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1, Report #1402441
Sep 26 2017
10:25 AM
Rl Thompson Ripped off! Montreal Quebec
 As with others on this site I was ripped off. Purchased 3 pieces between 2005-2008 with the promises to resale and profit. Nick Georgopoulos was our rep. Not a professional, used hard earned money for this fake profit venture in hopes of a return. Please contact for any process of action suite.
Entity: Montreal , Quebec
2, Report #437586
Mar 25 2009
02:21 PM
RL Stevens And Associates It is what it Is Columbus, Ohio
I responded to an add on Monster.com or Career builder.com. It refferenced a transportation/Fleet management Position. I have worked in the transportation industry and As a General Manger of a service company I was responsible maintaining about 30 vehicles. I thought I may be a good fit so I sent my resume on line. I recieved a phone call about an hour later. It was a lady from RL Stephens. she wanted me to come in for an interview the next day. I went to the office buidling were there office was located on the 8th floor. I was asked to fill out a questionaire. Questions about my career goals what I may be looking for etc.. . A few questions I thought were completely inappropriate; how old I was; my wifes profession; how many kids I have. If you have ever had a one hour course in HR you would know that these kind of questions are illeagle to ask an applicant. At that monment I knew someting was wrong red flag as the other gentleman from Indiana refered to. I left those questions blank. When I got into the salesmans office he said we were going to exchange data then he proceeded to ask me the questions that I left blank. I told him I did not feel comfortable answering those questions because they are not appropriate. He said yes your right but I'm not the employer, we can ask any question we want. He explained what they can do for me in great detail and length. However it still came down to them being a recruiter. By the way he took exception every time I reffered to him as a recruiter. He would do his reheased little explenation of how they find careers for people and recruiters find jobs for people. He said they are a fee based service I asked him what the fees were and he told me they could run up to 5,000 or 6,000 for the year. He did tell me what they will do for me which is what I was doing already. He said he scenced that I was able to do what they could do on my own. I said I completely agree and thanked him for his time. He did give me a few tips on my resume. That was the end of the meeting. He did not give me any high pressure sales tactics. I do give him credit for that. We never did discuss the Transportation/ Fleet Management Position. People that really need help finding a job this may be the way for you to go. I was defenately NOT for me. Most recruiters will work for the employee at no charge and the employer pays the bill. this company has taken a different approach. And those who spent the money....... Sorry to hear about that. It is a sad state when your out of a job and you have to be on the look out. CAVEAT EMPTOR. Thank you Ripoff report this is the second time I have walked away from this type of interveiw because of my research on your site. I will recomend it to every one I know. Columbus ohio Groveport, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus,, Ohio
3, Report #372009
Sep 11 2008
01:18 PM
RL Stevens - Randy Stevens This guy preys on the unemployed Waltham Massachusetts
This rip off has been going on for many years and it never stops. Unfortunately, I found out too late after they stole $7,000 from me for a service that is a complete joke. Who needs advice on how to network. Starting with the number of offices their sale staff claims, my guess is that about 15% of what they tell you is true. BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE, save your money! Martin Boston, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Waltham, Massachusetts
4, Report #420437
Feb 05 2009
06:41 AM
RL Stevens And Asso. Why did you lie??? Cincinnati Ohio
I hope that anyone reading this report will make sure that you do not chase the emty promise of help and guidance this company stated to offer. I paid $5375.00 for the oppertunity for an open door to employeers I could not find without RLS help. This can be summed up in two letters-B.S.! The office was nice the employees at RLS dressed well and all looked very professional. I guess what I am trying to say is do not fall for the eye candy of this. It does not mean that they are going to do thier job you hire them for. I was never given any lead for an employeer I could not had found on my own. I did get a DVD and a reconstucted resume. The problem was at what cost? I made the mistake of trust with a very polished, modivated salesperson on my 1st visit to the office and once they had my money I recieved the information listed above and 1 hour a week of yes you can modivational evaluations. I did not get any help with this is a field and person you should contact, they are expecting to here from you. This has placed me and my family in a tight spot. I will work through it however I would had and did find my current employeer without any help from RLS. BEWARE!!!! Icecream man Covington, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
