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1, Report #1397488
Sep 02 2017
11:20 AM
Reel Media Entertainment Wanna star in a movie? These guys can help you--if you pay them 1000s of dollars! Internet
My daughter, age 16, is an actress. She often submits for projects via services such as Actors' Access (which we've found to be 100% legit) and Casting Networks (not so legit; more on that later.) She submitted via Casting Networks for a project called Vantage Points: Shadows in the Mirror by a company calling themselves Reel Media Entertainment. According to the posting, actors would paid for transportation to Los Angeles, hotel accommodations, meals, and $250 per day for 5 days of filming. This sounded great, so my daughter submitted her resume and photos. She was thrilled when she got an email from the casting director, asking her to send a taped mononlogue. She was even more thrilled when the casting director set up a Skype audition with the producer. And she was ecstatic when the director called her the next evening and offered her a part in the movie. The following morning, I received an emailed copy of the contract. It stated that we would have to pay a $4,800 co-investment for her to take part in the project. Say what? My daughter was crushed. How dare these slimeballs get her hopes up like that? I tried calling Casting Networks to report them, but I was on hold for over 30 minutes and gave up. I sent an email explaining what had happened. They responded the following day, stating that they had removed the posting from their site and banned Reel Media Entertainment from all further postings.  I feel as though Casting Networks should do a better job of screening companies that want to post on their site. Nothing like this has happened with all of the dozens of projects my daughter has submitted for through other services. We're pretty much done with Casting Networks. And I feel that the liars from Reel Media Entertainment should be exposed for what they are: greedy, heartless opportunists who have no qualms about misleading hopeful, inexperienced young people. 
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1341246
Dec 03 2016
07:33 PM
Reel Media Group Stephanie Siegel Deceptive, liar, con artist, fraud New York Internet
I did a demo reel with Reel Media Group back in January of 2016 and they did a horrible job on it. It looks like a public access production instead of professional demo reel. I am very upset and disgruntled by them because they ripped me off of over $1,500. I used them at first because I took a seminar once from them and they were recommended to me and told me that they could land me a job in broadcasting. What a sham and a huge bogus lie that turned out to be! They cannot be trusted! They send out useless marketing emails which I had blocked and they have their own pointless employment advocacy program which I reluctantly signed up with claiming that they have jobs to place their members in and if they land you a job you have to pay them a large fee when all I really wanted was a high quality professional news demo. They failed to deliver that! Scumbags! They have bogus jobs that are out of state and not with a local media outlet. I asked them if they could produce another demo at a discounted rate or for free since this one was sub-par and did not land me the job. Stephanie gave me a flat-out No answer and that she cannot guarantee students jobs and that I should look elsewhere. She is a money-hungry lying fraud who cannot be trusted. I demand a refund from these bogus lying con-artists. STAY AWAY FROM THEM THEY ARE A FRAUD!  
