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1, Report #1403186
Sep 29 2017
02:04 PM
Richard Hamilton Cash net USA I kept recieving emails saying i was approved for a loan Internet
 I have received emails from this person, saying they are from Cash Net USA loan company, that I took a loan out for 5000 dollars and it had been deposited into my account. I asked for all the account information and I was given the phone number address birthday and I'd listed for the account. When I told him I have a fraud case active and I will be reporting it to the detective he became rude and said it didn't matter since it was already half deposited into the account I would have to pay for it. He then said that he would be consulting their lawyer to sue me for the money and then hung up on me.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #925221
Aug 10 2012
04:38 AM
Effort trust at 60 jerome cres is a slum ran building, with landlords who don't care about the condition of the building. They ficonstanly make accusations and threats to tennants. If you need somethng fixed good luck, their excuse is they have to much to do. There are 5 people who work in the building, yet when work does get done it is by outside contractors who don't know what they are doing. The carpets in the hallways are all torn and ratted, painting hasn't been done in years and they call these buildings luxury condo's. lol I have had many problems with them and filed the paperwork to go to court. They came up with all these promises and didn't follow through on any. I suggest you continue to look for other places as these slum lords will do nothing for their tennants.
Entity: HAMILTON, Ontario
3, Report #467425
Jul 08 2009
10:25 AM
Hillside Financial Group, Ellen Mccarthy, Mark Hamilton, Barabara Richard, Ceo James J. Roland Right down dirty Orlando Florida
ELLEN MCCARTHY, call me told me i was approve for a loan for 5,000 and that i had to send in a collateral deposit of 910.00 so i did, she said the money will be deposit in my account the next business day it was not. I call her the next day she said the lender that suppose to be giving me the loan back out .She said she was going to refer me to her boss Mark Hamilton i talk to him he said i need to send in another 910.00 so i did. Something kept tell me that it was a scan, Mark Hamilton said the other 910.00 was to sucure the loan, i ask him was this a scan he said no and my money will be depoist the next business day it was not I call him back he said the lender back out that he could get me 10,000.00 i told MART Hamilton,IF he could not get me 5,000 how was you going to get me 10,000.00,i told him no i want my money back, he told me i could not get it back until July9 I ask to talk to the C.E.O James J. Roland who was the lender who signature was authorization on the loan agreement ,and the money was wire to Barbara Richard in Canada if any one can help get my money back call Sharon warsaw, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
4, Report #181294
Mar 15 2006
07:49 AM
Hamilton Remodelers, Dishonesty + Horrible Craftsmanship = Hamilton Remodelers, Aurora Colorado
On Dec 9/05 I contracted Jon Hamilton / Hamilton Remodelers to remodel the main bathroom for my property in Arvada, CO. The price agreed upon was $1,410.00 complete. Mr. Hamilton was to demo & remove the original 4x4 tile in the shower surround, the shower door track, floor covering & vanity and install new 4x4 ceramic tile in the shower, 12x12 ceramic tile on the floor, install a new vanity with sink and have the job completed by Jan 6/06. Mr. Hamilton was to supply all materials & labor and given an $800.00 deposit, my contact information and a door key. In the time between Dec 9/05 and Jan 8/06 I contacted Mr. Hamilton twice by phone. He assured me everything was in order and he would be finished on time. When I returned to the property at 12:40 A.M. on Jan 10/06 I find that the project is not complete (which leaves me without a functional shower). The new 4x4 ceramic tile had been installed over the original wall board without proper preparation, the grout joints were not in line, the tile was not flush to the wall (the original adheasive had not been removed, the shower door track had not been removed (he tiled around it). The 12 x 12 ceramic tile had been installed without removing the baseboards, the new vanity w/sink had not been delivered or installed! When Mr. Hamilton next arrived at the property (Jan 11/06) He gave excuses about the the original wall board being damaged so he was unable to accurately install the new tile. I asked if he would have done such a poor job in his own home he replied No He stated that the wall board was not part of the bid... I asked why he didn't call me if there was a problem and why he told me everything was in order if it wasn't? he replied Do you want me to fix it now? I told him to gather his tools (which he left in the house) and leave. Mr. Hamilton's negligence, dishonesty & sorry craftsmanship cost me an additional $2,455.00 to have a qualified contractor remove his mistake and re-do the job and $279.68 for a hotel because he had left me without a fully functional bathroom. Should anyone want further proof of this claim, There were three (3) other contractors who were witness to the work Mr. Hamilton left me with and photo's I took. I'll be more than happy to help prevent Jon Hamilton/Hamilton Remodelers, Inc from doing this to anyone else. Michael Davie, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Aurora, Colorado
