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1, Report #1242323
Jul 16 2015
01:02 PM
The Real Estate Solutions Group Laura Stuart, The Stuart Solutions Inc BEWARE DID NOT PAY Nationwide
I started working for Laura and was immediately bombarded with houses to complete. They would send jobs that were already overdue and then complain when they were not done. Laura would send emails that were rude and degrading. But the biggest thing is that Laura now does not pay when I am owed money. DO NOT work for her. 
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #876197
Apr 30 2012
03:13 PM
I am a Real Estate agent that does BPO regularly for a few companies including ISGN. I have been signed up with ISGN for about two years and a half. Over the last few months I have noticed this company was not sending my check as it was posted on there website. I contacted the company a few times and spoke with some people in India. One day one of the reps from CT called me to see if I could do a BPO for the the company. I refused to complete the order and asked for my past payment of over $2,000 dollars that they claimed to have mailed me. The rep said he was going to look in to resolving the problem but I should please help him complete the order, I agreed. I Completed the order and it passed QC. The rep did not call me back for two weeks. I then started calling the rep and leaving messages for a few week with no answer. I then started emailing him. He eventually responded and said he got in touch with the accounting department and they acknowledge the check had not been cashed, so they will reissue the checks. It has been three weeks since we last emailed and no check yet. I email the CFO, COO, CFO and the Chairman but i guess they are too busy to have one of their staffs member get intouch with me over crap money for them. This behavior is unacceptable, because we take our time to complete these orders. These companies are getting very greedy and are trying to take advantage of others. Please tell off your friends and Family that this company does not pay.
Entity: Melbourne, Florida
3, Report #1069769
Aug 01 2013
09:00 AM
New Venture Solutions, Inc. Antwon Jackson Real estate scam. Stole money from several individuals. Detroit, Michigan
This individual or company has presented himself as a real estate lender. He stated that he wanted to purchase the property from me and then finance it to an end buyer.  He constantly lied and made up different excuses as to why the closing was delayed. Meanwhile, he took a downpayment and fees from the end buyer. He then let the end buyer move into my property without my knowledge.    In the end, he quit responding to any phone calls. He took close to $7,000 from the buyer and left me with an unintended tenant.   
Entity: Detroit, Michigan, Texas
4, Report #1401785
Sep 22 2017
01:31 PM
Real Estate Data Solutions Inc. WE TAKE SECTION 8 I was looking for a two-bedroom and did website was piping up with all kind of places that take section 8 but the guarantee that you will find a place and you pay a feed I paid $39 for a listing that was out of date and most of the people on there do not take Section 8 and the places that was listed or places people did not even own or have it's a rip-off in a fraud these people are scamming people out of money I would like to see them taking down.
 I was looking for a place over the internet I have government housing Section 8 voucher this website kept popping up we take Section 8 they showed a lot of places and they said they had list while I pay the fee to $39 for the list started calling the people on the listing none of these people even owned any of the property they had no idea what section 8 was and most of the number we're disconnected this is some type of scam or fraud going on with these peoples.
5, Report #589713
Apr 05 2010
11:00 AM
Real Estate Data X-Change Inc The REDX canceled membership in Sept 09 but was still charged $599.00 for another year in Feb 2010 Provo, Utah
  I subsribed for this service in Feb 2009 Paying $599.99 for a years membership. In Aug 2009 I decided I would place my Real Estate license on inactive status in preparation of retirement.      I notified the company asking for a refun for the remainder of the year only to be told they do not give refunds but that my account was canceled and there would not be any further charges.      In Feb 2010 I had charges of $599.oo for another years membership. I have had several contacts with their billing department and they will not refund me my money. I am 67 years old and do not even practice Real Estate anymore and I have explained this to them. The charges appeared Feb 13, 2010 and I called them Feb 25, 2010. As of today they will not budge on their denial.
