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1, Report #179752
Mar 07 2006
10:04 AM
RCMB sent me a bill stating that I owed thier customer Columbia House Video Club $64.88. I never ordered anything from this company or any other (video by mail) companies. RIP-OFF company that wants to take advantage of people. LIERS!!! George EL PASO, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: ELMSFORD, New York
2, Report #815227
Dec 29 2011
07:18 AM
RMCB retrieval masters creditors bureau inc TRYING TO MAKE ME PAY WHEN I SENT THESE BACK elmsford, New York
for starters im glad i found the website before i paid this. I just want these people off my back due to i had sent the books back and told the company that turned me over to these people that i didn't want their books no more. so i got a letter from them like 2 days ago stating i still owe for books i sent back months ago but no one can seem to find these books wow ain't that amazing. i had these guys before trying to get money off me for other people i don't even deal with so i am fed up and i want answers to  why they are getting away with this and i seen on here that they have been reported before.
Entity: elmsford, New York
3, Report #854006
Mar 14 2012
06:40 PM
RMCB Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau, INC Did Not agree to any magazines, But the past dues notices keep coming!! Internet, Internet
  After several past dues notices, I received collection agency in the mail. It was supposed to be for a magazine called National Review. First I called the phone # on the notice and was told this was an effort to collect a debt for the National Review in the amount of $19.95. I told the girl I had not ordered nor had I received any magazines. She said I would have to open a dispute with the National Review. I asked her for their phone # and she said she did not have it, I would have to get it off the internet. !st red flag!   I called National Review and was told, DO NOT PAY THOSE PEOPLE ANYTHING. IT'S A SCAM!! This was not the first call the lady had received about the collection agency letters. Beware of these guys.
Entity: Internet, Internet
4, Report #1369318
Apr 24 2017
07:10 AM
RMCB Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau / Men's Health Men's Health Magazine Men's Health Auto Reneal Invoice Disquised as a Collection Notice Elmsford New York
I received an official looking collection letter from RMCG - Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc. on behalf of Men's Health magazine.  The letter said that I had an account to settle which was still unresolved.  I called the phone number given and reached Men's Health magazine customer service.  I spoke with the rep who indicated that the $24.97 that was unresolved was actually a magazine renewal notice.  How unfortunate that a well respected magazine like Men's Health would resort to using RMCB to deliver renewal notices disquised as collection letters.  If you receive this type of letter and don't want to renew the magazine, just call the phone number provided to cancel.  I would have renewed, if Men's Health had simply sent a renewal notice and invoice.  How unfortunate that deception has become their way of business.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
5, Report #1145491
May 09 2014
07:10 PM
Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau RMCB, American Medical Collection Agency, AMCA The very FIRST communication we got from RMCB claims the debt is Valid since we hadn't disputed it yet. Elmsford New York
I received the first and only communication from Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau today. They claim the account was sold to their client, Pinnacle Credit Services, and  had already been reported to the national credit bureau.  It states: Since we have not heard from you regarding our initial notices, we must assumethat you do not dispute the debt... account has been classified as valid... and subject to collection in full.   That is a bold-faced lie, and, according to the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, collectors cannot use false or misleading statements. I know I've never heard from these guys before. I keep very close tabs on any collection notices that come through here. There are a  lot of fraudulent and dishonest debt collectors out there because people are intimidated by collection notices, so even if they've never owed the money, they will pay. This is the first time I've run across this tactic of trying to make people think they have no option but to pay. Definitely not legal!   It's also very shady because there is no mention of either the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the state Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act anywhere on the notice and the only other collection notices I've seen that also did not mention those laws were fraudulent. It's hard to believe this company has been in business since 1977, although it's easy to see why the Better Business Bureau has assigned them an F rating.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
6, Report #593649
Apr 15 2010
04:04 PM
I received a third-party collection notice regarding a past-due AT&T bill several years ago. The bill in question was over $200 from an AT&T account I closed several years prior. I had never received a past-due bill directly from AT&T, or any outstanding balance notice due on that account from AT&T. I called the number on the colection notice to question the bill. The representative explained my bill had been split and that's why I still owed. In good faith I did not challenge the past-due bill and offered to send the payment in the enclosed envelope. The representative asked if I had the address to mail the check. I said yes and read the address on the envelope enclosed in the collection notice. He said that address was incorrect and offered to transact my payment via credit card. I paid with a credit card during the call. Now, three years later, I received another third-party past-due AT&T collection bill for the same account for over $100 from Asset Acceptance/RMCB.