5, Report #1340437
Nov 29 2016
01:28 PM
Hamilton Beach Hamilton Beach crappy electric kettles Not sure Internet
I just bought at Canadian Tire last week a Hamilton Beach electric kettle with temperature control and boil water only once inside to see if my product wasn't defective and even removed completely the water inside to let the bottom of the kettle dry and everything seems to work fine at first and because of the company long warranty of 5 years i presumed that the kettle would work fine for at least a couple of years, then 2 days later as i was going to poor water inside again to try it out for the second time i noticed a few spots of rust inside. Because i already thrown the receipt and the box away i doubt it that they will give me my money back. Only 3 days after buying the kettle i went to canadian tire to explain myself to the manager working in the appliances section and she was nice enough to exchange it for me, therefore thinking to myself that i didn't want to face the same ordeal again with the same kettle, then i asked her to open the retail box in front of me right off the shelve to verify the quality, sure enough the other one had already small spots of rust starting to grow inside the unit. Very pissed off about Hamilton Beach and will never buy any their product again and the model is the one that has 4 different temperature settings. Years ago i did buy stainless steel kettles and other products made with that material and they were wayyy more rust resistant with a stainless steel of much higher quality, which is only 18/8 grade these days and much more prone to rust. They only reason why companies like hamilton beach are selling cheaper grade stainless steel today is for profits$$$ only, knowing very wellthat you'll have to spend between $40 to $100 for the kettlt and having to replace it within a couple of months and if you're lucky enough it might last you the all year but that 's usually means that the inside of the kettle will be rusted all over. Just to make sure that i was right with my suspicions i went directly to talk to a few store managers and sure enough they all admitted that this year(2016) is by far the worst year they never had for returns of electric kettles and one manager in particular told me that it doesn't really matter if you're buying a $40 or $150 kettle today because they are all built in purpose to fail within less than a year.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #857080
Mar 20 2012
11:07 PM
Hamilton Sundstrand Kendra Saulter Crite manipulative and dishonest Internet
Manupulative & Dishonest just about sums it up. Kendra Saulter Crite is not to be trusted.Being manipulated never feels good, but the worst part of manipulation is that often, we don't even realize that it is happening. Here are a few ways to know if someone is trying to manipulate you:Buttering You Up: To get their way, manipulators will often make you feel good so that they can then ask you to do something that they want. The person may first compliment you or tell you what a wonderful job you did on something. Making you feel good will, in their mind, make it difficult for you to say noafter all, you wouldn't want to disappoint them or give them reason to think you didn't deserve the compliment in the first place. What you can do: Return the compliments and the niceties before saying no.  Guilt: This doesn't only pertain to Catholics and Jewish Mothers; guilt trips have been a successful manipulation tactic for centuries. The saddest part of this strategy is that the victims of this tactic succumb to the manipulators' demands because they feel they HAVE to, not because they WANT to. In personal relationships, this sets up a co-dependency that is extremely unhealthy. What you can do: Ask the individual if they want you to do something because you have to or because you want to. If they say they want you to want to do it, tell them that you don't and that they are trying to force you into something you don't feel comfortable with.  