Entity: Provo, Utah
6, Report #1098905
Nov 12 2013
07:46 PM
Real Estate Solutions, INC / Doc Prep 101 / Lender Solutions/ Faye Kanter, Tiffany Navarro, Frances Cruz Experienced Banker who was evenn misled and victim of lies, empty promises and diversionary tactics - They didn't honor their own 30 day signed, money back guarantee Corona (now Narco) California
Consumer's Original ComplaintThis Mortgage Modification company contacted me in July asking me about considering a mortgage modification.  I stated to them that Ocwen has my loan and they stated that my loan type is not eligible to be refinanced (have tried a few times over the past few years with Ocwen and Morgan Stanley Home Loans who previously owned the loan).  Faye Kanter at this company stated they have a great relationship with Ocwen and that they likely are not familiar with newer HARP/HAMP programs so it's worth it for me to try.  She assured me that I would receive a refund back if I was declined for any reason outside of my control (ie if the reason didn't involve me qualifying for this modification directly, income, ie, etc.).  Faye assured me that if I am turned down for them not allowing this modification, outside of looking at my financials and if it was their stated policy not to...then I would receive a refund.  She said that in order to move forward that a payment would have to be made to start.  I mentioned my discomfort since I was not familiar with them...but she sent me the Money Back Guarantee and the SLA/Service Contract.  Also, she said this payment cannot be from a credit card, but rather by direct ACH from my checking account.  She even mentioned this could be done in several payments - so I signed their forms to allow it and had two $800 payments deducted.  She said  $1200 was for the primary mortgage and $400 was for handling the HELOC.  I have been a Private Banker myself for 7 years and I know all the questions to ask...she asked me to send a financial packet to her and I did.  I have included this list of items.  I immediately sent to them (within a few days) Calls were never returned after this and they never delivered any responses.  Each time I called, I received a variety of excuses for the lack of communication to me or either a general voicemail or a busy signal...once I connected, they made excuses about voicemails not being setup yet, etc.  I called to follow up and was told I was assigned to Frances Cruz and Tiffany Navarro.  I also called and spoke to Faye (I had to call her) and she says that I would be approved based on what we discussed but they will put everything together and get back to me.  I stressed my apprehension and stated again that Ocwen had previously stated that the investor who holds my mortgage note does NOT accept modifications, but she stressed that REI, inc has a great relationship with Ocwen and they likely don't know of the latest programs that can assist those like me.At this time, I notice payments came from two different vendors (two $800) from 'National Doc Pre (July 24th) and another $800 from MUKLUK, LLC (Aug 6th)  Calls were unreturned after I asked about these two different companies... eventually (after I was persistent and reached them)  they stated this was normal...two months go by and I decided to contact my lender Ocwen to gauge if they had received anything.  They stated they categorically declined this modification due to the Investor not allowing it - but NOT due to my financial profile.  I have this letter in hand as well. I have tried many times to obtain a refund but the company continuously states there isn't management around to address and they keep referring to a letter from RES, inc that I was to receive before I can speak to their management.  Weeks go by and more unreturned calls as I stated that I hadn't received that letter.  Eventually, Marki says that she indeed had the letter and not sure why it didn't go out/or get received.  It was 3 weeks since I first was told of this letter and to date have not received.   Tiffany Navarro and Marki are the two people who keep referring back to each other ...I have detailed notes to supplement this summary.  To date, I have never received a proactive call back and they keep avoiding me.  I always call during business hours and they state no one is available. This company had used many diversionary tactics and has not honored the Service Contract we signed.The troubling part about this is they initially they represented themselves as Real Estate Solutions, Inc then all changed to Doc Prep 101 when their 'documents' arrived,  I am convinced they used name switches to mask themselves.  As mentioned, they were elusive in answering my questions/returning my calls all the while.  I mentioned that in order for me to remove my fears of fraud on my accounts, I needed them to confirm they use two different billing companies...Tiffany never returned my calls...until I was persistently calling them over a month period.  Doc Prep 101 was never mentioned to me in the first 1/3 of the process, etc.  As an experienced banker (particularly a mortgage loan specialist), I know the standard mortgage process and would have NO need for just a basic doc prep company to submit on my behalf.  Even then, the 'docs' submitted to Ocwen were just the elementary 4506T and a very, very basic income sheet they built from my verbal answers. Why would anyone with my experience agree to such a process as I clearly would have zero need for it.  This will clearly become a case of 'he said, she said, but I know this was dishonest and completely misleading. I was simply misled and acted in good faith based off direct dialogue with Faye Kanter,  We should ask: why is Faye removed from this?  Since she is directly involved, why has she never chimed in or been involved in this, or returned even a single call to me during this process - especially since there were/are perception issues?  