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51, Report #16214
Mar 07 2002
12:00 AM
Rent -a-center Ripoff crooks, Huntsville Alabama
I began to rent a dryer from them in December total price in all added up to 906.00 by the end of the contract. Well i went to bestbuy and saw the same exact dryer for 269.00 . So i called them and told them to come and get it . When they got out here they kept trying to get me to keep it over and over , i was told that 29.00 would pay it up for 2 weeks . So i payed the man . 1 week later they called for payment , at this point i told they to come and get it i was not willing to argue this issue with them . So the next day they came and got it . The following Saturday they called again for payment . When i told them they need to check their inventory cause they had already picked it up they argued with me saying i still had it , and the guy that picked it up was no longer with the company . Sounds funny ........ huh . They never gave me any type of receipt when they picked it up . What can i do about this . Deanna hazel green, alabama
Entity: Huntsville, Alabama
52, Report #212441
Sep 23 2006
02:21 PM
Rent-A-Center poor customer service, employees not well train Gaithersburg, Maryland
I have been a customer of Rent A Center for 11 years. Yes, I have overpaid for some items and I have also got great deals on some of my merchandise over the years. For the most part the managers have been very helpful, if needed something fixed, they did it right away, if I had a payment problem, they worked with me, and if I had to return something because I was going thru a crisis, I was able to get it back where I left off. But recently in the past year, my store has been thru 3 managers and the quality of service has been very poor and inconsistant. I had a laptop that was having problems, they took into service and even got me a brand new loaner. However, they had my laptop for 7 MONTHS!! When I got it back, they had wiped out my hard drive. They paid to fix it, and I decided to keep the loaner, which I now had for 7 months too, they gave me a discount and I paid off the 1st laptop. The manager claimed that service had my laptop for seven months and he had complained. I later learned from the new manager, that my laptop probably sat on their shelf in the back room for 6 of the 7 months. I then started having problems with my battery cords, they either did not work or were overheating. After several weeks of asking to have this fixed, they finally went to Best Buy and brought me a cord for both my computers. When I had to return the laptop because I was not working, when I went to get it back, they had given my computer cord to someone else. Again I made them give me discounts for the inconvience, and when I did not get immediate action, I reminded them that I they had gotten atleast $50,000 out of me over the years. I finally got another cord after 4 weeks of asking, however, they gave me the wrong one and it cause my laptop to overheat and I gave it to them again to service. They had this laptop for 7 weeks, while I had another loaner, I go to pick up my laptop today, and I was informed that it had been stolen out of their back room. The manager assures me that he has a camera on that area and will be investigating it. I told them I was picking it up, they call me 2 days ago.The manager tells me that he can not control everything and I should not be mad because I am not out any money, I still have the loaner. The money was not the issue for me. The laptop has alot of my personal information and programs that I paid for to be downloaded. He says if he finds out an emmployee stole it they will be fired. BIG DEAL!!! How does that help me? They need to do something for me, I don't know what, maybe help me replace the programs I downloaded on my other laptop. Either way their employees seem to be incompentent and not trained well. I will end my relationship with them if they don't come up with a reasonable solution. Beverly Montgomery Village, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Gaithersburg, Maryland
53, Report #392516
Nov 18 2008
03:46 PM
Rent A Center Getting rich off low income Americans Plano Texas
As a former store manager I can assure you RAC is making huge profits off low income Americans and those whose credit leaves no other means to get home furnishings. Normal retail profit for re-sale items is 15 % to 35 %, RAC is getting 450% !!! Home office is telling the store to multiply the cost of an item by 4.5 to figure the final cost of the product after the customer pays to term on an agreement,if you want to pay early (90 day/same as cash) they charge 225% their cost. Do not buy a used mattress there, I know for a fact in the State of NM there is no law requiring them to sanitize before they deliver! People have had beds delivered to their homes that I wouldn't let my dog sleep on. The store manager is instructed by his District Manager to sell these items as is and not worry about the consequences or the customer. I can also assure you the general attitude of the employees is they don't care about the customer and in the Alamogordo,NM store the new Manager as of 11/2008 regularly refers to her customers by lewd,profane names such as that f__***g jerk or that f__***g b***h. S. Previous Store Manager, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
54, Report #345305
Jun 28 2008
09:27 AM
Rent A Center Refusal to receive Payment and Damaged Goods Lexington Nebraska
I entered into an agreement with rent a center for a stove, refridgerator and bunk beds 9 months ago, since I have had nothing but headaches. I paid off the bunk beds 5 months ago and they refuse to give me receipt for the items even though their corperate office says that they are paid for. They have harassed me unmercilessly for payment being one day late even if it was mailed and they received it a day later. They were caught by my neighbors looking in my bedroom windows when I was gone. They damaged my refridgerator door when they were delivering it and keep telling us they ordered the new one, that was 9 months ago, and now they are refusing to take our checks, now note that we did have a returned check that we did pay off in full, and that they took the check and called four days later and are now saying they arent going to cash it. They wait until they know that my husband is gone to show up and one of their delivery workers admitted that her supervisor told her that since she couldnt lift the stove and refridgerator that she should just load up my bought and paid for bunk beds!! My stove was originally 1200 and my refridgerator 1800 I have paid 60 a piece 4 times a month since which is 240 dollars per item a month for 9 months they are saying i still owe 900 on refridgerator and 600 on stove I have paid 2160 on both items how are they not paid off? By the way that was their price with interest not the cash price for the items. Angel Cozad, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Lexington, Nebraska
55, Report #357753
Jul 31 2008
11:51 AM
Rent-a-center Prepaid Mastercard prepaid mastercard ripoff Perryton Texas
I loaded a prepaid mastercard with $1,000 to go on vacation to use for motel and eats. My card was declined several times and that cost me .50 for each denial even though the money was there. I had to come home from vacation early because my money was tied up in this card and I could not use it. The company was unsympathetic and had no reason for the denials and verifyed the money was there. They closed the account and told me they would send me my money back. I received half of what I had int here because they said the fees to close the card. Go to your bank or wal-mart to get a prepaid card I have never had a problem with those. Tammy perryton, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Perryton, Texas
56, Report #356990
Jul 29 2008
