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1, Report #1396396
Aug 29 2017
08:05 AM
Robert Hristov Wolverine4409, Robert Hrs. Fradualent, Inaccurate, and Fake Psychic. Not a True and Actual Professional Psychic Internet, Russia
Robert Hristov is a lying psychic. This person is from Russia and has been scamming people. He gave a psychic reading several months ago telling me that someone in my family was going die and that someone is keeping secrets from me as well as more heartbreak. None of his readings have come true. He also said that there is a spell over me and he will remove it for $9000 Russian Rubles. It turns out that he took me my money and promise me that he was going to send me oils and candles. I never got them. He lied to me in the psychic reading simply to get more money from others. This person is not a good at all. He is not a real reader and is a fake and a fraud. Robert simply wants more money all for himself and uses it on sexuality. He collects witchcraft materials and claims he does spells when really none of his spells have worked. Please do not give your money to him as you will not see it again. He is only going to provide information that isn't true and predictions that doesn't come true as well as false hope. He does not have 100 percent of psychic ability. A friend of mine asked him for a past life reading, he replied that he actually couldn't do it because my friend was unattractive and in order to make them popular to give them 500 Russian Rubles. Robert Hristov is a sick man who prey on the innocent and the vulnerable. He is not a psychic at all. Stay away from him and don't give him your money.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1398857
Sep 09 2017
10:17 AM
BrAlex Inaccurate and Not Real Psychic Internet
This psychic lied to me in a psychic chat room. He said that I needed to mop the floor and do everyday household chores and other stuff. He was really inaccurate and doesn't have knowlege of what he saying. Then, he said if I wanted an accurate reading for me to give him $300 USA dollars to provide candles, spells and hexes. People who worked with him not gotten their money back and instead of candles, got rat posion instead. BrAlex also works with another psychic Madbrad200 who is a fradulent psychic as well. Stay away from gypsy psychics like BrAlex.    
Entity: Internet
3, Report #760936
Aug 04 2011
02:12 PM
Robert Melgoza Robert Melgoza Scam artist be aware of Robert Melgoza , Internet
Robert Melgoza , gterobert@yahoo.comHas ripped me off for a good amount of money.Be aware of this guy he will rip you off all day long.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #813819
Dec 26 2011
07:44 AM
Robert S Hannan, Robert Hannan Robert Hannan, aka Robert S Hannan, unethical, malpractice, report, Florida Bar, Disbar Bob Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Robert Hannan, Recent Discoveries, thanks to Social sites like Facebook can provide a plethora of information. It appears Robert Hannan is connected somehow to Judge Hurley, according to his Facebook wall, this is interesting isn't it? Maybe this is why Robert S Hannan files frivolous paperwork?Makes you wonder doesn't it? I urge anyone seeking to retain or have Robert S Hannan as an opposing attorney to research this person.  I have found startling reviews on this man online, and his apparent antics and scare tactics against opposing counsel and clients are not ethical if true, wouldn't you agree? Please look at the attached pictures of Robert Hannan and his public Facebook profile, further proof that he may be connected to this judge or moreso other judges. Maybe an investigations into Roebrt Hannan's filings with the court will produce PROOF what people are saying online, such as scare tactics, trying to prosecute someone in the manner for his benefit of money?Why is it so many of Robert Hannan and his divorce have a domestic issue attached and why have the courts allowed Robert Hannan and his clients TO CONTINUE frivolous filings, is he connected to a judge, LIKE FACEBOOK SHOWS? It might appear so now, wouldn't it ? See the pictures i have attached as evidence to back up my claims.It appears Robert Hannan, or Yelp is filtering negative reviews, I came across 5 negative reviews taken down, and one positive that i believe was written by none other by Robert Hannan himself. But hey the internet you can write whatever right?I urge you do do the research on Robert Hannan, and his personal criminal traffic infractions, his debt in the amount of $250,000 he is awaiting and his hunting/fishing/trapping without a license. Seems good ole Robert Hannan, (Robert Scott Hannan) feels he should not have to pay debt, but yet he enforces prosecution and jail on support payments, it appears he feels the world owes him a living and he should not be accountable for his own actions it would appear now wouldn't it ? As an attoreny he took an oath to uphold th elaw, but seems there is hypocrisy here doesn't it ?I urge anyone to verify my claims at Broward public records here:Broward Search (see attached photos)To the judges of Broward County, and The District Attorney, I urge you to investigate, the paperwork Robert Hannan files and his firm, question it, put his behavior on record. Hold Robert Hannan accountable for his actions. To Rick Scott, whom I am forwardind this to, please help the citizens of South Florida against Robert Hannan.