The answer is because this corresponds to the elusive nature of this experience and their accountability.  To date, I have never received a proactive call/email from either company...Even if we were basing this off the service contact/SLA, the contract says that I will receive the loan docs within 30 days...I have proof that I sent (via overnight) on 7/19 my informational packet.  I didn't receive these loan docs until Sept 5th (postmark date on the yellow envelope this packet was delivered in). Per the contract sent to me via email by Jennifer Case ('Case Manager)'Doc Prep 101 will guarantee that you will receive your completed hardship package within 30 days of you providing the documents as outlined below.  If we do not provide your completed hardship application as outlined in your contract within 30 days of receipt of your complete documents we will refund 100% of your money.  The docs requirements are as such (that I sent to them on 7/19                              - Last two paychecks                              - Mortgage stmts                              - Copy of Insurance and Tax billAs mentioned, I didn't receive this package until after 9/6 - well AFTER the 30 day mark.  Setting aside the complete predatory practice here, I am due a full refund on that alone.   Pure and simple, this was predatory in nature, I was targeted/contacted by RES, Inc and I stood to gain nothing as I clearly mentioned to Faye, Francs, and Tiffany that my lender had not allowed modifications and my profession/experience.  Faye used tactics, such as money back guarantee, and her direct association/relationship with Ocwen, to lure me into agreeing to these terms - my previous attempts. As of Nov 12th, I tried calling the company today as Marki never returned my call regarding her contacting her manager for this refund, and the number (951) 272-0579 is no longer in service.  I just spoke to them last week.  This surely adds to my strong feelings that this was indeed a scam.  How might I officially report this to state authorities, etc?   Also, both Doc Prep's website and Real Estate Solutions, Inc are no longer active on the internet (seems to have been shut down within the past week.Note; I have more supporting material and even recorded calls.  I also have additional dialogue points that supplement and support the above summary
Entity: Corona , California
7, Report #454102
May 21 2009
12:19 PM
Entity: New York City, New York
8, Report #363637
Jan 24 2009
10:46 PM
First Data - First Data Global Leasing, Cardservice International, First Data Corporation Forged my signature, Created Fraudulent lease, Illegally pulled my credit, Reported fraulent account 30, 60, 90 Days late on my credit report, Destroyed the reputation, and credit reputation of myself and my businesses. Tried to extort money from Myself and my Mother. They hHave used Perjurty as a defense. They have fabricated documents in an attempt to get out of paying damages. Coral Springs Florida
In December 2006, a lease was created in my name on behalf of cardservice international and First Data, and First Data Merchant Services. The problem is I sold the store at this location in December of 2004. I sold the business two years prior to the creation of the fraudulent lease. Thet illegaMy Social Security Number, My Federal ID number and my Drivers license Number where used to create this fraudulent account, from information obtained from a prior lease in 2003 with First Data. I contacted First Data in February or March of 2007 apprising them of the situation, they appologized sent me a small refund check of the money that was withdrawn from one of my old checking accounts. I thought that the problem had been resolved, until I applied for a loan. First Data failed to remove the account out of my name, the fraudulent account appeared on my personal credit report. Dan North Miami Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
9, Report #1239619
Jul 03 2015
05:47 PM
Brent Hammonds ,Solutions Real Estate, AZBrokerBrokerBrentBig Brent Creepy Real Estate / Broker for Solutions Real Estate Scottsdale Arizona
Brent Hammons (Solutions Real Estate) worst agents we have encountered.  The Brent Hammonds you see on the website, is not the Brent Hammonds you get.  The words creepy and drug user is what you get.  We met this character after having been mislead about how great of an agent he was, what the he and the company could do to help us, all the way down to their website, which shows false photos of their offices.     Our first visit to a home,  Brent Hammonds cant keep his eyes off of my 13 year old daughter, nor his comments about how mature she is, how nice her feet look, how he's glad he's not 10 years younger (Realy, cause you are in your 50s now). Thats just the begining of the CREEPY Brent Hammonds when you sign up with this company.  Next we are shown homes that are overpriced and told not to worry, he's a broker and he can make sure that our income will look appealing to any lender!  (Real Estate Bubble promoter). Anytime he wants to meet, its when the sun is going down, or friend me on facebook, or let me text you (not your husband).  Then there are all the weird looks he gives, the personal grooming issues, negativity about the other agents, how great he is at outselling the company, how he is doing work on the side, how he can pick us up if we need it, and we are back to looking at my daughter and giving us the creepy smile! I sent two emails to his company about the misleading agent they sent and his behavior, and got a simple Thank you we look into all negative complaints and comments to ensure the highest quality.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Brent Hammonds.  That wont be happening and neither will a home purchase with this company.    Females and family members be warned about this character.  
