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1, Report #62370
Jun 30 2003
05:06 PM
Fugate Real Estate ripoff Hobart Indiana
We recently purchased a home through Fugate realtors and we thought we could trust the owner of the company, boy were we wrong. Upon the purchase we discovered that the sellers laid down a floor in the bathroom over major water damage and the floor collapsed into the basement. The realtor Betty Fugate claimed she knew nothing about it because even though she sold the home to us she had never actually been inside the property. The place is a dump and we discovered the water heater and furnace is bad as well. Some of the pipes under the kitchen sink were actually caulked together to keep them on, talk about a money pit! We are extremely unhappy and after reporting the real estate company to the BBB the owner actually had the nerve to say she didn't even know us. We hope to see her lose her licence to sell reality soon. Stephanie Gary, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Hobart, Indiana
2, Report #694446
Feb 12 2011
06:29 AM
Bellevue Real Estate Alnic, Inc. Real Estate Break Down Deposit Scam Bellevue, Nebraska
Bellevue Real Estate has become a nightmare! First off the original good agent, Kathy R Brookhouser quit after several times meeting her and going through different houses and offers. After this time my file is finally picked up by the owner 'Mimi Janda' who is the broker of this place. She finally starts to look over the file and sees its been months since any contact. Mean while I'm still sitting and waiting for hear from someone, anyone at this point to take this contact forward. Months have gone by, no financing and the only agent that is honest and constantly talking to me is Mickey Martin. Mimi never responded to my emails. Only though a letter asking for my deposit back does she finally answer back. Now she wants to keep the $500 even though its been close to a year since I've even began to purchase a house. She let all the communications drop. She didn't even have the courtesy to call me with Kathy quit or was fired, who knows. This place really sucks. I'm not sure how they're able to even sell any homes. They're getting a bad review over on yelp too. Stay away from this place filled with broken promises and holding on to any cash they can get since that's about the only income they can pull in. No wonder this place has no agents left and its just being run by the broken and fake facade.
Entity: Bellevue, Nebraska
3, Report #200694
Jul 12 2006
01:37 PM
Real Estate Money - Real Estate Money ripoff Internet
In the Month of May I was contacted by a Real Estate Money Network Representative. Her name was Latoya and she told me that they got my information off the internet because at the time I was trying to find a home because me and my kids had to move into my sister's home and I have been desperately trying move out on my own. She said I wanted to let you know that I will be able to help you get a home and I was excited because I had been searching for months. Latoya asked for my credit information which was my social security number and I told her well I may not qualify because my credit is bad and she said no problem this is an FHA program that is funded to help people obtain housing with credit problems, so i agreed. I let her do a credit check and she called back the next day and said congratulations you have been approved for a loan in the amount of $150,000 and I said thank you what happens now and she said all I had to was pay the program fee of $385.00 I said what is this for and she said that lets us help you find a home, get you a realtor, and she mentioned I had to pay no money down and no closing cost sounds so good. Well I didn't have all of the money upfront so she agreed to take half one week and the other half in two weeks. When I sent the first half of the money she kept in touch with me and was telling me she's glad she could help me and my family then I had to talk with the other representative Carol she took over. Carol processed the other half of my money and I tried calling her and couldn't get a response or nothing after they received all of my money. I left some you need to get in touch with me now messages and Carol returned my call. Latoya mentioned also that a loan officer would contact me concerning my loan and go over everything so that I could start looking for my brand new home. I told Carol the loan officer never called and she gave me a number to call them a representative of Flagstar Bank answered I think her name was Linda, and she said Ms. Kitt I was trying to call and I said yes, she said I got the information from Real Estate Money and I apologize,but we cannot help you. I said what happened, and she said well we go by your credit and in order for us to give you a loean your beacon score must be 580 or better and I told her I was misinformed and she said we do have a credit repair program and I said no because that will take too long and I need a home as soon as possible. I told carol what happen and she said I am sorry and I said well I want my money back because yall were not able to help me, and I am not using this service. Carol said we do not do refunds and I said well you have to give me my money back because I was denied so you mean to tell me I gave yall practically $400.00 for nothing and I can't get a refund and she said thats what was explained in the papers you were sent and I said no Latoya told me I was entitled to a refund if they could not help me or if I had to go some place else and they had a lower interest rate and Carol said no I'm sorry but that's not true. I was enraged because I am a single parent with three kids and to just give away money and not get any type of service in return is cruel. Thomasina Summerville, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1315532
Jul 14 2016
03:04 PM
Trillion Real Estate AKA: Tyson Robinson Despeptive , Unethical Real Estate Agent Temecula California
DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN OR HIS STAFF!!!!  In my opinon he and his staff are unprofessional, deceptive and unethical!!!!! He was the manager of my property , In May 2016 he gave access to my property to tenants without a signed lease agreement! He has stoped forwarding the rent, even thou we supposedly had a renter in the property for a year agreement (  rent for the last two months had been paid, minus his marketing and management fees...that he didnt earn!) from MAy '16-'17.  Also, move out tenants left the property in unacceptable conidition and he gave them back their full deposit! I had to hunt down Tyson to give me a straight story ( which I still dont believe).  HE DOES NOT BELIVE HE HAS DONE ANYTHING WRONG! IN WHAT WORLD DOES HE THINK GIVING SOMEONE ACCESS TO A PROPERTY ,TAKING SECURITY DEPOSIT, NOT GEETING A SIGNED LEASE AGREEMENT IS OK? ITS CRIMINAL! Do you know how long it takes and how much it costs to evict someone?  HE SHOULD HAVE HIS LICENCES TAKEN AWAY!