Entity: Internet
3, Report #29785
Sep 12 2002
01:26 AM
Reel Entertainment Theatres Inc ripoff Pays NO any states taxes in NJ PA NY VA & Idaho Also Beat IRS ripoff fraud business Veradale Washington
Defrauded many States ( NY, PA, ID, NJ, VA, OR WA) out of all/most sales taxes over a 8 + year period. Also several Salad Garden Shops proberly the same way.(Stole idea from Salad Works-TM from East Coast) Crocked employer. Also beat the IRS several times ..... Also beat out the film studios of percentages for movie admissions...& Rentals... Poor wages for employees also. Don't work for them.....Has run down movie theatres.....Absentee owner on West Coast. Brian Scranton, Pennsylvania
Entity: Veradale, Washington
4, Report #1169752
Aug 14 2014
07:12 AM
On-Ride Entertainment, LLC Still waiting to reel clips and being ignored by director Philadelphia Pennsylvania
After working with On-Ride Entertainment on a film short in the summer of 2013, the project was scrapped and forgotten about for other opportunities the company had. That's a common thing in the film industry but when casted all actors were told that they would get reel clips at the end of filming and in many ways, this is how an actor starting out gets paid and why they take a full weekend off of work to commit to a low budget project because they know they are getting reel clips out of it. A few months went by without ANY mention that the project had been put on hold (I had to come to that conclusion for myself) and also without any reel cips. NO follow up emails or anything. This is a commmon thing for On-Ride Entertainment ignored emails, phone calls and text messages sent to the Vice President & CO-Founder (also director of the production). Every once in awhile after consistent emailing, I would get a response saying my clips were in the mail. I was told about three times my clips were in the mail and every time that was a lie. I would ask for a confirmation email, tracking number and even offer to pay rush shipping and get no response. This process of them LYING to me and saying my clips are in the mail and then me reaching out again for a follow up and receiving no response went on for months now when the project wrapped over a year ago. My manager even reached out and received no response, not even email or a phone call back. This is neglect for payment of services and it's not right or professional, especially the way they are going about to LYING to their actor's face about sending out these clips when clearly they have no intention to.  Now that On-Ride is pursing other projects, I want ALL ACTORS to know that if they work with them DO NOT expect professionalism, consistent content or to ever see clips of your performance. I can't speak for how they treat clients or the crew but I think their way of conducting business shows poor leadership and it should be warned that anyone in the Philadelphia area that are considering working with them should know that your talents and time are better spent elsewhere. 
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1273144
Dec 09 2015
03:23 PM
Globe Wide Entertainment Ripped Off Frisco Texas
I ordered 2 years of Ranger Rick Magazine for my granddaughter.  The subscription was $58.00 which was way higher than you would pay if ordered directly from the National Wildlife Federation.  My granddaughter never received the magazine even though the CHECK WAS CASHED three months ago. This company is scamming people.  Never order a magazine from them.
Entity: Frisco, Texas
6, Report #1301731
Apr 25 2016
01:50 PM
OAP Media Group Tony Tyler Scammer and Fraudulent Demo Reel Production Company Atlanta, Chicago, Tampa, and Miami Georgia, Illinois, Florida
My Experience with OAP Media Group / Tony Tyler   Please, please beware of other resume tape companies that ask you to pay the full price up front before they give you any service.  Hence, the OAP Media Group.  DO NOT go with these people to put together your tape.  It may be tempting to do so because their price is cheapest among competitors-only $1,200 to put together a resume tape as opposed to $2,000.  I went with them initially.     With this group, you have to pay the $1,200 up front before they work with you.  So I paid the money up front and had a date set up with Tony to shoot the tape.  I had paid for my flight to Atlanta and everything.  Two days before I was to meet him in Atlanta, he cancelled the shoot because his father had passed away.     Ok, understandable.  When I asked if he was going to either reimburse me for my flight or subsidize the cost of the resume tape due to the rescheduling, he flat out said no. I was like you got to be kidding me.  I gave him hell over it until he finally agreed to buy me another flight.  We agreed on a date that was two weeks or so after the original date.  But closer and closer to this date, I received no information about my new flight information.     I called him up.  Then he told me he couldn't do the new date because his makeup artist was booked for that date and couldn't do my makeup.  When I told him that I could do my own makeup, he still told me that he couldn't do the date.  I explained that I could not shoot at a later date because I was soon going to be out of the country. He still gave me the run around.     When I told him that I no longer wanted his service and asked for my money back, HE WOULD NOT GIVE ME MONEY BACK!   I had paid this guy all this money, yet had not received any service.  And he would not refund my money.  I am currently in the process of suing him.       --------------   Another Person's Experience with OAP Media Group / Tony Tyler:   I looked them up and saw that they were using my resume reel without my knowledge and permission. In fact, it's copyrighted on my website. I did everything from shooting, writing, and editing. I have no affiliation with OAP Media Group and never used their services.   I called them and asked them to take my video down. The man was very rude to me saying it was a mistake by his web develop. When I expressed an urgency in taking it down, as they are using it without my knowledge, he hung up on me.   
