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1, Report #1402133
Sep 25 2017
06:56 AM
Rent-2-own houses This company took my information had me sign up for credit recovery and never got back with me with the local agent, they never answered the phone Internet
 I signed up with the company. The requirement was to sign up for credit recovery. Signed up for the recovery and still no response. I emailed an agent name Monica Moore. She haven't responded to any of my emails. Called the company and they send you to voice mail. Left multiple messages and still no response.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1376075
May 30 2017
10:26 AM
Rent-to-Own Houses Paid $100 to Lexington Law for credit repair to qualify for home approval. Went through the whole process and on date I was scheduled to see homes, the agent never contacted me on where to meet.  Internet
 I am relocating from Kentucky to Illinois. I contacted Rent-to-Own home and in order to qualify for a home, I had to pay Lexington Law $100 for credit repair. Monica Moore of Rent-to-Own told me the steps to take and I followed them all and she set up an appointment with an agent to look at homes. I came the night before my appointment and stayed in a hotel. The agent never called as promised. I called the Rent-to-Own number and was on hold for well over an hour an no one ever answered. The emails from the company said I would be able to take possession of the house immediately if I chose one. My daughter has been in Illinois waiting for me to get the house. And I gained employment at Wells Fargo and they too have been waiting for me to get the house before I began working. I have no clue what I am going to do now. I was depending on this.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #28190
Aug 27 2002
01:02 PM
Rent To Own ripoff fraud business Bozeman Montana
I agreed to rent a computer from this business, only to find out that it didn't work. When they came to pick it up, one of the workers broke something on it. I am now being charged full price for the computer I never even got to use! I agreed to pay the rent up to date that I had it for, but instead charged me full price and it is now sitting on my credit report! These people do not know how to do business!! Do not go to them. Gena Bozeman, Montana
Entity: Bozeman, Montana
4, Report #1374254
May 19 2017
06:06 PM
Your Rent 2 Own unauthorized withdrawls from my checking account, Georgia Internet
I was searching for a place to rent, visited the site and requested access, they offered a trial for$1. It stated agree to be enrolled in the 30 day trial for $1.00, and your account will be activated. After the trial expires, your enrollment will automatically continue and your account will be charged $49.00 per month until you cancel. It has not been a month yet and they already billed me $49 with 717 recurring payments. Luckily, I check my account regularly and was able to cancel it and stop future payments. I visited the website on 5/14/17 and they charged me $1 on that day, and then $49 on 5/16/17. Do not use this website, it is the definition of a SCAM!
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1227525
May 07 2015
12:54 PM
Manage rent houses rents houses in unliviable unsafe horrible conditions houston Texas
 Manage rent houses falsely advertises. They rent houses in very awful conditions. They deciet, lie and take your money. I rented a property with them for 19 months. There was black mold, the tree the promised to remove damaged our vehicles and is still there 7 months after they said they would take care of it. The garage and front door is falling apart. There is a hole in the garage wall where rats got in and there is a bad rat infestation which the company refuses to hear about or deal with. This company does not reply, lie, steals your money, should be shut down.
Entity: houston, Texas
6, Report #1374290
May 20 2017
10:15 AM
Your Rent 2 Own Do not use this website, it is the definition of a SCAM! Hampton Georgia
I was searching for a place to rent, visited the site and requested access, they offered a trial for$1. It stated agree to be enrolled in the 30 day trial for $1.00, and your account will be activated. After the trial expires, your enrollment will automatically continue and your account will be charged $49.00 per month until you cancel. It has not been a month yet and they already billed me $49 with 717 recurring payments. Luckily, I check my account regularly and was able to cancel it and stop future payments. I visited the website on 5/14/17 and they charged me $1 on that day, and then $49 on 5/16/17. Do not use this website, it is the definition of a SCAM!