-Apparently Family's are being torn apart by Robert S HannanHave Robert Hannan explain why divorce takes so long with him and why there are so many domestic issues intertwined with them?Surely Robert Hannan isn't telling clients to file charges, that would be illegal right? Well I have recovered a few depositions in which his client admitted that Robert Hannan told them to file.  This appears to be his style, to file bogus charges, then follow up with scare tactics to extort and coerce payment from opposing party.Further people write online that he with holds information too.I wonder why he would do that? Surely it couldn't be to drag things out because of his $250,000 dollar debt would it? Some might say it appears so.Moving on To Robert Hannan and his involvement with Judge Hurley, Robert S Hannan writes on his PUBLIC Facebook account You know I am behind you 110% ..On Judge John Hurley's wall to retain him. Lets take a look at Judge John Hurley, Here Is the News to back up my claim seen here: Sun Sentinel Judge HurleyHelp Us Rick Scott With This CorruptionOn March 24, 2009 07:29 AM, according to the Sun Sentinel, Judge John Jay Hurley, a Broward lawyer appointed to the bench last year by Gov. Charlie Crist, is being accused of injecting his personal, political and religious views into a case.Staff writers Macollvie Jean-Franois and Juan Ortega report: Defense lawyers on Monday accused a Broward County judge of injecting his personal, political and religious views into an illegal abortion case and asked an appeals court to reduce the bail of a woman charged with aborting her teenage daughter's pregnancy.Public Defender Howard Finkelstein said Judge John Hurley overreached when he set Tonuya Rainey's bail at $185,000. Is there a personal involvement with Robert S Hannan and this judge or any other judge In Broward county? It's interesting that Robert Hannan would write that he is behind this judge 110%, shouldn't the courts and attorneys be fair to the general public? Surely no judge in Broward would favor Robert S Hannan based on friendship..........right?If you feel Robert Hannan has been unethical or caused harm to you or your case or opposing counsel I urge you to report Robert S Hannan to the Florida Bar here :
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
5, Report #800420
Nov 21 2011
11:48 AM
Robert Karlin Robert Karlin Los Angeles, California
Robert Karlin, was met with on 12-8-201. My husband and myself met with him to discuss possible burial plans for my living mother.  He faile0d to give us the required documents called:1. A dated Consumer Guide to Funeral  Cemetery Purchases2. dated General Price List: showing itemizationHe gave us a LA Funeral package Number 1 paper instead. He talked a lot, throwing prices around. We never came to a conclusion, agreement, or contract.On 11/1/2011, my mom died at a nursing home. This facility's nurses failed to give me, the next of kin any notification of her death. Upon iur arrival, we asked what had happened to my mother as her bed was empty. We were told she was changed to a different room . Then we were told of her death.My husband contacted Rob to remove her body to the Mortuary. On 11/2/2011, we met with Rob who gave us numbers so high for our budget that we thought we would have to cremate mom. So we were leaning towards that choice.  However, Rob's behavior towards us changed from friendly to pushy and coercive behavior, giving us like the next day to finalize plans. He began calling our cell phones off the hook, wanting the clothes, wig, etc to be brought to him.HE demanded to know immediately, wether or not I was going to cremate mom or not. He asked wierd questions like do you have anything in writing giving you permission by her to cremate her body?Did she tell you that is what she wanted? Without that information, I won't cremate her. He told me that the Conservator Raymond was still in control. Rob phoned my husband and said that without a letter written by me and sent to the conservator stating I am taking control, Rob refused to cremate.My husband and I found a mortuary that had pleasant, cooperative staff to work with us to help us to bury and funeralize my mother.The new arrangements did not stop Robert from calling our cell phones so frequently that his calling became a harrassment to us. Rob communicated through the new mortuary that he expected us to pay $300 for him transporting my mother's body. He never revealed any such cost prior; nor did we agree to pay such cost. There is no contract.  My husband notified Rob that we had chosen another person that better suited our needs to work with us.I believe Rob took advantage of us in my time of grief for which I am still suffering from.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