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
7, Report #1121603
Feb 06 2014
I was recommended this service by a online service advertisment company....dnt recall the name...I placed a order for the cards with a download number,  for anyone who logged on to www.distrophonix.comwould insert the redeemer code in the box. When I received my card in the mail 3 weeks later. I realize that thedownload code wasn't working so,I made a call to the owner of the company who fixed the problem. To mysurprise the code assigned was out of sync...# 11 is #12 so the cd is ruin...for 3 weeks I've made numerousattempt to contact the owner by phone. Mind you, I spoke to him already about the error with the code...I had my family and friends contact the number to no avail....which left me no choice but to assume thiscompany.. want u to bring traffic to their site then, the customer srv doesn'texsist, nor do he respect customers. So dnt ever use this company for anything. bosslifeborettala, californiaI WILL CONTINUETO INFORM THE WORLDTHIS COMPANY SUCKS
Entity: los angeles, California
8, Report #1326113
Sep 02 2016
05:22 PM
Scream Entertainment LLC Theft Beverly Hills California
 I received a free 7 day trial from On 9/1 I requested the service be cancelled as the movies were horrible and I had only streamed 1. I received an email stating they didn't want to lose me as a customer and were giving me 30 days free. I replied to the email I didn't want the 30 days I just wanted to cancel it. Imagine my surprise when 6 hours later my bank account had been drafted for the 35 dollars and I received and email that unfortunately they couldn't cancel my account. It took them 6 hours for that and they did this all after I requested I cancel the account. This is theft. I have tried to email and call the number provided on my bank statement and no one has responded. I reported the transaction as fraudulent with my bank and had to cut up my debit card. I have been on the phone constantly trying to get my money back. I filed a report with the Better Business Bureau, the California department of consumer complaints, and the California Attorney Generals office. I am currently stuck with no money and no way to get money since I had to cut up my debit card and I have no checks. Do not trust this company.
Entity: Beverly Hills, Tennessee
9, Report #1400168
Sep 14 2017
09:48 PM
FUNimation Entertainment FunimationFunimationNow Poor customer service, Would not respond to telephone calls, replied with form letter emails Internet
FunimationNow is a company that provides online streaming animation content. They provide yearly contracts. Their Terms and Agreements allow customers no recourse for refund. Although it states that they may refund at their discretion it seems that they simply are not inclined to do so. No notice is sent that yearly subscriptions are set to renew. Their Terms and Agreements states that customer consents to the yearly charge, but does not mention that the company sends no yearly reminder. Funimation does not respond to telephone calls and sends form-letter replies simply restating Terms and Agreements. It is my belief that auto renew companies, especially yearly, should have better policies in place to alert customers that their credit card is scheduled to be charged. This company also uses an auto retrieval service to obtain updated credit card information and can request payment even if a previous card number has been canceled. None of these actions break the law, but it is poor business practice and even worse customer service.    
Entity: Internet
10, Report #962967
Nov 01 2012
04:29 AM
Creative Entertainment and Media Bidwell Tyler III, Susan Flanagan, Michael King $5000 Scam Marina Del Rey, California
Do not give a penny to that company to Professionally Package your work for investors/producers. I did. $5,000. I got a package that was worse than what I could do myself. When I complained about it, Bidwell had nerve enough to say things like, We have a graphic artist but we didn't use him. We were trying to save you money. When I told him that to skimp on a document that is being used to represent me to investors without laying the options out before me AND while charging me $5000 is a conflict of interest, guess what? He stopped returning my phone calls.  They're so called investors did not fund the project though he repeated several times on the phone, I'll get the money. They never showed any proof that they had any real investor interest at all. When I had two real film investment companies contact them, they never returned their calls and screwed up my reputation. They'll be nice but the promise they make will not be in the paperwork and when it all comes down, you'll be ripped off. I've run across SEVERAL people they've ripped off. Don't become one of them. (((link redacted)))CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Marina Del Rey, California
11, Report #660296
Nov 10 2010
06:40 AM
Mpower Media Mpower Entertainment Charged for commercials that didn't run Internet
Mpower Media (also known as Mpower Entertainment) charged me for commercials that didn't run, and overcharged me for the commercials that did run.  Mpower gave lots of excuses about why my commercials weren't having a response. It wasn't until I contacted the cable and TV companies that I found out the reason I wasn't getting a response is because Mpower didn't run the commercials that I paid for!
