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1, Report #1393755
Aug 18 2017
11:50 AM
Reddit Psychics (Psychics SubReddit) Psychics on Reddit Unethicial, Fake, Fradulent, Judgmental, Deceiful and Inaccurate Psychics Internet
This particular Reddit site is very bad and dangerous. Many of the psychics are 100 percent fakes and frauds. All of them do not have the true and actual gift of being a psychic of any kind. These are practice psychic readers who simply do not have any gift. These individuals share users' information and make judgment on their situation. I had one psychic on Reddit who laugh about my situation and said it will never happened. These people are very judgmental in private messages, message thread board, chat, and offline.  To me, Its not always a plesant experience with these chatroom readers and other folks inside. Theres a woman called Belle or something in the chatroom. Lately she has a drama with someone, then she stopped doing readings for everyone. I politely asked her for a reading, but she just ignored me. Two of my friends on this Two of my friends on this subred were ignored as well. She just simply ignored us while she was happily talking crappy things openly. Theres another reader( i forgot his name, i just know this reader is a guy) who used to be online very often, but everytime me or my friends asked him for a reading, he would just say craps, but never really did any reading for us. If these peeps just dont want to read for others, then why keep online almost all the time? Like my friends said, it seems they just want to seek for attentions. Any who, some readers on this sub are really pretty rude. Some never responded. Some peeps on this sub that quite many readers are quite rude or act so weird. I PM a number of readers on the sidebar. Only less than half replied. If they feel your question is not easy, they might just ignore it. It's happened to me and some peeps i know. Many of these psychics are not truthful at all and give bogus readings. They don't really know what they are actually saying. One of them even ran off with another user's money and lied about refunding them. So reddit user, Pretty In Pink  posted a few days ago on this subreddit that she was taking donation readings. Having had a reading with her before, I went ahead, and she said she would be able to read for me. I ordered something from her Amazon wishlist for her as a donation. However, I am STILL waiting for my reading from her. I've sent her numerous PM's over reddit and received no response. It's not like she's not active on reddit either, as a quick look at her history shows that she's too busy posting pictures of her body on subreddits. She didn't even refund me. She just deleted her profile. Also, these readers do spells and curses that don't even work at all. One reader, Sakura50 told individuals she does free love spells and 90 percent of the users bought into that when really it is fake. Many of these so-called psychics are manipulating and interferring with universal laws and free-will. In addition to Pretty In Pink and Sakura 50, here are list of other readers on here that are not good at all: Wolverine6609 (this person is from Russia) Psychic_Man SpiritSparkleT Wheels1024 sunshineguide BoozeSlanger BrotherJulian DyanPrem Booger_Butt666 goinghogwild81 (this reader ran off with my money) purrito27 five432fun coloradoredditt rainbobo loveandmayhem (Laura C.) readingsbyalayna Rainbow-Sparrow Mesoph YayItsMarie DyamPrem MoJaviGordon seeker2017777 feelingFOUND actualobelisk JoetheSmall ManicPixieDreamSteph Mesingw Fox_Wun _belle_coccielle magicbutt AndrewSpiritualHealing auyemra eeveepony sky-air-cloud lilas24 Kiwiwiwi Ladyrosemary Major Dreamsight CosmicBloom DJGammaRabbit captainsherry SkyAirCloud EryaChaore AnushasRealm itsmeandthemoon Intuit444 trueriptide voila713 ArtistDreamer ejlieber citadeloflight AndrewTarotReading resonantjourney blacklistedbelle xela3991 philosophyofchi Virgo-Guided-By-Ligh thecuratorofdreams PureArkaidia MindfulMedium   There are many more users on here that are bad and horrible. A lot of these readers are looking for people to prey upon. They are not real and good psychic readers at all. If you want a true and geniune psychic reading, please look elsewhere. This Psychic subreddit page and its sister subreddit pages are not 100 percent worth it. They don't care about and are not actually psychic. They simply want to take advantage of you and want your money. Stay away from them.          
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1398857
Sep 09 2017
10:17 AM
BrAlex Inaccurate and Not Real Psychic Internet
This psychic lied to me in a psychic chat room. He said that I needed to mop the floor and do everyday household chores and other stuff. He was really inaccurate and doesn't have knowlege of what he saying. Then, he said if I wanted an accurate reading for me to give him $300 USA dollars to provide candles, spells and hexes. People who worked with him not gotten their money back and instead of candles, got rat posion instead. BrAlex also works with another psychic Madbrad200 who is a fradulent psychic as well. Stay away from gypsy psychics like BrAlex.    
