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1, Report #635784
Aug 30 2010
03:43 PM
rapid data recovery Fields data data recovery scam chicago, Illinois
They tried to get me to pay $1600. for recovery -said they had 90% recovered. I refused to pay that after a $179. teaser rate was advertised.  I told them to return the drive.Then they called back with an offer of gold membership for $1060.00.  I agreed and paid them. They sent me a internal hard drive with virtually no recovered data at all.  When I called to complain they simply did not answer the phones nor reply to email. They have stolen the money ,falsely represented themselves, and disappeared.  These guys need to be brought to justice.
Entity: chicago, Illinois
2, Report #562543
Jan 31 2010
09:15 AM
Rapid Data Recovery Rapid Data Recovery, UK Digital Solutions Ltd, SCF Secretary, Fields Recruitment, Fields Asset management Fields Data Recovery and the conmen behind it Internet, Other
used the now dissolved rapid data recovery front and got ripped off. They pretended to be based in Pall Mall, low cost no data no refund policy but they scratched my platters which i sent to an independent expert for examination. Fields Data Recovery and Richard Cable are behind the scam, his holding company SCF Secretary were the sole director of Rapid Data Recovery, who did not stick around long enough to be taken to court. Read more on my blog www.data-recovery-blog.co.uk
Entity: Internet, Select State/Province
3, Report #553638
Jan 13 2010
06:48 AM
Rapid Data Recovery - DataPhoenix Theft and criminal damage Internet
In November of last year (2009) following minor corruption of my company server's root partition I contacted a company called Phoenix data recovery to recovery the data. No problem at all I was assured and could be done within 48 hours, although at a premium rate. Needed the data quickly I agreed to the premium rate. However getting the disks to Birmingham was a problem and would delay things. No problem at all we have a sister company on Pall Mall I was told (Rapid Data Recovery), drip them there. Disks dropped off. Several phone calls informing me everything was going smoothly, but then suddenly a problem. Data not recovered but would work through the night to try something else. No luck. Could I drop the server off and another way would be tried?  This I did. No luck there. Could try something else. More money that original price quoted. Had a sense I was being done as a few things were quite adding up. Enough of a techie to know when someone doesn't know what they are talking about. Refused extra cost and sked for server to be returned and then and we kind of lost contact. No data, no server, no contact. Contacted 100 Pall Mall to find that company wasn't based there, so tried to contact them via the Birmingham address. After some time found that there were not based there either. Both addresses are Regus business centres. Tried to get receptionists there to contact the respective companies. Never heard a word. Eventually got hold of them again a few weeks later and server would be sent back. Expect it in a day or two. No charge, we haven't recovered your data. It wasn't. A couple of weeks later managed to get someone to pick up the phone. Account manager on holiday, has it not been sent back? We'll sent it now, you'll have it tomorrow. Tomorrow, like the server, never comes. Tried and tried to contact again, solicitor tried. No luck. Looked into Rapid Data Recovery - not an actual company. Looked into Phoenix - not an actual company. Eventually traced them both back to Fields Data Recovery. Did a bit of research and found a horrific trail of unhappy customers with different but similar problems. Reported theft of my computer to the police and trading standards. Eventually got hold of someone at Fields Data Recovery, who offered to send the server back. Refused and arranged for my courier to pick up server from Pencoed in Wales, seven weeks after I had been promised my data. Server no longer works. This maybe because it appears to have been stored outside and is rusted and wet. Reported criminal damage to police and also Bridgend Trading Standards. I still do not have my data back. Reckon we're about 15000.00 out of pocket thus far and unclear at the moment how much of this the insurance will cover. My advice is avoid Fields and any of the other names it uses like the plague . There is a mass of information available on the internet about the bad experiences people have had. If you have a bad experience pursue Bridgend Trading Standards to act. If they had acted when they got the first complaints I and many others would not be left in dire situations
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #730864
May 18 2011
07:50 PM
Rapid-data-recovery assured me they could recover the data on my corrupted external hard drive.I researched their background and asked all the right questions before sending them my hard drive.They told me the data recovery would cost $700.I sent emails and talked on the phone setting up for the recovery service.No money was withdrawn from my account, however I have not been able to recover my data or the hard drive because I have been unable to contact anyone at the company via email or phone.This company has not only not fulfilled their promises, which were made in writing, but they have failed to return MY property to me.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #1200743
Jan 10 2015
02:03 PM
Rapid Recovery Solutions DEBT COLLECTOR is bad actor Bohemia New York
This is a collection agency that advertises itself as the laregst attorney run collection agency.  Hyperbole aside, if that is true it really is amazing that an attorney would be so lousy at her/his job that s/he would be reduced to scamming relativley small amounts to make a living. I placed my client's account with them and then heard nothing.  Months went by.  No updates.  Phone messgaes were never returned.  FAXes were ignored.  Nothing.  Finally the (now former) client contatced me to request information.  She notified me that she had paid Rapid Recovery months before. I was finally able to reach someone in the office and I can only say that I have never been so abused by someone who took a fee from me as well as stole money from me.  So there you have it, they will not only take your money but verbally abuse you for the privelege. Avoid this company, there are plenty of legitimate collection agencies out there and no doubt soon, very soon their nefarious antics will catch up with them, they will be put out of business, the owner will be disbarred, and the world will be made a slightly better place and I won't have to take a shower whenever I think of this company.     