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #1297317
Apr 01 2016
07:51 PM
Sage Media Partners Townsend FilmsTownsend Entertainment Group Fraud, Bogus, Fake, none existent Agoura Hills CA
I emailed this company to do an event for my movie. They never emailed me back or got in contact with me. I put in my personal information in ther Contact  tab. I went to check something and noticed that the website is gone. I used websites such as Better Buisness Bureau, The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, and other such websites...the Companies are no where listed. There is no contact besides the CONTACT tab on each website. I would just suggest to stay away from companies like these. They could be tellemarkaters getting your emails and phone numbers through bogus buisness'. They don't provide an email or phone number to contact them with. 
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #652620
Oct 19 2010
07:16 AM
Twistbox Entertainment Inc. (Waat Media) Currently I pay money of subscription fee for a mobile service called 221 GALLERY on my cell phone bill from Twistbox Entertainment Inc, also known as WAAT Media.Because I actually don't receive ANY Internet 91423, California
Currently I have paid money subscription fee for a mobile service calles 221 Galleryon my cellphone bill from Twistbox Entertainment INC. also known as WAAT Media. Because I actually don't receive ANY content I'm not able to cancel the subscription. Also my provider Vodafone can't help me because according to them I don't have any subsciptions running. Never the less, I'm still paying for it. Is anyone familiar with the service 221 GALLERY. I have tried to contact Twistbox Entertainment Inc, but these people are real RIP OFFS an are not responding to any mails. I hope to receive a response from Twistbox Entertainment Inc after this post. It must STOP taking my money by WAAT Media
Entity: Internet 91423, California
14, Report #710469
Mar 26 2011
07:43 AM
Twistbox Entertainment WAAT MEDIA Scam company charges money for cell phone services people did not subscribe for! Sherman Oaks, California
Currently I have received over more then $250 of subscription fee for a mobile service called 221 GALLERY on my cell phone bill from Twistbox Entertainment Inc, also known as WAAT Media. Because I actually don't receive ANY content I'm not able to cancel the subscription. Also my provider can't help me because according to them I don't have any subscriptions running. Never the less, I'm still paying for it. I found similar reports. I have tried to contact Twistbox Entertainment Inc, but these people are real RIP OFFS and are not responding to any mails.  I hope to receive a response from Twistbox Entertainment Inc after this post, otherwise I will be forced to take legal action.
Entity: Sherman Oaks, California
15, Report #113117
Oct 15 2004
01:22 PM
Virtual Media Systems media machine distributorship is a scam; related to American Entertainment Rip-off Hollywood Florida
In September I signed up with Virtual Media Systems (American Entertainment Distributors) and paid $25,000 for their Virtual Media Machine. For about a week I spoke with the sales rep, Denis Sevariego and their location Rep Ed Cummings. I received my welcome package in good order which was signed by Michael Kohn, President. I have since tried to call back all of the references that they gave me and ALL have had their numbers removed from service. I is strange that all of them were Verizon Wireless numbers. American Entertainment Distributors is mention in their notes to the financial statements that was prepared by Brian D. Gordon, CPA, he gave me the number of Gerald Wald at 305-358-5900 so I am assuming it is the same company. Jonathan Fullerton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
16, Report #450951
May 12 2009
07:07 AM
Steven Gagnon And Marshall Carson - Gravity Entertainment And Masterworks Media Ponzi Scheme Movie Studio (Gagnon) and Affinity Scammer (Carson) Ft. Lauderdale Florida
Steven Gagnon the owner of the following: Entertainment Holdings, Gravity Productions, Runelords Development, etc. has raised millions of dollars by representing to his investors that he is in production of several movie projects. More specifically he claims to his victims that he owns the rights to a movie called Runelords which if put on the big screen is a billion dollar project. Gagnon promises large returns for investments in his studio (ala Bernie Madoff) and some victims get a couple of payments or no payments at all and are told the money is coming tomorrow or the victim will be given an excuse why the money isn't here. He claims as early as 2005 and in 2007 that he was receiving 150 million euros/dollars and everyone would get paid. Of course the source of funds such as Stephane' Lambert/Sails Capital Management and all the other bogus entities never come through with the money. Marshall Carson (Also known as Freddie Carson, Freddie Marshall Carson, and Freddie M. Carson or