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1350524
Jan 17 2017
10:03 PM
Easy Psychics Complete ripoff California Internet
 Do not purchase a reading from their website!!!! The psychics are nothing but complete rip offs that try to keep you on the phone as long as possible to collect their money without telling the truth! When I called the hotline I was told I would be talking to the best psychic on the website Alijah. He was horrible!!!!! I spent $90 on him to tell lies!!!!! I called to figure out if my ex and I could reconcile. When I first spoke to him his predictions about our relationship seemed a little generic but he insisted that i stayed on the phone because he had sooooo much more information to tell me. As I was on the phone with psychic Alijah and he told me nothing but lies and false predictions. Throughout the whole phone call he kept questioning ME! If he's a real psychic he should have all the answers to MY questions. He told me things about my ex and I relationship that didn't make much sense. He told me he cheated on me and that my ex thought I was desperate when we were together when in fact my ex never cheated on me and he loved me. My ex and I broke up because of outside influences. He's a trash psychic that does nothing but lie about timeframes and makes up information as he goes on. Please don't use their website or hotline! YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1393323
Aug 16 2017
08:48 PM
Asknow psychics Nationwide
 Asknow has rude and unprofessional customer service representatives. The supervisor isn't of much help either. Maybe offer a training on how to communicate with customers?
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1184922
Oct 25 2014
12:01 PM
California Psychics California Psychics psychics are inaccurate Hollywood Internet
I've used this service for a short time and signed up under their introductory plan.  I called a few psychics each dealing with different topics in my life and while the ones I spoke to were nice, none of the predictions have come true.  Quite the opposite actually.  I hate losing hard earned money and have accepted the fact I allowed myself to be taken advantage of because I was vulnerable.  Hindsight is I'm taking steps in accountability and responsibility for my actions.     The psychics I've had readings with are Azariah, Delores, Colin, Raina, and Johnnie.  Everyone except Johnnie were nice and compassionate, but she was a bit rude and obnoxious, and I felt she was giving me her personal opinion instead of objective advice. I didn't write a negative review of her online because Californinia Psychics removes negative feedback according to former customers of this site reporting their complaints on unsatisfactory service.  I will no longer use CP or any other site as they've nearly led me down a path of destruction.   I am the only one dealing with the fall out of my own actions, and I thank others on here for sharing their story.     I have deleted my account on California Psychics and will not go back for another reading ever again.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1143091
Apr 30 2014
06:50 PM
Hollywood Psychics Fake online psychics Internet
I had 2 separate email readings through this site. The psychics names were Mari and Carlin. i was inquiring about a relationship I was in & the direction of it. Both told me the same thing; that it would be a traditional relationship and there will be mutual love and he was a great guy and would not cheat on me etc etc. Basically gave me a glowing womderful predictions. This was in the span of 2 months (had one reading a month) Got my hopes up. Well guess what? Both were wrong. Way wrong! The man I was seeing which I asked them both about ditched me for a younger girl Who he had been seeing behind my back. I feel these psychics only tell you what you want to hear. I feel this could be harmful. Their phony inaccurate readings only caused me more heartache because I didn't see this break up/cheating coming. Shame on them for filling people with false hope!! When i tried to log back in recently to give a review of these two so called 'psychics' (Mari and Carlin) I found I could not because you only have a certain period of days to make reviews. So that's why I'm reviewing them here. Dont waste your money on these scam artists! 
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1363070
Aug 01 2017
03:43 PM
California Psychics Psychics, Scams, Love, Money, Astrology, Tarot, Readers California
This company is a complete and utter scam. I wasted somewhere around $1500 and called over 25 of the best ones supposedly on the site. Nothing they told me ever came true, and most only told me what I wanted to hear, yet all of the answers were so different with different timeframes. If they were all tested as legitimate like the website claims, you should get the same answer from every last one of them varying only slightly. The website states it's for entertainment purposes, and that's exactly all it is. They completely contradict themselves when they say all of the psychics are tested for accuracy, which is a completely fraudulent thing to say because NONE of them have a real clue. I was at a low, depressed point in my life and while I had already known that 95% of so called psychics are completely full of crap, I still had hope and fell for it. I read the other ripoff report complaints and didn't listen, I thought they would actually work for me. WRONG..