Entity: Temecula , California
5, Report #632943
Aug 18 2010
05:22 PM
Reply Real Estate - Reply! Real Estate - Reply Inc. REPLY REAL ESTATE SALES RECICLED LEADS! San Ramon, California
DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES!  After a very nice lady helped me sign up for a 30 day trial period sent me dozens of leads that had been recicled, out of town, disconnected numbers, Real estate agents, etc, etc, etc.  They continue to flood you with bogous leads and charge your credit card in excess of what you agreed.  Also BE AWARE after they tell you that you have a 30 day trial period, in order for you to cancel their contract and the flood of bogous leads they tell you that you have to give them a 30 day written notice in order to end the contract.  Stay away from them!
Entity: San Ramon, California
6, Report #930150
Aug 20 2012
08:12 PM
TERRA ONLINE Real Estate TERRA ONLINE Real Estate scammer real estate Vieux Fort, Internet
SCAMMER FALSE PROPERTY FRAUDLENT CROOK SCAMMER ASKING DEPOSIT SAME PROPERTY FROM VARIOUS BUYERS TERRA ONLINE Real Estate Anse de Sable,  Box 485, Vieux Fort, St. Lucia, West Indies Tel: +(758) 485-7400 / 485-7401 Fax: +(758) 454-7400 Email:
Entity: Vieux Fort,, Internet
7, Report #1429147
Feb 13 2018
10:53 PM
BLACKJACK REAL ESTATE, LLC Blackjack are liars, cheats, and fake as ive seen. Pensacola Florida
They will be the nicest fakest people until you don't give in to what they offer which is nothing. It's all about numbers and getting over on people. Then they promise to follow up or call you back and never do. Dee Dee has been told go walk me many times and I have left message after message but once they get what they want they ignore and are better than you. They even owe me thousands in a refund they over charged for. They are shady money hungry people. And they just block you of you have anything to say negative about the company or give a bad review. Such a stand up company. Run as fast as you can away from blackjack real estate llc.
Entity: Pensacola, Florida
8, Report #105689
Aug 27 2004
09:13 AM
Nationwide Real Estate Discounters rip-off! Scam! Fort Myers Florida
Nationwide Real Estate Discounters is just another real estate rip off. Their instructions are unrealistic. The associate program is a joke. When you call to speak to someone they often act as if they are being bothered by you. They don't offer any real help. They had someone call me and try to sell me a $7000 program saying that this program is the real way to make money in real estate. I made some attempts to search for properties and found out, just like anyone who has attempted to work a real estate deal, you need contacts and money. Michelle Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Myers, Florida
9, Report #94280
Jun 09 2004
01:58 PM
CLOUD REAL ESTATE rip-off! The landlords are neglectful and dishonest. Killeen Texas
My wife and I rent a house from Cloud Real Estate, and it has been almost exactly 2 years since I moved in. From the beginning, this company has been very neglectful in maintenance repairs and very unprofessional in their dealings with me. When I first moved in the house was dirty. I was promised that someone would clean the house, but that only happened after I called 3 or 4 times. The cleaning was not very satisfactory, and was done by a ragged individual, not an actual professional cleaning. It was literally done by a lady with paper towels and generic glass cleaner. Everytime there has been a need for maintenance on the property, I call or go by the office and am assured someone will come by and take a look at the problem. There have been times before when they wanted to argue with me and pretend there is no problem. Well, I am not imagining the problem. One time they had the nerve to tell me they didn't have a key to the property and that I needed to have one made. I always have to call back, and it takes several phone calls before someone finally comes. And when I do call back I am given excuses such as Oh he didn't come yet, or Okay, I will let the owner know. When the owner comes, he will get halfway through a job and say he will come back at a certain time or day, and never does. I end up having to wait for another problem to arise and add it to the list of things to be done. It took them atleast 5 months to fix a leaking sink....finally one morning the sink was literally pouring out water and by force I had to call their office. And everytime, they act like its the first time I am calling or have an attitude like I am choosing to be annoying... they put me in that position. The house is very old, and I think it is in poor condition from years of neglect. If you let the grass get high or are one day late on rent, which I have only been late once, they are quick to leave a notice on the door, but if you need urgent attention for something they really don't take action at all. I wish that landlords and their agents would have more class and take ownership and step up to the plate. Just as I take action to make sure my rent is there every month, half of the time early, they should take action and responsibility for their properties and provide adequate and satisfactory maintenance and atleast make an effort to follow through on their word. Unsatisfied Tenant Killeen, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Killeen, Texas
