look at his paperwork the next morning and he could come back and check with him in the morning. Neither sales rep gave us business card to contact them for the following day. The next day my son went back to Wiesner and got the same run around as the evening before. Jesse went on telling stories of his past. My son got really fed up with the whole mess and left. We sent him over to Buckalew Chevrolet to talk with them. Within 2 hours, he was able to purchase a 2005 Chevy Colbalt priced at or around $14k on his own. The sales lady at that dealership shopped around for various lenders until she found one that suited his needs. Not like Jesse that focused on only 1 lender, GMAC. My family has bought various vehicles from your dealership in the past. My grandfather has bought the most out of all of us. My father has bought 2 trucks from there. I myself bought a brand new pickup from Wiesner back in 1999. Since then my wife and I have been back twice before and walked out empty handed. This is the third and final time we will ever set foot on this dealership ground again. I was infuriated that Vince did not even give us a chance to begin with to get the Canyon pickup truck. He mainly came back and was asking for a large sum of cash. When we could not produce, that was the end of the deal. We could not figure out why at first, that we had no credit worthiness. Come to find out that he never even followed through with running my wife's good credit. We were even thinking about upgrading the truck to a nicer model. In writing this letter this evening, I looked back at the e-mail that he sent me and realized he even misquoted the price. I have the original if you care to see it. See the copied e-mail below: Hi Terry, My name is Vince Taylor, and I am the Internet Sales Manager at Wiesner Auto Group in Conroe. Thank you for your email inquiry regarding the GMC Canyon. It is my goal to earn your business by making the car buying experience as simple and stress-free as possible. The first step in earning your business is by providing you with straight-forward pricing. You will find a price quote below: 2006 GMC Canyon Stocke # 6C5475 SALE PRICE: $1639.00 + TT&L If you trade in the 2004 Olds I can take of $750 more. If I were a dishonest person, I would have taken this all the way to the bank. A 2006 model truck for 1600 bucks? Plus another $750.00 off? What a deal. This buying experience was nothing like quoted in the e-mail, simple and stress-free. So basiclly there went at least a $16,000 or better deal right out the window. He did not even try. The real nail in the coffin was the atrocity that my son and his fianc had to endure over at the used car lot. That made their first car buying experience less than dismal. The looks on their faces and emotional let-down they had that evening upset my wife and made me even angrier. So Wiesner lost out on another $10-14K deal that evening. Total that up and you had nearly $30k worth of sales trudge right off the lot. We spent over four and a half hours in the rain wasting our time. Is this the way you run an automobile dealership? I think we will take our business, as well as refer our family and friends, to Buckalew Chevrolet. Bad news travels fast. On the internet it travels even faster. You need to seriously look into what your people are doing within your dealerships. Before you find your business, out of business. Regards, Tj Montgomery, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Conroe, Texas
23, Report #1099519
Nov 15 2013
10:26 AM
Praise Remodeling Wanted New Porch - Got Nothing But Stress Ball Ground Georgia
My husband and I signed a contract with Praise Remodeling to have our front porch rebuilt, using composite decking.  Everything seemed to be in order and I was impressed by Randy's sincerity that he would do a good job and we would be very happy with the work.Demolition was started on 9/23 with Randy and another worker.  They left early, saying they were going for materials. Now to my way of thinking, the materials should have already been in place since there was more than a week between the signing of the contract and the beginning of construction(wasted time).Received e-mail around noon on 9/24 from Randy saying he had problems with his workers on another job and was getting that straightened out and that he was picking up the framing package and would be here shortly. More delays..The next day, 9/25 I received e-mail saying he was watching the weather and that it would be raining the hardest in the morning, so they would be out until mid-morning.  Gee, didn't know he had a second job as a weather forecaster.  They showed up at 10:30 am and left around 1 pm and never came back that day.  He said it was raining too hard to continue when in fact it didn't rain much the rest of the day. On 9/26 our neighbor brought his backhoe over and dug out the holes for the support posts and wouldn't take any payment for his work.  This saved Randy a lot of work and some $$, but we never got credit for the labor on our final payment.On 9/27 the roof support columns were put up and they left at 1 p.m. to get the decking.  That evening around 7:45p.m. we were inside the house when there was a loud noise from the front porch.  I went to investigate and found that one of the support columns had fallen against the house, damaging the shutter next to the front door.  Since Randy had said he would be out of town for the weekend, I immediately e-mailed him as to what had happened.  His response was that he was sorry, but that the column was more than secure on the bottom and that something would have had to pushed it to make it fall. REALLY?? Upon inspection, we found that he had not put a stringer under the porch to support the column(as he had told my husband he would do when asked about it).Got e-mail on Sunday 9/29 that he was still traveling and would be back on Tuesday morning. When he came on 10/1 we had a heated discussion about the fallen post and he still insisted that it was not his fault that it fell.  He left at 9 a.m. supposedly to get another shutter and came back at 11 a.m. and left shortly after that. No shutter.After the steps were built, we noticed that they were not all the same height; the bottom one being 9 high which made it difficult to negotiate. As my husband had a stroke last year, his balance is not real good and we were concerned about him or someone else falling.  I called and found out that the code for our county is no more than 7 3/4. Again, we argued with Randy about this issue.Finally Randy brought in another crew to finish the job and hooray they did a wonderful job of finishing and fixing what had been done wrong. Never did get a new shutter, so now have to find a replacement and pay for it out of pocket. This was a very bad experience all around and I would caution anyone who is considering this contractor.