Entity: California
8, Report #391518
Nov 15 2008
05:58 AM
Kasamba Psychics Scam/Rip Off Internet
Reading a report here on Rip Offs about kasamab really suprised me. For so long I thought I was being a fool. But now I see that someone else has noticed that this website is a scam. I have had readings done on kasamba and once noticed that they were taking money from my credit card without my authorization. I also recall starting a reading but didn't recieve a reading because my computer started acting up. They took my money anyways. So when I sent an email to them stating what had happen. They apoligized and released my money back on my card. But I hadn't sent them an email regardings this matter. The psychic sure wasn't going to report it. Then they had an attitude when I contacted them. Most pyshchics that I can speak of out rip offs. They tell you all these things and its false alligations. I continued to go to other psychics to see if another is the same. I can't say that they all are doing this because that would be a lie. But from my experiences, I will never go back to kasamba for anything. But there is one psychic, I must say is real. I can't remember her name. But she didn't scam me at all. A lot of people seeking answers from psychics on kasamba needs to watch out and do your homework about them before purchasing a reading. Emily Jackson, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #975815
Nov 29 2012
07:18 PM
California Psychics Fake/Fraudulent Readings Internet
I tried California Psychics tonight as a new client. Talk about horrendous! The first psychic I tried spoke in blithering generalities of all men do this, say that, etc. I hung up and tried someone else. The second time I tried a Customer Service-recommended psychic -- also horrible. Spoke in generalities, basically a cold reading. Something I knew would happen in two weeks, the reader gave me a six month hit date. Horribly inaccurate information. I called back in disgust. To CP's credit, they refunded my money and allowed me to try someone new, someone who was recommended and who read for CS. The last guy was decent. Much of what he said boiled down to an understanding of  basic human nature, but some things he said I knew to be true. So, I was impressed with the third reader, but not blown away, meaning he was not a clear channel. This service appears to have HUNDREDS of readers. They claim to discriminate and be selective, but I know a clear channel when I hear one. None of them were clear channels. CP also admitted to deleting all negative feedback as one person's negative feedback just means bad connection. How can anyone discern a good reader without seeing the good with the every reader is described as fabulous in feedback. That is patently deceptive and dishonest. I have read with readers who have received bad feedback before -- meaning, I was able to discern the truth from their complaints to see why they might not have connected with one person but might with me. Overall, my experience with CP was horrendous. I would not try again. The guy who sort of connected to me was on the level of someone I might trade readings with if I were practicing among friends. Not a good or brilliant reader, but good enough where he was at least able to answer my questions. No one else passed muster. How any of them justify $4.50 to $10 a minute is beyond me. These people are frauds. 
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #918229
Jul 27 2012
06:58 AM
California Psychics All Psychics are lier.They are not real including top 10. Internet
I spoke to 40 Psychics in 3 months (November 2011-February 2012) spent thousands of Dollars, ten of them were top listed and certified psychics. I had only 1 question about my Girl friend. Is she in my life ? They all said you guys will together after 2 months some said after 3 months. But She filed case against me after 3 months. That I harassed her, Case was fake. (None of Psychics seen that in their vision). Still I had trust on Psychics including GINA ROSE, SONJA, DAVE, CASEY,VENICE. They said, Still she will marry you no matter what( some said in june or july). I believed them and waited for best hope. Well last month, I heard from her friend that she got married with someone else on June 28th. Wow that was shocking. NOT even single prediction or word came true from any of Psychics(including top listed) in my case. I still have to pay my credit cards bills. I know I was stupid but yes I loved her and I thought may be psychics are real deal. Now I would say don't waste your time and money behind Psychics. I didn't want to file complain but Now I have to do it.  Hope they will return my all money back.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #1266865
Nov 13 2015
04:09 PM
Phoenix Psychics - Psychics Jean Mean Sexually Harassing Jean Scammer and Sexually Harassed Me Phoenix Arizona
I was asked to call back this psychic and had extensive notes from when we spoke again. She was so rude then called me a liar. I said mamm i dont mean this rude your clearly not psychic if you dont remember this and i dont think you qualify for our services because we only deal with legit businesses. I thanked her for her time. Five minutes later she called me screaming saying I NEED MORE SEX again she sucks at her psychic abilities cause im married and am very pleased. Please dont EVER do business with this unproffesional offensive tacky piece of work. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE or shoot thinking of going to her ..just take your cash or check and rip it up in trash. SAME OUTCOME. I never write these but when a woman sexually harasses me- It needs to be reported. 
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
12, Report #466852
Jul 01 2009
01:20 PM
California Psychics Dont' Call Psychis period! Internet
Its awful, that I've entrusted any of my choices on this type of website. I thought it would be better than Keen and others... but its not. I've been with this network for over 5years... and its shameful that I know what kind of personalities I will get my reading with what type of psychic. To be honest I'm not going to mention any names cause it causes such a backlash. Some of the comments I've been reading were also mean and nasty. But I'm here to write to draw attention to this matter. Because these kind of website can be and are addicting. This is a serious problem. There are people like me who are addicted to calling psychics. I can't go for a week without calling. At my low point I was calling about $500 worth a day! Its financially embarrasing, as well. I can't move out of my parents because my addiction of calling psychics has been in the way. My credit is shot! And even though its advertised as entertainment purposes, its just like cigarrattes, or alcohol, with a warning label; its not a big enough warning label. I seriously get a high from calling. And I'm not the only one either. There's also not enough resources either when it comes to getting help, but for the most part I'm treating this as a gabling problem/shopping problem. Perhaps of the times I've called some predictions have come true but for me personally, absolutely not! My big beef with California Psychics, is this. I called customer support to cancel my account. I explained that I have a problem and they did not listen to my request. Instead they cancelled my credit cards but I can still pay with pal. (Which luckily I dont have... yet.) They really do want your money, like any business, it's a business. If you're thinking about calling, don't! Be patient with yourself the answers are within you. If you need help there is an alternative group. I think its called psychic junkie. And if you feel cheated, and find yourself saying, its unfair at the end of every sentence or even at life, then there's a bigger injustice going on right now and that the injustice of how we are currently treating ourselves. Do not become despondent; prove this world wrong, and show there is still good by starting with yourself. Elle78 Whittier, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #909322
Jul 10 2012
09:35 AM
keen psychics rip offs, Internet
alot of the psychics on keen are gypsys using using their customers identification cause they can't get lines them selfs. I know this is because I did it to bring in extra money I got 25% of their check I  canceled my account with them cause i could not look at my self in the mirror for being dishonest. do you self a favor do not call they are not real psychics go to counceling instead.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #916978
Jul 24 2012
09:49 PM
keen psychics rude, disrespectful, con artists, scammers, Internet
I called keen inquiring about prices. I was told to give my cc information. As soon as i did the rep got really disrespectful towards me. The rep charged my cc then hung up on me. Upon calling back i spoke to a diff rep. I tried explaining the previous situation but he also became angry. I asked for a manager and was told he was the boss. Rep num 2 stated there was nothing he could do and hung up in my face as well.