Marshall F. Carson) goes state to state to several churches and gets involved with the pastor to get the people who are members of the church to invest with Gagnon and/or his companies such as Masterworks Media. Of course the victims never get their money. Marshall is that good of an affinity scammer that one of his victims who is a builder lets Marshall stay in a million dollar house for free! Nobody from the churches have ever received their money back (which is in the millions) and Marshall tells them Christians don't sue Christians so they don't go after him. Both have received cease and desist orders in Alabama and Wisconsin for selling unlicensed securities and must be stopped! There is a blog for victims to get together and work with the proper entities to put these guys in prison for the rest of their lives where they belong. The lambert watch Beverly Hills, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
17, Report #1198694
Jan 01 2015
06:10 AM
persian media group/pyramid entertainment Reza Alvand Familys party ruined after this company took $5,000 deposit & never showed up no warning or refund las vegas nevada Internet
September of 2014 Rezaie Family and Reza Alvand alleged CEO of Persian Media Group/Pyramid Entertainment entered into contract to have Sami Beigi perform on November 22 2014 at 6 pm to 1 am. The contract required Rezaie Family to send $5000.00 deposit. Rezaie family sent $5000.00 deposit after receiving signed contract from Reza Alvand. 2 days before party we attempted to contact Reza Alvand and His Company Persian Media Group/Pyramid Entertainment to arrange for there pick up from airport and hotel, (which we, Rezaie Family had booked and paid for agreed) We sent 11 messages, 32 texts and 5 emails, with no responses. November 22, 2014 the night of Rezaie Family party was ruined! Performer never showed up and never returned our $5000.00 deposit. We feel played and lied to. We have made contact with Reza Alvand and have been promised week after week that he would electronically refund our deposit into our account. No deposit received. Last phone conversation Reza Alvand laughed and told us to f***off. This is not right. All we want is our deposit back;-( Rezaie Family
Entity: Internet
18, Report #215852
Oct 15 2006
12:07 AM
Belle Rock Entertainment Aka Lucky Nugget On-line Casino Owned By Belle Rock Entertainment Aka Lucky Nugget On-line Casino Owned By Carmen Media Group Limited Ripped-Off by on-line casino who promised a $200.00 bonus for depositing $50.00. Gibraltar, Europe Nationwide
It caught my eye, when I seen an offer that stated, Open a new real account and receive $200 FREE on your first $50 deposit! for Lucky Nugget On-line Casino. Well, of course I was interested. I proceeded to read what was required in order to receive this bonus and it seemed simple enough, so I withdrew the $50.00 from my account through NetTeller, and deposited into my new account with Lucky-Nugget. I received a confirmation and a promise that my bonus would be credited to my account within 24 hrs. That never happened, of course. Instead, I received a friendly little message stating that the site was having technical difficulties and that my account would be credited by Monday Oct. 9th, 2006. Well that date came and went, so I contacted someone through the live chat that the site offers. This person assured me that I would receive my bonus funds within 24-48 hrs. That Never happened. I contacted another live chat operator a few days later who then told me that they would file an escalation report to the promotions dept. He gave me an escalation report number and asked me to be patient a little longer. I have copies of my live-chat conversations and it amazes me how they came to their excuse as to why I wouldn't be receiving my promised bonus. In the end, they tried to tell me that I was denied by the promotions dept. because echeck had denied my deposit. Whatever that is supposed to mean. So I told them that I would report them to the fair gaming commision and I signed off their site. Patti Anaheim, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Gibraltar, Europe, Other
19, Report #744521
Jun 23 2011
02:19 PM
Mileage Max Total Fraud...they reel you n with a samll amoutn and then try and get you to commit toa media blitz for thousands of dollars.....product does not work...actually got worse mileage when using it!! Internet
Scam...product does not work as advertised. The reel you in with a small dealer fee and then press hard to commit to a media campaing for thousands of dollars. The so called coach is nothing more that a phone hustler. Weh I indicated that I wanted to to test the productfirst I was pressured asying I was goping to miss out. Whe I indicated that I dint have the 2 to 3 thusands dollars the coach started asking about creit cards that I could put it on since I was going to make so much money. The ol you have to spend money to make money. On top of that the product does not work. The website is very out!