12:21 PM
I had called the corporate office in regards to a driver that I have seen in a rent a center truck that was smoking a joint. I called the Corporate office in regards to this. The person from the Corporate office said that they Manager from the Local Office would be calling me the next day. Well instead of the next day, he called not even 10 mins after I got off the phone with the man from the Corporate office. Next thing I know, I get a phone call from an employee that works there. He called and informed me that Rent A Center Corporate office gave him proof of what I had told the man, then the man sent him (the employee) something stating that I said he was a drug dealer. HOW can you people put something in my mouth that was never said. You can listen to the recording again, cause I know you have it, and you guys need to tell ME where I said that. I know that I can sue Independence RAC for letting drivers smoke marijuana while they are on the job, I can sue them and coporate office for giving out information when they were told NOT TO SAY MY NAME! THAT is a break of CONFIDENTIALITY! 2nd I called the same number that I made a complaint at which is -800-422-8186, and they told me this time that I couldn't have made a complaint through that number because only customers can make a complaint. The man I talked to knew I wasn't a customer and he took my complaint. I wanted to know where I said any of this information and how YOUR PEOPLE gave confidential information out. SOMEBODY better please e-mail me or call me to consult me about this. NOW i KNOW there was UA'S done at this time right after I got off the phone with the Local Office, but I KNOW some of them had warning about a UA being done! BECAUSE my brother in law used my dads urine before on taking his UA. I KNOW HOW HE KEEPS IT WARM TIL THE UA IS BEING DONE! I told the man at Corporate office and Jeff from Independence about what he does with the urine. WE HAVE ENOUGH DRAMA in this family already WE DO NOT NEED ANYMORE! SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE...SOMEBODY PLEASE DO SOMETHING... NOTHING IS BEING DONE BY THE CORPORATE OFFICE OR INDEPENDENCE KANSAS RENT A CENTER. April xxxxx Cherryale, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Independence, Kansas
57, Report #359028
Aug 04 2008
01:17 PM
Most of my troubles started two years ago. I rented a big screen tv, a wall unit and a surround sound from rent a center. By this time had paid on it for over a year i know. Anyway, was going through a divorce, and moving, I asked several times for them to come pick up the stuff, as i didnt know where i was going. I was not allowed to take off work to go meet them to pick up stuff, and my electricity had been shut off so in order for them to see they needed to come before 5pm. Finally, i called the office asking them look, i cant get there to meet you before 5 pm, can i leave you the key to my apartment and you can get the stuff, then when i come make my final payment for the week i had it before picking it up, i will get my key. Was told yes no problem, however, when i go to drop off key, was told by manager oh so sorry cant do that. I go back to my apartment that following Sunday to find someone broke in and stole everything worth value. I called police and had a report made, i wasnt too worried since i had renter's insurance. Upon informing Rent a Center that my stuff was stolen but that i had police report, they told me didnt matter, my insurance didnt cover it since i was late on my payment, a fact they forgot to mention when telling me about the renters insurance. So, reluctantly, but still trying to do the right thing i continue paying for stuff i no longer have. I will admit, more than once being late on my account, however, no matter how late i am i have paid it in full. I will make arrangements with someone to pay on a certain date, only to be called the very next day and the day after that and the day after that. This last time was final straw for me. I am having some problems at my job with them not being able to pay me in full, however, i need a job so stay, eventually i do get paid. My boyfriend got the extra income tax check from the government and went in to pay in full what i was behind on, only to be told they could not accept the money, as my account was no longer there and had been turned over to the regional manager. That money was then used to pay other things, this was on Thursday. By Monday morning, i received a call asking for my payment, told them what we were told when trying to make the payment in the first place, seemed nobody knew who told me that, and was then followed by well bring your money in and i will take it. Told them now that money was used for other bills and i will be in on Friday with a payment. At that time owing over four hundred dollars, I get a call at work Thursday after making arrangements to pay on friday and tell them again will be in on Friday, i convince my work to give me check on Thursday and call them back, told them again i cant get paid all of what i am owed so i will bring 200 dollars in and then when i get paid again on Friday i will make another payment till i get caught up, am told okay no problem. Go in on Thursday to pay, and am given a hard time even though the person i made the arrangements with is there, after talking to the district manager, who then goes and gets the manager of the store they appear they are not going to take my money. I go to pick it up and am told okay okay but i need 267 dollars by the nineth of August on August third, they call both my parents who i used as references stating they cant reach me im unreachable, really is that why they call me every day at work im unreachable. When i made the payment i ask for a total amount i owe them, seems a reasonable request and my right i would think but am refused an amount. Humm why is that. I am sick of this game with them and could very much use someones help. Thank you Scalesatwork overland park, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: KANSAS CITY, Missouri
58, Report #380712
Oct 13 2008
08:01 AM
Well where do I start!! I Have had my mattress for 4 years never had a problem with bed bugs. I moved 5 months ago and I said to myself you know it's a new place and our furniture is 13yrs old, I will rent new furniture so I did, wel 5 months later I noticed a bug crawl up into the headboard and to my surprise there are about 20 bed bugs in the cushion of the headboard. and only one in the crease of the bed. I called Rent a center and was told that it was not there problem that maybe I am a dirty person. Well i suffer from a cleaning disorder and so everyday I clean with bleach and water my walls are constantly wiped my linens are changed everyother day. So u tell me am I the cause of this bed bug in my house..... Babygirl BELLEVILLE, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: BLOOMFIELD, New Jersey
59, Report #483659
Aug 21 2009
07:39 PM
RAC-Rent A Center Abusive Company to work for , Internet
I read the reports from other employees and did not pay heed. They are correct. This is an abusive company to work for. Even though the training states that they do not tolerate this. And I have seen other policies broken that the company stated they do not tolerate. This includes the district manager. (Playing pranks on coworkers the store manager does not like and the district manager plays along with them and licks the employees canned drinks) Very unprofessional company to work for. Yes they deduct your lunch time without confirming that you took one. The hours are horid (10 + hours) with only a half hour lunch. There are no set schedules for a family life. What employees have commented on in previous reports are almost spot on. Don't be like me and not take this seriously. I am not a disgruntled ex employee. I just don't want you to make the same mistake I did.