Entity: Internet, Internet
15, Report #1195204
Dec 13 2014
12:50 PM
Good luck Psychics Keen Scammers, fraudulent emails Unknown Internet
GoodLuck Psychics via 6:51 AM (4 hours ago) to me      I recieved this email offering me a free psychic reading . I called just to see if this was real the first thing I was asked for was a credit card number. When I informed them that I had been sent a email stating that this was a totally free reading Keen informed me that only the first 3 minutes were free and that is why they needed a credit card. This is nothing more than a ruse to get you to call Keen and give them the oppurtunity to get your credit information and then illegally charge your credit card. Do not fall for this scam .Hooray! You get a VIP Psychic Reading FREE!12/13/14 Miracle Alert!Today is THE DAY!Every 100 Years, Luck Flows Free!Call Now! 1-800-504-9043Dear Theresa,You must be so excited!Today's 12/13/14 Miracle happens once every 100 years.It's now your turn to enjoy a new life that's overflowing with LOVE, LUCK, HAPPINESS, and UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE!Today is December 13, 2014, a true Once in a Lifetime 12/13/14 Miracle!Please understand ... today's 12/13/14 Miracle happens just once every 100 years.The last 12/13/14 Miracle was December 13, 1914 -- That was 100 years ago!!The next 12/13/14 Miracle is December 13, 2114 -- That is 100 years from now!!Today is the most POWERFUL DAY of your life to make your dreams come true.You are so TRULY LUCKY to be here today, ready to receive the LOVE, LUCK and LUXURY that will be offered to you now.That's why you need to call me right now at 1-800-504-9043. This Historic Day - 12/13/14 - is so important that I've arranged for you to receive a VIP Psychic Reading - ABSOLUTELY FREE!That's right! Zero cost and Zero risk.So you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.When you call, you'll get the honest answers you need to enjoy everything your heart desires.You'll learn about opportunities available to you now that will SURPRISE and AMAZE you!You should be THRILLED by this news!Why Is This Good Luck Available to You Today?Because over the years, you've worked so hard to put an ocean's worth of positive energy out into the Universe.It's only fair that you are now going to be rewarded for all your good deeds.A giant tidal wave of LOVE, LUCK, HAPPINESS, and GOOD FORTUNE is about to flood every aspect of your life.All of this -- and so much more -- begins happening for YOU today, 12/13/14! But if you only remember one thing I'm telling you today, please remember this --Whether you take advantage of today's Once in a Lifetime Opportunity is totally up to you!I apologize for being frank, but you need to act now -- RIGHT NOW!If we don't connect TODAY, this massive tidal wave of LOVE, LUCK and GOOD FORTUNE will roll right past you. You don't need to be stuck in the same old place and situation. So call me at 1-800-504-9043 for your VIP Psychic Reading - ABSOLUTELY FREE!I'm waiting for your call and look forward to connecting you with one of our experienced Master Psychic Advisors.You're going to be OVERJOYED with how things play out!Your friends at,Good Luck PsychicsP.S. Today is December 13th, 2014 - a true Once in a Lifetime 12/13/14 Miracle!This is the most powerful day of your life to make your dreams come true. A giant tidal wave of LOVE, HAPPINESS and GOOD FORTUNE is about to flood every aspect of your life. All of this begins to happen for you right now!That's why you need to call me right now at 1-800-504-9043. This Historic Day - 12/13/14 - is so important that I've arranged for you to receive a VIP Psychic Reading - ABSOLUTELY FREE!P.P.S. Remember, today's 12/13/14 Miracle happens just once every 100 years. You're going to be OVERJOYED with how things play out!