Entity: Internet, Internet
20, Report #105649
Aug 26 2004
10:39 PM
Reel Lottery & GT Lottery ripoff Lotterys Valenca & UK Nationwide
I like many have received e-mail stating that I had won money from a nationwide lottery. They gave winning ticket numbers, serial numbers, batch numbers and I was to use them in all correspondence with them. What made me suspicious was the typing errors and of course the to good to be true thing. These emails came from Spain and the UK in two different emails. Thank goodness I knew about this site as I have had to use it before when Global Financial was running their scam. Terry Evanston, WyomingU.S.A.
Entity: Valenca, Nationwide
21, Report #931262
Aug 22 2012
09:57 PM
David Moss with Milf Media Gary Fraudulent Producer, Entertainment Lawyer. Dishonest GUY! Marina del Ray, California
I answered an ad on or craigslist for an adult entertainment job and I got caught up with this Producer, Entertainment Lawyer  Scam artist by the name of Gary from Milf Media. He told me that he needed $125 for my STD testing and he says in order to be employed with him you have to get tested by his people.  I told him my financial situation and he said $50 will due for now and the balance will be taken care of on payday. Shoulda been a red flag for me but I was very interested in this work. So I money gramed him $50 and he gave me the run around for days and days! I always asked where are you filming? Where is your office? And there was always an excuse. I havent heard from him anymore. He ignored my text when I asked about whats going on?! He's Fraud dont give him Money or the time of day folks!! Hope someone catches that him! We are all trying to make it! You dont have to steal from others just so you can get by. Selfish jerk!   
Entity: Marina del Ray, California
22, Report #1101541
Nov 22 2013
04:08 PM
Swift Air Media Syndi Brass Jaycee Thames Posing as Southwest Airlines Offering Advertisement Opportunity for their Inflight Entertainment System Dallas Texas
Was contacted by Swift Air Media in April 2013 by Syndi Brass. Syndi said that she worked for Southwest Airlines and was offering DEALS to businesses who want to list their services in their inflight entertainment system for travelers to look at and book while onboard the airplane.She sent a link of a sample for CHICAGO so that I could have a demo of what it will look like in flight.I provided information on my business and was sent a login to manage sales that this inflight system might have provided.I was told launch would be in MAY. May came and went no  at all from Syndi Brass whom when I  look at the email address more directly it has the name of Jacee Thames posted by it.I called their business line and informed the operator that Syndi has not replied to any correspondence since I gave my complete business info and received a login.Since wrote me an email immediately after I left a message with the operator. Saying that it would take a few more weeks.It is now DECEMBER...I have written several times since then only to get no reply.I have called the business numbers listed only to find out they are not in service!I have went to the website which is still up and running with a new phone number posted. I decided to call the telephone number on the website only to find out that too is not in service.I have called Syndi Brass on her listed mobile number from the bottom of the email. I get a generic automated robot informing that the owner of the telephone is not available.I look up SWIFT AIR MEDIA is NOT the airline as they try to imply nor do they work as SOUTHWEST AIRLINES.Also, during this time I received many new calls from similar companies offering DEALS. Since speaking with SWIFT MEDIA AIR I had over 9 calls within a week for two weeks with places trying to get me to advertise my business as a deal. I have refused all of them.Now this company has all my business information....BEWARE!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
23, Report #98382
Dec 19 2009
01:39 PM
BizaaBazaa - Rosary - Sloan Entertainment ripoff - Fraudulent Entertainment Company, Stealing Money From New Artist And Giving Nothing In Return Hollywood California
If you are a new artist, beware of this company. I have been ripped off and two theiving scammers. They promise young hopefuls that for whatever they can get out of them financially, that they will make a film. It is very important thing them as stars. If you are lucky they will film a 3 minute token reel to shut you up. Then you never hear from them and they move on to the next victim and the next new money, until that one's bank account is drained. Do Not Invest your money in this company, they will rip you off!!! If you have invested any money or talk with Demi Sloane or Keith Rosary, Contact An Attorney Immediately and get your money back!!! It is very important that this posting is made and everyone should only use legit companies and qualified entertainment businesses. Guy Hollywood, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, California