Entity: Elmsford, Massachusetts
7, Report #294746
Dec 27 2007
05:46 AM
Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau - RMCB Collection Agency sent a collection letter, then refusal to provide detail on who I supposedly owed, never heard of the supposed creditor Elmsford New York
I received a letter at my place of business with a very unprofessional sounding collection cover letter claiming that I owed someone called Grandma's kitchen $31.22. Letter claims our client insists that you pay this balance blah blah. Never heard of Grandma's Kitchen. I called the# on the letter and only got automated prompts. Looked up their website shown and finally got a person who simply said they would remove the item as owed. I pressed for details on who Grandma's Kitchen is. They said we don't know that information, they send us the collection data electronically. I continued to press for the info and asked for several supervisors. All of them said the same thing. The last supervisor I got was sent to voice mail. Tried to call NY City dept of consumer affairs (who's license# this letter shows on the back) but could not reach a live body. Tried to call the BBB for the area but they wanted a credit card# to report via phone. Will report via web. N.E. Alpharetta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
8, Report #186374
Apr 12 2006
08:53 PM
Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau ripoff fraudulent billing Elmsford New York
this company is BS. they say i have a past due amount of $15.05 to their client (ILD Telecommunications) for an operator assisted calls.... i dont even know whos ILD Tele. i notice that (retrieval masters creditors bureau,inc.) is all over the rip-off report site. we should do some about this dishonest corrupted company. Shawn bellflower, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
9, Report #186061
Apr 11 2006
11:49 AM
I was billed for an operator assisted call that was made before I had the number billed. I called the phone company, and they have no record of the charge. Brad Paramount, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: ELMSFORD, New York
10, Report #925374
Aug 10 2012
10:12 AM
RMCB for Prevention Mag. #1820200028 Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc. Requesting payment for a Magazine never ordered...Prevention Mag. Elmsford, New York
I never ordered this magazine ( PREVENTION ).  Now I am being reported to a collection agency.  This is an obvious rip-off by RMCB for Prevention.  I have contacted Prevention by email and got an email back saying they were only a distributor and knew nothing of this situation. 
Entity: Elmsford, New York
11, Report #1142876
May 01 2014
04:21 PM
Retrieval-Masters Credits Bureau, INC RMCB Claimed I owe a Verizon bill to a phone number I've never seen. Elmsford New York
RMCB stated I owe them $187.23 on an a phone number I've never had.  I called verizon and they stated the phone number is not nor has not been associated with my social security number or account(s). They stated it was charged to me April 27,2011 and verizon reviewed my bills from that date and nowhere is it mentioned me ever being associated with the phone number.  Not sure if it's a scam or fraud.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
12, Report #848302
Mar 03 2012
07:26 PM
RMCB Retrieval-master creditors bureau, inc. Reported a fraudulent membership to my credit. North American Hunting Club? Who are you? elmsford, New York
I received a collection notice from RMCB stating I had not paid membership dues since December of 2009 to the North American Hunting Club of whom which I have no idea who it is and dang sure never signed a contract with any hunting club to pay life long dues or whatever there saying I owe. The claim is I owe $333.00 and am extremely aggrivated and tired of companies being legally able to report things on your credit with no validity and then having to pay someone to get them removed. Anyone know any good attorneys I can use to rebuttle proffessionally? I need help and advice. I've already spent thousands trying to ghet credit repaired from unhonest creditors and collectors  and now something like this.Is this for real or a scam?