Broken Record: Probably the most obvious of formats is the broken record tactic. If a person asks you enough or pushes their agenda enoughconstantly repeating the question or request over and over againin slightly different ways, the victim will inevitably give in and give them what they want. You swear you have a conversation about a plan and everyone is on the same page, and then one day, the manipulator pretends to remember the conversation completely differently, if at all. What you can do: Record your conversationsseriously! Okay, maybe not. At least have a witness that you can count on to back you up if the person pulls this shenanigan. Call them out on the fact that they conveniently change the game to fit their needs.  Bullying: If a person doesn't get their way, they make you out to look or feel like the bad guylike you are the wrong one. What you can do: Be firm and tell them that their bullying tactics are inappropriate and unacceptable.   Keep your eyes open for these behaviors and continue to stand your ground to ensure that you aren't a victim of manipulation.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #872071
Apr 22 2012
10:19 AM
dhillonaccountax adclaimstaxreturns$25.00 iwascharged 175.88 hamilton, Ontario
i phoned tax  several times and was quoted a price of $25.oo or $35.00 for a couple i took my tax papers and my wifes to his office he spent time going through the papers and said it would cost me $175.88 i told him the quote was $35.00.he claimed he had to spend time with the  return and he charges $85.00 an hour.he has signs outside saying tax returns $25.00 and the same thing when you phone. this is false advertising  and very misleading
Entity: hamilton, Ontario
8, Report #872384
Apr 23 2012
08:59 AM
Michael Hamilton Loan scam, Internet
This person sent me a check, then constantly texted me to get me to send him funds before the check cleared.  I would not do this, and of course it bounced.DO NOT take checks from anyone you do not know.  Accept MO, paypal, Western Union, whatever legit method you choose, but NO CHECKS. All of these internet scumbags are the same Nigerian low lifes with nothing better to do.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #282257
Nov 01 2007
04:48 AM
Efforttrust They Over Charge Tenants Hamilton Ontario
You may not now but Effort Trust is over charging you all. Not only that they have hired a company called Event Security for all there properties. What this company does is INTIMIDATE young people from not going into Effort Trust Properties. I went over and spoke with the Event Security owner (very rude) he think he is a police officer all he is is a RENT A COP (his name is Tony) Anyway one day I was at 438 Hwy # 8 and he drives sort of a mini van (green) he went over and told some kids that were not doing anything to leave the property or he would take down there license plate and give it to the police. I over heard that and went over and told him you have no right to do that (he said) to me I have intructions from Effort Trust, the next day I called Effort Trust and they told me and I qoute we do not tell our vendors how to act we know that sometimes he steps over the line but he cleans up the place. What Event Security does is give the info on the license plate to Hamilton Police in turn the Police give him the info on the car (address who the car belongs to etc..) What he does with this just shocked me completly he writes up a letter and tell them they are banned for six months from going into the said property. Also his guards are not certified as Security Guards, I will be contacting the Ontario Security Guard Association on that matter (today or tommorow) David stromberg Hamilton, OntarioCanada
Entity: Hamilton, Ontario
10, Report #1102467
Nov 26 2013
07:53 PM
Cogeco Overcharging for data Hamilton Ontario
We have been with this company for internet services for less than a year. a couple of months ago they sent us a bill for $1200. Dollars. Our plan costs 80 a month. There is no way we used that much data so would called them and we're told they would investigate. not sure exactly what that means but now we have Collections calling us to pay up.  i can not accept that this company can not find a way of preventing this from happening. It is a disgusting cash grab and I would encourage everyone to move to an unlimited plan with a reputable company before this happens to you. As consumers we should not put up with this sort of behaviour. Make no mistake,  the bosses at companies like this brag about value in their ads but the truth is they sit around in board rooms devising ways of draining your wallet of every last cent they can get out of your wallet whether with as little effort as possible. next stop: crtc    if anyone has any suggestions about how I can fix this I would appreciate it. I really don't have the money so now we are stuck with a lousy credit rating.  
Entity: Hamilton, Ontario
11, Report #1121071
Feb 05 2014
09:13 AM
Hamilton Circle the price ! Westport Massachusetts
Followed the ASUS rebate instuctions but had only the 1 item on the Amazon invoice so I did not circle the price and the rebate was rejected. There was no time left to resend.