6, Report #1202649
Jan 19 2015
09:13 AM
Robert Williams - Robert Williams - Romulus Michigan scan Romulus Michigan
I had an Iphone 6 for sale on Amazon.comI first received an email on my seller account asking for pictures of the product.  I sent pictures of the product and then was notified that my product had sold.   I was told to overnight the product to Robert Williams, (((redacted))), Romulus, MI 48174.  I kept monitoring my seller site throughout this time to see if payment had been received.  No payment was ever received.  I checked my email and had received an email from what looked like Amazon stating that they tried to put the funds into my Amazon account, but I didn't have my bank account information updated.  This resulted in Robert's card to be charged twice for the amount of the phone.  It then requested that I western union the $635.99 to the closest western union in his area.  As soon as I read the email I contacted in which they informed me that this was a scam.  I filed a police report with Romulus, MI police as well as my local police department.  Do not send any products without receiving payment!  
Entity: Romulus, Michigan
7, Report #1351026
Jan 20 2017
05:12 PM
Robert Georges Sheba capital/ Robert geirges Hong kong Australia
My apology on My comments about you and your company I withdraw all comments regarding the transaction you had under taken to do for my client.inexcusable. I realize that I do not know all the issues. Sometimes I am too quick to comment before having all the facts. I promise to be more considerate in the future.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #623504
Jul 15 2010
12:32 PM
Robert Shemin my first house Internet
I had basically the same problems with this crooked investment.      Robert Shemin & My 1st House with Ron Hillman comingled funds they took from us & many other people & invested in a Biloxi investment.  The bad thing is the Las Vegas authorities don't seem to want to do anything about it even though it was done in a mass seminar approach affecting many, many people with their fraud.   Anthony Cuttuli was allowed to steal hundreds of dollars from many people as well in connection with this & nothing was done to him.  What's up with the authorities in Vegas?      As for the investment, Shemin & My 1st House marketed this as a turn key, lease option investment with parties bringing in TONS of people to pay above market rents & eventually own.  We were empty 7?? months of the 1st year.  I know the economy didn't help but what was told to me in the seminar to entice me to buy was all lies also & that's fraud. Many people are hurt due to this :-(   
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #636320
Sep 01 2010
05:45 AM
robert hacke, Internet
I RECEIVED THIS E-MAIL: CONGRATULATION YOUR EMAIL HAVE WON 850,000.00 IN THE UK NATIONAL LOTTERY PROMO WITH Ticket no:56475600545 188 .CONTACT Mr.Robert Hache.  Tell; +447031995956 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +447031995956      end_of_the_skype_highlighting for your prizeAND THAN THIS ONE: Dear Winner,Congratulations once again from all the staff here. Inorder to verify your winnings, we need yourparticulars for record purposes, Attached here is acopy of our verifications form, please fill accordingly so as to proceed with your winnings. Onceagain congratulations from all the staff.   VERIFICATION AND FUNDS RELEASE FORM1.FULL NAMES:__________________________________2.ADDRESS:_________________________________________________________________________________________3.SEX:_______________4.AGE:________5.MARITAL STATUS:___________________6.OCCUPATION:________________________7.E-MAIL ADDRESS:_____________________________8.TELEPHONE NUMBER:_____________________9.LOTTO NUMBER:____ {Winning number: {47} }________ B. DRAW NUMBER:______________Draw (#1187)10.TICKET NUMBER:___________________11.SERIAL NUMBER:______________Serial no: 5368/02 12.BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF COMPANY/INDIVIDUAL___________13.AMOUNT WON:______________________________________________________________________________ 14. STATE:__________________________________15. COUNTRY________________________________ Upon receipt of the duly requested data, I will sendyou the contact information of the payment office so youcan proceed with effecting the release of your claimin anyway you deem fit.Warm Regards,Mr.Robert HacheTell+44 703 199 5956 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              703 199 5956      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #872939