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
10, Report #399736
Dec 09 2008
11:39 PM
HFC Real Estate Solutions False Representation as a Realtor Lorain Ohio
Mr. Helmuth Chamale told me that he would take over our home that did not sell. He was to take care of any repairs as well as any monies, once he rented the home. Now he is avoiding our calls, has not paid me and my husband 3 months rent, plus a down deposit he pocketed,plus repairs to the furnace and thermostat, The total amount now owed is $3,050.00. Please let others know about his scam and falsely introducing himself as a Realtor..Our home is at the point of going to foreclosure because of his bad intentions. He is still trying to scam others as he did our family. Sonia Lorain, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Lorain, Ohio
11, Report #711428
Mar 29 2011
08:51 AM
Real Estate Investment Solutions Promised refund but never paid as promised , Internet
Original date of payment was on 8/11/2010.  I submitted for refund on 10/5, then via mail per request and again 1/22/11 nothing refunded thus far. The company claims to refund the up front fee if I am able to procure more favorable financing terms than the source they refer you to.  I provided this proof via email after which they forced me to send this proof via certified mail.  I did then followed up to find they claim they don't have and accepted my proof via email but then never responded or refunded any money.  The fee I paid was $995 of which they said I would recieve $900 provided I can provide proof of my obtaining favorable funding terms, which I have sent to them multiple times.  Sent on 12/14/10: This is my 3rd and final follow up on this matter.  Attached you will find the actual closing statement with considerably better terms than your source provided.  You mentioned you need this to confirm the validity of my claim. You had a willingness to refund the fee you collected from you me up front to provide lending sources.  Let me know when and how you will refund the fee paid.  Thank you. On 11/18/10 I sent: As requested you will find the LOI I received and you can compare with what I received on my own.  Generally, 4.25 points, 8.95% rate for 5 month term, compared to 7 points, 12.75% rate for 12 month term.  You had mentioned you would only provide refund if I provided closing statement to prove the existence of better terms.  I will wait for your email back as to when I can expect refund of my fee. All I want is refund promised to me as I did not utilize their service as they could not provide favorable terms as promised. KalYuba City, Ca
Entity: Internet, Internet
12, Report #1154582
Jun 13 2014
09:53 AM
Epic Real Estate Solutions Did not pay for appraisals ordered Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Epic is an appraisal management company.  The just don't pay for appraisals completed.  Cannot reach a person directly.  Can only leave a message on the phone.
Entity: Select State/Province
13, Report #1185206
Oct 27 2014
12:44 PM
Real Estate Investment Solutions I paid Raleigh North Carolina
I paid $750.00 for the sevices they provide. The payment was credited April 30,2010. I have repeatedly call the telephone number they provided and get no response. The telephone no., 866-513-2552 connects me to an operator who says congratulationos you are eligible for a $100.00 Wal-Mart gift card. I am then transferred to a virtual assistant. I ask to speak to  Chuck Mann, consultant with Real Estate Investment Solutions. The response is all lines are busy, you wil have to call back later. I call back later and get the same response. This has been going on for Three and one-half years.  Enough is Enough.
Entity: Raleigh, North Carolina
14, Report #1085409
Sep 18 2013
07:45 AM
Paradigm Real Estate Solutions Breach of Contract Danville California
Paradigm Real Estate Solutions entered into a contract to have a company brochure designed. After they approved the final brochure and said they were happy with it, they stated their intention not to pay for the content-writing, thereby placing them in breach of contract. In an email, they said they were only willing to pay a portion of the invoice, but before they would send a payment, I would have to agree to accept this payment as a full and final payment. Using coercion in this way to induce someone to enter an agreement is one of the definitions of extortion.