Entity: Bohemia, New York
6, Report #1316668
Jul 28 2016
02:31 PM
Rapid Recovery Solution SCAM!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY Bohemia New York 11716 Nationwide
We hire this company 2 years ago to collect some debts from the tenant. We paid $ 750.00 to this company for nothing. They never contacted us , do not answer their phones or e-mails. They close the file without even notify us. I file a complaint with BBB and they did not reply to BBB either.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1407169
Oct 18 2017
07:36 PM
Rapid Recovery, Rapidrecoveryofficer@gmail.com Debt Collector Threatened me via EMAIL!  Internet
Received the following email:  Hello, (my name!) This is our official notice to you regarding the due payment. You have defaulted to pay the dues – you owe $956.27 You did not make the payment, despite repeated requests from our side. If we do not receive the payment in full by October 28th 2017 (deadline), we will have to do whatever we can under the law to recover our money with accumulated interest from you that includes, but does not limit to legal proceedings against you, not to mention the legal expenses shall also be borne by you. We are open to discussion until October 29th, 2017, but after this date, we will have no other option, but to go with the legal proceedings. Please revert ASAP.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1198820
Jan 01 2015
06:01 PM
Entity: Bohemia, New York
9, Report #1113902
Jan 08 2014
12:15 PM
Rapid Recovery Solution Inc. Refuses to contact me and to pay funds owed to me since October 2013 Bohemia New York
This company claims it received all funds owed by a debtor to me in october, 2013.  After collection, they advised me that they will hold my share of the funds (75% of what they collected) for (60) sixty days, due to alleged complaints, callbacks, NSF checks and so on.  That was the first big surpirse! I would have expected ten days to two weeks!   Sixty days has now long past. I have called this company on January 2,3, 6 and 7 and sent many emails to any contact name I have for them (three persons) requesting their accounting person Mr. JR Rooney who is allegedly the only person who can authorize a payment, to call me or e-mail me to let me know when I will receive the money oweed to me fo close to $4000.  All calls and e-mails have gone UNANSWERED!
Entity: Bohemia, New York
10, Report #1177777
Sep 18 2014
07:57 PM
Rapid Recovery solutions Sean Nolan, Winters Did not pay us after they collected money. New York New york
We used Rapid Recovery to collect depts on accounts that did not pay. They collected money and never sent us our portion totalling $800.00. Do not answer or respond to our calls. They took money and stole from us.
Entity: Select State/Province
11, Report #1183460
Oct 17 2014
12:11 PM
Rapid Recovery Solution Recovered the debt and kept the money, never paid us. Bohemia New York
This company recovered the amount owed from my customer and kept the money, never even told me the customer had paid.  Now they have fallen off the face of the earth - can't get a hold of a person, just an answering machine.  Do not trust these people, they have done this multiple times - they are scam artists.  I have contacted the Suffolk County DA of their activities.