Entity: Hampton, Georgia
7, Report #678807
Jan 05 2011
04:56 AM
Rent2OwnConnect Joshua Leventhal, Rent 2 Own Connect, Rent to own home scam alert! Internet
Fraud AlertCompany information: Rent2OwnConnect Owner: Joshua Leventhal South Easton, Massachusetts United States Rent2OwnConnect.comI wasted 9 months of my time, and $2000 hard earned dollars with the promise I would get a rent to own home. SAVE YOUR MONEY! Joshua Leventhal provides absolutely no proof that he is actually doing what he promises. He has no people skills whatsoever, as he takes his sweet time responding to your emails. He is slow to submit offers on your behalf, and sometimes he will just ignore you completely!I asked him for a refund. He said no. He says it's because "that's a recent policy change, and not in my contract". ????? Excuse me? This guy lacks any form of customer satisfaction experience and has no business dealing with the public. This so called "contract" is nothing more than an "agreement" and holds no legal stature. And frankly, if he's so willing to supposedly give refunds of absolute satisfaction to his NEW clients, why then would he refuse the very same gesture to someone who has kept their faith in him for such an extended period of time??? Only a con artist does that.I have reported him to several authorities now including the Massachusetts Attorney General and I encourage any one else that feels they have been wronged to do the same.Here is the link: (copy & paste)
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #680345
Jan 08 2011
12:04 PM Robert Scott Offers to help with rent to own houses, makes you pay and subscribe to house listings service, then vanishes when you contact him about houses and never replies back Los Angeles, California Internet
Robert Scott from will solicit for you to join a rent to own / foreclosure list (subscription). Then he will e-mail you everyday asking to send him the list of homes you are interested in and he will call you back to discuss details. Well...when I sent my list in (with my phone number) he never called back. I emailed him and got "undeliverable mail" messages saying he won't accept my e-mail connection. I cross-referenced his address and there was no at this address in Beverly Hills, CA. Even after I tried to e-mail him and was unsuccessful, unsubscribed from his home list subscription, I still received e-mails from him asking where my list of homes? He's stillwaiting on me and my list!!!?? Obviously some kind of automated rip off system. Please beware of Robert Scott and don't get caught up in his scam like I did.
Entity: Los Angeles, California, Internet
9, Report #1355037
Feb 09 2017
08:01 AM
Rent-2-own house This company tells you the will get you into a home and help you own it but you have to sign up for a $100.00 credit repair service when you do you never hear from them again Florida Internet
 called and spoke to Auston and he was so nice told us that the had many 3 bedrooms in our area and they are available but we had to sign up with a credit repair company ...we did and never heard from them again ...they also do not answer their phone again . This is a scam .
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1413535
Nov 26 2017
12:26 PM
Houses 4 rent florida Houses4renttampa Drake Stole $150 Florida
I applied for a home I found on Craigslist. The website indicated I was required to pay $75 application fee per adult BEFORE viewing the property. I paid $150. 3 days later I received a phone call saying I wasn’t approved. Upon checking my credit, it didn’t indicate that they checked it.