10, Report #467958
Jul 09 2009
02:09 PM
TruMark Real Estate Management Rip off big time Glendale California
I am a tenant of Trumark in Glendale California. I moved in December 2008, and ever since I have moved into this place the property management has been horrible. WHen you call the main number to Trumark which is 818 246 7221 and you'll get the office personnell (aka Rosa Garcia) Ever since I have moved in here whenever there was a maintenance problem or ermegency I have been treated rudely including, being hung up while in the middle of a sentence, being put on hold and never coming back to the phone, picking up the phone and then hanging up and being called names by Rosa. We have spoken with Ruben who has told me he was her supervisor/manager about this and we requested to put in contact with Mark Trueblood the CEO of Trumark (Trumark is the company that owns or manages our apartment complex)Ruben stated that he will not give out The owner's contact information and apologized. After explaining to him the rude behavior that we keep getting it seemed that he didn't care much and just wanted to get us out of his hair. Had I known that I was going to have to deal with rudeness every time I need to call the apartment management office and would have to go through the hassle I would never have chosen this property to move into. In the beginning, before moving in I spoke with a Trumark rep named Michelle who was in charge of getting people to move in. She made several promises about the apartment that were going to be fixed before I moved in and also said that the price of the monthly rent was less than it ENDED UP BEING AFTER I GAVE HER MY DEPOSIT AND HAD ALREADY MOVED OUT OF MY PREVIOUS APARTMENT. When I tried to call Michelle to get this corrected she refused to answer any of my calls, any emails and went out of her way to avoid me. There was nothing we could do because we had already moved in and forked over my hard earned money We went on to call Mark Trueblood himself on July 9, 2009 at 12:35pm Cali time, and finally reached his wife Kathleen Ann Trueblood who seemed unconcerned with our complaint and instead kept saying she was upset that we called Mark Trueblood's home. The area and rental property is ok, even the maintenance people when they do come out are nice , friendly, quick and fix things in a timely manner, but the customer service and office personnel leaves something to be desired for to put it nicely. ANd it seems that every person in the company from the top down only wants to talk to you when you are handing over your money, but if there's an emergency or problem, you can forget it. Having talked with other neighbors, its apparent that the rudeness is a regular ritual at the offices of Trumark. Buyer/Renter beware! These people don't want to give you the real owner's contact information, so I am. Here is the owner and his direct adress and phone number Mark Trueblood CEO of Trumark Reality in Pasadena, Glendale and LA area California. 5124 Caroli Ln La Canada Flintridge CA Direct telephone 818 790 0524 Bigg dogg Gelndale, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Glendale, California
11, Report #409523
Jan 08 2009
08:15 AM
River City Real Estate Company rips off tenants Richmond Virginia
This company seems to be in business only to ripoff its tenants. They own about 800 properties. When I rented the property the apartment had gas stoves and water heaters and I was not informed that they intended to remove these and install electric stoves and water heaters to replace them. This was in effect an increase in rent as they had paid for the gas and I pay for electricity. That same year they also increased my rent. I was charged a late fee for the month I moved in. The rent is normally due on the first but I was not able to make arrangements with the rental company until the fifth to pay the rent my original move-in day was Aug 1st but I was able to move in a month earlier unexpectedly on July 5th. I feel I paid July's rent in a timely manner. They did not say anything to me when I paid the rent. They sent me a bill for the late fee a year later. The laundry facilities are dirty and often washer and dryers so not work. They are slow to repair them when they are not working. The charge fees for normal maintenance work that should be the responsibility of the rental agency. Maintenance request are never handled in a timely manner. I am currently waiting for someone to fix a leak under my sink that I reported 5 days ago. After the first call I have had no response from the company to my request to be informed when I can expect the problem fixed. They never answer their phones I have sent two emails and left one messages. Peggy Richmond, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
