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1, Report #1287287
Feb 12 2016
03:49 PM
Rock rose realty Inc, Susan Barnes Rock rose real estate Seller of Non existing business and fradulent real estate sales - archtects the fraud transactions - Kissimmee Florida
Beaware of the business sales conducted by this company or Susan Barnes. Appears to be a leanred and intelligent person but behind the veils, hidden fraudster. Sells the non existing business. Sells the business to the multiple buyers at the same time, Number of people has been defrauded by Susan Barnes and Rock rose Realty Inc, under the name of new business establishement. Overstates the profitability of the companies, Sells non existing inventory. First time business buyers, overseas buyers, buyers from UK, Europe are the targetted victims. Keep away from this company and Susan Barnes, Your establishment of business never going to be successful when you buy from this company. Three other persons are the know victims to this company's archticture of the frauds. I am willing to provide evidences or witnesses if any other victim is interested to lodge a civil or criminal suits againt Susan Barnes or Rock rose realy company. Like me there must have been number of victims who suffered silently after loosing money.            
Entity: Kissimmee, Florida
2, Report #1219862
Apr 01 2015
11:32 PM
Bird Rock Realty Joe Pace Landlord Nightmare La Jolla California
I Rented from Joe Pace and Bird Rock Realty this past year at 4870 Cape May Ave San Diego, CA 92107. When we were signing the lease Joe Pace neglected to tell us that the neighbors were selling crack out of their back house that he was also managing (Which he knew about). He had drug addicts in and out at all hours of the night. The whole neighborhood knew about this and were very disturbed that our landlord didn't have the decency to let us know before hand. The police were there literally daily trying to evict the neighbor. Upon signing the lease he told us that we needed to sign this Special Form telling us that the neighbors Smoked Weed. Looking back its incredible someone could do this and still sleep at night. At the end of the lease he took almost the entire deposit. He charged us for a rotting fence that had been rotting well before we moved in! We had bumped into two of the boards of the fence and they snapped because of the rot inside. We bought and cut new boards to fix the pieces and even got paint to paint it. Instead of letting us fix the pieces we broke he just replaced the whole fence without even telling us and stuck us with the bill at the end. I mean, come on. Who charges a tenant for a rotting fence?He also charged us for a blown fuse that was not our fault. When I initially called him he was very defensive saying he would fix it on His time. He also threatened that if it was our fault we would be paying for it. After insisting he send someone out to fix it the guy who fixed (Eduardo)the blown fuse said it was not our fault and that we definitely would not be charged for it. He told me personally Joe Pace paid him and everything was taken care of. Sure enough after the lease Joe charged us for the electrical fix saying we were told to pay his worker when he came over (a total lie). In my time as a renter I've had some great landlords. I have never come across a bad experience until now. I guess there is a first time for everything and one positive thing I took from this experience is that I will always do a thorough search of reviews of all landlords I rent from in the future.
Entity: La Jolla, California
3, Report #1232360
May 30 2015
08:52 AM
Lalique Realty Lalique Property Management, Evelyn, James Rose Scam, Liar, Fake, Fraud Orlando Florida
This company will say anything to get your business, but most of what they promise will never happen. We watched them lie to the homeowner(on our behalf) from day one. We have recorded conversations of them lying, contradicting themselves, and making up things. Trust me you should find a different realtor. There are plenty. You have been warned!