Entity: Ball Ground, Georgia
24, Report #6857
Apr 23 2002
12:00 AM
AAMCO Transmission Rip-off South Florida Boca Raton consumer scam
your website is great!!! i've got a story for you. west boca raton aamco, in south florida. do not go here!!! in august of 2001, my wife bought her 1983 944 porsche in for a transmission problem, at my suggestion. car is a 5 speed. her car would not shift into 2nd, 4th, or reverse. i know nothing about transmissions, but the problem happened suddenly, and to me, it sounded like a loose connection somewhere. she left her car at aamco, and they told her later that day, that the transmission was bad internally, and it would be at least $800.00 to remove and inspect the transmission. she called me at work, and i told her that they were full of $###. so i called them, and the manager told me that there was an internal problem. i asked him if he even knew what was wrong. he said, could be synchros (b.s.-they don't fail all of a sudden), or could be clutch (b.s.- 6 months old). this guy was just giving me a bunch of generic reasons. either they never looked at the car, and tryed to scam my wife; or they have no idea of what they are doing. i called my wife back, and said, get the car, they don't know what they are doing. on her way home, the car broke down in the middle of a busy intersection. she called me, frustrated and crying. i left my job, drove out to where she was, and went under her car, without a jack. i found the problem, and had it fixed in 2 minutes. a loose bolt was the only problem. i have absolutely NO TRANSMISSION EXPERIENCE, and fixed it in the middle of a street!!! AAMCO has trained technicians, and the car was supposedly up on a lift, and they wanted $800.00, for a bolt?!?!?! AAMCO, SHOULD BE SC-AAMCO!!! it was lucky that i saw the scam in the making, before aamco had a chance to take me for any money. this is the only business that i've ever, ever had to make a claim against, and i want people to know, be aware of this chain. yes, there are good aamco's out there, but not in west boca raton, florida. USE CAUTION, AND GET A SECOND OPINION. once again, great, great service you are doing with this website. and if aamco wants to sue me, BRING IT ON. p.s.-month later, car running perfect, thanx to a 2 minute fix. 561 442 8001 (my pager, for any questions) chris florida
Entity: west boca raton, florida
25, Report #261982
Jul 20 2007
09:10 PM
Americas Servicing Co - Wells Fargo Mortgage How I lost my Home due poor service and my unhelpful reps at Servicer and Bank ripoff Des Moines Iowa
Ok here goes on one,my husband and I in October 2005 purchased our first home. We were not able to do any down payment so were talked into doing 100% financing. Our real estate agent also had a mortgage loan experience. We talked about payment range could stay in etc, well our payments were higher then wanted but were told, you could refinance in a Year. Well the org Bank under Loan was National City but due was under mortage servicers didnt know was under Wells Fargo till my loan went into default. So somehow as of last year Wells Fargo took over loan but they handled collecting payments and customer service. That was handled by the most ruthless uncaring customer service people that are part of Americas Servicing Co. I started having problems as of last Summer was doing best to pay mortgage and all my bills was a struggle. I tired to ask for repayment or lower rate last Summer but was told due to finances couldnt help us***red flag payments were too high that way needed help. As of last fall I went into default of a few months I worked a payment play to pay a payment and half I wired money thru Moneygram. I was told that would get sent a new payment statement as of either October or Nov 2006 with new payment be $50 difference to help catch on payments. I wrote and called for new payment statement which never got. Well guess what i got behind on 2 payments so they sent me notice that denied workout program. I tried to explain needed refinancing or lower payments or push some payments back. Over phone get pushed to different people saying well maybe if was behind on utilies could go without etc. Um no this is unreasonable. I tried to refinance with other banks but due to default no bank could help me. As of February 2007 was service motion to start foreclosure procedures I had some options: come up with $6000 or so was behind File Bankrupty or do Short Sale on Home Due was distressed about this decided was hard decision being we have only owed house as at that time of over a year 1/2(To sell) As of March 2007 I listed my home with real estate agent that speicialized in short sales really felt we been dealt wrong with mortgage etc. Even advised to keep trying to see if could keep it As of end of June 2007 I was informed of inpending auction with only 3 wks notice. So I did some more price drops and open houses. As of 2 wks ago got a good offer with enough time to get to bank (Wells Fargo) but had to send our paystubs, financial worksheet tax returns, along with buyers purchase contact. Well due to poor handling last week reps over at Wells Fargo had to be faxed paperwork by my realtor lost part of sales contract and a hud statement as of 7/12 were refaxed. Then this past Monday were told by realtor they denied offer saying didnt get to review info in time. (7/19 this am was auction but more to come on that)I called customer service with Mortgage Services Loss Migration dept and found they did have paperwork in time they for some reason could till this on screen. You can't even get past the screeners regarding this. They told me would escalate to supervisor since seems info was there to call back 7/17 Tuesday. 7/17 I took half day off work . Wasted my time by calling twice to find out still reviewing or were they? I finally thought was going to get past screener but was put in negotiater's voicemailwhen stated my auction is in few days. My realtor even called later in evening was told maybe be update on 7/18. 7/18 Got in mail denial for workout repayment program (I never asked for that I just asked for them to accept offer of short sale) Then my realtor called to say they told her another 30 days. 7/19 As of today home went for auction. Now due to mishandling of this I will have to move on in month or so to rental place. I would love to see if could take legal action on this . But don't now were to start. I just stressed and upset that now this is worst then bankrupty to me now if we want to get another home etc. Sorry so Long but thanks for reading if got though it my long drama! Ohio former homeowner West Chester, OhioU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Wells Fargo Bank
Entity: Des Moines, Iowa

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