12, Report #548954
Jan 03 2010
01:52 PM
Colin Chapman Real Estate Rental Property Destroyed Newcastle, Internet
Colin Chapman Real Estate (Newcastle, Australia) rented and managed a townhouse I owned at Elermore Vale until it was sold at a loss in 2009.  Colin Chapman just want to make a quick dollar and it is staffed with immature teenage girls who do not know their job.Without any proper checks this property was rented to a junky with criminal boyfriends and associates. It was vandalized and virtually destroyed within a year. I was never compensated for this, never got an apology and amazingly I even got one letter from Colin Chapman Real Estate telling ME about my responsibility for the tenants behaviour
Entity: Newcastle, Internet
13, Report #637745
Sep 04 2010
05:55 PM
Sauer Real Estate Andy Sauer Terrible Landlord Buffalo, New York
Me and my roommates have leased a home from Andy Sauer in Buffalo, New York this year. We are college students at University at Buffalo, and the rent for this particular home of Andy's was reasonable, so we decided to lease it for a year. At first he seemed like nice guy who wouldn't try to screw us over in any way. He promised there would be no hidden charges within our lease agreement, and also promised that he would never stop by our home completely unnanounced. According to him there would always be at least a 10 minute notice before he arrived. That was of course a complete lie. Recently he informed us of a few hefty charges that we all need to pay, which he had never mentioned previously. Andy insists that he told us all about these charges when we initially signed the lease, but for some reason none of our several roommates can remember this. It is pretty obvious that he leaves these charges out of his pitch to sell the home, which therefore makes it look more attractive. This is not the only case of BS that he has tried to pull on us. One time he found a small stain in one of the rooms of the house, and tried to impose some kind of fee for it. He made up a completely fake name for this particular kind of stain, and will probably be trying to get us to pay for it in the very near future. Hopefully he comes to his senses and realizes that it is unethical for him to squeeze every dime that he possibly can out of his tenants. As I mentioned above, it is extremely annoying how he will drop by all the time without any notice or warning. He is constantly in and out of our house, along with his less than capable handyman. This brings up another point. He often decides to do some work on the house, which will completely block off a room or hallway. And even though he promises the work will be done on a certain deadline, it will almost always take at least a few weeks longer. Beware if you plan to rent a home from him. If you are a UB student and are looking for a home in the University Heights, you should steer clear of Andy Sauer. Especially if you like to have people over or have parties, since he also hates when his tenants have friends.
Entity: Buffalo, New York
14, Report #777788
Sep 16 2011
06:21 PM
Real Estate Rolodex Brad Wozny No Product phone number or service!!! Internet
Do not joing the Real Estate rolodex...they have no Product! They say you will have access too 1,000s of cash buyers,which is a lie.You dont even get any worthless cds or anything. They have a login page,somehow they are on which is a free service...i dont know if this is associated with Brad Wozny(who makes money off of people who give them there credit card info and has no product, or real phone Number. They have a 3 day trial for $6.95 and i tred to cancel the 3rd day left a message on the phone,and didnt here back from them 8 days later they charged me 60 bucks. I canceled my credit card because they have absolutly no product,or any thing.When you go to you can login to the rolodex...its a page with you rofile,and there is nothing else there its like your stuck in lembo,and i have never seen anything so worthless...there isnt sny cds,videos,or other real estate investors...what a bunch of garbage crap!!!! 