Entity: Westport, Massachusetts
12, Report #1248615
Aug 14 2015
03:52 PM
Frank Hamilton Arrest Warrant Internet
a frank hamilton sent me an email stating i had an arrest warrant out for me. he did not say what it was about and from what i have read this is a scam. this person said that my name under act 79 act 76 act 48. he states that i am to call the number before my supposed case is downloaded into the court house. well sorry about his luck but im not calling the number.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1364636
May 02 2017
05:37 PM
Roadsidemasters Owner Operator Hamilton Ohio
Entity: Hamilton, Ohio
14, Report #521092
Nov 07 2009
08:46 PM
Hamilton Moore & Associates Charles Hamilton Sr. - Controller Hamilton who??? Markham, Ontario
I received a letter from Mr Charles Hamilton Sr. on 26.10.09 professing to have been trying desperately to contact me as I was eligible to receive a cheque for 550,000.00.  Mr Hamilton couldnt have been trying very hard as he had my address down to a T, but this was the first Id heard of him.  Apparently if I sent him a cheque for 14.95 to cover all allocation and processing costs, he would send me a cheque for 550k.  And into the bargain a pair of pearl earrings. Now if I was Mr Hamilton and I was sending him a large sum of money, you think he would at least want a phone number or an email address so that he could thank me.  No such luck, the remainder of the letter contains no such details. Flip over the page and according to the Official Rules, No Purchase Necessary to enter or win. Purchasing does not improve your chances of winning.  You have not yet won.  Purchase what exactly???  As previously stated the 14.95 is for allocation and processing costs, this surely cannot therefore refer to the earrings?  Nevertheless assuming that it does refer to the earrings then surely I do not have to pay this 14.95 as NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN? Oh and You have not yet won?  Make up your mind Mr Hamilton am I eligible to receive the cheque or have I not yet won? Moreover, if I do want to know who has won I can write to them after 15th February 2011! No address supplied for such purposes of course.  I doubt very much if I will even be thinking about Mr Hamilton Sr. in 16 months time, let alone writing to him. And one other point, the letter states that I am eligible for 550,000.00 when actually the prize is $1000,000.00. Now Im no expert but $1000,000.00 does not convert to 550,000.00.  Can you really advertise a prize as a certain amount when it wont be that amount? Now if I wanted to re-affirm my address to Mr Hamilton Sr. I would turn the tables and send him the whole lot back, (minus the stamp naturally) requesting my cheque and earrings and upon receipt of said I would reimburse him the 14.95 plus postage. (Allowing time for the cashing of such a cheque of course).  However not wanting to re-affirm my address to such an organisation I wont be doing as such.  Those of you who are thinking of sending this letter and your collected junk mail will be confirming to Mr Hamilton Sr. your address details.  A bit like the time you hit the unsubscribe here tab on the junk email that you received and immediately flooded your inbox with 400 more junk emails! This is clearly a scam.  Sadly I work with and know of people who would be taken in by this scam.  Its therefore possibly a better idea to put the whole lot in a plain envelope and address it to the police station local to Mr Hamilton Sr. with a brief cover note asking them to investigate.  This surely has to be a better waste of the Overseas Postage stamp required than waiting for your pearl earrings!
Entity: Markham, Ontario
15, Report #638338
Sep 07 2010
08:47 AM
U-Haul (Hamilton, Ontario) Lucia Faulty Equipment / Bad customer service Hamilton, Ontario
 Where to start, well, it began in Brantford, Ontario Canada (Sept 04/10). My friend rented a U-haul to travel to Barrie, Ontario (220 km N.) to go to school. She had rented a U-haul to get her belongings to her new appartment. She enlisted the help of three friends from Brantford with the move. At the place of pick-up, they did not have the truck she had requested available and was stuck taking a much larger vehicle. When we had loaded the truck it was on a 1/4 used.  We departed Brantford (Sept 05/10 10:15am) in a vehicle that had a busted dash board, burn holes in the seat and slight damage to the bottom right corner of the cargo area (all of which was noted on the contract - I was the one that did the look around not the dealer).  As we traveled to our destination I had noticed severe play in the brakes. As I got off in Barrie (two blocks from destination) the brake pedal had gone to the floor and stopping was becoming imposible. With no traffic to be seen we made it just fine (12:20pm). On arrival I had checked the brake fluid reservoir, and it was empty.  You would think that losing your brakes was bad enough, well try dealing with customer service. First call ( 12:30pm), the (800) number given is to a call centre in the U.S. The customer service rep was very polite and seemed to understand our situation. She was going to get ahold of a local mechanic and see if the issue was fixable (during the conversation with the rep. the truck was unloaded0. I had to call her back after an hour (1:40pm) too see what progress was being made. According to her, no progress was being made because she could not get ahold of a mechanic or her manager. She tells me that efforts are being made to assist us.  Guess what? After yet another hour passes I again have to call them back, only this time a new operator is on.  Keep in mind that this entire trip was to only take six hours. My friends (2) and myself should have been back in Brantford at 4:30pm.  