Entity: Select State/Province
15, Report #1159838
Jul 06 2014
07:00 AM
Paradigm Real Estate Solutions Lying Bait and Switch Tactics Danville California
This company will point blank lie about anything to get business. Michael Carreno bold face lies on the phone about the services they provide and then once they get your money forgets about the promises he makes to get your business.
Entity: Danville, California
16, Report #1207502
Feb 07 2015
05:35 PM
Epic Real Estate Solutions Epic Res Epic has not been paying the appraisers Pittsburgh Nationwide
I have sent these people at Epic several emails and left numerous messages regarding past due invoices dating back as far as June 2014. It is now Feb. 2015 and all I still get are promises of checks that do not appear and messages saying that Tiffany Mayfield will get back to me. Im not holding my breath. This is another example of a company that was getting paid for the appraisals by the clients and ran their company with our (appraiser's) money. When things have slowed down, they are realizing that they cant take from Peter to pay Paul anymore. This is the problem with appraiser management companies that do not know how to financially conduct themselves. This adds insult to injury when considering the very low fees that they were supposed to be paying appraisers in the first place. Next call is to my states Dept. of Business and Professional Regulations and their clients especially Navy Federal Credit Union. 
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #1390738
Aug 06 2017
07:16 AM
National real estate solutions Non Payment they don't pay Thousand oaks California
 Well to be quite honest I have been with NRES for 5 years up until about 2/1/17 when I refused to do any more work until my payments were caught up, last summer is when my accountant started noticing many many orders would get paid BUT not the full approved amount that was in black and white on the work order, for example we had a work order to pump out a flooded basement the price says $450 we do the job upload before during and after photos, when we get the check 3 months later we only got paid $175 for the entire job. This happened to almost every order we did, either we see $30 missing or $3-400 missing out of each order almost like they're skimming every order and sending what they wanna pay not what's on the actual order. And of coarse when confronted with a spread sheet made by my accountant of orders skimmed totaling 27k, I got the run around about how it's gonna take them weeks to go back and check every order and bla bla bla. So I said I'm done I can't take it I've called and emailed and called and got nowhere. mind you I had under my belt 200 properties that we serviced and maintained for them, I had 12 employees 8 trucks and plenty of equipment to do whatever the order said. Even the grass cuts we wouldn't get paid the full amount on the work order, i want to be paid what is on the order not a partial payment! my employees want to be paid in full every Friday regardless if I get a check or not so this company put me in a very tight position so tight that I laid off half my staff and sold half my trucks to pay my bills and make ends meet. Do not work for this company you will struggle and or go under for non payment. If you do decide to work for them keep a close eye on every order you do document it so when you get a check you can go back and look to see if they paid the full amount cause here's what they hope happens....they want u to forget and or be occupied by something else so when u finally get a check 3 months later (probably another reason why they pay slow) and your bills are piling up your to a point where ur so frustrated you take the check to the bank and cash it and you forget all about what your owed until after u sit down and see you have 5-10 bucks off each order missing. This company is a joke! The rich get richer in this case they care less about the working man actually busting our humps to make them look good, not on my watch again that's for sure!
Entity: Thousand oaks, California
18, Report #1194638
Dec 11 2014
07:05 AM
BM Real Estate Solutions Christopher Stevensand the owner A. RomeroBMRES bm real estate solutions are a total ripoff Littleton Colorado
I have a written agreement from Christorer Stevens that they would return my investment if the company didn't fund a property that I had found for a real estate fix and flip. It's a total scam I found out the address is a postals box and they have no business license. Reported it to the BBB with little help how can a company have a rating of A- with no business license is amazing to me.