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #767767
Aug 21 2011
06:19 AM
Acre Co. Real Estate Gemstone Holdings Fraudulent Leasing Practices Laramie, Wyoming
Beware the Acre Co. According to many longtime residents in Laramie, the Greaser family is known for unethical practices, and it came as no surprise many when I told them I can been ripped-off.I rented an almost new apartment from them in July 2010. The apartment appeared to be very nice after the walk-through, although they had fudged the truth. The floors are not hard wood, they are a very cheap laminate (the boards do not even fit, nor has the floor been sealed), the appliances are not stainless steel but brushed nickle, trying sticking a magnet to them, and the quality of construction is horrible after having lived inside, while lying in bed one night I was actually able to hear my upstairs neighbor use the restroom, not flush the toilet but evacuate her bladder. One would assume that a building manufactured so recently would have had to meet some building code. Renters beware, nothing is up to code in this town. Nevertheless, as my many other rental references will attest to, I take immaculate care of building I am in. One night the shelving unit in the closet fell down. They had affixed the shelves to a painted wall with glue. No nails, no screws, nothing but glue. The shelve is more than 6 feet long and weigh quite a bit and when it fell it hit the wall and door inside the closet damaging both. I promptly reported the incident and showed the landlord the issue and they jury-rigged it with a few screws.Upon checking out of the apartment, the landlord walked through and noted a few 'dirty' places and small scratch in the paint near a corner but otherwise stated in was in good shape.The next month I received my damage deposit back less $300. I was charged for the damage their shelving unit caused because of poor construction and charged for six hours of cleaning and painting. The pictures she (Natasha Garcia, the company representative) provided me showed nothing but a few streaks on reflective surfaces. Nothing damaged, no piles of dirt. I have a video of the apartment as I left after cleaning the entire place as well. In Wyoming, there is not definition of reasonable wear and tear; if the landlord decides that the building must look as it was just after construction then that is there right, however implausible. As be careful of the lease agreement. There is a small article that can be construed to imply that even in a small claims court case, you the lessee will be responsible for their legal fees, which will no doubt include a very high priced lawyer.
Entity: Laramie, Wyoming
16, Report #768215
Aug 22 2011
10:43 AM
Cooper Brown Real Estate Property Management Atlanta, Georgia
Charlie the owner of the company is cordial and all he wants to know is if you have good creidt...AT FIRST! When moving out he makes up all types of lies so that he can keep your deposit. my two year old nephew hand a (one hand print) on the bottom of the door he claimed the property needed repainting after only staying there one year. The carpet had clorox spots on it prior to moving he tried to make me pay for even though he documented that they were there on the move in date. The owner had an ironing board placed on the door. He wanted me to replace where the board was hanging. He said the condo was dirty and I had a cleaning service come in and clean it. I believe in karma and every dog has its day but Charlie is a crook.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
17, Report #678906
Jan 05 2011
09:27 AM
Fafard Real Estate Poor Construction, Shoddy Work and Lousy Customer Service Milford, Massachusetts
I live in a house built by this company. Since moving in, I have had nothing but issues. So far, I have had to replace the Master Bathroom shower, the Hot Water Heater, the entire front lawn and have had multiple cracks in the foundation repaired. Most recently, my furnace stopped working. Initially, when the shower continually leaked into my garage and dining room, the company made numerous attempts to "repair" it. When the repairs all failed and the warranty eventually expired, they threw their hands up and told me that we were on our own. I have since had it removed and of course, found that it had been installed incorrectly. When the furnace failed to do its job in the first few years of occupancy, the company made attempts to "repair" it. They added zones, dampers and even a smaller furnace to address the cold spots and rampant gas usage. Nothing corrected the problem. Once the warranty period was over, they and the contractor that installed it refused to return phone calls. In the last few years, in addition to not working well, the unit has faield on three separate occasions costing large amounts in emergency calls. Finally, a manufacturer's rep was sent out and I was informed that it was installed incorrectly and now should be replaced as a result. I believe you can see the pattern
Entity: Milford, Massachusetts
18, Report #725881
May 05 2011
06:43 AM
Real estate godr Puerto bahi villas, marc talon BEWARE! Puertobahia, Internet