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1074056
Aug 08 2013
06:06 AM
Live Person Psychics Fraud Con False Hope internet
 Well, I am writing this to teach myself a lesson and hopefully do some good in saving other people money, and more importantly saving them from emotional anguish and being hooked on false, manufactured hopes. I thought I'd give it a try and am I sorry I did. I do think there are some psychics on liveperson who do mean well and probably do have some feelings of vibes etc but NO PERSON can predict how someone is going to be, what they're going to do, what path they are going to take, and when it is going to happen. Don't fall for it..and if the psychics believe it themselves, then they are delusional. Here's some things I discovered along the way in wasting thousands of dollars maxing out credit cards on live person experts:1. The star ratings are largely BS. They have a few shills or enter accounts themselves where people put incredible write ups. Yes there are honest from other customers who thought they felt a connection, but there's a lot of manufactured BS there, too. When looking at ratings, take the time to scroll through the dates and pages. Look at the one, two and three star ratings and read what those customers had to say 2. These psychics share and/or have access to the subject matter that you as a customer talk about in your sessions. I've had LP psychics email me asking me for sessions and when I contacted them, they suddenly had all this detailed knowledge of what my situation was. Or with a new psychic during a first reading all of a sudden had the whole story to a T Some amatuers are so bad at this they'll even email you with buzz phrases and words you've used to describe your situaiton to another psychic and ask you for a session of course at a discount 3. You can spoof that easily by registering a second account under a totally different name and use a different email address and go back in and catch them red handed. This is why you get a phone call from LP Customer service within a few days of registering. They do that to protect their frauduelnt psychic experts. I've done this and found they had no idea who I was, had no idea about my situation and after I caught a few of them red handed, and revealed myself - after questioning why their predictions never came to pass, one of them told me for instance, precise dates, situations, etc. When none came to pass, and I questioned it, the psychic blocked me, so that when I see her online she doesn't reply, she lets the connection time out and you get sorry expert is unavailable so , once they get called out as cons, they blow you off. It's rude, it's hurtful and beyond the money being wasted which is no one's fault but mine, it's the mental anguish of wanting to believe something that is manufactured by a con artist who is just out to get your money as long as you play along with it. So, ladies and gentlemen....Don't do it! Do yourselves a favor. If you're in love with someone special, ask that person about it, because if it's meant to will happen. It's a choice between you two...both of you have to choose the same path and no psychic is going to guide you. If you have to second guess and wonder what's going on inside that special someone's mind...then your relationship isn't grown yet to where it needs to be. You still have work to do. Don't waste your money on a LP psychic or other hokey shop fair, readings, etc. It's ALL BS. The Amazing James Randi is RIGHT and he's still holding onto one million dollars to any psychic who will take his challenge and prove themselves. In 40 years, none have.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1134863
Mar 30 2014
01:07 PM
california psychics-winter Fraud, Fraud, Fraud! California
Psychic Winter is really bat dung crazy. She makes wild predictions about your personal kife and finances. And when her predictions dont come true she tries to  blame you as the reason her disingenuious predictions didnt come true. I have spent thousands if dollars with this female over the last few years hoping what she said would happen. It never did.When  I almost lost my life driving through snowstorms an d spent an embasrassing amount of money, that i really could not afford to spend because of what she predicted I knew it was all a game to her and I was just a paw n with cash.    The lies she tells with such convictions would have you believe she's onto something. And the fact that she emphatically staresyou may not believe it now but uts going to happen with every finsncial and romantic prediction would leave anyone desperate for change in their lives clinging on to her every word. And when it doesnt happen, she just push the date back further stringing you along. She strung me along for twoyears about a jib raise she saw for me. I never got the raise. But I did summon the common sense and raised the hell out of my account with California Psychics. I shut Iit down an demanded my money back from the kast reading with Ms. WINTER. She is fake, cruel for taking advantage of lonely people and will never predict anything because everything with her is alwas Ys going to happen in the next few months. And when the next few months come and go, well there's always the next few months. All you're going to get is someine who will tell you what you want tohear for$10/hour. While its cheaper than seeing a shrink, its far more damaging to the individual psyche to be manipulated and exploited by such ruthless and callous individuals.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1234269
Jun 08 2015
11:38 AM
California Psychics Complete Sham and deceptive chicanery internet Nationwide
I called California Psychics and was directed to a woman who went by the  name of Sabrina.  She was not personable and asked me what I needed help with. I told her that I was considering a move to one of three states. She asked which. I said Colorado first followed by the next two.  She proceeded to tell me that I needed to move to Colorado because it is spiritual, and that I should take a vacation there, so I could get acquainted with my spirituality.  However, I had just returned from Colorado the week before, and she did not see this.  After I told her I had a job offer in Virginia, she changed her tune and said I should go to Virginia instead.  It was a complete waste of time and money. It was evident that this psychic is only following a cue from what the customer says.   She ended up by telling me that I would know what to do and when was the right time to move. These people are not psychics and are only ripping off the public.  