Entity: Florida
11, Report #1434172
Mar 13 2018
04:35 PM They dont own the houses they are trying to rent and tberes already tenants in said rentals and they have no idea who houses4rent is or drake tbe supossed boss or joe the manager bunch of con artist is what they are Internet
They told us that the property was open and available we did a little research and they do not own nor represent said properties and they have scam multiple people out of application money and fees that they know and by they i mean drake and joe. know you will get approved because the houses aren't there's to rent
12, Report #199036
Jul 01 2006
04:55 AM
Aarons Rent To Own Terrible attitude ripoff Aaron's Rent To Own Bowling Green Kentucky
Yesterday, 6/30, I went to Aaron's to make my bi-monthly payment. While I was making the payment I requested info for purchasing a laptop computer. Ron said they had just had one come back and would be happy to show it to me. Which he did. I explained my budget concerns and asked what he would need in order to let me have to computer and what the bi-monthly payment would be (my current purchases are due for payoff this October). He said he would need $31.00 to hold the computer (while they cleaned it) and they monthly payment would be approx $124.00 and bi monthly would be around $64.00. I agreed to the pricing and gave him a check for $31.00. I was told it would be after the holiday before I would be contacted to pick up the computer. I returned home some hours later and had a phone message from Ron at Aaron's stating they were able to offer the computer to me today, I should come back to the store to pick it up. I called and made arrangements to be in before the store closed. I went back to the store, Ron was gone and another man was to help me. He explained that he needed $100.00 to let me have the computer right then. At that time, Jerry, came out of the office and very rudely asked me if I knew what the monthly payment was going to be on the laptop. I was baffled and stated that he should tell me what the payment was to be and I would tell him if the price is what I was quoted. He quirked an eyebrow and explained I would be paying $165.00. I explained no that is not what I was told. And words went back and forth between us. He called Ron and had me talk to him and he backed up Jerry stating he had said all of this to me. He had not. I stated to the first man that I did not want the computer for that price and would appreciate my $31.00 being refunded to me. I was upset and asked if that was even possible. The $31.00 was to hold the computer for me but as it was less than 6 hours after the initial agreement I felt I was entitled to the refund. The young man hemmed around and Jerry came over to ask what the problem was. It was explained that I wanted the $31.00 refunded. Jerry smirked, leaned back and crossed his arms and said, Now why would I do that? Explain it to me. I looked at him for a beat and thought why not go for broke. I told him I didn't appreciate his attitude, didn't understand where it was coming from and I had done nothing to deserve it. I told him he knew why I was requesting the refund but it was no big to me if he insisted on keeping the money to have at it and more power to him. I told him I'd be happy to take my business elsewhere because I won't put up with an attitude like this. He continued to smirk and when I stopped he leaned into the counter toward me and told me that maybe my attitude toward you is because you're being a smart ass. I was totally and completely floored. I was so upset my body shook. I just looked at him. I gathered my purse to leave, I know when to cut my losses. He stopped me before I turned away, he had the cash register opened and he confirmed the refund was for $31.00. I told him I had payed by check and why not just give me the check back. He did. In my anger I insisted he come pick up the t.v. and computer I currently have at home which he did schedule for next Friday. I've calmed down now. The t.v. and computer I have at home are to be paid off in October so I'm not going to let it go. In the meantime it is my current mission to get this man in as much trouble as I possibly can which means taking my complaint as high within the company as I can. I can be a smart ass but I wasn't being one yesterday. When did it become okay for an employee of a customer based company to talk to a consumer like that? Cathy Bowling Green, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Bowling Green, Kentucky
13, Report #174575
Feb 03 2006
07:38 PM
Aarons Rent To Own ripoff Jasper Alabama
My husband and I went to aarons rent to own in jaspere, al. in august 2005 to rent a computer. We had to go through five different ones until we found one that worked. We made monthly payments and our payments kept going up on the computers. I went to aarons on 1/04/2006 and wrote a check for half a month and paid cash for the rest. Now aarons is calling me and my husband saying we only paid for a half a month. I have a receipt showing for a full month. I have been called a liar by the store manager. I have tried to contact the main office with no luck. Is there anything I can do? Cheryl sumiton, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Jasper, Alabama
14, Report #1280244
Jan 15 2016
10:08 AM
Aaron's Rent to Own The salesperson told me that I had a year to pay for the furniture and I agreed. When I went over my contract it said 2 yeaes. St Louis Missouri
It is a shame that rental companies prey on the disadvantaged. Aaron's Rent to own is the worst and very disrepectful.  The employees do not know how to talk to you. I rented some furniture from them and thought it was for a year but they lied.  I told them I was very ill and I would take care of it but they harassed me for a week.  I kept the emails that was sent to me. It has to be a better way to deal with companies like this. It is a ripoff and needs to be stopped. I take these type of actions very serious.        