Entity: Internet, Internet
60, Report #495149
Sep 15 2009
10:49 AM
RAC - Rent -A- Center Poor customer service and no managment skills Anaheim, California
I had a complate regarding a sofa that I had.. talking over the problems with the store manager he started saying things.. Like I was a person who would never be happy and that I was a bad customer.. he started on my payments need to stop being a day to two days later ..he changed the subject of the couch being fixed to me ignoring calls and messages.. when I explained to him no one has called me and if he would like to see my incoming calls he went on to say ya.. what you dont know that I know how to fix that too.. I was so upset i told him let me just make my payment he rased his voice while the stope had customers to start saying stuff amout my payment history and how i was a bad customer I told him let me just make my payment what do I owe..he then pointed to a coner and said stand over their and shut up..(this is the store manger) when I asked for the corprate customer service number he told me know we refuss to do business with you and you are no longer a customer ..whe are picking up are stuff.. I have already invested over $1600.00 and they say their is nothing else I can do..   Please stop this dont let this be you.. I was insluted and made to look stupid infront of other customers and employes.. I am sadden that RCA does not care any no one will help.. it has been days and I am still wait for a call back from corprate on the way I was treated..  
Entity: Anaheim, California
61, Report #428432
Feb 25 2009
02:55 PM
Rent-a-Center 100% satisfaction guarenteed... but they can't fix the pc? Jonesville Michigan
I began renting to own a computer from rent-a-center in jonesville michigan. about four months before my pc was paid off, it started messing up so I took it in. They said they have a place they have to send them to get fixed and I could pickit up wednesday. There was no offer of a loaner while mine was being repaired. When I picked up my computer wednesday I found that they hadn't fixed it but just put it back to it's original and deleted all my files. I took it back in, and back in, and back in, all the while a loaner was never offered. The only thing they ever did was reset it back to it's original status and I continued getting the dreaded blue screen of death and my graphics card continued messing up. For four months, I was without my computer but I couldn't be late on any payments. They continued to charge me. Well, I paid my computer off finally and it was sent in one last time to be fixed. I got the pc back and now there are drivers missing and I can't even get on the internet. My boyfriend called them and they said that it was pretty much my problem now since it was paid off. What a ripoff! I am very disatisfied with the way they handled this and the fact that my pc isn't fixed. I've paid almost 8000.00 dollars for a computer that doesn't work. Shalvana Jackson, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Jonesville, Michigan
62, Report #427170
Feb 22 2009
12:56 PM
Rent-A-Center Beware of their high employee turnover ratio and uneducated staff! Lewisville Texas
Store employees will tell you that they document information that you discuss over the phone with them when they do not! Their high turnover ratio of employees and unstable work ethics and disorganization affect customers. When you talk to these guys, be sure you are documenting dates, times, names and numbers because chances are when one of their disgruntled employees decides to leave, all of the communication involving your account decides to disappear. Always make sure you get anything they say verbally over the phone in writing. Dallasgirl Kauffman, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Lewisville, Texas
63, Report #414710
Jan 22 2009
12:02 AM
Rent A Center think people are stupid!!! Urbana Ohio
So I call Rent a center and inform them that I would like to get a laptop for school Because I cant afford one out right for school. I talk to a man and I say hey I would like it to be brand new I plan on owning this thing eventually, he saysno prob we have one here thats brand new that we just opened to use as a display. Which was no problem I guess So I get there they wanna fly through this paper work mind you they haven't even showed me the damn computer yet so I take it get home and trusted that they were honest and sincere, yeah o.k the mouse pad on the thing was beat all to h*ll and wouldnt work, so I called my good ole buddy and told him whats up.Not even realizing what he was saying he tells me.its hard telling whats wrong with it it came from another store and it was previously leased for 4 months i interrupted him and said, i thought this thing was brand new? He said well its practically new! I said yeah minus the messed up mouse pad and bread crumbs in the cd drive. And the crack across the top of it. So he sends someone out the next day with a replacement that he guaranteed was new, and it wasn't it was in worse condition the guy came in dropped this one off grabbed the other one left and didn't really say a word. I called back after he left and said you must think im stupid , ill be on my way to drop this pos off to you and get my money back all $80.00 of it. Or so I thought yeah well after fighting with them about it for a week I gave up and moved on. In Conclusion, how does rent a center sleep at night? People stay away please. Ohio St.PAris, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Urbana, Ohio
64, Report #414632
Jan 21 2009
06:30 PM
Rent-A-Center Abusive and Demeaning Tempe, Arizona
I origionally got hooked up with Rent-a-Center when my moms fridge went TU and everyone was getting food poisioning. I had only been in this state(AZ) fo 3 months, we had nop other way to get a new fridge. I asked to sign up for a weekly payment (every Saturday) $25.00 and some change per week. I have already paid over $500.00 for this unit. I have paid this monies on time except for 3 times (my bad). However I have either called them OR answered their phone calls(NEVER avoiding them). This last time I let them know that I was not going to be paying them on time and that they would be paid on 1/22/09, they saind fine. I recieved a phone call from Rent-A-Center on 1/20/09, stating if I don't pay 3weeks in advance they were going to take my fridge. I told this manager Brian, that I could not pay this until Thursday 1/22/09. He began to tell me of my late payment record which was (2) a 6 day late and a 10 day late. The 10day late I was in the hospital with pnumonia, the other I again let them know I was going to be late on my payment. Brian the manager told me that I was a dead beat and either pay my bill OR bring it back!!!!! I let them know that if they wanted the fridge they can come and get it!! Then Brian the manager told me that he WILL accept a $300.00 buy out for the appliance. I told him that I would give him $200.00 for the fridge since his company DID NOT call me to let me know when my 90 days same as cash was going to expire. he sais OK. Then he proceeded to let me know(in no uncertain terms) that he has 400 customers that he needs to deal with. This managerBrian is also the person that told me he has illiterate employees when they were saying that they could not get ahold of me due to the fact that my phone had been disconnected. Mind you the phone # that was given to Rent a center has been in use for more than 20 years. In closing rent a center needs to figure out a better business practice. I have no clue why they are still in business. I WILL NEVER DO ANY KIND OF BUSINESS WITH THEM EVER AGAIN!! I will also dicourage anyone that I know or not from doing business with them. I will pay this fridge off on 1/22/09 AND get a receipt of a final payment to be rid of RENT A CENTER. Kevin Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Tempe, Arizona
65, Report #417004
Jan 27 2009
05:49 PM
Rent A Center FREE TILL FEB 7TH RIP OFF! Wabash Indiana
I have been a long time customer of rent a center here in town, I have told people about them and I have sent my family in there, they have rented things from them. I recently went into the store cause I saw the Free Till Feb 7th commercial on TV, well they told me that the could not rent to me if I was planning on bringing the item back after the free time. now it dont say s**t about that in the commercial or on the banners at the store, I thought that was the point in renting somthing so you could try it out before you bought it..Wether it be from them or some place else....If they are giving you free time then it shouldnt matter if you keep it or not. Adam wabash, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Wabash, Indiana