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #368630
Aug 31 2008
04:10 PM
Psychics Vision Network 1 Psychics Vision Network 1 South East Louisiana Louisiana
I have been following Psychics Vision Network closely, that website is now gone. In it's place is Psychics Vision Network 1, still the same people, just using another of their many web sites. The man claims to be Chris Evans, if you go on his page through his profile look under his 'about me' when your curser crosses over his picture it says Chris Miller and who it is taken by. Please, read the report on Psychics Vision Network on rip-off reports. I have done a lot of research on the owner of Psychics Vision Network. She has admitted to me that the person who owns this site in question, who she claims to be her husband, is a fake and a fraud. She also went on to state that he buys candles from the dollar store and sells them in his candle shop, like they are special candles. I am doing all I can to stop these people from stealing any more money from others. I was pleased to see there is a class action suit filed against Pay Pal, about disputed items, this is a step in the right direction. One day soon, you may be able to get your money back for 'intangible item's, or better yet, hopefully Pay Pal won't even deal with comapnay's selling 'intangible items. This will put a damper on all those frauds out there, it won't be so easy for them without the use of Pay Pal. I know it's not easy fighting them in cyber space, but things are starting to change, finally! Janet Johnson City, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Louisiana
20, Report #777432
Sep 16 2011
06:13 AM
Keen Psychics Keen Giada 22 and other psychics Internet, Internet
Keen is an online psychic service owned by AT & T. Their psychics are not screened, although there are a few good ones working in an ethical manner. I had a problem with one particular one called Giada 22. The Psychics are aware of the funds on the account of the caller when they receive a call. Giada as she is aware of the minutes available uses all the minutes to shuffle cards and only answers in the last minute when a beep alerts both parties that only one minute is remaining. She will take all 10 minutes to shuffle and says that her cards are taking longer than usual. Other users have posted this complaint very strongly on her feedback response. On one occasion when I called with less money on the account, she worked faster however, still delivered the answer at the last minute. She then requests to add minutes and offers to send free minutes and requests a positivefeedback.  In comparison and honest Psychic  will answer the same question in 2 minutes versus 10 minutes by Giada if she knows of the funds on the account.
Entity: Internet, Internet
21, Report #551074
Jan 07 2010
08:27 PM
Ask Now Psychics Predatory Business Practices, Bait & Switch, Deceptive Advertising Internet
I should say up front that my reader was exceptional and perhaps one of the most accurate readers I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. However, the Ask Now business itself is predatory. I was offered three free minutes -- in addition to my pre-paid time -- to speak to my favorite reader. I budgeted my time to make sure that I would not go beyond that time. However, after my pre-paid minutes had been used, an automated voice broke in to say: You will now begin talking at the per-minute rate (of $6/plus per minute). At this point it became clear that the service had not applied the free minutes I was offered to call this specific reader. I called Ask Now Customer Service to confirm that my free minutes were applied to that call as promised as per their email offer.  Customer Service informed me that I would not be credited for that time since i did not click on a clock in the email box in order to activate the free minutes. However, the email which offered me the free minutes did not instruct me to click on a clock or make my free minutes conditional on following a set of instructions to activate them. Instead, the email informed me that I would have three free minutes to apply to my next call to that reader. I requested that Customer Service honor its agreement with me, understanding that this was an honest mistake and that I had called in good faith, but Ask Now refused. Ask Now made a number of excuses why it couldn't honor the offer, citing issues with their computer system, that it could not refund minutes offered by an individual reader.   I then offered what I thought was a reasonable, fair and honest solution -- that I might be able to get the time/money  refunded to me by contesting charges with my credit card, thereby allowing them to honor the free minutes and for me to be credited for that time.   Arguing over a minor amount of money, Ask Now then informed me that if I contested charges -- ie, enforced the coupon offered to me through its very own email system by its own contractor-- that my account would be immediately terminated. To me, this amounted to emotional blackmail. I expect that Ask Now banks on the fact that many callers are addicted to readings and would submit to unauthorized billing over losing their cherished reader. This is the choice offered: accept improper billing in violation of offers provided by the service to generate business/inspire me to call or be banned. While I adore my reader, who is incredibly gifted, I was not prepared to allow this company to take advanage of me in this fashion. Even worse, Ask Now informed me that if my bank called to query about the charges, my private call to my reader would played for the bank to hear so that the bank official could hear the length of the call. Talk about coercion and blackmail.  