Apr 24 2012
08:21 AM
Robert Terry mystery shopping scam, Internet
Received an email advertising for Mystery Shoppers. The supposed assignments were to cash fraudulant money orders and wire money to a certain indivudal. Though both sets of money orders I received were supposedly from different people, the handwriting was the same. I lost mine and my son's bank accounts and can not get new ones because of this negative recording.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #281091
Oct 26 2007
01:12 PM - Robert Williams Internet
I had ordered a Motorsports Authentics Die cast of the #8 Budweiser COT in June of 07 and have not received my merchandise as of yet.Numerous e-mails and other attempts to contact a one Robert Williams have gone unanswered since the date of order { 6/2/07}The total for the die cast is $56.95.It may not seem like a lot of money to some but it is to me.The car was purchased for my Son's Birthday. Robert Williams of is ripping people off of their hard earned money and respect.Mr. Willaims should be held accountable for his actions and all merchandise delivered as promised or monies returned.This was going to be a simple birthday present for my son,and now it has turned into a bad situation.Try to explain to a 5 year old that there are people in this world who have no morals,values or self-respect for others or themselves for that fact.If there is any other parties who have been taken advantage of by this man please come forward and report his activities through this service.I can only hope that this report does not go unnoticed and action will be taken. Grader12g Bath, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1039718
Apr 01 2013
11:26 AM
Robert false advertising/ steals money Internet
states puppies are free on craigslist, when you answer the ad wants a shipping and handling fee and took my money off the money pak and never delivered the puppies. rebecca, bronx, ny
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #1016835
Feb 19 2013
01:49 PM
Robert Cipriano AllHumanity Cipriano Liar Internet
The real story of the fraud: Robert Cipriano, Rob Cipriano, AllHumanity, Illumalliance, et al In 1979, at the height of my NY rockstar days, I was approached by an agent/manager/attorney who had an impressive roster of clients and the financial resources and connections to take my career to the next level. I signed a management contract with the company. Unfortunately, the owner/agent was keeping (supporting) an 18-year-old hustler named Robert Cipriano, an opportunist with ambitions far exceeding his talent and intelligence. The company owner mistakenly allowed Cipriano to become involved in the careers of his clients, which was fatally unfortunate for the clients and for the owner/agent. Cipriano turned on him, claiming he pursued other, younger tricks. Cipriano felt scorned and turned in the owner/agent (who supported him) for drugs and other allegations. Needless to say, my career went nowhere as a result of the internal insanity and resultant mess at the agency, and after being homeless for a year and going out on my own in NY, I left for the West Coast and let the contract lapse. Except for some sexual advances from Cipriano when I ran into him in LA some time later, that was the end of my dealings with him.Fast forward to 2005, when I was living in Las Vegas and I was contacted via my website by none other than Robert Cipriano, who claimed that he had had a change of life, found Jesus, and was devoting his life to the betterment of orphans and needy children.  In his new incarnation, he had this grandiose idea for a World Charity concert to raise millions for needy children, and he would like me to be involved, as he respected my talent, and compositions I had written seemed to be a perfect fit for his concert. He had tried mounting this idea under the title Day Of The Child in Palm Springs in the 90s, which failed completely, but this time he claimed he had learned from the experience and had the necessary funding, namely a multi-million dollar commitment from Best Buy. I gave him a second chance, believing his story, and we became partners in this venture, to the point at which I created the website, and was named Co-Director. Cipriano claimed to have lots of big-name support and talent lined up, and my song Dream The Biggest Dreams was to be the theme and highlight of the mega-concert. He was supposedly in negotiations with the BC Dome in Vancouver, Sony, Earth Wind and Fire, and on and on.  