66, Report #567066
Feb 09 2010
07:42 PM
Rent-A-Center, Inc Fired for doing my job. Roseburg, Oregon
I was fired today from Rent-A-Center after a little more than two years of employment there. I'm posting this here so that any future potential employee of Rent-A-Center may know some of the things they can expect. When I started working at rent a center I was immediately made aware of my district manager (DM) hostile approach to his subordinate employees. Not only did I realize very quickly on that he respects none of them (except those who I suspect may have slept with him in the past), I personally saw two very good managers move to other districts or quit working for rent a center all together due to the hostile work environment he likes to operate under. Not only is this guy damn near illiterate, he wears non-prescription glasses to make himself look SMARTER! I didn't believe it myself, but I picked them up one day when he was at our store and put them on. No difference. I was always told that the intimidation of job loss from our district manager was only a D302 (district 302) thing, but as I have seen on this web page so many times I guess it's a company wide thing. Constant emails threatening job loss or demotion if you fail to meet a minimum amount of sales calls or some other unachievable goal. About a year and a half into my employment I was promoted to the credit assistant. This basically means that my job was usually the first one to call customers when they are past due, call their personal references after three days, and send collection letters to them stating how much they need to pay us, or in such cases as deemed necessary letters that stated customers needed to return the merchandise. Naturally being the manager in charge of past due accounts will incur the illegitimate anger of a lot of the frequently past due customers. Most of our constantly past due customers refuse to admit that there is a problem and blame rent-a-center for changing due dates, harassing them, or any manner of absurd claims. All a customer needs to do is call the companies 1-800 number and complain about whatever they want and drop an employees name and that's it. There is no investigation, the customer is assumed to be honest and the employee is assumed to be a liar if he/she says that never happened. This happened quite a few times to me due to the fact that I was the one in charge of past due accounts. A customer came in the store, asked me a question about her sisters account, and I told her that I'm not supposed to talk to her regarding the account due to the fact that legally I can't without her sisters permission. Since her sister was about a month past due and refused to call the store to deal with the debt I obviously didn't have clearance to talk to her about it. She became agitated. She told me all she needed to know is if her sister could re-finance her agreement. I told her rent a center does not refinance, as rent-a-center is not financing at all the way you normall think of it. She asked if they could re-sign. I told her no, once the agreement is signed it is final. She then asked if they could re-negotiate. I told her no again. She became irate and told me that I had sent her sister a letter stating that rent-a-center would like to hear back from her regarding something 're' her account. I told her the only thing in any letter I would send that has that prefix is return merchandise or fail to renew the agreement. I told her that since we've had no contact with her sister in over a month that renewing the agreement would not be possible at this point. She then stormed out of the store. Roughly a day or so later a complaint came in via mail about how they wanted to report me going to their house three times in a two hour period leaving dozens of door hangers and pounding on the door scaring their children and causing the neighbors to call the cops on them. Guess what? I was talked to about how I need to change my attitude regarding customers. So I go easier on them, although honestly I was just doing my job as I was trained. Soon I get calls from my district manager asking me why I took certain commitments from some customers to come in to the store when I know damn well they can't afford it. Okay, so I crack back down on customers. One came in while everyone else was out smoking (I was the only one in the store that didn't smoke) to make her payment. I noticed that she was usually four to five days past due. I asked her what had been going on because I've noticed her payments weren't late always, but have become that way. She yelled at me, my husband is in Iraq and we're poor right now! I told her I definitely understand, as a matter of fact I had deployed to Iraq twice in the Marine Corps. I told her that I noticed she usually pays around the 1st and 15th, which is when the military gets paid. I then asked if it would be easier for her if I changed her due dates to the 3rd and 17th. She indignantly retorted, no, I just want to make my payment. I said okay and processed the payment. She left. Another customer who was past due literally every payment since she started her agreement with us called me one day to tell me that she doesn't think I need to call her references or husband. Now to be fair she had a note on her husbands number saying, don't usually call first. And we usually don't. But by the time her account goes 7 or more days past due it falls into my job duties to call her and I have to call all references per company policy. And since he is her husband he's just as responsible for the account as she is. So I have to call him. I told her all this and she told me that she still thinks I don't need to call her references, stating that she's not trying to rip us off or steal from us. I told her I don't assume that she is, nor would I dare to think so. I know she doesn't intend to do that. However, I said, I have to call your references and husband or I get talked to about not doing my job. Another customer I was doing a pickup from (our delivery driver can't accomplish anything on time and since I go to lunch at 12 and get back at 1 I often times will go on the road schedule for a while since she's rarely back from lunch until 1:30 and the road schedule starts at one) and was carrying on a conversation with her mentally handicapped daughter or patient. She operates a house for mentally handicapped individuals I think. Regardless, I was carrying on a conversation with her trying to make her feel like part of the situation that was going on. As a matter of fact the lady was yelling at her patient/daughter to get out of my way when she was not in the way. I got the washer out of the house, into the truck and wrote the return receipt. I went to the gas station to get some gas and go pee. I got a complaint two days later about being rude to the customer. These three and another I wasn't told about came in yesterday when I had called in sick due to the fact that I felt like crap. This morning when I showed up before everyone else (which is typical for me) I was told that my manager needed to talk to me. She told me that the complaints came in and that due to the consistency of the complaints we have to do something. That something was fire me. Sounds more like the consistency of rent a center treating employees like crap and not appreciating a thing they do for the company. I was later told by my managers boyfriend who is one of my co-workers (a situation I kept shut about because they were both friends) when he came by my house this morning after I was fired so I could meet his son he recently got back during a parental kidnapping case that it was entirely my district managers decision. This is how rent a center works. The DM will all to often hire and fire at will and as he sees fit. Of course they have to wait for a favorable situation. With me it was four complaints in a day. And since rent a center doesn't investigate complaints they just discipline employees, it's a terminable offense. So watch out anyone thinking about a job there, they do pay good. But is competing for your job and the constant fear of being fired worth it? I was often asked if I had the desire to stay. And to be honest I like most of our customers, and liked the job. The issue I had with rent a center is the constant fear of job loss. Every day, you wonder. Every day you think what will they use to fire me. And RAC wonders why they have such a high turnover rate.