24, Report #747721
Jun 30 2011
06:05 PM
Ranalli models VIA entertainment Scamming, Lying, Cheating Con Eric Farris Tempe, Arizona
This one Eric Farris is as scummy as it gets. He scams models out of all his cash relying solely on manipulation. Going into this company I was weary because it was considered a multimedia marketing company... and here is why they say that. Its a class 6 felony to call your selves an agency so he avoids this at all cost. Being a new modeling corporation is a joke. At the very same location was VIA entertainment and company who gained its own terrible name by atrocious services. Now, he calls himself E.W. to avoid the taxes he has built up over the past decade. Check who the owner is on the company. Not him? Hmmm I wonder why. Its probably he is hiding in his back office from every type of credit union. E.W. (a.k.a. Eric Farris) is obviously a front to conceal his name. Look it up IRS, Eric Farris is living in Arizona avoiding all your taxes hoping to scam enough families and models in order to even out his credit. Oh... but Eric has friends. He relies heavily on the Fraizer family, (yes Kassey Fraizer's mom) to get him out of this ever growing economic grave he has been digging. Struggling for survival he has pulled in every type of entertainer down with him because they are unaware of the practices he had before. Don't believe me? Well go on in yourself. The only good thing about the company is there photography, which is the only way they are making money but he has no idea how to present and sell you. He only knows how to bring you in and steal your money... while promising you the world. Exposure? Good luck. You've been exposed.
Entity: Tempe, Arizona
25, Report #563899
Feb 03 2010
08:40 AM
Bellinger Global Incorporated Bellinger Media Group, Bellinger Financial Service, Media One Entertainment Bernard Bellinger is low life scum who preys on good people Miami, Florida
Where to begin....on New Years Eve I was contacted by Bernard for a Web development position that I applied for off of Craigslist here in Orlando. I had just been screwed by a company that I was working for and in need of a new job. He and I walked through his current website and I told him what I would do and made helpful suggestions to improving him talent site. He offered me a job that day. I was a little leery because of what I had just been through but decided to take him up on it. I did google him and his companies and nothing really came up that would make me run in the other direction. He sent me over an offer letter and all the forms to fill out for full time employment. I filled everything out and sent it all back to him and make him put into writing when my first paycheck would be due and I made him sign the offer letter agreement and send it back to me. I began working on his stuff immediately. When the 15th came I asked about getting paid and how it worked since I filled out the direct deposit info he said that it should be in there that day. Well of course it wasn't. (The salary agreement was one week hold back and then paid every week). I called him and he said that he would get with the payroll department and get things figured out. Well days went on and finally he said that he was going to send me out a pay card that will be loaded with my pay on it. Well that took almost a week to get into my hands and another week trying to get it to work. Finally last week he said that he was going to wire my salary into my account. That never happened. I have all our chats and emails and signed forms from him. I am so sick and tired of being used and treated like crap. I am a single mother with a family to support and I cannot imagine what these people are thinking when they hire professional people to do damn good work and then knowing that they have no intention of paying them one dime is beyond me. The one good thing that came out of this is that yes, he did lock me out of the godaddy account but his dumbass forgot to change the FTP info so i deleted all of the work I did along with his original site. He took me for $5,000. If anyone needs or wants to join forces in getting this low life please contact me at (((REDACTED)))CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Miami, Florida

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