Just days before the sponsorship with Best Buy was to be consummated (and I had made arrangements for travel, housing and staff in Vancouver), the deals mysteriously failed to materialize, and I subsequently found out, by persistent checking and even threats, that the whole thing was a fabrication from the beginning. Meanwhile, in order to survive until the non-existent funding became available, I had used and destroyed my credit, lost many friends and any reputation I had had in the industry. Continuing the lies, Mr. Cipriano apologized, and promised he would make it up to me, and pay me for the lost time and wasted effort, by paying me a sum of money which varied between 25 and 50 thousand dollars. Of course, that never happened. I was evicted from my apartment and moved into a weekly rental in Las Vegas, which Cipriano also promised to pay for. Within two weeks, on the day rent was to be paid, April 1, 2008, Mr. Cipriano suddenly disappeared and cut all ties and left me hours from being thrown in the street once again. Only the kindness of the few friends I had left after this period saved me. This betrayal devastated me, and I was wandering the streets of Vegas, contemplating suicide. By the grace of God, I realized my purpose and value, which far eclipsed the misery and betrayal I had undergone. I moved on. July 2010; I found Robert Cipriano was back to his old tricks with a whole new set of potential victims, purporting to hold a 10-10-10 AllHumanity Concert in Texas on October 10, 2010 at a NASCAR venue. Contact with the venue proved the fraud as the venue knew nothing about it and it, of course, never materialized like the previous scam concerts before it.  Now I see by the other reports on this site that he is continuing his evil ways. He has garnered support through a fraudulent resume and the old tired trick of handing out worthless goodwill ambassador and board advisor titles in exchange for testimonials to his humanitarianism, although he has helped no one but himself. Robert Cipriano is a loathsome fraud, an admitted liar and a genuinely evil entity who has deluded himself and others into thinking he is doing some undefined humanitarian work. He has left much ill will and destroyed lives in his wake, but truly and unfortunately,there are many more well-meaning trusting people for him to prey upon. I wish for no one to go through what I and many others have. If you hear his name, run in the other direction. He is nothing but bad news.  Robert Cipriano is an admitted liar who says that he willingly committed perjury by lying in a deposition taken under oath. A nervous, chameleonlike figure, Cipriano never seems to stay in one place or situation very long. He spent five years living as a gay man and now says he's straight. He says he was once a successful Park Avenue businessman, but then couldn't hold a job. He was willing to accept financial help for his perjured testimony but now claims to be doing the righteous thing by speaking out about it. His own court-filed declarations make him out to be something of a confused, pathetic loser who is usually either running from a bad situation or running toward someone who will give him a handout. -Tony Ortega, Editor The Village Voice
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #963714
Nov 02 2012
10:08 AM
Robert roche Bob roche Corporate fraud Internet
The activities of Robert Roche and his business partner are well documented on the Internet and new papers. Roche has a string of major frauds across the United Kingdom, Germany Belgium France Spain Portugal and Italy.He was involved in a major attempt to defraud the Newfoundland government see includePapeteries Grgoire in France GC Paper in Belgium Mortgage and Loan Group in UK Lott Paper in Germany UVine in UKIn ever single case of his Frauds are identical he buys companies on promissory notes but never pays what's due to the sellers.He has wrecked the lives of hundreds of family's across the UK and Europe.We are seeking to establish an action group to stop any further frauds and to share information on his activities.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #909446
Jul 10 2012
12:18 PM
Robert Zielke Robert Zielke Vanderhoof BC Robert Zielke THIEF, scammer, fraud, liar, drunk, adulterer, addict, THIEF Vanderhoof, Nationwide
Robert Zielke Do not trust or do business with the mighty stalker Robert Zielke. He will rip you off and sell his gramma down the river for a quick buck and will do anything to support his alcohol and drug habit. He constantly cheats on his wife and is a compulsive liar and he stinks. He is a creep who will say and so anything to try to get you to hand over your money. Be aware of this insane psychotic thief.