Entity: St Louis, Missouri
15, Report #716926
Apr 12 2011
07:42 PM
OwnerWiz Rent to Own Rent To Own Homes Brazelton, Georgia
I tried using OwnerWiz to find a home to buy, as they said they could help me. But all they did was take my money and did nothing. I writing to let people know they shoud contact the United States of America Federal Trade Commission in Washington, DC 20580 to get them out of the buiness of ripping people off.  I have found many complaints about this company by looking at  Had I known this in the begenning I would not have even tried to contact them. They promise so much but do nothing but take your money. They keep putting you off saying things like we are working very hard to get you a home, but they never do.  Someone needs to stop them. The BBB has had a lot of complaints about this comany but they are still in buiness taking money from people.  So Please contact the United States of America Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC 20580  and stop them in their tracks
Entity: Brazelton, Georgia
16, Report #1372396
May 10 2017
10:04 AM
I noticed a charge of 49.60 on my account since April!! i called again for the 2nd time, and now I am lost over 150.00...
Entity: Internet
17, Report #418026
Jan 29 2009
11:11 PM
Reba Blackshear No heat in her rent houses Health Texas
I haven't had heat in rent house for 5 weeks now. She won't fix it. She has other rent houses with the same problem. It needs a heat pump. June her leasing person lies for her. Anonymous garland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Health, Texas
18, Report #1381717
Jun 27 2017
04:10 PM
Ways 2 rent Jacksonville Florida
 Reached out to these services which seems real due to eviction that offered second chances. Went ahead and pay the fee of $995 to help get into a home. Never got approved for a home and can't do anything g with the renters identification number they provided. Asked for a refund and basically said no . I am out of money a single parent with no home of mine.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
19, Report #474522
Jul 29 2009
09:40 AM
232-RENT - Rental Service Corp Horrible Houses Saint Joseph Missouri
So my sister rented this house. It was in Saint Joseph Missouri. It is a 4 possible 5 bedroom house for $650/month. She was excited at first. Then on moving day we went into the house to find that the stuff that was said to be done had not. The floors in the house slope. Their are various holes everywhere. So my sister decides to make the best of the situation. They could not afford not to move in after shelling out $1300 for rent and security deposit. So after a few days of moving and settling, it was not so bad. Yeah sure the floors still slope, the bathtub leaks and floods the first floor, the kitchen sinks drain leaks. So call the maintenance guy...816-232-RENT. They send someone out to fix things. So the fix things and leave. Couple of days later the Air Conditioner quit working. Call the maintenance person. They fix it. Then the tub starts leaking again. The kitchen sink is leaking again. So call 816-232-RENT and guess what. They send them out again. And yet again they fix things'. They fixed the leaks but they left a hole in the living room ceiling where the tub had leaked. Yet there was ceiling tiles in the closet that just needed to be cut to size. Sure my sister or someone could have done it but not our job. That is the maintenance guys thing. So then we start discovering RATS. Over 2 months we have caught over 20 rats. TWENTY. So call them and they do nothing. So now for the straw that broke the camels back if you will...Two nights ago a Raccoon was found in the house. A RACCOON. So we called animal control and they came and too the coon. We called the maintenance number (232-RENT is now just for trying to rent apartments.) and get nothing. We call the 232-RENT and leave a message and explained what happened. So by 2 PM when they had not contacted my sister I called them. They said they would send someone out the next day. I said no someone needs to come out today. There was another coon lose in the house. So they finally sent someone over and they walked around and said that they could not see anything but they would be back tomorrow. Renter beware 232-RENT puts the slum in slum lords. Skyler Saint Joseph, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Saint Joseph, Missouri
20, Report #25574
Dec 04 2008
08:05 PM
Purvis Realty, Natalie Purvis ripoff false promises Meridian Mississippi