Couldn't Ask Now just tell the bank that I had spoken for x minutes? My dispute wasn't the number of minutes but rather that Ask Now had not credited my time as per its offer to me. I informed Ask Now that I would hang up and consider how best to proceed in light of thier company policies. After I hung up, I decided that I did not wish to give my business to a company which engages in predatory business practices, false advertising, and other illegal and unethical tactics. I decided that it would be best to close my account and request a full refund even though I absolutely trust and value this reader. Literally seconds later, I called Now Customer Service backequest a refund and to have my account closed only to discover that Ask Now had blocked my calls to their Customer Service, preventing me from giving them instructions,confirming that my charges had been canceled, or requesting that my account closed. Ask Now also misrepresented its process -- telling me what steps would be taken if I contested charges and preemptively blocked me before I even decided to cancel my account and before my bank even contacted them to inquire about their error. Bear in mind, I was not rude, aggressive, hostile, or belligerent in my call. I merely offered a query of why the free minutes offered to me were not applied ot my account and to discuss options on how we could resolve this error. While I will miss and regret losing my great reader, I cannot give my business to a company which engages in fraud, dishonest, deceptive practices, refuses to do right by clients, and which treats it clients with such contempt. If someone expresses concern or merely raises a question of why this company hadn't honored offers given to clients, however politely they are raised, Customer Service becomes belligerent, hostile, and immediately blocks the client's phone number -- even preventing the patron from being able to speak to Customer Service again to follow up on issues raised -- a tactic I consider fundamentally dishonest, suspicious, and unprofessional. I was further alarmed that Ask Now threatened to share my private reading (allow third parties -- my bank -- to hear it), which they claim they had recorded if I proceeded to contest charges. Do you know that Ask Now maintains a recording of your private reading? Bear in mind, I wasn't contesting charges because I didn't want to pay or had said something improper -- but rather that the company offered me free time for that call and then refused to honor the offer, charging me nearly $7 a minute for something which was free. I budgeted my time to correspond with my pre-paid minutes and free time offered. Only the free time offered would have been contested -- as I had made the call with the express understanding that this time would be free and applied to the call -- only to discover afterwards, in the face of many excuses -- that the company did not honor their offer, thereby engaging in deceptive advertising and making offers to generate business which it had no intention of honoring. If the company had done right by me (for a very small amount of money), it would have continued to receive my monthly fee and retained a loyal, grateful customer. Instead, they attempted to take money from me through deceptive practices, and then immediately blocked me for asking about it. This service has nothing but contempt for its clients and puts illicit profits above service. The company has also betrayed its contractor by costing her a valued and loyal client by immediately and preemptively terminating my account over an honest query and misunderstanding. ( I acted in good faith and as per the terms offered.)  There were many ways to have resolved this problem fairly, especially given that only a small amount of money was involved and that it was an honest mistake. They could have allowed me to contest charges for the small amount of time in question to obtain a refund for that time. They also could have communicated with the reader to see if she would accept a refund of the time/money for this period.  They could have offered a one time credit or even escalated the matter to a manager who could have offered a reasonable solution.  Who would expect that an email informing you that you have just received 3 free minutes for a call to a reader required additional actions to activate those minutes (translation: excuse for the company not to honor them or to trick prospective clients into spending more money towards a reading than they intended.) WHat the company did in my view was illegal. They offered free minutes towards a specific call and then billed me anyway for that time -- and then blocked me immediately afterward, when questioned on it, implying guilt and culpability. THere were no instructions anywhere on that email informing me of additional actions which needed to be taken in order to be active them. The email stated that the minutes were available and would be applied to my next call. Blocking me prematurely also enabled Ask Now to ensure that I could not obtain copies of those emails, which documented the offer to me.   After my account was abruptly terminated, I was put in the position of having to call Ask Now through a second phone number to confirm that the money had been refunded and that the account had been closed. When asked why my number had been blocked, Ask Now Customer Service informed me that notes on my account falsely portrayed that I had threatened to contest charges, when I had merely raised this as an option. I never demanded the minutes be refunded on threat of contesting charges. I merely offered this as a way in which both parties could be satisifed -- me, paying only for the time I had agreed and understood, based on the emaijl coupon, and the company an opportunity to honor its agreement and keep a customer. Ask Now demonstrated a complete lack of ethics and customer service in how they handled my concerns.  I also believe their practices are illegal for the reasons outlined above.   
Entity: Internet, Internet
22, Report #968511
Nov 13 2012
11:05 AM
Keen Psychics Not providing the corporate number, False predictions per Psychics orlando, Florida
I am a member of the Keen Psychics, however, I 'm tired of spending all of my money and none of the predictions avails at all in my life. I have spent large amounts of money when in fact, I don't even have a job. (silly of me) I thought that I would have a job by now, but nothing has came through, no ex's have came back in my life and I'm still doing poorly in one of my classes.On November 11,2012 I tried calling the Keen customer service and I asked for a credit back to my account, when the service rep named, Evett told me that its been seven days, and I wasen't intitled to an refund. When in fact, I've called before and always received a refund when I wasen't satisfied with a reading . I felt like both service reps Josh, and Evett where rude. Evett was vey condescending towards myself as I was trying to explain my issuse with her. She wasen't at all professional nor trying to help.She also told me that she was not going to give me the corporate number when I asked for it. I also asked to speak to someone else, and she said, there is no one else to speak to. I called back and got a gentlemen by the name, Josh. Josh told me that he couldn't give me the number to corporate as well. Well now all I want is a full refund from all of the psychics that I called, and be finished with keen. The psychics are all scams and nothing came to pass in my life. I feel as though they got my money, and yet, I call hoping for a different response. Thanks.