Entity: Vanderhoof, Nationwide
16, Report #473228
Jul 25 2009
07:36 AM
Jointsystems, Robert Vongoetzman, Robert Goetzman ripped off by JointSystems Tampa Florida
ordered parts in march, 2009 for tiller, waited a while, then was told wrong amount sent for shipping, sent more, waited a while, then was told wrong part number, corrected it, waited a while, then was told part was on the way, waited a while, and now they quit responding to emails. Searched them online, - 1 found out company corporation was started and revoked in Ohio, 2 owner has been arrested for theft in florida, ($300 - $2000),(, 3 he lives in tampa, 4 sponsers a youth soccer team, 5 included his Personal phone number and address above, 6 goes by both names, has other company names that he uses with him listed as officer Am trying to find out how to resolve this either so I get my money back or he goes to jail for stealing, anyone know how to do that? Randi copeland, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
17, Report #432313
Mar 09 2009
12:08 PM
To whom it may concern, My name is Frank Thompson and I own Cellular Innovations in Miami Florida. I am writing this report to inform anyone thinking of doing business with Robert Eisenberg of RBE Enterprises or his other alias Robert Brandon that he is one of the most crooked people you will ever encounter in this industry. He lies to gain your trust, he misrepresents the product he sells, he commits wire fraud against overseas clients, and he is just the worst kind of scum you will ever meet. He even has his family involved in this fraud. It is disgusting and shameful. It is very unfortunate that our legal system is so flawed that we can't get this crooked conman in jail. They just keep converting it to a Civil Matter because the police are so busy and under funded that they can't deal with crooks like him unless you have a friend on the force that is willing to do something for you. This guy really needs to be put away for good. DONT LET ROBERT EISENBERG STEAL FROM YOU!!! Sincerely, Frank Thompson Cellular Innovations Frank Thompson Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
18, Report #892277
Jun 02 2012
08:16 PM
Robert Ponder from Washington DC Robert Ponder Robert Ponder, Robert Ponder DC, Ponder Washington Washington, District of Columbia
he lives in washingtn,dc he goes around on chatlines,facebook,twitter and other social networks looking for women. he doesnt usse a condom. hes going aroung leaving a trail of std infections in his wake. he also make children along the way that he doest take care of. ladies beware he is a dog The tthing with robert ponder from washington dc that you have to understand is that people like robert ponder from washington dc like to transmit stds to others.  why are we so concerned about people like robert ponder from washington dc who like to transmit stds is easy, i read something that i think will be important to all who meet robert ponder from washington dc and are concerned about sex offenses and stds: How STDs Spread: One reason STDs spread is because people think they can only be infected if they have sexual intercourse. That's wrong. A person can get some STDs, like herpes or genital warts, through skin-to-skin contact with an infected area or sore. Another myth about STDs is that you can't get them if you have oral or anal sex. That's also wrong because the viruses or bacteria that cause STDs can enter the body through tiny cuts or tears in the mouth and anus, as well as the genitals. STDs also spread easily because you can't tell whether someone has an infection. In fact, some people with STDs don't even know that they have them. These people are in danger of passing an infection on to their sex partners without even realizing it. This is what robert ponder does not understand, he gave me an std... please be careful!!!