Entity: Roseburg, Oregon
67, Report #562189
Jan 30 2010
07:45 AM
RAC-Rent A Center harassment 24/7 should be taken to court akron, Ohio
I have been a customer of rent a center for over 8 years. I have rented and paid in full many many items and 9 times out of ten I was on time with my payments. over the course of the past year I had some issues and was in the hospital alot. at first I talked to them about this and I thought i had a good enough repor with them over such a long period of time, I assumed that if i was honest with them they would give me some kind of break. WRONG!!!!!! at first it seemed like they did try and work with me but as time went on they got nastier and nastier. I did not elude and evade them and if im in the hospital and not at home i cant very well let them in the house to retrieve the property. so over the course of two months or so i paid them what i could and one day i borrowed 300.00 from a friend and left them a money order along with about a hundred other people under their front door. I had done this many times before and had no issues so i thought nothing of it. I assumed that everything was fine didnt hear from them for almost a week. then as if someone pushed their psycho button they started coming to the house leaving hundreds of those damn things on the door. my 12 year old daughter was there alone and she said they would bang on both doors beat on all the windows and blow the phone up even after being told i wasnt there and that i was in the hospital. Finally i talked to them and they said that never received a payment from me. ok so if that is true why would you wait an entire week?? really get serious. people think because you have no money or bad credit that you are stupid. i am not retarded i know if i left a money order there. So i called western union and had them do the trace thing and you have to wait for them to give you your money back. you dont just call them and magically they pop your money back into your hand. so again i was harassed by phone and by door day and night. and yes at this point i refused to talk to them because as far as i was concerned i made my payment and i showed them the receipt so they could have waited and i would have given them another one as soon as i got my money back from the money order place. ok so now  one day i am at home just got out of the hospital im in bed i have two babies under the age of two who are napping and there is someone banging on the door. i ignore it....lmao about 5 minutes later i hear a man yelling akron police is anybody here? so i get out of bed go to the living room and lone behold it is the police with rent a center and some lady shoving a bunch of papers into my hands stating that they have a court order to take whatever is theirs. the officer checks my entire house to see if anybody is lurking in the shadows to shank and im just as nice and polite as i could be. i empty the fridge and they take it and their living room set and the officer and i had a nice little chat while they were doing this. then the dumb broad that was with them says to me good luck. now why in the hell would you say something stupid like that?? well the joke is on all of them. i got my tax refund a few days later bought a fridge and some brand new nice furniture for half the price of their used bullshit that they dont clean and rent over and over at full price. so they can kiss my lilly white butt!!!!  The point i am trying to make is this..dont ever get sick or lose your job because they dont care about you at this point. i dont care if youve given them 10,000 dollars in the past they will turn on you like a rabid dog. I just hope doing stuff like that to people helps them sleep better at night  
Entity: akron, Ohio
68, Report #619865
Jul 03 2010
03:41 PM
RAC - Rent A Center profiling midland, Texas
 Im really not sure how to start this. I have NEVER filed a report(even when one was warrented. I have NEVER called a Hotline and complained about anything(even when warrented) as I am NOT the type of person who wants to  make waves or cause anyone to lose thier job or standing. I practice forgiveness on a daily basis.  I quess that is why this is very hard to discuss. I dont want to hurt ANYONE....i just feel that this situation has caused, in me, much confusion and distress.  The first incident at Roc i actually overlooked, but has only gotten worse since then. I had to take a hdtv back to Roc(rent a center) because the left speaker was not working. i know this because when i put the sound all the way to the right, it worked, but all the way to the left did not.   I took the tv back to see what could be done, and this was when all of this started(my special customer profile-which i will explain soon)  The mngr of the store from the start seemed agitated that I would even bring this up, and continued to make ME feel that I was imaginging the problem because when the she turned the tv on, the sound (to her) seemed to work. She even called over another customer(a regular) to assist her in telling me that everything was fine, which i feel was rather unneccesary.  The moment that I tried to just let her know that it was the left speaker, and if she would go into the menu and turn up the LEFT SIDE ONLY it would help her asses the situation....this only upset her as she then continued to make me feel awkward for bothering her with this. she often said that she had other customers to help and that the sound seemed fine to her. again, my suggestions to asses the situation(check the left side only) only seemed to upset her.  I eventually got the tv replaced, only at a cost.  From then on, everytime i came into the store, I was treated awkardly. She, along with most of the other employees(especailly the ones involved with the tv that day) would say hello or speak in a genuine tone to other customers, but would walk right past me and ignore me completley. and if i ever did need assistance, i would be met with statements like im really busy, or is this important i have alot...ect..).  So for the next few months ,I just went in , and paid my weekly payments, while always..ALWAYS staying positive, smiling, and saying Godbless when i left. as i said, I believe in treating EVERYONE with respect and care. I have even brought them food to show that there are NO hard feelings.  and this brings us to what happened today. again, I am almost at a loss for words with what happened today, DO NOT want to hurt anyone, and do not want to cause anyone to lose thier job or ANYTHING like that, I am just hurt over what happened, as anyone would be in my shoes.  