5, Report #621301
Jul 07 2010
09:24 PM
RL Midgett Deceptive bidding High costs rolled slowly Chesapeake, Virginia
Wow - what an estimate!!  This company performed good work at 200% cost and with a straight face.  Be careful of their estimate process and their estimated completion timeframe.  Once working, the work schedule was sporadic, but usually resulted in a single man on the work site, but we paid for many more, it seems.Check your estimate, check it again, and don't believe anything that is written other than this effort will cost you more than you think.Matt
Entity: Chesapeake, Virginia
6, Report #289546
Dec 06 2007
07:43 PM
RL Stevens SCAM SCUM LIES! Lies, stole, cheated, degraded, mislead, neglected Indianapolis Indiana
LIES, DECEPTION, I wont take long but I do with to save others the same problem that I have had with RL Stevens.. 1st- they will get your attention thru a want add, saying they can secure you a job in xx or xx field. Some offices actually use Monster to pry on victims. 2nd- You contact them, they want to set up a formal interview(you r expected to weara suite and tie) the purpose od this meeing is to evaluate if YOU are a GOOD fir for RL Stevens, and if they can really help you.. 3rd- They manager(salesman) in your first interview tears apart a even decent resume(yours).. Says at RL Stevens one of your assigned account reps will rewrite your resume, in a brag book style - big deal go online and read about brag books, oh and by the way brag books are not the answer, typically the are never looked at unless you are on a 3rd interview and the decision maker really needs to know his final horses. 4rd- You are ask to return in a week after they have reviewed your file.. GUESS WHAT they could HELP me for a tune of almost $4500.. Now, dont asked them how they come up with this number, and you will not find it printed anywhere. They say its based on the position you are seeking. Its bullsh** its what ever they think they can get from you, 5th- the Salesman paints the bleak future if you dont join RL STEVENS(THEN YOU WILL ALWAYS MISS THE GOOD JOBS, NOT MAKE ENOUGH MONEY, AND THEY WILL FIX THAT HAHAHAHA), SO you would be stupid not to join right?! The money is even tax deductible @ the end on he year.. Oh did they mention, really only some of it. They also have PRIVATE sources that no other newspaper or job mag, or career builder has.. BULLSH**!! The only job I was ever shown was to work for their competition as a salesman, what and scam other poor unemployed souls, f** that) 6th- You agree to the terms, and take the 3-4 hour course its a joke. Its nothing more than a you can do it, you can find a job. Now lets tell you all the avenues to look down. By the way they really offer no new avenues for anyone who has done basic job searches, or has even read a dummies how to find a job book. 7th- YOU Are paired with a account executive their real motivation is to get you out of their face, and to be rude. I had to actually speak with the OWNER of the company b4 I was ever allowed to switch account executives, and even dealing with mr.Stevens it was like pulling teeth. Needless to say the second rep was just as useless, and never followed thru with promises of private leads, and bogus lies of being able to freely access onesouce. They also lied about having jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, and my rep simply laughed that off and said we put adds in the paper for all types of jobs, it dosnt really mean the market has a need for them. BOTTOM LINE. RL Stevens preys on poor people who are w/out a job, and really cant afford this BS service they prey on college grads, its not as easy getting a job, just having a college degree They prey on the old and on the retired population that needs to renter the job market. OH. ps; THEY also lied about having locations in Texas when I spoke of moving there in a few weeks.. ANOTHER LIE! D carmel, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
7, Report #343288
Jun 23 2008
03:12 PM
Rl Stevens & Associates CEO/Owner lies!!! Indianapolis Indiana
Please read all the reports listed about this company. You will find a pattern and a long line of fraud and lies! I still have had a bad experience with this company even though I got to directly speak with Mr Stevens himself.. DONT no matter how bad your job search is going, entrust these people to anything for you no mater if they say you will be billed 3995.00 or 7,000.. The service is all the same, is flat sucks... Well that is if you get any service at all!! There are places that people like this go, when they die.. Its called HELL!! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr Stevens!! D carmel, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
8, Report #919210
Jul 29 2012
11:47 AM
RL Stevens takes your money and does nothing to help you gain employment Waltham, Massachusetts
I spent thousands of dollars trying to help my son gain employment after his graduation. Randy Stevens very quickly took my money and then did nothing. My son made phone calls only to be told the person he was looking for wasn't available. He was never referred anywhere. They did absolutely nothing. They trule do prey on the unemployed. Idon'y know how they sleep at night.