Total customer service reps = 4, and although they record each conversation for quality assurance, I can assure you that know one was listening. Small foot notes were on file, that all. Small foot notes to a horrible situation.  Total hours round trip = 12 hrs. Three guys had to pile up in a buck of a tow truck (legally not supposed to take any passengers, but felt bad for our situation).  Now (Sept 7/10) I had called Lucia at Hamiton office and she had suggested that we should have taken a cab from Barrie back to Brantford (we looked into that while we were waiting. Cheapest cab was $350.00) and we would have been re-embursed. Now not to sound to judgemental but let's be honest.  So at the end of the day, my friend that rented the truck is still being charged a grand total of $361.00. I couldnt even bother to ask to be re-embursed the $51.00 dollars in meals we consumed while waiting, or the fact that the larger truck consumed more fuel for the trip because the one that was ordered was not available.  I must not forget that according to Lucia that any failure of the equipment that strands a customer is not subject to re-embursement.  I urge all, please be very careful when renting U-haul. Not necessarely the equipment failure but the lack of compasion to the customer.  I can be reached at (((REDACTED))) if anyone would like to hear about this story in full. And Lucia, I would consider taking classes on how to be a better and more copassionate person.   CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Hamilton, Ontario
16, Report #472365
Jul 22 2009
03:47 PM
Trios College Hamilton Campus College Riped me off and will not give appropriate information Hamilton Ontario
I signed up for Pharmacy Technician course. I graduated and applied at the hospital. I recieved an interview and was denied because they said the school was not accredited to teach this course. I went to the dean and asked what was going on and I recieved a promise that this matter was priority and she would sort it out right away. She returned my phone call and said I could drop by the school and she would obtain a letter of accreditation for me. I arrived at the school and she then said that there had to be a way of proving we were accredited at the time of my graduation. I did not hear back from her. I have emailed her and she is ignoring and not answering my questions. She writes me back a bunch of mumbo jumbo with no real information regarding other contacts or names that would be helpful. I made it clear when I enrolled in this course that I was doing it to stay employed by the hospital I was currently working for. They assured me that this would happen as long as I kept my grades up and completed the course. I did and they have left me out to dry for $11,400 and no stable job to pay it back. Do not sign up to TriOS College they are unsuitable and unreliable people with no concern except thier own paychecks. The only good teachers there are the ones that walked out half way through the year I spent there. They knew they were no good then. If any one has any information in fixing this matter please let me know. I am desperate to set this right and to stop them from taking other peoples money with empty promises. Seeking information. Hamilton, OntarioCanada
Entity: Hamilton, Ontario
17, Report #756325
Jul 23 2011
08:14 PM
East Hamilton Radio East Hamilton Radio Dececptive Website and In Store Pricing and Promotion Hamilton, Ontario
Recently my Mothers 2 year old Sharp LCD stopped working and she was looking to purchase another tv.After shopping around on websites, the decision was made to purchase an LG 47LK520.On the Future Shop and Best Buy websites the tv was on sale for $799.99, regular $849.99. In dealing with these stores the website prices are the same as in store unless clearly marked web only. Their websites did not state this for this particular tv.I then went to East Hamilton Radio's website and the exact same tv was listed on their website for $645 claiming regular price is $1099, and they were also running a promotion that ended July 21, 2011, where if you trade in any tv and purchase any LG 1080p, 42 or larger the price would be discounted further by $100. Naively, I believed that just like most other reputable businesses, the price would be the same at the store as listed on the website and with the trade in the price would be $545. This did not occur.So I get to the store July 20, which is not local for me, I live out of town and the tv is priced in the store at $749 with the trade in.When I mention the website price, the salesman has no clue what I'm referring to, he has to go find a computer so he can look it up for himself.While I'm waiting, I bring up the website on my blackberry and the model number and the price is just I saw earlier, LG 47LK520, $645.The salesman then comes back and claims the ad is referring to a different tv. I then show it to him on my phone. At this point someone yells from upstairs claiming the website lists a different price because the trade in is already factored in. So I guess I didn't need to lug in the old tv to get $100 off. I was running for work and at this point my mom just wanted to get out of the store so she agreed to purchase the tv anyway. It was still $50 cheaper then the more reputable websites at Future Shop and Best Buy. When I got home from work that night and checked the East Hamilton Radio website, the tv was at $799.Now that I think about it, this is not a very good way of doing business and may be considered false advertising. If a store is going to list prices on their website consumers should expect to pay the price listed on the website unless off course clearly noted that store prices are not as listed on the website.Overall, can't complain about the tv, but the price is definitely not as expected and I feel I was totally misled about the pricing and the promotion. 