Entity: Bohemia, New York
12, Report #1121069
Feb 05 2014
09:05 AM
Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc. Poor customer retention and misleading business practices lead to complaints. Bohemia New York
To whom it may concern: We have entrusted over $100,000 in unpaid debts from our clients to Rapid Recovery Solutions in hopes that they would productively work to collect these debts on our behalf. However, in our correspondence they have provided little detail on the status of their productivity and have failed to communicate effectively with us on more than one occasion.  This company’s executives and attorneys have made promises that they have not come close to keeping, most importantly when we should be paid on collected debts. They have sent over reports stating they have collected less than 10 percent of the total debts entrusted to their firm and yet we have seen not a single dollar as payment on these debts. In return, they have continuously requested funds be sent to them to procure attorneys in court cases against our clients, which we have sent to them in good faith. These checks have been cashed and no updates have been sent as to the outcome of any of these litigations. When the CEO of the company, Mr. John Monderine, was asked to disclose information on the cases which they are taking legal action, he advised us that due to reasons concerning confidentiality, that he could not disclose any information on the cases, clients or the attorneys involved. At first, we were told by attorney Sam Fields, that we would see a return on their services within 45 days. Once that time period had expired, our finance department contacted the firm and was told by John, that we should expect the funds delivered within 90 days, double the initial time promised and still a mistruth. Due to these digressions we have chosen to halt our relationship with Rapid Recovery Solutions until such a time that they feel they can be forthright and honest about their relationships with our clients and the use of the funds we have provided them with. Since we have halted the relationship, RRS refuses to respond to our correspondence and they will not release the information that we have provided to them in respect to our clients. As a family owned and operated company, we depended on Rapid Recovery Solutions to make true on their promises and provide us with the services they advertise. We should have done our due diligence, as it seems this company has left a bad taste in the mouths of many business owners who choose to outsource for their collection needs. We have a responsibility to ourselves as business owners to communicate effectively with our clients. We cannot sit by and watch as a company completely forgoes their responsibilities while they request more funds for additional services that are too “confidential” to disclose the status of. 
Entity: Bohemia, New York
13, Report #1242037
Jul 15 2015
11:22 AM
Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc. SCAM ARTISTS!! STAY AWARE! BE WARNED!! Bohemia New York
I enlisted the services of Rapid Recovery Solutions Inc. to pursue a debt collection in the neighborhood of $5000. The staff at RRS had me send $1000 to initiate the collection process though a law firm. Months, in fact YEARS went by and they kept telling me that the situation was backed up, the courts and clerks had their hands full and they were simply waiting on feedback from the law firm they whose services they had enlisted. Finally, after numerous emails and calls to Rapid Recovery Solutions, being told time and time again that this was being handled, I took it upon myself to call the courts myself and inquire. To my astonishment, I was informed that the CASE HAD BEEN CLOSED - FAILURE TO PROSECUTE. Long story short, the lawyer did not show up. Still completely amazed, I called the Lawyer's office, spoke to the staff there and was informed that they were no longer handling the case - and referred me to another Lawyer, in another state. I called that office and nothing, no dialtone, no busy signal.   Nothing.   I've emailed and called Rapid Recovery Solutions Inc. but of course I have not received any reply. I'm considering taking legal action. This is absolutely a shady outfit that does not respect their clients and makes that painfully obvious. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE.
Entity: Bohemia, New York
14, Report #1400391
Sep 15 2017
07:48 PM
Rapid Recovery Agency Patrick Spencer Senior Investigation Officer CASE FILE #: UD-127/A26/32186, Notice of garnishment or Arrest Internet
Below is a copy and Paste of the email I recieved. As you will see they state that I can contact the creditor but they leave no creditor name, address or phone number, Neither did they leave their address or phone number. Dederal Settlement Notice Inboxx  Rapid Recovery Agency <recoveryforloans@gmail.com>5:01 PM (5 hours ago)   to me    Garnishment Notification and Arrest Notice CASE FILE #: UD-127/A26/32186Date: September 15th, 2017Settlement Amount: $956.27.Dear Erika McDaniel, This letter is to notify you that we have received a Summons of Garnishment on your wages. This means that someone you owe money to has been awarded a judgment by the court for payment of the debt. The court has ordered us your employer to deduct 25-30% percent of your disposable earnings and make payment to the court on your behalf. The following applies to you:Why am I receiving this notice?The United States, or a State Debt support enforcement agency, certifying its right to garnish your Federal benefits shall attach or include with a garnishment order the following Notice; Garnish wages owed to a Debtor after Small Claims Court has made an order that you owe money. On June 23rd, 2016 we received a garnishment order from a court to [freeze/remove] funds in your account. The amount of the garnishment order was for $1423.13. We are sending you this notice to let you know what we have done in response to the garnishment order. You can contact your creditor for the settlement amount.If you have any questions about the garnishment, you should contact the persons named on the included Summons of Garnishment by email.Sincerely, Patrick SpencerSr. Investigation OfficerUNITED STATES OF FEDERAL MANAGEMENTCopyright © 2006 ACS | Privacy | Terms of useConfidentiality Statement & Notice: This email is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. 2510-2521 and intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed. Any review, re-transmission, dissemination to unauthorized persons or other use of the original message and any attachments is strictly prohibited. If you received this electronic transmission in error, please reply to the above-referenced sender about the error and permanently delete this message.Thank You for Co-operation.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1267393