Entity: Orlando, Florida
4, Report #311199
Feb 22 2008
06:22 PM
Blissard Management And Realty, Inc. Greed and Disrespect Little Rock Arkansas
I have rented a house in the Heights neighborhood in Little Rock, Arkansas from Blissard Management and Realty Company for the past 3 years. The owner was planning on selling the house in October, but decided at the last minute to continue renting. I thought it was very inconsiderate to have such short notice, but they were waiting on a decision from the owner. I did not take this issue up with Blissard because I was trying to be understanding about the situation that the owner is currently in. Many houses have been built or remodeled on and behind our street. I have needed several repairs done on the house in order for it to be livable. The company has told me that the current owner of the home is an older woman who is now an out-of-state resident. I have had some problems in the past with this company, but this was just the icing on the cake. Let me start with the beginning. I realized while in the bathtub, shortly after moving in, that the bathtub was actually falling out of the house. I called the company and they sent someone out right away. The workmen had to use a jack to lift the bathtub up to be level and put supports underneath it. Blissard then hired a local man to work on the tile. The tile began to fall out again after one month of repair. I never mentioned this, but decided, it is not my house. The second issue resulted in replacing the columns on the front porch. If they had not been replaced the porch would have collapsed. This has been satisfactory. I called Blissard again because we had no heat and it was below 30 degrees outside. The heat was not finally fixed until we had been without heat on and off for one year. They did send repairmen repeatedly, but there was no result until this past fall (2007). The city contacted Blissard because of the poor external condition of the siding on the house. Rather than replace the siding, the owner decided to repaint the house. Personally, I may have done the same thing in order to save some money. Blissard hired 3 contracted painters to paint the house. Unfortunately, they only painted parts of the house. The old and the new paint differ in color even though they were supposed to be the same. I, again thought, not my house. About 6 months later I found a leak in the storage room connected to the carport. Everything I had in this room (which happened to be quite a bit) was ruined. I did not mention my belongings being ruined because I do know that Blissard is not responsible. At the same time, I noticed a roof leak on the front porch as we had been getting quite a bit of rain. I again, called Blissard. A roofer did call me, but when I returned his call he did not respond. I finally called Nancy at Blissard to find out what was going to be done. She told me that they were just waiting for approval from the owner. I drove home this past Monday to find men working on my roof. I was happy that it was being repaired. The men left that evening and I never saw them again. We did get some rain this week, so when I saw something that looked like a white tarp on the roof of the porch, I thought maybe they just hadn't finished. I called Nancy yesterday to tell her that it looked as though it had not been finished. I also told Nancy that I would want to know if someone had left my roof in that condition. It did not match the roof at all. It almost looks as though someone put a band-aid on it. Nancy returned my call today to inform me that this is what the owner approved and paid $2,000.00 for. I could not believe that the owner paid someone $2,000.00 for this work! I asked her again, So you mean this is permanent? She proceeded to tell me that it was permanent and there was just nothing I could do about it. Apparently, they attached a PVC material to the roof of the porch. It is the color of white PVC piping on the porch roof, while the rest of the roof is a grey shingle. I have never heard of such a thing. My neighbors have made some complaints to me as well. I prefer for this not to reflect on me, so I tell them I rent from Blissard. I then called Dwight Blissard. Dwight was extremely abrupt, rude, and disrespectful on the phone. I asked him (as he proceeded to interrupt and talk over me) if they could paint it to blend in a little better. Dwight told me that he can't please everyone and I should be content that he fixed it at all. I told him that there had been several issues that I had had about repairs, but this just happened to be the icing on the cake. Dwight then proceeded to interrupt me again and talk to me abrasively in order to not let me speak. I repeatedly asked him to stop and let me speak and he proceeded to talk with a loud tone of voice in order to intimidate me. I admit that I was pretty angry and said to Dwight loudly, Do you ever shut up in order for someone else to speak?! He continued to speak at me loudly in order to avoid anything I was trying to discuss with him. At this point, I felt as though Dwight Blissard did not care what I had to say as long as he got his money. I asked him if I need to contact my attorney. Dwight proceeded to try to threaten and intimidate me telling me that his wife is a judge and I couldn't do anything about the situation legally or otherwise. I told him that at this point I am concerned for the owner of the home. I