Entity: elmsford, New York
13, Report #217588
Oct 25 2006
10:22 AM
Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, I was sent a fraudulent bill for cd's from BMG music service that I never purchased! Elmsford New York
To Whom This May Concern, I recieved a bill in the mail for some outrageous amount of thirty something dollars for BMG music service. I never used these people EVER to buy cd's in the past or present for anything. I never even ordered this and I never recieved anything and I am responsible for this?Somehow someone out there is using my SS# and my information and billing me false items and I will get to the bottom of this. I will not let these people win and recieve money that they don't even deserve.I'm sure I am not the only one out there who has been scammed from this company because I have read other complaint reports...so I know I am not alone, but I would like to know how I can get this problem resolved and how to further prevent this from happening to me in the future. Anonymous Deltona, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
14, Report #426916
Feb 21 2009
01:21 PM
Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau trying to collect on accounts that are paid in full Elmsford New York
In April, 2006, I was contacted by these folks due to accounts owed to my auto club for books my boys got out of the mail before me. They got the bills too. I contacted the auto club, canceled the books and paid them off. Now 2-21-09 I get a letter from retrieval masters dated 2-14-09 attempting to collect $58.23. I contacted the auto club immediately and was told the account was paid in full and to ignore the letters. The economy is bad and I am sure these collections agencies are having a bad time so they could try to slip a few by. There are those out there that will pay even though they do not owe or have allready paid. There are companies called scavenger collection agencies that pay pennies on the dollar for bad depts that have allready been written off and can not legally be collected.These people will lie and try anything to collect when they cannot do anything. Retrieval Masters is one of these scavengers. Anyone who gets billed from them should investigate. DO NOT send them money without first verifing the debt. I have one letter for $10,006.06 for a dept they said I co-signed in 2001. This is with another collector for when my brother went to a rip-off truck driving school in Arkansas. They claim I co-signed which I did not, and since he lives in South Carolina, where he cannot be garnished, and I live in Georgia they are trying to get me. The original loan was around $3,000.00. State law says statute of limitations on written contracts is 6 (six) years. They will try anything and have yet to send me a copy of the contract. I do not have to prove I did not sign it, that point is mute. They are not allowed to attempt collections on it.These collections companies are really hard up. Everyone beware. Jimmy Rockmart, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
15, Report #411328
Jan 12 2009
06:58 PM
Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc. Collection attempt for merchandise not ordered. Elmsford New York
I received a letter from this collector on behalf of Harlequin Intrigue Larger Print Books for $19.96. I was offered free books as a sample from Harlequin and have returned to sender subsequent packages. Now I get a collection notice. I cannot find an email address for this company to contact them. To me, this is very bad business. Their letter does not provide a toll-free phone number and I am not going to waste postage or cell minutes dealing with them. Elise Lynchburg, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
16, Report #306158
Feb 04 2008
07:04 PM
Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc attempting to collect a debt that I never made Elmsford New York
I received a notice from RMCB that they are trying to collect a debt of $19.94 for their client Silkies Enriche Skincare/HCI Direct, Inc First of all, I've never heard of this company let alone order something from them. And even if I did, how would I have ever received anything without paying for it in the 1st place. I tried to contact RMBC but was not able to get anymore than a menu that didn't include an option to talk to a person. They claimed that they tried to contact me several times since March of 2007 but I ignored their responses. I have never been aware of this accusation until I received letter in mail Saturday Feb 2, 2008. After looking, I see I'm not the the 1st to have this issue with this company. I just want to know how I was even able to get on their list to threaten me with such. I refuse to pay this bill for something I'm totally not responsible for and I appreciate anything you can do to discredit the so called company. Thanks! Greg Edgewood, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
17, Report #231976
Jan 22 2007
12:19 PM
Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau fraudulent bill for past due wireless account Elmsford New York
I received a bill today saying that my file is under review for my wireless account. It says that they are attempting to collect on a debt of 126.87 for my rural cellular account. It lists a phone number that 1. I've never heard of, and 2. there are actually extra digits in the phone number. It lists Pinnacle Credit Services as their client. Melanie Northport, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
18, Report #350392
Jul 12 2008
08:08 AM
Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc. Charges for Unused Services Elmsford New York
This company is attempting to collect $63.96 for services provided by Stamps.com. This is not true. In March, a rep from Stamps.com called me and informed me of this of this charge. I told them I had not availed their services to that amount and felt that it should be adjusted. They agreed that if I paid $45.00 they would refund me the $46.00 they owed me in used prepaid postage remaining in my account. I sent the check but now this collection bureau is trying to collect $63.96. Either Stamps.com and/or Retrieval Masters is trying to rip me offl. Jerhallspl Fredericksburg, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
19, Report #1030236
Feb 15 2007
06:35 PM