People beware! Puerto bahia villas and spa is a SCAM. The sales director MARC TALON, who claims to be the developer is a con artist. I recognized him (he wieghs over 300 lbs) from another project my wife and I visited severall years back called Emerald Coast in San Pancho north of Puerto Vallarta. They had set up a fly and try throhu a compnay that no longer exists called developper direct. They had a really great event with lots of credible professionals there to legitimize the wholemscam. They suckered some people i know into buying lots, the same way they are doing with puerto bahia today, and they had never even received title on the land they we re selling. The whole project is now a fiasco and theft. Our friend have lost 100s of thousands of dollars!!! My wife and I were invited to a presentation to visit puerto bahia villas by a gentleman called Carlos when we were in the downtown vallarta area while on vacation on afew weeks ago. They promised us a gift of 5000 pesos. When we got to the HIGH PRESSURE sales room they were claiming to sell full ownership villas. But after a while they starting offering fractionnal. DEEDED for 1/52!!!! Ive been in RE my whole life and NOWHERE does this concept even exiist! I started to get very uneasy at that point and my wife and I managed to leave the sales presentation after being treatked like dirt.We later went to visit a NOTARIO who told us that this was IMPOSSIBLE and ILLEGAL.Please, please avoid loosing tons of money and stay away from this scam. Puerto bahia villas and Marc Talon are big trouble and should be shut downGary C., Houston
Entity: Puertobahia, Internet
19, Report #168563
Dec 19 2005
04:08 PM
Kennedy Real Estate ripoff --the paid amount of $1,200.00 on void lease Murphysboro Illinois
Dear Editor of the Ripoffreport.Com I have a question to see if I'm right in the fact that I feel ripped off. In September 2005, we had to find a new place to live, due to myself becoming ill (disabled) and not being able to keep our home. I was in the hospital most of last winter 2004. Any way, we responded to rental classified ad in the Southern Illinoisan Newspaper for a local reality company: Kennedy Real Estate, located in Murphysboro, Illinois. My wife Patricia went into the office and was handed the keys to three different placed and told that she could go look at them. She did the first two were unacceptable and the third was fairly nice. This one was located on 14th Street in Murphysboro, Illinois. After returning to the office the secretary told her that she may want to move on the property if she was interested, since it wouldn't last long. On September 14, 2005 she sign the rental property lease and paid Craig Kennedy the owner of Kennedy Real Estate, the paid the amount of $1,200.00. It is important to note that the lease was not to start until October 1, 2005. (Further, note that at the time the lease was signed Patricia was told to get a copy of the keys and bring the originals back to them and she did it.) Another important not, the lease was signed on 9/19/05; then on 9/21/05 the Jackson County Housing Authority, called and told Patricia that we had now been approved to move into a Housing Unit. Patricia told the Housing Authority Lady (Judy), and she said that Patricia should contact Craig Kennedy to see if he would agree to cancel the lease as we could now get into housing. Mr. Kennedy said no problem, just bring back the KEYS to the house and we can settle up the account when the property get rented. (Patricia returned the house KEYS two days later, which was (Sept. 23, 2005), however Mr. Kennedy was not in his office. The secretary said he would call Patricia back however he never did. A week later Patricia call Mr. Kennedy and he said that he would make a refund as soon as he could re-rent the property as he had already used the money. Months went by, with excuse after excuse. He continually told Patricia that he had been showing the house but had not found the kind of renter that he wanted. Then last week 12/15/2005 he stated that he rented the house to an Ameren CIPS worker after interviewing a lot of people. Mr. Kennedy stated that he would refund our money on 12/16/05 or on Monday 12/19/05; he would call to set up the appointment. He did not call so at 9:30 AM on 12/19/05; Patricia called Mr. Craig Kennedy, he said that he would write the check and has it ready at his office in the afternoon. At 2:00 PM we went to Kennedy Real Estate; Mr. Kennedy told Patricia that his secretary was gone and he did not know if she would be back, and that he did not know where the paperwork was at. Patricia told him that she would go home and get her paperwork; however, he continued to try to get her to come back tomorrow. Patricia asked him, is there anyway I can get some of the money today, since we are very short and our vehicle was on empty. He continued to suggest tomorrow. Patricia once again told him that she could go home and get the paperwork, and if he would be in the office for a time this afternoon, he stated that he did not know. He did tell Patricia that he would call her when the secretary came in so that he could find the paperwork so that this could be finalized. So we drove back from Murphysboro to Carbondale, a trip of 10 miles about 15 min. As we where getting ready to head back to Mr. Kennedy's office I gave him a call on my cell phone and I told him that I had the paperwork and would be at his office in about 15 min.; it is at this time that Mr. Craig Kennedy stated that he figure that he did not owe us anything that in fact he was doing us a favor by not pushing for additional half months' rent on the property. The address and contact information of the company that I feel that we have been rip off by is as follows: Kennedy Real Estate 330 North Street Murphysboro, Illinois 62924 Telephone: (618)-684-4444 Broker: Craig Kennedy Cell Phone: (618)-924-1777 Some background: I'm disabled, in wheelchair, with a total monthly income of $1185.00 per month from Social Security. We paid this real estate company $1200.00 in September, 2005, his property was not wheelchair accessible but we couldn't anything better in this rural area that we live in. We did not get completely move into the modified wheelchair accessible housing unit, until after Thanksgiving; Mr. Kennedy had continually promised a complete refund so we paid all the moving bills, and normal monthly bills, which left us with nothing for Christmas for our kids, then Kennedy does what he did today. The question I have after this long history story is this: The lease was dated Oct. 1, 2005 as its start date and move in date; the lease was canceled on 9/26/05; do I have legal right to my money refunded or did I get ripped off in your opinion? Also, what can I do, if anything? Thank you for your time and consideration. Richard Carbondale, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Murphysboro, Illinois