feel as though she has been given these quotes and is not aware of the shoddy work that has been done. As a woman myself, I would want to be aware. Yes, at first my concern is that there are $900,000.00 homes in my neighborhood and I have a patch on my roof with white PVC piping. Now my concern has shifted to whether or not the owner of this house has been misled. I know that one other person did complain to the Better Business Bureau and Dwight Blissard stated that the person who made the complaint could not be pleased. I am concerned that Dwight Blissard will again try using this statement in order to keep his business in decent standing. I am stating now that my content is not the issue. The issue is that I pay quite a bit of money each month to live in a nice neighborhood and I would appreciate it if Blissard respected the fact that when a repair needs to be done, it needs to be done completely and correctly, not half done. I entered this situation with the desire to resolve this easily with Blissard, but have been dismissed without consideration. I have a problem that I help put food on Dwight Blissard's table. I do know that I am not the only person in this situation and I hope to prevent others from becoming duped as well. Unhappyrenter Little Rock, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Little Rock, Arkansas
5, Report #1024891
Mar 07 2013
08:41 AM
Nic Realty Store Cancellation Means Nothing Still Charging Credit Card Internet
My credit card keeps being charged 49.60 every month from Nic*realtystore. I have called numerous times and have canceled, so i thought, each time. but still get charged 49.60. today i had to change credit card numbers. Do not sign up for this service. There seems to be no way to cancel membership.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #1202401
Jan 17 2015
02:25 PM
Hi Folks; I am one of his victims that paid 3 courses upfront and in return I got notes with lots of mistakes and i failed my exam. He makes you to sign in his class and everytime you ask questions he is NOT available AT ALL and he pushes you to pay another extra $500-$1000 for one on one tutoring which is a RIPOFF. All his testimonials are false advertising. Who would go in front of camera to say that he got tutor to pass the exams? He has lawsuits by OREA and police cases for frauding and selling PASSIT questions. when you search him online you will see how many people are upset at him. He gets your money and frequently he cancels the classes for his holidays. His papers are stolen from another tutor (indian Guy RAO). He has a Police case against him for violating compititon act and scamming people. he is charging cash money from people so he does not have to claim as a tax. His English is extremly poor. I think he barely completited his high school. I failed my exam 3 times and joined different tutor and found out he is selling their notes. He NEVER REFUNDED MY money. His Scam depends on:  1. Lies (he has exam papers, very high educational back ground, he taught many students etc) 2. Bad Mouthing (put dirty false info about other tutors and scare students to join him, he is the most experience in this business, other students were his students etc) 3. Teaches From brokerage ( this is a very good cover up for his to scam students) 4. Busy Spamming (he is every where, he is more busy to advertise than teach) Don't trust this guy he is SCAM FRAUD. He Talks very sweet to fool students. Don't be fool by his sweet talk, lies, bad mothing, false advertisement and teaching from brokerage tricks. Thank you for taking the time to read this article about this FRAUD SCAMMER BOB REFANI - REALESTATETUTORING.COM REFANI.COM  
Entity: TORONTO, Ontario
7, Report #1256051
Sep 20 2015
10:50 AM
John P. Rose John P. Rose Construction, Payne J. Rose,John E. RoseJohn Payne Rose Stole $600 from me and scammed me, cheated a furniture mover, stole a square baler, intent to cheat a rock layer. Glen Allen Missouri
scammed, cheated, stole from 6 people in 5 counties, 2 opposite sides of the state of Missouri, none of us knew each other, all are pointing to one person--it must be that person! There is an active case on for a Class B felony, Cedar County, Mo,  against Mr. Scumbag Rose. I met John P. Scumbag Rose on Farmer's Only dating site.  Nothing comes out of his mouth that is not a lie.  He is a malingerer and persistent and recident offender having some 50 pages on He is a Craig's List buyer-scammer.  He gave a check for $475, just below the $500 Missouri level for felony, to a disabled Vietnam Veteran for a square baler, knowing that he did not plan to cover the check, although he was asked to bring cash. He drove off with that baler to an addres which would have been unkown by the victim.  He told me that he needed cash, $1200, for movers.  He then told the movers that they damaged his refrigarator and he paid them $600, then pocketed $600 cash telling me that he filed an insurance claim for the damaged property. He had $727 gravel placed and intended to get more even though he had no visible means of paying for it. He asked for money from me for a disel engine re-build, but gave me false and misleading information on the mechanic's name and shop so that he could pocket some or all of the money and withhould paying the mechanic/shop owner whom he had been stringing along from Feb.2015 into April 2015. The shop, Live Wire in Bloomsdale, MO, verifies this.