Entity: Waltham, Massachusetts
9, Report #1276478
Dec 27 2015
05:09 PM
Helen & RL Ayers Landlord LaFollette Tennessee
 I paid for September and have my 30 days notice. They changed the lock on me and took my stuff and the maintenance Man Bobby Smith was told supposedly by Helen he could have anything he wanted off mine. So all my valuables was stolen.
Entity: LaFollette, Tennessee
10, Report #461522
Jun 13 2009
10:01 PM
RL Stevens And Associates DON'T be a fool. The company lies, it is a scam. Cleveland Ohio
RL Stevens is the most unethically career marketing firm out there. The sales people lie and the other people back up the lies with more lies. They promise you contacts and leads to jobs that are not yet posted, but no results. They charge thousands of dollars. I paid $6000 and got nothing more than a couple of meetings, a poorly written resume by one of the delivery guys and a bunch of BS. What they offer you can get for free on the internet or go to the Cuyahoga Valley Job Club or a place like that. You would even be better off using a career coach. Spare yourself, don't go to RL Stevens. The sales people are trained to lie. It is disgusting to take advantage to people in need of work, especially in the way the market is right now. I have been looking for months and spending the kind of money I spent was a big waste and a lesson learned. So, STAY AWAY from RLS. Sucker Akron, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
11, Report #608211
May 28 2010
03:32 PM
RL Stevens & Associates, Inc. Deceptive postings on Job Boards such as Career Builder Columbus, Ohio
During my employment search, I responded to an Operations Manager position on Career Builder by RL Stevens in Columbus, Ohio. I submitted my resume with the perception that this position was a specific job opening with a specific employer. Days later I was contacted by RL Stevens to set up an interview. I then studied internet information about RL Stevens and the Operations Manager position at hand to prepare for the interview. Only then did I find out that RL Steven's job posting was not a posting for a specific job opening with a specific employer. It was a blanket posting with multiple job titles containging the same information leading job seekers to RL Stevens. RL Stevens is a predatory employment service that charges $6,000 or more up front to HELP you through your job search. What a joke! But the joke isn't funny. Companies such as RL Stevens take advantage of people who are already jobless and in distress. I immediately cancelled the interview, and contacted the Attorney General's office and The Better Business Bureau. I highly recommend you stay clear of RL Stevens or any such company that uses deceptive practices that require excessive pre payment fees. Reputable Recruiters or Employment Services are free to the job seeker and paid by the employer. Other reputable employment services include government agencies which are free to the job seeker and the employer.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
12, Report #656181
Oct 28 2010
11:51 AM
RL Jones DFW Remodeling and Repair Incompentent salesman Addison, Texas
R L Jones is nothing more than a salesman with no practical knowledge of home repair and remodeling for which I am familiar with. He will swindle you out of a deposit on your job and send incompetent subcontractors. They will mishandle your project,and you will not see Mr. Jones again. He will also stiff his help and not pay them. In short, he will take advances on several jobs, and fail to pay, or complete satisfactory work and then disappear when you seek recourse. He has a fancy website with ficticious references. He also has a transient business address. He lacks even basic professionalism and decorum which one would expect at the onset of any project. In short, working with him is an intire waste of time, money, and effort
Entity: Addison, Texas
13, Report #785996
Oct 07 2011
11:24 AM
RL Skincare they have taken 2 payments of 69.95 from my account without my knowledge or consent after I ordered a free sample and agreed to pay p&p. internet
this company has now taken 3 payments from my account 2 for 69.95 and one for 39.95. The bank says it is up to me to contact the company concerned to cancel payments but there is no address for them that I can find anywhere - nI have written to the address in UK that ships the goods but no response and still money was taken -------- what do I do now?