This is for anyone living in Meridian, MS or planning on moving to Meridian. DO NOT rent or buy any property from Purvis Realty owned by Natalie Purvis. Her property are low grade and she will tell you that if you fix them up that she will take money off of rent. Actually what she is doing is using people to fix up her properties on the inside where she can raise rent for the next tenants that move in. Also, she will not return your deposit (which is extemely high for the condition of the houses and apartments) and she will charge double rent (if you move out in the middle of the month she will let someone move in and make doulbe the money). She is abusive, unsettled and will try to talk down you. She does not treat you as a customer but as dirt once she gets your money. She is actually a slumlord. She will not take your phone calls and she is also very prejudice and wants to be something she knows she will never be. So renters beware that if you see a purple sign advertising Purvis Realty, just keep on going. Even other agency will lock up and close their doors when they see her coming up. She is the scum of the earth and actually nothing but a liar and a thief and thinks everyone is below her. I will not sink to her level which is the lower than whale s*** in the ocean. Do not rent or buy from her. Make here loose her business so she cannot steal from any other person. Michael New York, New York
Entity: Meridian, Mississippi
21, Report #139893
Apr 22 2005
01:01 PM
Aaron's Rent To Own ripoff Ocala Florida
had requested to purchase an appliance on 03/31/2005 and to be delivered on 04/02/2005 - discussed this with my husband - decided to wait - had deposited $64.42 on product - went back to the store on Friday 04/02/05 to request a refund and to cancel the order. Manager David Lyons states it has to come from the home office based out of Atlanta, Ga. - it is now 3 weeks and still have I no money and no product - no refund. I need my money back and this issue needs to be resolved. also have called the home office and reported this problem for there has not been any satisfaction or resolution from this manager . Julie ocala, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Ocala, Florida
22, Report #162280
Oct 27 2005
06:11 AM
All American Rent To Own ripoff, liars, unethical business Arvada Colorado
My daughter decided that for my anniversary she would rent to own us a 2 piece sectional for a gift. When the delivery men from All American Rent-To-Own showed up at our apartment and I saw this sectional I could tell from the legs and the black netting on the bottom it was used. I however thought my daughter new it was used as well. Due to the way my entry way is set up, the delivery men couldn't get it through the door. I told my daughter to send it back. She told the 2 men that I did not want it and they assured her that they could in fact get it into my apartment no trouble at all. As they shoved it through the door they damaged the arms and the back of it, and they also did over 500.00 worth of damage to my walls and the door frame at the same time. My daughter called right away and informed All American Rent-To-Own of the damage not only to the sofa but to the apartment. Gail, whom she spoke to more or less blew her off. I had to call in a repairman to fix the walls and door frame to the tune of over 500.00. 2 weeks later a subcontractor called and said that All American Rent-To-Own had contracted him to come in and clean the sofa. To me that was an admission they knew it was used and DID need cleaning. The subcontractor assured me that he did ALL rent to own furniture including Aaron's, Rent A Center, but when I called these stores they had never heard of him. He made appointments and broke appointments. The last time he called he said his truck was broke down and he would call Monday. I never heard from him for a few weeks.. 3 weeks later when it was time for my daughter to go in and make her payment I went with her and spoke to a man by the name of Bob. He played dumb as if he had no idea what we were talking about. 2 weeks after that I spoke with the office manager Gail, who tried to tell me that not only had the sofa been cleaned, it had been repaired and she had the invoices to prove it. I asked Gail who in my home had signed the invoice and what date it was signed, I cautioned her that I work with my husband in a field that our time is tracked and she better give me her best lie. Gail got real smart mouthed and I hung up on her, but not without recording that conversation, I had also recorded the other conversations with the subcontractor. When it came time to make another payment I let Gail know in no uncertain terms that a payment would not be made by my daughter until the sofa was cleaned, the sofa was repaired and the damage to the walls and door frame was paid for. Gail then offered up the information that no one had been out to take care of the sofa (even though a few days before that Gail called ME a liar over the same) I told Gail that I would pay to have it taken care of myself and bill them as I did not want any of them or their shady people in my home. Gail's EXACT (and taped) words to me Well, its not my fault you wont let just anyone into your home. 3 days later the SAME subcontractor called, using a different