20, Report #232105
Jan 22 2007
09:47 PM
Seized Real Estate Deceptive and TOTAL MISLEADING, nothing like their example. ripoff Internet
This site is a total Rip-off! Don't fall for the one time fee They trick you by sending you from other links on how to avoid REO scams and then they scam you even worse! Claim they are number 1 site, guess they mean in terms of rip-offs. It promises that you don't have to pay monthly fees like other sites to find foreclosure properties and shows examples of what to expect. Don't fall for it, nothing but a list of other websites you can Google for free. This would be fine if they were hard to find sites or just upfront about it. However, they lead you to believe they are a real estate listing site you can search, not some half baked webpage that just lists common links to auction sites you still have to search one by one. They even give an example search page with pictures but again, once you pay, all you get is a list of other websites, nothing like their example. They have no email address, no street address, no phone number and domain lookup is generic. The only way to contact them is through their site which sends an automated response that you can not reply to. Of coarse they are not responsible for information They would not refund any money. This is one of the link that leads you to thier site. Notice the guy who wrote it does not list his name. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Kevin Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #134830
Mar 13 2005
02:23 PM
Premiere Real Estate ripoff, fraudlent transfer of deed, title, stole my home. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Premier Real Estate, Michael Cohen Broker, conspired to steal my home on in May of 2003. I alerted Michael Cohen that my nephew Julius Glover purchased a blank deed from Clarks Stationary Store on 13tha and Walnut and forged my Mothers name on the deed two days before she passed. This was done at Mercy Hospital in Philadelphia 54th and Cedar Ave. The notary Shanna Harris was involved. No legal body was involved. On the same day May 20th he also took out a restraining order in Family Ct . under judge Edward Summers witha lithany of false allegation stating that I hit and struck my dyeing Mother with a broom. Mother has the worst death and homegoing service in the history of our family. Julius took the false deed in which he deeded the house to himself for 1 dollar from grandmother to grandson on the 20th. Cohen got in touch with GMAC mortgage co. and the attornies for GMAC participated in all the illegal transactions. I faxed letters stating the facts to all parties. To date they have gotten away with it all. Cohen sits ont he board with the PA Real Estate Commission. I alert the commission, filed a complaint on the state level against the nortary. I alerted the DA's office who has done nothing to date. I alerted my Councilwoman. Filed a lis pendens but did not have the money for an attorney for the hearing. Real Estate fraud is epidemic in this city and unless you have thousands of dollars to fight in civil court there is noting you can do about it because the police take their time. I did not leave my home and will battle it out in court until and judge tells me to get out. Cohen paid the mortgage off. I faxed him a letter July 30th of 2003 time lining all the illegal transactions. This did not mean a thing to him! I had my son funeral services in the dining room in 1996 when we had the biggest blizzard in the century. He tried to offer me $10,000.00 for our home. I told him that he was a criminal and that the house was a crime scene. Because of greed my Mother didn't have a decent burial and I and my poor children who lived with her did not even attend her funeral services. This is the worst evil and conspiracy that I have ever experienced in my entire life! If there is anyone that can help me please contace me right away. Shelda philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
22, Report #928212
Aug 16 2012
01:19 PM
primary capital real estate Boyd Roberts and his wife liers, Murrieta, California
Well we found them in the yellow pages first mistake we were looking for someone to short sale our house of 30 yrs .I should have known when I had to tell him to come see the house what it was worth. So he shows up (Boyd) another sign his name! anyway we discuss the terms everything looks good! On the market for 2 months nothing. wife get's worried so calls Boyd he says lower price so we do another month nothing. she calls he says lower the price she suggests doing a few things like open house or something he says we don't do that! this is now Dec. we are moving in April out of state need to get things done so right after Christmas we get a offer for exactly what we want he's x military getting va loan everything looks good in escrow (Buyers put in 3000 good faith money (Forgot at start we we're told you will not have to pay anything I asked him twice same answer). all of a sudden need  title cleared from city for sewer well I have septic tank. now we have problem city wants 2500 for fees and contractor wants 4000 for doing work. call Boyd he's on Vacation in Florida well need answer now escrow wants to close have to b pay bank now send email .told him other Realtor will share in the money to make it right. he agrees comes back from Vac. tells me no he's not going to pay with other Realtor.  other is so nice he pays all so his clients can have the house. Boyd says he is going to write bad things about the other Realtor to commission what an a__.