Entity: orlando, Florida
23, Report #1296825
Mar 30 2016
12:49 PM
7th Sense Psychics Psychic Reader Ripoff Lauderhill FL Internet
 I registered to work with the company and I didn't know that I couldn't use my cell phone, it was connected to a landline so they called me and said I couldn't work anymore that I needed a landline. They contacted me a week later because I was going to connect an actual telephone landline, when I connected it they blocked me in their system and I wasn't getting any calls. I then contacted the supervisor and asked him what was happening and he made up an excuse that the recording on my line wasn't me and that I lied to them. I thought that was very unprofessional, I asked him why he contacted me and then he sent me an email terminating me. They are extremely unprofessional if there is anyone considering to work there I would tell them to go somewhere else. They are liars and then they wonder why no one wants to work for them. Their corporate is in Dublin and it's so typical of outside companies to come to the USA and the people here don't care because no one is watching and they do whatever they want with their employees.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1292357
Jul 21 2016
05:21 PM
7th Sense Psychics 7th Sense Psychics Is a Rip Off Nationwide
 I saw this advertisement on Facebook advertising readers to download a app called 7 th Sense Psychics onto iPhones, and tablets. According to this advertisement posted by 7th Sense Psychics the app supposedly consist of well expericed Pyschics and very accurate Astrology Horoscopes. Including other features such as, a personal Angel, who's available 24/7 and, Weekly Horoscopes free of charge. Also a calling feature to contact Pyschics personally with a voice messaging system that allows users to replay Their readings Free of Charge. NOW HERES WHERE THE PROBLEM COMES IN!! The first time I called was to receive a psychic reading from madam, she sounded semi interested, spoke very fast, and wasn't able to tell me anything about my self that I haven't mentioned already. Due to her below 5 star ratings, I decided to try again with a different Pyschic. Only this time I checked the psychics ratings threw the app about all the Pyschics before picking one of the best. Who turned out to be worse than the first reading. She spent most of our time saying nothing at all. Just silence the whole time waiting on me to ask her a bunch of questions. I called for a psychic reading twice, expecting for them to tell me what they see in my past that's effecting my present and future. Or tell me something they feel I should know regarding love money finance. I thought the cards would help them to tell me about Myslef. To help me get a better understanding of what's going on around me and be able to answer any questions regarding my reading. Instead I got nothing at all, so I decided to give them a call again to speak with customer service about the poor service I received. I wanted them to know I brought top of mins to speak with Pyschics with over 10yr experience and the most they were able to do was ask me if I have any questions! Both times I called the automatic system has changed including the prices for the top up mins!! But here's where things really become freaky, I pressed #9 to speak with someone and the automatic system would only repeat its self. THE ONLY NUMBER OPTION THAT WORKED IS THE OPTION TO TOP UP MINS. AND TO MAKE MATTERS EVEN WORSE I WASNT ABLE TO LEAVE A REVIEW FOR ANY OF THE PYSCHICS. THAT MEANS ALL THE REVIEWS ARE FAKE BECAUSE THERE ISNT ANY OPTION TO LEAVE REVIEWS. NOT THREW THE APP, PHONE, OR THE WEBSITE. Ps. I wasted my money on services I didn't receive such as FREE Recordings of all my readings, accurate readings regarding romance, work, my past present, and future. Being able to speak to someone about any concerns I may have regarding their service. LONG STORY SHORT ALL I GOT IS FREE WEEKLY READINGS AND A ANGEL THATS AVAILABLE 24/7 WITH NO ACCURATE ANSWERS TO ANY OF MY QUESTIONS. NOT TO MENTION EVERYHING IS VERY EXPENSIVE!
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #1389563
Jul 31 2017
07:00 PM
Purple Ocean Psychics Purple Ocean Psychic Counseling Purple Ocean Psychic Readings Purple Ocean Psychics Purple Ocean Company Bitwin Psychics Purple Garden Psychics Barges Technologies (DBA) Purple Ocean Company Psychics are frauds - almost all five star reviews generated by the fake Psychics themselves Internet
 I was STUNNED beyond reason to find that Purple Ocean Psychics are now an App sold on the Apple App site! I'm going to alert Apple headquarters by forwarding what I've found out so they are awasre of Barges Technologies (the fraudulent Ukraine based company behind Purple Ocean, I'm filing a separate report about them) underhanded dealings. That being said, after two readings that were so incredibly wrong it was laughable, I started to investigate Purple Ocean and boy, it's a well oiled money making machine that's well hidden so it's not obvious that the massive reviews (over 1k) aren't legitimate. The issue is that 99% Psychic websites are fake, which is why they all have disclaimers: for entertainment purposes only a catch all phrase meaning: even though all our Psychics say they are legitimate, including their bio/testimonies/3rd generation/double tested/etc - they actually aren't (Real Psychics will not have that disclaimer and usually won't have to advertise on a group website...if you have any doubts....just begin applying to these sites as a'll be hired) Purple Ocean Psychics (as well as Bitwine) have the same backer: Barges Technologies and will hire anyone who claims they're Psychic (and a good marketer) to prey on people seeking authentic Psychics for help, The biggest difference between these two sites and many of the others - is that their Psychics actually ask for additional money - for a variety of reasons - and these poor unsuspecting naive Consumers often fall for it. I was asked each time for additional money to get rid of bad energy and directed to their site. What's also telling is that in my case, like all the others, the Psychics don't give last names, or phone numbers, their sites are specifically set up for only email communication with prominent Pay HERE buttons. Pay now - ask later. It's such a huge scam and I pray that my report will prevent people from using these two sites and please - DO YOUR RESEARCH!! Please look up the support/reviews on purple ocean, and you will find many, many other complaints....along with fake's easy to tell which are real clients.
Entity: Internet

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