name and trying to change his voice. Phone recorder running I let him know he would never win any sort of acting award and his services would not be needed in my home. Then the phone calls started. All American Rent-To-Own did not call my daughters phone, they called my phone. I let Gail know at the first call that I work from 4:00 p.m. Until 9 or 10 the next morning and they should not call and wake me up again. That led to 2 maybe 3 calls a day. All captured on my caller ID. I took pictures of each and every one. Next? The stalking started. The delivery guys would come to my door and knock as loud as they could for minutes (per my neighbors) They even told a neighbor that my daughter had stolen the sofa and was going to go to jail. A friend of mine who lives across the street pulled out her camcorder with time and date stamp in place, and got them on tape sitting in front of my building for over 45 minutes, taking turns going to the door. One of the All American Rent-To-Own drivers even threw a rock at one of our windows. Caught on tape. This went on for about 3 weeks. We were never at home (unfortunately) when this was going on, however I do have some very good neighbors who tracked their illegal ways for us. I got a frantic call from my friend whom had timed and taped the All American Rent-To-Own truck in front of my building for over 1 hour. She walked into my building and they were trying to break into my apartment. I was less than 20 minutes away. Sure enough when we came up the back stairs the All American Rent-To-Own drivers were both at the door messing with it. I told my daughter to call the police. (Who came 45 minutes later, looked at the door and said there was no visible signs of an attempted forced entry so they could do nothing.) I told the All American Rent-To-Own delivery drivers if they wanted the sofa back bad enough to try and break and enter into my home they could hang on a second while I moved things out of the way and they could take it. I shut the door leaving them standing in the hall. My husband, my daughter and her 2 friends set up camcorders in the kitchen, the closet facing the front door, in the front room, and a web cam on the bar. These 2 All American Rent-To-Own clowns tilted one piece of the sofa up on end and knocked the ceiling fan loose, broke the light fixture in the entryway, knocked holes in the wall, took a large chunk out of the corner wall and dented the front door. Finally they got that used piece of crap out of my house and then came back up and took a look at the damage they did. While they were looking at the damage, my daughter was on the phone with that goofy, lying, office manager Gail telling her that they did more damage to my home removing it. Gail, of course got loud and foul mouthed and recorded, just as her workers did as they did the damage and then came back to inspect it. This air brained liar Gail called back in less than 5 minutes and informed me that her workers did no damage, once again they were lying through their teeth and knew it. I told Gail that I had proof they had tried to break into my home and they damaged it trying to remove her salvation army sectional. Gail got vulgar with me and I hung up on her, yet another recording for the archives. The calls didn't stop. They then claimed my daughter owed them 100.00 plus for rental and late rental fees. I told that nit wit Gail and the unknown male to STOP calling me. If she wanted to talk to my daughter to call her on her phone. Gail didn't. Gail and this male started calling my daughters work 2 and 3 times a day. Harassing calls. Gail even told one of my daughters coworkers that she was going to jail for theft. That coworker was my daughters manager. Gail tried hard to cause my daughter to loose her job, but all she did was get more witnesses to the All American Rent-To-Owns harassment policy. Even after Gail was told to stop calling my daughters work, she didn't. I had the new damage to my apartment repaired, to the tune of 500.00 plus again. They could not repair the dent in the door, so when the repairman comes out to replace it, that will cost well over 400.00. The calls to my home never stopped. I finally wrote them a letter and told them that I have tapes video and audio and over 1000.00 in repair bills. If I ever and I mean ever got another phone call from them again I would not hesitate to use that material to put them out of business. The phone calls stopped. I guess at least one of them can read. That is until last Saturday. Last Saturday while we were out of town on business All American Rent-To-Own called and told my nephew that they wanted to come by and look at the damage and get some estimates to have it repaired. Months after the fact. (He got that on tape as well.) My nephew told All American Rent-To-Own that I was gone and the repairs have been made. They asked him if they could come by and pick up