Entity: Hamilton, Ontario
18, Report #1188746
Nov 13 2014
03:57 PM
The Goddard School of Hamilton Dirty Child Care Center Hamilton New Jersey
The Goddard School of Hamilton is not a clean school. The teachers are not warm and friendly. The school should be investigated by the State, the health department, and the IRS.  For example, most Teachers do not have a current background check, they do not clean the carpets after children have accidents on them, they often discipline with food and lastly, they let sick children stay at school for the day. They often want to pay staff under the table. These tax cheats should be stopped! Parents I urge you not to send your child to this program!
Entity: Hamilton, New Jersey
19, Report #1209100
Feb 14 2015
11:20 AM
Pet Meadow of Hamilton Pet Meadows Hamilton Pet Meadow Unethical Hamilton New Jersey
believe the ashes I received back from Pet Meadows Crematory (in Hamilton, NJ) are in fact the ashes of my 12 pound Pomeranian, Missy. This place proved to me that they are unethical by calling my vet (Banfield in Deptford, NJ) and divulging personal information that was discussed between them and myself. I called Pet Meadows asking if Missy was still there because I wanted her body back to be examined by an expert since I KNOW she would NOT have died on 11/25/14 if I didnt take her to Banfield. Pet Meadows called Banfield and told them I changed my mind about the cremation and wanted Missy's body back to be examined. They informed Banfield of my entire conversation and Banfield documented it all in my dog's records. Pet Meadows told me Missy was already done and was being returned to Banfield later that day. What if she really wasn't done yet and they just told me that and scooped out some random ashes and put them in a bag then in a wooden box with her name on it? After all, I am sure they would not have wanted to give her back to me. Also, since Banfields are their biggest clients, of course they wouldnt want me to take her body to an expert to be examined. I learned they had done this when I picked up my dog's records and saw the notations Banfield put in there about Pet Meadows calling them and informing them of my conversation. It said they wanted to let them know that I had changed my mind about the cremation and wanted her body examined by an expert. Why the *** did they need to tell Banfield that??? Especially if she was already done??? Also, after reading as to what is involved in a pet cremation, I learned that you do NOT get the entire body back in ashes, just the bones are ground into ashes. There are too many ashes in this bag to be just the bones of a very small dog. Missy was supposed to be cremated PRIVATELY, not along with other pets, and JUST her ashes returned to me. They gave me back ashes in a nice wooden box with a gold metal plate inscribed with her name, which obviously cost them money. After comparing prices to numerous other pet crematories, the going rate for a PRIVATE cremation with your pet's ashes returned to you is around $300. I was charged just $71 for this service. I STRONGLY believe that this unethical place burned my dog along with other pets and just scooped out some ashes and put them in a box with her name on it. I cannot take comfort in knowing that I have MY dog's ashes and I wanted to have a customized diamond ring made from the carbon in her ashes. I HIGHLY doubt these ashes are Missy's. I am beside myself with grief, not only because Pet Meadows partner vet, Banfield in Deptford, NEGLIGENTLY KILLED my dog, but I cant even find comfort in knowing that she is with me in this wooden box because I HIGHLY doubt that she is. I am completely DEVASTED by this and I hope others will avoid this place. I posted on Craigslist how unethical this place was by calling my vet and how I suspected this is not exclusively my dog's ashes. Someone who no doubt works for them posted a response on Craigslist boasting about this place and raving about how they have a gathering every year and invite you there with food that they pay for out of their own pocket. SERIOUSLY??? Who would WANT to go there every year for a party and dinner? They may provide a necessary service, but I would be sick to my stomach just stepping on the property. NO WAY IN *** would I want to go have a pizza party at the place that burned my dog's body! (Or whatever kind of food they have) That is just GROSS and SICK! That's like having a dinner party in the morgue. I do NOT believe I got what I paid for, which was MISSY to be done privately and not thrown into some pile and burned along with numerous other deceased animals, like a pile of trash. I paid for MISSY, and JUST MISSY to be returned to me, which I HIGHLY doubt is the case. I am in the process of looking for a DNA testing facility that is capable of testing pet's remains. In the meantime, since I am almost POSITIVE this is not her, at least not exclusively, I would like them to refund my money for the service I paid for, which will be donated to the Big Hearts Fund, a pet charity to help owners with pets with heart disease (like Missy) be able to afford their care. They can contact me for the address and they can send the refund directly to the charity, in Missy's memory. I am prepared to cause a LOT of bad publicity for this place if they dont do right by Missy, and do SOMETHING to honor her memory in a good way. My question is...Where's Missy? How many other people THINK they have THEIR pet, but don't really? This is such a HORRIBLE thing to think about. For only $71, Missy could not have been done by herself. If you live in this area in NJ, please use Paws To Heaven instead! I guess you really do get what you pay for! I WOULD have paid the $300 to have her done privately, if that is what it had cost. I should have known that for $71, it would't be Missy. I was just too overcome with grief and shock to think straight. I pray to God this IS my sweet Missy, it's just doubtful!