I was sold a HTS( home theater system) while i was making a payment on my hdtv. I took it home and soon realized it was missing many components. Well, based on my last experience, I thought I would hit the internet first, and see if I could learn something there. I went to the site of the product, downloaded a copy of the products manual, and found out that i was truely missing many components. I made a list and took it to the store, keeping in mind that i checked certain things that I really wasnt that worried about vs things that, according to the site and manual, I needed for the system.  Before I spoke with the mngr., she was very busy with another customer with a similiar problem( had just bought something and could not find certain parts. It took awhile(which i had NO problem waiting, and even told with care its no problem at all, take your time). as i said, am VERY mindfull and VERY carefull to convey caring and respect to all that i meet.   she again this important, im really busy, can someone else help you? I said of course. She was eventually able to help me, and when i Showed her the list of things that were missing STRESSING FROM THE START that i wasnt really worried about most on the list, just the things that the manual and the products site said I  needed, and after going through something simular with the prior customers, the situation became very awkard and stressfull for me in the way that she handled me and made me feel.   With MANY referenced to the last time i had a problem , she began to make me feel like i SHOULD NOT bothering her with this problem, because, and this is what gets me, I should KNOW when i walk through those doors, that this is rentacenter, and that things will sometimes be missing.........really? I am supposed have the IMAGE of a company when i walk through the doors( I wonder if rentacenter agrees with this mandatory customer image of thier store) that I will not get what i paid for???? We pay three to four times the amount anyway at roc....why wouldnt I want the parts that the MANUAL and the products SITE said i needed????   I tried repeatedly to explain to her that it was ok, we can fix this(seems this should be the employees job to keep a cool air, not the customers.  She then went on to explain to me that, and this is the beef of my concern in this situation, that I WAS A SPECIAL CUSTOMER and that MOST customers at roc were different that me.?????? instead of trusting me that I had TRUELY researched this problem first on the internet at products site and that I really needed the parts in question, she only continued to say that I should KNOW when i walk through those doors like all her other customers , that this is JUST the way it is at roc. instead of helping me to feel that i had a legitimate concern( WANTING MY paid product to work properly according to the manual and product site) she made me feel that it was MY inadequate profile as a SPECIAL CUSTOMER. SHe said, and i am quoting...... most customers at roc are...Gheto.... i feel awkward even repeating this. She went on to say that NORMAL roc customers KNOW when they walk through the doors that parts are GOING to be missing from thier purchases, and that they NEVER say anything about it, never BOTHER her with it, and that i was a SPECIAL CUSTOMER....because i want what the MANUAL and PRODUCTS SITE SAYS I need????? to be honest, i feel racially profiled. I NEVER raised my voice(infact, i lowered my head in shock, when she said all of this). and when she began to notice how her comments had effected me( again...silent gestures ie lowered my head), she quickly told me that i made all of this TOO PERSONAL????????  I even stressed that I AM NOT WORRIED about most of the missing parts(shouldnt THAT have put me into HER Gheto status instead of SPECIAL CUSTOMER since i wasnt worried about the parts...just the ones that, again, THE MANUAL SAID I NEEDED??????)  Its like if she punched me in the nose, then MADE FUN OF ME or BLAMED me for bleeding????  again, I am at a loss. So what i got out of this(from her own words and point of view while  making me feel guilty for having this problem and not fitting HER NORMAL CUSTOMER PROFILE or NOT Being Gheto) is that I SHOULD NOT EXPECT to be taken care of incase of a product problem because i should know when i walk through those doors that there WILL BE MISSING PARTS, do not bother roc with the problem because i KNEW this when I walked through those doors(I Wonder if Roc as a whole agrees with this image of the store) , and that if i am in her own words a SPECIAL CUSTOMER because i am not GHETO that it is MY fault if i have any problems with the product.........??  I dont know wether to take the products back, call a lawyer, or just expect this kind of treatment for the remainder of my product contract...CONTRACT never said anything about Knowing when I walked through the doors that products will not have all parts(Nor did the sign in the store say as is or parts missing so dont bother us about it), nor did the CONTRACT that I signed say that I HAD to be GHETO or NOT be a SPECIAL CUSTOMER for NOT being GHETO, to be treated with respect when i have a problem???? and please know that i am NOT eggagerating when i tell you that she TOLD ME to my FACE that the reason why she was upset was that I am a SPECIAL CUSTOMER unlike her NORMAL GHETO customers who dont complain when there is a problem and that I MADE ALL of this personal?????????  I ask anyone reading this....If a person walked into say BEST BUY or CIRCUIT CITY, and had a problem with a product, and was told that they are a SPECIAL CUSTOMER at this particular store because MOST of THIER customers are rich white collar customers.......need i say more?
Entity: midland, Texas
69, Report #617162
Jun 24 2010
01:09 PM
Rent A Center - RAC Harrassment, Threatening, slander Catonsville, Maryland
I decided,reluctantly, to do a friend a favor who was staying with me . this person wanted to rent a video game system, and a relatively small flat screen from RAC. because this person ws not on my lease, i had to put the items in my name. about a month later, my friend acquired his own apartment, with his own lease. since he was listed as a co-user on the RAC contract, i was told that there would be no problem transferring the remaining payments to his name only, once they received a copy of his lease. that was done and according to the RAC employee, i was totatlly void of any responsibility from that point on. WRONG!!!  unfortunately, my friend did not live up to his responsibility, and because RAC couldn't get a hold of him, they decide to make 2-3 phone calls to me everyday that started off friendly enough, you know saying things like well we just thought you may know what's going on with him. eventually i was being accussed of being part of some conspiracy and threatened with jail time. in my frustration i found a site of complaints against RAC only to learn that they were doing two things they were not supposed to do, discussing someone else's account , and threatening legal action.