Entity: Littleton , Colorado
19, Report #1247287
Aug 08 2015
04:12 PM
Compliance Audit Solutions C.S.A. Inc. Hope abandoned on promise - Took money from me and gave me nothing in return - preditors San Diego California - Internet
I'm not very good at this, it was at a time when I was in trouble with my home.  I was seeking help to try to save it.  I was made many promises of help and all they did was take money I couldn't afford.  Very sad people will take advantage of someone so desperate.  Wish someone could pay for all the lives that were devastated.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1382084
Jun 29 2017
11:39 AM Real Estate Data Solutions Inc.32565 Golden Lantern St,Dana Point, CA 92629 They collect a monthly fee promising that you will find a Section 8 landlord within 5 to 7 days that they're the nation's leader once they hit your card you cannot call anybody to make it stop you have to file a grievance with your credit card and even still it doesn't stop Internet
 Do not sign up for the monthly program it is a rip-off. they cannot find you a tenant or a landlord. every available property on the list says does not accept Section 8... it's a scam! the only place to locate Section 8 is through your local Housing Authority even though they are impossible to reach, don't try to go anywhere else but your local Housing Authority; walk there and go in person if you have to but do not use this website.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1136440
Apr 04 2014
08:08 PM
Hubzu and REALHome Services and Solutions, Inc. Listing does not show major damage Ann Arbor Michigan
This listing at Hubzu shows a decent looking house. Looking through the windows today made it clear that there is very extensive water damage to the house, which is not indicated in any way in the listing, which is being actively bid on. Buyer beware!  
Entity: Ann Arbor, Michigan
22, Report #694446
Feb 12 2011
06:29 AM
Bellevue Real Estate Alnic, Inc. Real Estate Break Down Deposit Scam Bellevue, Nebraska
Bellevue Real Estate has become a nightmare! First off the original good agent, Kathy R Brookhouser quit after several times meeting her and going through different houses and offers. After this time my file is finally picked up by the owner 'Mimi Janda' who is the broker of this place. She finally starts to look over the file and sees its been months since any contact. Mean while I'm still sitting and waiting for hear from someone, anyone at this point to take this contact forward. Months have gone by, no financing and the only agent that is honest and constantly talking to me is Mickey Martin. Mimi never responded to my emails. Only though a letter asking for my deposit back does she finally answer back. Now she wants to keep the $500 even though its been close to a year since I've even began to purchase a house. She let all the communications drop. She didn't even have the courtesy to call me with Kathy quit or was fired, who knows. This place really sucks. I'm not sure how they're able to even sell any homes. They're getting a bad review over on yelp too. Stay away from this place filled with broken promises and holding on to any cash they can get since that's about the only income they can pull in. No wonder this place has no agents left and its just being run by the broken and fake facade.
Entity: Bellevue, Nebraska
23, Report #632943
Aug 18 2010
05:22 PM
Reply Real Estate - Reply! Real Estate - Reply Inc. REPLY REAL ESTATE SALES RECICLED LEADS! San Ramon, California
DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES!  After a very nice lady helped me sign up for a 30 day trial period sent me dozens of leads that had been recicled, out of town, disconnected numbers, Real estate agents, etc, etc, etc.  They continue to flood you with bogous leads and charge your credit card in excess of what you agreed.  Also BE AWARE after they tell you that you have a 30 day trial period, in order for you to cancel their contract and the flood of bogous leads they tell you that you have to give them a 30 day written notice in order to end the contract.  Stay away from them!
Entity: San Ramon, California
24, Report #394469
Nov 24 2008
11:17 AM
Iannotti Realty Solutions Real Estate Scam Lyndora Pennsylvania
I am a former student of the Iannotti's and must warn anyone reading this to use extreme caution when dealing with Jon, Stephanie, or any of their affiliates. They pose as experienced real estate investors and seem very knowledgable, but are actually wolves in sheeps clothing. By using their investing systems I was driven deeper into debt than I ever thought possible and will be recovering for at least the next decade. The only ones to make any real money in their group are the Iannotti's themselves, and they only care about lining their own pockets. Please don't make the same mistake I did. Stay away and don't fall for the crocodile tears Steph will drop you! Former student pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Lyndora, Pennsylvania
25, Report #287116
Nov 27 2007
12:37 PM
Legendary Solutions, Inc., Innovative Property Solutions, Inc., Chantal Bonney, William Bonney, Bill Bonney Of El Cajon, CALegendary Solutions, Inc., Innovative Property Solutions, Inc., Chantal Bonney, William Bonney Borrowed $30,000.00 for real estate, has not paid it back, threatens to file bankruptcy El Cajon California