Entity: Glen Allen, Missouri
8, Report #98435
Jul 11 2004
12:23 PM
Rinehart Realty Corporation Rip-off, takes advantage of college students. Rock Hill South Carolina
College Students BEWARE: Rinehart Realty Corporation of Rock Hill, South Carolina is taking advantage of Winthrop University students. Myself and two roommates, all college students, signed a lease with Rinehart Realty for a 3 bedroom house located on Scoggins St. in Rock Hill, SC. The property had many problems when we signed the lease (mold damage, cheap & improperly installed carpet, broken windows, broken light fixtures, etc.) but this was ok with us ... we did not want to rent a new house because we did not want to worry about causing additional damage. Basically, ### Scoggins was such a damaged property that we knew we could not damage it any further. Also, because the house was so filthy and in such a bad neighborhood, it was, at the time, the only house my roommates and I could afford. Presently, my roommates and I are attempting to sublease the property and have done every reasonable & a few unreasonable improvements Rinehart Realty has asked us to complete before the property can be subleased. We have painted the livingroom, the hallway, and one back bedroom. We have mowed and raked the lawn. We have bought and replaced all light bulbs in the house, though there were no lightbulbs when we moved in. We have cleaned all the mold that covered virtually every spot of the house when we moved in. And now the house is in better condition than when we first moved in. But Rinehart wants more free work done. They want us to pay to replace the cheap carpeting with new, expensive ($350+) carpeting. They want us to clean the entire kitchen, top to bottom, which was absolutely filthy when we moved in. They want us to fix water damage in the bathroom that was present when we moved in. The outrageous list goes on and on. Rinehart Realty has presented us, the tenants, with three different lists and on each list they have added new responsiblities and upgrades that they want us to perform on the property for them. This makes it virtually impossible for us to appease them. Rinehart Realty wants us to pay to upgrade a property for THEM. A property that was unkept when we signed the lease. Rinehart Realty believes that they can take advantage of college students. So far, Rinehart Realty is getting away with it and we, the tenants of an unkept house in a bad neighborhood with a monthly rent of $510 may have to pay upwards of $700 in upgrades. Interestingly enough, on Rinehart's new list of available properties, the rent on ### Scoggins has increased from $510 to $525 per month. This is just a wild guess, but maybe the rent has increased because WE have expended much time, energy, and money upgrading a house for this corporation for free. We are being taken advantage of and it seems there is nothing we can do. Please Help Us. Don't let the Rinehart Realty Corporation take advantage of more unsuspecting college students. Phillip Rock Hill, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Rock Hill, South Carolina
9, Report #1046441
Apr 26 2013
10:49 AM
High Garden Realty - Don Stager Awful Realtor, Assisted in us buying a Home w/ Water/Sewage Damage, Internet
This realtor contacted us after looking at home on the realty website and offered to assist us in purchasing a home. We toured several homes. We came upon one we liked fairly well. He was very persistent in wanting us to by this one. He recommended an inspector to us, Comfort Home Inspections. We signed the agreement and put an offer on the house and had the inspection done. We ended up purchasing the home, only to find out that the inspector recommended to us by this realtor, did not even really inspect the home. The home had water and sewage damage that resulted in us having to have floors and cabinets replaced and some sheetrock replaced for mold damage, along with lots of costs in plumbers. When we contacted the realtor about this, he stated that this is not something he deals with. He also had the inspection company send a letter to get our inspection fee back if we do not hold the inspection company liable or Don Stager, the realtor! Very shady realtor, will never trust a realtor again!
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #1253426
Sep 07 2015
05:00 PM
e-Executive Realty / Larry Taylor / Broker This broker stole my commission from me. Dallas and Austin Texas
The broker of e-Executive Realty, Larry Taylor cashed and stole a $2,878.72 commission check of mine.  The transaction occurred in Feb. '15 and he had excuses for initially not paying me:  an assistant stealing money, his mom was ill, he was ill, etc.  After months of excuses he now ignores my attempts for contact. I had been with the company for around 10 years so I wanted to give him the benefit of a doubt but, it is very obvious he never planned to pay me and now I need to let all agents know what kind of person he is.  If he will lie, cheat, and steal from an agent of 10 years then he will do it to anyone.   I am a loyal person and didn't want to think the worst of this individual but then again the truth must be told.  I am hoping to prevent this from occurring again to another agent.  If anyone is a current agent of his or considering this brokerage I would leave immediately.  I quickly found a great broker who is actually always available, honest, and very helpful unlike Larry Taylor.      