Entity: Catonsville, Maryland
70, Report #761965
Aug 06 2011
10:38 PM
Rent A Center RAC, colortyme Threats to my children Florence, Kentucky
For the second time a Rent a Center Employee named Chris, came to the home. Our payment was due but it was around 11:00 am. They are open until 6:00 pm. I told them that I would pay the day before and did not. Nevertheless, it was really not due the day before. We were late a couple of weeks ago and again this Chris came to the house, the same day it was due. Still not late. He pressured our son, 16 when we were not home about coming into the home. Still the payment was not late until after they closed that day. Chris told our son that he had to come in the house. He told them NO! Chris told him that he had to tell us to call them and that we owed them money. Today, since I did not pay yesterday, and did not answer the phone when they called at 9 something this morning, Chris shows up at our home again. Pressures our 20 yr old into letting him in the home. Our son said NO! Chris said,What you don't trust me? Do you think I am going to steel something? Our son said, No I don't trust you and your not coming in the house. Chris then told our son that he would call the police and have them make him let him in. I called the manager after getting a message from our son and asked him why they would threaten a kid with the police? He was not explained that the police was to make sure that they did not take anything that was not RAC's. I asked if I could have until 4 pm to make the payment and was told NO, So they gave me until 2pm. This is the problem:  1)They threatened a child, even if they are 16 and 20 they are not the homeowner or on the account.  2)They discussed the account with someone other than the spouse. AGAINST Company Policy. The next time they pull this crap, I am going to file a report for threatening a minor, and invasion of privacy, due to discussing the account with someone that is not the account owner. Do I have grounds for doing so? Discussted!
Entity: Florence, Kentucky
71, Report #206082
Aug 14 2006
02:15 PM
Rent-A-Center ripoff, bullies, untruthful, dishonest, Newport Tennessee
When I first signed my Agreement it wasn't with RAC. Rent-A-Center bought the old company out. We previously purchased a 32 TV from the old company. Never had a problem. We were late with payments but always called before the payment was due to make arrangements. After we paid that agreement we stupidly signed on for a bigger TV. We have been late with payments on this one also but always called. The problem is our payment came due Saturday and we had every intention on paying it but it slipped our minds. We live about 30 mins from the store. This phone is ringing as we walk up to the door and while trying to locate the cordless phone(at least 10 rings).The guy at RAC tells us if we don't bring in the payment before he leaves the office he'll come pick up our TV on Monday. It's around 5:45 pm and they close at 6. He said he was staying around waiting on more payments so he could just wait on ours. My family and I had been to the Flea-Market all day and I did not look foward to ,another second in the car or the hot sun. Our paymnet is due on Saturday. Why would they call on Saturday right after close demanding payment or they would pick it up? First thing this morning I was there 15 mins before they opened. I asked what my pay-off was. This idiot told me $4500 on a TV I've paid on for 2 years. I asked were they throwing in a free plasma or something. Then he says oh my mistake its $1300. I told him to show me it's still $1300. Finally a manager comes out sucking on an apple and punches a few buttons and the total is magically $243. I tell them I want to pay it all off. This idiot tells me he has to get it OK'd. WHAT? One employee actually had the nerve to say let us pick it up so I can buy it. Needless to say I had to pay the payment and then the payoff. THE FINAL INSULT was those idiots actually having the nerve to try to get me to sign a new contract. My final words were You will never see another dime from me and have a good day. So for anyone thinking about buying from Rent-A-Center DONT DO IT. They aren't those caring people trying to help you get those nice items in your home. If you are thinking about renting you are better off paying yourself those payments every week and buy it off that auction site(you know the one). Before I buy from RAC I'll do WITHOUT. Kelley Knoxville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Newport, Tennessee
72, Report #204385
Aug 03 2006
01:32 PM
Rent-A-Center RipOff Fraudulent Rude Un-Professional Constant Harassment Las Vegas Nevada
I have been renting to own a 51 Hitachi Big Screen with Rent-A-Center for over a year now. I have been late on my payment several times, but as of now I am past due $16. I asked them to pick up the merchandise because I pay over $200 a month and for over a years time they say I still owe them over $1500. My main problem is they call 6-8 times a day for $16. I tell them i'm out of of town and can't get back until a certain time and they call my grandmother and mother after I repeatedly went into the store location and asked them to remove my mother's number because I haven't spoke to her in over a year. They assured me at the store level that her number was removed yet they call her and my grandmother 6-8 times a day still. I asked the store manager why they would lie and keep the number and his rebuttal was why did I lie and late my account become late. Things happen but over $16 is ridiculous. They are harassing me and my family and i've asked them to stop and pick-up the merchandise now and now they aren't calling i'm not sure what to do from severe harassment to nothing. Now I wonder if they are going to take me to court. There manager is very rude and argumentative with me and i'm not sure how to approach this anymore? Thailer Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
73, Report #191846
May 16 2006
06:17 PM
Rent A Center Shady business practices, vauge threats, double speak Orlando Florida
I've been a customer of RAC for almost two years. I've been late and for the most part have had little issue with them (I've paid as needed, made arrangements, etc.). While they haven't been as strong armed with me as they have been with other customers (I'm sure this all depends on location, manager, etc.) they have started to get 'shady.' First, I'll be honest and list the issues they've had with me; I've been late, no more than two weeks by fault of my own. Its not due to money as much as they don't offer automatic payments. No biggie but it happens. I have no problem paying the late fee and its more of a convience for me than anything. I originally rented the items when I couldn't really afford to make one large purchase, I've since gained a new job and make much more money however the item is almost paid off so I figure I'd just pay it out. This is where it has started. I was late last week and they called (I was out of town). I called and stated my intent to pay off the item (to which the manager said that isn't possiable until I make a normal payment). I told them to run my payment and I'll come in the store in the next few days to pay off the items, which they did. The next day one of their lackys showed up at my door stating that they wanted to reclaim the merchandice because I was late (I was not at that time). I called the manager and he spoke with his guy, a quick well you shouldn't have been late in the first place and I wouldn't have had to show up from him and he left. I showed up in the store later that day and was approched by the manager stating that I should rethink paying off the item and my what a nice beamer (its a 2000 330ci, not like its brand new) you haven't had any problems with hoodlums or anything, right?. At first I didn't think