Entity: Washington, District of Columbia
19, Report #966219
Nov 07 2012
11:14 PM
Robert Lewis Robert Lewis Consulting Married Man on Dating Website Scams Big Bucks from Women Internet
Robert Lewis was on an internet dating site and he scammed me out of my entire life savings and IRA's.  Told complete outrageous lies, is married with children, is Not a Registered Sr. Petroleum Engineer and contacted me twice a day to check my bank because the funds I had loaned him to get him out of a supposed serious situation in Benin, Africa,  had been wired to my account.  This went on for almost 2 months.  He is a serious criminal.  He lives in San Jose, California and I am concerned that this is how he makes his living.  I do not want him to prey on any other vulnerable females to scam them out of their money.  He is married to Allegra Nichols Lewis and for all I know she could be part of the scam.  I have a 200 page transcript from our conversations over a 2 month period.  The photo that I have posted I have come to believe is not him.  But it is the photo that he has on free dating websites.  From my research his family is African American.
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #1120245
Feb 02 2014
10:02 AM
Robert Cast Robert Cast Motor Company, LLC con man Cleburne Texas
Robert Cast is a con man.Robert Cast was running numerous scams related to the Robert Cast Motor Company located in Cleburne, Tx.Robert Cast Motor Company, LLC was investigated by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The DMV found violations by Robert Cast Motor Company, LLC and revoked their dealer’s license. The DMV ordered the following:The Robert Cast Motor Company, LLC dealer license was revoked.Robert Cast Motor Company, LLC was ordered to cease and desist from engaging in business as a dealer, directly or indirectly.The DMV Enforcement Division was directed to oppose any new or renewal application by Robert Cast Motor Company, LLC.Robert Cast Motor Company, LLC was ordered to pay a fine.This may be confirmed by contacting the Tx DMV and requesting a copy of the DMV Final Order.Robert Cast’s scams with Robert Cast Motor Company included the following:Did not transfer vehicle titles as required.Did not disclose vehicle(s) had been wrecked before selling them.Sold extended vehicle warranty(s) for up to $2,000 to vehicle buyer(s), collected the warranty payment, then did not submit the warranty contract or warranty payment to the warranty company. When the vehicle buyer contacted the warranty company, the warranty company stated they had not received a warranty contract or payment from Robert Cast Motor Company.Robert Cast Motor Company closed in July 2012 with no notice. Robert Cast and his wife Angela Cast filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. During the bankruptcy hearings, Robert Cast stated he had also filed for bankruptcy earlier in a separate bankruptcy filing.Robert Cast fraudulently claimed he was qualifying his buyers before selling vehicles to them on a payment plan to ensure they were a low risk. Robert Cast would then sell the car note to a third party with the assurance the buyer had been qualified, the buyer was low risk and Robert Cast Motor Company would guarantee the payments. Some of the Robert Cast buyers were high risk and unable to make their vehicle payments, especially the buyers who purchased a vehicle near Robert Cast’s bankruptcy filing date. If a buyer defaulted on the purchase after Robert Cast Motor Company closed, the third party who purchased the note was responsible for locating, recovering and salvaging the vehicle. The Robert Cast Motor Company note payment guarantee was worthless after Robert Cast Motor Company closed.The Robert Cast Motor Company was located at:         Robert Cast Motor Company         309 S Main Street         Cleburne, Tx  76033The Robert Cast Motor Company web page is: and Angela Cast’s last reported address was:         2808 Pinacle Drive         Burleson, Tx 76028Robert Cast was last reported to be working for Honda of Burleson in Burleson, Texas as a Finance Manager after Robert Cast Motor Company closed.Robert Cast claims to have previously worked at Freeman Toyota, Hurst, Texas as a pre-owned sales manager and Finance Manager.Robert Cast is a con man. Do not trust him.