Entity: Dallas, Texas
11, Report #98451
Jul 11 2004
03:10 PM
Rinehart Realty Corporation ripoff Takes Advantage of Unsuspecting College Students, Rinehart has lied to me and is trying to make me pay for pre-existing damages. Rock Hill South Carolina
Rented from Rinehart Realty Corporation and was taken advantage of. They make it easy for college students to sign a lease and then, when you try to leave, they will charge you absurd amounts of money for unecessary improvements to the property. Rinehart has lied to me and is trying to make me pay for pre-existing damages. Rinehart Realty Corporation must receive this message: Stop Taking Advantage of College Students. If you attend Winthrop University and are thinking about renting from Rinehart please make sure you meticulously document all damage to the property you are going to rent or they will pile the charges on you when you try to leave. It has happened to my friends, it is happening to me, and it will happen to you. Winthrop University Student Rock Hill, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Rock Hill, South Carolina
12, Report #632512
Aug 17 2010
06:21 PM
Aulson River Rock Realty Trust 70 - 74 River Street Haverhill, Methuen, Massachusetts
This property is one to avoid.  The owners will tell you they have no records and no plans or knowledge of any issues or problems with the property. This property has serious and costly issues so beware and if you go to contract, they is likely to do all they can to try to keep your deposit.  They have an attorney on staff and know it's going ot cost you $$$ to hire one. Here's what they know but will not disclose (and they're hoping some fool comes along so they can pawn this one off of them). All permits are either expired or expiring.  According to the city, the pilings that are in place for the parking deck were installed without the benefit of a permit and of copurse they owe their engineers money so you won't get much help from them.  There are no plans for the parking deck, however the approvals for the project contained a parking deck with spread footings and these people put in pilings. They'll tell you they got a waiver from the Department of the Environment for the direct discharge of storm water into the river but cannot produce one.  The deck will require the desing and installation of a costly storm water drainage system.  Beware and expect trouble.  This is a financial burden to the owners and they are looking for somebody to pawn it off on. Count your finger and toes after dealing with this gang! 
Entity: Methuen, Massachusetts
13, Report #815160
Dec 28 2011
10:04 PM
CRN Homes ID Guard, Inglwood, CA Fraud, Scam, Radio Ad for Realty, Internet
Major Radio Scam!!! CRN Homes, they ask for a 1 time 1.99 fee, then charge for a Legal network, ID theft and shopping club charges that were never ok'd and keep charging.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #470350
Jul 16 2009
10:54 AM
Progressive Realty & Management - Bill McElwee - Arkansas Worst Property Manager, never returned calls, late paying owner of property money ripped off for repair work. Bryant Arkansas
Hired Bill McElwee as property manager for my property in Arkansas. His business name has changed several times. Bottom line---he never returned calls to me nor my renters; waited to send my rent check until I called several times (usually received it end of the month rather than beginning or middle of the month due); Never called me regarding damages to my property--only notification I received was an invoice with my (late) rent check docked the amount that his side construction company charged to repair things. The guy/company is slime. Don't ever use this company if you need a property manager in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. I have since fired him and when I contacted my renters to let them know they were happy---they said he was the worst person they had ever dealt with and were trying to get my contact information to let me know how shady he was. I'm currently waiting on the last month's rent he collected, the renters' deposit money, and all my keys/garage door openers, etc. that he was supposed to have sent already. Please spare yourself unneccesary stress and RUN if this guy is trying to rent you a house, sell you a house or manage your property! Elocin0022 Little Rock, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Bryant, Arkansas
15, Report #1347903
Jan 05 2017
04:29 PM
THE VIRTUAL REALTY GROUP; Eric Israel, California Broker and Tony Garza, Texas Broker Accepted membership fee. After 1 month, lied about TX broker leaving company. Cancelled membership but refused to return membership fee. IRVINE, California Nationwide
This is the worse real estate brokerage I have had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with. They are totally unethical. I joined The Virtual Realty Group in or around October 2016. At the time I joined this brokerage, I was unaware that there was any problems going on between the brokerage and their designated managing broker, Anthony Garza. In fact, there actually was no problem. A month later, November 2016. after I had paid my membership fee, the Virtual Realty Group constructed a rouse by telling me that the designated managing broker for the San Antonio/Austin area, Anthony Garza, and The Virtual Realty Group have parted ways, and that he was no longer affiliated with the company. I received no advance notice of this very serious change. As of January 2017, according to the Texas Real Estate Commission, Anthony Garza is still affiliated with the Virtual Realty Group for the San Antonio/Austin, Texas area. It is obvious that this charade was constructed so that the Virtual Realty Group would not have to return my membership fee.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1038228
Mar 26 2013
03:35 PM
Rose Law Jennifer Rose Rose Law Jennifer Rose Try a different lawyer Birmingham, Alabama GET HOSED by:Rose Law Jennifer Rose Birmingham, Alabama
Rose Law Jennifer Rose Try a different lawyer for DIVORCE Birmingham, Alabama This law firm  (ROSE) is very expensive. And the only contact we had was when her office used up my retainers and asked for more money. $6,000.00+ Never even got to court...junk fees!! And it sat around for 8 months!! It was a very simple case... (pulled file $20.00,  Review file $117.00) on and on.. Hey, I know it coast money.. but, junk fees! I got a new lawyer and he said. WOW! you should ha been done by now and never paid more then $2,500. NOW,  I am Pissed at this Firm... And I will be...talking to the state BAR!