Entity: Hamilton, New Jersey
20, Report #132716
Feb 24 2005
06:36 PM
Tally's Sports Cards ripoff Hamilton Ontario
I recently googled Tally's sports cards to see what would come up. To my surprise (actually, i wasn't surprised) a ripoff report came up filed for this two-bit operation. I just thought that I would add my own report, because people really do need some buyer protection for these merchants. Occasionaly, I have purchsed various hockey, baseball and magic cards from this store. I have spent quite a sum of money there. One thing surpried me, the merchants never showed any manners or appreciation for my business. I spent quite a few bucks there. Now, I am an averaged size man and they didn't give me any respect, but you should see how they treat innocent children that walk into the store. I was in the store one day and there was a 6 year old boy with his older brother of about 12. Now, I'll be honest this little guy did have very curious little hand and he seemed to touch everything within his reach. The one merchant, a man with a rather large head and large stomach, wearing a maple leafs t-shirt, burst out yelling at the little boy. This happened right in front of my own eyes. The man working behind the counter yelled, and I quote Get the hell out of my store!. Both the younger boy and his older brother were startled by the man's loud tone. The older boy carried his wimpering little brother out of the store. THis bothered me, because I have a younger brother, about the same age difference. If it isn't bad enough that this store overcharges small children for pokemon and digimon cards, they have no patience for them either. After I saw this, I had a word with the merchant. It was very upsetting for me to witness all of this. That was the las time I shopped at this store. I really would like to think that he was just having a bad day, but I am told by some of my younger brother's friends that the same man was used a harsh tone with them too. Also, similar to one of the other reports mentioned on here (from Joe) I would like to mention that I purchased a set of Opeechee cards 88 hockey, and hlaf the cards were topps. I guess it is my fault i didn't inspect them in the store before i bought them. Oh and the brett hull rookie was missing too. I urge more people to take the time to add there horror stories from this establishment. These are truly unscrupulous business men. Men who need to grow up and stop selling a child's hobby. Nick Hamilton, OntarioCanada
Entity: Hamilton, Ontario
21, Report #102439
Aug 06 2004
12:15 PM
U.S. Bank holding paycheck excessive overdraft fees Hamilton Ohio
I deposited my husband's paycheck before the end of the business day on Friday. The funds were not made available until Tuesday. We incurred 180.00 in overdraft fees. The bank manager said he only had the authority to reverse 90.00. He was kind enough to do that. After researching the situation it appears that U.S. Bank may not have broken the law. They held the check for as long as they were legally able to and then slapped on every fee they could. Marie Hamilton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Hamilton, Ohio
22, Report #401662
Dec 15 2008
05:43 PM
Solo Mobile Misleading Rip Off Hamilton Ontario
I have a month by month plan with Solo Mobile. Not a yearly contract. Have had it for 3 years. I needed a new phone so I went to Kiosk at LimeRidge Mall and they had an M300 phone by Samsung for $150 and $15 to put it on my plan and get my phone number to work with it. I did not purchase it at that time. At Walmart the next day, I see the same phone for $48 and I purchase it. Solo Mobile will not do the activation for it because I did not purchase it at the kiosk and get them to activate it. It is the exact same phone in the exact same package but for $100 less. Survivor Hamilton, OntarioCanada
Entity: Hamilton, Ontario
23, Report #602215
May 11 2010
05:34 PM
Cogeco Tricks you into a contract without signing. Hamilton, Ontario