Entity: Cleburne, Texas
21, Report #144475
May 30 2005
02:22 PM
Robert Showalter ripoff, never recieved item, fraudulant Ebay Internet
Paid for item on ebay, asked seller to let me know when item is shipped. Never heard anything back from seller after a week. I emailed seller asking when item will be shipped? Seller said it will be mailed in a few days. Three weeks later still nothing, noticing on ebay feedback. Seller was getting more and more negative feedbacks. When I purchached item seller had good feedbacks but then more negatives started coming in on sellers ebay feedback. Keanu Aurora, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #140743
Apr 28 2005
09:05 AM
John Robert Powers ripoff MIAMI Florida
We signed my daugheter up for acting classes. She hated it after 3 of 10 classes. When asked for my refund, as the contact says we can if we cancel with more than half of the classes left if we send it in writing the refund will be issued within 30 days, I have gotten the run around. Everytime I call, they are not in the office or give me some lame excuse. I am still waiting for my refund and contacting an attorney. Tiffany Boca Raton, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #161747
Oct 22 2005
05:51 PM
Robert Elmore ripoff Council Bluffs Iowa
momm'as boy still at home, shines lights in neighbors windows, tells lies about shit to stir up trouble cuz he's so miserable and can't get laid! male or female! If cops are around for other stuff, he has to mouth off and lie some more. Nosey as hell and got put in check when more privacy fence went up! How ignorant to have to live 4 snooping like his sick momma who is oput in nities at 7am snooping in the neighbors yard! How sick!! He hangs around little boys... may have more issues than one knows!?! I don't get it what it is, jealousy or being inbred? Pretty bad when fences go up and walls built just to get privacy?!? GET A LIFE! STAY OUT OF OTHERS! Bfd omaha, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Council Bluffs, Iowa
24, Report #71419
Nov 09 2003
12:36 PM
Robert Iversen ripoff money kept no merchandise LONDON england
Robert Iversen advertised a motorcycle for sale on Ebay. The ID number for the sale is 2439961019. I inquired about the bike and he decided to sell it to. He said at first he wanted $5000.00 for the bike. I informed him that that was too high for me. My price range was between $2000-2500. He then said he would sell the bike to me for $2500. The starting bid on ebay was $1500.00. This was all done through e-mail. I have copies of all the e-mails we sent back and forth. I told him I was in fear of being scammed and he then stated he is an honest man and is not out to scam anyone. And to make me more comfortable he said I could send half the money and he would then ship the bike. I agreed and sent the money. He then e-mailed me back saying I must send the rest of the money before he shipped the bike. Of course that was not the agreement and I told him that. He was very persistent about getting the other half of the money. I said the only way I would send it is Certified mail and he said he would not accept anything other than Western Union which is the way I sent the first half. The MCTN# for that is 431-024-8903. I felt like he was scamming me after her claimed I cancelled the payment through Western Union hours after he had already picked the money up. I found all of that out by calling Western Union. I continued to e-mail him trying to get him to just send my money back and he stated he already spent the money. So I continued to ask him to ship the bike or send the money back. His last response to me was F_ _ _ you. That's why I'm now filing this report. Rhonda charlotte, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: LONDON, Nationwide
25, Report #68417
Oct 07 2003
08:36 AM
Robert Hancock ripoff Delray Florida
I saw the advertisement in the paper abou the envelope stuffing and became curious. SO, I decided to call them about for inforamtion. I got the individual and he decided to send the information to me. I read it and ad question so I decided to call the number on the paper 1-212-615-6424. I only got a tape recorded message. So I decided to call the number I received from the advertisement. He answered the questions, so I decided to give it a try. On September 27, 2003, I went ahead and sent the money order of $25 to the man to whom I spoke with. I did not receive a response until October6, 2003, when I decided to leave anothe message this time stating that someone else was interested. I became suspicious when I kept calling the prior week and wasnt getting any response, but it grew when I decided to speak to a friend about it. She too was involved in a scam like that. This made me curious so I decided to search the internet and I found out that this homeworker job is not honest and is a total ripoff. Josie West Palm beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Delray, Florida

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