RMCB Collection Agency - Retrieval Masters Credit Bureau ripoff Member ACA The Association Of Credit And Collection Professionals On Behalf Of Prof. Benjamin Huntington Repetive Fraudulent Billing Senior Abuse Scammer Network Elmsford New York
Recently we received a collection letter from RMCB, on behalf of Prof. Benjamin Huntington, for nearly one-hundred dollars, for something ordered in OCTOBER, 2003. Background: Prof. Huntington is a quack. He is a charlatan who preys upon the feeble minded, and seductively sells them his snake oil. Specifically, he claims to be a psychic, and his market leans toward senior citizens. There is only one source of right and wrong in this world, and that is the Bible. The Lord clearly states in the Old Testament that He arrayed the stars in the heavens, and if he wanted to give them meaning, he would have done it. I will not argue this truth. Therefore, anyone who says the arrangements of the stars have meaning, or that they will read them for you, they are lying. Plain and simple. I don't care what title they give themselves (like professor or cosmologist); they do it just to impress you and to gain a superior position to you in your mind. Once they have established their superior position of authority they proceed to tell you how you need their services. Typically, in the constant flow of mail you receive from them, they will address you as friend, as in Dear Friend. They tell you they are worried, or crying for you, or praying for you, or that you are on their mind. This too has a purpose that is to butter you up and continue their lies to persuade you further that they have your best interests at heart. They don't. They have their eye on your wallet, and seek to empty it, fully and completely. Back in 2003, my mother was persuaded by the professor's eloquent letters to order some charm from him. For this she promptly paid. Now it is February of 2007, and here comes a collection notice. It claims there is non-payment on the account. What's the game here? That someone would not remember having paid for the item, be concerned that their good credit would be impacted, be worried they had done this man wrong, and cough up what he says he is owed. That's right...double or triple paying for the same delivery. They appeal to your sense of right and wrong, to your internal moral code, that they might defraud you. How do I know? I've dealt with them before. I've had them threaten to send the police (literally) over to my mother (82) and arrest her for lack of payment. This is both senior abuse and collections abuse! IF there was a lack of payment, the action would be to sue her, not have her arrested! The police don't follow up on calls to arrest someone on another's word that something wasn't paid. They make arrests based on warrants, and warrants are generated by the government's attorney general system, not by a phone call by a community member (or out of state or country!). In today's incident, they said they would close the file as soon as I called. In a previous situation, my mother DID pay them the second time to get them to stop harassing her by phone, and was about to pay them a THIRD time when I stepped in, pulled the cancelled check, and threatened them. They insisted I send it to them, and I refused because if they can't get their accounting straight, I wasn't going to waste my time to help a bunch of scam artists and their affiliates. About their affiliates...it is clear that when one scammer gets a hot customer, that means one who pays (you), they sell your contact info to another of same (or ten or twenty) and your mailbox begins to fill with offers from friends who want to tell you that they see money in your future or a grand trip. You send off your funds to find out, they sell your name to the sweepstakes people, who write and call to tell you how you MAY have one millions, you just need to send them money so they can send you the results. Every time you send funds to a sweepstakes, you are pushed into a higher level of the scam because you paid. The amounts you won increase, the calls and letters of needing money from you to tell you increase in number and amount, and eventually someone tries to tap you for a pay in advance scheme for the Nigerian 4-1-1. A PIA/411 is where you need to put up thousands so they can deliver your millions. You are paying for the transportation, or the bonding, paying for taxes, or this or that. You wire the funds, and no one appears. The calls continue...there was a problem; they had to change banks; etc...you wire more money, and the people with the money never appear. If you were paying for bonding, you should be talking to their insurance agency, or better yet, yours. If you were paying for taxes, that's foolish because taxes are automatically deducted before the check is produced (no state trusts a fool and his money); if you were paying for transportation, make the arrangements yourself, and put it on your credit card. NOTE: if someone tells you they are bringing more than $10,000 across international lines, they are ignoring Homeland Security and the Customs Department declarations that they will confiscate the money. That much money raises eyebrows, especially since 911. No, the Customs Department will not call you to claim it. They will send it to the Treasury Department and *maybe* thank you for the donation. Customs Agents are police officers for the US Government and protect our borders. (If someone calls you from the Customs Department, or the IRS, or ANY government agency, they will ALWAYS give the full government agency name, never the initials, and ALWAYS their badge number. They had to swear an oath to uphold the laws of the city/county/state/country to get their job. They will always verify who they are for your safety. A scammer, however, will hang up when you press them.) This is why scammers ALWAYS tell you that 'you must keep this a secret! Don't tell anyone until you have the funds! Don't contact the news agencies until you have your check!' They psychics throw in you'll jinx it if you tell. Yes, don't contact the news crews. If you get them there, you will be the fool when your funds do not arrive. Embarrassed and stung for your thousands, all at the same time. Instead do tell your loved ones, and have them help you with these scammers. Better to be embarrassed among a few than be known as a fool by many. If you truly won money, they would call the press and have a party as they hand you an enlarged check. They would seek the publicity, not you. Think Ed McMahon. He traveled with his camera crew to film the event. If they REALLY wanted to get the funds to you, they would send you a certified check, or wire it to your bank (for a brand new and empty account you set up for the occasion). Remember that the Fed guarantees funds up to $100,000 per account. Let them deposit funds all to one account, and then you distribute it. Don't worry, the money won't be deposited! Finally, if you truly believe these people are going to send you money, get counseling. Your desire/need for money is so great it is clouding your ability to recognize the dishonest. You've stopped trusting God to provide for you, and are trusting scoundrels and scammers. May God bless you as you seek His truth. S. Garden Grove, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