of it, figured it was because the store was on the edges of a rough area. we went into his office and he told me he would have to charge me a 14% early payment penality. I stated it was not in the contract to which he replied what are you? Some type of lawyer? He shut up when I replied No, but I do work for a lawfirm and know a lot of 'em. He grabbed the paperwork relunctantly and began scribbling down notes. The final pay-if-off price changed from $350 to $450 to $475 (I only owed about $325 on it). When I brought out my notes from each payment made, he said it was forgery (!?) and that the notes I made were false. He refused to look up my information on the computer (it was down, how convienent, yet they still did paperwork for new purchases). At that point I just paid 2 weeks in advance and left (while promising a call to corporate). I'm stuck at this point now, I looked online and found (through SEC filings) the email addresses and direct lines to Mark --- (CEO), Mike ---- (COO) and their CFO (David something or other) and have left messages this evening and sent a few emails. I'm hoping to atleast be able to pay off my items, I'm looking into my options now. At this point though, I want to make their lives a little harder, the corporate way. Mabey Mark (the CEO) will be able to stop their shady practices. I'm sure some RAC employees (like the old manager) are good as some locations. While I don't think some of these employess speak for the business as a whole, the business should be getting rid of them quickly. Expecially one so public like RAC. I'm sure the CEO won't be happy to be 'annoyed' (but in a very respectful, to the point way) by a customer over an issue such as mine. I'll post if I get a response from the CEO, COO or CFO. Remember people; be nice, factual and respectful when dealing with corporate. They arn't always like the local RAC people. And do some research, getting corporate involved may benifit you. Don't sink to their level, its not worth it. Cabe Orlando, FloridaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Rent a Center
Entity: Orlando, Florida
74, Report #208405
Aug 29 2006
07:03 AM
Rent A Center Rude and DIshonest, Ruined my carpet! ripoff Acworth Georgia
I am writing to advise people not to do business with Rent a Center. Yes, I know they raise the prices blah blah, but they are also rude and incompetent. I really needed a washer and dryer but i owed too much money to get credit. (My ex-husband was giving me child support but since we weren't legally divorced, in paper my name was on tied to a lot of debt.) Well first they didn't come to deliver my washer and dryer when they said they would. I had taken a day off from work so I lost money there. When they finally came I remember asking them if the washer and dryer was ready to go. He turned it on and said SURE THING, BABY! I remember exactly what he said because I could not stand this little flirty guy. He eventually got fired I think. Anyways, the washer wasn't even hooked up to the hose! I turned it on and of course water went everywhere during the rinse cycle. I had to shop vac my carpets and it was just a big mess. That wasn't the only thing that company has done. A few months later the dryer broke! It would just make this awful sound when I turned it on. I called the store and the guy said he was busy and would call me back later. He never did. I called back two days later and he treated me like an idiot. IS THE DOOR CLOSED? I know a few people make stupid mistakes like that but, come on...TWO DAYS LATER? He finally said that on Saturday someone could come bring a loaner. (This was Monday). Well no one showed up until Thurday of the NEXT week after I called and called. Of course I made payments all ths time on a non-working dryer. A few months later I forgot to make the payment on that Saturday. On that Monday they were calling and calling. Sure, they harass you when they need a payment, but when the customer needs something they throw you to the side. One more thing, I have a friend who rented a sofa for her apartment. She had no credit and was using the sofa as a bed/sofa in her studio apartment. She found a huge manilla folder underneath one of the cushions a week later. It contained a few paystubs, bank statements, a birth certifcate (like someone was getting ready to apply for a loan). If they missed a THICK manilla folder that was just sitting directly under the cushion, how well could it have been cleaned? GROSS. She returned it right away. She slept on a pile of blankets until she saved enough for a new sofa bed. Bottom line, don't do business with them. They are shady and a bad bad business to deal with. Stephanie Woodstock, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Georgia
75, Report #212691
Sep 25 2006
06:01 PM
Rent-a-Center Rude, Dishonest Cheaters Merced California
I have been a customer of Rent-A-Center for several months now and I have decided to add my 2 cents to the mix. I would like to start by saying that I make all of my payments before the due date and I have purchased every item I have rented. My experience as a customer at the Main Street RAC is that the customer service is lousy. When you enter the store they do not greet you.. (even though they are standing around doing nothing). They try to cheat every chance they get. Either they give you back an incorrect amount of change when you make a payment, the price on the agreement is different than the price stated five minutes before, They give you a different balance than what is actually due, etc. The reason I deal with them is because you can usually find a good price on some of their used merchandise. I have several rules for dealing with RAC and if followed anyone can get a good deal. 1. BUY USED... you can get a good price and I believe a lot of their NEW merchandise is really used anyway 2. ONLY BUY WHAT YOU CAN PAY OFF WITHIN 3 MONTHS. All RAC offer 90 days same as cash. If you can pay that item off within the 3 months you only pay the cash price which is usually pretty good. For example a $250.00 TV if purchased within the 90dys is only $250.00 after 90 days they tack on add'l 250.00 in interest or whatever they call it. 3. PAY ATTENTION!!! listen very carefully to everything they say if you're not sure about something ASK make sure before you walk away from the counter your rental contract reflects everything agreed upon, including cash price, pymt amt, pymt due date, when you make your pymt pay attention to the money given and the change counted back. 4. ONLY GET ONE ITEM AT A TIME!!! 5. UPON DELIVERY make sure everything is present all cords, remotes,etc.. and make sure the item works. Don't let them set the item down have you sign and walk out. Let them stand there while you try the item out for a few minutes BEFORE you sign anything. 6.RETURN what you cannot afford. If I rent something with the intention of owning and something happens financially I return the item ASAP that way I don't have to worry about anyone calling or knocking on my door or something. When you return the item make sure you get a RECEIPT and they note all accessories were returned as well and make sure they sign it. I have not had any major bad experience with RAC yet financially because I follow my RULES and if something is amiss I make sure it's corrected before I leave the store.. My complaint is the employees are rude and do not acknowledge customers, Also if you call RAC and inquire about an item they will give you a price over the phone and when you get in the store the price is different and always a few hundred higher. I have read a good deal of complaints on here and just thought my rules may help someone dealing or planning to deal with RAC. Good Luck to all !! R. merced, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Merced, California

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