Entity: Murrieta, California
23, Report #1002913
Jan 24 2013
07:37 PM
Metropolitan Real Estate Property Management Phoenix, Arizona
My Family and I are renting a House on a Lease Purchase Program. When we first moved in, there where several things wrong and it took a long time to just get 1 thing fixed and that was the Pool Pump, the other Items are still not done. Then a new Property Management Company took over, Metropolitan and it started with financial discrepancies, our Rent was not applied correctly and we got different Balances from different People. Just when we thought, everything was straightened out, here we go again, this time we owed over one months Rent plus any and all applicable Late fees. I had to go over the Printout of the Account ledger and help the PM to decipher it; at the end we had a Credit and didn't owed a Penny. But believe me it was a lot of aggravation involved and I have been unhappy with this Company and the People there and their rudeness and stand offish behavior. The newest thing is now since November 2012, we have different People from the Maintenance Department show up and wanting to inspect the House. I am refusing until I get a propper Notification to inspect and yes, I have called the Office and complaint to the Ladies there. Just this month alone we had 3 different attempts that someone stands at the Door and demands to come in and threatens legal action and eviction if we do not let them in this moment. Today was topped by yet another person with a Key to get into the House. My pregnant Daughter was home and just had laid down, when she heard the Dogs bark and going nuts at the Front-door, so she got up, just to see that the Door handle was being moved and she started calling me. I told her to get out thru the Side-door in the Garage, the Dogs will take care of the people entering and to call the Police. Once outside, she found out, that it was Metropolitan again, trying to inspect the house. As I am writing this, I am so over this Management Company and ready to break our lease, as soon as this Baby is born, what can happen at any moment now and find a nice house that we will purchase outright instead of a lease purchase. We have contacted the Owner and asked, if he would consider a early purchase of the home, before our lease in Feb 2014 ends, however, we are still waiting on a response from him....
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
24, Report #1088870
Oct 02 2013
08:37 AM
Fafard Real Estate The worst contracting company ever. Milford Massachusetts
They have delayed our construction 4 (!) times. And every time they've promised it would be the last delay. We wasted a lot of money for a hotel (we stopped our lease after P&S signing and before the first delay came up), storage for our stuff, moving to storage... Obviously they didn't compensate for anything.Then they ran out of tile and granite for the countertops we chose and offered us to make new choice from a lot less options.They forgot about all the verbal promises they made. That we will be able to come when electrician works and show all the places for outlets, they will divide for us light and fan swiches in master bathroom, they will provide hookup for gas dryer, etc. They were ready to do everything we wanted before P&S agreement and nothing after.Finaly, then we got the house we were shocked by the quality: curved walls, scratches on the kitchen cabinets, broken lock on a window, chipped corner of the tiles on the floor, ugly light fixtures (different from ones in model house), a hole in the garage wall, unpainted doors, scratched window sills and door frames, inaccurate putty holes on walls. It looked as if blind people built it. And moreover the house was dirty, they haven't clean it after cunstruction. And moreover there was very dirty in the house, since they haven't cleaned it after construction.It was unbelievably stressful 2 months of our life and we are really disappointed with what we got.We moved in 1 week ago and house is still not finished, nobody comes to complete the work and the Internet will be provided in one month. Maybe...
Entity: Milford, Massachusetts
25, Report #1258958
Oct 03 2015
06:23 PM
Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate Roseburg Unprofessional conduct Roseburg Oregon
I'd recommend staying away from Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway real estate franchise in Oregon, if you are considering selling your home. In our experience the Berkshire Hathaway agent -  Diane McKillop - was not only rude and unprofessional,  but more than one week transpired (subsequent to her viewing our property) before McKillop finally got back to us about comps and an appraisal. Of course by that time we'd lost any interest in working with BH folks. Subsequent to that, we've had the house on the market with a reputable agent, however a BH agent called about viewing the property.... and then promptly failed to show at the time promised. And in fact failed to show at all. That was subsequent to much work done preparing the house for viewing. No phone call from the agent... nothing. I know Buffett's franchise folks normally go with short sales, foreclosures, and distressed properties. Understood and our property does not qualify for that. But then consider that Buffett's folks acquire distressed properties in this terrible market for pennies on the foreclosed/bankrupt taxpayer dollar.  However, that's no excuse for agents to behave unprofessionally and fail to communicate with sellers.  Consider this advice: go FSBO if you are in Douglas County and considering the sale of your property, ie do not go with any agent. But if you must list with an agent, I'd urge you to leave Buffet's disrespectful crew off the list... whether in Roseburg or anywhere else.   
Entity: Nationwide

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