Whatever happened to ethics in business? Why is it that big corporations prey on uninformed consumers and no one does anything about it? Search the internet and you will see millions of angry consumers who were lured into contracts with hidden clauses, and cancelation fees. There are even companies who will give you a special no contract promotion and not even make you sign a contract to get in on it, but as soon as you want to leave they will say that there is a penalty for leaving. I had one such run in with Cogeco Cable. First of all the promotion wasnt even that good, maybe 10 dollars a month in savings. I signed no contract. I was fast talked into taking it and assured that I would not have to sign any contract. After signing and installing the system I was sent a letter thanking me for signing up and in the fine print there was mention of a cancelation fee, and that I was now locked in for all of the services for one year. No contract, just a verbal agreement. I guess you dont have to sign to get ripped off these days. The sad thing is that most people these days are so used to getting ripped off by corporations and service providers that they just say oh well and take the abuse. I am here to tell you that I am fed up with the cell phone companies, energy companies, and internet and cable providers who on a daily basis take advantage of consumers, while they get fat and rich off of their unethical practices! We need regulation on contractual commitments. We should not let these con artists, and sales sharks. I dare anyone in the media to try to take these people on. I challenge the government to impose regulations on contracts. Lets make these sharks honest. Lets stop letting these fat cat grafters from preying on the uninformed. What really makes me mad is when you try to get out of a contract and the person on the phone says why didnt you read the terms and conditions? First of all you didnt give me the terms and conditions until after you gave me the service, and second, you need to be a lawyer to read it. We just want what you promised. Not all the hidden clauses. In closing I would like to ask this question. Where have we come as a society? Does anyone realize that it is someones job literally to figure out how to lock people into contracts in the most devious way possible? The reason they give you terms and conditions after the service is because you have 10 days legally to change your mind. If the mail gets there late it is too late to do it, and by that time there is a good chance you have forgotten that you signed it in the first place. Its criminal and if you dont pay your credit gets hurt and its a nightmare for the next year to fix it. Who has time for that? This may be a bit of a rant and a little unorganized but with all of the people who are trying to rob me on a daily basis who has time to edit a useless rant. I have to go pay all of my penalties now with the money I do not have.
Entity: Hamilton, Ontario
24, Report #656013
Oct 27 2010
10:41 PM
Go Bee INC Job seekers beware! Hamilton, Internet
GO BEE INC JOB SCAM, please watch out! I recently applied Go bee Industries where a person who shall remain anonymous met with me and agreed to give me a Representative Position. I was asked to email all my information to someone in Ontario. I emailed my SIN number, fill out all the forms and even got an email and phone call welcoming me to the team. The position offered 18$/ hour, flexible; however, once I tried to get started with the company. They told me there were no available position. They took my information and once I tried calling/contacting them, no emails or phone calls were return. This company is a scam, job seekers please be aware, please do not waste time with them. I hope you will not make the same mistake I did. Before giving out my information, I was unable to find any information on the company and I made the mistake of thinking it was legit and reputable. Now I want to let others know not to work with them because you will only waste your time. They are unprofessional and unreliable.
Entity: Hamilton, Internet
25, Report #661364
Nov 12 2010
04:19 PM
Hamilton Knox Mark Taber Scam investment company Bakersfield, California
Hamilton Knox is operated by Mark Taber and is in the business of high risk, no win investments that are designed to deceive and rip off people who invest in good faith. Like most scams, if it is too good to be true, it probably is. I know of many people who have lost money on Impact Cash, home equity refinances, annuity and insurance investments that lock in gains only for Hamilton Knox and many more baseless, insecure investments that are so non transparent it is difficult to tell where the company is skimming off until everything is gone. Its easy to put money in - try taking money out!!Written contracts are regularly dishonored, ignored and in some cases flat out denied. Be prepared for angry, offensive lies and distortions when it comes time to collect on an investment. The only entity that makes money is Hamilton Knox and its slippery affiliates. Be warned from someone who has been there.
Entity: Bakersfield, California

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