the invoices. He told them to call back and talk to me. They have not to date. I have since found several others that have had dealings with these unethical rodents. I will run another advertisement in a few weeks to see if I can find more victims of Gail and of All American Rent-To-Own. The first advertisement I ran netted over 50 replies, most of which I feel are legitimate complaints. I have an attorney that is very interested in handling this matter on a contingency basis. I have also spoken with a friend whom is a troubleshooter at a local TV station. He is very interested in doing an expose on this story when I feel I have found an adequate amount of All American Rent-To-Own victims. If you have had trouble with any All American Rent-To-Own in the Denver area, especially the Arvada store and Gail, please contact me. If you are thinking about renting from All American Rent-To-Own do yourself a favor and go dumpster diving for some furniture. You will be far better off than renting from unethical liars whom will try to sell you used furniture as new, and look you in the eye and lie about it while they try to break into your home to cause damage they will yet again lie about. Lynda Arvada, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Arvada, Colorado
23, Report #106467
Sep 01 2004
06:15 AM
Aaron's Rent To Own Unauthorized Bank Card Charges Eastpointe Michigan
When I started doing business with this shop, I gave them my card information so I would not have to always come into their shop to make my payment. But this would only be when I told them it was OK to process the payment. But late last year, they sent a payment through to my bank without my authorization and this caused a deficit with other scheduled payments. I complained and they reversed the charges but the damage was done as some major bills went unpaid and caused severe havoc on our budget. Not more than a month later, in January of this year, they did the same thing and because we were coming off the Christmas holidays, with a number of bills that were scheduled, again we were put into a large deficit in our bank account. We had a number of NSF charges and returned checks and non-paid bills. Again, I complained and they reversed the charges but my account was so far in the red that even after putting the money back, I was still unable to pay my bills. So I talked to person called Dan. He told me that he was in charge of my account. I brought paperwork that the bank compiled for me which detailed all of the returned payments and the NSF's that I charged because of their negligence. He told me that he would have to discuss this with the DM for his store. A few weeks later he told me that they would credit my accounts for the last couple of months to satisfy the almost $600 that I lost to their error. A few months ago, this person left the store but told me that this situation had been discussed with the managers there and would not be problem. But just yesterday, I talked to a Mike, who claims that he knows nothing about this and that Dan would not be able to make these type of agreements. And now he says I should talk to his manager Todd. To me it sounds like they will say anything and do anything to just get your money and not take responsibility for there misdeeds. That one unauthorized transaction has caused me grief for a number of months after the fact and I will not let them just do what they want and just leave it as business as usual. I have already begun to talk to a number of people who work in various political areas of the city and a few friends who have access to the media because this is just not the way to do business with people for most part, are already having financial issues. And BTW, just in case they try to rebut this notice, I am currently behind on my accounts because I asked them to clarify this whole situation so I can know what my situation was. The denial of former facts has prompted me to hold any further payments as I seek legal recourse for my financial losses from this whole thing. These people just do want they want and do not care about the families that they are impacting with their actions Cortez Detroit, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Eastpointe, Michigan
24, Report #525803
Nov 19 2009
11:39 AM
Aarons Rent to Own Satisfaction Guaranteed-Don't Believe it!! Rockford, Illinois