Entity: Birmingham, AL, Alabama
17, Report #836338
Feb 09 2012
06:53 AM
Rose Law Jennifer Rose Try a different lawyer Birmingham, Alabama
This law firm handled an issue with my ex-wife.  She assured me that she would be my attorney but the case was handled by a second, less experienced attorney. She is very expensive. and the only contact we had was when her office used up my retainers and asked for more money. After the court date, changes were made to the final order that I was not aware of.  I did not receive the final order until months later even though her firm asked me to pay my final bill. Try a different lawyer if you have divorce issues in Birmingham, Alabama.
Entity: Birmingham, Alabama
18, Report #1144521
May 06 2014
03:59 PM
Rose Black Rose Black Thief, shady! Abilene, Texas Nationwide
Rose Black with The Center For Permanent Makeup went on a payment plan with my company for the spray tan equipment that she ordered. Rose Black paid a couple of her monthly payments and then had them charged back! Without returning the product! For anyone who owns a business or has done business at all knows that this is not legit! She is a scam artist and has literally stolen from my business! The Center for Permanent Makeup is spray tanning their clients with stolen materials!!! Don't do business with Rose Black or The Center for Permanent Makeup!!! Scamers and thieves!!!
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1098
Jan 10 2000
12:00 AM
Rose Furniture Beware
I order some furniture from Rose Furniture in High Point, NC. When I received the furniture, the delivery company left boxes scatterd all over the drive way. I didn't realize this was done until later that night and had to move the boxes inside the garage. While pulling the boxes (these where huge boxes used to box a bed and dresser), I discovered the boxes were not emptied. The delivery company did not use all the hardware to setup the bed. The dresser, which had a mirror attached did not have any hardware. They were unable to get the mirror to the location where I wanted it. I requested them to just place it inside the house with all the hardware. Since they did not setup the dresser, I was unable to verify if all the hardware was there. I contacted Ginger at Rose Furniture on 12/30/99 giving her all the detail, then again on 1/3/99, 1/10/99. Each time I got a recording, I left the information for her to return my call. To date I haven't received any response back. I still do not have the hardware for the mirror, bed and had to discard the boxes myself.
Entity: High Point, North Carolina
20, Report #381830
Oct 16 2008
09:59 AM Kimberly Rose FRAUD. Internet
I have fell victim to this woman as well.. she is a known con artist..anyone know how I can get my money back, since the paypal has expired.. Anonymous Naperville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1314117
Jun 29 2016
07:22 AM
Vintage Rose -The vintage Rose Do not trust Rose!!!! Waretown New Jersey
Vintage Rose was recommended to me from a person who got some furniture from her but I needed her to do an estate sale.  I had to clean out my dad's house since he passed and the house was getting sold. Rose came in acting like she knew what she was dad had a big box of jewelry that I went through with Rose. She said she was going to take it an invoice EVERYTHING!  She did none of that.  Didn't inventory anything in the house either. I noticed things missing and she would tell me the stuff was in her car!!! Why!!! She switched fine jewelry with fake stuff. She basically styled so much. Its disgusting to do this to people at the worst time in their lives. After this i heard people weren't even paid. She takes 50% which is robbery itself! !! DO NOT TRUST HER WITH YOUR STUFF, find someone else! !!!!