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #705033
Mar 10 2011
04:42 PM
RL Stevens & Associates Randy Stevens, William (Bill) Morrison Clearly a scam expert. Lied about many things, delivered nothing. Fraud?? waltham, Massachusetts
I was somewhat apprehensive at first, the claims based on an unequaled network turned out to be nothing but lies and hot air. Completly unprofessional closure. Why no heads-up phone calls? Where are all the private, personal and confidential documents? Why not returned? Sounds like a class action lawsuit in the making. I'd be happy to give up one third of what is currently ripped off from me. I would even offer some seed money to get the process started if there are others who fell the same way.
Entity: waltham, Massachusetts
15, Report #875597
Apr 29 2012
09:01 AM
RL Skincare 08000124256 RLSkincare have taken some #55 from my credit card for something I have neither ordered or received Internet
I bought some skincare product for my wife from RL Skincare and paid under #10 for it. I looked at another product offered on the same webpage at #55, but did NOT order it before she had the chance to try out the first product. Now I see that on 19 April they have taken the #55 from my credit card without any authority and have not even sent the product. How do I get my money refunded urgently please?
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #319249
Mar 19 2008
06:59 AM
RL Stevens & Associates Provided no satifactory services for 7500.00 fees requested refund to no avail. Waltham Massachusetts
Several years ago, I got into a busines relationship with a RLStevens employment counseling firm. They advertise aid in making a career change a easier process. I paid them 7500.00 for their services. I recieved what I consider minimal, superficial service delivery from them and asked for a partial refund. I supplied them with a rudimental listing of what they had delivered to me in my mind. Their career counselor, my second one, told me it was not enough detail of services delivered and I haven't heard from them since. I tried to elevate my claim to a mangerial level to no avail. Today they still have my money which I could use drastically now and their is no follow-up seen. Larry Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Waltham, Massachusetts
17, Report #320559
Mar 24 2008
10:35 AM
RL Stevens & Associates, Taking advantage of people who need jobs - I believe they are ripping people off Waltham Massachusetts
They approach people that need jobs claiming that they have special jobs and a network they only have access to.. all lies. They are more like bad life coaches that offer nothing for the money they take from you. The sales people are slick and tell you everything you want to hear. They take advantage of people who want to believe they can help with a service that will give them access to great paying jobs; none of this is true. Poor saps like me that need a job and are at a low point in life are perfect Marks for these people. (marks are what con artist call their unsuspecting target) If you are not happy with their service too bad they have your money and no refunds don't pass go. They sick lawyers at you if you complain; no negotiations - just lawyers that threaten to take what you have left of you tell your story and give you nothing to stay quiet. I guess it is hard to continue to rip people off if everyone knows what their past customers know. I lost $7,500.00 to these people with nothing to show for it,,, not one interview, not one thought of an opportunity; they just took my money and that was it. Still no job and 1 months living out the window.. If you need motivation buy a Tony Robbins tape, save your money. Jobhunter Boston, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Waltham, Massachusetts
18, Report #289961
Dec 08 2007
01:14 PM
Rl Stevens And Associates Lies, stole, cheated, degraded, mislead, neglected Indianapolis Indiana
scum,,, That prey on innocent victems and provide little if no service for 1000's of dollars!! LIES, about services, lies about pavement, lies about prices structure, lies about agreeent of service time, lies about private employment services. Account executive that really only redid my resume, and on top of that had over 95 grammatical errors on 2 pages!!! DONT BELIEVE THE LIES!! DONT BELIEVE THE PRICE STRUCTURE, that hey dont list!! D carmel, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
19, Report #1127135
Feb 27 2014
07:12 PM
RL Storage Online Auctions Unlawful Online auction/Baits buyers with unlawful sales sacramento California
These guys post online auctions.My complaint is that they video tape a 1993 quad which was used to run the bids higher.The problem is under california lien laws,its illegal to sale a motorcycle without additional liens papers.When i complained ,Larry denied the fact a motocycle exited in the unit,even though i have their video of the contents prior to the  auction that clearly showed the motorcycle.I was ripped off $700.00 plus additional fee's..........I have since filed fraud charges against the site . 