20, Report #216776
Oct 20 2006
07:24 AM
Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau Mailed letter to me in Oct 2006 stating I owed 236.25 from a cancelled account in May 2003 ripoff Elmsford New York
Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau (RMCB) sent letter stating I owed $236.25 for life membership payments I had not made to the North American Fishing Club (NAFC). I attempted to contact RMCB twice to no avail. The number sent with the letter was a recording and they had no email or website information to use. I then contacted NAFC and the customer service representative there stated that the membership had been previously cancelled. After this, I contacted the BBB in Metro New York to file a complaint against RMCB. Jonathan Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
21, Report #278849
Oct 15 2007
01:48 PM
Handyman Club Of America - Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau refuses to remove me from their rolls and continues to harrass me for funds when i called them to cancel my account Elmsford New York
i am getting tired of the harrassing phone calls and hate mail that if they don't stop i will file charges against both Handyman Club Of America and Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau.i notified handyman club of america to cancel my subscription in december 2005,and to this date they have not done so,and are still calling and harrassing me and now have started doing the same thru retrieval masters creditors bureau.like i said if this does not stop i will file charges against them in oklahoma and get them both barred from doing bussiness in the state of oklahoma. Alan oklahoma city, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
22, Report #248756
May 15 2007
10:18 AM
Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau Threatening letters if 143.00 dollars is not paid for a RURAL CELLUAR ACCT. is not paid.I have never had a cell phone. Elmsford New York
Threatening letters if 143.00 dollars is not paid for a RURAL CELLUAR ACCT. is not paid. I have never had a cell phone. The so called delinquent phone number has to many digits. They are trying to collect this money through PINNACLE CREDIT SERVICES and refuse to tell me who or what company wants the collection. This is the second time that they have tried this with me. Now they are saying that they have reported me to a major credit bureau. They tried the rude tactic on the phone and said, I don;t have time for your excuses, you owe the money so pay it. I guess they figure that I have plenty of time to deal with them. They are just crooks phishing for someone who will send money to make them go away. Do not deal with these people. Beware. Mike Skowhegan, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
23, Report #296128
Jan 01 2008
03:12 PM
Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau, INC. without aggreeing to any club or magazine offers i've been receiving noticies i owe money! Elmsford New York
I've received offers from a couple different magazines, but without agreeing to anything I'm now being told I owe money. I've received several notices about owing money from Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau, INC. demanding I pay them or else. I let the deadlines pass, yet I'm still getting the same letters, saying the same thing; they've kinda lost their edge. It's still annoying though, and harrassment, I owe no one money and I hate being accused of it. Jessie Spring, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
24, Report #255510
Jun 19 2007
02:15 PM
Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau - Handyman Club Of America ripoff Handyman sends membership bill after the Free offer is sent in Cancelations are ignored. Then turns it in to collections Elmsford New York
I was sent an offer from Handyman Club of America. The offer was they would send items or tools at no charge. I was to use these items and fill out a survey on the items tested. The items would then be mine to keep. These were to be new items on the market and after the testing and survey were complete the items were mine to keep at no charge. I then received a bill for $24.00 for this free offer. The bill was marked CANCEL and sent back. I again received a bill and again it was marked CANCEL. I also added that I would not be wasting any more Postage sending the bills back canceled. I never received any tools or anything worth the Postage of the two canceled bills. I then received a Collection Notice from Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc RMCB. PIN # 8254629770 01 SSO NU3 06931215 Handyman Member # 06931215 I will not be wasting Postage to them either. I guess they will have to sue me or maybe I'll just do a Fraud Case on them both. See me in court!! Jim Mishawaka, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Elmsford, New York
25, Report #1358004
Feb 23 2017
07:36 PM
New Jersey e-z pass/Retrieval Masters Creditors bureau, inc $100 to go to New Jersey Elmsford, ny Internet
 I went through two tolls going to New Jersey. I had borrowed my parents e-z pass tag but it must have not read and I got a ticket in the mail. I wrote explaining the tag didn't read but I sent a check for the tolls. They sent me to collections for $50 each toll. That's absurd.... $3 till to cost $103. I paid the tolls but the $100 is Ridiculous!!!
Entity: Internet

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