Entity: Waretown, New Jersey
22, Report #1168651
Aug 09 2014
12:53 PM
Steven L. Rose Steve Rose, Steven Leroy Rose. Thief Lansing Michigan
Born December 1st, in the early 1960s.   Spent early teens in a reformatory school.  Steals personal checks.  Tries to get women to let him move in to share expenses then quits his job, robs their children's piggy banks, items will come up missing when the police come by to question her about the CHECKS he wrote. Leaves behind bills, missing cash, missing bank balances, and then begins the STALKING.   NUMEROUS restraining orders have been filed.  Due to privacy act, you cannot get the number, but when a domestic abuse situation comes about then the women are notified of his true history. Threatens to destroy the women if they 'don't cooperate.'   Will abuse kids if he doesn't get the woman to cooperate.  In other words, very abusive emotionally. One woman claims her teenage daughter became the target of unwanted advances, but unable to verify as the daughter didn't want to talk about it. Just this past month turned on another woman.  His pattern is to get engaged quickly if possible, claim he wants a committment.  Then begin to use the woman.  Then claim, after she flees, that she 'robbed' him while refusing to return or acknowledge robberies he's committed against members of her family and herself.  Do not let this man in your house, do not rent a home with him.   You will be broke, you might have the police at your doorstep wanting to take things out of your house that were never there, civil suits will be filed after you file a restraining order, trying to get more money out of you, your phone will get shut off, your newspaper delivery will be cancelled (and he will cash the refund check), your children will be terrified, he will complain to the JUDGE that he can't buy a gun because of the restraining order.  You will be in court because he LOVES this activity.   He will trash you on Facebook.  He will never let up.
Entity: Lansing, Michigan
23, Report #1391761
Aug 10 2017
10:25 AM
Craig A. Rose Jr. dba C. Rose Enterprise, LLC Craig Rose Up Front Loan Fee Scammer Dallas Nationwide
Craig Rose and his associate Cheryl Young are scammers. Here's how their scam works, prior to sending them your loan proposal, they will tell you that they have just the right Lender or Lenders for you project. Once you've applied for a commercial mortgage with them they will tell that their Lender loves your project and wants to fund it right away. Now, here's where the rubber meets the road, next they'll ask you for a upfront refundable fee. Refundable if your loan doesn't close for any reason. If you send them the fee, you can kiss your hard earned money goodbye, because, NOW all of a sudden, that very same Lender(s) who loved your deal initally, now has cold feet. Suddenly, they'll start to give you one excuse after another for not closing. You may be told your loan request is too small or that you must restructurce your deal, etc...  But wait, the fee you paid is refundable, right? Sure it is, because when you request that they return your upront fee since your loan hasn't close, here's what you'll hear or read in their reply to you. Give us another week or give us 90 days or get this, PAYPAL has your money. In short, should these two scammers come across your path, bless'em and run in the opposite direction, at least when it comes to obtainig a commercial loan. Personally, they may be nice individuals, you be the judge, because, I tend not to judge people. However, one never needs to apologize for telling the truth, capisce?  What follows are some of the internet URL's and email addresses they've used (,  (, (, and (   
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #707190
Mar 17 2011
09:54 AM
Students Involved: C. Carter, P. McKay, and G. Turner   ITT Employees Involved: Dennis Artis, Registrar, Renee S. Hall, Associate Dean, and William Wells, Director   Problem: The Registrar and Associate Dean (approved by the Director) put these students online without prior notification and these students felt that they had to try the course because they were in their last quarter.  They feel they were not advised properly.  These students were placed in online courses during week 1 (no advising performed) and given no opportunity to test out.  They sat in class waiting for the instructor but was told by a Finance person that the class was moved to online.  The Registrar or Associate Dean did not communicate anything to them.  These students were in their last quarter at ITT - graduating.  These students were tutored by the Associate Dean who is not qualified to tutor Economics.  She teaches English.  She did not know the topics necessary to help them successfully complete the course.  She did not know how to solve the problems or explain how to solve them.  The tutor hired was not present on the days they came to school.  Now, these students have failed the course and not able to graduate.  ITT has failed these students.   THESE STUDENTS HAVE PAID TOO MUCH MONEY FOR A DEGREE THEY CANNOT USE... THESE STUDENTS ARE NOW VERY UPSET THAT THEIR GRADUATION IS DELAYED BECAUSE OF WRONGFUL ACTIONS OF ITT
Entity: St Rose, Louisiana
25, Report #1172506
Aug 26 2014
04:46 PM
Nav Point Realty/Matt Call Unethical Castle Rock Colorado
Matt Call is unethical in his professional practice. Always have lawyers look at the paper work before anything is signed. He will put things into your lease that you have not talked about. Buyer beware!!!
Entity: Castle Rock, Colorado

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