Entity: sacramento, California
20, Report #484033
Aug 22 2009
07:02 PM
Daniella Thompson daniellathompson.com daniella thompson journalist Internet
Daniella Thompson AKA  daniellathompson.com is refusing to send me my personal items, she says she doesn't have the money to pay me and she will do it when she get the money from other sources. The problem is that it is taking 3 years to happen. Meanwhile she goes around in her 2008 Mercedes Benz..    
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #613185
Jun 11 2010
03:49 PM
Luke Thompson, Luke A Thompson Delinquent Tenant Austin, Texas
Tenant gets behind in rent, used false statements to get payment plans.  Still did not pay.  Issued notice to vacate and eviction case submitted to court. 
Entity: Austin, Texas
22, Report #745245
Jun 25 2011
06:05 AM
Thompson Cigar Thompson Group Cheated Again Tampa, Florida
Thompson's scam is they sign you up in their 250 club,you submitt your card info and then they charge it what ever and when ever they want.This has happened to me twice on my debit card.And if you call them about it they try to act like YOU have made some mistake.In my case they doubled my order because they told me that the sampler I ordered had to be sent in pairs???They then refered me to their fine print yet its so vague I never found my answer,or my money.The fine print basicly is pointless as it doesn't include any rules that apply to taking money from my account that I did not authorize so you will then get the slow boat to China,meaning that I guess it takes an act of congress to have your money returned.Thompson touts their customer service like it was the right hand of God but just have any type of problem with them and you WILL get a crash course on Thompson's customer service,or the real lack there of.This IS my fault for trusting Thompson a second time,but there won't be a number three.I believe that a mistake can happen but when it just keeps happening you simply must go do business elsewhere,thats how you get back at companies like Thompson Cigar.Take away their sales.Ripping off people since 1915,they must be rich....
Entity: Tampa, Florida
23, Report #1128839
Mar 06 2014
06:41 PM
thompson moving Thompson moving unreliable, dishonest sunrise Florida
 thompson moving is very unreliable , dishonest. i booked their services on the phone, their sales rep was very helpful and assured me they were proffesionals and i would receive my services in a timely manner. i told her punctuality was very important because i had to turn in my keys at a certain time that day. moving day and 10 am appt they called that they were having difficulties and would arrive no later than 12pm. 12:30 pm no showed at my place, they wouldnt answer my calls. i received a call at 3pm asking if i still needed their services. i didnt. i had decided to rent a uhaul and do the move myself. the owner refused to return my deposit , because i did not cancel within 72 hrs, dismissing the fact that i canceled the move after waiting 6 hours after my appt time. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!
Entity: sunrise, Florida
24, Report #239517
Mar 18 2007
01:24 AM
Roberta Thompson A prostitute Portland Oregon
This woman is a prostitute and works out of her apartment. As a neighbor I am sick of having to watch her clients walk by my door all the time. I am scared to report her to the landlord as there are quite a few other ladies working here and it is apparently ok. I have filed a police report. Michael Seattle, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
25, Report #1042828
Apr 12 2013
03:09 PM
Antonio Thompson Irresponsible man Stockton, California
i use to work for venture leverage group company. Delightful Donuts in stockton ca. Antonio Thompson which is the man that signs my payroll checks has not paid me a months worth of work for his company. i attempted to call him and ask him where is the money that he owes me and he gives me the same answer im working on it. Im a single mother of one child and him not being able to pay me upsets me. He is very unprofessional and doesnt know how to run a business. I enojoyed working with the company because i had met great people, but Mr thompson hasnt paid me and it is very upsetting. Venture Leverage Group employees have not given me a direct answer as well to whats going on with the company until today i was told the company has been shut down and remind you i STILL havent gotten my money that he owes. He text me today telling me he was with his lawyers and he was selling everything to try and get everyone paid. It doesnt take 1 month to know how to pay your employees. If your having diffucilt with this man paying you i would like to take matters to a different level.
Entity: Stockton, California

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