Contract was to lend $30,000.00 for 6 months as per written signed and dated contract. This contract began November 1, 2007 and ended officially May 1, 2007. According to contract, they had 30 days to pay the entire amount back which gave them until May 30, 2007. They have made only interest payments, they have not even attempted to pay on the principal and unknown to me, they purchased the property I was supposed to invest in, without my consent, without my signature and without a written contract on April 16, 2007 for property at 9107 N 12th Street Phoenix, a 5-unit apartment complex. I was stalled and given excuses why the property wasn't ready, or that the deal hadn't gone through, but according to public record, the deal indeed went through and they are profiting from use of my funding and by collecting rents on said property located at 9107 N 12th St Phoenix, AZ. At no time was I invited to inspect the property, look at contracts or anything, so after waiting until September 2007, I told Mr. Bonney that I was pulling out, and he told my husband that it would take him about a month (October 2007) to come up with my refund. October came and went, Mr. Bonney never called, nor did his wife. His son, William Bonney, II says he is not involved with his Father's business, yet he works for the company and by all means, should be the resident agent here, if they don't have an attorney in AZ. In early November a return receipt requested letter was sent demanding $15,000.00 by November 15th, 2007 and the balance plus interest of $15,000.00 and interest due November 30, 2007. When we phoned Mr. Bonney on November 26, 2007, he threatened to file bankruptcy to evade the debt if this went to court. Legendary Solutions, Inc. the Nevada Corporation is only licensed to transact business in Nevada and California, and that is the company that I lent the money to. They also own Innovative Property Solutions, Inc. of Nevada and it is now known if either is licensed to transact business here. Taking money in the State of Arizona under laws of Maricopa county, make this a case where he's doing business in Arizona without a proper license. Legendary Solutions, Inc. doesn't hold the assets such as several real estate properties, they are held by William Bonney's wife Chantal Bonney personally. The bottom line is that these people took my money, used it to further their collection of real estate, and are now refusing to pay it back as per their own contract. The contract I have is void at this point, with all money due and payable NOW. We have told Mr. Bonney to check in with us DAILY on the status of his repayment. After doing some research of my own, there are mortgages totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars taken out by Chantal Bonney and William Bonney as a married couple, so there should be NO problem getting a mere $30,000.00 back to me according to the original contract. Again, I have not signed anything extending the original promissory note, nor have I signed or agreed to purchase any property. My funds were used without a contract, without my permission on a property that is now under the name: Chantal Bonney. I will allow them time to review this post and to come up with money which is now basically stolen. I would advise NO ONE to do business with these people until they come up with my investment money. They had NO permission to use my money for any transaction, and as of now, the funds are no longer a loan. These people do not call, they don't share concrete information and from the beginning everything was shady, even more after threatening to file bankruptcy, which would be blatant fraud in order to avoid paying a debt. While everyone makes mistakes or falls on hard times, that is not the case here. It's using and abusing another person for your own personal gain. Mr. Bonney and his son William Bonney Jr. handle several properties in Phoenix and are always on the lookout for a money making deal. Again, until they make good on this contract and I can file a positive conclusion to this post, it would in my opinion be best that you use extreme caution in doing business with these people. The Attorney General's office has been made aware of this, as has the BBB in San Diego where the company owner's live. The company can be sued, and liens attached to the property held by the owners. Currently, they are attempting to avoid court by paying me $225.00 a month in interest only, on a voided contract which is illegal. With all of the loans they have on properties, I cannot imagine why it is suddenly so difficult to come up with a refund. Borrowing is borrowing for a set period of time, after which all money is due and payable. Filing bankruptcy at this point would be criminal, as would trying to conceal personal assets from a judgment. As soon as this debt is paid in full, I will be happy to note publically on this post that the matter has been resolved. Another letter will be going out as of November 28, 2007 stating a new promissory note that I will generate, for a short time period, and higher payments and interest. As far as I know, the property at 9107 N 12th Street Phoenix was purchased using my money as a partial down payment, totally without my consent. I will be monitoring any title transfers or quit claims filed in Arizona court as well as California as a means to evade repayment of a debt. I will also not accept any harassing words or threats from these individuals when I am right, I have a written contract enforceable in Arizona, Maricopa County, and I have been very accommodating until now. If the Bonney family would like to file a rebuttal showing publically what they are doing to remedy the situation, that would be fine. If there are any more games or delays, I will update this post with complete information. Ceo Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: El Cajon, California

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