Nov 11 2015
07:03 PM
National Recovery Agency Online Payday Loan Scam Internet
I started receiving calls from this company whom left a voice mail on my cell phone stating that I needed to call them and discuss a case #. I just let my voice mail pick this up and just ignored them. I knew that I did not owe anyone anything and that I definitely did not have a case number againist me. I assumed that they were a company that was phising for my personal information. I would have continue to ignore them had they not started calling someone that I have not had contact with the last twenty years. They contacted me through my mother and told me that they were receiving calls from this same company and leaving messages that I needed to contact them. So I did!!!! This company is a joke!!!! Foreign speaking people that know absolutely to much of my personal information...like where I work, where I bank at and the last four of my SS#. They explained to me that I owed some online company for a payday loan from 2011 in the amount of 400.00 and that I would be sued by this company unless I paid it. I explained to them the I did not owe this and that I someone from my past was being called about this and told them not to call the number from past anymore and not to call my number anymore. They could not provide me with information about the company that I supposely owed this money to....could not give me contact information only some bogus name that the BBB says does not exist. I told them to sue me that I was not paying them anyway and not to call me anymore....I further proceeded to contact the Federal Trade Commission and my Attorney General in regard to this company and I blocked thier number. They have called me since with severa different numbers and also called the person from my past several times since. I have called these people and tried to discuss this with them only to be screamed at that I should pay my bills. They have blocked my number from calling them several times because they will not even discuss the possibility that I do not owe this. This company is a scam and they need to be stopped from harrassing people and calling people that ask not to be called. They are not a legitimate company and someone needs to stop this !!!!
Entity: Internet
16, Report #486411
Apr 23 2010
07:35 AM
Rapid Data Recovery Fields Data Recovery Internet phone 0800 8030828 Scam Data Recovery. Huddersfield, Other
I was advised on first contact with this company that my hard disk had a relatively minor fault in that the firmware was corrupt and that probably it would cost me the advertised cost of 97 to repair. I sent the disk the same day for repair. I received an email on the 17th August stating that they had done some work but it was unsuccesful and that the whole disk would have to be forensically scanned and that only their sister company Fields  Data Recovery had the facilities to do this. It would cost me 195 + vat if I wished to proceed. And that the process would take 2-4 days.I paid this via credit card. I have since then not received the disk back. Attempts at communication have been unsucessful, email, phone or website.I  have since scanned the internet (wish I had done this first) and found that many people have suffered the same fate.This company is most likely scamming the public. They probably do not do anything at all. They also do not return disks, which is even more frustrating than the money scam.All email correspondence and web evidence is available on request,It is much more important that I get my disk back. And wonder if this is a criminal act to retain disks (theft).
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #505688
Oct 07 2009
10:07 AM
National Recovery Agency - NRA national recovery agency rippoff artist Pennsylvania
National RecoveryAgency is a rippoff agency that preys on the american public. The unprofesional manner in which the professional debt collector speak to people should be illegal. How they can harrass and annoy hard working americans & get away with it is beyond me. I had my credit score drop dramatically because of a debt not belonging to me. They never had any intention of helping or attempt to locate the right individual to collect this debt from. I will file a criminal report & intent to prosecute them the way they did me. If anyone is attempting to file a class action suit against them count me in!
Entity: , Pennsylvania
18, Report #453455
May 19 2009
04:22 PM
I checked my credit report back in April and noticed that NRA had placed a collection on my account. I called and asked what was it for and the rude customer service representative said I opened an account in 2005 in a different state. I told her that I have no knowledge of the account and asked that they send me an itemized bill. Meanwhile my credit score has been hit terribly and I have disputed the item with all of the credit bureaus. TransUnion is the only one who deleted the item. Darrell NEW YORK, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
19, Report #1116319
Jan 18 2014
12:26 PM
20, Report #1036993
Apr 27 2013
12:03 PM
Rapid Recovery Solution James Connors WARNING Rapid Recovery Solution and James Connors took a pile of money from me. Bohemia, New York
    Money isn't everything there are more important things like honesty, integrity, a persons word.  Google should screen companies before placing them so high on there list.   James Connors from Rapid Recovery Solution had an easy job (I knew the people would pay).          Now its been months after they collected and I can't get my money from Rapid Recovery Solution.  Maybe it's because I am on the other side of the country or maybe it's because it was a large sum of money I am not sure but do yourself a favor and stay clear of these people. 