2 Years ago I was transfered to Illinois by my company. Since I was not sure how long I would be in the state, I decided to rent furniture rather than buy. I picked out a group, ordered it new and had it delivered. After a few months we noticed the cushions had begun to sag in towards the middle of the sofa and the recliner mechanisims wer so tight you could'nt close them once opened. Since the contract read that Aarons agreed to keep thier items in good repair through the term of the lease I contacted the store. They sent out a repair person how said it could not be repaired because of the way it was constructed. I again contacted the store and they told me they had an automotive interior place who could do the job. A few weeks later they picked up the sofa to have it repaired. After a few more weeks they said it was ready to be returned. At this point I did not trust anything they said so I drove the hour to the store to see it for myself. It appeared to be fixed but it was buried under a bunch of cardboard by the rear loading dock. After it was delivered we noticed several areas the were damaged during the repair. Please note that this was brand new furniture that was in excellent condition when it went out. I have complained about this matter to a point to where the store will not return my calls and when I do call I am told my contact person is either on vacation, at lunch, with a customer and other excuses to many to mention. I am an executive and all the items are kept in excellent condition. I have never missed a payment and most of the time, pay in advance. They refuse to do anything to make this right. I guess thier gameplan to to ignore me and hope I go away. In the meantime just keep sending in those payments because they wack you with interest charges if you don't, I know, I tried that too. It is never a good idea to do business with these type of places but if you do prepared to be treated like garbage. I would like to get an attorney and sue the pants off these guys but I  (unfortunately) only have a few months before everything is paid off. It would cost me more to fight these guys than to hire someone! I will never do business with Aarons again.
Entity: Rockford, Illinois
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Nov 06 2008
11:16 PM
Affordables Rent to Own Port Arthur Texas
Well my story is with Affordable Rent to Own. Completely impatient rip offs. I rented a laptop from them a couple of months ago. I was always on time with my payments and I had a great job so I was able to pay for it. When Hurricane Ike rolled in, I lost my job as well as my home. My parents were already deciding to move to Dallas, but I planned on staying in Port Arthur, Texas to get a place and pay for the laptop. The company knew this. When everyone could return back to town, weeks later, they started calling me, harassing me about the payment. I didn't have a cell phone on, because all of my money went to gas for evacuation. Therefore, I couldn't even pay my cell phone bill. It was hard even getting food to eat, and FEMA only helped out with housing. I couldn't return back to our home in Port Arthur, because it was damaged, so since we were sheltered in Dallas, we moved here. A few weeks ago, they started to call my sister's phone, who lived in Port Arthur, Texas at the time, and we still didn't have a phone. Once we did get one, it was already too late. Affordable had been blowing up her phone and she had been blowing up my mom's. I was looking for jobs left and right, applying to wherever I could. They told my sister to tell me that they were going to press charges on me for theft. But I didn't steal anything, I didn't even plan on moving to Dallas. So I called them up on my mum's phone, using up her minutes. Affordable tell me to send the laptop back or make a payment of $476. I told them, either way, they'd have to wait until I had money. I couldn't send it off without money. I didn't have 5 cents to my name. And I told them, I had 4 job interviews the next day and if they could wait two weeks. They told me no, and gave me up to Friday. Which was 2 days because it was Wednesday. My parents phone ended up getting turned off, so I had no way to call and tell them I was sending it back. A week later I get a letter in the mail saying they were pressing charges and sent the letter to the District Attorney in Beaumont. I thought that was absolutely absurd and outright wrong. On the letter they said they gave me 15 days to send it back, but they didn't, they only gave me a week. I looked up the district attorney that was on the paper and gave him a call, but it was Sunday, so i just left a message and asked for him to call me back or email me, giving him my email. I never heard from him and it's now Thursday. I have a job now, and I work from 7:45am to 6 or 7pm, only getting the weekends off, so I can't call him again at a proper time. My sister calls my mom up and tells her that the police will be coming over to arrest me on the weekend. I didn't understand that, because I'm doing all I can, and they know it. They are being impatient, and very rude, and I feel as if I am being treated unjust and unfairly, and this harassment and these threats are taking a huge toll on my life. I think their lying and harassment is illegal and goes against my bill of rights. Flora Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas

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