Entity: Bohemia, New York
21, Report #364138
Aug 18 2008
12:58 PM
National Recovery Agency Beware of this Magazine Subscription Collection Agency Scam Harrisburg Pennsylvania
My wife received a call today (August 18, 2008) from National Recovery Agency (NRA) stating that I owed $40.00 for a magazine neither of us are familiar with. NRA told my wife that not paying for the magazine would ruin my credit, so my wife gave them her credit card number. She suspected it was a fraudulent company, so she used a card that is protected against identity theft. When I returned home, I called NRA to complain. An NRA representative said this was not the first time I was contacted about this magazine (which was not true). I have never even heard of this magazine before. My wife called the magazine company that NRA gave us, and they had no record of us ordering the magazine. I paid the $40.00 just so I would not be contacted by NRA again. Lee Goodyear, AZ Lee Goodyear, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
22, Report #443003
Apr 12 2009
10:14 AM
National Recovery Agency Inproper debt collection attempt by National Collection Agency Harrisburg Pennsylvania
been contacted by this agency for a debt that was my father's. i contacted them and advised them bill was not mine and to stop contacting me by phone. After writing letter they continued to contact me.. Anyone else experience this? If so contact (((Redacted))) and tell them of your experience, I did maybe if enough people contact them they will help... Robert Pittston, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
23, Report #1413080
Nov 22 2017
02:02 PM
Statewide Recovery Statewide Statewide Recovery--Collection agency posing as Process Server
A couple weeks ago my elderly mother got a call saying that the caller was looking for me because I has charges filed against me and needed to know where to send my court documents too. I explained to my mother when she called that I was fine and that this was a scam to collect money. She was very upset by the whole thing. A couple of days ago (Monday Nov 20) these scum bags called my brother in law and my son saying the same thing and then called me asking me what address to send the court papers to (Crystal was the delightful young lady I sopke with). I responded to just bring them right here (at my Work) and they hung up on me . I called the call back number they had given my son and they answered Statewide...I told them to stop calling my family because I was able to be contacted. They were extremely rude (Samantha was who I spoke with). Anytime I tried to speak she would speak over me and told me to be sure to have two forms of ID ready when the process server showed up. They would not give me an address or any information about what it was about or anything other than papers were being served. Of course no one showed up. Here are the numbers that called me or were callback numbers:361-208-2768 called identifying themselves as process server844-367-4394 callback to work something outHope this helps anyone out there who has a problem with these lowlife scumbags.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #479696
Aug 14 2009
06:00 AM
NATIONAL RECOVERY AGENCY West Bay Acquisitions National Recovery Agency is an agency of FRAUDULENT, INCOMPETENT, ASININE THIEVES & SCAMMERS. San Bernardino, California
We just talked with the ridiculous, ghetto, fraudulent team known as National Recovery Agency because their stupid report was dragging down our good credit score...when we called, this male rep answered the phone with wassup like it was his pager; then he transferred to the call to the most asinine, miserable c**t aka as The Supervisor who did the following: 1. Couldn't provide any proof of the debt 2. Said they weren't a billing company, BUT then said 3. We sent out the maximum of 2 letters. 4. Could not provide proof of these letters. 5. Asked us to fill out a police report even though this debt JUST came out NOW...FIVE years later!! 6.Would/could NOT provide a letter of deletion IF we chose to even pay this fraudulent debt ONLY because we're in escrow and it's messing with our score and we want to be rid of these a$$holes. the WORST...please spread the word. It's Californian law that if they can't provide proof, they MUST remove it from your credit report. Told them that too which was met with a big fat huuuuuuh? For all we know, THEY are the scammers because they're forcing people to pay for a debt THEY KNOW THEY CAN'T PROVE because it messes with your credit and they're impossible to deal with, SO they hope you pay to make them go away. DON'T. Paying for a fraudulent debt=you're accepting the debt as VALID & YOURS.  National Recovery Agency= BIG FAT SCAM!!!
Entity: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
25, Report #425758
Feb 18 2009
04:17 PM
National Recovery Agency Filed Erroneous Bill on Credit Report HARRISBURG Pennsylvania
National Recovery filed an erroneous $98.00 charge on my credit report for West Bay Aquisitions which I have never heard of or done business with. I have seen others on this iste with the same complaint. They offer no phone number or fax for contact Coliver730 Santa Maria, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania

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